I have only heard of a few churches in the United States speaking out against the wars in the Middle East. One I recall the name of is the Quaker religion. There should also be corporations speaking out against the wars in the Middle East. The only people that are benefiting from those wars are the war profiteers such as President George W. Bush, his V.P. Dick Cheney, and a few other people that have contracts related to those wars. Most corporations aren't benefiting from those wars.

There are numerous good reasons to get the wars in the Middle East stopped. Below is a portion of a website I've written that has facts that many churches and corporations should know to help them to be convinced to speak out against the Middle Eastern wars. While every church and corporation may not want to have a protest, they could easily send out letters to President George W. Bush, Congress, and especially to the mainstream media expressing their discontent with the Middle Eastern wars. Please refer many churches and corporations to read this message. Feel free to forward this message or copy and paste it into a blank e-mail form and send it to them via e-mail. Because churches and corporations have more clout getting their assistance could be very effective at getting these wars stopped and thus preventing more war deaths.

Deborah Reid

Now the U.S.A. is engaged in war again but now in the Middle Eastern countries. When I first heard the news of the September 11, 2001 terrorists' attacks upon the U.S.A. that brought tears to my eyes. Some of my first thoughts were, with all of the billions or even trillions of U.S.A. tax dollars that have been spent on defense, how could such an attack be possible. Later on the Internet I read that the air space along the U.S.A.'s borders are supposed to be guarded by military jets. However, on that day it was reported that orders were being given that were contrary to the best interests of guarding Americans from such attacks.

I've also learned from the Internet that people have come across evidence that convinces them that the September 11, 2001 terrorists' attacks were allowed and even orchestrated by traitorous people - both Americans and foreigners - that wanted an excuse to have wars upon the Middle Eastern countries to take control of their oil. I've read that Saddam Hussein wanted to be paid for the oil in Euros, which have more value than the U.S. dollar, last I heard about 30 cents more value, and that President George W. Bush didn't want to pay for Iraq's oil with Euros. I've read that the real reason for the war upon Afghanistan is to set up a puppet government to enable putting an oil pipeline through that country to transport Iraq's oil to Israel. I've read that the real reason for the war upon Iraq is to set up a puppet government so that the U.S.A. can control the oil and not have to pay for it in Euros. I've learned that some Americans - Bush and his friends - are getting richer from war profiteering from the wars upon Afghanistan and Iraq.

With the cost of the wars upon the Middle Eastern countries and the rebuilding costs it would have been less expensive for the American taxpayers to have paid for Iraq's oil using Euros.

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I've read that many billions of U.S.A. tax dollars have been spent on those wars. I've read that more wars upon Middle Eastern countries and countries in South America, as they have oil too, are considered desirable by Bush and his team. All such wars are very expensive and putting the U.S.A. further into national debt.

>From reading the U.S. Constitution I can tell the U.S.A.'s founders didn't intend for the U.S.A. to be having unnecessary wars upon foreign countries. Any wars were only to be for defence of Americans. These pre-emptive empire building wars were not what the U.S.A. founders had in mind. The first U.S.A. President George Washington even warned about such entanglements with foreign countries.

As a result of the wars upon the Middle Eastern countries resulting in injuries, disabilities, and many premature deaths of foreigners and American soldiers as well as the billions of U.S.A. tax dollars that have been spent are Americans safer? No. The supposed Homeland Security Program hasn't taken the proper measures to make the U.S.A. secure. They completely ignore what is most needed such as securing the U.S.A. borders to keep out illegal aliens. Thus illegal aliens may have already brought nuclear suitcase bombs into the U.S.A.

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Due to Bush and his team having wars upon the Middle Eastern countries numerous countries that have nuclear bombs are teaming up together. Russia and China, which both have nuclear bombs, were former rivals during the cold war, but are now allies. They are going to invite India, which also has nuclear bombs, as well as Brazil to be allies in their team. China has a deal with Iran for gas and oil. Iran is one of the countries that Bush is considering to subject to war by the U.S.A. Such war would most likely inspire China with their allies the Russians to retaliate against the U.S.A. - possibly with one or more nuclear bombs. I've read that Bush's team member Condeleeza Rice has recently been scolding Russia's President Putin about Russia's way of running their government........How much are those countries going to take off of the U.S.A. President Bush and his team? If Bush and his team don't calm down and start to respect foreign countries, we may soon find out.

While Bush and his team have access to nuclear bomb shelters and stockpiles of survival goods, most Americans aren't prepared for the worst case scenario. That's why the uninformed Americans that are for the unnecessary wars need to be educated about the total picture and hopefully be inspired to be for honor, wisdom, and goodness in regards to foreign policy and be against corruption, foolishness, and evil in regards to foreign policy.



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