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We die along with these kids

"I hope people forgive me for what I have to say," he began. "I just don't care anymore."

He listed who he blamed for Augie's death.

"I hold the Bush administration responsible, from the president through the secretaries of state and defense and all those who have had a hand in starting this war.

"I also hold every Democrat in Congress who voted to authorize this misadventure as accomplices."

His son, he wrote, "died doing his duty. So have some 1,800 other Americans.

"Augie did his duty at every turn, from being an emergency medical technician while still in high school, a lifeguard, a Boy Scout, an active church member, and, of course, as a Marine. For all this, we consider him a hero.

"To honor him, I no longer can sit still, just keeping quiet and being politically correct."

--Father of Edward August Schroeder II, soldier killed in Iraq

August 4th, 2005 1:07 pm

We die along with these kids

By Connie Schultz / Plain Dealer

As Jeanette Schroeder rounded the corner of her front yard with the lawn mower, she spotted two Marines standing at her brother Paul Schroeder's front door Wednesday.


Informant: Hopedance


By David Krieger

We are again in the season of Hiroshima. Many will gather at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to remember that fateful day 60 years ago when an atomic weapon was first used on a human population and obliterated the city of Hiroshima.

In America, unfortunately, far too few individuals will take note of this anniversary. Many of those who do remember Hiroshima will recall it as an event of triumph, not disaster.

Throughout most of the world, the name Hiroshima has come to represent man’s technological capacity for massive destruction. Hiroshima was the culmination of the high-altitude bombing and long-range killing that came increasingly to characterize World War II.

Hiroshima opened the door upon a new world, a world in which it is possible for humanity to destroy itself by its own inventions of highly destructive weaponry. Hiroshima was the world’s first look at a technology that could destroy countries, end civilization, and foreclose a human future.

Following the bombing on August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was a wasteland. It might have been left this way as a monument and reminder of the new dangers confronting humanity. But that wasn’t to be.

The bombed Hiroshima is the Hiroshima of death. It is a harbinger of what may befall humanity. It is a warning, but a warning that seems far distant in our fast-moving, materialistic world.

The physical evidence of the crime has been largely covered over and a thriving new Hiroshima has been built from the ruins – a Hiroshima that demonstrates humanity’s capacity for healing and rebuilding. Sixty years after the bombing, Hiroshima itself is a place of hope. It is a city resurrected, and filled with life.

What remains of the destroyed Hiroshima can now be found in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and in the hearts of the hibakusha, the survivors of the atomic bombings. They cling to the message, “Never Again! Nuclear weapons and human beings cannot co-exist.” They also cling to the hope that humanity can rise above its destructive impulses.

The rebirth of Hiroshima reflects the power of the human spirit, but the problem presented to humanity by Hiroshima has not gone away. As the leading scientists who signed the Russell-Einstein Manifesto put it fifty years ago: “There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge and wisdom. Shall we instead choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels?”

Many of the scientists who created nuclear weapons in the Manhattan Project thought that they should not be used on human populations. They warned that if nuclear weapons were used on Japan, the result would be a nuclear arms race. They unsuccessfully tried to convince US political leaders that the atomic bomb should first be demonstrated to Japanese leaders in a remote, uninhabited place, in order to allow them a chance to surrender. But the pleas of the scientists were unsuccessful. They had lost control of their creation, and government leaders chose to use the bomb before the Soviets entered the war in the Pacific.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima occurred at the end of a terrible war, but it marked the beginning of a new collective madness that would result in the US and USSR each threatening the other with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. Today the numbers of weapons is lower than at the height of the Cold War, but the collective insanity continues.

Fifteen years after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the US and Russia have friendly relations. Yet, each side still maintains more than 2,000 long-range nuclear weapons targeted on the other on hair-trigger alert, ready to be fired in moments. Can this be described in any other way than collective madness?

Do the people of the world, particularly Americans and Russians, understand what this means? Opinion polls indicate that 85 to 90 percent of people everywhere would choose to eliminate nuclear weapons, so long as all countries do so. They understand that it would improve their security, as well as be morally and legally correct. But among politicians, there is little movement toward a nuclear weapons-free world.

In the year 2000, the parties to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) agreed to 13 Practical Steps for Nuclear Disarmament, including an “unequivocal undertaking…to accomplish the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals….” It seemed to be a significant breakthrough. Yet, five years later, at the 2005 NPT Review Conference, the United States had fulfilled none of its obligations under the 13 Practical Steps, and refused to allow an agenda for the conference that even made reference to them.

The Bush administration wants funding for new nuclear weapons, particularly earth penetrating nuclear weapons or “bunker busters.” They want a world in which there is no place outside the range of their nuclear weapons. It is a frighteningly dangerous world in which the United States would remain reliant upon nuclear weapons and continue to threaten their use for the indefinite future.

At Hiroshima, the bomb dropped by the United States killed 140,000 people, mostly civilians, and it was celebrated in the US as a military victory. In doing so, the US made victims not only of the people of Hiroshima, but of all humanity, including ourselves. In today’s world, any city anywhere is subject to being destroyed at a moment’s notice.

It is painful, yet necessary, to recall details of that fateful day. On the morning of August 6, 1945, people in Hiroshima set off to work or school. Earlier a US plane had flown over the city, and an alarm had sounded. Then came the all-clear signal. Then another plane, this one the US B-29, Enola Gay. It dropped its single bomb, which fell for 43 seconds, and at 8:15 a.m. the city of Hiroshima was destroyed. Individuals close to the epicenter were incinerated. Those further away were killed by blast and fire. Many of the initial survivors developed “radiation sickness,” and died in the coming days, weeks, months and years of cancers and leukemias.

On August 9, 1945, three days after the bombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki was bombed and destroyed with another atomic weapon. On the same day, Harry Truman told the American people about Hiroshima. He struck a religious note in talking about the bomb, “We thank God that it has come to us, instead of to our enemies; and we pray that He may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes.”

Herbert Hoover, a former American president, had a far different reaction: “The use of the atomic bomb, with its indiscriminate killing of women and children, revolts my soul.”

Leading American generals and admirals were equally appalled by the use of atomic weapons. Eisenhower later said, “It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.” Admiral William D. Leahy, Truman’s Chief of Staff, wrote: “…the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender…. My own feeling was that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children….”

Nuclear weapons do not discriminate. They kill men, women and children. In this way, among others, they are illegal under International Humanitarian Law, as the International Court of Justice ruled in 1996.

Nuclear weapons are the ultimate weapon of cowards. Those who would possess nuclear weapons need only find men and women willing to make them, service them and press the button to release them.

Nuclear weapons destroy the destroyers. Reflecting on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Gandhi said, “What has happened to the soul of the destroying nation is yet too early to see. Forces of nature act in a mysterious manner.”

As Americans look back at the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we, too, should be reflecting on what has happened to our collective soul. We should be reflecting on who we are, as we cling to our weapons of massive destruction, and lead the world in opposing nuclear disarmament.

It may be a dangerous world, but our future lies in forgiveness and decency, not force of arms. In the US , we spend half of the world’s total military expenditure, more than $500 billion annually, and we still are not secure. We seek inexpensive sources of oil, and we pay the price in blood, our own but mostly that of others.

If we continue on the path we are on, an American Hiroshima will be in our future. It is inevitable. If the disillusioned and disaffected extremists of the world obtain nuclear weapons, they will use them and the US will be a likely target. The irony of this is that none of our thousands of nuclear weapons will make us any safer. In fact, they make us less secure by creating a situation in which others will also keep nuclear weapons and some of these may end up in the hands of extremists.

But when it comes to nuclear weapons, there are no moderates. All nuclear policies are dangerous and extreme, except those that contribute to the elimination of nuclear weapons. All possessors of nuclear weapons are extremists. If terrorism is threatening or killing innocent civilians, then nuclear weapons are the ultimate weapon of terrorism and those who possess them are the ultimate terrorists.

How are we to change? Perhaps Hiroshima provides a place to begin. The horrors of Hiroshima are not only the past, but potentially in the future as well. We can begin with finding our sorrow. We can begin with recognizing the suffering we have caused and are causing still. We can begin with apologies and forgiveness.

Hiroshima has largely recovered from its wounds. The city has been rebuilt. The flowers have returned. The survivors have made it their mission to end the nuclear weapons threat to humanity. They have forgiven the crime.

But America will not heal from the trauma of the devastation we have caused and continue to cause until Americans say No to wanton power, No to nuclear weapons, No to war and No to leaders who lie us into war. Until we summon the power to resist, we will continue to be victims of our own massive and unbridled power. It is within our power to change, but not without ending our addiction to power and our double standards that support this addiction. America must reassert its commitment to decency, not destruction.

The 1955 Russell-Einstein Manifesto – issued ten years after the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as thermonuclear weapons were being developed and tested – concluded with these words: “We appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new Paradise ; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death.”

We have a choice, and where there is choice there is hope. If we do nothing, we will remain on the path of universal death. If we choose to change the world, it is within our power to do so. Hiroshima is our past; it doesn’t need to be our future. We can join with the survivors of Hiroshima in committing ourselves to assuring that atomic weapons will never again be used by taking the sensible and reasonable step of abolishing these instruments of genocide.

Unfortunately what is reasonable is not always possible. To end the threat to humanity and other forms of life created by nuclear weapons, there are two different sets of problems to be solved. The first is to articulate what needs to be done. The second is to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing these goals.

Let us look first at what needs to be done. At the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, we have proposed the following eight commitments by the nuclear weapons states.

1. Commitment to good faith negotiations to achieve total nuclear disarmament.

2. Commitment to a timeframe for marking progress and achieving the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons.

3. Commitment to No First Use of nuclear weapons against other nuclear weapons states and to No Use against non-nuclear weapons states.

4. Commitment to irreversibility and verifiability of disarmament measures.

5. Commitment to standing down nuclear forces, removing them from high alert status.

6. Commitment to create no new nuclear weapons.

7. Commitment to a verifiable ban on the production of fissile materials, and placing existing materials under strict international control.

8. Commitment to accounting, transparency and reporting to build confidence and allow for verification of the disarmament process.

We view these as a minimal level of commitment to demonstrate the “good faith” effort to achieve the total elimination of nuclear weapons that is required by international law. Other commitments could be added to these, such as support for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and agreement to refrain from weaponizing outer space.

Essentially, the international community knows what needs to be done to achieve the phased elimination of nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, the larger problem is with not what is needed but what is politically possible. This leaves behind the realm of what is reasonable and sensible, and enters the realm of prerogatives of political decision makers.

Despite the threat to humanity and despite reason, none of the commitments above have been acted on by the United States, the world’s most powerful nuclear weapons state. Without US commitment to these goals, it is unlikely that less powerful nuclear weapons states will commit to them. Thus, progress on nuclear disarmament is stalled by US intransigency. The US is not the leader in nuclear disarmament, but rather its major obstacle. This was apparent at the 2005 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, where the US pointed the finger at others, such as Iran and North Korea, but was unwilling even to discuss its own obligations to achieve nuclear disarmament under the treaty and under international law in general.

Within the US, democracy is the province of the people and their representatives, with the mass media playing a critical role in educating the people so that they may make reasoned political choices and give their informed consent to the actions of leaders. It is the political leaders of the US who have been the obstacle to global nuclear disarmament, and for the most part the people are unaware of this because they do not learn about it from the mass media.

The only way to change the policies of the government is for the people to voice their concerns, but largely the people are not informed of the positions of their government on nuclear issues. Nor are they given reasonable analyses of the pros and cons of US nuclear policies because the media has been lax in doing its job.

Humanity’s best hope for ending the nuclear weapons threat that confronts us all is for the American people to engage this issue as if their lives depended upon its outcome. The truth is that our lives, and those of people throughout the world, do depend upon US nuclear policies. We cannot wait for leaders who will recognize and solve these problems for us. We must speak up and we must educate our neighbors and our elected officials.

The choices are clear. One way is to continue on the disastrous path we are on, a path on which our nuclear arsenal plays a pivotal role in providing a false sense of security. Or we can change the direction of our policies, with the US seeking to strengthen its own security and global security by providing leadership to achieve the phased and total elimination of nuclear weapons. To move to this path, the American people are going to have to wake up and demand that their government, acting in their names, end its reliance on nuclear weapons and fulfill its moral and legal obligations to end the nuclear weapons era.

David Krieger is the President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation http://www.wagingpeace.org . He is the author of "Today Is Not a Good Day for War".

Informant: Hopedance

Close Vote in Ohio Inspires Democrats

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean called the race a "wake-up call" for Republicans. "The culture of corruption they've brought to Washington is on its way out."


Rare View of CIA Secret Detentions

The men said their first jail was underground, surrounded by high walls and that it took more than 4 hours to fly there from Jordan.



The Cornishman Cornwall

09:30 - 04 August 2005

An appeal against the refusal of planning permission for a 15-metre high telecommunications mast at Carbis Bay has been upheld. Hutchinson 3G UK Ltd went to appeal after Penwith Council refused permission for the structure - incorporating three antennae, four dishes and associated equipment - at Carninney Farm in January.

Planning inspector John Woolcock has agreed that the development can go ahead, subject to a number of conditions.

In explaining how he reached his conclusion, Mr Woolcock said he considered the main issue to be the effect of the proposal on the character and appearance of the area.

"I have also considered the effects of the proposal on the health and amenity of local residents, and whether there are any available alternative sites which could provide similar coverage and have less environmental impact," he commented.

Mr Woolcock conceded that the scheme would have an adverse effect on the character of the area.

But he concluded: "I am satisfied that the proposal would, as far as technically feasible, utilise a location which minimises its impact on the character and amenity of the wider landscape, residential amenity and the setting of the settlement."

He added that there did not appear to be any available alternative sites that would provide similar coverage and have less environmental impact.

"In my judgement, the need for the mast in this case is sufficient to outweigh the conflict with the development plan and the limited harm to the character and appearance of the area."


So, in this Inspector's judgement "the need for the mast in this case is sufficient to outweigh the conflict with the development plan and the limited harm to the character and appearance of the area". A couple of points:

- There is no statutory requirement for the mast; 'the need' is merely a commercial need and a means of "3" making money. The balance between HMG's policy of encouraging mobile phone use and the rights of local communities to have a say in what goes on in their neighbourhood has clearly gone badly astray. Oh that we had the wherewithal to challenge this in court!

- "..and the limited harm to the character and appearance of the area". This is a purely subjective judgement made by a stranger to the area. It is merely one opinion of one (hardly qualified) individual which, again, should be open to challenge.

David B


..........But, David, on the positive side, he did say that he CONSIDERED HEALTH and AMENITY, so neither are quite extinct yet! We just have to keep blowing on the flames till we resurrect the phoenix from the fire!



He had to, Sandi. Not to have done so would have been unlawful and invited a High Court challenge.


Zur Zeit wird bei uns die Basisstation erweitert

Dr. Claus Scheingraber 4-08-05

Sehr geehrter Herr Tittmann,

habe heute von Herrn Kampschulte folgende Nachricht erhalten. Ich bitte um Veröffentlichung.

Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße

Claus Scheingraber

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr.Scheingraber,

Zur Zeit wird bei uns die Basisstation erweitert. Sie ist noch nicht fertig aufgerüstet es kommt noch etwas. Die Monteure arbeiten bei vollem Betrieb der Anlage ohne Schutzanzüge in leichter Bekleidung schon mehrere Tage daran. Ich vermute das UMTS nach gerüstet wird. Insgesammt 9 Antennen; 9 waren schon vorher montiert es scheint auch eine anderer Anbieter zu sein. Ich schicke Ihnen zwei Bilder von der Anlage. Sie können sie veröffentlichen.


Es wurde niemand von der Erweiterung informiert. Wieder ein Beweis das die Vereinbarung nichts zählt. Die Anlage steht mitten in einem Wohngebiet, Kindergarten und Alten Wohnanlage sowie eine Kinderkrebsstation ist in der Nähe auch die Neurologie der Uni Klinik Frankfurt ist nur ca. 200 Meter entfernt. Die Verbrecher haben keine Hemmung mehr es geht nur um das Geschäft. So wie es aussieht werden wir in Frankfurt noch ca. 900 Antennen bekommen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Ute u. Gerhard Kampschulte Im Mainfeld 5, 60528 Frankfurt am Main

RED ALERT: Are YOU Prepared?

Thought I would forward this as it could involve everyone!


Expected Earthquake, Volcanic or Storm Activity for the next 5 Days:

Radioaktive Verseuchung um Tschernobyl ist heute gefährlicher als 1986

Die radioaktive Zerfallskette von Plutonium und ihre Spätfolgen.


Roundup und das globale Amphibiensterben

Nach Studien von US-Wissenschaftlern könnte das profitabelste Produkt des Monsanto-Konzerns, wichtig auch für den Vertrieb des genveränderten Saatguts, für den mysteriösen Rückgang von Fröschen und Kröten verantwortlich sein.


Wir sind im Krieg

US-Präsident Bush will am "Krieg gegen den Terror" festhalten, nachdem Berater für eine andere, weniger einseitig militärisch ausgerichtete Terminologie wie dem "Kampf gegen gewalttätigen Extremismus" plädiert hatten.


Sinkende Bruttolöhne und steigende Inkompetenz

Die CDU-Kanzlerkandidatin steckt im Formtief - Deutschlands Presse bei ihrer Wahlkampfberichterstattung offensichtlich auch.


Bürgermeister von Hiroshima und Nagasaki fordern Abrüstung von Atomwaffen

"Erinnert Euch Eurer Menschlichkeit": Bürgermeister von Hiroshima und Nagasaki fordern Abrüstung von Atomwaffen (04.08.05)

Mit einem Appell zum 60. Jahrestag der Atombombenabwürfe auf Hiroshima und Nagasaki warnen ihre Bürgermeister und internationale Friedensstreiter vor dem Vergessen des "höllischen Endes" der Atombombenabwürfe. Gefordert wird die Abkehr von einem "überholten System atomarer Abschreckung" und die Entwicklung eines "kooperativen Sicherheitssystems" in Loyalität gegenüber der Menschheit.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Spekulationsgeschäfte bei Mercedes-Managern

Kritik an Aktienoptionsplänen: Spekulationsgeschäfte bei Mercedes-Managern (04.08.05)

Nach Eckhard Cordes soll nach Informationen der Kritischen Aktionäre mit Vorstandsmitglied Thomas Sidlik ein weiterer Manager des DaimlerChrysler-Konzerns dank der Aktienoption ein gutes Geschäft gemacht haben. Presseberichten zufolge soll Sidlik am 1. August 50.000 Aktien zum Preis von 1.720.000 Euro erworben und am gleichen Tag wieder für 2.026.000 Euro verkauft haben. Der Gewinn daraus betrage schon 306.000 Euro. Dazu kämen noch einmal 286.000 Euro für die Differenz vom Referenz- zum Ausgabepreis. Für die Kritischen Aktionäre stellt dieses - legale - Vorgehen nichts als "Raffgier" dar.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Another possible victim of base stations


Another possible victim of base stations

Upon the death of our five year old cat, I am now more than ever convinced that the pulsed microwave radiation emitted by my neighbours mobile phone base station is attributable to adverse health effects. In factual demonstration of my belief, I can advise you that our vet has been unable to offer neither any prognosis for Emily’s condition nor any explanation why Emily’ haematology report dated 04/08/05 shows a low <12% White Blood Cell Count.

Whilst at the vets today. I spoke with a vet I have not seen before and I was surprised to learn that she fully accepts the potential for the resulting ill health in animals and referenced an animals stronger sense to all environmental factors, such as in the Tsunami when the animals went to higher ground. She also advised that her friend, a serving policeman has developed a tumour in his chest directly beneath where he attaches his Tetra handset.

I am eager to pursue communication with this vet as all other avenues with the RSPCA, RSPB, English Nature, etc suggests that these organisations pay lip service only to this matter.


PS I am conscious that Jackie Ballard, Director General of the RSPCA, per her letter to me dated 11/03/05 (beneath) may be allowing the ODPM to ignore her previous requests and I would be grateful if mast sanity subscribers could urge her to chase this matter up, email; executive@rspca.org.uk

11 March 2005

Dear Mr Kearney,

Telecommunications Masts

Thank you for your email of 4 March enquiring whether I had received a reply from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

As I had not heard from John Prescott's office regarding my letter of 14 July I wrote to him again on the 17 January asking for his comments. I received a reply on 1 February to say that his office could not trace having received the original correspondence and I supplied him with a further copy. We are still waiting for a reply but please rest assured that I will let you have a copy of the response when I have received it.

Jackie Ballard



We have had similar problems with one of our dogs, high white and low red cell count, gums and eyes looked jaundiced, after a week in hospital on a drip, steroids and antibiotics the blood work stabalised, the dog has been on a stepped doesage of steriods for almost three months.

I had no problem convincing the vet as to the cause.

Phil Watts


I have been talking to a lady who has a farm where, once a mobile phone mast went up on neighbouring land, the sheep all became very thin, despite eating well. An autopsy on one showed a low white blood cell count, but no other signs of illness. A mare also developed stiffness in the legs and could not rise from sleep, so has slept upright since. The mast was removed and the animals recovered, but the mare still won't lay down. I am seeking more details. Interestingly, this lady was also unwell and her doctor noted the improvement in her, once the mast went down, and agreed that the mast seemed to cause the ill-health with her and her animals. He even wrote a letter to this effect, I believe, but I have not seen it yet. I hope to be able to go and see her at some stage, so will keep you posted.


P.S. I intend to write to various societies when I can find time, too, because wildlife and vegitation are also affected.

Truth in Journalism

Robert McChesney is considered one of the leading voices on media reform in America today. With scandals eroding public trust in journalism, McChesney is leading a movement to reinvigorate the free press to give citizens access to the truth so they can make informed decisions in their democracy.


Bush Makes Second Recess Appointment

President Bush again invoked a constitutional provision enabling him to bypass the Senate and install directly a nominee who had been blocked in the Senate. This time, he named Peter Flory to be an assistant secretary of defense.


Judge Says Bush's Easing of Forest Plan Is Illegal

A federal judge has concluded that the Bush administration broke environmental laws last year when it cleared the way for more commercial logging of old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.


New Politicking in Ohio

The Republican Primary was three times better attended than the Democratic one, and hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed in from right wing groups such as the "Club for Growth." They believed that "the primary is the general election," and that it was pure upside. They may be thinking twice tonight.


Judge Rules Logging Plan Illegal

Bush administration attempts to accelerate logging on Northwest public lands took a sharp blow as a federal judge tossed out a decision to stop surveying for little-known forest species before cutting trees.


Newsweek Dismisses Accurate Information on Judge's Record


An 800-Pound Gorilla Goes to the U.N.


Tyndall Glacier in Rocky Mtn Natl Park

Several days ago - while I was sweltering in Ojai, California, at a wonderful autism-families camp - a major portion of Tyndall Glacier broke loose. The scar is evident in three fotos taken at different telephoto settings. The glacier is in the center of each photo. What remains from where the portion broke away is obvious as "shadow".

Teresa saddened by another symptom of global warming.

If anyone uses one of the photos, please credit the photographer (me).

* * * *

From far away: http://www.pbase.com/aspergerian/image/47162983

Closer: http://www.pbase.com/aspergerian/image/47163005

Closest: http://www.pbase.com/aspergerian/image/47163055

* * * *

Tyndall Glacier fotos from years ago can be viewed:


320 x 320 pixels - 42k http://www.listsofjohn.com/Accidents/TyndallGlacier.html

The Scandal That Could Eat Bush's "Brain"


Informant: Milo

Look at the many USA Earthquakes


Go here and look at just how many events have been in the USA the past week! I was amaized.


May GOD Shine His Blessings You and yours! Always, Valerie

Severing A Lifeline

by Marcia D. Greenberger and Judy Waxman, TomPaine.com

Proposed cuts and other changes to Medicaid could force low-income Americans to go without essential health care.


Perks Of A One-Party Town

by David Corn, TomPaine.com

It's summertime and the living is easy-for Republicans who control Congress and the White House.


The Trade-And-Aid Myth

by Dani Rodrik, TomPaine.com

Arguments that free trade agreements like CAFTA help developing nations ignore the hard lessons of the last five decades.


Cheney: Americans would be "greeted as liberators"

Vice President Dick Cheney, who predicted on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, that Americans would be "greeted as liberators," has in recent weeks been peddling a new line of spin.

If Cheney was not in charge of U.S. foreign policy, he could be dismissed as a ranting lunatic. But, because of his title, and because the former Secretary of Defense is the dominant player in the Bush administration when it comes to military policy, Cheney has to be taken seriously -- as seriously, that is, as his bizarro worldview permits.

Unfortunately, the primary reason to take Cheney seriously is the fact that Americans and Iraqis are dying because of the policies he has promoted. And, of course, because those same policies are emptying the U.S. Treasury into the quagmire that is Iraq.

So it is appropriate to try and hold Cheney accountable.

And it is not difficult to do so.

Here is what Cheney said during a June 20, 2005, interview on CNN's Larry King Live:

Hailing what he described as "major progress" in Iraq, Cheney said, "I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency."

Here is what the Associated Press reported from Iraq on August 3, 2005, less than two months after Cheney asserted that the insurgency was fading away:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Fourteen U.S. Marines and a civilianinterpreter were killed Wednesday in western Iraq, the U.S. command said.

The Marines, assigned to Regimental Combat Team 2,
2ndMarine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward), were killed in action early Wednesday when their vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device, the military said. One Marine was also wounded in the attack.

The Associated Press report goes on to note that:

The latest losses come on the heels of the deaths of seven U.S. Marines in combat two days ago in the volatile Euphrates Valley of western Iraq. The American deaths come as the Bush administration is talking about handing more security responsibility to the Iraqis and drawing down forces next year.

At least 39 American service members have been killed in Iraq since July 24 - all but two in combat. In addition, the Iraqi Defense Ministry said that since the beginning of April, more than 2,700 Iraqis - about half of them civilians - had been killed in insurgency-related incidents.

It looks as if the last throes that Cheney was discussing with Larry King have turned out to be death throes for the young American men and women who are serving in Iraq, as well as for the Iraqi people.

Any attempt to address Cheney's rhetorical excesses brings to mind the words of a young veteran from another misguided and unnecessary war.

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam?" young John Kerry asked the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971. "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

Cheney has come up with a contemporary answer for that question. How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Iraq? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

For Cheney, that's simple: Just keep telling the young men and women who are marching to their deaths that they will be greeted as liberators and that the enemy is so weak that it is in its "last throes."

In other words, just keep spinning a slurry of fantasy and lies into U.S. policy.

Doug Haddix

Bush: Approval at 44%

Lowest measurement of his presidency

by Jeffrey M. Jones
The Gallup Organization

A new Gallup Poll finds a drop in George W. Bush's job approval rating, which currently stands at 44% after being at 49% in two earlier polls this month. The current rating is the lowest of the Bush presidency. Bush's favorable rating has also hit a new low, as just 48% of Americans rate him favorably, which is the first time that percentage has dropped below 50%. Ratings of national satisfaction and the economy, on the other hand, have remained generally steady. Even before the drop in Bush's ratings, Gallup Polls were showing evidence that the public was becoming more favorable to the Democratic Party. [...] To read more you must be a subscriber. http://www.gallup.com/poll/content/login.aspx?ci=17584

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How the American Right became an enemy of peace and freedom


Saturday 30th July 2005 (14h33) :
Bella Ciao

The Transformation of the American Right by Murray N. Rothbard

First published in Continuum, Summer 1964, pp. 220-231.

In the spate of recent books and articles on the burgeoning conservative movement, little has been said of its governing ideas and its intellectual leadership. Instead, attention has been centered on the mass phenomena of the Right-wing: The Billy James Hargises, the Birchers, the various crusaders for God and country. And yet, the neglect of the ruling ideas of the Right-wing has obscured its true nature, and has hidden an enormous and significant change in the very nature of the Right that has taken place since World War II. In fact, due to the total absence of dialogue between various parts of the political spectrum in this country, both Right and Left are largely conducting their argument in what used to be called a severe "cultural lag"; both sides still mistakenly believe that the categories of the debate are the same as they were immediately after the war. In particular, under cover of a certain continuity of rhetoric, the intellectual content and goals of the Right-wing have been radically transformed in the last decade and a half, and this transformation has gone virtually unnoticed on either Right or Left. [...] Read the rest at: http://bellaciao.org/en/article.php3?id_article=7277

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Bolton Not Truthful, 36 Senators Charge in Opposing Appointment

Published: July 30, 2005
New York Times

WASHINGTON, July 29 - Charging that John R. Bolton was "not truthful" in answering questions about his record, 36 senators urged President Bush on Friday not to make a recess appointment of Mr. Bolton as United Nations ambassador after the Senate's failure to confirm him for that job.

But one Republican official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the president has not announced his decision, said Mr. Bush would probably appoint Mr. Bolton next week. [...] Read the rest at: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/30/politics/30bolton.html or http://tinyurl.com/amfh2

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A Feast of Death



Leicester Mercury

10:30 - 04 August 2005

Plans to put six more mobile phone masts on a tower block have been rejected after a councillor described the building as like "an anchored satellite".

Elizabeth House already has 16 masts on its roof and residents say that is too many.

The city's planning committee has now rejected a new application by phone company O2, fearing the antennae may pose a risk.

Residents welcomed the news today - but appealed for the block's existing masts to be removed.

Over the past 10 years, 14 antennae, two dish antennae and four equipment cabinets have been installed on the roof of the tower block, in Waterloo Way, near Leicester train station. One resident, Phil Hendy, claims he is suffering ill health from the existing mobile phone aerials.

Mr Hendy, 61, has lived on the top floor of Elizabeth House since 1979, but says his health deteriorated after masts were installed in 1999.

He said: "I suffer from dizziness, headaches, loss of balance, loss of power in my limbs and arthritis.

"The symptoms ease when I leave the building. I live right under the main equipment cabinet and there are also electrical cables on the roof.

"Residents are pleased with the decision but really they should be trying to remove what's already there."

Councillor Patrick Kitterick, who represents the city centre, said: "There is nowhere else in Leicester where you have this concentration of antennae in one location and it is growing and growing.

"You would not put these antenna near a row of terraces - it's only flat-dwellers who seem to have to put up with this."

Planning committee member Coun John Thomas said: "This is not so much a block of flats as an anchored telecommunications satellite.

"The people living at the top of the flats must be right in the firing line. We have reached saturation point."

Planning officers - who had advised councillors to approve O2's application - said that radiation readings taken last week by phone regulator Ofcom showed that levels of exposure in and around Elizabeth House were "well within the maximum levels allowed".

The highest dose, at the junction of Campbell Street and Fox Street, is one-thousandth of the national safety figure.

They said councillors could choose to refuse permission if they believed it had not been proved that there was no health risk from an increased number of aerials.

Councillors voted unanimously to refuse the application, on the grounds of the number of existing antennae and possible health risks.

O2 spokeswoman Angela Johnson said: "It is too early to say whether we will appeal but we are very disappointed that we haven't got this site.

"The cumulative effect of the radiation is thousands of times lower than international safety guidelines and is less than a mobile itself."

Omega see under: http://omega.twoday.net/search?q=ICNIRP+Guidelines


Giant mast project fails

Aug 4 2005

Widness Weekly News

ONE of the latest plans to construct a giant mobile phone mast in Widnes has been nipped in the bud by Halton Borough Council.

In recent months the council has been backing hundreds of residents across the town who have co-ordinated protest campaigns in a bid to block the 'eyesore' transmitters.

The latest O2 application to be rejected was for a 15 metre monopole mast with three antennae which was to be built at the junction of the Liverpool Road and Lower-house Lane, Widnes.

Residents are up in arms at O2's determination to get new masts in the area to support the 'Third Generation' telephone network they claim need bigger and more powerful installations.

But the council has acted swiftly to thrown out the latest proposals.

The first was submitted in December 2004, for a 15 metre mobile phone mast - the planning application rejected in January this year.

O2 then appealed against the refusal decision and in the meantime the company submitted a further revised application for a 12.5m mast.

Both have now been rejected.

A council spokeswoman said: 'Halton Borough Council has once again received the support of the Planning Inspectorate in rejecting a mast proposal.

'The council has had full backing from the planning inspectorate to refuse planning permission for a mast to be constructed at the junction of Liverpool Road and Lowerhouse Lane in Widnes.'

Deni Newman, of Halton Friends of the Earth, said: 'The controversy over the risk from mobile phones is heightened by the industry's insistence on subjecting us all to pulsed wave emissions 24-hours-a-day.

'The pulsed waves act in a similar way to invisible strobe lighting and the resulting interference on human brain wave patterns may result in symptoms such as altered sleep and behaviour, audio and visual disturbance and loss of concentration.'

Delight as mast plan is refused

Aug 4 2005

By Sarah Gaffney, Ormskirk Advertiser

A CONTROVERSIAL plan to build an O2 phone mast in Burscough, has been refused planning permission by district councillors.

Despite a favourable recommendation, they decided not to approve the 17.5 metre tower at a planning committee meeting.

Arguments made against the mast in Platts Lane were that it would be an eyesore, would ruin a conservation area and, above all, would have health implications for nearby families.

However, as the government has not set any clear guidelines about mobile masts and possible health risks, the application could not be refused on health grounds.

Jason Isherwood, from The Poplars, made a speech appealing for the mast to be rejected because he said it would be too close to a school.

"I ask you to search your hearts and minds. It's about people and I choose people over a mast. As our representatives I hope you do the same."

John Hodgson, of Platts Lane, speaking on behalf of his neighbours, said the mast would spoil the visual amenity.

He said that when the leaves fell off the trees or if the trees were thinned out, the mast would be exposed.

Most of the committee agreed. Cllr Terry Rice said: "The thing is 60-feet high, if you think you won't notice it you are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

"The government rule is we should not take into account any health worries.

"But if this thing is hazardous to health, it is more hazardous to children than adults and there are children in the vicinity."

Burscough Parish Council chairman, Cllr Cynthia Dereli, was pleased that planning permission was rejected. Because she lives just inside the mast consultation area, Cllr Dereli was forced to declare her interest, although her exclusion was considered "laughable" by Cllr Alan Bullen.

She said: "I am really pleased that the position that residents took was listened to. They were really good and understood their subject well."

Council looks again at masts policy

Shropshire Star 04.08.05

Mobile phone companies could be stopped from erecting masts in residential areas of Telford after the borough council revealed that it is reviewing its policy on the issue.

The move was announced at last night's Borough of Telford and Wrekin Council plans board meeting by chairman Councillor Hilda Rhodes.

She said the review was being made following concern from council members and the public about the increasing number of masts being erected in largely populated areas.


The Western Gazette Somerset

15:00 - 28 July 2005

Residents fighting a company's plans to make additions to a telecommunications mast near their homes say they are encouraged by a decision to delay the application. West Dorset District Council planning official Andrew Jordan had supported the proposal by NTL Broadcast to add two vertical polls to the present 17.8-metre high mast in Stonebarrow Lane, Charmouth.

The application to the district council, on behalf of O2 Airwave, is for the installation of Tetra, a nationwide communications system for the emergency services.

However, members of the council's development control west committee meeting decided last Thursday to defer the decision because of a lack of technical information regarding the possible effect on TV reception if the permanent Tetra station gets the go-ahead.

Councillor Ian Gardner's proposal that the committee makes a site visit before any decision was made was also supported by the councillors.

Residents were furious at plans to make the additions to the mast, which they have been fighting to have moved.

They formed an action group STAMP - Stonebarrow Against Mast Proximity - to battle for the mast to be shifted away from their homes.

They claim it is a blot on the landscape in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the World Heritage Coast.

The residents confronted the planners at the packed meeting and suggested an alternative site for the entire mast further up the lane, which they claim is technically and visually superior to the present one.

STAMP member Barbara Collins said: "This application has completely failed to look at the alternative site, it is in an incredibly sensitive location, near an area of outstanding natural beauty and on the World Heritage Coast."

Stonebarrow residents' association chairman Phillip Morgan-Smith said: "We also suffer a lot from the noise of the cooling fans located alongside the mast. At a different location these would not be so near the houses."

One resident read a letter from her seven-year-old son. He said: "Dear Mr Jordan I love the countryside and the area where I live, but this mast is very ugly.

"My mum and dad said there is a better place it can be moved to and I hope you will move it there."

But Mr Jordan told councillors Government guidelines meant that mast sharing should be utilised in order to limit the proliferation of additional masts within the countryside, unless other material reasons outweigh such a consideration.

"Such consideration is limited to the visual assessment of the development. As stated, the visual impact is considered to be acceptable and there is no material justification for the mast sharing policy to be overridden."

Mr Jordan also reminded councillors they were not there to look into alternatives, but decide on that application on its merits.

Speaking afterwards, resident Ali Cameron said: "It is a step in the right direction I am pleased the councillors could see our problem and were keen to address the issues and not just sweep it through."

Mast opposition: Angry residents unite to take on mobile phone giant


Today 04 08.05 Angry residents unite to take on mobile phone giant

UNHAPPY residents want to block a proposed mobile phone mast on their doorstep. People living in Lithgow Place, Denny, were horrified to receive a letter from Vodaphone's agents at the weekend alerting them to the plans. Now they have launched a petition telling the mobile phone company they don't want it erected near their homes – or next to Nethermains Primary School.

Jane McGuigan, of 8 Lithgow Place, said she was concerned the consultation was taking place during the school holidays. She said: "I'm sure if they were aware of the proposal, lots of parents with children at the primary school would want to object. ''I've two children of my own and don't want them living next to a phone mast."

Electrician John Connolly (38), whose home at 19 Lithgow Place is right next to the land earmarked for the mast, is concerned over the safety risks, particularly for his seven-year-old son. He said: "The advice from the Government is there are no health concerns from masts, but then you read other reports which conflict with their advice. Vodaphone should not be planning this in a residential area or close to a school. "We've also got to consider this as likely to devalue our homes if allowed to go ahead. In fact, it could make them almost impossible to sell."

Marion Welsh at No.15 said neighbours were agreed they wouldn't have bought their homes if the mast had already been built. She said: "Everyone is really worried, particularly from the safety aspect. ''When the houses were built three and four years ago, they were bought as family homes. ''There are a lot of children living here and although some could claim it has never been proven that masts are a risk, it's not been proven otherwise."

In the letter to residents, Vodaphone gave details of five other nearby sites which had been considered then discounted. They were two on land at East Banknock Farm, Myothill Road, land off Myothill Road, and locations along Nethermains Road. Vodaphone has yet to submit a planning application to Falkirk Council to build the mast and is currently carrying out pre-application consult-ations with neighbouring properties. This is standard procedure and part of a 10-point best practice policy adopted by mobile phone operators. Falkirk Council follows Scottish Executive guidelines when determining any telecom mast application.

A spokeswoman for Vodaphone confirmed all comments would be reviewed before a final decision was taken. She said: "One of our difficulties is finding sites in the first place. ''We are working in very, very small geographic areas because of the low power involved. "We have to find a balance between taking on board everyone's views but, at the same time, responding to customers' demands for service. ''We will look very carefully at what is being said."

Village victory in mast battle

Norwich Evening News 24
04 August 2005 12:38

Proposals to build a 20m mast in Horsford have been thrown out by the Government's independent Planning Inspectorate.

The decision to reject the appeal by telecommunications giant Hutchison 3G UK is the final nail in the coffin for the planned mast in Pyehurn Lane.

Josie Sutton, who has lived in nearby St Helena Way since 1977, said: "This community fought hard against this siting of this mast. We live in a lovely environment and a mast would have ruined it."

She praised the landowner for withdrawing permission for the mast to be built on the land and urged mobile phone companies to talk more with communities in their search for potential sites.

The plans were rejected by Broadland District Council in January because families were worried by the visual impact.

But Hutchison 3G UK appealed, although the landowner no longer wanted the mast.

Mike Davies, a spokesman for Hutchison 3G UK, said: "We still sought permission for the plans because if we had won the appeal, it would have left the option of negotiating with the landowner available. But this decision means that can't happen and we still require more coverage; we will be examining our options in the area.

"With our licence we have to achieve certain coverage levels as far as the Norwich area is concerned."

The inspectorate rejected the appeal on the basis of its negative visual impact and the availability of alternative sites.

Mother-of-two Sally Burton, 38, of Holt Road, said: "It is a great relief. It gives hope to other people fighting these sorts of plans. Our campaign has really helped bring the community together."

John Starling, chairman of Horsford Parish Council, said: "It goes to show that if people get behind a campaign against a mast, then they can win."

The Evening News is campaigning for no more phone masts to be sited near homes or schools until further information about possible health risks is available.

Are you fighting plans to site a phone mast in your neighbourhood? Call Alasdair McGregor on (01603) 772443 or e-mail al.mcgregor@archant.co.uk

Protesters force mobile firm to think again

The Argus, West Sussex

Protesters campaigning against a mobile phone mast have forced a company to look for another site.

Seventy people opposed to 02's plans to construct a 15m mast outside the Norwich Union building, Worthing, stormed the company's drop-in session, designed to explain the plans to the public.

It withdrew its application to erect the mast just north of the Broadwater roundabout from Worthing Borough Council two weeks ago for further public consultation but has now gone back to the drawing board.

The protest at Broadwater Parish Rooms on Tuesday evening was organised by the Charmandean, Offington and Broadwater Residents' Association, which was set up in response to the plans.

Residents are worried about the mast being built within close proximity of homes, fears over health and environmental issues and the impact on property prices.

02 community relations manager James Stevenson said: "Given the level of protest we have to take it seriously and we are going to look in the area again for an alternative site which we can take to the local planners."

He explained a base station was necessary to provide 02 customers with third generation (3G) services and it was impossible to erect it alongside the Orange mast further in Worthing because there was not enough room.

Campaigner Erwin Sargent, 51, said: "We put a lot of effort into organising the protest and it went very well, showing up the plan's inadequacies and the level of concern in the community."



Electromagnetic Weapons - The Technology of Political Control


Wake up America!

Dear America,

I am longing to reach you-crossing this river of indifference and consumption and denial. I am trying to find you, reaching out through the desperate limitations of words and descriptions, swimming through the rhetoric of terror and God.

I need you to wake up. The house is on fire and you are still sleeping, lulled by the intoxication of smoke and mirrors. I need you to wake up and I know that shaking you, scaring you will only make you cling to your sleep and sleep more.

How then do I tell you what's going on? How do I tell you about the one hundred thousand dead Iraqi people that you and I are responsible for murdering.[1] Each one of them valued their life, longed for their morning, cherished their first cup of milk or coffee or tea. In what way shall I deliver what I learned? The substance identical to illegal napalm that melted tender five year old skin; the cluster bombs that have left their murderous and disguised offspring, throngs of bomblets set to explode, scattered on the Iraqi earth; the depleted uranium from the Bunker Busters we dropped that now lives in lungs and livers and soil. [2]

How do I tell you about the strategic planning of such atrocities in the boardrooms, the backrooms, the back seats of limos, the organized take over and looting of Iraq right out from under the terrorized, hungry, thirsty Iraqi people. [3] How do I get you to listen to the stories of our soldiers who are trying to kill themselves now, longing to escape the madness of murdering and maiming for no reason? [4]

Please don't go back to sleep. I know how hard it is to hear of the massive black holes, called prisons we have dug to hold thousands without charging them, without trials or the torture, the meanness, the cruelty we are inflicting upon them. [5]

America, those who now control our country have changed and ended law. I do not believe you are so calloused or selfish that you do not care. Your sleep is induced. You are distracted and derailed. The corporations have concocted and perfected these sleeping potions for years, developing ingredients to make you despise every bit of yourself, to feel ugly and fat and stupid and poor and not enough. And so you spend your time and every bit of the money you do not have buying products that will make you better, skinnier, lighter, whiter, tighter. And as you consume and consume, the corporations consume you. They take your money and your time and your voice and your instincts and your outrage and your sorrow and your anger and your grief. They consume your courage and leave fear in its place. They devour your conscience and your memory and your compassion.

And how do I speak when they are sure to tie my tongue? When they will say I do not love my country or support the troops or honor the dead or believe in their God? How do I break through your sealed wrapping, your self-obsession, your TVheadphonedDVDcell pod?

America I am getting desperate and I know this will not get me published or heard. Those who control the information will say I'm extreme, that I've gone mad. But I have heard the cries of children in the exploding houses of Falluja. (6) I have seen the agonized faces of the sleepless Iraqi women who still clutch the outline of their charred dead babies in their arms. I have watched as we as a nation grow more isolated, despised and alone.

America, there is not much time left. The fire is spreading, consuming the world. We are the arsonists. We will need each other to find our way out through the lies and haze. It will take our greatest imagination, courage and skill to subdue these flames.

Eve Ensler

This letter was written immediately after The World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul where I served with thirteen others from around the world on a jury chaired by Arundhati Roy. The Tribunal consisted of three days of hearings investigating various issues related to the war on Iraq, such as the legality of the war, the role of the United Nations, war crimes and the role of the media, as well as the destruction of the cultural sites and the environment. The session in Istanbul was the culminating session of commissions of inquiry and hearings held around the world over the past two years.


[1]. Iraq death toll soared 'post war'-
100,000 Iraqis dead (Lancet survey)

[2]. US admits to use of napalm -

Irregular Weapons Used Against Iraq -
003/0407 irregular.htm

WHO studies depleted uranium in Iraq -

[3]. Rumsfeld, Amnesty trade barbs over prisoner abuse -

[4]. Army probes soldier suicides -

Military Families Against the war-

[5]. Rumsfeld, Amnesty trade barbs over prisoner abuse -

Systematic Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces-

[6]. This Is Our Guernica-

Informant: lunalasnan

Devoted to God, but Not the Pledge


Informant: Lew Rockwell

World Movement for Democracy – Made in the USA


The Kelo Calamity


Odd Man


Whom do you blame for favors?

by Tibor R. Machan


The original idea of the American Founders was that governments are instituted among us to secure our rights. Yet certain provisions of the U.S. Constitution opened the door for government to become distracted from this proper task -- consider how the First Amendment mentions that we may approach government with our grievances, which has come to be interpreted as an invitation to lobby government for favors. The powers of governments, too, have departed from those just powers that a government may gain through the consent of the governed. Instead, governments meddle in all sorts of affairs, especially economic ones, justified by reference to the interstate commerce clause of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. Once a system of law is so corrupted, it is like umpires or referees opening themselves to influence by competitors in sports. If they get the message that it is all right to do so, it is rather curious to blame them for it. Yes, influencing umpires and referees corrupts the game, but responsibility must be assigned to the system that makes this possible, not to those who take advantage of it. At some point, refusing to do so can become suicidal...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Modern war symposium

by William S. Lind


I spent last week in Pittsfield, Maine, at a symposium on modern war called by Colonel Mike Wyly, USMC retired. Col. Wyly was one of the heroes of the maneuver warfare movement in the Marine Corps in the 1970s and 80s, and when he suggests it's time for a new effort, people listen. My hope was that we might make some progress on Fourth Generation war theory, and while I am not sure we accomplished that, we did gain some ground on one important question: what might a state armed service designed for 4GW look like? To address that question, we first had to answer another one: what would such a force's mission be? Not being neo-Trotskyites, we derived our answer within the framework of a defensive grand strategy. The new service's (and it should be a new armed service) primary mission would be to prevent outbreaks of Fourth Generation war on American soil. The focus must be on prevention, not 'first response,' because if we are forced into a response mode the enemy has already won...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The daily compromise

Unknown News
by Helen & Harry Highwater


So even as we're forced into these searches and similar daily compromises, there are still things we can do in response. All I would ask is, when a cop rummages through your purse or backpack, don't forget the frustration. Don't forget that your rights have been snatched, your freedom violated. Savor your anger, remember it, and articulate it later. Talk about it. Tell friends, co-workers, and strangers why such a universal-search policy is wrong. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper. Don't shut up. If you value freedom, speak out for it every way you can, because freedom is what's at stake...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Collapse of Antarctic Ice Shelf Could Have Global Effects

Ice shelf collapse could have global effects

CBC News [Canada]


The unprecedented collapse of an ice-shelf in Antarctic could indirectly lead to a significant rise in global sea levels, researchers say. The Larsen B ice shelf covered more than 3,000 square kilometres and was 200 metres thick until its northern part disintegrated in the 1990s. Three years ago, the central park also broke up. An international team of researchers used data collected from six sediment cores near the former ice shelf to show the shelf had been relatively intact for at least 10,000 years or since the last ice age...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Collapse of Antarctic Ice Shelf Could Have Global Effects

The unprecedented collapse of an ice-shelf in Antarctica could indirectly lead to a significant rise in global sea levels, researchers say. The Larsen B ice shelf covered more than 3,000 square kilometres and was 200 metres thick until its northern part disintegrated in the 1990s. Three years ago, the central part also broke up.


Terrorismusbekämpfung und Grundrechte

Überwachung: Schaun mer mal. Trotz strengerer Regeln für das heimliche Lauschen: Die deutsche Polizei wird etwas mehr zum Geheimdienst Artikel von Jochen Bittner in DIE ZEIT vom 04.08.2005 http://www.zeit.de/2005/32/Telefon_9fberwachung

Aus: LabourNet, 4. August 2005

Ceramide....connection to respiratory function....radiation generates....

Olle: Have you done any studies re "ceramide levels" after EMR exposure? A way to do this in your situation other than "ultraviolet light?" Since evidence exists that low levels of ionizing radiation act on cellular membranes to generate ceramide, a study could be done citing that information and making a comparison to results due to chronic, prolonged low levels of EMR in the same way inflammatory marker studies including white blood count changes as well as hypersegmented neutrophils can be reported. Even the "ultra violoet" is a part of the EMR spectrum, I am concerned that persons may not view results as being connected to many of the other EMR exposures. In other words, "ultra violet" is expected to produce changes because persons relate to sunburn and hear about melanoma, etc. due to too much sun exposure. Even in the case of ultra violet, if comparisons can be made when preparing the journal article between ionizing radiation and a new study
(possibly also citing prior studies) by citing the same results re "ionizing radiation," the issue of whether biological changes that occur re low levels of EMR are harmful, should be more difficult to challenge. Don't worry about responding ..... know you are away, busy or whatever until end of August. I will file this email in a folder with your name on it for later review. Indications from quick search are that Beta-amyloid generates ceramide. Since ceramide is related to "respiratory function," that might help explain why an older adult as in Bud's case, develops asthma late in life. As you know, "asthma" occurs very early in the case of infants and children who sleep close to electric meters, high voltage lines and most likely also cell towers. We know the young are more sensitive and amyloid appears to take a longer time to develop -- especially "Beta-amyloid" that is found in Alzheimers' patients. My letter went off to Wayne Hughes last week. You may recall the Parker Hughes Cancer Center is named after Wayne's son, Parker, who died from Leukemia. I have requested funding help for you. I made very specific requests for help to "inform the public" and also requested funding for you to work on papers and/or a book re grandsons' rare immune and guinea pigs. Take care - Joanne, JCMPelican@aol.com


Dear Joanne,

No ceramide studies so far, but the line of interest is something that ought to be pursued. Definitely.

Best regards Yours Olle

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm Sweden)

Criminal Probe for DuPont on Teflon


Gesetzesentwurf der EU-Kommission: Sämtliche Verbindungsdaten ein Jahr speichern

Oliver Weiss 4|8|2005

Die EU-Kommission möchte Betreiber öffentlicher Netze dazu verpflichten, Daten über sämtliche Kommunikationsverbindungen bis zu zwölf Monate zu speichern (Vorratsdatenspeicherung). Die European Digital Rights Initiative, die aus 17 Bürgerrechtsorganisationen aus elf europäischen Ländern besteht, hat einen Vorentwurf der Kommissionspläne veröffentlicht.

Danach sollen die Betreiber Informationen über Gespräche im Fest- und Mobilfunknetz in standardisierte Form für ein Jahr, Merkmale über die IP-basierende Kommunikation für sechs Monate vorhalten. Werden IP-Telefonate in ein Festnetz oder zu einem herkömmlichen Handy geroutet, gilt die Zwölf-Monats-Frist. Abgelegt werden nur Angaben über die Gespräche beziehungsweise E-Mails, deren Inhalte jedoch nicht.

Die EU-Kommission ignoriert mit diesem Ansinnen einen Kompromissvorschlag des EU-Rats für Inneres und Justiz (Justice and Home Affairs), der eine zweistufige Vorgehenswiese bevorzugt. Zunächst sollen diesem Vorschlag zufolge nur Daten über Telefongespräche, später auch über die IP-basierende Kommunikation erfasst werden.

Die EU-Pläne zielen auf die innere Sicherheit. Die EU-Kommission sagt, die Maßnahmen seien für Ermittlung, Verfolgung, Identifizierung und strafrechtliche Verfolgung von Terroristen und Straftätern wichtig und notwendig. Zudem seien vorbeugende Schutzmaßnahmen besser umzusetzen. Den Eingriff in die Privatsphäre hält die EU-Kommission für minimal. Die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der betroffenen Kommunikations-Dienstleister sei kaum beeinträchtig.

In Österreich hat der Oberste Gerichtshof (OGH) vor kurzem entschieden, dass Internet-Provider bei Gesetzesverstößen ab sofort Auskunft über Namen und Adressen der User zu erteilen haben. Dies gilt sowohl bei statischen als auch bei dynamischen IP-Adressen. Das OGH-Urteil legt damit elegant die Rutsche zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Da die Provider nun verpflichtet sind über dynamische IP-Adressen Auskunft zu erteilen, müssen sie die Verbindungsdaten speichern, was letztendlich mit Vorratsdatenspeicherung gleichzusetzen ist. Big Brother lässt grüßen. Und zahlen dürfen die Provider, da sie, wenn sie die Verbindungsdaten nicht speichern, über dynamische IP-Adressen keine Auskunft geben können und damit gegen das Gesetz verstoßen würden. (cowo/oli)


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Die hochfrequente Strahlung schnurloser Telefone macht krank


Dr. Cornelia Waldmann Selsam sprach über schnurlose Telefone

Kronach. Viele waren überrascht von der Offenheit und Überzeugtheit, mit der Dr. Cornelia Waldmann Selsam die These vertrat, schnurlose Telefone nach DECT-Standard sowie hochfrequente elektromagnetische Felder von Mobilfunkanlagen machten krank.

Nach ihrem interessanten Vortrag in der Frankenwaldklinik konnten sich auch die Besucher mit einem Test ihrer eigenen Basisstation von der Strahlenbelastung überzeugen. Dr. Waldmann Selsam ist Mitgründerin des Bamberger Appells, einer Ärztevereinigung, die gegen die Ausweitung von Mobilfunknetzen erbittert kämpft.


Auf Einladung des Vereins „Gemeinsam gegen Krebs“ sprach sie in der Personalcafeteria und überzeugte durch ihre Erfahrungen aus ihrer Praxis wie auch aus Erfahrungen zahlreicher Ärzte in Oberfranken und darüber hinaus. Obwohl schon ab einem Grenzwert von 100 µW/m² Krankheitssymptome auftreten, liege der offiziell zugelassene Grenzwert bei sage und schreibe 4,5 Millionen µW/m², was sie als völlig absurd bezeichnete. Ihrer Meinung nach bestehe auch schon der Verdacht, dass immer mehr Menschen an Tumoren erkranken.

Es sei unerträglich und gewissenlos, wenn man nichts unternehme. Zur Überzeugungsarbeit trug auch ein, von ihr vor Ort durchgeführter Test an mitgebrachten Basisstationen bei. Fast alle Besucher hatten ihre eigene Basisstation dabei und ließen diese kostenfrei auf Strahlenabgabe untersuchen. Beginnend bei drei bis vier Meter Abstand zeigten die DECT Standard Basen bereits Werte über 1000 µW/m² und bei einem Abstand von 60 bis 70 Zentimeter hatten die Geräte eine Ausstrahlung von teils mehr als 20 000 µW/m².

Meist habe man diese Basisstationen noch in unmittelbarer Arbeitsplatznähe im Büro oder in der Praxis oder zu Hause im unmittelbar stark frequentierten Wohnbereich, was sich stark auf Gemüt und Gesundheit negativ auswirke. Viele Symptome seien bei vielen Menschen identisch, eine Auswirkung mit der niemand gerechnet habe. Einen ganzen Katalog an dokumentierten Gesundheitsschäden unter dem Einfluss hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder konnten die Besucher in Augenschein nehmen. 26 Kasuistiken aus über 500 schriftlichen oder mündlichen Berichten ausgewählt, sind darin enthalten.

Schwer erkrankt

„Diese Berichte zeigen, dass Menschen seit Jahren durch gepulste hochfrequente elektromagnetische Felder oft schwer erkrankt sind, ohne dass behandelnde Ärzte die Ursache erkannten. Auf Grund der gegenwärtig geltenden hohen Grenzwerte machte sich niemand so richtig Gedanken und sah einen Zusammenhang mit der Hochfrequenz.“ Auch sie, wie weit über 100 weitere Ärzte, gehörte bis vor eineinhalb Jahren zu dieser Kategorie. Angesichts neuer Studienergebnisse nähmen die Bedenken innerhalb der Ärzteschaft erheblich zu. Was sie optimistisch im Kampf gegen die Krankheitserreger mache, ist, dass sich immer mehr Ärzte dem Bamberger Ärzte-Appell anschlössen. Regelrecht eine Lawine habe eine kürzlich gezeigte Fernsehsendung, die sich mit den Negationen von Mobilfunk befasste, ausgelöst. Seit zehn Jahren gebe es Ärzte, die Beobachtungen anstellten und Beschwerden von Betroffenen bis an das Umweltministerium weiterreichten. Dort beharre man schlicht und einfach auf der Behauptung, die Gesundheitsstörungen kämen nicht vom Mobilfunk. Es sei sofort zu handeln und daher fordere der Bamberger Ärzte-Appell den sofortigen Stopp des weiteren Ausbaus von Mobilfunk.

Kabeltelefon nehmen

Sie empfahl umzusteigen auf Kabeltelefon und raus mit Mobilfunkmasten aus Wohngebieten. „Ganz scheußlich“ fand es die Referentin, dass niemand von den Behörden aktiv werde. Der Automobilhersteller BMW habe die Grenzwerte der zulässigen Strahlenbelastung weltweit in allen Werken auf höchstens 100µW/m² reduziert. Auch darin sieht die Ärztin einen Beweis, dass an den Empfindlichkeiten von Ärzten und Studien etwas dran sei. Inzwischen haben auch Ärztekollegen bei sich selbst in Praxisräumen mehrere Krankheitssymptome bei sich und bei den Arzthelferinnen festgestellt und daraufhin von DECT Standard auf Kabeltelefon umgestellt.

Die Tests in der Frankenwaldklinik an den mitgebrachten Basisstationen ergaben auch, dass so genannte Top Com Geräte die für 32 Euro im örtlichen Elektrohandel zu erhalten sind, ein Vielfaches weniger an Belastung ausstrahlen als die DECT Standards. eh


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Do Cell Phones Accelerate the Aging Process?

As if we didn't have enough factors accelerating the aging process, now you can add cell phones to your list.


Aspartame Linked to Leukemia


"Kampf dem Atomtod" auch heute aktuell - US-Atomwaffen aus Deutschland abziehen

04. August 2005

"Kampf dem Atomtod" auch heute aktuell - US-Atomwaffen aus Deutschland abziehen

Wolfgang Gehrcke, außenpolitischer Sprecher der Linkspartei.PDS und Spitzenkandidat für die Linke Hessen zur Bundestagswahl 2005 zum 60. Jahrestag des Atombombenabwurfs auf Hiroshima:

Mit dem Abwurf der Atombombe auf die japanischen Städte Hiroshima und Nagasaki hatte ein neues Zeitalter von Kriegen mit Massenvernichtungswaffen begonnen. Erstmals war die Menschheit in der Lage, sich selbst zu vernichten. In Hiroshima starben unmittelbar 140.000 Menschen, Zehntausende leiden und sterben bis heute an den Folgen der radioaktiven Verseuchung. Mehrfach, so zum Beispiel während der Berlin- und der Kuba-Krise, während des Korea- und des Vietnam-Krieges, stand seitdem die Welt an der Schwelle eines Atomkrieges. Der Vertrag über die Nichtweiterverbreitung von Atomwaffen ist faktisch gescheitert, Abrüstungsinitiativen im Bereich strategischer Waffen blieben aus. Ohne Abrüstungsschritte der Atommächte wird die Weiterverbreitung atomarer Waffen nur schwer zu stoppen sein. Im Gegenteil: die Schwelle zum Einsatz von Atomwaffen wird heruntergesetzt. In den US-Kriegführungsstrategien spielen "verkleinerte" Atomwaffen, sogenannte "Mini-Nukes", als atomare Gefechtsfeldwaffen eine wichtige Rolle. Die Losung der Friedensbewegung "Kampf dem Atomtod" hat nichts an Aktualität verloren. Die Linkspartei.PDS tritt dafür ein:

* Deutschland muss in der Nato dafür eintreten, dass die Mitgliedsstaaten der Nato nicht als Erste atomare Waffen einsetzen; die Doktrin des atomaren Erstschlags muss vom Tisch. Außenminister Fischer hatte diese Forderung bereits 1998 erhoben, dann aber rasch einen Rückzieher gemacht.

* Der neu gewählte Deutsche Bundestag muss die USA auffordern, ihre Atomwaffen umgehend aus Deutschland abzuziehen.

* Die Bundeswehr darf an keinen strategischen Übungen der Nato teilnehmen, die den Einsatz von Atomwaffen beinhalten.

* Deutschland soll eine Initiative für ein von Atomwaffen freies Europa vom Atlantik bis zum Ural in Gang setzen.

Die Linkspartei.PDS ruft dazu auf, die Veranstaltungen der Friedensbewegung aus Anlass des 60. Jahrestages des ersten Atombombenabwurfs zu unterstützen. Die künftige Fraktion der Linkspartei im Deutschen Bundestag wird rasch parlamentarische Initiativen zur atomaren Abrüstung vorlegen.


Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi

Repacholi to retire

This Is Vital to Public Health: Petition to Remove Repacholi - a reminder

Repacholi and industry money

Testimony of Michael Repacholi

Repacholi was asked by Next up about the money he receives

Conflict of Interest and Bias in Health Advisory Committees: A case study of the WHO’s EMF Task Group

Dr Mike Repacholi: Industry consultant and ex leader for WHO???

WHO writes off electrosmog victims

The cozy relationship between the WHO and the electric utility industry http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1023935/

WHO and Electric Utilities: A Partnership on EMFs

Please sign the Petition, click on the picture below:



WHO's Repacholi Has Done It Again

From: Louis Slesin, Microwave News
To: Iris Atzmon

If for a short moment, you actually thought that Mike Repacholi had done the right thing and was promoting a precautionary policy to protect children from mobile phone radiation health risks, you had better read our latest commentary,

Those of you who know Mike and the way he works will not be surprised. We only wonder what will it take for people to get fed up and send him home to Australia!

Best, Louis Slesin, PhD Editor Microwave News, A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation
155 East 77th Street New York, NY 10021, USA Phone: +1 (212) 517-2800; Fax: +1 (212) 734-0316 E-mail: mwn@pobox.com
Internet: http://www.microwavenews.com


Maybe this time, after reading the latest MWN commentary, people will take this more seriously?

Iris Atzmon

Iris Atzmon in Israel makes an interesting proposal below that should be taken seriously. As an example of the sort of action that could be taken for instance, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been circulating a petition for scientists to sign that calls for restoring scientific integrity in policymaking in the US as a result of the Bush administration's interference in regulatory science. A similar petition to the WHO could be circulated internationally - calling for the removal of Repacholi, who is to good science as Michael Jackson is to childcare.

Don Maisch

From Iris Atzmon

I think "The WHO EMF Charade Continues" can be a good basis for a petition of "show us the money, Mike" by scientists and citizens. It should be the interest of the WHO eventually to remove this guy from his job (if they have some honest people left there) because Repacholi is causing a very big problem of public image to the WHO. The more of this info is circulating widely, the more people can neutralize any statement used by the governments and industry (especially industry) that uses the WHO as legitimation for their acts (or better- lack of acts). This knowledge gives power to the people. When people know how corrupted the WHO is, they can take this info to courts and use it there as well to neutralize the industry. The damage that Repacholi does to the image of the WHO can help breaking the status quo. What science doesn't do (because it is ignored and manipulated), Repacholi's corruption can do. If used right and taken by the media, it can take the fight to a new direction.



From: Olle Johansson
Re: Petition to remove Repacholi

Dear Don and Iris,

A very interesting idea - when will it get officially launched?

Best regards Yours Olle

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm Sweden)

Please, have a look at:

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/409444403 "Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi as General Coordinator for the "International Electromagnetic Fields Programme" ]

Best regards Yours Olle

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm/Sweden


Microwave News on Repacholi’s precautionary policy


There are quick results to Repacholi's action, I thank him in the name of the Israeli industry:

Today spreading on two pages is a weekend article in the most distributed newspaper, it is an article about radiation levels from phones, (of course the numbers look very small because they keep push SAR values and not say anything about the uW/cm2 units.)

The companies reaction in a frame near the article, refers the public to Repacholi's clarification. The journalist writes: "in the cellular forum they refered us to a clarification notice that was published by the WHO, after the latest reports in the media about the need for precautionary principle with regard to exposure of kids to the radiation. The clarification is at:

The companies say more: "The american FDA and the european WHO recommended the SAR level that is safe to use with cellular phones. So, every phone whose SAR is in the frame of this recommendation, is safe to use by the public, and it doesn't matter if it's kid adult or old people. The SAR level represents maximum level in laboratory conditions while in reality because of the network, the phones emit tens of procents less from the standard values.

Yediot Ahronot 5/8/05 by Gil Kalian. Mamon Magazine page 6-7.


Examples for answers by Repacholi to the pubilc: in the second example the word science and its derivatives are used 8 times. If someone is really scientific, why would he need to use the word science so obsessively? This is a brainwash. The word money is not used even once, although the money was the point of the message that was sent to him originally. All he was asked was to show the source of money- he is in public organization and he owns this info to the public ! An idea is to use the freedom of information act and get the info through the court for showing why he needs to go home, to Telstra.

----- Original Message ----- From: repacholim@who.int To: r_riedlin@telus.net Cc: Art_Thansandote@hc-sc.gc.ca ; imeldaoconnor@hotmail.com Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 12:33 AM Subject: RE: Sensitivity of Neurons to Weak Electric Fields

Robert WHO bases its decision on the science ...if the science does not support your position this is not my problem. It is a cheap shot to say that because the WHO position is the same an an industry position that we are in bed with industry...this is patently untrue and it does you no good to even suggest it..

Our Director General claimed to be hypersensitive...this does not mean that we should base our decisions on anything but the valideated evidence..

Pity is that people such as yourself wont listen to the science ...it is one of our greatest resources...all successful countries reply on it. From: Repacholi, Michael Harry To: Hans Karow Cc: mwn@pobox.com ; Leeka Kheifets Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 2:09 AM Subject: RE: MWN Commentary July 5 2005 your position please

Dear Hans

Thank you for sending on the commentary from Louis Slesin. Unfortunately Louis has always been a critic of what WHO is trying to achieve…. and that is to assess the science in a scientific and unbiased way using criteria that WHO has applied for almost 60 years. As you know WHO has built the highest possible reputation in public health matters among the public and governments world wide and the EMF Project will not be deviating from the sound science course that sustains this high esteem, no matter what the pressures from self interest groups or individuals. Louis appeals to people who do not believe in the scientific method for resolving issues. He, like others who are unable to argue a scientific case always claim WHO decisions are industry biased…a completely untrue position. Our Legal Department has clear rules for funding and inputs to the health risk assessment process. WHO scientists working on the EMF Project are and will continue to be unswayed by any special interest group as long as I have input to the process.

With respect to the WHO message on the use of precaution, our message is clear. As outlined in our Fact Sheet on mobile phones (see: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs193/en/ ) it states: If individuals are concerned, they might choose to limit their own or their children's' RF exposure by limiting the length of calls, or using "hands-free" devices to keep mobile phones away from the head and body. [transfering of respnsibility on the individual] WHO is promoting precaution and particularly the reduction of exposure through its Policy Framework. The Ottawa meeting has been formatted to deliberately challenge all aspects of the Framework. Whatever the outcome of the Ottawa meeting, WHO will continue to promote precaution in public health policy where there is uncertainty in the science. Louis tends to have a short-term memory when criticizing WHO policy.

With respect to your own situation, WHO held a workshop in Prague late last year. For more information see:
http://www.who.int/peh-emf/meetings/hypersensitivity_prague2004/en/index.html I have met many people with your condition and I do sympathise hugely with your plight because I know how much it affects people and that the symptoms suffered are real

[but at the same time:

The term Idiopathic environmental intolerance (Electromagnetic field attributed symptoms), or IEI - EMF, is proposed to replace terms that imply an established causal relationship between symptoms and electromagnetic fields ]

However, the conclusion of the WHO workshop, and a recent solid review of the science, was that there is no evidence to suggest your condition is caused by exposure to EMF. Given the lack of evidence to show a causal relationship between your symptoms and EMF, it is important to communicate this message instead of continuing the myth that low-level EMF is causing various symptoms that may be due to other causes. WHO will be coming out with more information on this very soon.

If I can provide any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


Dr Mike H Repacholi Coordinator, Radiation & Environmental Health Protection of the Human Environment World Health Organization
20 Avenue Appia CH-1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland

Tel +41 22 791 34 27 Fax +41 22 791 41 23 Email repacholim@who.int

This is science: http://www.emfguru.org/CellPhone/cherry2/ICNIRP-2.htm

"We only wonder what will it take for people to get fed up and send him home to Australia!" (Microwave News 4.8.05)

Another reason to sign the petition.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Louis Slesin, Microwave News" To: "Iris" Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 8:20 PM Subject: WHO & EMFs: No Commitment to Children Nor to Precaution

Dear Colleagues:

We have written a lot about the WHO EMF project recently and we were in the process of preparing our next posting on a different topic (check in later this week), when we came across a new paper on the sensitivity of children to EMFs by Leeka Kheifets, Mike Repacholi and other members of the EMF project. It appears in the August issue of Pediatrics. We could not let it pass without comment.

This paper reveals the WHO project¹s true commitment health, nor to children, nor to precaution, but to industry the project and its meetings. In this case, it¹s the Electric Power Research Institute. In the same way that Repacholi found a way to accept contributions from the wireless industry, it also gets support from the electric utility industry. And Leeka Kheifets and Mike Repacholi deliver.

The mealymouthed recommendations at the end of the paper are a travesty.

Read out latest post http://www.microwavenews.com/fromthefield.html#LKped

and read the Pediatrics paper (it¹s free)

and then decide for yourself whether these people should be running a public health program.

Best, Louis Slesin

Louis Slesin, PhD Editor, Microwave News A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation Phone: +1 (212) 517-2800; Fax: +1 (212) 734-0316 E-mail: mwn@pobox.com ; Internet: http://www.microwavenews.com Mail: 155 East 77th Street, Suite 3D New York, NY 10021, U.S.A.

Iris Atzmon


Reasons to petition to remove Mike Repacholi



We are all doing our best.

Signing the petition to remove Raphcholi, and getting all the family and friends to sign as well.

A lot of people still do not know of the petition, but the word is spreading.

We will succeed (in the end.)




From Mast Network


Governments and telecom operators worldwide constantly quote the WHO and Repacholi. The damage they have done is incalculable. Given that the initiative of a petition to have him removed would help to destroy the credibility of their arguments. It's a global petition, Please let's ALL sign up to this.


From Mast Network


What I can’t get over is: Why are the victims of insensitive mast siting so scared of getting into the open?

Is it because we get intimidated and humored by the mobile industry and by anyone who thinks they cant get by without their mobile phone.

And by anyone who has not got a mast near to where they live and “Believe in that the Government knows best because of the research that has been done”. Yeah, by who?

The Government? The NRPB? The INCPR? The WHO?

The thing is we all get the intimidation and humoring, both from the companies, the council, the government and who ever. But, and that is the important thing, they can only do that for a short while, because we get over it real quick and start biting back, because we do not accept being bullied in the long run.

So, if removing Rapacholi is the real start, Pls. all, get on with it.





From Mast Network


The petition is signed by people who KNOW Repacholi by (non)-communication. How do you expect the demonstrating people in China and the demonstrating mothers + children in Mexico and the awakening people in many countries to sign a petition against Ravioli (who is Ravioli anyway ?????). A worldwide network of hundreds of people against Repacholi is not small, nowadays. The people who sign the petition are not just people, they have experience and knowledge.

From Mast Network

Click on the picture below:


Petition an die WHO wegen Entlassung von Dr. Mike Repacholi


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and subjective health complaints associated with electromagnetic fields of mobile phone communication - a literature review published between 2000 and 2004


Technischer Fortschritt und die Verletzlichkeit des Lebens


Tagung in Iserlohn 2.- 4.September 2005

Dr. Peter Markus, Antje Bultmann

Auf der Tagung soll an Beispielen gezeigt werden, wie sensibel die Lebensprozesse sind. Aber immer neue Technologien greifen immer tiefer in diese fein aufeinander abgestimmten Vorgänge ein. Daraus entsteht ein Ungleichgewicht, das die Gesundheit von Mensch und Natur gefährdet. In unserer Kultur erfahren wir leider wenig darüber. Das muss sich ändern. Für einen Paradigmenwechsel in Wissenschaft, Technik und Wirtschaft.

Ausschnitt aus dem Programm:

Prof. Kröplin, Uni Stuttgart. Er erforscht unterschiedliche Einflüsse auf Wasser, beispielsweise wie elektromagnetische Strahlung auf Wasser einwirkt, wie sich menschliches Befinden und etc. Beziehungen darin spiegeln. Kröplin und seine Kollegen haben inzwischen unzählige aufregende, wissenschaftliche Versuche durchgeführt. (Fr. Abend)

Prof. Karl Hecht , Uni Berlin, wird darüber sprechen, welche Rolle Lebensrythmen für den Erhalt der Gesundheit spielen.(Sa früh)

Prof. Franz Adlkofer von der Verum-Stiftung für Verhalten und Umwelt in München, referiert über seine von der EU finanzierte sogenannte Reflex-Studie, die zeigt, dass Mobilfunk das Erbgut schädigt.

Dr. Peter Schott (BBU) wird über die Verletzlichkeit des Lebens am Beispiel Gentechnik sprechen.

Prof. Josef Weizenbaum, Mitentwickler des Computers (früher MIT, USA) und Philosoph, wird gemeinsam mit Prof. Christian Link über ein neues Verständnis von Naturwissenschaft und Theologie unterhalten.

Dr. Claudia Müller Ebeling: „Brauchen wir einen neuen Existenz- und Lebensbegriff?“

Außerdem gibt es die Möglichkeit sich zu informieren über Messtechniken, Gesundheit und Sanierung im Bereich Mobilfunk.

Anmeldung: Tel: 02371/ 145, 02371/352-0, Fax: 02371 / 325 169,
Tagungsort: Ev. Tagungsstätte Haus Ortlohn, Berliner Platz 12,
58638 Iserlohn, Email: u.neuhaus@kircheundgesellschaft.de


Einzelzimmer m. Vollpension:
95,00 € / erm. 57,50 €

Doppelzimmer m. Vollpension:
75,00 € / erm. 37,50 €

ohne Übernachtung / Frühstück:
52,00 € / erm. 26,00 €

zuzüglich Tagungsgebühr:
40,00 € / erm. 20,00 €

Media spin hides UKCCS EMF measurement results



goto news index

We all know about electrocution, used to execute murderers. No one has ever died from magnetocution, however, and static magnets are now a proven pain relieving agent used by millions across the globe. So to put up the argument that very few homes are likely to have magnetic fields above 0.4 microTesla, (the alleged threshold for elevated childhood cancer incidence), ignores the possibility that it is the electric field from powerlines and appliances more likely to damage life processes. Yet this is exactly what the HPA have just done in their latest spin of the results derived from an analysis of the UKCCS measurements (Maslanyj, MP, Mee TJ and Allen SG, Investigation and Identification of Sources of Residential Magnetic Field Exposures in the United Kingdom Childhood Cancer Study (UKCCS). HPA-RPD-005. ISBN 0-85951-564-8. Available to download from HPA website at

Where are the ELF electric field comparables? And why doesn't the NGT or its distribution companies ever measure these for concerned occupants, despite three epi studies consecutively reporting elevated cancer levels when the electric field exposure is above 20 V/m?

Informant: Avoiding Ridicule

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