Murdering the messengers, fabricating the news


Informant: Friends

Was Hunter Thompson Suicided?

There is No More Time


Informant: radtimes

I could see the present situation coming some 20 years ago. Then there was a very good chance that gentle and reasoned persuasion would turn the industrial-military "civilization" around.

Now, the situation is desparate. There is a possibility that the fractal array of self regulating systems, embodied in the Gaia hypothesis/belief, has been pushed beyond the Lambda point (that which marks the boundary between strange attractor land and chaos).

There is a slim chance, and one worth entertaining, thought the prospect is hardly so, that the Lambda point though alarmingly nigh, has not ben reached.

Such a desparate situation demends desperate remedies. If we and the remaining abused and exploited animal and plant life are to survive, there MUST be an immediate shut down of 90% of the extractive, squandering, pollutng and poisoning industrial and military installations and establishments, however much we may depend on them, for our undeserved comfort. They must not be thrown away by our somnambulistic purblind greed and acquiescience. There are solutions to this, though hard ones.

(Sorry to rant, but I have to say this)

Richard Harvey

Social Security Moving to Make-or-Break for Bush




Protests Stop Military Recruiting in New York City: 30 Arrested

339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012

Luke Nephew, 978-501-0810 (Bronx)
Eric Laursen, 917-806-6452 (Manhattan)
John M. Miller, 718-596-7668 (Brooklyn) or Ruth Benn 917-975-8230 (Brooklyn)

For immediate release

Protests Stop Military Recruiting as Antiwar Demonstrators Protest on Second Anniversary of Iraq War; 30 Arrested

March 19, 2005 - Armed Forces recruiting centers in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx were transformed into centers of protest today as scores of antiwar protesters set life-size coffins at their entrances or blocked their doors.

At about 11:00 this morning, when the Bronx Army-Navy-Air Force-Marine Corps center would ordinarily have been conducting business at Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse, six life-sized coffins representing U.S. and Iraqi casualties of the Iraq war were lined up next to the entrance to the center. About 60 demonstrators held a vigil in front of the building, handing out antiwar leaflets to passers by in the busy Bronx shopping area.

A little later, in Brooklyn and Manhattan, some 300 protesters converged on each of the recruiting centers on Flatbush Avenue and at Times Square. Some two dozen conducted a symbolic die-in in the street in front of the Times Square station, where 24 were arrested. Another eight people were arrested in Brooklyn for blocking the doors of the Flatbush Avenue recruiting center. No one was arrested in the Bronx because, with the center closed for business, there was no one to ask the protesters to leave. They stood peacefully in front of the building, handing out leaflets and reading out the names of U.S. armed forces members from the Bronx who have died in Iraq.

The demonstrations in New York City were three of hundreds of protests at recruiting centers across the nation called by peace and justice groups to mark the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Each demonstration was preceded by a solemn procession carrying the coffins to the recruiting site.

Shortly before the demonstrations, Frida Berrigan, an organizer with WRL later arrested in Times Square, explained the significance of the coffins: "We carry coffins representing the more than 1,500 American soldiers who have died and. Some coffins are draped in black fabric to represent the more than 100,000 Iraqis who have been killed and others are draped with the American flag to represent the 1,512 American soldiers killed so far. The White House has tried to hide these deaths from the American people, but the sorrow will not be silent."

Long-time War Resisters League activist Ruth Benn, arrested in Brooklyn, added, "We march to military recruiting stations throughout the city today to demand an end to the wasting of young lives in war. We counsel young people to consider alternative paths to jobs and education." She predicted that "many of us will put our bodies between the recruiting stations and the young people they want to use as war fodder. We will shut them down."

Organized by the New York City War Resisters League, these events were just a few of the more than 750 actions taking place in all 50 states today. Sponsoring organizations include United for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace, Socialist Party USA, Voices in the Wilderness, Brooklyn Parents for Peace, Park Slope Greens, Catholic Worker, Code Pink, Not in Our Name, Ya-Ya Network, Socialist Party of NYC, Industrial Workers of the World (NYC GMB), One Thousand Coffins, Grandmothers Against the War, Progressive Programmers League, Kairos Community, World War III Arts in Action, among other organizations.

The War Resisters League is an 81-year-old secular pacifist organization, headquartered in New York City, and is affiliated with the War Resisters' International, which is based in London. WRL believes war to be a crime against humanity, and advocates Gandhian nonviolence as the method for creating a democratic society free of war, racism, sexism, and human exploitation.

More details of this event can be found on the web site, //www.warresisters.org/counter-recruitMar05.htm.

War Resisters League
339 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012

Informant: John M Miller

From ufpj-news

Das Öl und der Irak-Krieg: Niederlage der NeoCons?

Nach einem Bericht haben Vertreter der US-Ölkonzerne die von den Neokonservativen geplante Privatisierung des irakischen Öls verhindert.


EMF-Omega-News 19. March 2005

Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations

Cell Phone Companies Sued For 'Unsafe Levels Of Radiation'

The Voice of the People

Effect on peoples health of telephone base station mast radiation

Tribute to people suffering

Two thirds of people believe the risks of emissions from mobile phones outweigh the benefits


The Wireless Revolution

The continuing deceptions of 02

Brighton & Hove phone mast Motion

The Castle Tower of Crest



DESPERATE parents offering to hand over £5,000 to a church if it throws out controversial plans to house a mobile phone mast

Residents fume over mast defeat

T Mobile trying to monopolise Manchester

Residents relieved as mast fails


Control these masts planners plead

Victory for phone mast protesters

Fears that plans will cause mast hysteria

EMR and Health



Time for rethink on mast policy

Council wants phone mast powers

Observations re EMR Pollution EHS and the Problems of the use of the ICNIRP Guidelines in Ireland

In Sweden EHS is regarded as a physical degradation

Magenta News from Mast Network

Omega-News Collection 19. March 2005

Omega-News Collection 19. March 2005

Highest Endorsement Yet for Sun-Earth Connection

History's Greatest Disaster Has Begun

Ocean heat store makes climate change inevitable

Scientists Prove Less Trees, Less Rain

Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call for Action Against Global Warming

Better do it Eco-Activism

A Line in the Ancient Forest

Activists Held, Blocked from Logging Areas

US tries to sink forests plan

Illegal Logging on Agenda at Unique G8 Meeting

Biscuit Fire Recovery Project: Biscuit Logging makes international news

Senate Votes to Open Alaska Wildlife Refuge to Drilling

Stay Out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The fight for ANWR continues

Dead Squid Wash Up in California Again

Stop the Wolf Slaughter in Alaska


Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?

EMF-Omega-News 19. March 2005

Pentagon formally embraces wars of aggression


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news]

LSD, the CIA & Liberty


From Guernica to Fallujah


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

The Iraq War Fact Sheet


Informant: Yoshie Furuhashi

From ufpj-news

Worldwide Protests against Occupation of Iraq


Dutchman in Iraq genocide hearing

A Dutch businessman accused of complicity in genocide for selling chemicals to Iraq in the 1980s knew that Saddam Hussein might use them as weapons, prosecutors have said at his first public hearing.


From Information Clearing House

Washington Sees Iran as a Major Security Threat, but Not Nuclear Brazil

Despite the Bush administration’s bellicose demands that Iran give up its uranium enrichment program, Washington has dismissed any cause for alarm over a somewhat similar nuclear program in Brazil.


Is Iraq becoming the world's biggest cash cow?

Corruption wastes money, bankrupts countries, and costs lives.


From Information Clearing House

Decorated U.S. veterans cope with Iraq war

More than 11,000 soldiers have been injured in the past two years in Iraq. “I was willing to die because I thought I would be protecting my family back home and I’d be serving my country,” says 22-year-old U.S. Army Specialist Darrell Anderson of Lexington, Ky.


From Information Clearing House

Over 725 Protests Planned to Mark Second Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

Saturday, March 19th, marks the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion.


Your Guide to a Weekend of Resistance:

On the second anniversary of Shock and Awe, the anti-war movement wants you.


From Information Clearing House

The Clash of the Cults

The war on terrorism declared by the United States on radical Islamists is little more than a proxy battle in a war between two cults.


From Information Clearing House

Uranium Equals Kryptonite for Bush Nominee

President Bush's U.N. Ambassador designate, John Bolton, participated in promoting the administration's phony story about Saddam Hussein negotiating to buy uranium for nuclear weapons from the African country of Niger.


Iran slams UNHCR for ignoring US detainee abuse

Iran has hit out at the United Nations for ignoring abuses by US forces of detainees at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, as well as their assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah.


From Information Clearing House

Responsibility for prisoner mistreatment has gone AWOL

'To suggest that senior officials were blameless in fostering the command climate that led to the behavior of those junior guards at the prison is simply not credible,'' retired Army general officer John Johns told Knight Ridder.


From Information Clearing House

We Have Become What We Claim To Loathe

"Extraordinary Rendition"? Let us call it what it is: the outsourcing of torture. Having other countries do our dirty work for us. And it stinks to high heaven.


CIA, White House Defend Transfers of Terror Suspects

It is illegal under U.S. and international law to send someone to a country where torture is likely.


From Information Clearing House

The Age of Missing Information

The Bush administration's campaign against openness:

What follows is a representative selection of categories of data that have been withdrawn from public access in the Bush years, with reflections on what they mean.


From Information Clearing House

Filter Tips

A relentless degeneration of American society is taking place. Brutality and atrocity are becoming normalized, systemized and rewarded.


Counting the dead in Iraq

None of the coalition of the willing keep – or admit to keeping – a count of Iraqi deaths. This is in striking contrast to the anxiety that there be a scrupulous accounting of deaths attributable to Saddam Hussein.


From Information Clearing House

Uncle Toms And Turncoats

America has no shortage of sell outs and traitors. Traitorous Democrats in Congress help corporations enslave us through an atrocious bankruptcy bill. The media sell us out every day when they choose to tell us all about the latest celebrity divorce but ignore the Bush meltdown in the international community or the death toll in Iraq.


From Information Clearing House

Independent Media: Enemy Target

Although, there is no “evidence” of a systematic policy to kill journalists, it seem that a policy of preventing independent media reporting from the war is the US administration top priority.


Journalists tell of US Falluja killings

All is quiet in Falluja, or at least that is how it seems, given that the mainstream media has largely forgotten about the Iraqi city. But independent journalists are risking life and limb to bring out a very different story.


From Information Clearing House

How America furthers its national interests in the Middle East

How America furthers its national interests in the Middle East. The United States flaunts the banner of democracy in the Middle East only when that advances its economic, military, or strategic interests.


Tie a Green Ribbon - Unite Around the Arctic Refuge

America's Arctic Refuge is in danger. This week, oil interests came one step closer to ruining the wild coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with sprawling oil development. In a backdoor scheme cooked up by drilling proponents, the U.S. Senate has included language in the Federal Budget that could remove protections prohibiting oil development in the biological heart of the Refuge. But the fight is far from over!

Make a statement today. Show your solidarity for America's Arctic Refuge with a visible symbol -- a green ribbon. Tie it in your yard, hang it on your home, pin it on your clothes or wear it around your wrist. Then pass it on. Give ribbons to your friends and family.

Millions of Americans feel strongly about this issue -- and together we will NOT be ignored. Show your support until Congress assures us that the Arctic Refuge is safe from oil drills.

Why This Will Work

Millions of Americans have made it plain that they want the Arctic Refuge protected and yet some members of Congress continue to ignore us. It's time to step up the pressure.

When your Members of Congress come home for recess they will see green ribbons on every street. Strangers who know nothing about the Arctic Refuge will ask about your ribbon and you'll tell them. Soon green ribbons will be tied in neighborhoods across the country, news media in every state will take notice, and Congress will not be able to ignore us.

We are counting on YOU to spread the word. Forward this message to your friends and family. Then buy a spool of ribbon and hand out ribbons to everyone you know -- at work, at church, and everywhere you go! It's easy!

Stand up for wildlife and America's wild places and tell oil interests that they have crossed the line. Don't sit quietly while our wild heritage is sold to Big Oil.

Political Update

The House passed its Budget measure last night, 218-214. It did not include any explicit language about Arctic oil drilling. But it does contain instructions to other committees that create a loophole for drilling language to be included. The extremely close nature of the vote offers hope to conservationists as responsibility for the budget moves to a House/Senate conference committee.

Both the Senate and the House have left for a two-week spring recess, returning to work April 4th .

During recess, congressional staff members will begin preparing for the Budget Conference Committee, a process that reconciles differences between the House and Senate Budget bills in order to present a single Budget for a final vote by both houses.

Arctic activists are planning events in several, targeted home districts. The political message during this time: Please vote against any conference report that would instruct committees to pass Arctic drilling as part of the Budget bill.

What You Can Do

Wear your green ribbons, and decorate freely with them. Make an appointment with your member of Congress and Senators and carry them the message that the Budget conference bill must not contain language that would open the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling.

Words to Inspire

"The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen."
- Sarah Brown

//www.wilderness.org 1615 M St, NW Washington, DC 20036 1.800.THE.WILD action@tws.org

WTO Clashes With Human Rights

New Report Paving the Way for a People-Centered Food System

Iraq Veterans Say: 'Bring Them Home Now'

On the 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq War, Iraq Veterans Say: 'Bring Them
Home Now!'


Family of Journalist Jose Couso Slain by US in Baghdad Presses Campaign for Investigation

Brother of Spanish Journalist Slain by US in Baghdad Demands Justice; Family of Jose Couso Presses Campaign for Investigation

71 Prisoners of Conscience Continue to be Imprisoned for Expressing Their Ideas


Questions Are Left by C.I.A. Chief on the Use of Torture


Suburbs a World Away from War


Your Guide to a Weekend of Resistance


Soldiers' Families to Hold Anti-War Rally at Ft. Bragg


In Blow to Bush, Senators Reject Cuts to Medicaid


How to Prepare a Planet for Global Warming


Fight over Arctic Drilling Is Far from Over


Bilderberg 2005 Secret Agenda


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

America's Agenda for Global Military Domination


Informant: ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space

Scientists warned that Asia could be rocked by another earthquake and tsunami soon


Buried secrets of biowarfare


Informant: billder

The Man Made Plagues


Informant: billder

Innoculations - The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction


Krebshäufung in der Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen


Hochfrequenzen wirken auf Organismus

Krebscluster in der Nähe von Mobilfunkantennen

Krebs und Krankheit um Mobilfunksender

Krebshäufungen um Sendeanlagen in Thüringen

STEINBACH HALLENBERG: Krebsrate mehrfach erhöht um den Mobilfunksendemast

Weiteres Abwarten verbietet sich angesichts der Schwere der Erkrankungen


Krebsfälle in spanischen Schulen

Verdachtsfälle: Häufungen von Krebs und schweren Erkrankungen in der Nähe von Funkantennen

Einfluss der räumlichen Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf die Krebsinzidenz

Gegen den „Krebsmacher“ vom Burgberg

Krebs erregender Mobilfunkmast?

Krebsfälle in der Nähe von AM-Radiosendern

Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk und Krebs

Naila-Studie erhärtet Krebsverdacht von Mobilfunk

Strahlung unterm Grenzwert

Mobilfunk: Grenzwertabsenkungen müssen drastisch sein, um den Gesundheitsschutz der Bevölkerung zu garantieren

Zeitbombe tickt

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Cancer Cluster in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations

Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations




Can we make the phone mast-cancer link?

The Effects Of Radiation In The Cause Of Cancer

Health chiefs probe phone-mast cancer link claims

Tetra & telecommunication masts

Germany Cancer Clusters

Clusters in England

The largest cancer cluster in the U.K.

Phone masts on the roof of our local secondary school have resulted in 10 teachers (at least) with cancer

Its alleged that a Southport Children’s Nursery has three children with leukaemia

School Study about cancer and phone masts at Gijon


Lloyd Morgan of the Brain Tumour Registry

Cancer Cluster in Spain 2000-2005


Union wants audit over tumours

Cyprus: "Alarm Bells of Radiation Threat"

Continuation of the medical investigation with Saint-Cyr military school //omega.twoday.net/stories/586043/

Is my cancer linked to forest of phone masts?

Leukemia in children will continue growing

EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People

School rooftops desired space for Webnet wireless internet antennas

Un-Volunteering: Troops Improvise to Find Way Out

Active duty soldiers are voting with their feet: The New York Times reports 6,000 desertions. Journalists should also investigate how many reserve and National Guard soldiers are failing to report for military duty. In combination, the desertions, the back door draft (stop loss), faltering recruiting, and $150,000 bonuses for re-enlistment, the military personnel system hangs on the brink of destruction and ready for the draft.


Two Years Later

In one of the most lengthy, detailed, and accurate editorials ever written by the New York Times, their editorial board lays bare the phony reasons given to attack Iraq and some reasonable suggestions to extract the U.S. from what the Times calls "Bush's war."


Secret US plans for Iraq's oil - Before 9/11

Read the article below to learn why the Bush/Cheney Administration fought so hard to prevent the release of documents relating to their secret meeting with oil company campaign contributors during early 2001. When reading the article below, keep thinking about Enron, Harken, Halliburton, and the fake energy crisis in California.


The Neo-cons defeated?

At the bottom of his article there is a link to three more informational articles. The similar one done for BBC Newsnight has this very fascinating introductory paragraph:

Why was Paul Wolfowitz pushed out of the Pentagon onto the World Bank? The answer lies in a 323-page document, secret until now, indicating that the allies of Big Oil in the Bush Administration have defeated neo-conservatives and their chief Wolfowitz. Tonight BBC Television Newsnight will tell the true story of the fall of the neo-cons. An investigation conducted by BBC with Harper's magazine will also reveal that the US State Department made detailed plans for war in Iraq -- and for Iraq's oil -- within weeks of Bush's first inauguration in 2001. [...] More at //www.gregpalast.com/detail.cfm?artid=417&row=0 or //tinyurl.com/3v25z

© Virginia Metze

What they don't know can hurt them

Many young Americans would like to see the press muzzled, if just a bit. If only they knew history's lessons, they would surely see a free press in a different light.

By Kathleen Parker

USA TODAY, March 15, 2005

Freedom of speech and the idea of a free press are so intricately woven into America's DNA that few of us give much thought to the origins of our freedoms or ponder an alternative life without them.

With gratitude, we can admit that we don't worry much about jackboots kicking in our doors at night because we've spoken ill of El Jefe. Indeed, criticizing government is sport within our borders. [...] More of a long article at: //www.usatoday.com/printedition/news/20050315/oplede15.art.htm

© Virginia Metze

CIA's Assurances On Transferred Suspects Doubted

Prisoners Say Countries Break No-Torture Pledges

by Dana Priest

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, March 17, 2005; Page A01

The system the CIA relies on to ensure that the suspected terrorists it transfers to other countries will not be tortured has been ineffective and virtually impossible to monitor, according to current and former intelligence officers and lawyers, as well as counterterrorism officials who have participated in or reviewed the practice. [...] Read the rest at:
//www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A42072-2005Mar16.html or //tinyurl.com/6jl3m

© Virginia Metze

Request denied

Julia Scott

March 16, 2006

Salon's War Room

[...] In spite of the public's deep concerns about government secrecy, since 1998 federal departments have filled fewer Freedom of Information Act requests in full -- while the number of requests for information has risen steadily, especially following the Sept. 11 attacks.

The government met the increased demand with unprecedented resistance. After 9/11, former Attorney General John Ashcroft and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card issued memos suggesting that agencies be more careful in granting FOIA requests; they cited national security concerns. Since then, the government has also pulled many documents off its Web sites, creating14 million new classified documents in 2003 -- a large increase over 2001. Now, access even to the safety records of a natural gas plant in a small American town can be denied. [...] Read the rest at: //tinyurl.com/59pt3

© Virginia Metze

Justice: Propaganda is A-OK

Sounds like we need a law -- and fast ...

Justice: Propaganda is A-OK

Must the U.S. government reveal when it has produced "news" broadcasts? In a stunning rebuke of the GAO, the Justice Department says no.

By Eric Boehlert

Salon, March 16, 2005

Democrats aren't the only ones angered by the Justice Department's memo to federal agencies on March 11 telling them to ignore a key finding by the Government Accountability Office. The GAO has declared that video news releases -- or prepackaged TV segments -- that fail to reveal they were produced by the government constitute illegal propaganda. "It's highly unusual for the Justice Department to take this action. Sending out a memo may be unprecedented," says David Walker, comptroller general of the United States and head of the GAO. He adds, "The Justice Department is not independent on this matter."

Department spokesman Kevin Madden could not say how common the issuance of a memo was, but noted that because GAO findings are nonbinding, the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel has final say over executive branch legal matters. [...] Read the rest at:
//www.salon.com/news/feature/2005/03/16/propaganda_ruling/index.html or //tinyurl.com/4yha7

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Unending troubles

Salon on DeLay:

Unending troubles

Despite calls from the right for "spiritual warfare" in defending the House majority leader against ethics charges, the fate of DeLay Inc. looks grim.

By Sidney Blumenthal

March 17, 2005

[...] The uncertain fate of the majority leader, known as "The Hammer," and to the Republican members and lobbyists in Washington as "the concierge of Capitol Hill," threatens to undermine the Bush administration's agenda; the political machine DeLay has built by allying special interests, lobbyists and Republicans; and the Republican dominance of Congress. Conservative leader Paul Weyrich pronounced that defending DeLay is nothing less than a life-or-death matter -- "spiritual warfare." [...] Read the rest on the Salon site: //fairuse.1accesshost.com/news4/salon-delay.html

© Virginia Metze

Why graft thrives in postconflict zones

A report issued Wednesday said Iraq could become 'the biggest corruption scandal in history.'

By Mark Rice-Oxley
Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

from the March 17, 2005 edition

LONDON – Five Polish peacekeepers are arrested for allegedly taking $90,000 worth of bribes in Iraq. Several Sri Lankan officials are suspended for mishandling tsunami aid. US audits show large financial discrepancies in Iraq. Reports of aid abuse taunt Indonesia.

Two of the world's biggest-ever reconstruction projects - Iraq and post-tsunami Asia - are facing major tests of credibility, as billions of dollars of aid and reconstruction money pour in.
And according to a major report released Wednesday by Transparency International (TI), an international organization that focuses on issues of corruption, the omens are not good. [...]

Read the rest at the Christian Science Monitor online:

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Homeland Insecurity


Published: March 17, 2005

OP-ED COLUMNIST The New York Times

Bush officials have always been eager to pose as the tough guys willing to make the tough decisions. On Iraq and Afghanistan, they did. But when it comes to China, the Bush administration is engaged in one of the greatest acts of unilateral disarmament ever seen in U.S. foreign policy.

National security is about so much more than just military deployments. It is also about our tax, energy and competitiveness policies. And if you look at all these areas, the Bush team has not only been steadily eroding America's leverage and room for maneuver vis-à-vis its biggest long-term competitor - China - but it has actually been making us more dependent than ever on Beijing. Indeed, if the Bush policies were wrapped into a single legislative bill it could be called "The U.S.-China Dependency Act." [...] Read the rest at:

© Virginia Metze

FBI Whistleblower Edmonds Files New Lawsuit

March 17, 2005


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI contract linguist who was terminated in 2002 after becoming a whistleblower regarding the 9/11 tragedy, today filed the most detailed lawsuit to date outlining her allegations. The complaint, filed under the Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA), reveals for the first time details surrounding Ms. Edmonds' interactions with a former FBI colleague who raised suspicions by her perceived efforts to recruit the Edmonds into at least two Turkish organizations. Also disclosed are the names of those within the FBI who went out of their way to undercut Ms. Edmonds' concerns. [...] Read the rest of the article at the AntiWar.com web site:


© Virginia Metze

THTR-Rundbrief Nr. 98

Von: Aktionsbündnis Münsterland gegen Atomanlagen <AB.MS-Land@web.de>
Datum: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 09:00:10 +0100
Betreff: Fw: THTR-Rundbrief 98: bitte weitermailen

Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Hamm e. V. 18. 3. 2005

Horst Blume
Schleusenweg 10
59071 Hamm

An das

Ministerium für Verkehr, Energie und Landesplanung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Haroldstr. 4, 40213 Düsseldorf

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

Leider haben wir nach den Korrosionsschäden an den 305 Behältern "Castor THTR/AVR" in dem Brennelemente-Zwischenlager (BZA) 1998/99 und im Juli letzten Jahres erneut in der TAZ-Ruhr vom 10. 3. 2005 von Problemen lesen müssen. Aus dieser Sachlage heraus ergeben sich folgende Fragen, um deren Beantwortung wir bitten:
Bereits in Ihrem Schreiben vom 15. 12. 2004 haben Sie die Störmeldung eines defekten Druckschalters beim Überwachungssystem mit Datum vom 15. 7. 2004 angegeben. Dem Pressebericht zufolge hat jetzt anscheinend erneut eine ähnliche Störung stattgefunden. Kann es sein, dass das Überwachungssytem nicht zuverlässig arbeitet? Kann es sein, dass die von Ihnen angeführte Beteiligung von Sachverständigen und deren Bewertung der Störung nicht den gewünschten Erfolg gebracht hat? Welche Ergebnisse ergaben die aktuellen Untersuchungen der aktuellen Störung vom März 2005?

In dem oben genannten Pressebericht wird die Halle des BEZ als "total nass" beschrieben und mit einer "Tropfsteinhöhle" verglichen. Außerdem wird von "tellergroßen Löchern" an den Castoren berichtet. Können Sie diese Meldung bestätigen und welche Maßnahmen unternehmen Sie gegebenenfalls, um diese Missstände zu beheben?

Sind bei allen Castoren die oberen Deckel abgeschraubt worden? Ist die Annahme richtig, dass für einen längeren Zeitraum die zweite Dichtungsbarriere nicht funktionsfähig ist oder war? Wie bewerten Sie diesen Vorgang?

Sind die Castoren nach der neuen Behandlung der oberen Deckel in Zukunft dicht? Und wie werden die zukünftigen Kontrollen aussehen?

Sind Sie mit dem zitierten Zwischenlager-Sprecher Jürgen Auer der Meinung, dass die Probleme von "Flugrost" herrühren? Was ist unter "Flugrost" zu verstehen?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen!

Weiter unter: //tinyurl.com/5ycg5

Mobilfunk und Kindergesundheit

Kinder und Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk und Kinder

Stay Out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The fight for ANWR continues

Tell the big oil companies to stay out of ANWR!

Today, my heart is heavy. By just two votes, we came up short in our effort to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, home to over 150 wildlife species. I offer my heartfelt thanks to the over 29,000 of you who joined with me and signed my petition to Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist, demonstrating our strong opposition to this disastrous policy.

In the end, over 90% of Senate Democrats voted to stop this madness -- we just didn't have the votes to overcome the Republican majority in the Senate.

But I want you to know that I won't give up in our fight to stop the drilling. And neither should you. I'm going to use every legislative tool at my disposal to reverse this vote and prevent this terrible policy from going into effect. But we can do more -- today.

I'm planning to organize a consumer boycott of any oil company that decides to drill in this pristine Alaskan wilderness area. If, through our pocketbooks, we can convince these companies to do the right thing, we can still save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the destruction that would be wrought by the oil drilling rigs.

Send an email to the CEOs of ExxonMobil, BP, ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch/Shell, and ChevronTexaco now and tell them to stay out of ANWR!

And then invite everyone you know to join us.

This battle is not over -- not by a long shot.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer

Paid for by PAC for a Change, //www.pacforachange.com, Treasurer Sim Farar, FEC#C00342048.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
Mr. David O'Reilly, ChevronTexaco CEO
Mr. James Mulva, ConocoPhillips CEO
Mr. Jeroen van der Veer, Shell CEO
Mr. John Browne, BP CEO
Mr. Lee Raymond, ExxonMobil CEO

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Stay Out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

As you know, current legislation making its way through Congress would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

I am writing to urge your company to publicly pledge that you will not drill in ANWR.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a God-given gift of pristine wilderness, first set aside by President Dwight Eisenhower more than 40 years ago, and we have a responsibility to preserve it. ANWR is home to more than 150 wildlife species, including caribou, polar bears, musk oxen, and millions of migratory birds.

The American people will not stand idly by and allow this wilderness area to be defiled.

If your company decides to drill in ANWR, we will launch a boycott of your products, and the products of your subsidiaries. And I know that millions of Americans will join us.

I urge you make a public pledge that you will not drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- or face a boycott of your products.

Thank you for your consideration of this critically important matter.


[Your Name]


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