Emissions Tester: The harm is probably in the frequencies not in the power

It is important because if all you measure are carrier frequencies, all you get is average power at each mast. You can get that off Sitefinder and it's all ICNIRP compliant by an order of thousands.

The harmful stuff disappears when averaged out. If I shoot a gun next to your ear you will be deafened, perhaps permanently by a sound lasting a fraction of a second! But averaged out over all sound frequencies in say ten minutes, there was no loud sound at all. A transient spike is the same.

Find the spikes and measure them and you know what's hitting you. Similarly, since the harm is probably in the frequencies not the power, it is essential to identify every frequency from ELF to RF. Spikes may have their own frequency that is quite significant.

Changes in the frequency patterns (not the carrier frequencies) will be far more significant than power levels. Similarly, interference frequencies as numbers of masts or carriers or types change, will matter.

Since 3G is WCDMA (wideband code division multiple access) two effects are important: (a) the increased signal when masts are passive, and (b) the number of frequencies employed by each mast. The difference between a mature 3G network and GSM may be that GSM was pulsed waves on the shore, 3G is the Tsunami.


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