Motor Neurone Disease (MND): Link between pulsed EMFs and Electrosensitivity and Motor Neurone Disease has been effectively proven



Protesters topple mobile phone masts as health scare spreads

Among those living in the 18 houses within a 500-yard radius of the mast there are 20 cases of serious illness, including cancers of the breast, prostate, bladder, lung. One man is dying of motor neurone disease. Many of the people affected are in their thirties and forties.



Illness cluster raises fears over radio mast


Indications for the need of proper investigation

Clusters of particular diseases such as cancer and motor neurone disease, have been reported and attributed to microwave transmission masts. There are classic cases such as cancers around a T-Mobile mast in Wishaw, or motor neurone disease around a Dolphin (TETRA) mast in Drumcarrow. Not only is there a growing number of these cluster reports, but the diseases are easily linked to the feared biological effects of pulsed microwave radiation, in terms of supressed immune systems, reduced melatonin, calcium efflux.



Mobile mad: the wisdom of a wireless world

Now that the link between pulsed EMFs and electrosensitivity and with cancer or motor neurone disease has been effectively proven, what is the UK going to do about it? Should we all throw away our mobile phones? And what are the police to do with their radios? We have almost 80,000 masts, not to mention broadcast stations for this programme going out now. What are the alternatives to a world in which we can communicate anything instantly and to anywhere, but where we many of us can expect to contract cancer as a direct result?’



Motor Neuron Disease

A very substantial number of scientific studies into Motor Neurone Disease (MND) link death of these brain cells to an excess of calcium around them. These studies are not in any way related to research on electromagnetic field (EMF) effects, they are simply attempting to find out more about MND...




Are THEY tampering with your mind??

Electromagnetic pollution and mobile phone: Making wave


Diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease

The Cherrys' joy was to be short-lived. Neil was having problems with the muscles in his foot and was given a number of tests to confirm the cause. The resulting diagnosis was that the symptoms showed the onset of motor neurone disease.




I think those in the know will be alarmed when they read Dr Bates's name on the second report.

Denise Ward,
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Today, is yesterdays tomorrow


Motor Neurone Disease: A Family Affair



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