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110 union groups form U.S. Labor Against the War

President John Sweeney and the General Executive Council of the AFL-CIO

Across the country, local, district, and national unions, labor councils, state labor federations and numerous other labor organizations representing millions of working people have adopted resolutions condemning the war in Iraq, and calling for an end to the occupation and return of all troops to their homes and families.

Among these are national unions like SEIU, AFSCME, CWA, APWU, NPMHU/LIUNA, and UE; allied organizations like the Coalition of Labor Union Women, Pride at Work and the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement; State Labor Federations in California, Maryland/DC, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin; and fifteen or more labor councils across the country.

110 of these organizations have banded together to form U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW), a national organization committed to ending the war, returning the troops, restoring funding to social programs and government services, and changing the direction of U.S. foreign policy.

Union members and their family members are being killed, wounded, disabled and psychologically traumatized in a war that has already killed almost 1500 U.S. military personnel, wounded more than 10,500 others, a war in which more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died. This war is siphoning resources from our communities, starving or eliminating essential public services and social programs, eroding our democratic rights, and making our country even less secure.

It is time for labor to speak out! At this time of discussion about renewing our labor movement, how can we not discuss the most urgent issue facing American and its working families? We ask you to put the issue of the war on the agenda of the up-coming Executive Council meeting. And we urge the national leadership of the AFL-CIO to oppose this reckless, illegal and immoral war.

More specifically, we ask for action on the following proposals by the Executive Council and the quadrennial convention of the AFL-CIO.

The AFL-CIO should demand an immediate end to the US occupation of Iraq and return of U.S. troops to their homes and families, and the reordering of national priorities toward peace and meeting the human needs of our people; and

Through its community service programs, the AFL-CIO and its state and local affiliates should assist union members and their families who are called upon to serve in the armed forces and returning veterans by identifying and providing information about resources and services available to meet their needs, by advocating for their interests, and by protecting their jobs, seniority and benefits and those of unorganized workers in similar circumstances.

Sisters and brothers, this war is draining away precious resources essential to meet human needs of working and poor people. It is undermining our security by alienating the U.S. from the community of nations and by provoking the spread of terrorism. It is weakening rather than reinforcing the rule of international law. It has led to an erosion of our most basic rights and liberties. And it is doing terrible direct harm to many thousands of military families.

We, the American labor movement, should take a stand and speak out on the biggest issue facing working people and the country as a whole. We urge you to join us!

Informant: Bigraccoon

NASA: Document ID 19819994209 N (81N12720) Effects of low power microwaves on the local cerebral blood flow of conscious rats

Effects of low power microwaves on the local cerebral blood flow of conscious rats

Document ID: 19810004209 N (81N12720) File Series: NASA

Technical Reports

Report Number: AD-A090426

Authors: Oscar, K. J. (Army Mobility Equipment Command)

Published: Jun 01, 1980

Corporate Source: Army Mobility Equipment Command (Fort Belvoir, VA, United States)

Pages: 10

Contract Number: None



A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves. When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves the sensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate (regardless of the person's position in the field) within or just behind the head. The phenomena occurs at average power densities as low as microwatts per square centimeter with carrier frequencies from 0.4 to 3.0 GHz. By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created. Before this technique may be extended and used for military applications, an understanding of the basic principles must be developed. Such an understanding is not only required to optimize the use of the concept for camouflage, decoy and deception operations but is required to properly assess safety factors of such microwave exposure.



Informant: STEAVE

Gannon-gate: Where's the outrage?

If you suspect the media are guilty of a double standard when it comes to covering the White House, you're right. It's now clear, without a doubt, that White House reporters are as easy on President Bush as they were hard on President Clinton. Consider the case of phony White House reporter Jeff Gannon.


From Information Clearing House

Censorship and the Empire

When power becomes blatantly criminal, it's time to make people shut up. That time seems to have come throughout the Empire. Freedom of speech is increasingly threatened, both in the United States and in "old Europe", although the attacks come from quite different angles.

From Information Clearing House

Syrian President Says Attack By U.S. Possible

Syrian President Bashar Assad says in a newspaper interview that he suspects the United States might eventually take military action against Syria.


From Information Clearing House

Dangerous doctrine

A U.S. policy of preemption and a push for new nuclear weapon designs could be a recipe for disaster that makes proliferation more likely, not less.


From Information Clearing House

Lawsuit claims politically connected firm defrauded millions in Iraq

A politically connected start-up firm, awarded a no-bid contract to provide security for Baghdad's airport, defrauded U.S. taxpayers of tens of millions of dollars, two top former workers charge in a lawsuit unsealed Friday.


From Information Clearing House

Lawmakers Told About Contract Abuse in Iraq

A government contractor defrauded the Coalition Provisional Authority of tens of millions of dollars in Iraq reconstruction funds and the Bush administration has done little to try to recover the money, an attorney for two whistle-blowers told Democratic lawmakers...

It's Called Torture

As a nation, does the United States have a conscience? Or is anything and everything O.K. in post-9/11 America? If torture and the denial of due process are O.K., why not murder? When the government can just make people vanish - which it can, and which it does - where is the line that we, as a nation, dare not cross?


From Information Clearing House

US actions are betraying the very values they claim to be defending


Post 9/11, the interrogation methods the US administration are using in their 'war on terror' are said by human rights groups to be nothing short of illegal torture. Channel 4 looks at how US actions are betraying the very values they claim to be defending.


From Information Clearing House

Within C.I.A., Worry of Prosecution for Conduct

There is widening unease within the Central Intelligence Agency over the possibility that career officers could be prosecuted or otherwise punished for their conduct during interrogations and detentions of terrorism suspects, according to current and former government officials.

UK troops 'beat relatives of Camp Breadbasket captives'

Relatives of Iraqis tortured by British soldiers revealed last night how they were also arrested and brutally beaten simply for asking questions.


From Information Clearing House

The blame for the Iraq war lies with our supine cabinet

UK: The blame for the Iraq war lies with our supine cabinet:

Why did our ministers not question the attorney general's legal advice?

From Information Clearing House

Trauma of war in Iraq haunts vets

Thousands of soldiers return home with emotional wounds...


From Information Clearing House

Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed

by Bob Nichols

“Out of the 580,400 soldiers who served in the first Gulf War, 11,000 are now dead! By the year 2000, there were 325,000 on Permanent Medical Disability. This astounding number of ‘Disabled Vets’ means that a decade later, 56% of those soldiers who served have some form of permanent medical problems!” The disability rate for the wars of the last century was 5 percent; it was higher, 10 percent, in Viet Nam.

Handy am Steuer ein reales Sicherheitsrisiko

Wien (APA) - Handy am Steuer ist nicht nur ein akademisches, sondern ein durchaus reales Sicherheitsrisiko, wie eine Umfrage des Verkehrsclubs Österreichs (VCÖ) zeigt: Demnach sind bereits mehr als zwei Drittel (68 Prozent) durch telefonierende Autofahrer in eine brenzlige Situation gekommen. Der VCÖ forderte daher am Montag, dieses Delikt in das geplante Vormerksystem aufzunehmen.

79 Prozent der Befragten geben an, selbst während des Autofahrens angerufen zu werden. Jeder Zehnte telefoniert den Großteil während der Fahrt. Und nicht immer geht das gut: 14 Prozent kennen Personen, die einen Verkehrsunfall hatten, weil sie gleichzeitig ein Kfz lenkten und dabei telefoniert haben, so Wolfgang Rauh vom VCÖ- Forschungsinstitut. 1.800 Personen wurden in Österreich vom VCÖ zum Thema interviewt. 87 Prozent davon waren Autofahrer, 13 Prozent lenken selber kein Kfz. 58 Prozent der Motorisierten gaben an, keine Freisprechanlage zu besitzen. "Der überwiegende Teil der befragten Personen weiß, dass es nicht gescheit ist, während des Autofahrens zu telefonieren", meint Rauh. Vier Prozent der Befragten wurden bereits selbst Opfer eines Verkehrsunfalls, der von einem telefonierenden Autofahrer verursacht wurde. Jeder Vierte davon war als Fußgänger unterwegs, jeder Zweite als Lenkradartist. Und immerhin jeder 67. hat bereits selbst einen Crash verursacht, während er sein Handy benutzte, jeder 20. nur beinahe.

APA 13:13 28.02.2005

© Wimmer Medien / OÖNachrichten


Handys können Leben retten

Evidence that a mercury preservative in children's vaccines caused a rise in autism ?

Toxic Tipping Point

Informant: Andrea Ball

Break Social Security Corruption

Thanks to our supporters, we've got President Bush's key Congressional ally on Social Security privatization in a very hot seat. Rep. Jim McCrery -- the man charged to push Social Security privatization through the House of Representatives -- found his Wall Street conflict of interest dramatically exposed in three full-page ads and news stories throughout the nation last week.

From coverage in The New York Times, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, TalkingPointsMemo.com and others, hundreds of thousands of McCrery's own constituents -- and millions of Americans -- learned how Wall Street money is corrupting Social Security politics.

Our shared and hard-hitting fight against Social Security privatization is winning! Help us stay on the offense! Please contribute to help air a pointed new TV ad -- over 100 times this week in McCrery's home district -- to further expose his corruption on Social Security and hammer the White House for defending him.


McCrery's hometown newspaper -- The Shreveport Times -- editorialized last week about his ineffectual name-calling response to our expose, stating "McCrery's playing of the 'liberal bias' card against the Campaign for America's Future ignores the imperative that messing around with Social Security needs to be a straight-up exercise."

McCrery's still reeling from last week, and the White House is now scrambling to send senior officials down to Shreveport to quiet the anti-privatization storm. Today, the White House dispatched Treasury Secretary John Snow to try to defend McCrery and revive the ever-diminishing support for their privatization scheme. And, the White House just announced that President Bush will travel to Shreveport himself in early March to do the same.

With your help, we will continue to cut through their defense. Please help us start by greeting Secretary Snow today -- and throughout this week -- with a barrage of TV ads highlighting McCrery's corruption, and hammering the White House for trying to defend him.


Thank you so much for all that you do and have done to build a successful offense against the right-wing's Social Security privatization scheme. With your help, we will take the pressure to the next level, and keep them on their heels.


Thank you again.


Ellen S. Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future

Save Bristol Bay from Mining


Vogeljagd: Zugvögel erreichen selten ihre Brutgebiete


Mit dem Frühlingsanfang kehren die Zugvögel zurück: Sie sind auf ein intaktes und eng geknüpftes Netz von Rastplätzen angewiesen. Doch diese verschwinden immer mehr aus Europa, kritisierte Claus-Peter Hutter, Präsident der Umweltstiftung Euronatur. Das geschehe durch Landschaftszerstörung aller Art. Aber nicht nur dadurch seien Zugvogel bedroht: Nach wie vor sei würden die Vögel auf ihrer Reise gejagt. Allein im Libanon würden jährlich 20 bis 25 Millionen Patronen verkauft. Das sei "eine unvorstellbare Zahl für ein Land, das kleiner ist als Schleswig-Holstein und nur wenig mehr Einwohner als Berlin hat", sagte Hutter.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


300.000 Schüler mit Kopfschmerzen

Überbelastung: 300.00 Schüler mit Kopfschmerzen

Mobilfunk in der Schule

Schule und Mobilfunk

Jugend: Jeder Dritte leidet unter Nervosität und Kopfschmerz

Die Leiden eines "Elektrosensiblen"

Kinder und Mobilfunk

Folgen durch Elektrosmog müssen untersucht werden

Peace Activists in the War Room


Democracy, Terror and Fantasy


Standing Up to U.S. Will Gain Us Respect Abroad


52 Vermont Towns to Vote Tuesday on Antiwar Resolution


Justice Dept Tries to Block Sibel Edmond's Case Against the FBI


Top Former CIA Agent Condemns New Terror War


MP set to challenge decision over mast


Informant: David Baron

From Mast Network

Concern over church phone masts: Fury as vicar claims mast 'a gift from God'

Send an email with your opinion about this case to:

St Augustine of Hippo
Edgbaston, Birmingham

Feb 28 2005

A Birmingham vicar who claims that cash secured from a plan to install a mobile phone mast in his church spire would be a "gift from God" has sparked fury among residents.

The Rev Matthew Tomlinson, left, the vicar at St Augustine's Church in Edgbaston, has angered residents by dismissing health concerns associated with phone masts.

He rejected city council rules that his Grade II listed building would need planning consent for the mast, which could bring in about £5,000 a year in rent for the church.

The Anglican church, which is situated in a conservation area on Lyttelton Road, has been identified by agents acting for the Archbishop's Council as a suitable location for a lucrative phone mast.

The Parochial Church Council, which runs the church, has agreed for the building to house a phone mast. However, residents said they opposed the plan.

Doreen Whitehouse, who lives in nearby Melville Road, said: "These mobile phone companies say that the masts are not bad for your health, but I am not convinced. I can see the spire of the church from my window and I am very opposed to this plan."

Rev Tomlinson said: "We are exempt from planning permission because the building is owned by the Church of England. It just needs the permission of the chancellor of the diocese."


Informant: Sylvie

Church 'gift from God' fury at mast

Feb 28 2005

By Neil Connor, Birmingham Post

A vicar who claims that cash secured from a plan to install a mobile phone mast in his church spire would be a "gift from God" has sparked fury among residents.

The Rev Matthew Tomlinson, the vicar at St Augustine's Church in Edgbaston, has angered residents by dismissing health concerns associated with phone masts.

He rejected city council rules that his Grade II listed building would need planning consent for the mast, which could bring in about £5,000 a year in rent for the church.

The Anglican church, which is situated in a conservation area on Lyttelton Road, has been identified by agents acting for the Archbishop's Council as a suitable location for a lucrative phone mast.

The Parochial Church Council, which runs the church, has agreed for the building to house a phone mast. However, residents said they opposed the plan.

Doreen Whitehouse, who lives in nearby Melville Road, said: "These mobile phone companies say that the masts are not bad for your health, but I am not convinced.

"I can see the spire of the church from my window and I am very opposed to this plan."

A city council spokeswoman confirmed that planning permission would be required if the project was to be given the go-ahead as the building is listed and is situated in a conservation area.

But Rev Tomlinson said: "We are exempt from planning permission because the building is owned by the Church of England. It just needs the permission of the chancellor of the diocese.

"The mast would be in the cone of the spire. We have been approached by an intermediary company working on behalf of the Archbishop's Council.

"They have identified this church as a site that would be appropriate for a mobile phone company. And this church has said that we would be happy for such a plan.

"At the moment there has been no mobile telephone company that has approached us. But if we did receive a rent we would recognise that as a gift from God to help us carry out the mission of the church."

Rev Tomlinson said consulting with residents would be the responsibility of the "intermediary company".

He dismissed health worries, saying: "There are not any health concerns from masts that are not already present with numerous appliances and communications that are already in existence, such as microwaves."

Coun Deirdre Alden (Con Edgbaston) said: "I really do think there are too many phone masts going up. They seem to be everywhere and something needs to be done about them."


I find it disconcerting that vicars can please themselves if they want a mast on their church or not. I can remember that when we had the seminar at the house of commons in '99 there was a church of england representative who said that he would be recommending that churches should not be used for the siting of masts. I wonder what happened to that resolve. Maybe its time for an all out attack on the ruling bodies of the C of E. The congregation numbers are already down so I wonder how they would feel if we made an issue to churchgoers to boycott any church that had a mast on it?



The vicar can recommend approval but does not have the final say - that rests with the Chancellor of the Diocese and it is up to members of the public to represent their opposition to this individual and, just to make sure they're heard, the bishop himself.

It's a shame that so-called 'men of God' show themselves just as corruptible as their lay brethren who see nothing but the 'pound signs' - and eschew the concerns of all those who have the temerity to complain. So the Reverend Matthew Tomlinson has described the rent income as 'a gift from God'. A gift from the devil would be a more appropriate description in the circumstances. Let us hope that this fool has good reason to regret his un-Christian action. I have no such qualms.

David B

Another Church Mast

We live in a small town call Longridge in Lancashire. We have been campaigning since October 2004 to prevent our local Church from having a mast installed inside the church tower. It will be a new 2 G and 3G mast sharing system where up to 5 operators will be able transmitt etc from the one mast. We failed to get it refused by the planning committee because as it will be hidden there will be no loss of visual amenity and health issues can no longer be used as material planning objections. We have managed to get a stay of execution as we put it because of gods little creatures Bats in the belfry. They have to wait until April before they can conduct a survey to check our claims of bat roosts but time is now running out as we go into March. We have managed to get frequent articles in our local paper to try to keep pressure up in the local community and of course to the church and have been conducting a paper exersise with the Chancellor who is not prepared to listen to a single written word. We are presently composing a letter to all the members of the PCC and Church school governers. We live in the shadow of the church tower about 100 meters away and our son goes to the Church Primary school. If anyone has any ideas on what we can do next please let us have them. It would appear that the people left in the congregation are all supporters of the Vicar and the mast but very few actually live as close as we do as they have to drive to Church. The Vicar is not to worried about that as he is looking forward to his pot of money. Our local MP Nigel Evans has payed us lip service as when it means going against the Church he is not to keen, we have not heard from him since the beginning of December.

Debby and Karl

If it's any use, I had this letter published in the Church of England newspaper:


Debby and Karl,

Welcome. I note your remark to Sue about having only 28 days to make representation to the Chancellor but would suggest this timescale to be superfluous if he is so hell-bent on agreeing to the mast.

Characteristically, the local authority gave in very easily; it might well be that visual intrusion does not apply but there will most certainly be a loss of amenity. Moreover, it is manifestly not true to say that health concerns no longer constitute a material planning consideration. You say that up to five operators will be able to transmit from the same mast. Remember that consent given to the principal operator is not transferable - each code operator will require separate consent.

Herewith an an e-mail from Grahame Blackwell that has a direct relevance to your particular case; indeed, it could have been written in respect of your own vicar. Of particular importance is Grahame's attachment.

I suspect that you have already lobbied the bishop - perhaps it is now time to send this to him (covered by the text below).


Omega see also under:


David Baron

I have just read, with some distaste, your story (sent to me by a friend) of the vicar who considers that a phone mast in his church spire would be "a gift from God."

The Rev Matthew Tomlinson appears indifferent to the well-founded and legitimate concerns of his 'flock' who live around the church. In this respect he surely disqualifies himself for the post he holds.

For your information I am attaching to this email a document detailing FIVE scientific studies of health effects of mobile phone masts. To the best of my knowledge they are the only such studies. Without exception they ALL show ill-health effects on people close to masts. I would challenge the Rev Tomlinson to find ONE study on mast effects that does NOT show such ill-health consequences.


Omega see also under:

Regrettably it seems that Rev Tomlinson and his superiors have their eyes on the cash rather than their mission. The Bible tells of only one time that Jesus showed anger - that was when he chased the profiteering traders out of the temple. Do these church officials really believe in their own message? Does God really need the money from firms who flout planning law and ride roughshod over local communities to keep His work on earth going?

Rev Tomlinson seems as ill-informed about Divine Providence as he clearly is about phone mast health research. Perhaps the solution to the perceived financial problem lies not in harbouring a potential health hazard but rather in restricting the ecclesiastical payroll to those who practise what they preach.


(Dr) Grahame Blackwell

The vicar of our local church did her level best to keep meetings about the proposed mast secret and it fell to an adjacent householder to put up a large notice on her gate telling people to write to the diocese. We found all the church-related people to be distinctly unpleasant, some of them downright hostile and it has caused a permanent schism in the road. So much for Christian brother/sisterhood. They definitely couldn't see further than the £ signs.

Another Oxford church has just had a mast refused because its spire made it a listed building. It's worth pursueing every avenue. We found the local newspaper happy to take up the moral argument and publicise our case. Good luck.

Debby & Carl
Your vicar obviously dismisses the warnings from eminent scientists around the world - and even our own Govenment's adviser on the subject. I would challenge him on whether he has looked into the facts or has he just taken the word of the phone company. Give them facts and put them on notice. They cannot then say that they did not know. Is he aware that many insurance companies are not prepared to cover any ill health or loss of property value in the event of future claims. Have they checked their own insurance? Landowners are risking losing everything when a firm link is established (which will be sooner rather than later!)

Perhaps it should be suggested that this is the right time of year for the temptation??? Will they be found wanting??


From Mast Network

Cell towers now hide in plain sight

Hidden Church masts

Masts on Churches

Mobile Phone Masts Go Undercover

Concern over church phone masts


Anger at church phone mast disguised by cross

Concern over church phone masts

Churches and Cell Towers

Cellular Phone: Phone Masts in Church Spires

See further under: http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q=Church+Phone+Masts&btnG=Google-Suche&meta=

Die Wellen in Peiting schlagen in Sachen Mobilfunk derzeit hoch

Die Wellen in Peiting (Oberbayern), einem Marktflecken mit 11.000 Einwohner schlagen in Sachen Mobilfunk derzeit hoch. Innerhalb von zwei Wochen kam es jetzt schon zu zwei Demonstrationen gegen die weiteren Ausbaupläne der Mobilfunkbetreiber und im Gemeinderat wurde beantragt, die sogenannte Füssener Petition auch in Peiting zu unterstützen. Besonders heftige Reaktionen gab es auf ein Interview von Vodafone-Sprecher Ernst Andersch in den Schongauer Nachrichten. Das Interview, die Richtigstellung des Bürgermeisters ebenfalls in Interviewform und eine Stellungnahme der Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V. werden im Folgenden (erschienen am 25., 26. und 28 2.) abgedruckt:


Interview mit Bürgermeister Michael Asam:
Eiskaltes Vorgehen statt Ehrlichkeit

Leserbrief vom 28. 2. 2005 von Klaus Hiefner, dem Vorsitzenden der Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel, zum Interview mit Vodafone-Sprecher Ernst Andersch:

Üble Schlagworte aus der Mottenkiste

Leserbrief zum Artikel "Moderne Hexenjagd" mit Mobbingbriefen und Drohungen in der Ausgabe der Schongauer Nachrichten vom Donnerstag, 24. Februar:

Der Sprecher von Vodafone, Ernst Andersch, zeigt auch in seinen Interviewaussagen mehr als deutlich auf, dass man seitens des Mobilfunkbetreibers kein Interesse an einer sachlichen und faktenorientierten Auseinandersetzung hat. Bezüglich der unhaltbaren Behauptungen gegenüber der Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V. und deren Sprecher Hans Schütz sind folgende Richtigstellungen notwendig:

Dass man am sogenannten "Runden Tisch" zur Mobilfunkproblematik, der im übrigen auch bei Gemeinden unter 50000 Einwohnern ja nicht verboten ist, in erster Linie Standortfragen und nicht Grundeinstellungen diskutiert, ist eine Selbstverständlichkeit, zu der sich Hans Schütz als Vertreter von Bürgerinitiativen immer schon ausdrücklich bekannt hat. Insofern sind die Absagen der Mobilfunkbetreiber an den "Runden Tisch" in Peiting nur vorgeschoben und sollen ihr Desinteresse an Bürgerbeteiligung und kommunaler Beteiligung verschleiern.

Herr Andersch unterstellt der Umweltinitiative und insbesondere Hans Schütz, verantwortlich zu sein für angebliche "Mobbingaktivitäten, Drohbriefe und Drohanrufe" und versteigt sich in diesem Zusammenhang gar soweit, von "Panikmache und moderner Hexenjagd" zu sprechen. Diese Unterstellungen kommen einem gezielten Rufmord gleich. Die Organisationen, für die Hans Schütz spricht, engagieren sich für Vorsorge und Gesundheitsschutz bei Mensch, Tier und Pflanze (übrigens ohne jedes wirtschaftliche Eigeninteresse!) und halten sich dabei an die Grundsätze von Legalität, Demokratie und Bürgergesellschaft. Es ist das gute Recht eines jeden, auf bestehende Gefahren und mögliche Gesundheitsgefährdungen öffentlich aufmerksam zu machen. Wenn das, wie es bei Hans Schütz seit vielen Jahren der Fall ist, mit hoher Kompetenz und in seiner anerkannt sachlichen und problemorientierten Form geschieht, so verdient dieser Einsatz für das Gemeinwohl Anerkennung und Respekt. Nichts ist hier deplatzierter, als üble Nachrede und Verleumdung.

Gutes Recht

Es ist darüber hinaus das gute Recht betroffener Anlieger, einen Grundbesitzer, der einen Sendestandort zur Verfügung stellt, darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass sie beim Nachweis daraus entstehender gesundheitlicher Probleme mit allen rechtlichen Mitteln vorgehen werden. Wenn die Mobilfunkstrahlung so problemlos wäre, wie von den Betreiberfirmen immer behauptet, dann könnte man solchen Ankündigungen doch eigentlich ganz gelassen gegenüberstehen und müsste auch hier nicht - in entlarvender Weise und ohne jede Not! - mit üblen Schlagworten aus der Mottenkiste öffentlicher Schmutzkampagnen agieren.

Klaus Hiefner
Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel, Peiting

Nachricht von der Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V. (Auszug)

Disease-promoting ingredients in everyday foods and groceries are far more dangerous than terrorists

Disease-promoting ingredients in everyday foods and groceries are far more dangerous than terrorists:



In ganz Europa wächst der Widerstand gegen den Bolkesteinhammer. Außerdem könnt Ihr Euch ständig auf unserer Homepage unter http://www. attac.de/bolkestein auf dem laufenden halten.

1. Nächstes Treffen der Bolkesteinkampagnengruppe am 6. März in Frankfurt
2. Bokestein-Study-Day und Großdemo am 19.3. in Brüssel
3. Bolkestein-Termine vor Ort
4. Serie Widerstand gegen Bolkestein in den anderen EU-Staaten: Attac Italien

1. Nächstes Treffen der Kampagnengruppe am 6.3. in Frankfurt

Das nächste Treffen der Bolkestein-Kampagnengruppe findet am Sonntag, dem 6. März in Frankfurt statt. Seit dem letzten Treffen wurde umfangreiches Kampagnenmaterial erstellt, dass es dort zu begutachten gilt. Die Entwürfe für einen Flyer, Aufkleber und eine Postkartenaktion müssen dort endgültig verabschiedet werden, damit sie noch bis zur Demo in Brüssel gedruckt vorliegen.
Außerdem werden wir einen erfahrenen Kampagnenplaner zu Gast haben, der mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen wird, wie wir unsere Kampagne über den 19.3. hinaus in Schwung halten.

Auf der Tagesordnung stehen:
* Stand der Kampagne bundesweit, europaweit und in den Gruppen
* Stand der Zusammenarbeit mit Gewerkschaften und anderen Bündnispartnern
* inhaltlicher Input über Änderungen der politischen Situation angesichts der Reaktionen zur Richtlinie u.a. von Schröder und Chirac
* Diskussion unseres Kampagnenkonzepts - dazu wird uns ein Gast von der Werkstatt für gewaltfreie Aktion in Karlsruhe, der jahrelange Erfahrungen zur Arbeit mit Basisgruppen hat, mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen
* Präsentation des Kampagnenmaterials und des Logos
* Überarbeitung unserer Kernbotschaften und Forderungen
* Vorschlag und Weiterentwicklung von Aktionsideen
* Informationen zum Brüsselwochenende (18.-20.3.)
* weiteres Vorgehen und ggf. Aufgabenneuverteilung

Bitte meldet Euch für das Treffen zu schnell wie möglich unter bolkestein@attac.de an, damit wir eine Planungsgrundlage für die Raumgröße haben.

2. Bokestein-Study-Day und Großdemo am 19.3. in Brüssel

Die Planungen in Brüssel nehmen immer konkretere Formen an. Bereits am Vortag der Demo, am Freitag dem 18. März, findet in den Räumlichkeiten des Europäischen Parlaments ein großer Bolkesteinstudy-Day statt. Ihr kommen haben bereits VertreterInnen meherer europäischer Attac-Verbände, Gewerkschaften und Fraktionen aus dem EU-Prlament zugesagt. Näheres dazu findet Ihr unter http://www.attac.de/19.maerz/neuigkeiten/bolkesteinstudyday2.php .

ACHTUNG: Wegen der Sicherheitsvorkehrungen des Europäischen Parlaments müssen sich alle Teilnehmerinnen bis spätestens 1. März mit vollem Namen und Nationalität bei uns angemeldet haben. Wenn Ihr an diesem Highlight teilnehmen wollt, meldet Euch deshalb bis spätestens Dienstag unter bolkestein@attac.de.

Am Samstag, dem 19. März, findet dann die vom letzten Europäischen Sozialforum beschlossene Großdemo in Brüssel statt. Infos zu Demorouten und Zeitplan findet Ihr unter http://www.attac.de/19.maerz/neuigkeiten/demoroute.php .

Den Attac-Aufruf und viele weitere Hintergrundinfos, u.a. eine Mitfahrbörse, findet Ihr unter http://www.attac.de/19.maerz .

Für alle, die nach der Demo noch länger in Brüssel bleiben können, findet nach der Demo noch ein umfangreiches Programm statt, um Attacies aus anderen Ländern kennzulernen, zu Feiern und die aktuelle politische Lage in der EU zu diskutieren. Gleich nach der Demo geht es weiter mit einer Veranstaltung zur EU-Verfassung. Am Abend wird es eine Party geben.

Für den Sonntag stehen Diskussions- und Vernetzungstreffen zu frei gewählten Themen auf dem Programm. Attac Belgein hat dazu bereits entsprechende Räumlichkeiten organisiert. Wer also die Möglichkeit hat, länger in Brüssel zu bleiben, sollte das unbedingt tun. Bitte meldet Euch dazu auch unter bolkestein@attac.de an, damit wir Attac Brüssel melden können, wieviele TeilnehmerInnen aus Deutschland zu diesen Veranstlatungen kommen werden.

3. Bolkestein-Veranstaltungen vor Ort

Wenn Ihr von weiteren Veranstaltungen wisst, dann schreibt bitte eine Mail an bolkestein@attac.de, damit wir sie in unsere Übersicht aufnehmen können.

Diskussionsveranstaltung zum Bolkestein-Hammer mit Christina Deckwirth (WEED/attac) und Frank Haindl (Ver.di)
Di, 1.3., 19:30 Uhr, Weltladen, Markt 7

Attac-Plenum mit Schwerpunkt Dienstleistungsrichtlinie und Mobiliserung zum 19.3.
Mi, 2.3., 19:30 Uhr, Theol.- Seminar, Fr.- Ebertstr. 31

Inhaltlicher Schwerpunkt: Neoliberales Europa - auf dem Weg zum totalen Markt.
Do, 3.3., 19.30 Uhr, Pavillon Hannover

Vortrag zum Bolkesteinhammer von Attac Mannheim und kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt
Referent: Stephan Lindner (Koordnierungskreis Attac Deutschland) Do, 3.3., 19:30 Uhr im Ökomenischen Bildungszentrum Santa Klara

Gründungstreffen der Bolkestein Ag von Attac Regensburg
Do, 3.3. 18.30 Uhr im EBW

Konferenz EU global-fatal
Fr 4.3. 18:30 Uhr - Samstag 5.3. Abends
Ausführliches Programm unter
Sa, 5.3. 15:30 Uhr Workshop zum Bolkestein-Hammer mit Frank
Schmidt-Hullmann von der IG BAU

Podiumsdiskussion zum Bolkesteinhammer
Mit Prof. Frank Deppe (Uni Marburg), Stephan Lindner (Attac), Frank
Schmidt-Hullmann (IG BAU), Sahra Wagenknecht
(PDS/Europaabgeordnete), Joachim Wuermeling
(CSU/Europaabgeordneter), Moderation Sabine Leidig (Attac).
Mi, 9.3., 19:00 DGB-Haus Großer Saal, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße

Vortrag zum Bolkesteinhammer von Attac Minden
Referent: Stephan Lindner (Koordnierungskreis Attac Deutschland)
Do, 10.3. 20:00 Uhr, Martinihaus

Aktionstag von Attac Köln zum Bolkestienhammer
mit einer medienwirksamen Aktion und Infoständen in der
Für den Aktiontag werden noch HelferInnen gesucht. Meldet Euch bei heinrich-p@netcologne.de .
Sa, 12.3.

Infoveranstaltung zur EU-Dienstleistungsrichtlinie, Veranstalter: Attac-Saar, DGB West und Arbeitskammer
mit Christian Felber (Mitbegründer von Attac Austria http://www.attac.at/, Ko-Autor /Schwarzbuch Privatisierung/)
Do., 10.03, 17:30 Uhr im großen Saal der Arbeitskammer (Fritz-Dobisch-Str. 6).

Europa wird privatisiert - was hinter der Bolkestein-Richtlinie steckt, Veranstalter: Attac Kaiserslautern und DGB Westpfalz
mit Christian Felber (Mitbegründer von Attac Austria, Ko-Autor Schwarzbuch Privatisierung)
Fr., 11.03, 18:00 Uhr im Gemeindezentrum der Apostelkirche, Spitalstraße 28

Der Bolkesteinhammer
mit Stephan Lindner (Koordinierungskreis Attac Deutschland)
Do, 17.3., Zeit und Ort stehen noch nicht fest.

Die Europäische Dienstleistungsrichtlinie: Sprengsatz für das erweiterte Europa?
Informationsveranstaltung von DGB-Bezirk Nord, ver.di Hamburg
Do, 17.3., 17.00-20.00 Uhr Gewerkschaftshaus Hamburg, Besenbinderhof 57a, Raum Elbe
mit Elisabeth Schrödter (MEP), Frank Schmidt-Hullmann (IG BAU), Jens Komp (Attac Hamburg), Ortrun Gauper (ver.di), Claudia Falk (DGB Hamburg) und Peter Deutschland, DGB Bezirk Nord.

4. Widerstand gegen Bolkestein in anderen EU-Staaten: Heute Attac Italien
Bolkestein ist nicht nur Thema bei Attac Deutschland.
Seit einigen Wochen läuft z.B. auch eine große Kampagne bei Attac Italien. Unter dem Motto " Bolkestein o Frankestein?" wird in ganz Italien gegen den Bolkestein-Hammer mobil gemacht.
Mit im Kampagnenmaterial ist auch ein Text aus Deutschland. Der von Thomas Fritz stammende Text "Die EU auf dem Weg zur Sonderwirtschaftszone - Die EU-Dienstleistungsrichtlinie" ist in einer italienischen Übersetzung mit dem Titel "L' Europa ridotta a Zona Economica Speciale - La Direttiva UE sui Servizi" unter http://italia.attac.org/spip/article.php3?id_article=517 herunterladbar.

Im ganzen Land werden Unterschriften für einen Aufruf "STOP BOLKESTEIN! STOP GATS! UN'ALTRA EUROPA E' NECESSARIA" gesammelt, der sich an das italienische und das Europäische Parlament richtet. Die Unterschriftenliste kann unter http://italia.attac.org/spip/IMG/pdf/Petizione_Bolkestein.pdf heruntergeladen werden.

Außerdem gibt es eine Powerpoint-Präsentation für Vorträge mit vielen Demobildern aus Brüssel und London unter http://italia.attac.org/spip/IMG/ppt/Bolkestein_con_foto_ver_1a.ppt .
Das gesamte Kampagnenmaterial kann man sich unter http://italia.attac.org/spip/article.php3?id_article=533 anschauen.

Wer mehr uber die Bolkesteinkamapgne von Attac Italia erfahren möchte, der sollte unbesingt zum Europäischen Aktionstag am 19. März nach Brüssel kommen. Trotz des weiten Wegs haben sich schon mehrere 100 italienische Attacis gemeldet, zur Demo in die belgische Hauptstadt zu kommen.


Angelika Shams * Mitglied im Attac-Bundeskoordinierungskreis
Egertstraße 12 * 75365 Calw-Stammheim * email: shams@attac.de
Fon: 07051 / 935 675 * 0179 / 513 41 59 * Fax: 07051 / 935 677

Greenland witnesses record winter high temperature

FYI - Anna

Begin forwarded message:

Remember - too much fresh water in the N. Atlantic will kill the Great Ocean Conveyor. Which will lead to very rapid climate change indeed........

Stay tuned!!!!

A social security petition



To all Elected Officials (I will make this part formal by tomorrow)

Whereas, Social Security is a United States Government fully guaranteed insurance benefit;

Whereas, Social Security is an insurance supplement to private pension plans;

Whereas, Social Security is a survivor benefit for spouses and minor

Whereas, Social Security is a disability benefit

Whereas, personal investments in a privatization plan would not be guaranteed by the U.S. Government;

Whereas, privatization will not increase the longevity of Social Security

Whereas, the privatization of Social Security will require the addition of trillions of dollars of debt and interest payments which will need to be repaid;

Whereas, raising the $90,000 income cap, adequately, will increase the longevity of social security;

Wheraes, the huge debt to finance the privatization of Social Security would fall on those that the plan was devised to protect, those under 55 years of age, our children and grandchildren;

Whereas, a change in the wage index to a price index calculation may reduce benefits for all Social Security recipien

Whereas a decrease in Social Security benefits and medicaid by the federal government will increase the financial burden on state, county, local governments, and taxpayers;

We the undersigned, request that the members of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives oppose the privatization of Social Security and support raising the social security income cap to adequately address the problems of solvency and longevity.

>>end of snip"

Ginnicus1 in Ukiah, CA...Mendocino County (Sunday, 02/27/05, 8:15pm)

Informant: JHW369

GM Forest Trees – The Ultimate Threat


MAIDS: Handy-Sucht hat einen Namen

Montag, 28. Februar 2005

MAIDS: Handy-Sucht hat einen Namen

Die Handy- und Internetsucht ist auf dem Weg zu einer anerkannten und therapierbaren Krankheit. Die offizielle Bezeichnung für Entzugserscheinungen von Handy und Internet wird unter Psychotherapeuten das "Mobile and Internet Dependency Syndrome" - kurz: MAIDS - genannt.

Unter MAIDS verstehen die Psychotherapeuten, wenn jemand nervös wird und feuchte Hände bekommt, wenn er das Handy zu Hause liegen ließ, wenn der Akku plötzlich leer ist und weder telefoniert werden kann noch SMS geschrieben werden können oder wenn es im Moment keine Möglichkeit gibt, ins Internet zu kommen.

Nach einer von der britischen Bank Lloyds TSB in Auftrag gegebenen Umfrage fühlen sich zwei Drittel aller Handy-Besitzer bereits unwohl, wenn sie merken, dass sie ihr Handy vergessen haben, drei Prozent werden gar ängstlich oder panisch.

Bei Internet-Entzug ist die Quote ebenso hoch: 70 Prozent drehen nach eigenen Angaben durch, wenn sie nicht täglich ihre E-Mails checken können.

© n-tv.de 2005 Alle Rechte vorbehalten


The Voice of the People of the UK




Hi Jenny,

My notes on Aarhus say that it entails public participation on environmental matters (and maybe we have to register??) We were urged to get involved and make our presence felt. It becomes live in June 2005.

Then I had a note about article 10a decision making. A citizen is entitled to proceedural and substance?? I got lost, too!

Thank you for putting out 'The Voice of the People' letter because that IS FOR THE PEOPLE and that is why I did it, so that as many as possible could have their say if they wanted to. I do hope other members will distribute it FOR THE PEOPLE.




This letter has been designed so that your views can be submitted to government, to be seen and taken into account.

It can be sent to any or all of:

10 Downing Street, the Cabinet Office, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, or to MPs in the House of Commons, whichever you prefer.

Please cross out any sections with which you do not agree. Make a personal comment if you wish.

Tony Blair
10 Downing Street

The Cabinet Office
70 Whitehall

26 Whitehall

House of Commons

I/we, as law abiding citizen(s) of the UK, put you on notice that we are aware that links between mobile phones and phone mast installations are now established to have potential adverse effects on health, amenity, devaluation of property and possibly other unspecified but quantifiable effects.

There is now a great weight of worldwide research and evidence proving risk and therefore we wish to condemn those Government members responsible for withholding the truth from us and for making decisions leading to and sustaining the unjustified and biased situations stated below.

* Allowing and facilitating mobile phone companies to continue to misinform the general public, by omission of valid science and reliable information; by turning a blind eye to their factually incorrect statements on the safety of masts; and the failure to recall products, as would be the case with carcinogens in additives in food.

* The manipulation of guidelines for safety i.e. NRPB and ICNIRP guidelines, and encouragement of the omission of the relevance of biological effects which have been totally ignored by UK government bodies.

* Gross misinformation, by omission, of peer-reviewed science abroad, and in this country, and other factors relevant to this issue.

* The manipulation of planning laws to fast track these mast applications.

* The exclusion of the right to object on the grounds of ‘health and perceptions of fear for health' in all mast planning processes.

* The denial of our fundamental human rights, in particular the right to health, in all mast planning processes.

* The total disregard for the health and safety of UK citizens.

* Failure to implement recommendations of the Stewart Report

* Failure to address the issues of TETRA, particularly as Stewart stated that this is outside his remit.

The Stewart report did not cover Tetra in their remit, but they bravely concluded that, “…modulation around 16 Hz should be avoided, if possible, in future developments.”

Later, when giving evidence to the 10th parliamentary committee of the DTI, when asked if the amplitude modulation around 16 Hertz was the most critical area, which posed the highest risk, Sir William Stewart felt it, “...was an area that should be avoided…” and then went on to describe Tetra as a hazard! The conclusion of that committee was, “…we are very disturbed that there seems to have been no examination of the evidence on potentially adverse health effects, before bringing it into service...”

The Stewart report, in the opinion of Mast Sanity, is not an acceptable position to evaluate the safe siting of any mobile phone or Tetra base station but the Government and the operators constantly use it in their arguments, except in this instance.

If they are going to insist on accepting the conclusions of the Stewart report as the correct position, then they should accept Stewart’s position of Tetra as well.

The Stewart report is still used as a base position for the Government and the authorities and therefore it should be used equally as a base position for Tetra.

* Failure to acknowledge anecdotal evidence of ill health around mast sites across the UK , and especially around 3G and TETRA masts, transmissions from which are untested on humans. Failure to act on cancer clusters around other masts.

* Failure to notify doctors, dentists and medical staff that some members of the community might suffer adverse effects from microwave technology, with the result that many people have been unfairly treated or ignored.

* Failure to provide a mechanism for compensation for those who suffer devaluation of house prices due to the presence of masts, while government coffers fill and phone company profits rise.

* Personal comment………………………………………………………………..




I/we feel very strongly about the issues not deleted from the above list and wish to see changes set in motion for rectification. In the General Election, your actions taken or not taken will influence my/our vote.



Address (optional)……………………………………………………………………….


County/City/Town/Post code ………………………………………………………….

(please supply one of your choice)

Dear All, I received this email from a chap I met at the Dorset Forum. I told him about Sandi's 'Voice of the People' document. He said he'd like to sign it and so I emailed it to him. I've also sent it to others, so hopefully Sandi, Blair & Co will get flooded. Has anyone else done it? Would be good to know that it's getting some support.

Anyway, I put this email out because he mentions the Aarhus convention. Must look it up on the website, as I can't remember what it's all about. He hints that we should get something out in the media about it ..... I think the Karen he refers to is the lady who organised the event - but might be wrong. Jenny

Hi Jenny,

I was very glad to meet you at Gillingham. Karen thinks it perhaps marks a turning point and I hope she is right.

Thanks for the document. In fact it was better to send it as an email rather than an attachment as there is less chance that it may contain a virus so more people are likely to open it, then its a simple task to cut and paste into a word document.

That said, I've sent off mine to the PM and Dep PM.

The Aarhus convention bears looking at and you can find it easily on the web. http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/internat/ for one though strangely the summary of implementation measures fails to download...It comes into force on May 23rd. Perhaps that date should be marked in some way in the media?

You may be unaware that OFCOM treat each mobile carrier's application individually i.e. with no reference to what or how many other transmitters (or carriers) might be co-located on a particular structure. Neither do they ask how many transmitters will be mounted in each license application. As I understand it from OFCOM, they issue licenses on a per transmitter basis. Each of the long tri-sector array mast segments may contain many transmitters. The result is that OFCOM, who issue licenses on behalf of the UK Government have no idea how much power, pulsed or otherwise is being radiated into the environment from the tower at the bottom of the garden !

They refer to NRPB who in turn refer to the Health & Safety At Work Act. .....

Kind regards


I have attached the compliance summary for those that failed to download it:

Best regards

Phil Watts


Before the election I wrote 'The Voice of the People of the UK' letter, based on all the things that people on the Advice Line and in emails complained about, because they did not feel they had a 'voice,' or anyone or anywhere to turn to except organisations like us. This is not a Mast Sanity letter but my personal contribution to enable the people of the UK to have a 'voice.'

Since the election there is more concern, anger, fear, and frustration, coming across in conversations, emails, and media articles. The people of the UK need a 'voice' again, so I am sending it out again. It will also help any efforts to get changes in planning law etc. if the Government realises that there is a big 'voice of the people' so please try to circulate this to one and all to be sent to government departments.

Tertrawatch have now kindly put this letter on their website, so you can download it from the link below. http://www.tetrawatch.net/action/



19/06/2005 10:32:42 GMT Standard Time

Hi Sandi

I have made about 500 copies of your leaflet over the last few months and posted some through hundreds of letterboxes around areas in Brighton threatened with 3G masts. Many thanks.



You are an absolute gem, Gary, and we value your help. We need more people like you to help us - or even lots and lots of people doing a little!

Some people in Norfolk are currently distributing widely and it is going out to many other areas. At least they can have their say! The more the merrier, as it will make Government realise the state of play in communities, and they need to know!


From Mast Network

Karl Rove’s “good friend” ‘Jeff Gannon’


US and UK secretly plotted Iraq war all along


America targets Europe with major propaganda campaign


Bush blames media for public opinion in Europe


America submits to pressure from Europe over Iran


Big business and the collapse of the American market

by Joel Cameron Beckwith

Free Market News Network


Big businesses often become inefficient over time and when they find hungry new competition in tireless pursuit of their market share, they often turn to politics to solve their problems. Any business in ties with the government is likely to exploit that relationship to protect their interests, even to the detriment of business freedom and the free market. Many of these big businesses were part of the National Civics Federation (NCF) 'which sponsored legislation to promote the formation of 'public utilities', a special privilege monopoly granted by the state.' Fannie Mae enjoys many privileges because of its ties to the federal government...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush and Camus on freedom

by Gary Leupp



It's just painful to hear and see a smirking Bush invoking Albert Camus, the French writer who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1957, from a podium in Belgium. ... What an insult to Camus, whose notion of freedom was very different from that of the president! His was the radical freedom that comes from abandoning myth and dogma, and questioning the existence of any meaning in the universe other than that which the human mind creates. The powerful novel The Stranger ends with its hero, convicted of murdering a man in a moment of confusion, a protagonist who throughout the narrative has been thoroughly dispassionate, finally exploding in indignation at the attempt of a priest to comfort him before his execution...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The language police

by Nancy Snow



If you need any more confirmation that America is the numero uno propaganda nation, look no further than the GOP language meistro Frank Luntz, who has produced a memorandum of 'The 14 Words Never to Use.' Thanks to the Internet and the blogosphere, we mere mortals can get our grubby mitts on what the conservative elite persuader Luntz is doing to scrub our brains free of individual thoughts. Luntz teases, 'This memo was originally prepared exclusively for Congressional spouses because they are your eyes and ears, a one-person reality check and truth squad combined. However, by popular demand, I have included and expanded that document because effectively communicating the New American Lexicon requires you to STOP saying words and phrases that undermine your ability to educate the American people. So from today forward, YOU are the language police ... these are the words never to say again...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The outer edges of chaos

by Dorothy Anne Seese

Sierra Times


Welcome to planet earth and the age of progress. Say what? You wonder why government doesn't do something? Largely, the government(s) are causing this condition, not just the United States government but the governments of other nations, although perhaps not as flagrantly. It is doubtful that any government is causing the asteroid problem. Governments have enough to do causing chaos among humans and the social order as a whole. It is these governments whose shadow leaders, the few, the so-called New World Order or Global Governance leaders, who believe they can create a better earth. Show me. What I see looks terribly like chaos that no government can control. The earth in rebellion is wobbling, quaking, stormy and unstable. No one can buy a fix for that!


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

"Politically incorrect" history has neocons steamed

by Justin Raimondo



The neocons, with their domestic program of 'big government conservatism' and their foreign policy of perpetual war, are politically vulnerable at their very base: they fear Tom Woods far more than Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, and Naomi Klein combined. Because he represents a real threat to their claim to the mantle of conservatism, and that, above all, is something that cannot be tolerated. The viciousness of the attacks on Woods underscores neocon sensitivities on this subject: they, after all, were Scoop Jackson Democrats and errant Trotskyites not so long ago, and the Woods book is an unwelcome reminder that conservatism is, for them, an alien tradition -- which is the second point to be made here...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Right hook

by Mark Follman



Conservatives who praise President Bush's policies in the global war on terrorism often say that when it comes to the unprecedented demands of the conflict, the president's critics just don't 'get it.' But lately, when it comes to the use of torture -- and a growing body of evidence that the Bush White House has sanctioned it by proxy in foreign countries (which has been illegal under U.S. law since 1998) -- most on the political right just don't discuss it. As harrowing stories of detainees abused by U.S. and foreign interrogators keep on emerging, and as evidence mounts that the administration's secret program of 'extraordinary rendition' has dropped scores of detainees into a black hole of inhumane treatment and perhaps permanent legal limbo, why has the political right bound and gagged itself on the issue?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush recognized as "worst actor"

Washington Times


Halle Berry won an Academy Award. Now she's won a Razzie. George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger won elections. Now they've won Razzies. Miss Berry was picked yesterday as worst actress for 2004's action bomb 'Catwoman,' which also took the prize for worst film at the 25th annual Razzies, an Oscar spoof that trashes Hollywood's low points. Mr. Bush won the worst-actor award for his appearance in news and archival footage of Michael Moore's satiric documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11.' Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was voted worst supporting actor for 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' while Britney Spears' fleeting cameo in the documentary brought her the worst supporting actress Razzie...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

House of cards

Eminent Domain Theft

Are the Supremes about to make it worse? Article by Steven Greenhut, author of Abuse of Power:

Informant: Lew Rockwell

June Aggression Against Iran

Simply Ridiculous?

Gordon Prather on the coming June aggression against Iran:

Academic Freedom and the Future of Civilization

Defend Academic Freedom

Upon it depends the future of civilization, says Lew Rockwell:

Schools & Cellular Antennas


No it was not in Paris but Saint Cyr l'Ecole

I would like to comment about what has been written in the Canadian website: http://members.aol.com/gotemf/emf/schools.htm



Bizet School Antenna Removed


March 2003


I would like to translate about what has been written in the Canadian website http://members.aol.com/gotemf/emf/schools.htm

"twice more cancers"

"four times more cancers of the nervous central system"

No. 32 - Electromagnetic fields

People are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) everyday, in many different ways. The appliances in the kitchens, computer screens in the office, the security systems at shops and airports, the networks of power transmission lines, and radio and TV stations all ensure that exposure to EMF cannot be avoided completely.

There is often significant public concern, and in some cases anxiety, over some sources of EMF, especially electricity transmission lines and mobile phone base station towers. These concerns are having a direct impact on public health policy in many countries.


Informant: sylvie

Cell Towers and Health Risks to School Children

NRPB 2004 Mobile Phones and Health

Mobile Phones and Health - Get off that mobile, expert tells children

Mobile Phone Company advises Industry not to target Children for Cell Phone Sales


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