US Count Votes

Everything is slowly moving the right direction for our efforts to ensure accurate honest democratic elections by 2006.

US Count Votes' volunteer statisticians are close to completing a final version of our exit poll study that uses additional data from the Edison/Mitofsky exit poll study to show how implausible "exit poll bias" or the "reluctant Bush responder" theory is as an explanation for the discrepancies between the Nov 04 election results and the exit poll results that will be combined with our preliminary exit poll study: http://uscountvotes.org/ucvAnalysis/US/USCountVotes_Re_Mitofsky-Edison.pdf

Our final study calls for a thorough investigation of the Nov 04 presidential election results and is sound science.

If you have contacts with any well-known politicians of any party who may be willing to pre-read our final exit poll study, and make a public statement about it for simultaneous release to the press along with, or on the same day as, our final study, please let me know via email.

USCV's final study, as the first one, will be signed by numerous credentialed prestigious statisticians and will be even much more convincing, and we believe, just as irrefutable, as our first study whose content as yet remains un-criticized by any PhD statistician or mathematician in America in any substantive way. We need your help to assure mainstream press coverage of our final version.


1. We've been invited to post our final response to the exit polls on the SSRC.org voting and elections site of the Social Science Research Council so that we can respond to the exit poll study published there by Traugott, Brady, and Highton:

2. Bob Honeyman, one of USCV's board members, is donating a server for us to install as a backup server. Thank you Bob

3. Josh Mitteldorf made a large donation which we are still hashing out how best to spend - some of it may go to the $600 backup server technical set up cost. Thank you Josh.

4. We have recently received some assistance going over our database design for election results from Vickie Lovegren at Case Western Reserve U in OH.

Thank you to all our generous donors. We are as yet unable to hire any full-time staff but have funds available through donations to pay for contract work to implement of some upcoming technical projects that need to be completed.

Please continue to collect election data at the precinct and vote type level so that we can do the same analysis that we did with the New Mexico data. Our NM analysis will be used to retire the pushbutton DRE voting machines there of Danahar Shouptronic and Sequoia Advantage. The data source, collected by Warren Stewart under Green party efforts, is listed at the bottom.

Please sign up to help gather data for any state: http://uscountvotes.org/fairelection/statesubscribe.html
You can freely use these email lists, and ask all your friends to join them, in order to coordinate and avoid duplicating efforts in any state.

Please donate if you have not already done so. http://uscountvotes.org/fairelection/donate.html

I could very much use a livein volunteer here in Park City, UT to help do office management and other tasks - own bathroom and bed and dresser and window w/ a view of the mountains in a private end of the office (curtain for privacy) - and food would be provided to an intern or volunteer. Bring own laptop or computer. I've been neglecting my personal life over this and need some help.

Best regards,

Kathy Dopp


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