Reaction to the conclusion of the medical investigation into Saint-Cyr l'Ecole


The inquiry concludes that it is chance, or in statistic terms, «to the usual fluctuations around the average incidence».

For information, Saint-Cyr l'Ecole is the name of the town. Saint-Cyr is also the name of the famous School for military elite.


Collectif + Town hall of Saint-Cyr l'Ecole
Saint-Cyr l'Ecole, january 27th 2005

The town hall of Saint-Cyr military school the School and the collective of local associations parents of pupils and defense of environment (ADEEO, FCPE, GPEI) are indignant at the presentation which made conclusions of the started medical investigation at the end of 2002. After a long talk and on the basis of report/ratio of a hundred pages, the DDASS of Yvelines and the INVS explained why "the number of cases of cancers [ of child ] of all types observed in Saint-Cyr military school is higher than the number of awaited cases, whatever the rates taken for reference". The factor of excess compared to the normal is of 2 all confused cancers; it is 4 for the tumours of the central nervous system.

However, the investigation does not make it possible to highlight a cause among the studied assumptions. It concludes randomly, or in statistical terms, "with the usual fluctuations around the average incidence". It is pointed out that InVS "considered on the basis of current scientific knowledge which it was not justified to study an association between the antennas of mobile telephony and the appearance of pathologies"... contrary to the initial request of associations. There is thus well an excess of cancers with Saint-Cyr military school , but no explanation was found among the assumptions selected. And if the cause were among the isolated assumptions?... For two years, the DDASS and the INVS have inquired remotely by consulting data bases, refuse the assistance of the municipality for the implementation of an exhaustive census of pathologies near the population and refuse to consider the whole of the exposures to the electromagnetic fields. What could justify the urgency to close the study today without proposing of another explanation that the "chance", whereas the conclusions are ready since October 2004 and that the committee of follow-up of the investigation was maintained in the ignorance of the progress of the work since nearly two years?

Vis-a-vis these results, the telephone operators already seemed to be delighted by the conclusions of this investigation, priding themselves not to be not responsible for pathologies. It is thus more than necessary to continue this investigation to prevent that the principle of precaution cannot be evoked any more by the communes, anxious to preserve their inhabitants. This is why, the town hall of Saint-Cyr military school and the collective of associations refuse the investigation closure since it did not succeed. They ask that the proposals disallowed until now be finally considered.

To know: the realization of an investigation near the whole of the population of Saint-Cyr military school and measurements of electric and electromagnetic fields realized independently of the operators of the sector. Mr. Philippe Lavaud, mayor of Saint-Cyr: * ADEEO: Association of Defense of the Environment of Gold Ear * FCPE: Federation of the Councils of Parents of Pupils of Saint-Cyr military school School * GPEI: Grouping of Parents of Pupils Independent of Saint-Cyr military school the School With the support of national association Robin of the Roofs ( http://www.robindestoits.org ) Contacts Presses: * For associations of Saint-Cyr military school: Sophie Guerson (01 30 58 53 65) * For the town hall of Saint-Cyr military school: Guillaume Lefevre (01 30 14 82 51) * For Robin of the Roofs: Etienne Cendrier (01 40 18 02 81)

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