Letter to members of the PCC

Thank you all for your replies we have found them very useful. David I have forwarded on the email as you recommended I have sent it to the Bishop of Blackburn and the Archbishop of York, I don't know whether I will get a response but any pressure we can keep up at this moment in time is worth it. I have attached the letter we are sending to the local PCC will also amend it for the board of goveners and copy both the bishop and the archbishop. If anyone could take a look and advise on any changes to content we would be grateful. Suefurg not sure on the news as I don't know of any marshes around Longridge. Andy I have also sent your article to the bishop and archbishop and will be including it in my letter to the PCC. Sylvia the insurance angle is a good one and one we have pointed out before but it wont hurt to remind them. Good luck to everybody reading your emails inspires us to keep fighting.

Debby and Karl


Re – at Paul’s church tower – proposed mobile phone telecommunication mast.

I am writing to you as you are a member of the Parochial Church Council. I am a resident of Mersey Street, Longridge and my child goes to the local Berry Lane Church of England Primary School. I am writing on behalf of my own family and other residents and parents of children at the school.

I am aware that you would have been at the presentation by vodafone and party to the decision to allow the mast to be erected in the church tower. I am also aware that at the presentation you would have been given only one side of the argument.

Where I agree that enough evidence has yet to be presented to our government to stop masts being erected, they were satisfactorily convinced in 2000 to recommend that mast companies (Stewart Report 2000) took a precautionary approach which means that they should be avoided being erected near schools and our more vulnerable residents i.e. our children.

You will have been given a long presentation about how the microwave radiation the mast will emit will be many times lower than the ICNIRP guidelines which is correct and they have their certificates to prove it. The problem with the ICNIRP guidelines is that they are set so that the radiation will not have a thermal effect, (they will not cook us) the experiments to set these guidelines were carried out on dead pieces of meat.

What has not been tested is their effects on the living organism, there are no guidelines set for microwave radiation exposure to live human beings.

At this point I would like to dispel a few widely quoted misconceptions

“Its only the same as the radiation from TV and Radio station masts” this is not true they are completely different frequencies as you should have been shown.

“They are less powerful than your own mobile phone” this is not true they are in fact more powerful than your mobile phone and they pulse out radiation 24 hours a day 7 days per week, where as the mobile phone only emits radiation when you talk through it, being turned on is not enough it has to actually be being used to emit any radiation.

“They are no more dangerous than your microwave oven” again this is not true. The microwave oven has shielding inbuilt and again it is only used at short bursts.

There are many more that you may have heard we certainly have the real truth is that thousands of people are living under the shadow of mobile phone mast and clusters of people around them are falling ill and some dying, there has been an independent UK survey of the health of people living around mobile phone masts the results of which are horrifying, this survey Sir William Stewart the composer of the Stewart Report 2000 is now looking in to.

I have enclosed with this letter a list of the only known previously published studies on the effects of masts on people.

Our government is sufficiently concerned to now be financing our own UK research into the effects of electro magnetic radiation (the same thing under a different name) but the results will not be available for another two years. I have also included a recent report by Dr Hyland one of the original contributors to the Stewart Report 2000 both of which I hope you will read and consider.

If any of the information I have provided to you in this letter gives you any doubts about the original decision to allow this mast into the tower at St Paul’s, all I ask is that you urge Reverend Simon Aiken to reverse the decision.

We are genuinely worried about this issue especially for the health and well being of our children, friends and families.

If you require any more information please contact me we have over the last few months gathered a great deal of information that we will be only to pleased to let you read.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter

Yours sincerely

Deborah Kirkup

From Mast Network

Navy's Use Of New Sonar Suspected In Mass Killings Of Whales


Informant: Friends

Healing And Protecting Our Sacred Mother Earth


Informant: MessiahTwain

Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails


Shanti Renfrew

Peace Treaty of 1866 Could Stop Nuclear Dump


The western Shoshone Nation is suing the DOE in federal court, claiming the proposed nuclear dump violates a land-use treaty dating back to the 1800.

You'll need a version of Windows Media Player 7 or higher to view the video. If you need to download it, go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/mediaplayer/en/default.asp. The video player is supported by Microsoft IE 5.0 and above.

Informant: Carrie Dann

Nuclear Waste 'Dumped' on Beaches


Bush approved new 'aggressive' counterintelligence strategy


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Over 3000 Earthquakes within 72 Hours off NW Coast

March 6th 2005


Over 3000 Earthquakes within 72 Hours off NW Coast

by Mitch Battros - ECTV

This story has caught fire. Seismologist and Geologist are rushing in from all over the world to witness this event. At this time the only press release is “Don’t worry; the earthquakes are not large enough to create a tsunami.”

That being said, the excitement is more about witnessing a growing “volcano” right off the coast of Vancouver Island. A scientific SWAT team from Seattle is sailing this afternoon for a spot off the coast of Vancouver Island, where they suspect an underwater eruption is under way.

"We really don't know what to expect," said Edward Baker, an oceanographer at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). "If we're very lucky, we may get pictures of brand-new lava on the seafloor."

This news release began as a slow simmer, and has now picked up speed and a whole lot of attention, and rightfully so. Recent studies of past earthquakes indicate a natural cyclical pattern. Although it may be a natural periodic occurrence, no one knows exactly when, how and where the next round of seismic events will unfold. It appears the most vulnerable areas are U.S. Midwest (New Madrid), eastern Canada , Australia and Germany .

In a recent Smithsonian Institute article reports: “Three hundred years of tectonic pressure has now built up since the 1700 tsunami occurred. A recent study estimates that 10 million people on the U.S. West Coast would be affected by a Cascadia subduction-zone quake. Today, the shaking from a quake of the same magnitude would damage 200 highway bridges, put Pacific ports out of business for months, and generate shock waves capable of toppling tall buildings and long bridges in Seattle and Portland.”

Early this morning I received an email from H.C. who is one of our ECTV subscribers with a link to the PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network). Looks like there is another round of earthquake swarms in progress! Below are the links to the seismographs.

Mt. Rainier:

Butler Butte:

**I will just conclude with saying “I have a feeling this story is just beginning”.

Brighton anti mast demo

This is a reminder that there is to be an anti mast demonstration this Thursday (10th) from 3.40pm outside Brighton Town Hall where the Council will be discussing the siting of phone masts.

We have suffered (and my own measurements confirmed this almost two years ago) harmful levels of microwaves from masts in most central and many outlying areas of Brighton & Hove for years. As far back as 2002 the doctors who researched and drew up the Freiburger Appeal were demanding immediate reductions in radiation levels, an immediate end to further mast development and the siting of masts hundreds of metres away from residential areas, hospitals, schools and other sensitive sites. Yet we have seen and continue to see masts including Tetra and now 3G going up all the time and radiation levels now at obscene levels throughout central areas.

Queens Park Mast Action http://www.queensparkmastaction.co.uk will be demonstrating against a mast proposed for the junction of Queens Park Road and Pankhurst Avenue - one of about 16 planned for the Brighton & Hove area. There will almost inevitably be masts radiating you and your homes anywhere in the urban areas of Brighton and Hove and residents have virtually xero rights in preventing these and any further ones. Furthermore some Councillors on the Council planning committee do not even use the powers they do have to protect our rights and health.

Please come along if you can and demand that Councillors do everything they can to take your "health concerns" into accouint in mast siting applications from telecom companies, which they are legally obliged to do.

Gary Kemp.

From Mast Network

Die Sibirien-Connection - Die WestLB macht in Öl

Aus aktuellem Anlass schicken wir Ihnen heute erneut eine Email, um Sie auf einen brisanten Film hinzuweisen.

Mitten in der menschenleeren sibirischen Taiga liegt eines der größten und zugleich am stärksten verschmutzten Ölfördergebiete der Welt. Trinkwasser und Nahrungsmittel in der Region sind verseucht, die Krebskrankheiten nehmen dramatisch zu. Zu den bedeutendsten Finanziers der russischen Ölfirmen zählt seit Jahren die Westdeutsche Landesbank, deren Gelder bereits die Regenwälder in Ecuador zerstören und dort ebenfalls die Menschen krank machen. Die WestLB gehört u. a. dem Land Nordrhein-Westfalen; in den Aufsichtsgremien sitzen auch Vertreter der rot-grünen Regierung.

Am Montag, 7.3. 2005, läuft auf WDR III ab 22.30 Uhr ein 45-minütiger Film über die WestLB-Machenschaften in Sibirien. Wiederholung am Mittwoch, 9.3. 2005

Die Sibirien-Connection - Die WestLB macht in Öl.
Ein Film von Detlef Flintz, Redaktion: Jo Angerer

Mehr Infos zum Film finden Sie auf unserer Homepage
unter „Termine“.

Bitte leiten Sie diese Email an möglichst viele Freunde und Bekannte weiter. Wenn Sie keine Zeit haben, den Film zu sehen, schicken Sie uns eine kurze mail.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und herzliche Grüße
Ihr Reinhard Behrend
Vorsitzender Rettet den Regenwald e. V.
Friedhofsweg 28
22337 Hamburg
Tel. 040 - 4103804
Fax: 040 - 4500144

Die story

Die Sibirien-Connection - Die WestLB macht in Öl

Montag 07.03.2005 22.30 - 23.15 (45 min.) WDR Köln

Mitten in der menschenleeren sibirischen Taiga liegt eines der größten und zugleich am stärksten verschmutzten Ölfördergebiete der Welt. Trinkwasser und Nahrungsmittel in der Region sind verseucht, die Krebskrankheiten nehmen dramatisch zu.

Seit dem Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion betreiben private Konzerne das lukrative Geschäft mit dem Rohstoff, und sie nehmen keine Rücksicht auf die Umwelt: Ausgelaufenes Öl nach Pipelinebrüchen entsorgen sie häufig nicht, sondern lassen es einfach mit Sand zuschütten. Viel Geld wird in die Erschließung neuer Ölquellen gepumpt, statt marode Anlagen zu sanieren.

Zu den bedeutendsten Finanziers der russischen Ölfirmen zählt seit Jahren die Westdeutsche Landesbank. Die WestLB gehört u. a. dem Land Nordrhein-Westfalen; in den Aufsichtsgremien sitzen Vertreter der rot-grünen Regierung. Was die breite Öffentlichkeit nicht ahnte: Noch während der Ecuador-Diskussion beteiligte sich die WestLB an einem Kreditarrangement für einen russischen Ölförderer - ein Großkredit, nicht mit Umweltauflagen für ein bestimmtes Projekt, sondern Geld zur freien Verfügung.

Nach WDR-Recherchen hat die WestLB von 1998 bis heute alleine oder mit Partnerbanken Kredite für die russische Ölindustrie Im Milliardenwert arrangiert.

Nachricht von Norbert Czerwinski
pers. Mitarbeiter Ute Koczy MdL
Sprecherin für Europa- und Eine-Welt-Politik
Landtagsfraktion Bündnis 90 / DIE GRÜNEN
Platz des Landtags 1, 40221 Düsseldorf
Tel. 0211 884-2866, Fax 0211 884-3505
email: ute.koczy@landtag.nrw.de
www: http://www.ute-koczy.de

Grenzwerte für Mobilfunkstrahlung schützen nicht

Pressemitteilung Bamberg:

Grenzwerte für Mobilfunkstrahlung schützen auch Unis nicht

Auf Einladung der Bürgerinitiative Mobilfunk-Stopp, Bamberg-Ost sprachen Frau Dr. med. Waldmann-Selsam und der Physiker Dr. Ludwig Trautmann-Popp über medizinische und naturwissenschaftliche Aspekte der Mobilfunktechnik. Als symbolträchtigen Ort konnte man das Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium als betroffene Schule gegenüber der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg gewinnen.

Dr. Waldmann-Selsam berichtete, dass die Zahl der beunruhigten Ärzte ständig wachse. In ganz Oberfranken (Coburg, Kronach, Hof, Lichtenfels) würden zur Zeit Messungen und Untersuchungen bei Schulen und Anwohnern von Mobilfunkanlagen und in Häusern sowie Büros mit schnurlosen DECT-Telefonanlagen durchgeführt. Die Ärzte würden bei den Patienten eine bisher unbekannte Symptomenkombination feststellen. Die wichtigsten Symptome seinen: Schlafstörungen, Kopfschmerzen, Unruhe, Erschöpfung, Konzentrationsstörungen, Ohrgeräusche, Glieder- und Gelenkschmerzen, Herzrhythmusstörungen, anfallsweise Bluthochdruck, Hormonstörungen, Sehstörungen.

Laut Frau Waldmann-Selsam hat die Sparkasse Bamberg eine Anfrage eines Betreibers abgelehnt.

Trautmann-Popp erläuterte, warum bei der Festsetzung des Strahlungsgrenzwertes medizinischer Sachverstand nicht beteiligt war. Anhand einer T-Mobile-Untersuchung im Mai 2004 in Bamberg zeigte er, dass die geplanten UMTS-Sender die ohnehin schon hohe Strahlenbelastung in vielen Teilen Bambergs noch um ein Vielfaches steigern werden. Er zeigte sich zuversichtlich, dass gezielte Untersuchungen im Umfeld von Mobilfunksendern und anderen Strahlenquellen sehr bald die Schadwirkungen dokumentieren werden. Dann rollt eine Prozesswelle auf die Betreiber und die Standortbesitzer zu.

Beide Referenten sehen im Engagement jedes Einzelnen die beste Möglichkeit, unvorhersehbare Risiken möglichst abzuwenden: verantwortungsvoller Umgang mit der Technik, vorläufiger Ausbaustopp der Mobilfunkstationen und praktizierte Nachbarschaft, indem man sein eigenes Dach nicht für Mobilfunkmasten zur Verfügung stellt. Dies ist auch im eigenen Interesse: denn die Haftungsfrage ist - entgegen dem Bekunden der Betreiber- völlig ungeklärt.

Die BI Mobilfunk-STOPP, Bamberg-Ost kündigte eine Transparente-Malaktion an und ist weiterhin für Interessierte zu erreichen über Karin Zieg, Telefon: 9230388.

Aus: Elektrosmognews vom 06.03.2005

Die Ostsee ist zur Wüste mutiert

Veränderungen des Ökosystems durch zu viel Dünger sind wohl auf absehbare Zeit nicht mehr umzukehren. Giftige Algen und schrumpfende Fischbestände sind keine Krankheitssymptome der Ostsee mehr, sondern der neue Normalzustand des Binnenmeeres: Überdüngung und der dadurch bedingte Sauerstoffmangel haben zum Kollaps des Ökosystems geführt, das nur sehr schwer zu reparieren sein wird. Zu diesem Schluss kommen die Forscher des schwedischen Umweltschutzkomitees, die in ihrem nun vorgelegten Bericht an die Regierung drastische Sofortmaßnahmen aller Ostseeanrainer fordern.


Dolphin Beaching Followed Sub's Sonar Exercises


Informant: Friends

Reaction to the conclusion of the medical investigation into Saint-Cyr l'Ecole


The inquiry concludes that it is chance, or in statistic terms, «to the usual fluctuations around the average incidence».

For information, Saint-Cyr l'Ecole is the name of the town. Saint-Cyr is also the name of the famous School for military elite.


Collectif + Town hall of Saint-Cyr l'Ecole
Saint-Cyr l'Ecole, january 27th 2005

The town hall of Saint-Cyr military school the School and the collective of local associations parents of pupils and defense of environment (ADEEO, FCPE, GPEI) are indignant at the presentation which made conclusions of the started medical investigation at the end of 2002. After a long talk and on the basis of report/ratio of a hundred pages, the DDASS of Yvelines and the INVS explained why "the number of cases of cancers [ of child ] of all types observed in Saint-Cyr military school is higher than the number of awaited cases, whatever the rates taken for reference". The factor of excess compared to the normal is of 2 all confused cancers; it is 4 for the tumours of the central nervous system.

However, the investigation does not make it possible to highlight a cause among the studied assumptions. It concludes randomly, or in statistical terms, "with the usual fluctuations around the average incidence". It is pointed out that InVS "considered on the basis of current scientific knowledge which it was not justified to study an association between the antennas of mobile telephony and the appearance of pathologies"... contrary to the initial request of associations. There is thus well an excess of cancers with Saint-Cyr military school , but no explanation was found among the assumptions selected. And if the cause were among the isolated assumptions?... For two years, the DDASS and the INVS have inquired remotely by consulting data bases, refuse the assistance of the municipality for the implementation of an exhaustive census of pathologies near the population and refuse to consider the whole of the exposures to the electromagnetic fields. What could justify the urgency to close the study today without proposing of another explanation that the "chance", whereas the conclusions are ready since October 2004 and that the committee of follow-up of the investigation was maintained in the ignorance of the progress of the work since nearly two years?

Vis-a-vis these results, the telephone operators already seemed to be delighted by the conclusions of this investigation, priding themselves not to be not responsible for pathologies. It is thus more than necessary to continue this investigation to prevent that the principle of precaution cannot be evoked any more by the communes, anxious to preserve their inhabitants. This is why, the town hall of Saint-Cyr military school and the collective of associations refuse the investigation closure since it did not succeed. They ask that the proposals disallowed until now be finally considered.

To know: the realization of an investigation near the whole of the population of Saint-Cyr military school and measurements of electric and electromagnetic fields realized independently of the operators of the sector. Mr. Philippe Lavaud, mayor of Saint-Cyr: * ADEEO: Association of Defense of the Environment of Gold Ear * FCPE: Federation of the Councils of Parents of Pupils of Saint-Cyr military school School * GPEI: Grouping of Parents of Pupils Independent of Saint-Cyr military school the School With the support of national association Robin of the Roofs ( http://www.robindestoits.org ) Contacts Presses: * For associations of Saint-Cyr military school: Sophie Guerson (01 30 58 53 65) * For the town hall of Saint-Cyr military school: Guillaume Lefevre (01 30 14 82 51) * For Robin of the Roofs: Etienne Cendrier (01 40 18 02 81)

Translation French-Englisch: omega

How Real Are the Dangers?

In Association With Ideal Home

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about potential dangers in the environment that could affect you and your family. But how do you know which ones you should be taking seriously? These are the hazards that might lurk near your home and the effect they could have on your health.

Avoid Landfill Sites

Termed "toxic time bombs" by Friends of the Earth, around 80 per cent of us live within 2km of a landfill site. Reports suggest a link between waste dumps and serious birth defects, but the Government advocates further research to assess the long-term effects. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reported that properties within a quarter of a mile of a landfill site were worth an average of £5,500 less than similar houses elsewhere.

Look Out for Mobile-Phone Masts

At least 45 million people in the UK use a mobile phone, and transmitting the signals requires 24,000 base stations. Pressure groups are concerned that electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) around base stations may cause serious illnesses. A higher than normal incidence of sickness in certain areas has led residents to blame their proximity to mobile-phone masts. The masts are also being held responsible for sleep disturbances, fatigue, nose bleeds and epilepsy.

Be Aware of Power Cables

There are fears that overhead power cables and electricity pylons can pose a health risk to people living nearby. It is believed that the cancer-causing particles in air pollution from traffic, industry and agricultural sprays are attracted by the electrical charge around power cables, and fall on the local area. Although the National Grid and electricity companies avoid siting cables over housing, developers often pick up such land cheaply and then use it to build new homes.

Living Dangerously

Watch for Floods

After the devastating floods of the past few years, insurers are becoming unwilling to pick up the bill. Some homeowners have seen steep increases in premiums, been set huge excesses, or have been unable to get cover at all. Without insurance, it is very difficult to sell your home or get a mortgage. Strict planning legislation on new housing was introduced in July 2001, requiring high flood-risk areas to be avoided and the provision of adequate flood defences.

From Mast Network

Wounded Journalist: GIs Fired Without Warning


How The U.S. Military Threatens Journalists

Another Journalist Deliberately Targeted?

Giuliana Sgrena: 'My truth'


VA Secretary Blames VA Workers for Disparities in Disability Payments

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, "Illinois' wounded veterans are receiving among the lowest disability pay in the nation possibly because federal Veterans Affairs disability raters in Chicago are too harsh and inadequately trained, top VA officials said Friday." VA's new Secretary, Robert James "Jim" Nicholson, the former head of the Republican Party, reached his unsupported conclusion even though the investigation into payment problems remains incomplete. These comments demonstrate an extreme bias among VA brass. New political appointees shouldn't recklessly undermine employee morale.


U.S. Soldier Who Reported Torture by Americans Was Sent to Psychiatrist

This article should have received much wider attention, rather than burial on page A15 of the Washington Post. The article confirms how the Bush Administration, the Department of Defense, and senior military leaders keep sending the wrong message to U.S. soldiers, U.S. citizens, Iraqi citizens, and the world by tolerating and hiding the widespread torture of enemy prisoners of war. The article below describes the terrible fallout from the Bush-Rumsfeld-Gonzales-Chertoff pro-torture policy.


Sharp Decline in Black Army Recruits

Sharp Decline in Black Army Recruits - Is this an Omen for a Possible Draft

Nosedive: "The Army's wartime recruiting challenge is aggravated by a sharp drop in black enlistments in the last four years, which internal Army and Defense Department polls trace to an unpopular war in Iraq and concerns among blacks with Bush administration policies." Could the dramatic and sustained drop in military recruiting lead to a forced draft to send more soldiers to the Iraq War and occupation?


The Case for the Draft

The analysis below, although not wholly supported by VCS, raises reasonable questions. Here's the bottom line, though: there would be no need for a draft if it wasn't for "the bloody costs of inept leadership" of the Bush Administration.


A Fighting Strategy for Veterans

The brilliant editorial below represents one of the best strengths of our free press in our Nation. As veterans know very well, the Bush Administration plans a "divide and conquer" strategy to pit one group of American citizens against another group so the administration can cut taxes for the rich and slash benefits for the poor, hungry, homeless, children, schools, and veterans. This disgraceful assault by the government against veterans and other citizens must not stand.


Omega-News Collection 6. March 2005

Solar Wind

Greenland witnesses record winter high temperature

Bizarre Greenland Winter Heat Wave

Eight million children are either stillborn or die each year


I am polluted

Buy local produce and save the world

GM Forest Trees – The Ultimate Threat

Terminator Trees

Genetically altered corn, banned for health reasons, pops up in U.S. aid shipments to Guatemala

Disease-promoting ingredients in everyday foods and groceries are far more dangerous than terrorists

Save Bristol Bay from Mining

Rescue the Reef

Help protect whales from deadly sonar

Alarm Sounded on Panama-Colombia Electrical Project

Bush Plans Further Cuts in Forest Protections

Logging slavery in Papua New Guinea exposed

Plant Trees

The outer edges of chaos

Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?



EMF-Omega-News 6. March 2005

EMF-Omega-News 6. March 2005

Indirect negative impacts of radio-collaring: sex ratio variation in water voles

Intensity-dependent effects of microwave electromagnetic fields on acetylcholinesterase activity and protein conformation in frog skeletal muscles

Leukemia in children will continue growing

Towards a microwave-based future?

Action on John Ryan case would benefit Vodafone

Schools & Cellular Antennas

The Voice of the People of the UK


Call to ditch mast bid branded an arch enemy

Review phone mast locations


MP set to challenge decision over mast

Fury as vicar claims mast 'a gift from God'

Mayor held for lopping mast

Shock, horror - I'm well

We won't give up fight over mast

People power puts 'end' to 3G mast


750 Sign Petition

Planners Report to Committee is recommending REFUSAL for the third Application

School mobilises against mast plan

Hotline query



Huge support against masts


Henry sets the Cats among the pigeons

Radio-tracking associated with ‘dramatic shift’ in water vole sex ratio

Phone mast bid prompts warning letter to schools

Courts must deal with phone mast safety

Health fears at school with four phone masts

Firefighters win support for campaign

New petition call to stop phone mast

Tetra Terror(ism)

Call Handlers off with Brain Tumours

Children living near powerlines are more likely to get cancer

Banking on Poverty: An Insider's Look at the World Bank

by Michael H. K. Irwin

Michael H. K. Irwin joined the World Bank in April 1989 as director of the Health Services Department, following a 32-year career with the United Nations. During August and September 1989 he also served as the World Bank's acting vice president for personnel. On March 30, 1990, after completion of one year at the bank, he resigned out of frustration with "the bank's bloated, overpaid bureaucracy, its wasteful practices, and its generally poor management."

Executive Summary

In 1987, facing complaints from its major donor nations that it was "inefficient and drifting," the World Bank undertook an extensive, corporate-style reorganization. The bank publicized the reorganization heavily, in an attempt to convince donor nations that it could trim bureaucratic fat and thereby merit a $75 billion increase in its capital to finance an enlarged annual lending program. The funding boost was received in 1988 (the U.S. share is $14.3 billion), and the bank has expanded its lending activities in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and, more recently, Eastern Europe. In 1990, however, three years after the reorganization, the administrative budget continues to grow. The staff will soon top prereorganization levels. Extravagant benefit packages characterize the institution more than ever. As discussions at meetings of senior World Bank officials regularly disclose, the institution is plagued by massive overstaffing, bureaucratic gridlock, and staff preoccupation with further salary and benefit hikes. Public proclamations to the contrary, poverty reduction is the last thing on most World Bank bureaucrats' minds.


Informant: Foxhallgtown

I am polluted


While I was reading this article I was reminded of that fact that we are rarely warned about synergistic effects of the chemicals that people have been accumulating in their bodies.

It is very misleading to say the least that the levels found in Mark Stevenson are of no or little cause for concern.

Why? Well we know very little about the combined effects of these chemicals in his body. We know even less about how they may cause him to react to medications or even the food that he eats. If we were talking about drugs or alcohol most people would be aware that, drinking a beer, a glass of wine, a vodka and so on or taking various medications could create a whole new scenario that one of them would not likely ever cause.

I think I can easily dare to say that the chemical soup that is accumulating in our bodies is dangerous. The evidence is there in the violence in our schools, the learning disabilities, the A.D.D., the rising crime rates, divorce rates and increasing levels of mental illness. The evidence is there in the children and adults who are dying of cancer at rates so large that the Ottawa Cancer Institute recently warned that if we don’t make a dramatic change then we will each one day face that battle.

It is a sad world that looks for proof through rose colored glasses or ones that only see dollar signs.

Thankfully there are those trying to show the danger we are in like the scientists mentioned below.

Take care everybody and please keep safe.

Deborah Elaine Barrie
4 Catherine Street
Smiths Falls, On
K7A 3Z8

Seafloor earthquakes signal eruption off Vancouver Island


Informant: Anna Webb



Informant: Susan



Soldiers home from Iraq being tested for uranium contamination

Search results for DU and reporter Juan Gonzalez


Informant: David Diggins

Abuse in Secret


Who Now Will Read to the President in the Morning?



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