Letter to members of the PCC

Thank you all for your replies we have found them very useful. David I have forwarded on the email as you recommended I have sent it to the Bishop of Blackburn and the Archbishop of York, I don't know whether I will get a response but any pressure we can keep up at this moment in time is worth it. I have attached the letter we are sending to the local PCC will also amend it for the board of goveners and copy both the bishop and the archbishop. If anyone could take a look and advise on any changes to content we would be grateful. Suefurg not sure on the news as I don't know of any marshes around Longridge. Andy I have also sent your article to the bishop and archbishop and will be including it in my letter to the PCC. Sylvia the insurance angle is a good one and one we have pointed out before but it wont hurt to remind them. Good luck to everybody reading your emails inspires us to keep fighting.

Debby and Karl


Re – at Paul’s church tower – proposed mobile phone telecommunication mast.

I am writing to you as you are a member of the Parochial Church Council. I am a resident of Mersey Street, Longridge and my child goes to the local Berry Lane Church of England Primary School. I am writing on behalf of my own family and other residents and parents of children at the school.

I am aware that you would have been at the presentation by vodafone and party to the decision to allow the mast to be erected in the church tower. I am also aware that at the presentation you would have been given only one side of the argument.

Where I agree that enough evidence has yet to be presented to our government to stop masts being erected, they were satisfactorily convinced in 2000 to recommend that mast companies (Stewart Report 2000) took a precautionary approach which means that they should be avoided being erected near schools and our more vulnerable residents i.e. our children.

You will have been given a long presentation about how the microwave radiation the mast will emit will be many times lower than the ICNIRP guidelines which is correct and they have their certificates to prove it. The problem with the ICNIRP guidelines is that they are set so that the radiation will not have a thermal effect, (they will not cook us) the experiments to set these guidelines were carried out on dead pieces of meat.

What has not been tested is their effects on the living organism, there are no guidelines set for microwave radiation exposure to live human beings.

At this point I would like to dispel a few widely quoted misconceptions

“Its only the same as the radiation from TV and Radio station masts” this is not true they are completely different frequencies as you should have been shown.

“They are less powerful than your own mobile phone” this is not true they are in fact more powerful than your mobile phone and they pulse out radiation 24 hours a day 7 days per week, where as the mobile phone only emits radiation when you talk through it, being turned on is not enough it has to actually be being used to emit any radiation.

“They are no more dangerous than your microwave oven” again this is not true. The microwave oven has shielding inbuilt and again it is only used at short bursts.

There are many more that you may have heard we certainly have the real truth is that thousands of people are living under the shadow of mobile phone mast and clusters of people around them are falling ill and some dying, there has been an independent UK survey of the health of people living around mobile phone masts the results of which are horrifying, this survey Sir William Stewart the composer of the Stewart Report 2000 is now looking in to.

I have enclosed with this letter a list of the only known previously published studies on the effects of masts on people.

Our government is sufficiently concerned to now be financing our own UK research into the effects of electro magnetic radiation (the same thing under a different name) but the results will not be available for another two years. I have also included a recent report by Dr Hyland one of the original contributors to the Stewart Report 2000 both of which I hope you will read and consider.

If any of the information I have provided to you in this letter gives you any doubts about the original decision to allow this mast into the tower at St Paul’s, all I ask is that you urge Reverend Simon Aiken to reverse the decision.

We are genuinely worried about this issue especially for the health and well being of our children, friends and families.

If you require any more information please contact me we have over the last few months gathered a great deal of information that we will be only to pleased to let you read.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter

Yours sincerely

Deborah Kirkup

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