Although many "experts" deny the relation between mobile telephony and diseases as cancer, the evidence gives thousands of people who sicken and die every year because of the electromagnetic radiation. And the situation is so serious that more and more scientists - who the great telephone companies have not been able to silence demand the international organisms that intervene in the affair to avoid the deterioration of the health of million people. We offer to the reader data so that he himself judges. And they are not indeed reassuring. At the end of last May - with more than three years of delay on the anticipated thing the call started up in our country telephony UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) or telephony of Third Generation (3G) that, according to his suppliers, it will allow to establish videoconferences and to connect to Internet with a speed of data transmission 10 times superior to the present one. The world-wide experts did not take in saying that the UMTS will be "the new hen of gold eggs". The certain thing, however, is that even before being born already it had generated million euros in losses. And so that '? Then partly by technical problems caused by cover lagoons since many communities of proprietors are refusing to that on its tile roofs some of the 15,000 or 20,000 new antennas settles that this precise technology. For that reason the great operators of telephony, before the possibility more than real of a resounding and multimillionaire failure, more and morecounterattack with aggressive campaigns that include economic promises and financial advantages of all type to convince the communities of neighbors of to change the idea. Nevertheless, they are with the problem that the today citizen is familiarized with terms like "electromagnetic radiation", "waves of EMF", "thermal effects and nonthermal", etc., and has read on the potential harmfulness of this technology. And before the doubt... he does not trust himself. And whatever more "uncontrolled" information - uncontrolled by the interested groups, we mean has available will trust himself still less. The persistence of the companies to silence the voices critics of many scientists, investigators and mass media, if it is necessary they even try to discredit them. Nevertheless, it is obvious that while around the antennas of mobile telephony increases in abnormal form the number of diseases and that fact repeat in numerous cities and countries to many scientists, industralists and politicians it is going to be impossible to convince the public opinion of which everything must to a mere chance or to the paranoia of few citizens. They do not let the facts exist because they silence themselves, they ignore or they manipulate. And we say it from the conviction that we exactly have the same information that those that denies the harmfulness of the mobile telephony and its antennas. Information the reader, judges and decides... but soon does not say that nobody warned to him. The ORGANISM HAS ITS OWN ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD First of all we must understand - and thus we already explained it in nº 38 of the magazine that each one of the cells of an alive being has a perfectly defined electromagnetic field in which - is which the resemblance of the membrane acts like condenser and mitochondrias like power supply and where in addition systems exist that a work of commutation and transmission like the cytoscelett carry out. That is what it happens at cellular level. And the same it happens in each one of weaves, organs and systems of the body where proteins exist that transport the information at the speed of the light. It is more, the own to be human as a whole is an electromagnetic field, the most powerful instrument of organization and biological communication that exists in the nature. Good, because each one of those levels has its own phantom characteristic of electromagnetic waves reason why the existence of interactions of resonance among them is necessary in order to maintain a balance dynamic. A connection that, if it is broken and it is not recoverable by the own organism, makes happen the disease. The human being is indeed so sensible to any external electromagnetic field. Until the point of which a simple change of meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) is sufficient to misadjust to him and to approval put his mechanisms of regulation, defense and adaptation. In sum, knowing that the alive beings are sensible to the external stimuli, it is evident that more and more the intense electromagnetic pollution - in addition to other pathological effects valued and described by numerous investigators, it can upset the average internal electromagnetic natural. And nowadays in excessively fast form, so much as not to allow that the human being can adapt. Something that can induce in the human organism changes and pathogenesis beyond the negative effects that have been able to value until the moment. Obviously, the possible effects in the organism of the artificial waves - as the radiation of microwaves and the ELF of the mobile telephony depend on the coherence, power, modulations, proximity to the emission source, duration of the exhibition, types of waves and possible resonances as well as of the interferences that can be established between those signals and the processes and physiological structures of the organism. Although the main danger of this hair net - but real threat is that the different frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum of the devices that emit radiation (mobile telephones, screens of computer, high tension cables, household-electric, etc.) can interfere as much in the frequencies of the organism of the person - and all alive being at organic level as cellular by virtue of the well-known phenomenon of resonance. And that is thus because those apparatuses - among them, the mobile telephones emit in the same or very seemed frequency that, for example, a human brain or a heart. With the difference of which they do it in harmonic frequencies, which takes them to interfere with the natural frequencies.


First which is to consider is that the mobile telephone, if is ignited, emits radiation of permanent way, we are using it or no. That yes, does not emit the same dose when it is in wait state but that it arrives at his maximum tips when one receives or carries out a call. It is a permanent bidirectional system, the apparatus is emitting and receiving-amplifying of signals. What one is due to consider since if we tried to make use of the telephone from the interior of a car, parking or a building the radiation that we will receive will be greater because the telephone will need to emit more power to act. The used system of mobile telephony today in the world is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) that works with 900 MHz but a new technology has begun to extend, the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System or Universal System of Mobile Telecommunication) that needs superior frequencies - between 1,885 and 2,200 MHz- in order to be able to incorporate greater volume of information (and it is thought for this technology to transmit images and to enrich the benefits of the mobile telephone with connections to Internet). In sum, the electromagnetic spectrum of the mobile telephones is made up of two types of waves, some of which are in the same rank of frequencies as the alive systems:
1) the microwaves. They are the waves that carry the signal and its frequency is around 900 MHz in the case of technology GSM while MHz in the case of the digital apparatuses arrives up to 1,800/1,900. And,
2) the waves of very low or extremely MF that is those that modulates the signal. As far as the frequency of these waves on the mobile telephones we found them at:
a) 2 Hertz. They are used to avoid the little comfortable modulation for the ears that the surrounding noise causes.
b) 8.34 Hertz. It is the radiation frequency of the signal associated to the conditions of reception.
c) 30 to 40 Hertz. With it they emit different internal electronic elements from the mobile telephone.
d) 217 Hertz. It is the modulation of the carrier frequency of the microwaves used by systems GSM (it is necessary to say that in case of intense traffic the frequency of 217 Hertz disappears and only is left to 8'34 Hertz).

All this is important because, since we have explained, the alive organisms are sensible to the ultralow intensities of the external fields since their cells, weaves and organs move in that electromagnetic strip. The heart and the brain, for example, enter resonance with similar external frequencies: the heart emits to an intensity of 100,000 femtoTeslas for electrical frequencies of 1 or 2 Hertz whereas the power of magnetic emission of 150 a human brain is of femtoTeslas for the electrical frequencies of 0 to 31'5 Hertz (it is necessary to remember that the magnetic field of ELF of a screen of 250 television is of nanoteslas, that is the million times greatest one than developed by brain and the heart). The dramatic effects of radiation of ELF as important processes as the cellular division or the intercellular communication must those that emit the mobile telephones (8'34 Hertz and 2 Hertz) they agree in the same phantom. Thus electroencephalogram reflects nobody since the cerebral waves theta, delta and alpha are between the 0 and 12 Hertz. And that is the reason that this class of radiation affects on a par to the electrical and electrochemical activity of the brain as well as to the permeability of the haemato-encephalic barrier of the same that degrades the immune system.


Already in the numbers of February and April of 2002 of Discovery DSALUD we gave account to the reader of numerous studies that affirm that the mobile telephony has more effects than accepted by those who say to represent the "scientific community" although in general they are not investigators conditional more than to whom the industry "finances" its investigations so that they only transmit the society what it interests to it. That when it is not requested to them, simply, they lies. It is the power of the money. In front of them, the really independent scientists - to whom the industry describes as "dissidents" to give the false sensation that they are a minority group remember that in addition to the thermal effects caused by a mobile telephone nonthermal effects take place, not so visible and difficult to quantify, that they can also causing serious problems of health, cancer including. Nonthermal effects that would have - like already we have advanced to that good part of the waves which emits a mobile telephone is in the same rank of frequencies in which the cells of our body work and by a simple effect of bioresonance they can alter the normal electrical operation. The work of Darius Leyzczinsky in the prestigious Differentiation magazine demonstrates how emission GSM within the limits of the present cellular telephone without temperature elevation entails an increase of tumorlike markers. The Swedish epidemiologist Lennart Hardell, on the other hand, found that there is a greater presence of cerebral tumors as much between the users of the old analogical telephones as of the wireless fixed telephone. Then, in the acceptance or not of the injurious effect of those nonthermal effects - or athermical - is where really there is today greater confrontation. The pro-government scientists affirm that there are "no scientific evidences" of such. And that affirmation has taken to the governments to establish the present laws and the limits of emission. The independent scientists, contributing tests, assure nevertheless that there is to reduce those limits immediately because they can produce evident and serious damages to the population. The result? That the governments, enormously pressed by the industry, have chosen to assure the productivity of the lucrative sector of the mobile telephony before to take measures to prevent and preventively to protect the health of the citizens. More and more collective - scientists, professionals, ocal, etc. - raises their voice to request that new really independent investigations are undertake, the limits are reviewed again and demand that this time the nonthermal effects of the radiation caused by the apparatuses and the antennas of mobile telephony are considered. The scientific studies already exist in thousands on the adverse effects of this technology on the alive organisms.


It is necessary to add that some of the scientific researches warning of the danger of the mobile telephony are written in Spanish. And among them it emphasizes a name: the one of doctor Claudius Gomez-Perretta, doctor, lawyer in Chemistries and Platoon leader of the Research center of the University Hospital of Fe in Valencia that has been specially combative with the passivity - it would be possible to say negligence of the authorities in the subject of the harmfulness of the mobile telephony. If the reader keys his name in any finder of Internet he will find hundreds of references to documents signed by him. And in them affirmations like this one can be read: "Between the biological mechanisms that can be seen affected by the electromagnetic radiations emphasize, among others, the paper that the pineal gland plays and its hormone - melatonin - that seems to diminish its nocturnal secretion by the action of those radiations. This nocturnal secretion diminution probably favors the ominous action of the free radicals and the appearance of tumors by a smaller activity of the antitumorlike gene. The diminution of melatonin can produce, like equalizer, a serotonin reduction and increase the risk of depression appearance". Doctor Gomez-Perretta nondoubt in denouncing in addition that "in spite of everything, the companies - that provide services of mobile telephony and some governments argue that there are no sufficient reasons to fear that the radio frequencies and the electromagnetic radiations are detrimental at inferior levels to the production of thermal effect in the organism, ignoring or not giving validity to the works that even associate alteration or cellular damage with the exhibition to a low intensity of microwaves. In addition, the industry - and, unfortunately, some centers public constantly emit official notices that they even erase irrationals or alarmists the news that alert of the necessity to take suitable measures from precaution ". And it goes still more back in his open denunciation: "It even seems that it is tried more not to damage the economic interests of the companies suppliers that to protect the health of the citizens". And it concludes: "In agreement with present scientific literature it is difficult to establish a harmless level and, therefore, the recommendations of most of the governments of the European Union who base their criteria on the belief that the thermal effects only exist must be reconsidered at sight of the tens of works that describe to cellular damage associate to implicit the nonthermal effects in the exhibition to these radio frequencies". Also in the Internet another document signed by Gomez-Perretta can be found who does not have waste either. It is the titular allegations that he himself, next to Manuel Portolés (doctor in Biological Sciences and Facultative in Biology and Cellular Pathology of the Research Center of the University Hospital Fe in Valencia), Navarrese Enrique and Joaquin Navasquillo (both doctors in Physical and professors of the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Valencia) did to the Decree Project Real by which the "Regulation of Development of Law 11/1998, 24 of April, General of Telecommunications was approved, with respect to the servitudes, to the limits of exhibition and other restrictions to the radioelectric emissions". It is those joint allegations the four investigators affirm: "the biological effects of the radio frequencies (technology with works the mobile telephony) for inferior values of exhibition to 2.9 µW/cm2 include in human alterations in the calcium transport, increase of the activity ornitindecarboxilase - marking of synthesis, growth and cellular differentiation and changes in the electroencephalogram. These evidences were sufficient so that in 1995 the Supreme Court of New Zealand decided to place like maximum limit for the human exhibition to the radio frequencies emitted by means of telephony GSM a maximum limit of 2µW/cm2 ". And more ahead is possible to be read: "the results include from breakage in the DNA and presence of chromosomic aberrations to increases in the oncogene activity, reduction of the melatonin secretion, alteration of the cerebral activity and sanguineous pressure and increase of brain cancer".

The revision of the literature of Gomez-Perretta, Portolés, Navarrese and Navasquillo includes the reference to thirty studies - today exist more, much found damages caused by the mobile telephony in animal as in humans. We suppose that declarations of this type were those that caused that the investigation of this equipment even tried to be cancelled by the Council of Health of the Valencian Community - with threats of serious sanction although luckyly without success because they stayed firm and they counted on the international support of outstanding members of the scientific community. A new attempt which would aborted therefore the general interest was subordinated to the individual of the multinationals of the sector. It is possible to add that the group formed by Gomez-Perretta, Navarrese and Portolés has been first in publishing in a magazine specialized like Electromagnetic, Medicine and Biology the relation between exhibition to radio frequencies - specially of stations base of GSM - and known symptoms the call syndrome of the microwaves recently described by Johnson-Liakouris in the prestigious archives magazine of Enviromental Health. It is incomprehensible - not to use adjective a more robust while the presence of these investigators constantly has been demanded for years in congresses and meetings - as much national as international to expose the conclusions of it works... in the "commission of experts" of the Ministry of Health and Consumption is not wanted to them nor to listen. And that that has been authors of numerous revisions. It can be in Internet, for example, works on the potential effects of the mobile telephony in the pineal gland and its main hormone, the melatonin, works in which it is shown that the radiations seem to diminish their nocturnal secretion and to favor so much the ominous action of the free radicals like the appearance of tumors, probably due to a smaller activity of the antitumorlike gene.
According to explain, the diminution of melatonina can produce in addition, like equalizer, a serotonin reduction and, of this form, increase the risk of depression appearance. Who try in that subject "to put doors to the field" still do not seem to have given account of which - luckyly other forums exist already where the independent scientists can make public the results of their investigations so that the judgment does the citizen informed. One of them is, as already the network. Several texts of doctor Portolés can be found but it is one of them that has specially called us the attention by its clarity and forcefulness. We reproduce part of its content here: "the state and engineer outstanding of several polytechnical universities - many of receiving them economic aids of the operators obvian and ignore the nonthermal effects of these microwaves, perhaps because they do not understand them although they affect their own Biology". Also it explains that "with the development of telephony UMTS of the third ' degeneration' the temperature of ours appreciated ' organ commanded will be in check: meninges, optical nerve and hypothalamus will be the possible morning calls of this radiation of microwaves ". In addition doctor Portolés remembers "in alive", the nonthermal effects of the exhibition to microwaves to frequencies GSM that have already been able to contrast include alterations in the immune system, depression, diminution of the melatonin secretion, increase of the mortality of chicken embryos, increase of the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, neurochemical alterations, increases of linfomas in mice and, even, breakage in the DNA. "The Biomedicina - continuing doctor Portolés - demonstrated for some years the existence of a new ailment: the of radio frequencies disease or syndrome of the microwaves. This new disease is characterized by fatigue, irritability, nervousness, migraines, nausea, palpitaciones, alterations of the arterial pressure and the frequency cardiac, upheavals of the dream, sensorial diminution and modifications in electroencephalogram. More recently it has been included in this listing loss of reflections, retardation in the decision making, temporary loss of memory, nausea and vertigo as well as the presence of noises and hummings in the ears ". And he concludes his text in ironic form: "Arrived up to here I believe that no longer anybody can say that the radiation of microwaves of the mobile telephones is totally innocuous".


"Also in May of 2002 university professors and investigators of the University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid) made public a today well-known text like the Declaration of Alcala in which a group of scientists - including an outstanding member of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health and Consumption, the university professor of Magnetobiology de Zaragoza, Maria Jesus Azanza - decided to express what a worrisome reality considered. The same begin recognizing what the radiation of pulsating microwaves of low intensity that is used at the moment in mobile telephony "can exert in the organisms alive subtle nonthermal influences". An affirmation that supports in two facts: "On the one hand, the microwaves - which are defined by their intensity and by their frequency are oscillating systems of energy transport. On the other hand, the human body is an electrochemical complex of exquisite sensitivity whose control and ordered operation are regulated by oscillating electrical processes of several types, each one characterized by a specific frequency ". And it clarifies the text that "the frequencies of the incident radiation from the outside can interfere with the endogenous biological activities of electrical character" explaining that this interference can take place in agreement with basic principles:
- All the biological structures contact with the means that surround them through electrical impulses.
- Our brain is the most sensible organ to the effects of induced electrical alterations in our body.
- Our heart maintains its rythmical activity from a constant flow of current that can be altered by an external electromagnetic field.
- All the alive cellular structures are sensible to currents induced from the outside.
- Our body acts like a receiving antenna of the electromagnetic waves.
- Our nervous system is a very sensible and easily changeable structure by the electromagnetic emissions that affect from the outside. Also the signers indicate that the mere existence of nonthermal effects necessarily does not imply adverse consequences for the health since the electromagnetic fields also are used with aims therapeutic diagnoses. "But either - they continue to ignore the gathered disquieting indications in the certain scientific literature of which they are a small sample, 600 publications more examined to draft this document". And next they enumerate the main nonthermal effects that can cause the radio frequencies of low intensity according to diverse studies made in laboratories that the own signers consider independent: to alter the dynamic-functional characteristics of the cellular membrane, to alter to the transduction of signals physical-chemistries, to cause proliferativas cellular answers and to cause an increase of markers of the presence of tumorlike cells. "Still more - continues saying the Declaration -, the radio frequencies used in mobile telephony seem to affect in nonthermal form a variety of cerebral functions (including the endocrine system). It is no wonder the sintomatology which they refer the people exposed to electromagnetic fields is fundamentally neurological ". And later: "the analogical mobile telephony uses signals similar to those of the radio stations or television and the digital movable telephony is based on pressed microwaves very similar to the signals of radar, although on other frequencies. And, unfortunately, the epidemiological studies on exhibition to waves of broadcast television and radar include, although the exhibition sometimes is not perfectly defined, increases of tumorlike pathology as well as alterations cardiac, neurological and reproductive ".

Finally, in the final paragraphs the signers denounce that "if normative scientific studies and of other countries, applying the caution principle, establish levels of even inferior protection 0,1mW/cm2 it is a serious negligence that in our country the population follows exposed levels that can arrive up to 450 or 900 mW/cm2 hoping that the firm evidence totally establishes the injurious effects of the weak electromagnetic fields in exhibitions in the long term". And they conclude with a warning: "To annul the discrepant voices does not approach us the truth, only the hidden one by a limited time".


More and more are the doctors who have begun to show their preoccupation publicly. A sample of it is the document that at 9 of October 2002 signed twenty doctors of the German region of Freiburg and whose call already has been subscribed by more than thousand doctors and hundreds of therapists worldwide. In the text it is possible to be read: "In the last years we observed between our patients a dramatic increase of serious and chronic diseases" (a listing of different diseases is included here between which they are mentioned, for example, infarcts, cancer, degenerativas cerebral diseases, immunodeficiencies, insomnia or chronic fatigue). And we frequently see increasing a clear temporary and space relation between the appearance of these ailments and the beginning of an irradiation of microwaves that appears of diverse forms: installation of antennas of mobile telephony in the proximity of the patients or intensive use of mobile telephones, acquisition of a wireless telephone to use it in house or the vicinity ". To the doctors doubt does not fit: "No longer we can believe in a purely accidental coincidence then with too much frequency we observed a showy concentration of certain diseases in zones or buildings radiated with microwaves; with too much frequency the disease improved or just a short time disappear ailments that extended months and until years after reducing or eliminating the irradiation with microwaves; with too much frequency our observations with the made measurements of electromagnetic fields in situ are confirmed ".

All the observed takes them to conclude the following thing: "We considered that the wireless technology of the introduced mobile telephony in 1992 as well as telephones (Norm DECT) can be bought from 1995 are one of leading the essentials of this fatal development". And they warn: "Specially threatened are the pregnant women, the children, the greater and ill adolescents and people". The signers of this call confess that their therapeutic efforts are more and more unfruitful by the free and continuous penetration of the radiations as much in the work places as in those of residence and they lay for a concrete direction: "We also considered the number increasing of chronic patients as a consequence of the irresponsible policy of fixation of limits that, instead of protecting the population of the effects short and long term, is put under the dictations of a technology of whose danger sufficient certainty it had already. No longer we waited for nothing new and unreal results of the investigation that, according to shows the experience to us, are influenced repeatedly by the industry while studies with probatory force are ignored. We considered urgent and necessary to build already ".


We must add that before even of the declarations of Alcala and Freiburg - concretely in January of 2001 -, the Association of Geobiological Studies (GEA) warned the Ministry of Science and Technology that the mobile telephony produces both types of effects, the thermal ones - already recognized and the nonthermal ones - which is tried to silence -. In that date GEA sent to the Ministry an extensive and documented report with the allegations of the Association to the Decree Project Real of Law 11/1998, of 24 April, General of Telecommunications mentioned before. And in this report it could be read: "the only index of taken reference as basic restriction is the value S.A.R. (Rate of Equivalent Absorption) that measures the power of radiation necessary to warm up or to elevate in 1º C weaves submissive this radiation. This value only considers the thermal effects of the radio frequencies forgetting the many not-thermal effects. But in addition all the experiments to find the SAR, without exception, are made not in alive beings nor on people but on a full spherical model of liquid of density similar to the one of the human body that allows to obtain an empirical calculation, nonreal, of the SAR ". And indeed this is part of the problem since the authorized limit for the radiation of microwaves used by the mobile telephony has been established by technicians - not by doctors or biologists who are based only on the radiation power that warms up a degree Celsius a stock market that contains a saline solution that tries to imitate the composition of the human body. "In level language - continuous the report of Gea - is not experienced on alive beings and the condition for being alive of the man at the time of establishing values of protection does not consider because it would introduce too many variables in the experiments and because - and this one is the definitive reason does not interest to be investigated on the human being". GEA mentions in addition in their report other documents that guarantee their words. For example, the report of doctor Gerard Hyland sent to the European Parliament in June of 1999 - which we reproduced in number 36 of our magazine and that gathered a series of very concrete recommendations. Also they mention the report ordered by the British Government to an independent group of experts in mobile telephony that is known like Stewart Report (May 2000) in which it recognizes the possibility of negative not-thermal effects for the health by cause of the mobile telephones as of the base antennas. The text says literally: "Now scientific evidence exists that suggests to take place biological effects by exhibitions below these values of reference - it talks about to be established by the ICNIRP, the abbreviations in ingles of the Association International for the protection as opposed to the no-ionizing radiation, organism in charge to fix the limits of emission of radio frequencies and, therefore, we concluded that nowadays it is not possible to say that the exhibition to radio frequencies, although is inferior to the values of the ICNIRP, is lacking totally of adverse effects for the health." And to support its allegations and to insist to the Ministry to adopt a caution principle before fixing the limits of emission of radio frequencies GEA it remembered in its text that "the not-thermal effects are demonstrated at experimental level and to epidemiological level. More than 20,000 studies exist on the bioeffects of the radio frequencies, that are more of the double than the studies made on the detrimental effects of lead (that it assumes is the greater biotoxic). The volume of studies made is indicating of the scientific consensus about the danger of the radio frequencies ".


Another group that also is specially combative is the one of the citizens informed and conscious that more and more is united in local associations or of users to denounce the damages that the installation of antennas of telephony in the roofs of the cities is causing them where they live. Lamentably, in spite of the thousands of well-known scientific information and of the exigencies of citizen groups, the European Parliament has washed the hands until year 2006, in which the conclusion of the investigations is predicted that is ordered on the electromagnetic waves of the mobile telephony. The same happens with the WHO that will not be pronounced until they conclude the investigations of the Project the International EMF in 2007 and it counts on a budget of 3.3 million dollars to evaluate the risks for the health of the electromagnetic fields (EMF). The question is: if so many years are needed so that the European Parliament or the WHO emits an own report on the moving bodies of first generation, how much there will be to wait that the first institutional valuations arrive about the telephony of third generation that, as it is known, is much more powerful? We cannot nor imagine it. And still more: why that exaggerated delay? Is it tactics to benefit to somebody? To what price? We are united here to those who demand that the Principle of Precaution is applied in immediate form regulated by the Court of Justice of the European Union according to the uncertainty with respect to the existence and to the importance of the risks for the health of the people subsists, the institutions can adopt measures of protection without having to hope that the reality and the gravity of the risks totally are demonstrated. By our part it only is to add that a Government interested in the health of his citizens would not have to repeat old vices nor to allow chaotic situations of the past like when, for example, the harmfulness of the tobacco or the asbestos refused, or the possible transmission to humans of badly was hidden of the "crazy cows" or the "Asian chicken". Laura Jimeno Muñoz "What are evidences of their no danger?" To the cases already gathered in our pages of February of 2002 (it sees nº 36 of Discovery DSalud) it would be possible to add those that the Association Vallisoletana de Afectados by Antennas of Telecomunicacio'n (AVVATE) has compiled and which 4 years have been published in the Spanish press only in the last. All of them are serious cases of cancer and other pathologies that the population relates to antennas of telephony next to the places where they live: - Totana (Murcia). 6 deaths by cancer (May 2000). - Torrevieja (Alicante). 13 deaths by cancer (November 2000) - Quart de Poblet (Valencia). 5 cases of cancer (January 2001) - Ondara (Valencia). 10 cases of cancer (March 2001) - Benidorm (Alicante). 3 cases of cancer (August 2001) - District of San jOse de Palmete (Seville). 9 cases of cancer (August 2001) - School Jesus Nazareno (Cordova). 3 leukaemias infantile and 2 cancers of colon between the educational (November 2001). - School Garcia Quintana (Valladolid). 3 leukaemias linfoblastic acute and 3 linfomas. Of them, a death. In this school 43% of all the cases of infantile cancer of the province of Valladolid have occurred. (2001-2004). And without no study of field finds another explanation reasonable. - District of the Flowers (Corunna). 20 died in a year (January 2001). - Figueres (Girona). 3 cerebral tumors in the same school (March 2002). - Torrevieja (Alicante). 7 cases of cancer (March 2002). - Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid). 4 cases of cancer in the body of firemen (November 2002). - Conil (Cadiz). Several cases of cancer and problems of thyroid (February 2003). - It makes the rounds (Malaga). 14 deaths by cancer (March 2003). - District of the Musas (Madrid). 14 cases of cancer (April 2003). - Districts Bacarot and Plá (Alicante). Several cases of cancer, 4 deaths and 4 abortions (May 2003). - Cartagena (Murcia). 2 deaths by cancer (May 2003). - Montilla (Cordova). 11 cases of hypertiroidism (May of 2003). - Barcelona. 2 deaths by leukaemia (June 2003). - Portocolom (Majorca). 23 cases of cancer (August 2003). - Alcossebre (Castellón). 6 cases of cancer (August 2003). - Sherry (Cadiz). Several cases of cancer (September 2003). - Cieza (Murcia). 3 infantile cancers in the same school (September 2003). - Salamanca. 3 cancers of larynx (September of 2003). - Plasencia (Cáceres). 7 cases of cancer (November 2003). - Quarter of the Civil Guard (Palencia). 2 leukaemias. (November 2003). - Alzira (Valencia). 34 cases of cancer. Of them, 18 already passed away (December 2003). - San Ginés (Murcia). 20 cancers (11 already passed away) and several leukaemias infantile in a population of about 2,000 inhabitants (December 2003). - Coria (Cáceres). 20 cancers in young people (December 2003). - Burriana (Castellón). Four infantile cancers in the same school in less than three years (January 2004). - Santa Marta de Tormes (Salamanca). 37 cancers in four streets. 1 deceased (January 2004). - Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona). 6 cases of cancer in the same block of houses (February 2004). - Gijón. In blocks with antennas, 11 cases of tumors, 1 linfoma of Hodking, 1 suprarrenal carcinoma, 1 cancer of language, 1 cancer of prostate, several cases of breast cancer, 1 ovarian cancer, serious coronary injuries. In addition, 7 deceaseds in the last years (February and March 2004). - Rojales (Alicante). 12 cases of cancer, in addition to renales diseases, abortions and malformation in babies. (Daily Information, 7 of March of 2004). - Fernán Núñez (Cordova). 3 cancers of breast (April 2004). - District of Miralbueno (Zaragoza). 15 cases of cancer.(mayo 2004). - San Juan of the Rock (Zaragoza). 15 deaths by cancer in 2003 and many more people suffer the disease at the present time (May 2004). - Leganés (Madrid). Premature abortions, childbirths, atopic dermatitis, neurological ailments and insomnia (May 2004). - District of Miralbueno (Zaragoza). Several cases of cancer, 1 of genetic malformation and pictures of insomnia in a same community of neighbors (May 2004).

Some investigations

It has near 20,000 studies on the effects of the mobile telephony (number given by the Committee that in the United States is in charge to fix the exhibition standards). In nº 36 of the magazine we published some significant cases (in http://www.dsalud.com ) and in Internet thousands of information pages can be found. In this box only some of the many existing studies on the nonthermal effects of the mobile telephony: - a study on UMTS made in Holland with voluntary people to investigate the effects of this technology puts in evidence that with exhibitions of 0, 126 microwatt by square centimeter takes place of almost immediate form nausea and vomit. The study documents biological alterations with powers thousands of inferior times to which it is used of moving bodies. - Also the physicist Abe Liboff - of the University of Oakland (the United States) - has established the relation between the electromagnetic fields and the tumors. In an experiment he radiated healthy cells and vitiated as much - bony as lymphatic to observe how the electromagnetic fields affected their growth. The results demonstrated that in both types of cells the DNA production was stimulated. In the cells vitiated, nevertheless, the increase of DNA was between 3 and 5 times greater than in the healthy cells. - doctor Harry Lai - of the University of Seattle (the United States) - stated in 1999 that the mice significantly lost memory after being put under the radiation of a mobile telephone. In addition he verified that their effects were cumulative. - The professor doctor Lebrecht von Klitzing - of the University of Lübeck (Germany) - carried out an experiment in 1998 on voluntary people and stated forts alterations in his electroencephalograms when they were put under the radio frequencies of digital mobile telephony. In fact, he even registered outlines and alterations of the phases REM of the dream long time after stopping the experiment. - doctor Jocelyn Lleal and her equipment of the Service of Bioelectromagnetismo of the Hospital Ramon and Cajal (Madrid) stated already in 1995 who to high 915 frequencies of MHz and applying modulation of pulse of 8, 16 and 200 Hertz (the digital telephony works to 217 Hertz modulation) modified and increased of very significant form of permeability of the haemato-encephalic barrier. - In the Internet a report of the NASA can be found that dates of June 1980 in that an experiment made by the North American Army is described that tried to develop a psychological weapon by means of the emission of pulsating microwaves of low power. One assumes that they obtained it because in the text whistle that gives the sensation to be originated (independently of the position in the field) inside and right behind the head is explained that "when the people are broadcast with microwaves of low power in the advisable modulation they perceive a humming cascade". This phenomenon - the perception of constant noise in the head takes place, according to the North American agency, with power densities of as low microwaves as microwatts by square centimeter in 3 the carrier frequencies from 0.4 to GHz. It is possible to remember that the mobile telephony uses 0.9 1.8 GHz and GHz; a wireless telephone with technology DECT (most common), 1.9 GHZ and the telephony 3G uses 2.2 GHZ. Significant declarations of "dissident" scientists Dr Leif Salford, of the University of Lund (Sweden), that managed to demonstrate that the microwaves can cross the blood-brain barrier: "the intensive use of the mobile telephone can give rise to a whole generation of adolescents with a brain aged at the height of its lives". Dr Neil Cherry, biophysicist of the University of Lincoln (Australia): "the electromagnetic radiation is harming the brains, hearts, embryos, hormones and cells. It is a threat for the intelligent Earth life. The electromagnetic radiation interacts by resonance with the bodies and the cells, interferes with the communication cell-cell, the growth and the cellular regulation and is harming the genetic base of the life ". Dr Ross Adey, neurologist and president of the North American National Council of Radiation protection: "the industry has fomed the belief that the mobile telephones are safe without no evidence that endorses it. Simply, the industry is lying ". Doctor Adey, who during long time made investigations for Motorola on the electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile telephony, also has said publicly that "he frustrates to see the power that has the money to manipulate the investigations and the regulators of the Government". Dr Klitzing, of the University of Lübeck (Germany): "the results of our investigations allow us to demonstrate that a power of 0.1 microW/cm2 can alter the EEG and is a level from power 5 times superior to which can alter melatonin". And we clarified that the limits fixed by the governments are much more high than 0,1 microW/cm2. Our brains detect and use MF signals that have an average intensity of around 0.0000001 microwatts/cm2. Therefore, it does not have to be strange that to exhibitions that are million higher times they produce damages in the cerebral cells and increases in risk of cerebral tumor as a result of the received radiation. Dr Lai, of the University of Washington (the United States), in 1995: "In addition to the advanced thing by doctor Klitzing, the studies also put in evidence that a power of only 1 miliwatt/cm2 in mice and the tenth part - by the proportions craneales- in humans - with a frequency somewhat superior to the one of the present UMTS- can alter the chromosomes".


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