Phobia to electricity

22 August 2004


Phobia to the electricity

• a judicial sentence recognizes that a Barcelonian suffers electromagnetic hypersensitivity
• the disease causes intolerancia to the light sources or to TV


The history of Josep Oriol Badell seems removed from comic of Marvel, but is real. And specially it lasts. He is 55 years old and has been suffering a disease very little well-known, denominated electromagnetic hypersensitivity, that has taken him to undertake one crossed in solitaire after defending its rights.

In the 2003 he presented/displayed a demand of labor incapacitacion that the Court of Social number 2 of Barcelona misestimated May past year. The sentence, nevertheless, recognizes the existence of his disease: "The judge affirms that I suffer electrosensibility, but in a moderate degree that, according to the failure, allows me to work. Considering which I began of zero, convincing almost my family, it is a very significant advance ", explains Badell, that has resorted to the Superior Court of Catalunya. An unbearable life, simple exhibition during minutes to the electromagnetic fields, that create the mobile televisions, household-electric or telephones causes from tremors and states of tachycardia, hypertension and insomnia to him. "There are moments that in my life which are unbearable", he affirms. The daily actions can become, in his case, a hell: "I have to speak on the telephone to half meter of distance of the earpiece. I cannot lead and in the bus I have to request that they extinguish the conditioned air and the fluorescent". But still there is more: "I do not hold to walk at night under the lampposts and when I arrive at house I have to extinguish all the electrical apparatuses and to hope to that the neighbor lets see his tele to be able to sleep". When he undergoes a crisis few alternatives have left to the margin to hope or "to go to the next beach and to bury the hands and the feet in the sand. I feel as if it was unloading to me ", he indicates. Since the problems began he has changed six times the house -- now he lives in Barceloneta -- and not even finds lightening in the field: "I have a house in a town on a hill, but it is surrounded by antennas of mobile telephony and I only can conciliate the dream within the warehouse". This last point is, he assures, the cause of his nightmare: "Everything began when they installed antennas that were located to the same height of my room. Other neighbors, and even my woman, suffer since then different diseases ", he assures.

His disease is recognized by the World-wide Organization of Health (WHO), but in Spain only exist two or three credited cases. He condemned his way of the cross of visits without success to doctors and specialists until knowing doctor Fernandez Solà, resident of the Clínic Hospital of Barcelona. The treatment past diagnosed the disease month to him of April and it applied a treatment that allows him to live a little better: "I continue having problems, but from day to day it is more bearable. Even so nobody has been able to still assure if it is or not a chronic ailment ". Sweden is the only country of the world where sentences in favor of the labor incapacitacion by electrosensibility has been dictated. Badell wants to lay way in Spain and to create jurisprudence. "I look for more affected, since some people suffer the same but, before the ignorance of the doctors, they do not know it. When we are more, more force we will do ".


Informant: Sylvie


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