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09 Mars 2005 the adoption by the Congress at this meeting in Versailles of the Charter of the Environment is for ASL a projection of most significant since many decades for the environmental protection and the quality of life for which we have fought for several months. It is in the right wire of what we ask at a recent meeting of work with our Deputy and mayor Herve MARITON (see report of Dauphiné Libéré 22/02/20005).

This Charter in its article 5 finally gives to the principle of precaution a constitutional value. It is one of the strong elements of the charter which will have a very significant impact on the development of our company: From now on very implemented of new technologies within our framework of life will have to respect and take into account the environment and the health of the citizens, even "... quite dubious in the state of scientific knowledge ". We are also very satisfied with article 4 which definite the contribution to repair, ASL had done one of its war-horses, this request which appeared with certain original even absurd, but the purpose of which was especially the responsabilisation of the industrialists, now there is no more ambiguity:

"Art. 4. - Any person must contribute to the compensation for the damages which it causes with the environment, under the conditions defined by the law."

If this Charter is first world on a major stake our to become, it also answered the waiting of all associations which are implied for the introduction of a true environmental national policy for the present, but also for the future generations. We regard this Charter as a historical stage, because the legislator gave himself the means of a policy which must now result in strong acts on the ground.

Concretely and as soon as possible, we wish that Herve MARITON our Deputy and mayor is the engine of the opening of a parliamentary debate near the Deputies and Government concerning the decree n° 2002-775 of 3 May 2002 relating to the irradiations of the Electromagnetic Fields of the mobile relay of telephony, this in order to stage the essential omissions of this decree taken in the urgency.

Photographs: The MACRO-Station 3G (EDGE/UMTS) of Crest, the example of this we think that it will not be possible any more to make: To install in urban zone of very powerful antennas relay to increase profitability and to decrease the tastes of infrastructures to the detriment of the health of the Residents. Version on http://www.sauvonsleon.fr

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