Many singular voices approached worried to us about the coincidence of so many cases of affections circumscribed in the syndrome of microwaves. So many that, once after another one, are scandalously confirmed the concentrations from cases of alteration of the thyroids, cancer of matrix or ovaries, spontaneous abortions... always agreeing with the threatening and suspicious proximity of stations base of mobile telephony and other sources of electropollution. The singular voices that arrive at us trusting to us personal, familiar cases to us or of the neighbors not only arrive us from one or another independent community next to us. Voices arrive to us protagonists from dramas that can clearly hurt the sensitivity of anyone from Argentina, Paraguai or Rio de Janeiro. Death testimonies arrive to us from the United Kingdom, California or Canada. Four professors of the Coopers Technology College in Chislehurst, Virginia Campbell, with the particularity to count on five masts of mobile telephony in their tile roof, have contracted cancer in the last years, transferring to the direction of the centre their fear before a technology that stops they is not safe. "FOUR teachers AT to school with mobile phone masts on the roof have contracted cancer over the last few years..." (03 March 2005). An initiative of unit of intercontinental action of groups registered for the fight against antennas next to our houses, our schools or our hospitals has been promoted. ESCAPE could be the name of "European Schools Concerned About Pollution from Cellular Expositions". We continued with this delivery function of cronical telegrams of anonymous pain that suppose the brief news on cancer and electropollution that we are collecting. Association of Neighbors Against Injurious Radiations of L'Escala (Girona) avecorn@hotmail.com the 10/03/2005 BRIEF NEWS ON CANCER and ELECTROPOLUCIÓN (VI) Llagostera (Girona). -

The cancerogenic effects of the electromagnetic fields estan associate, mainly, to the alteration of the dream that cause the radiations, according to the environmental auditor Carlos Requejo, one of the ponentes of the days of Llagostera. "They alter the segregation of the melatonina, regulator of the dream and the immunology system, and prevent cellular regeneration. It produces fatigue, migraines and cancer ", warned. (The Punt - 24/02/03) Conil (Cadiz). - Around two hundreds of conileños they responded yesterday to the call made by the Platform ' Conil with good salud' to demand so to the companies of mobile telephony that retire their antennas until a minimum range of 500 meters of the houses, and as the Defender of the Town recommends Andalusian. To the time, this protest served to demand the elaboration of a study epidemiologist of the set of the province of Cadiz, as well as the beginning of a plan of shock against the cancer. The mayor, Antonio Roldán and all the political parties of the locality participated and supported the initiative. (Daily of Cadiz - 17/2/03) Gijón (Asturias). - The electromagnetic fields that generate the antennas of mobile telephony induce cancerigenic processes, according to explained the doctor and professor of Biophysics in the University of Oviedo, Jose Luis Fernandez Ruiz. This expert indicates that the effects that have on the organism the electromagnetic fields are different from those from the electric fields. In the first case, they act on great molecules of the life from rates of intensity of the emissions more than thousand inferior times to the anticipated ones in the present legislation. (The New Spain - 13/3/03) Valladolid (Castile - Leon). - Judge Miguel Donis Carracedo, who instructs the ' case Garci'a Quintaná, has called to declare like experts in the judicial process to two experts in the presumed effects on the health of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the activity of the telephony facilities. The magistrate has demanded the intervention of the specialists by own decision and not to requirement of the lawyers of the accusation who defend the interests of the parents of the school. The investigation will incorporate therefore the declarations of Thorny Javier Arranz, head on watch of Oncología of the Ruber Clinic of Madrid. This scientist is known by studies that they notice of the potential dangers of these emissions. Already in May of 1997, the Thorny doctor alerted of the relation between radiation of mobile telephony and the cerebral appearance of leukaemia’s, tumors, cancer of breast and melanoma. Also professor Pedro Morata Coast will declare as expert on the incidence of the emissions of the stations bases on the human organism. (the North of Castile - 22/03/03) Valladolid (Castile - Leon). - National prize of Medio.ambiente, consultant of the United Nations and UNESCO, sociologist and engineer in Telecommunications, Pedro Coast, author of the book ' Electromagnetism, disquieting, ubicuo and silenciosó, describes as thermal effects produced by the stations base those that repel in the ear, eye and brain and, with respect to the no thermal ones, their studies indicate that they affect the central nervous system, circulatory, digestive and to the glands endocrine, with disturbances in the cerebral biorritmos, the alteration of the transport of ionic calcium in the cells and the suspicions that it can affect to the DNA with carcinogenic importance. (the North of Castile - 22/03/03) Valladolid (Castile - Leon). - Doctors German. In the same judicial document, the magistrate orders to the Area of Computer science of the National Police that contributes to the summary the ' Declaration of Friburgó. This document, that was put in circulation in October of 2002, gathers the testimony of doctors in exercise of many specialties of this German locality. The text signed initially by 22 facultative ones and that, at the present time, already has surpassed the thousand headings, states the preoccupation by the health of the population when observing in the last years a "dramatic increase of serious and chronic diseases" between its patients. Concretely, they allude to the transtornos in the capacity to learn, hyperactivity in children, affections of the heart rate, infarcts and degenerative apoplexies in more and more young people, cerebral diseases, cerebral epilepsy and cancers like leukaemia and tumors, next to other less serious ailments. The doctors settle down "a clear temporary and space relation between the appearance of these pathologies and the beginning of a radiation of microwaves by the installation of antennas of mobile telephony, intensive use of cellular or wireless". They need, also, that one is not chances since the affected ones are concentrated in buildings, improvement or disappears the disease when they separate of the centre and measurements made in the zones confirm "our observations". The signers demand measures of protection to the administrations. (the North of Castile - 22/03/03) It makes the rounds (Malaga). - Today a well-known has died of leukaemia in Round and wanted neighbouring of this city that lived in the proximities of the antenna of the Fort and the "Mayor of our city that in February of 2,002 said that it cleared the antenna in 15 days, follows without acting". Mayor, Juan Benítez, is of the PSOE and HE HAS GONE To the SIDE OF TELEPHONE. (Platform antenaslejos@ronda.net - 25/3/03) Round (Malaga). - Professors and students of the Institute Thin Rodriguez, located in the environs of the complex of antennas of the Fort, met in the morning of in the post office sending yesterday to the provincial delegate of Education, Jose Grandson, 700 letters in which they ask for his support to him in his particular fight against the antennas. Once again, some professors remembered the right yesterday who have they and their students "to work and to study in a healthy atmosphere", a premise that, assures, is not fulfilled in their institute. They assure that at the present time there are two professors of loss by depression and other so many, educational and students, have insomnia problems. In addition, also they spoke of several abortions that had undergone professors of the centre and of the death by leukaemia of a neighbour that lived near the antenna, "that could have enough that to see in all these evils". Also, they remembered the government team that was had it jeopardize to dismantle the antenna before the Easter and, at the moment, "does not see movement of no type there". (South Digitalis - 28/3/03) Rome (Italy). - The Court of Abrogation Italian, equivalent to the Supreme one, decided yesterday that three people in charge of Vatican Radio can be judged by the national judges, against which she established the last year a sentence of the Court of Rome, that alleged the lack of jurisdiction of Italian Justice before Santa Sede. The neighbors of a district of the north of the capital had denounced to the transmitter of the Vatican in 2001 by the presumed electromagnetic contamination caused by the antennas next to their houses. The emission of these waves in a level superior to the allowed one by the Italian laws would be the cause, according to its accusation, of numerous cases of leukaemia between the children of the zone. The case originated a great controversy, being the first time that was tried to seat in the bench to the Vatican, and caused to all a diplomatic crisis in the peculiar relations between Italy and Santa Sede. (Digital Mail - 10/4/03). Valladolid (Castile and Leon). - Car it Diaz, the first girl to whom cancer in the public school was detected Garci'a Quintana of Valladolid, passed away yesterday at noon according to confirmed to agency ICAL the spokesman of the parents of the public school, Luis Martín. To the girl the disease in December of year 2000 what originated, next to other three cases was detected to it more, the controversy of the antennas of telephony of the building number the 5 of the street Lopez Go'mez of Valladolid. (ABC - 11/4/03) complete Notícia to the North of Valladolid Castile (Castile and Leon). - The past day 2 of December of 2002 judge Miguel Donis Carracedo, who then instructed the ' case Garci'a Quintaná, ordered to the Main directorate of Public Health of the Meeting who made a registry of cases of cancer of the surroundings of the number the 5 of the street Lopez Go'mez, as well as a study of other pathologies that medical Literature relates to the electromagnetic emissions. At the request of the lawyer Carlos I castrate, one of the lawyers of the accusation that defends the interests of parents of the public school, the same magistrate sent one second order to the Meeting so that it made this investigation. In her, the conditions and the details of the same one took shape. Today Monday, the lawyer Agustín Bocos will require by judicial route the fulfilment of these orders since "the study has not been begun after they have spent four months". (the North of Castile - 14/4/03).

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