Another possible victim of base stations

Upon the death of our five year old cat, I am now more than ever convinced that the pulsed microwave radiation emitted by my neighbours mobile phone base station is attributable to adverse health effects. In factual demonstration of my belief, I can advise you that our vet has been unable to offer neither any prognosis for Emily’s condition nor any explanation why Emily’ haematology report dated 04/08/05 shows a low <12% White Blood Cell Count.

Whilst at the vets today. I spoke with a vet I have not seen before and I was surprised to learn that she fully accepts the potential for the resulting ill health in animals and referenced an animals stronger sense to all environmental factors, such as in the Tsunami when the animals went to higher ground. She also advised that her friend, a serving policeman has developed a tumour in his chest directly beneath where he attaches his Tetra handset.

I am eager to pursue communication with this vet as all other avenues with the RSPCA, RSPB, English Nature, etc suggests that these organisations pay lip service only to this matter.


PS I am conscious that Jackie Ballard, Director General of the RSPCA, per her letter to me dated 11/03/05 (beneath) may be allowing the ODPM to ignore her previous requests and I would be grateful if mast sanity subscribers could urge her to chase this matter up, email; executive@rspca.org.uk

11 March 2005

Dear Mr Kearney,

Telecommunications Masts

Thank you for your email of 4 March enquiring whether I had received a reply from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

As I had not heard from John Prescott's office regarding my letter of 14 July I wrote to him again on the 17 January asking for his comments. I received a reply on 1 February to say that his office could not trace having received the original correspondence and I supplied him with a further copy. We are still waiting for a reply but please rest assured that I will let you have a copy of the response when I have received it.

Jackie Ballard



We have had similar problems with one of our dogs, high white and low red cell count, gums and eyes looked jaundiced, after a week in hospital on a drip, steroids and antibiotics the blood work stabalised, the dog has been on a stepped doesage of steriods for almost three months.

I had no problem convincing the vet as to the cause.

Phil Watts


I have been talking to a lady who has a farm where, once a mobile phone mast went up on neighbouring land, the sheep all became very thin, despite eating well. An autopsy on one showed a low white blood cell count, but no other signs of illness. A mare also developed stiffness in the legs and could not rise from sleep, so has slept upright since. The mast was removed and the animals recovered, but the mare still won't lay down. I am seeking more details. Interestingly, this lady was also unwell and her doctor noted the improvement in her, once the mast went down, and agreed that the mast seemed to cause the ill-health with her and her animals. He even wrote a letter to this effect, I believe, but I have not seen it yet. I hope to be able to go and see her at some stage, so will keep you posted.


P.S. I intend to write to various societies when I can find time, too, because wildlife and vegitation are also affected.


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