The City council of Ubeda prohibits the installation of new antennas of mobile telephony

The CanalSur News. Wednesday 2 of March of the 2005.

The City council of Ubeda (Jaén) has approved a municipal ordinance on antennas of the mobile telephony that prohibits new facilities and orders retirement to 200 meters of scholastic centers of the already existing ones with the purpose of reducing the visual and environmental impact of this patrimony city of humanity.

According to the councilwoman informed about New Technology, Luisa Leiva (PP), this decision has been adopted "because of the saturation and the city-planning disorder that until now has taken place in the municipal term and more specially in the renaissance enclaves" of this declared patrimony city of humanity by UNESCO.

Therefore the installation of new antennas of mobile telephony in the urban helmet is prohibited except in the cases in which the location of the antennas outside the city supposes a damage of the services of cover of the operator and this one is credited with technical information, "always with sound insulations according to the effective norm". On the other hand, the delegated councilman of Urbanism, Francisco Mendieta (PA), affirmed that the antennas at the moment installed within the city will have to be moved to the outside unless it credits that its transfer will cause significant alterations in the services of the operator at issue. In any case, the norm will limit prohibit the location of antennas to less than 200 meters of buildings like schools, institutes or centers of health and will force the operators to use "the best existing technology than it allows to obtain the smaller visual and environmental impact", as well as "with the purpose of reducing the electromagnetic radioactivity". As far as the wiring in buildings, the Municipal ordinance establishes that the installation in the facades of the buildings will not be allowed, under the scope of the Special Plan of Protection of the Historical Set, forcing the construction company of new constructions to bury the wiring.


Informant: Sylvie

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