Omega-News Collection 13. March 2005

Super-volcano in America could destroy human civilization

Over 3000 Earthquakes within 72 Hours off NW Coast

Arctic and Midwest climate change

China Timber Demand Threatens World's Forests

Forest Blockades in Australia

Dolphin Beaching Followed Sub's Sonar Exercises

Canada to resume slaughter of harp seal

Relaunching the Seal-Hunt Wars

Save Oak Flat from Copper Mining

Save Tennessee Mountains

Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?



EMF-Omega-News 13. March 2005

EMF-Omega-News 13. March 2005

Cancer studies


Health Trouble in Electric Land

Continuation of the Species


Phone masts a risk to ‘millions of lives’

Corruption Scandal in Poland

Gallery of Shame

On Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation

Loads of Links To Scientific Papers

Who Guards The Guards?

Motor Neurone Disease: How Much Proof Do You Need?

Masts: We don't know if they're safe
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/566385/ (Cancer cluster)

Workers' shock at new mobile mast

Charter of Environment

Cell Phone Issue Highlighted

Australian MP speaks out against Telcom insensitivity and greed

Measure people, not masts

Cell towers now hide in plain sight

Controlling Brain Waves


How Real Are the Dangers?

Mast rays cause alarming trouble

Phobia to electricity

The harm is probably in the frequencies not in the power

Reaction to the conclusion of the medical investigation into Saint-Cyr l'Ecole

Letter to members of the PCC

The City council of Ubeda prohibits the installation of new antennas of mobile telephony

March of the phone masts

Magenta News from Mast Network

US Count Votes

Everything is slowly moving the right direction for our efforts to ensure accurate honest democratic elections by 2006.

US Count Votes' volunteer statisticians are close to completing a final version of our exit poll study that uses additional data from the Edison/Mitofsky exit poll study to show how implausible "exit poll bias" or the "reluctant Bush responder" theory is as an explanation for the discrepancies between the Nov 04 election results and the exit poll results that will be combined with our preliminary exit poll study: http://uscountvotes.org/ucvAnalysis/US/USCountVotes_Re_Mitofsky-Edison.pdf

Our final study calls for a thorough investigation of the Nov 04 presidential election results and is sound science.

If you have contacts with any well-known politicians of any party who may be willing to pre-read our final exit poll study, and make a public statement about it for simultaneous release to the press along with, or on the same day as, our final study, please let me know via email.

USCV's final study, as the first one, will be signed by numerous credentialed prestigious statisticians and will be even much more convincing, and we believe, just as irrefutable, as our first study whose content as yet remains un-criticized by any PhD statistician or mathematician in America in any substantive way. We need your help to assure mainstream press coverage of our final version.


1. We've been invited to post our final response to the exit polls on the SSRC.org voting and elections site of the Social Science Research Council so that we can respond to the exit poll study published there by Traugott, Brady, and Highton:

2. Bob Honeyman, one of USCV's board members, is donating a server for us to install as a backup server. Thank you Bob

3. Josh Mitteldorf made a large donation which we are still hashing out how best to spend - some of it may go to the $600 backup server technical set up cost. Thank you Josh.

4. We have recently received some assistance going over our database design for election results from Vickie Lovegren at Case Western Reserve U in OH.

Thank you to all our generous donors. We are as yet unable to hire any full-time staff but have funds available through donations to pay for contract work to implement of some upcoming technical projects that need to be completed.

Please continue to collect election data at the precinct and vote type level so that we can do the same analysis that we did with the New Mexico data. Our NM analysis will be used to retire the pushbutton DRE voting machines there of Danahar Shouptronic and Sequoia Advantage. The data source, collected by Warren Stewart under Green party efforts, is listed at the bottom.

Please sign up to help gather data for any state: http://uscountvotes.org/fairelection/statesubscribe.html
You can freely use these email lists, and ask all your friends to join them, in order to coordinate and avoid duplicating efforts in any state.

Please donate if you have not already done so. http://uscountvotes.org/fairelection/donate.html

I could very much use a livein volunteer here in Park City, UT to help do office management and other tasks - own bathroom and bed and dresser and window w/ a view of the mountains in a private end of the office (curtain for privacy) - and food would be provided to an intern or volunteer. Bring own laptop or computer. I've been neglecting my personal life over this and need some help.

Best regards,

Kathy Dopp

To End the War, Listen to Soldiers' War Stories


Relaunching the Seal-Hunt Wars


US Must Stop 'Outsourcing' Torture


Uncle Sam Really Wants You


Bankruptcy Bill Said to Hit Poorest Americans Hardest


Bush Aggressive Attack on Labor


Informant: Bigraccoon

Save Tennessee Mountains

Please place on all groups you are a member of and circulate far and wide.

Save Tennessee Mountains! Action Now!! Please help us.

You can help save entire mountain ranges and mountain sides in Tennessee with a few calls, emails and a fax or two.

Mountaintop removal (MTR) is a form of coal mining that devastates entire communities and ecosystems. The mining industry and its government cronies prefer the euphemisms "mountaintop mining" and "peak reduction," while coalfield residents are beginning to use the term "mountain range removal" to reflect the scope of devastation. But no words can accurately express the scale of destruction and injustice.

Tell Governor Bredesen (http://mountainjusticesummer.org/bredesen.htm)
that the ridges of Tennessee are at risk unless he acts to force state agencies to follow the law. Tell Governor Bredesen that he has a duty to protect Tennessee's water producing mountains. Tell him that Mountain Top Removal AKA Cross Ridge mining is the final solution for Tennessee's Mountains unless he acts.

Normally Katuah Earth First! regards politicians as scum who are not to be trusted on any level. Power comes from the grassroots–not elected officials. We cannot compete financially with the corporations for large centralized power basis–but we can with decentralized grassroots power. Anarchism is the idea that we don't need large centralized power structures to govern ourselves, and perhaps we don't need to be governed at all.

But tactically at this juncture in our campaign here in Tennessee all the arrows are pointing to our state agencies. Philosophical objections to an existing power base is all very well–but we must save our mountains. The Tennessee Department of Environment (TDEC) is regulates water permits for Tennessee. Mountain Top Removal AKA Cross Ridge Mining by its very nature destroys highland watersheds.

Call Governor Bredesen and request that he tell TDEC to get off the fence and enforce the law against these rapacious mountain gobbling coal companies. Also call TDEC officials and ask to speak to the TDEC commissioner Betsy Child. TDEC and Governor Bredesen–we need to get thousands of people to call/email/fax these people–polite but a grassroots push.

Take 5 minutes to do some internet research on the subject. Goto the website mountainjusticesummer.org Email, call and fax. Our goal is to get several thousand people to comment in some manner or form. 300 people could save one of Tennessee's mountain ranges on the Cumberland Plateau. 1 contact could save a mountain. You could be the call/email/ letter that saves a stream, highland watershed–or even a mountain.

It's a hassle calling public officials but at this time this is a solid commitment of energy. Governor Bredesen is an avid fisherman that fishes the Cumberland River. TDEC has been wavering lately on the wisdom of being a rubber stamp for the final solution for our watersheds. A massive landslide happened in the New River area in February from an "reclaimed" mine site that has alarmed the State of Tennessee–not to mention getting a huge color photo in the Knoxville paper.

In terms of our campaign in Tennessee for once old fashion lobbying on a targeted basis can create significant obstacles in the path of the greedy coal companies after Tennessee's mountains. In short–now is the time to call TDEC and Bredesen.

Below are the numbers/and emails to contact. Be polite–this is Tennessee and rudeness to staff of the State would be a tactical blunder–educate don't eradicate. Constant inquires and lobbying will have effect at this juncture in our struggle to save our mountains. Thank you so much for helping the mountain of Appalachia with a few minutes of your time.

Bredesen prefers to look the other way as permits for the destruction of our mountains are handed out like candy. Zeb Mountain is currently being torn apart for corporate short term profits. The mountains of Tennessee not only provide us with clean water, abundant wildlife, places to recreate and tourism opportunities, but most of all our mountains are the backbone of Tennessee's cultural heritage.

Contact Governor Bredesen and tell him to stop the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) from giving permits to out of state coal companies like National Coal Company (from Florida), or to any coal company. Make him force TDEC to follow the law and its own regulations. The Tennessee Water Quality Control Act forbids issuing permits for activities that pollute the waters of the state. Mountain top removal blows up the mountains layer by layer, destroying everything that lives in them.

Katuah Earth First!
Ministry of Mountain Propaganda Faction

Email: phil.bredesen@state.tn.us
Sure, give him a call!
Phone: 615.741.2001
Fax: 615.532.9711
Contact Phil & ask him to do his job.
Governor's Office
Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243-0001

TDEC Commissioner Betsy Child: Betsy.Child (at) state.tn.us

Dave Turner: Dave.Turner@state.tn.us
Don Owens: Don.Owens@state.tn.us
Bredesen: Phil.Bredesen@state.tn.us
Alan Leiserson: Alan.Leiserson@state.tn.us (TDEC's lawyer)

TDEC homepage
(888) 891-TDEC (8332)
401 Church Street
L & C Annex
1st Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0435
Governor's office
Tennessee State Capital
\Nashville, TN 37243-001

Check out Mountain Justice Summer-an effort to save our Mountains based on Rewood and Mississippi summers.

For the Mountains!

Mountain Justice Summer
Please visit http://www.mountainjusticesummer.org for more info.


Mountain Justice Summer (MJS) seeks to add to the growing anti-MTR citizens' movement. Specifically, MJS demands an abolition of MTR, steep slope strip mining and all other forms of surface mining for coal. We want to protect the cultural and natural heritage of the Appalachia coalfields. We want to contribute with grassroots organizing, public education, nonviolent civil disobedience and other forms of citizen action.

Historically, coal companies have engaged in violence and property destruction when faced with citizen opposition to their activities. MJS is committed to nonviolence and will not be engaged in property destruction.

Sign up for our electronic newsletter.

Please let us know about your action. If you need more info, please email:
annebonnylives (at) yahoo.com
johnjef (at) bledsoe.net
bamsterman (at) charter.net
edge37343 (at) yahoo.com

Good other websites with lots of mountain top removal info:
http://www.ohvec.org, http://www.appvoices.org

Worldwide Day of Protest against the Iraq War

March 12, 2005

Today is a special day. It’s the 75-year anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous “salt march.” On March 12, 1930, Gandhi began a 240-mile march to nonviolently resist the British tax on salt and move India closer to independence from British rule. Gandhi changed India and the world, with his relentless, nonviolent struggle for peace and justice. (For more on Gandhi’s life, click here .)

Today is also important because it begins our 7-day countdown to the March 19 worldwide day of protest against the Iraq war. Next Saturday, people throughout the world will raise our voices on the two-year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq to say NO to war, torture and occupation, and YES to international law, human rights, and respect our planet and its inhabitants!

We hope the life and philosophy of Gandhi will inspire you to join CODEPINK out on the streets on March 19. And if that's not enough inspiration, below we’ve provided some of our top reasons for opposing the Iraq war and occupation (below.) These are available as a flyer in PDF format on the website of our good friends at Global Exchange:

And here’s one more reminder of where CODE PINK will be focusing our energies on March 19:

Fayetteville, NC ­ Home of Fort Bragg, 82nd Airborne, Special Forces
March 19 march and rally at Rowan Street Park, 11 AM ­ 4 PM, with military families, veterans, and others. Click here for more information about CODEPINK’s plans:

San Diego, CA ­ Home of Camp Pendleton
On Thursday, March 17, CODEPINK members and supporters begin a 40-mile peace procession from Oceanside Pier. The procession ends at the March 19 rally at Balboa Park, 2 PM. For more info check out our March 19 action page:

Peace Ribbon Project
CODEPINK is creating a peace “ribbon” with panels representing each life that has been claimed by the war in Iraq. This beautiful memorial will first be displayed on March 19 in Fayetteville. Please consider making a panel. Go to the Peace Ribbon page for more details:

Local Protests
See http://www.unitedforpeace.org to find out about March 19 protests planned in your city or town.

Let's join with the majority of the people in the world on March 19 and let them know we stand with them for peace! As Gandhi said, “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS.”

See you in the streets,
Andrea, Dana, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy and Tiffany

Why It's Time to End the US Military Occupation of Iraq

Occupation Puts US Soldiers At Risk
With more than 1,500 US troops killed and over 25,000 wounded, it's clear that even though the big battles are over, the fighting in Iraq has not stopped. US soldiers are at grave risk in Iraq, and continue to suffer even after they come home. Troops returning to the U.S. are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and are even turning up in homeless shelters in cities through the country.

Iraq is in Chaos, and the Occupation is Making Things Worse
According to a study published in the respected medical journal The Lancet, some 100,000 Iraqis have lost their lives in the war and occupation, and most of those deaths are due to the U.S. military campaign. Iraqis are afraid to leave their homes, because they could be killed by U.S. soldiers or suicide bombers. Fear of violence, abduction and rape has emptied the streets of women.

Occupying Iraq Makes Us Less Safe
The ongoing US military presence in Iraq - and plans to build 14 permanent military bases there - is inflaming anti-American sentiment throughout the Middle East and around the world. According to the US National Intelligence Council, the war in Iraq has created "a training and recruitment ground (for terrorists), and an opportunity for terrorists to enhance their technical skills."

The Iraqis Don't Want Us There
An overwhelming majority Iraqis (82% of Sunnis and 69% of Shiites) want the U.S. military to leave after an elected Iraqi government is in place. If we really believe in democracy, then we should listen to the demands of the Iraqi people and leave their country. There can be no liberation in the midst of a military occupation, and the Iraqi election didn't change that reality.

Occupation Takes Resources Away From Priorities At Home
The invasion and occupation of Iraq has already cost more than $153 billion, and the Bush administration has just asked Congress for another $82 billion for 2005. At the same time, community programs are being cut in every state in the country - from public libraries to schools to hospitals to train service - and the deficit is reaching record levels. Our social and homeland security needs should not become part of the war's "collateral damage."

Antimatter Weapons, Space Wars, "Bunker Buster" Nukes


From Global Network

Fünf Schüler leisten wichtige Basisforschung

Die Arbeit



SPAICHINGEN - Wertvolle Basisforschung, für die Wissenschaftler an Universitäten und in Labors dankbar sein werden, haben fünf Abiturienten des Spaichinger Gymnasiums geleistet. Dafür erhielten sie kürzlich erste Preise beim Regionalwettbewerb "Jugend forscht" (wir haben bereits berichtet).

Von unserem Mitarbeiter Kai Penning

Das Team, das in Biologie gewonnen hat, besteht aus Maria Ritter und Wasgan Wolski (beide 19 Jahre). Sie untersuchten die Auswirkung des Mobiltelefonierens auf die roten Blutkörperchen. Dieses Gebiet ist so gut wie nicht erforscht. Experten streiten schon länger darüber, ob sich das Blut nach einem Handytelefonat wirklich verklumpt und so genannte Blutcluster bildet. Deshalb versuchten die beiden Abiturienten das in einem Versuch zu klären. Mehreren Personen, die 24 Stunden das Handy nicht benutzen durften, wurde zuerst Blut abgenommen. Direkt danach ließen die Jungforscher ihre Probanden 20 Sekunden lang mit einem Mobiltelefon telefonieren, um ihnen danach noch einmal Blut am Ohrläppchen und am Finger abzuzapfen. Zuguterletzt wurden die Versuchspersonen zehn Minuten später zum finalen Aderlass, wieder an Ohrläppchen und Finger, geführt.

Nach jedem Blutabnehmen wurde das Blutbild mit einer selbstentworfenen Apparatur aus Mikroskop und Digitalkamera fotografiert. Zum Schluss ergab das eine Gesamtmenge von 255 Bildern von 51 Personen.

SPAICHINGEN - Wertvolle Basisforschung, für die Wissenschaftler an Universitäten und in Labors dankbar sein werden, haben fünf Abiturienten des Spaichinger Gymnasiums geleistet. Dafür erhielten sie kürzlich erste Preise beim Regionalwettbewerb "Jugend forscht" (wir haben bereits berichtet).

Von unserem Mitarbeiter Kai Penning

Das Team, das in Biologie gewonnen hat, besteht aus Maria Ritter und Wasgan Wolski (beide 19 Jahre). Sie untersuchten die Auswirkung des Mobiltelefonierens auf die roten Blutkörperchen. Dieses Gebiet ist so gut wie nicht erforscht. Experten streiten schon länger darüber, ob sich das Blut nach einem Handytelefonat wirklich verklumpt und so genannte Blutcluster bildet. Deshalb versuchten die beiden Abiturienten das in einem Versuch zu klären. Mehreren Personen, die 24 Stunden das Handy nicht benutzen durften, wurde zuerst Blut abgenommen. Direkt danach ließen die Jungforscher ihre Probanden 20 Sekunden lang mit einem Mobiltelefon telefonieren, um ihnen danach noch einmal Blut am Ohrläppchen und am Finger abzuzapfen. Zuguterletzt wurden die Versuchspersonen zehn Minuten später zum finalen Aderlass, wieder an Ohrläppchen und Finger, geführt.

Nach jedem Blutabnehmen wurde das Blutbild mit einer selbstentworfenen Apparatur aus Mikroskop und Digitalkamera fotografiert. Zum Schluss ergab das eine Gesamtmenge von 255 Bildern von 51 Personen.

Das Ergebnis dieser Feldstudie ist brisant: Nach jedem Telefonat war eine eindeutige Clusterbildung an Ohr und Finger zu erkennen und selbst auf den Bildern, die zehn Minuten später aufgenommen wurde, waren noch deutliche Blutcluster sichtbar.

Um ihre bahnbrechenden Ergebnisse abzusichern, machten Maria Ritter und Wasgan Wolski einen Leerversuch nach dem gleichen Verfahren wie die übrigen Versuche, nur dass das Handy 20 Sekunden lang ausgeschaltet war. Ergebnis: Es kam zu keiner Clusterbildung.

Der nächste Schritt wäre zu untersuchen, welche Auswirkungen die Blutverklumpung hat. Naheliegend wäre zum Beispiel eine erhöhte Thrombosegefahr und dass durch die Oberflächenverkleinerung der roten Blutkörperchen weniger Sauerstoff transportiert wird.

Programm hilft Cluster erfassen

Das Siegerteam im Bereich Mathematik und Informatik besteht aus Carlo Heimburger (19) und Christian Herman (19), die sich um ihren Teamchef Matthias Gorzellik (19) formiert haben. Ursprünglich wollte das Trio ein Computerprogramm schreiben, das zusammenhängende Strukturen erkennen und die roten Blutkörperchen in den Clustern zählen sollte, um der anderen Gruppe zu helfen. Doch dies erwies sich nicht nur als schwerer als zuerst gedacht, sondern entwickelte sich schon bald zu einer vollkommen eigenständigen Arbeit.

Denn das Blut auf den Bildern war so eng miteinander verklumpt, dass es schon wieder eine einzelne Einheit ergab. Deshalb musste das andere Team seine Definition der Cluster.

Fast zwei Jahre dauert die Entwicklung des Programms nun schon. Angefangen haben die drei Schüler noch ohne jegliche Programmierkenntnisse. Deshalb verbrachten sie gut ein Jahr lang damit, sich selbst mit Hilfe von Fachliteratur diese Kunst beizubringen, Ideen zu sammeln und diese auch zu verwirklichen.

Im zweiten Jahr konnten sie dann richtig zur Sache gehen und durch konzentriertes, ausdauerndes und gezieltes Arbeiten schnell erste Erfolge erzielen. Inzwischen kann ihr Programm die Strukturen in kontrastreichen Bilder erkennen. Doch das reicht den ehrgeizigen Gymnasiasten noch nicht - sie wollen ihr Programm so weit optimieren, das es seine ursprüngliche Aufgabe erfüllen kann: Es würde dann den Biologen das mühsame Zählen von Hand ersparen.

Besonders bedanken wollen sich die fünf Abiturienten bei ihrem Lehrer Dr. Markus Ziegler, der nicht nur die Forschungs-AG am Gymnasium ins Leben gerufen hat und leitet, sondern auch weil er ihnen immer mit guten Tipps und Vorschlägen zur Seite gestanden ist. Dr. Ziegler freut sich natürlich auch riesig über gewonnen Preisen und erhofft sich davon zusätzliche Motivation bei den restlichen Arbeiten, von denen einige voraussichtlich nächstes Jahr bei "Jugend forscht" teilnehmen werden.

Die beiden Gruppen werden Mitte diesen Monats noch an dem Landeswettbewerb teilnehmen, für den sie sich qualifiziert haben.}

Zwei Forschungsgruppen am Spaichinger Gymnasium haben erste Preise bei "Jugend forscht" geschafft: Maria Ritter (v. l.) und Wasgan Wolski erforschten die Auswirkungen des Mobiltelefonierens, Christian Herman, Matthias Gorzellik und Carlo Heimburger (v. r.) halfen den beiden, indem sie ein Computerprogramm schrieben, mit dessen Hilfe man Blutcluster erfassen kann. Beide Teams wurden von Dr. Markus Ziegler (3. v. l.) betreut. Foto: Penning

(Stand: 07.03.2005 00:18)


Aus: Elektrosmognews vom 13.03.2005


Modulation beeinflusst das Gehirn

Offenbach-Post 01.04.05


Keine Verharmlosung von Fakten!

Gepulste (modulierte) Handystrahlen verursachen nicht nur eine erhöhte Aktivität der Hirnrinde. Wie erst neulich Gymnasiasten in Spaichingen bei einem Regionalwettbewerb „Jugend forscht“ mit ganz einfachen Mitteln festgestellt haben, verklumpte das Blut bei ihren Probanden bereits nach einem 20-Sekunden-Handy-Telefonat. Die Verklumpung löst sich erst nach geraumer Zeit wieder auf. Die Gefahr durch die Verklumpung des Blutes (auch Geldrollenbildung genannt) läge in der Thrombosenbildung. Auch würde durch die Oberflächenverkleinerung der roten Blutkörperchen weniger Sauerstoff transportiert. In einer ähnlichen Untersuchung stellte eine Umweltmedizinerin fest, dass auch bei Nicht-Handy-Telefonierern im Abstand von 1,7 Meter zu den Handy-Nutzern diese Verklumpung festgestellt wurde. Das heißt im Klartext, auch Nichttelefonierer sind ständig der Gesundheitsgefährdung durch andere ausgesetzt, ohne es nur zu ahnen! Nicht aus Spaß rät das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz zur Vorsorge im Umgang mit dem Handy!

Wie auch in der neuesten europäischen REFLEX-Studie festgestellt wurde, führt diese Technologie zu DNA-Brüchen - das bedeutet, mit Erbschäden ist zu rechnen. Und die Gefahr durch die Sender (Mobilfunkantennen) darf hierbei nicht ungeachtet bleiben, denn die Strahlen treffen uns alle. Unser Körper wird fremdbestimmt mit gepulsten Mikrowellenstrahlen ohne Unterbrechung tagein tagaus belastet. Und mangels Aufklärung erfreuen sich viele Mitmenschen aus Bequemlichkeit auch noch an einem schnurlosen DECT-Telefon. Sie haben damit eine Basisstation (ähnlich einer Mobilfunkantenne) in den eigenen vier Wänden, deren Strahlung aufgrund der direkten Nähe noch weitaus höher ist! Wundern wir uns also noch über die vielen plötzlich und unerwarteten Todesfälle?

Marianne Kirst, Kriftel


Auswirkungen eines Handy Telefonats von nur 90 Sekunden Dauer

Jugend forscht: Geldrollenbildung

Jugend forscht – und findet Geldrolleneffekt

Geldrollenphänomen: Wenn das Blut verklebt, drohen Herzinfarkt und Schlaganfall

Krebshäufung in der Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen

Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk

Red blood cells lump by mobile phone



I have only heard of a few churches in the United States speaking out against the wars in the Middle East. One I recall the name of is the Quaker religion. There should also be corporations speaking out against the wars in the Middle East. The only people that are benefiting from those wars are the war profiteers such as President George W. Bush, his V.P. Dick Cheney, and a few other people that have contracts related to those wars. Most corporations aren't benefiting from those wars.

There are numerous good reasons to get the wars in the Middle East stopped. Below is a portion of a website I've written that has facts that many churches and corporations should know to help them to be convinced to speak out against the Middle Eastern wars. While every church and corporation may not want to have a protest, they could easily send out letters to President George W. Bush, Congress, and especially to the mainstream media expressing their discontent with the Middle Eastern wars. Please refer many churches and corporations to read this message. Feel free to forward this message or copy and paste it into a blank e-mail form and send it to them via e-mail. Because churches and corporations have more clout getting their assistance could be very effective at getting these wars stopped and thus preventing more war deaths.

Deborah Reid

Now the U.S.A. is engaged in war again but now in the Middle Eastern countries. When I first heard the news of the September 11, 2001 terrorists' attacks upon the U.S.A. that brought tears to my eyes. Some of my first thoughts were, with all of the billions or even trillions of U.S.A. tax dollars that have been spent on defense, how could such an attack be possible. Later on the Internet I read that the air space along the U.S.A.'s borders are supposed to be guarded by military jets. However, on that day it was reported that orders were being given that were contrary to the best interests of guarding Americans from such attacks.

I've also learned from the Internet that people have come across evidence that convinces them that the September 11, 2001 terrorists' attacks were allowed and even orchestrated by traitorous people - both Americans and foreigners - that wanted an excuse to have wars upon the Middle Eastern countries to take control of their oil. I've read that Saddam Hussein wanted to be paid for the oil in Euros, which have more value than the U.S. dollar, last I heard about 30 cents more value, and that President George W. Bush didn't want to pay for Iraq's oil with Euros. I've read that the real reason for the war upon Afghanistan is to set up a puppet government to enable putting an oil pipeline through that country to transport Iraq's oil to Israel. I've read that the real reason for the war upon Iraq is to set up a puppet government so that the U.S.A. can control the oil and not have to pay for it in Euros. I've learned that some Americans - Bush and his friends - are getting richer from war profiteering from the wars upon Afghanistan and Iraq.

With the cost of the wars upon the Middle Eastern countries and the rebuilding costs it would have been less expensive for the American taxpayers to have paid for Iraq's oil using Euros.

- snip -

I've read that many billions of U.S.A. tax dollars have been spent on those wars. I've read that more wars upon Middle Eastern countries and countries in South America, as they have oil too, are considered desirable by Bush and his team. All such wars are very expensive and putting the U.S.A. further into national debt.

>From reading the U.S. Constitution I can tell the U.S.A.'s founders didn't intend for the U.S.A. to be having unnecessary wars upon foreign countries. Any wars were only to be for defence of Americans. These pre-emptive empire building wars were not what the U.S.A. founders had in mind. The first U.S.A. President George Washington even warned about such entanglements with foreign countries.

As a result of the wars upon the Middle Eastern countries resulting in injuries, disabilities, and many premature deaths of foreigners and American soldiers as well as the billions of U.S.A. tax dollars that have been spent are Americans safer? No. The supposed Homeland Security Program hasn't taken the proper measures to make the U.S.A. secure. They completely ignore what is most needed such as securing the U.S.A. borders to keep out illegal aliens. Thus illegal aliens may have already brought nuclear suitcase bombs into the U.S.A.

- snip -

Due to Bush and his team having wars upon the Middle Eastern countries numerous countries that have nuclear bombs are teaming up together. Russia and China, which both have nuclear bombs, were former rivals during the cold war, but are now allies. They are going to invite India, which also has nuclear bombs, as well as Brazil to be allies in their team. China has a deal with Iran for gas and oil. Iran is one of the countries that Bush is considering to subject to war by the U.S.A. Such war would most likely inspire China with their allies the Russians to retaliate against the U.S.A. - possibly with one or more nuclear bombs. I've read that Bush's team member Condeleeza Rice has recently been scolding Russia's President Putin about Russia's way of running their government........How much are those countries going to take off of the U.S.A. President Bush and his team? If Bush and his team don't calm down and start to respect foreign countries, we may soon find out.

While Bush and his team have access to nuclear bomb shelters and stockpiles of survival goods, most Americans aren't prepared for the worst case scenario. That's why the uninformed Americans that are for the unnecessary wars need to be educated about the total picture and hopefully be inspired to be for honor, wisdom, and goodness in regards to foreign policy and be against corruption, foolishness, and evil in regards to foreign policy.



Mitteilung von Cyril Smith:

In einer englischen Zeitung: Electromagnetic Hazards and Therapy 2002, Vol. 11 und 13 erschienen zwei Artikel von C. Smith über die Wirkung von Abstrahlungen von Sendern im allgemeinen und über Mobilfunk im speziellen. Cyril Smith schickte einigen von uns dazu einen längeren, noch nicht veröffentlichten Artikel.

Aus Statistiken über die Häufigkeit von Krebs (Leukämie) in der Zeit von 1974 bis 1986 in Schottland und Wales geht hervor, daß diese keineswegs in der Nähe der Sender am höchsten ist und dann mit der Entfernung abnimmt. Vielmehr ist die Krebshäufigkeit in der Nähe der Sender sogar niedriger als kalkuliert, wächst dann aber erheblich an, um zwischen 3 und 5 km etwa das 50-fache zu erreichen und dann bis 10 km (weiter gehen die Statistiken nicht) in etwa konstant zu bleiben.

Das zeigt, daß hier nicht die elektromagnetischen Felder wirken, sondern morphogenetische Felder, die Informationen übertragen. Für diese ist es charakteristisch, daß sie erst unterhalb bestimmter Feldstärken ihre Wirkung entfalten und dann bis zu relativ geringen Intensitäten gleichbleibende Wirkung haben, da sie von der Schärfe der Strukturen (Kohärenz) abhängig sind und nicht von der Intensität (Energie). (Die Lesbarkeit einer Schrift wird bei dickem Strich schlecht und nimmt dann bis zu einer sehr geringen Strichstärke kaum ab, - als kurze Erklärung für etwas kompliziertere Verhältnisse). Da die Statistiken in verschiedenen Gebieten von G. Britannien aufgenommen wurden, müssen sich geographische Effekte herausmitteln.

Ich habe schon vor Jahren festgestellt, daß die Stärke elektromagnetischer Felder in unseren Städten um mehr als das Hunderfache über den Werten liegen, die von Baubiologen angenommen und vorgeschlagen wurden (anhand von Werten die in ländlichen Gegenden üblich sind, nicht anhand von irgendwelchen Untersuchungen).

Die Stärke dieser Felder ist eher ein Schutz gegen morphogenetische Wirkungen als umgekehrt, wenigstens bis zu der Grenze, an denen wirkliche energetische (thermische) Wirkungen auftreten. (in einer lauten Volksmenge verstehen wir nicht, wenn uns jemand beschimpft)

Informationswirkungen haben auch die von H. Baumer und W. Sönning untersuchten SFERICS, die Baumer ganz richtig als Informationen messen konnte, was von der anerkannten Wissenschaft nicht begriffen wird.

Das Thema wird uns weiter beschäftigen, und um die uns vorliegenden Überlegungen von Cyril Smith zu dem Thema wirklich zu verarbeiten, benötige ich noch einige Zeit.

Nachricht von Ruth Gill

Did a Neutron Star Explosion from across the Milky Way Galaxy cause the Asian Tsunami?


From ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space

Muslims are treated like terrorists

There’s one law for us and one for others’

From Information Clearing House

Mistreatment of Muslim inmates cited

The Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General said yesterday it had ''found a disturbing pattern of discriminatory and retaliatory actions against Muslim inmates" by the warden and guards at an unnamed federal prison.


From Information Clearing House

Guantánamo jail switch planned

US inmates face threat of worse abuse under scheme to send them to prisons in their own countries.


From Information Clearing House

You Are Watching the Big Brother


Informant: Yoshie

From ufpj-news

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News

"White House News Forgeries Widespread"

This shoddy law is a defeat for all of us

UK: This shoddy law is a defeat for all of us:

Forget terrorism. It's our politicians we should be most worried about.


From Information Clearing House

US, Cuba and Democracy

As numerous interventions have demonstrated, the engine of American foreign policy has been fueled, not by a devotion to democracy, but rather by the desire to: 1)make the world safe for American transnational corporations...

The Hon. John Bolton Nominated as U.S. Ambassador to the UN

A member of the JINSA Board of Advisors - is responsible for withdrawing withdrawing the U.S. signature from the treaty on the International Criminal Court with its provisions that contradict the U.S. Constitution; withdrawing the U.S. signature from the unworkable Kyoto Treaty.


From Information Clearing House

Move Up the Date For Armageddon

John Bolton is known for being arrogant, humorless, self-righteous and confrontational, and he hates the United Nations. In other words, the perfect diplomat.


From Information Clearing House

Both Parties Try to Exclude People from Voting

The Toothpaste Election:

Democracy is Dead : Report Documents Republican Abuse of Power

A Congressional Report (pdf) on the Unprecedented Erosion of the Democratic Process in the 108th Congress.


From Information Clearing House

A Case Study in Postwar Chaos

The dealings of coalition officials in Iraq and a contractor now accused of fraud illustrate what went wrong in early rebuilding efforts.


From Information Clearing House

Soldiers on the cheap

There is one inequity that the federal government should address: the pay disparities for reservists and National Guard members.


From Information Clearing House

Uri Avnery: Bush's Guru

The idea that the teachings of this particular political philosopher are the guiding star of the mightiest leader in the world, the commander of the biggest military machine in history, is rather frightening.

From Information Clearing House

A thrilling epic of freedom

Nothing will stand in the way of the American spin, which connects events of differing backgrounds and unique circumstances into a thrilling epic of a "freedom intifada" that is spreading all over the Arab world, and which will confront terror and be victorious over it.


From Information Clearing House

A Template for the U.S. War in Iraq

The aspiring historian of the current U.S. war in Iraq can draw upon earlier narratives to ease the burden, merely substituting a word here and there in order to make the text accord with the specific names and places that are now pertinent.


From Information Clearing House

Abu Ghraib whitewash

This whitewash is typical of the reports issued by the Bush administration on the abuse, humiliation, and torture of prisoners at camps run by the military and the Central Intelligence Agency.


From Information Clearing House

International group of doctors blast official toll of Iraqi civil dead

A group of top public-health physicians has branded the official toll of civilian dead from the Iraqi war as a serious underestimate and demanded an independent probe to establish the full casualty figures.


From Information Clearing House

Ex-Marine criticizes war, recruitment

"I was in a controlled environment for 12 years," Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey, 33, said. He said unethical recruiting techniques and the shooting of civilians in Iraq have prompted him to speak out against the U.S. government.


From Information Clearing House

Former Marine offers cautionary war story

' Why did you do this? Why did you kill my brother? We're not terrorists.'


From Information Clearing House

Targeting Guiliana

Former Intel Officer: The US Considered Her a Military Target

From Information Clearing House

War crime claims

Massey claims, he and his men had killed 30 Iraqi civilians. He says he and the others are guilty of war crimes.

Iraq War Veteran Presents 'A True Picture of Iraq'

What the corporate news won't print that you will find at Veterans for Common Sense: "Critical of the U.S. media and Bush administration, a veteran of the war in Iraq spoke Thursday night about the realities of the conflict, saying that U.S. soldiers there were ill-equipped, poorly trained and largely unsupportive of the war."


Montana Governor Wants Guard Troops Removed from Iraq to Prevent Forest Fires

Montana is at such high risk for a wildfire "blow up" this summer that Gov. Brian Schweitzer (Democrat) wants at least some of the 1,500 National Guard soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere to return home for the wildfire season.


Guard's 'draft' duty in Iraq is backfiring

President Bush has "drafted" more than 108,000 of our 333,000 Guardsmen and women for endless months of dangerous duty in Iraq.


U.S. Army Murdered Two Afghan Prisoners While They Were Chained to Ceiling

Torture: U.S. Army Murdered Two Afghan Prisoners While They Were Chained to Ceiling

Sadly, the New York Times headline says "abuse." What happened was murder. In a case of self-censorship, the New York Times failed to report the murders and torture are authorized at the highest levels of the Bush administration. As corporate news covers the murders in Atlanta, the murders of Afghan and Iraqi civilians are ignored. A threat to justice for anyone is a threat to freedom for everyone.


White Republicans Restrict Black Access to Voting

Jim Crow Re-Born in Georgia: White Republicans Restrict Black Access to Voting

Paraphrasing the Rev. Martin Niemoller, when one citizen is in jeopardy, then all of us should be in great fear we could loose our liberties. Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort (Democrat - Atlanta) should be hailed as a national hero for staging a walkout among Senators to protest the return to racism and voter supression by the Republican white majority in Georgia. While the news focuses on murders in Atlanta, the state legislature meeting in the same town stole the voting rights of many American citizens.


Bird flu could kill 2 million Britons


Informant: Charles Bremer

Falluja was wiped out


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

Chained, Kicked And Beaten To Death By U.S. Soldiers

Two Afghan prisoners who died in American custody in Afghanistan in December 2002 were chained to the ceiling, kicked and beaten by American soldiers in sustained assaults that caused their deaths, according to Army criminal investigative reports that have not yet been made public.

Khatami condemns 'military pressure'

Iran's president has said that wealthy nations cannot keep today's technology for themselves alone and that Iran must be prepared to defend itself if necessary.


From Information Clearing House

Cheney: Stronger Action If Iran Doesn't Meet International Vows

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday that if Iran doesn't live up to its "international obligations to forego a nuclear program, then obviously we'll have to take stronger action."

Saddam's Capture: Just Another Bush Lie?

The account of American troops capturing Saddam and pulling him from his subterranean hovel has turned out to be just another Bush lie.

By Mike Whitney

Sergeant Nadim Abou Rabeh, who participated in the operation that netted Saddam, was quoted in the Saudi newspaper "Al-Medina" saying that the Iraqi leader was actually captured the day before and that "the public version of his capture was fabricated." The entire event was apparently choreographed by a Pentagon public relations team.

The Spoils of War

Halliburton a company much like the law practice in John Grisham's novel The Firm: a rogue operation, with corrupt management, cynically conning the federal government as it rakes in billions of ill-earned taxpayer dollars.

Michael Shnayerson

Halliburton subsidiary KBR got $12 billion worth of exclusive contracts for work in Iraq. But even more shocking is how KBR spent some of the money. Former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official Bunnatine Greenhouse is blowing the whistle on the Dick Cheney–linked company's profits of war.

U.S. Marines Engaged in Mock Executions of Iraqi Juveniles

The documents the ACLU released today, describe substantiated incidents of torture and abuse by U.S. Marines, including:

holding a pistol to the back of a detainee’s head while another Marine took a picture (Karbala, May 2003) ordering four Iraqi juveniles to kneel while a pistol was "discharged to conduct a mock execution" (Adiwaniyah, June 2003) severely burning a detainee’s hands by covering them in alcohol and igniting them (Al Mumudiyah, August 2003), and shocking a detainee with an electric transformer, causing the detainee to "dance" as he was shocked (Al Mumudiyah, April 2004).

That’s me, a marine, a murderer of civilians’

“I was a sergeant with the Third Marine Battalion during the invasion, in the spring of 2003.”

“We killed more than 30 people. That was the first time that I had to face up to the horror that my hands were soiled with the blood of civilians. We laid down cluster bombs on them. - “We ended up massacring innocent civilians – men, women, and children."

Arctic and Midwest climate change


Informant: Anna Webb

Health Trouble in Electric Land



Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpelican@aol.com

Finnische Regierung will letzte Urwälder abholzen

Deutsche und finnische Greenpeace-Aktivisten der Urwaldschutzstation in Lappland haben damit begonnen, die bedrohten Urwälder bei Inari zu kennzeichnen. Bei arktischem Winterwetter bringen sie zusammen mit den Ureinwohnern Nordfinnlands, den Sami, entlang der Grenze eines 5,5 Quadratkilometer großen Gebietes Schilder an mit dem Hinweis: "Kein Einschlag - wichtiger Rentierwald". Der Grund für den Protest nördlich des Polarkreises: Die finnische Regierung lässt erneut Urwälder einschlagen, die für die Rentierzucht wichtig sind. Dadurch sind die Sami in ihrer Existenz und Kultur bedroht. Die Urwälder sind wichtige Futterquellen für ihre Herden.


UN-Vollversammlung stimmt für Klonverbot

Die UN-Vollversammlung entschied am Dienstag dieser Woche, dass die nationalen Regierungen weltweit ein vollständiges Klon-Verbot in ihrem Gesetz zu verankern hätten. Damit brachte der Versammlung in New York die Konvention zum Schutz "menschlichen Lebens" vor dem Klonen im zweiten Anlauf auf den Weg.


Neem-Patent vom Europäischen Patentamt widerrufen

Am 8. März 05 wurde das Neem-Patent EP 436257 am Europäischen Patentamt (EPA) verhandelt und endgültig widerrufen. Diesmal befasste sich die Technische Beschwerdekammer, die zweite Instanz im EPA, mit diesem Fall. Ruth Tippe meint dazu: "Das Europäische Patentamt zeigt durch diese Entscheidung, dass indigenes, traditionelles Wissen anerkannt und nicht einfach ignoriert wird. Es ist ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung, der uns Mut macht, weiter zu arbeiten."


Aufsichtsbeamte für Gentechnik sind parteiisch

"Report Mainz" hat am Montag dieser Woche berichtet, Bundesbeamte, die für die Sicherheit von Genpflanzen und die Genehmigung ihrer Freisetzung zuständig sind, hätten sich von den Agro-Gentechnik-Firmen für Werbe-Zwecke einsetzen lassen.


Chinas Holzbedarf steigt und wird zu großen Teilen aus illegalen Quellen gedeckt

China ist nach den USA der zweitgrößte Markt für Holz und Holzprodukte – leider mit gravierenden Auswirkungen auf den Zustand der Wälder: Einem aktuellen WWF-Bericht zufolge, der heute in Hongkong präsentiert wird, kommt mehr als die Hälfte des in China verwendeten und verarbeiteten Holzes aus Ländern wie Russland, Malaysia und Indonesien, in denen der illegale Holzeinschlag weit verbreitet ist und der Raubbau an den letzten ursprünglichen Wäldern wie im Zeitraffer voranschreitet.


A Warning to the British People


Bomb a Democracy "With Clean Conscience"



Raymond Lemme Crime Scene Photos Said Not to Exist are Published on Net!

Photos, Evidence and FDOT Involvement with Valdosta, GA Police Raise New Questions in Mysterious Death!

Blogged by Brad on 3/8/2005 @ 2:23am PT...

The case of the mysterious suicide of Raymond Lemme of the Florida Inspector General's office was reopened by Valdosta, Georgia police last December shortly after we broke the story of computer programmer Clint Curtis' sworn affidavit charging that he had built a "vote-rigging software prototype" at the request of Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL)!


Furthermore, graphic and disturbing photos from the crime scene -- said in the original police report to have not existed due to a failure in the camera's "flash memory cards" -- have recently been published on the web!

Those crime scene photos, which clearly do exist, can be viewed via this link . [...]

Read the rest at:

© Virginia Metze

Who Is John Bolton?


© Virginia Metze

Forest Blockades in Australia


Informant: Deane T. Rimerman

Fraud and Chaos in U.S. Rebuilding of Iraq


We Beat Prisoners to Death, Says U.S. Army



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