Hold Rumsfeld Accountable


Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Oil Drilling

The special interests that want to drill in the crown jewel of the national wildlife refuge system just do not give up. The results of the last election have brought them to the verge of success in the Senate, while the House is already on record supporting drilling.

Urge your senators to oppose any and all efforts to open any part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration and drilling by oil and gas interests.

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Call Congress today to prevent drilling in the Arctic Refuge


A day of thanksgiving and prayer for our Nation and Freedom

Be a pipeline not a bucket - Please pass this along

George Washington was not only the military leader of the American Revolutionary War, but also, as the first President of the United States, established the pattern of service, duty, and honor for all future presidents. It is altogether fitting, that on this impending anniversary of his birth, we remember his honesty, integrity, and sacrifice with a day of thanksgiving and prayer.

As a Nation we have much to be thankful for. Our Constitutional Republic has been the model for Freedom emulated by many nations across the world. We have elected representatives who take an oath to preserve our Freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Many of these elected Representatives are responsive to the will of the electorate. However, a great number in Congress are overly influenced or controlled by a 'Shadow Government' I call the Beltway Insiders.

The large majority of Congress will represent the will of the people, if that will is expressed to them with sufficient clarity and force. Otherwise these 'representatives' are too much influenced by the lobbyists of the Insiders and the 'military industrial complex'. We must make their fear of defeat at the polls greater than the power, influence,and money offered by the 'elitist special interests' by keeping in touch with our Representative and Senators.

Please join with us in a day of thanksgiving, prayer, and if your religious observance includes it, fasting for our Congress to resist the wiles of the Beltway Insiders. Specifically pray for the following:

1. Ask for Congress to stand firm in defense of our Republic, with Checks and Balances in place and working properly between the three branches of government.

2. Give thanks for the tide of resistance which is growing against the Free Trade Area of the Americas, (FTAA), amnesty for illegal aliens, and the erosion of Freedom exemplified by the USA Patriot Act and the Intelligence Bill passed in December. Pray for our Congress to stand strong for Freedom and reject all totalitarian bills.

3. Pray for many people to step forward in defense of Freedom and that the forces of the Insiders will melt away and dissolve in confusion and in-fighting.

The potential of a people united in prayer is immense and powerful. Please join with thousands of your fellow citizens this weekend in a day of thanksgiving and prayer for our Nation and Freedom.

Inscribed on the Liberty Bell are these words:
"...proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof:" Leviticus 25:10

Will Christensen
National Vice Chair
Independent American Party

Support the "Count Every Vote" Act


U.S. plans to deploy missiles over Canada without Canadian permission


Homelessness Plagues Many U.S. Veterans

Veterans account for nearly one-third of all homeless men in America, even though the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says they comprise only 13 percent of adult males in the general population.


From Information Clearing House

The Coming End of the American Superpower


From Information Clearing House

Clarke Memo to Condoleezza Rice

The testimony of former White House security advisor Richard Clarke to the 9/11 Commission is now thoroughly vindicated.


From Information Clearing House

Rumsfeld named in suit alleging torture by U.S. forces in Iraq, Afghanistan

Two human rights groups filed a lawsuit today against Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on behalf of eight men allegedly tortured by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The poisons of war

Today my brother passed away. He was one of the latest and I hope one of the last casualties of the insult to civilization we call war. Not the current idiocy in Iraq, Or even the First adventure into that country. My brother was a lingering casualty of the war in Vietnam.

He did not perish as a result of enemy fire, but in a way he was downed by "friendly fire." He died of cancers related to a lovely little tool of jungle warfare called Agent Orange. While the Vietnam conflict may be old news, the stonewalling, lying, and lack of support that sealed his fate are as fresh as today's headlines.

Today our brave men and women at arms returning from Iraq are in a similar jeopardy. No, not Agent Orange, but a substance so much more insidious and deadly: depleted uranium, a metal that is commonplace in the tools of modern warfare.

This poisonous metal is being used in ammunition, artillery shells, tank rounds, and the armor plating on our tanks, APCs and even some Humvees. Like the Agent Orange of the Vietnam war, our military and civilian leaders tell us that this depleted uranium is safe. They say that the radiation levels are so low as to be benign. They tell us that today. Years down the line when these fine soldiers begin to develop tumors, leukemias, neurological disorders, and even worse, birth defects in their children, the denials and stonewalling will begin anew.

To my way of thinking, this is a shameful way to treat those who took up arms and answered their country's call. It will be on you, the husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, children, and those who feel gratitude for these people's sacrifices, to hold our leaders accountable.

It is my sincere wish that those of you welcoming your family members back home can stop this turning away of those responsible so that you need not lose and bury your own as I have had to.

J.M. Collins, Lebanon


Informant: Davey Garland

Gewerkschafterin erwartet "Sinneswandel" von Managern wegen Arbeitslosigkeit

"Zusätzliche Anstrengungen": Gewerkschafterin erwartet "Sinneswandel" von Managern wegen Arbeitslosigkeit (01.03.05)

Die stellvertretende DGB-Vorsitzende Ursula Engelen-Kefer fordert angesichts der gemeldeten 5,2 Millionen Arbeitslosen "zusätzliche Anstrengungen" für mehr Arbeitsplätze. In der "Leipziger Volkszeitung" appellierte sie laut Vorabbericht an Bund, Länder und Kommunen, "alle Finanzierungsspielräume für mehr Beschäftigung freizumachen". "Bei "Hartz IV" zeigt sich schon jetzt, dass der Kompromiss von Bundesregierung und CDU/CSU zu organisatorischen Blockaden und neuen Verschiebebahnhöfen führt, die das Ziel, die Langzeitarbeitslosigkeit zu senken, ernsthaft gefährdet", sagte sie.

Zugleich kritisierte Engelen-Kefer die großen Unternehmensführungen. "Es ist nicht akzeptabel, dass große DAX-Unternehmen trotz riesiger Gewinne einen weiteren Beschäftigungsabbau planen", sagte sie. Notwendig sei ein Sinneswandel bei den Managern der deutschen Wirtschaft, die Gewinne in neue Beschäftigung zu investieren.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Leitung der Gentechnik-Kontrollbehörden wird auf Befangenheit überprüft

Werbefilm für Genmais: Leitung der Gentechnik-Kontrollbehörden wird auf Befangenheit überprüft (01.03.05)

Verbraucherschutzministerin Renate Künast (Grüne) will Spitzenbeamte in Kontrollbehörden für Gentechnik auf Befangenheit überprüfen. Nach Recherchen des ARD-Magazins "Report Mainz" geht es dabei um eine Interessenkollision der für die Zulassung gentechnisch veränderter Organismen zuständigen Beamten. Wie das Magazin am Montagabend berichtete, traten der Leiter des Zentrums für Gentechnologie, Hans-Jörg Buhk, und sein Stellvertreter Detlef Bartsch 2002 in einem Werbefilm für Genmais auf. Dem genannten Zentrum untersteht auch die "Zulassungsstelle Gentechnik".

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Kinderarmut in Deutschland soll überproportional ansteigen

"Armutskreislauf": Kinderarmut in Deutschland soll überproportional ansteigen (01.03.05)

In den meisten reichen Nationen steigt nach Angaben der Kinderhilfsorganisation Unicef die Kinderarmut. Die Situation von Kindern in 17 von 24 untersuchten OECD-Staaten habe sich verschlechtert, sagte der Vorsitzende von Unicef Deutschland, Reinhard Schlagintweit, am Dienstag in Berlin bei der Vorstellung einer neuen Studie. Der UNICEF-Vergleich zeigt krasse Unterschiede zwischen den reichen Ländern auf. Am niedrigsten ist die Kinderarmut in Dänemark und Finnland (unter drei Prozent). Besonders hoch ist der Anteil armer Kinder in den USA (über 20 Prozent). Deutschland liegt im Mittelfeld auf Platz 12. In Deutschland sei die Kinderarmut dabei mit 2,7 Prozentpunkten seit 1990 stärker angestiegen als in den meisten anderen Industrienationen. In Ländern mit höheren Sozialausgaben ist die Kinderarmut nach der Studie niedriger.

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Supreme Court Bars Death Penalty for Juvenile Killers


Folter: Spurensuche zwischen Allmacht und Wahnsinn


CROPfm-Live-Sendung vom 18. 2. 2005:
"Folter: Spurensuche zwischen Allmacht und Wahnsinn."

Folter ist ein ständiger Begleiter des Menschen auf seinem Weg durch die Evolution; ausgehend von mythologischen Blutritualen über die Verbrechen der Kirche bis zum amerikanischen Guantanamo. Über die Zusammenhänge zwischen Lust, Gewalt und Mythologie sprachen Chris Haderer und Claudia Altendorfer mit Prof. Horst Herrmann, Autor von "Die Folter. Eine Enzyklopädie des Grauens."

Die Sendung kann direkt von der Homepage von CROPfm als RealAudio-Datei abgerufen werden:

Zusätzlich steht eine MATERIALSAMMLUNG mit Links, Ressourcen, einer Biblio- und Filmografie sowie weiterführenden Informationen unter http://www.folter.co.at/ zur Verfügung. Über Meinungen, Kommentare und eigene Beiträge würden wir uns sehr freuen. Die Site wird permanent erweitert. Über http://www.folter.co.at sind auch weitere Interviews und Radiosendungen zum Thema Folter abrufbar.

Moderation: Chris Haderer/Claudia Altendorfer
Telefongast: Horst Herrmann (Soziologe, Autor)


Every Citizen a Reporter

by Danny Schecter

The decline of our media system has been well documented. Every week seems to bring with it news about how the news is screwed up. Media concentration, commercial imperatives and a clear conservative tilt is tuning out and turning off viewers, readers and listeners.

Click Here to Read Article:

How Safe are We?

by Ralph Nader

Fighting stateless terrorism in ways that create more terrorists is what is keeping many an active and retired military, diplomatic and intelligence person awake at night. But not George Bush, who assures us that he loses no sleep over his decisions or their consequences.

Click Here to Read Article:

Politics and the New Racism

by Mary Shaw

Hardcore conservatives who attack those who question the right-wing policies and practices of a black woman or an Hispanic man are often the same ones who have opposed hate crimes legislation or supported racial profiling.

Click Here to Read Article:

That Sinking Feeling Returns

by Commander Beth F. Coye, U.S. Navy (ret.)

While listening to President Bush deliver his second Inaugural Address, that familiar sinking feeling washed over me again.

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The Big Lie

Pass It On: The Big Lie

by Bill Moyers

In this interview, veteran newsman Bill Moyers exposes what Americans should really be fearful about. Hint: It's not Al Qaeda.

"The Big Lie is that the threat of Al Qaeda is greater to us than the threat of low wages, environmental pollution, the growing inequality in America, or the terrible failure of the Bush policies on schools."

—veteran newsman and former White House press secretary Bill Moyers, in an interview with the Santa Barbara Independent.

Read the entire interview:

Arme verzichten auf notwendige Arztbesuche


Logging slavery in Papua New Guinea exposed


Informant: Andy Robinson

Alarm Sounded on Panama-Colombia Electrical Project


Informant: Andy Robinson

Mobilfunk kann Leben retten


Handy kann Leben retten


Detention, Torture Outsourced to Countries Condemned by U.S. Report


Military Families Speak Out as Death Toll Reaches 1500 in Iraq

On the Occasion of the 1,500th U.S. Troop Death in Iraq, Military Families Mourn and Speak Out

Military Families Speak Out as Death Toll Reaches 1500 in Iraq

Veterans and Military Families Take Anti-War Message to Home of Fort Bragg


Independent Press Was a Target in Iraq


Trauma of Iraq War Haunting Thousands Returning Home


Selective Service ready to bring back the draft

Stop the Draft before it starts:

On March 31, the Selective Service System will report to President Bush that it is ready to implement a draft within 75 days. We have to organize now to stop the draft before it starts.

Despite what politicians say, there is a high probability that the Bush Administration will attempt to reinstate the draft.

The U.S. military is in a quagmire in Iraq, facing a national popular uprising against the occupation. Soldiers are dying every day. A report issued in January 2004 by Jeffrey Record, a visiting professor at the Air War College, said the Army is "near the breaking point." The Pentagon has been forced to issue repeated "stop loss" orders and recall soldiers who had retired or otherwise returned to civilian life.

Out of 10 Army Divisions, part or all of 9 of them are either deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Twenty-one out of 33 regular combat brigades are on active duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, or the Balkans. That's 63% of the Army's combat strength. This means the Army is extremely overextended. The Bush Administration has been trying to fill the gap with Reserve and National Guard troops, but this is a temporary fix at best. The head of the Army Reserves has recently written a memo saying that the readiness of his forces has been drastically reduced through over-deployment and is "degenerating into a broken force.”

Meanwhile, official U.S. foreign policy is now the doctrine of "pre-emptive war" and "regime change" wherever a leader runs afoul of U.S. corporate interests. An invasion of Iran, Syria, Korea, or Cuba -- all of whom are on Washington and Wall Street's list of targets -- would require tens or hundreds of thousands of new soldiers.

Enlistment rates not even able to maintain current force levels, much less provide troops for new invasions and occupations. All four services missed their enlistment quotas last year, and enlistments in the Reserves, National Guard, and regular military are at a 30-year low. Many current members of the armed forces plan to get out as soon as their current enlistment ends. According to a poll conducted by the military newspaper Stars & Stripes, 49% of soldiers stationed in Iraq do not plan to re-enlist.

The President has given the Selective Service System a set of readiness goals to be implemented by March 31, 2005. As part of these performance goals, the System must be ready to be fully operational within 75 days. This means we can look for the Draft to be in operation as early as June 15, 2005.

March 19 is the second anniversary of the war. On the weekend of March 19-20, activists all over the globe will take to the streets to demand and end to the war and occupation. No Draft No Way will be mobilizing to take part in these demonstrations, which will take place just a few days before the Selective Service System reports to President Bush that it is ready to go. We must be in the streets to let them know that we oppose the draft and will not be used as cannon fodder in Iraq or in any new war.

Let's Organize NOW to Stop the Draft:

1) Come to NYC for the March 19 Troops Out Now demonstration. Join the No Draft No Way! contingent in the march. http://www.troopsoutnow.org . Or join the march and rally in Fayetteville, NC, outside Fort Bragg--for more information, see http://www.ncpeacejustice.org .

2) Organize an anti-draft meeting at your school, church or mosque, union hall, etc. Contact us at 212-633-6646 for help and speakers.

3) Organize protests outside the selective service office in your area.

4) Donate to help build a network of educators, activists, and resisters to fight the draft--before it returns. http://nodraftnoway.org/donate-new.shtml

5) Sign the No Draft Petition. http://nodraftnoway.org/petition.shtml


March 19
Troops Out Now!
March on Central Park in NYC!
Regional Demonstrations Across the U.S. & Worldwide

The Third Stage of American Empire




Informant: Be Kind Whenever Possible

Bush Dodges as Addicts Rot in Jail

Why is the President Punishing Drug Users for Offences He Has Also Been Linked to

by Joe Conason

Toronto Star

On the audiotapes of George W. Bush recorded secretly by his erstwhile confidant Douglas Wead in 1999, the future president revealed how much he feared candid discussion of his personal use of marijuana and cocaine. As quoted in The New York Times, Bush vowed that no matter what rumours and facts circulated about what he did or might have done, he would doggedly decline to answer forthrightly. ... Read more at Toronto Star http://tinyurl.com/5oako or Common Dreams: http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0227-29.htm

© Virginia Metze

Democratic National Committee, Pelosi enter Gannon fray

Democratic National Committee, Pelosi weigh in on Gannon scandal, credentialing

Democratic National Committee, Pelosi enter Gannon fray


by John Byrne | RAW STORY Editor

Saying the Democratic National Committee had not weighed in on the scandal surrounding discredited White House reporter ‘Jeff Gannon’ because the Committee was in transition, the DNC’s national spokesman broke the ice in a conversation with RAW STORY.

The office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has been silent on the issue to date, also voiced their concerns.

Both the DNC and Pelosi’s office shared similar alarm over what they perceive as media manipulation. Each offered a more temperate critique than the spokeswomen for Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) voiced earlier this week.

The DNC’s national spokesman, Jano Cabrera, said the Committee had particular concern with what they see as a deliberate strategy by the Bush Administration to manipulate the media. The office of DNC Chairman Howard Dean did not return a call for comment placed Friday.

“We have [real] concerns as to how Jeff Gannon got into the White House briefing room on a serious basis,” Cabrera said. Read the rest at: http://rawstory.com/news/2005/index.php?p=132

© Virginia Metze

Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets

Now that the Australian government is increasing its troop levels in Iraq, those troops should know that the hazards they face are far more than being shot by unfriendly insurgents. For those troops the issue of DU is very much an OH&S topic for this list. Is it really worth bringing home a legacy of radioactive poisoning for one's offspring just to support Bush's nuclear war?

Don Maisch

Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets


A death sentence here and abroad

by Leuren Moret

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." - Henry Kissinger, quoted in "Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW's in Vietnam"

Vietnam was a chemical war for oil, permanently contaminating large regions and countries downriver with Agent Orange, and environmentally the most devastating war in world history. But since 1991, the U.S. has staged four nuclear wars using depleted uranium weaponry, which, like Agent Orange, meets the U.S. government definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Vast regions in the Middle East and Central Asia have been permanently contaminated with radiation.

And what about our soldiers? Terry Jemison of the Department of Veterans Affairs reported this week to the American Free Press that "Gulf-era veterans" now on medical disability since 1991 number 518,739, with only 7,035 reported wounded in Iraq in that same 14-year period.

This week the American Free Press dropped a "dirty bomb" on the Pentagon by reporting that eight out of 20 men who served in one unit in the 2003 U.S. military offensive in Iraq now have malignancies. That means that 40 percent of the soldiers in that unit have developed malignancies in just 16 months.

Since these soldiers were exposed to vaccines and depleted uranium (DU) only, this is strong evidence for researchers and scientists working on this issue, that DU is the definitive cause of Gulf War Syndrome. Vaccines are not known to cause cancer. One of the first published researchers on Gulf War Syndrome, who also served in 1991 in Iraq, Dr. Andras Korényi-Both, is in agreement with Barbara Goodno from the Department of Defense's Deployment Health Support Directorate, that in this war soldiers were not exposed to chemicals, pesticides, bioagents or other suspect causes this time to confuse the issue.

This powerful new evidence is blowing holes in the cover-up perpetrated by the Pentagon and three presidential administrations ever since DU was first used in 1991 in the Persian Gulf War. Fourteen years after the introduction of DU on the battlefield in 1991, the long-term effects have revealed that DU is a death sentence and very nasty stuff.

Scientists studying the biological effects of uranium in the 1960s reported that it targets the DNA. Marion Fulk, a nuclear physical chemist retired from the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab and formerly involved with the Manhattan Project, interprets the new and rapid malignancies in soldiers from the 2003 war as "spectacular and a matter of concern."

This evidence shows that of the three effects which DU has on biological systems - radiation, chemical and particulate - the particulate effect from nano-size particles is the most dominant one immediately after exposure and targets the Master Code in the DNA. This is bad news, but it explains why DU causes a myriad of diseases which are difficult to define.

In simple words, DU "trashes the body." When asked if the main purpose for using it was for destroying things and killing people, Fulk was more specific: "I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people."

Soldiers developing malignancies so quickly since 2003 can be expected to develop multiple cancers from independent causes. This phenomenon has been reported by doctors in hospitals treating civilians following NATO bombing with DU in Yugoslavia in 1998-1999 and the U.S. military invasion of Iraq using DU for the first time in 1991. Medical experts report that this phenomenon of multiple malignancies from unrelated causes has been unknown until now and is a new syndrome associated with internal DU exposure.

Just 467 U.S. personnel were wounded in the three-week Persian Gulf War in 1990-1991. Out of 580,400 soldiers who served in Gulf War I, 11,000 are dead, and by 2000 there were 325,000 on permanent medical disability. This astounding number of disabled vets means that a decade later, 56 percent of those soldiers who served now have medical problems.

The number of disabled vets reported up to 2000 has been increasing by 43,000 every year. Brad Flohr of the Department of Veterans Affairs told American Free Press that he believes there are more disabled vets now than even after World War II.

They brought it home

Not only were soldiers exposed to DU on and off the battlefields, but they brought it home. DU in the semen of soldiers internally contaminated their wives, partners and girlfriends. Tragically, some women in their 20s and 30s who were sexual partners of exposed soldiers developed endometriosis and were forced to have hysterectomies because of health problems.

In a group of 251 soldiers from a study group in Mississippi who had all had normal babies before the Gulf War, 67 percent of their post-war babies were born with severe birth defects. They were born with missing legs, arms, organs or eyes or had immune system and blood diseases. In some veterans' families now, the only normal or healthy members of the family are the children born before the war.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has stated that they do not keep records of birth defects occurring in families of veterans.

How did they hide it?

Before a new weapons system can be used, it must be fully tested. The blueprint for depleted uranium weapons is a 1943 declassified document from the Manhattan Project.

Harvard President and physicist James B. Conant, who developed poison gas in World War I, was brought into the Manhattan Project by the father of presidential candidate John Kerry. Kerry's father served at a high level in the Manhattan Project and was a CIA agent.

Conant was chair of the S-1 Poison Gas Committee, which recommended developing poison gas weapons from the radioactive trash of the atomic bomb project in World War II. At that time, it was known that radioactive materials dispersed in bombs from the air, from land vehicles or on the battlefield produced very fine radioactive dust which would penetrate all protective clothing, any gas mask or filter or the skin. By contaminating the lungs and blood, it could kill or cause illness very quickly.

They also recommended it as a permanent terrain contaminant, which could be used to destroy populations by contaminating water supplies and agricultural land with the radioactive dust.

The first DU weapons system was developed for the Navy in 1968, and DU weapons were given to and used by Israel in 1973 under U.S. supervision in the Yom Kippur war against the Arabs.

The Phalanx weapons system, using DU, was tested on the USS Bigelow out of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in 1977, and DU weapons have been sold by the U.S. to 29 countries.

Military research report summaries detail the testing of DU from 1974-1999 at military testing grounds, bombing and gunnery ranges and at civilian labs under contract. Today 42 states are contaminated with DU from manufacture, testing and deployment.

Women living around these facilities have reported increases in endometriosis, birth defects in babies, leukemia in children and cancers and other diseases in adults. Thousands of tons of DU weapons tested for decades by the Navy on four bombing and gunnery ranges around Fallon, Nevada, is no doubt the cause of the fastest growing leukemia cluster in the U.S. over the past decade. The military denies that DU is the cause.

The medical profession has been active in the cover-up - just as they were in hiding the effects from the American public - of low level radiation from atmospheric testing and nuclear power plants. A medical doctor in Northern California reported being trained by the Pentagon with other doctors, months before the 2003 war started, to diagnose and treat soldiers returning from the 2003 war for mental problems only.

Medical professionals in hospitals and facilities treating returning soldiers were threatened with $10,000 fines if they talked about the soldiers or their medical problems. They were also threatened with jail.

Reporters have also been prevented access to more than 14,000 medically evacuated soldiers flown nightly since the 2003 war in C-150s from Germany who are brought to Walter Reed Hospital near Washington, D.C.

Dr. Robert Gould, former president of the Bay Area chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), has contacted three medical doctors since February 2004, after I had been invited to speak about DU. Dr. Katharine Thomasson, president of the Oregon chapter of the PSR, informed me that Dr. Gould had contacted her and tried to convince her to cancel her invitation for me to speak about DU at Portland State University on April 12. Although I was able to do a presentation, Dr. Thomasson told me I could only talk about DU in Oregon "and nothing overseas nothing political."

Dr. Gould also contacted and discouraged Dr. Ross Wilcox in Toronto, Canada, from inviting me to speak to Physicians for Global Survival (PGS), the Canadian equivalent of PSR, several months later. When that didn't work, he contacted Dr. Allan Connoly, the Canadian national president of PGS, who was able to cancel my invitation and nearly succeeded in preventing Dr. Wilcox, his own member, from showing photos and presenting details on civilians suffering from DU exposure and cancer provided to him by doctors in southern Iraq.

Dr. Janette Sherman, a former and long-standing member of PSR, reported that she finally quit some time after being invited to lunch by a new PSR executive administrator. After the woman had pumped Dr. Sherman for information all through lunch about her position on key issues, the woman informed Dr. Sherman that her last job had been with the CIA.

How was the truth about DU hidden from military personnel serving in successive DU wars? Before his tragic death, Sen. Paul Wellstone informed Joyce Riley, R.N., B.S.N., executive director of the American Gulf War Veterans Association, that 95 percent of Gulf War veterans had been recycled out of the military by 1995. Any of those continuing in military service were isolated from each other, preventing critical information being transferred to new troops. The "next DU war" had already been planned, and those planning it wanted "no skunk at the garden party."

The US has a dirty (DU) little (CIA) secret

A new book just published at the American Free Press by Michael Collins Piper, "The High Priests of War: The Secret History of How America's Neo-Conservative Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire," details the early plans for a war against the Arab world by Henry Kissinger and the neo-cons in the late 1960s and early 1970s. That just happens to coincide with getting the DU "show on the road" and the oil crisis in the Middle East, which caused concern not only to President Nixon. The British had been plotting and scheming for control of the oil in Iraq for decades since first using poison gas on the Iraqis and Kurds in 1912.

The book details the creation of the neo-cons by their "godfather" and Trotsky lover Irving Kristol, who pushed for a "war against terrorism" long before 9/11 and was lavishly funded for years by the CIA. His son, William Kristol, is one of the most influential men in the United States.

Both are public relations men for the Israeli lobby's neo-conservative network, with strong ties to Rupert Murdoch. Kissinger also has ties to this network and the Carlyle Group, who, one could say, have facilitated these omnicidal wars beginning from the time former President Bush took office. It would be easy to say that we are recycling World Wars I and II, with the same faces.

When I asked Vietnam Special Ops Green Beret Capt. John McCarthy, who could have devised this omnicidal plan to use DU to destroy the genetic code and genetic future of large populations of Arabs and Moslems in the Middle East and Central Asia - just coincidentally the areas where most of the world's oil deposits are located - he replied: "It has all the handprints of Henry Kissinger."

In Zbignew Brzezinski's book "The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives," the map of the Eurasian chessboard includes four regions strategic to U.S. foreign policy. The "South" region corresponds precisely to the regions now contaminated permanently with radiation from U.S. bombs, missiles and bullets made with thousands of tons of DU.

A Japanese professor, Dr. K. Yagasaki, has calculated that 800 tons of DU is the atomicity equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs. The U.S. has used more DU since 1991 than the atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs. Four nuclear wars indeed, and 10 times the amount of radiation released into the atmosphere from atmospheric testing!

No wonder our soldiers, their families and the people of the Middle East, Yugoslavia and Central Asia are sick. But as Henry Kissinger said after Vietnam when our soldiers came home ill from Agent Orange, "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used for foreign policy."

Unfortunately, more and more of those soldiers are men and women with brown skin. And unfortunately, the DU radioactive dust will be carried around the world and deposited in our environments just as the "smog of war" from the 1991 Gulf War was found in deposits in South America, the Himalayas and Hawaii.

In June 2003, the World Health Organization announced in a press release that global cancer rates will increase 50 percent by 2020. What else do they know that they aren't telling us? I know that depleted uranium is a death sentence Š for all of us. We will all die in silent ways.

To learn more

Sources used in this story that readers are encouraged to consult:

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Part I: "Depleted Uranium: U.S. Commits War Crime
Against Iraq, Humanity,"

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Depleted Uranium Definitively

Part III: "DU Syndrome Stricken Vets Denied Care:
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by Akira Tashiro, foreword by Leuren Moret,

Leuren Moret is a geoscientist who has worked around the world on radiation issues, educating citizens, the media, members of parliaments and Congress and other officials. She became a whistleblower in 1991 at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab after experiencing major science fraud on the Yucca Mountain Project. An environmental commissioner in the City of Berkeley, she can be reached at leurenmoret@yahoo.com


11,000 US soldiers dead from DU poisoning


From Burke to Bush

Joseph Sobran on the devolution of the conservative movement:

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Potemkin World… or the President in the Zone


Once Again, Democracy Is Not Freedom

Democracy Does Not Equal Freedom

And we are not the government. Article by Jacob G. Hornberger:

Bush Plans Further Cuts in Forest Protections


Mayor held for lopping mast

Local authority representatives yesterday condemned police for arresting the mayor and the head of a local council in western Athens after they oversaw the removal of an allegedly illegal mobile telephony mast in the area.

Kamatero Mayor Nikolaos Stenos and the president of the municipal council, Nikitas Kamarinopoulos, were taken into police custody on Sunday afternoon and released yesterday morning.

A statement from the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece (KEDKE) said the two men were arrested after the council decided to disconnect the mast that, officials say, was unlawfully drawing power from the electricity grid and was illegally erected on a four-story building which was being constructed near three schools. Stenos and Kamarinopoulos accompanied municipal engineers to the site on Sunday to take the mast down.

KEDKE said it would ask for a meeting with the government to discuss a framework for the safe installation of similar masts in the future.


Informant: Sylvie

Fear injustice more than terrorism


Shock, horror - I'm well


War Veterans Seeking Counseling Assistance

VA Opens Doors to Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Seeking Counseling Assistance

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), more than 12,000 Iraq War and Afghanistan War sought readjustment counseling from VA's "Vet Centers." This statistic means two things: 1) VA did the right thing reaching out to these war veterans, and, 2) If so many veterans sought assistance so soon after returning from war, then there are significant problems among many war veterans.


It's Called Torture

House Speaker Dennis Hastert believes any person suspected (not convicted, just suspected) should be deported to their home countries (or other countries) where they face torture and death. Do Hastert's dangerous comments mean he believes our Constitution and our protections for due process are gone? Has Hastert undermined and abandoned our Nation's values supporting freedom?


Rural America Begins Peaceful Revolt Against Iraq War

When the people are free, when the people are informed of the facts, the people are positioned to exercise their political rights. This is the case in rural Vermont, where average citizens are forcing the issue of the failed Iraq war onto the ballot for further public discussion. This is common sense in action.


The Heavy Cost of Using U.S. Troops as Experimental Test Subjects

Bear Any Burden: The Heavy Cost of Using U.S. Troops as Experimental Test Subjects

The article below describes the terrible price paid by many of our Nation's soldiers so that the Department of Defense and the drug industry can have an endless supply of human test subjects for experimental drugs.



Take Action: Rescue the Reef


Where is safe?

from Vivienne B.

Since the Tetra mast (l k. away) became active last year, I have been suffering badly from lack of sleep, feeling that my skin doesn't fit, headaches etc. etc. The arthritis has become very bad, so suppose I must be electro sensitive. Things have become much worse since an Orange mast - next to a Vodafone became active a short while ago. There is also a datatrack one about lk away, which operates all the time. The high pitched whistling noise that I hear is frequently worse at night and the lack of sleep is just so unbearable.

However our grandson, who lives with us, was rushed to hospital for an appendix op. just before Xmas and the nurses said they had never had so many children (mostly aged 7 - 10) in hospital for appendix. During one week, there were 5 children in there. The frightening thing was that they all lived within about half a mile of a Tetra mast!! This has to be more than a co-incidence as Tetra hasn't been in operation very long in West Sussex.

I am following this one up, as one of the nurses was particularly interested in knowing more of mast emissions. Our grandson still gets tummy pains and nausea - I am feeling the same way and am now seriously considering moving to another area which isn't as flat and open as this one and has more protection with trees, etc.

The reason for writing this (and I know there are thousands out there who feel as worried as I do), is to ask if anyone knows of an area which is reasonably safe? It would be nice to remain somewhere South if pos., simply because we know people here, however desperation means that almost anywhere could be considered. And another thing - where do most sensitive people go for their holidays where they can get away from the emissions and recharge their batteries?

Hoping someone, somewhere has an answer or two. I can see the Easter Holidays looming up and it would be nice to get away for a while. Also, what really really works in deflecting the beastly rays?

Kind regards, VB

From Mast Network

Generalangriff der Konzernzentralen

"Man kann sich nur noch die Augen reiben: Gutverdienende Unternehmen und bestverdienende Spitzenmanager fordern von ihren Belegschaften "Beiträge zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit". Die Arbeitszeiten sollen verlängert werden, selbstverständlich ohne Lohnausgleich. Auf Weihnachts- und Urlaubsgeld soll zumindest zum Teil verzichtet werden. Pausen sollen gestrichen werden…"

Artikel von Klaus Ernst, 1. Bevollmächtigter der IG Metall-Verwaltungsstelle Schweinfurt in Klartext, Zeitung des IG Metall-Standortvertrauenskörpers der ZF Sachs-Gruppe vom Dezember 2004 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 23, Eintrag 1

A June atack on Iran?

by Gary Leupp



According to Gen. Wesley Clark, a senior U.S. military officer told him in the Pentagon as early as November 2001 that the administration planned, following the invasion of Iraq, to conduct campaigns throughout the Middle East and beyond. 'Oh yes, sir, not only is it Afghanistan. There's a list of countries. We're not that good at fighting terrorists, so we're going after states: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Iran. There's a five-year plan.' We're in the fourth year of that plan, which proceeds apace. Afghanistan and Iraq are conquered, dotted with U.S. military bases designed to be permanent. Libya's been removed from the target list, due to some canny machinations on Col. Muammar Qadhafi's part, and Somalia's drawing less attention than Sudan. But Syria, Lebanon and Iran remain very much in the crosshairs...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Deja vu

by Margaret K. Loehr

Common Dreams


The U.S. began bombing Vietnam with B-52's in 1966. Twenty thousand combat soldiers were on the ground at that time, a small percentage of what was to come. That summer I lived on an Army base in Colorado. What I experienced there broke my heart and changed me as a person. Today, to the tune of the same rhetoric, same politics, same promises of freedom, we again send our youth to sacrifice and die. My long ago summer seems like it was yesterday...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush fails to learn from Carter's naive human rights policy

by Ivan Eland

Independent Institute


There are several problems with wearing human rights advocacy on your sleeve. The first is that merely holding a vote doesn't mean that a country will eventually be free. Even the Nazis in Germany initially took power by a democratic election. In the case of Iraq, we are a long way from having a genuine republic that safeguards the human rights of minorities.

The second problem, which Carter experienced acutely, is that rhetorically lambasting countries publicly about their human rights policies or their domestic systems of governance often leads to a vitriolic response. For example, the more Carter (and other presidents) pressured China to improve its human rights conditions, the more the Chinese government cracked down on dissent.

Other governments feel that the U.S. government should worry about affairs within its own borders rather than meddling in their affairs...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Read my lips: The sequel?

by Stephen Moore

The Weekly Standard


The 12.4 percent Social Security payroll tax is now levied only on the first $90,000 a worker makes each year. What President Bush said was that raising the cap (to perhaps $125,000 or even $200,000) was 'on the table.' This was a strategic blunder of the first order. Now even the strongest advocates of Social Security personal accounts are wondering what hefty price will have to be paid to enact them. ...

House majority leader Tom DeLay and others in the Republican leadership in Congress have rightly declared that any tax hike to 'pay for' Social Security reform is dead on arrival, especially in the more conservative House. Bush may gain a few Democratic votes by agreeing to raise taxes, but it appears he would lose far more Republicans in the bargain. In other words, this proposal is a net subtraction of votes for personal accounts...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Recovering from Kerry

by Joshua Frank



Silence is complicity, and the antiwar movement is speechless. No visible opposition to the Iraq war has shown its face for months. Hopefully, that will change on March 19, the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion, when millions of protesters take to the streets around the world. Yet a concerted effort to assemble opposition to the war here in the U.S. has failed to develop...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Terror bill climbdown by Labour

UK: Terror bill climbdown by Labour

Guardian [UK]


Tony Blair's government last night sustained a significant blow to its authority when 60 Labour MPs, including four ex-cabinet ministers, rebelled against Charles Clarke's plans to impose control orders on terrorist suspects -- despite last minute concessions -- and helped slash their party's 161-vote majority to just 14. ... In a significant climbdown to the angry cross-party coalition of MPs who were vociferously refusing to grant ministers powers to detain suspects without judicial approval, Mr Clarke announced that judges will, after all, decide such cases in his new prevention of terrorism bill -- not himself, as the bill currently proposes...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Vermont towns tackle Iraq war resolution

Guardian [UK]


When Vermont towns hold their annual meetings this year, they will likely be dominated by such typical local issues as school spending and whether to buy a new road grader. But on Town Meeting Day set for Tuesday, 52 of the communities also were expected to debate the Iraq war and the Vermont National Guard's role in it as they consider whether to adopt a nonbinding anti-war resolution. The resolution asks President Bush and Congress to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and calls for the Vermont Legislature to establish a commission to study the effects of deployments on the state...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US says puppet government uses torture

Iraq: US says puppet government uses torture

Houston Chronicle


The State Department on Monday detailed an array of human rights abuses last year by the Iraqi government, including torture, rape and illegal detentions by police officers and functionaries of the interim administration that took power in June. In the Bush administration's bluntest description of human rights transgressions by the U.S.-supported government, the report said the Iraqis 'generally respected human rights, but serious problems remained' as the government and U.S.-led foreign forces fought a violent insurgency [sic]. It cited 'reports of arbitrary deprivation of life, torture, impunity, poor prison conditions -- particularly in pretrial detention facilities -- and arbitrary arrest and detention...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government must charge Jose Padilla or free him

Court: Government must charge Padilla or free him

San Francisco Chronicle


A federal judge ordered the Bush administration Monday to either charge terrorism suspect Jose Padilla with a crime or release him after more than 2 1/2 years in custody. U.S. District Judge Henry Floyd in Spartanburg, S.C., said the government can not hold Padilla indefinitely as an 'enemy combatant,' a designation President Bush gave him in 2002. The government contends Padilla was planning an attack with a 'dirty bomb' radiological device. 'The court finds that the president has no power, neither express nor implied, neither constitutional nor statutory, to hold petitioner as an enemy combatant,' Floyd wrote in a 23-page opinion that was a stern rebuke to the government. Floyd, appointed by Bush in 2003, gave the administration 45 days to take action...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Crusaders Against The Killer Waves


Trotz Vertrags-Abschluss prüft E-Plus Standort

Trotz Vertrags-Abschluss prüft E-Plus Standort am Kalvarienberg

Guter Willen auf Gemeinde-Schreiben - 100 Bürger demonstrieren


Peiting - Es gibt noch Hoffnung für die besorgten Peitinger Bürger, die verhindern möchten, dass der Mobilfunkbetreiber E-Plus auf dem Dach des "Weilheimer Hofs" eine Antenne errichten möchte. Während gestern Mittag mehr als 100 Betroffene vor dem Anwesen an der Münchner Straße mit Transparenten und Flyern demonstrierten, macht Hilmar Möhlmann von E-Plus klar: "Wir überprüfen gerade den alternativen Standort außerhalb des Ortes, den uns die Gemeinde genannt hat." Sprich: Obwohl Hausbesitzer Alexander Rott bereits am 21. Dezember den Vertrag mit dem E-Plus unterschrieben hat, bleibt der Kalvarienberg als Ausweich-Standort im Gespräch. In der kommenden Woche soll sich laut Hilmar Möhlmann entscheiden, ob der Vertrag mit dem Besitzer des Weilheimer Hofs hinfällig und damit in Sachen Mobilfunk ausgelagert wird.

"Bei einer annähernd gleichen funktechnischen und wirtschaftlichen Eignung würden wir absehen von dem Standort", so Hilmar Möhlmann auf Anfrage. War die Antenne bereits beschlossene Sache, so hatte der Mobilfunkbetreiber sich auf ein Schreiben der Gemeinde vom 7. Februar doch noch auf einen Vergleich eingelassen. "Das sind jetzt quasi zwei parallele Vorgänge." Die Prüfung hat man bei E-Plus sozusagen "spontan dazwischengeschalten".

Wenn die technischen Voraussetzungen am Kalvarienberg in der nächsten Woche genauer unter die Lupe genommen werden, soll auch ein Team von E-Plus vor Ort sein. "Wir sind da sehr gründlich, da wir ja durchaus Interesse an einem guten Standort haben", so der Regionalsprecher, der das Ansinnen auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit der Gemeinde Peiting betont.

Verwundert zeigt sich Hilmar Möhlmann über die groß angelegte Protest-Aktion vom gestrigen Freitag. "Das ist ein komischer Zeitpunkt für eine Demonstration", gibt er zu bedenken. Und immerhin habe bislang noch kein Peitinger Bürger überhaupt versucht, sich mit der Firma E-Plus in Verbindung zu setzen - Kontakt aufgenommen haben die besorgten Bürger hingegen schon mit dem Besitzer des Weilheimer Hofs, Alexander Rott. "Zwei Briefe wurden mir unter der Tür durchgeschoben, und einen Anruf haben ich bekommen, allerdings war der lächerlich", bilanziert er seine Erfahrungen seit dem Bekanntwerden des neuen Standorts. Der Peitinger zeigt sich unbeeindruckt: "Das ist doch harmlos, ich bin ziemlich enttäuscht, hätte mit mehr gerechnet", gibt er sich betont gelassen. Zudem weist Alexander Rott auf die Antenne hin, die bereits vor drei Jahren auf dem Dach des "Weilheimer Hofs" angebracht wurde und seitdem in Betrieb ist. Weiter möchte er sich nicht äußern. Falls sich E-Plus nun doch für den "Weilheimer Hof" als Standort entscheiden sollte, dann geht es allerdings schnell: "Die Betriebnahme dort würde kurzfristig bevorstehen", so Hilmar Möhlmann.


Zumindest muss sich Verpächter Alexander Rott keine Gedanken über einen Rücktritt vom Vertrag machen - ganz anders als der Besitzer des Eisen-Peter-Hauses an der Münchner-Straße. Laut Informationen unserer Zeitung möchte die Deutsche Funkturm GmbH den Besitzer des Anwesens verklagen, der bereits eine Unterschrift geleistet hatte. Wie es in diesem Fall tatsächlich um das Rücktrittsrecht steht, könnte vor Gericht geklärt werden. mm



Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim


EHS Web Sites in France and in Belgium

I was sent a message about an electrosensitivity web site in France which is at


I cannot read French but check out the graphics!

Don Maisch

L’Association Sauvons Léon: Infos PRESSE Le Dauphiné du 27 Février 2005 & Campagne Nationale

Rixensart sans réseau GSM

Informant: Sylvie

In Vermont, a Town-Meeting Revolt over Iraq War


Bush On The "Free Press"

Pass It On: Bush On The "Free Press"

by President George W. Bush

Watch President Bush explaining how the press should be constrained by "the truth" -- a constraint we wish he'd apply to himself.


"A free press is important...obviously there's got to be constraints."

--President Bush at a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, explaining freedom of the press to Russian journalists.

Watch a video clip here:

DU turns into micro particles on impact

DU turns into micro particles on impact. These are easily breathed in. One ounce of DU properly administered could kill everyone in MN. The halflife is 4.5 billion years, essentially forever.

2,000 tons is like looking at 1,000 parked cars in a parking lot.

The nuclear energy industry gives the depleted uranium to the weapons manufacturers for free. They have no way of disposing of it, but if they did, it would be extremely expensive. It is a matter of financial convenience.

Most of this weaponry is made in the state of MN. I told the MN AG, Dan Hatch, about it, and said the people responsible should be prosecuted under R.I.C.O. He said it was his job to defend the state and its enterprizes. He said I should write my Congress people.

David Diggins

New World Order News


Informant: mark marks




NEWS FLASH: Bush Family War Profiteering


Every day the occupation of Iraq does damage to Iraq, the United States and the world. Anti-war activists recognize it is time to re-ignite efforts to end the war and bring the troops home. Democracy Rising, founded by Ralph Nader and a founding member of United for Peace and Justice, is proud to announce its' 'Stop the War' campaign designed to empower grass roots organizations as well as individual activists throughout the country to end the war as soon as possible.

As you will see on our website, http://www.DemocracyRising.US, we provide tools you can use:

Iraq War Facts: A compilation of key facts, statistics and reports on the Iraq War and occupation. Armed with these facts you will become a more effective advocate - not only will you have a strong rationale for opposing the war but now you will have the facts to back it up.

E-Postcards to make it easy to spread the word - get people involved. The e-postcards can include a photo of U.S. war protests or of the horrors of the war as a way to encourage involvement in anti-war efforts. To send a picture as an E-Postcard, find the picture in the Multimedia Gallery and then click

Up-to-Date News from our news feed. You can get a daily news video from Iraq as well as connections to all the latest news on the war and occupation.

Highlight Anti-War Activists: Democracy Rising will regularly profile peace activists, authors and elected officials. Our first interview is with Jimmy Massey and his wife Jackie. Jimmy is an Iraq War vet who has become an outspoken peace activist. Read his interview and you'll understand better why this war must end.

Contact Decision Makers: Through our 'Stop the War' Campaign we make it easy for you to contact your elected officials, an email, write or call to let them know it is time to stop the war and bring the troops home.

Influence the Media: We'll be sending out action alerts that provide a coordinated campaign to influence the media and urge more complete coverage of the impact of the war and occupation. Coming soon will be a page with email address for letters to the editor for major media outlets.

The anti-war movement had an impressive beginning, putting millions of people in the streets throughout the world. The arguments we put forward before the invasion have come true - the occupation has become a quagmire, made us less safe, costs hundreds of billions of dollars, weakened U.S. relationships around the world - it is a catastrophic failure and the longer it goes on the more damage it will do. Democracy Rising wants to help all of us create an even stronger anti-war movement that not only elected officials hear - but one they cannot ignore.

We can end the war in Iraq if we act together with a concerted effort at stopping the war and bringing the troops home.

Kevin Zeese

The Government And RFID: What You Need To Know

With input predicting federal spending on RFID to grow 120 percent over the next five years, VARs need to understand different agency needs if they want to get in on the action, according to a panel of government IT representatives gathered on Thursday by the Bethesda chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).


Informant: Mark

Microwave Hearing

Microwave Hearing - abstracts, references

Informant: STEAVE



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