A Bad Shift for the Court


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We Know Who We'd Choose....

by Rush Limbaugh

"Wouldn't it be great if anybody who speaks out against this country, to kick them out of the country? Anybody that threatens this country, kick 'em out. We'd get rid of Michael Moore, we'd get rid of half the Democratic Party if we would just import that law. That would be fabulous. "

Last week, the infamous radio voice said how "fabulous" it would be if the United States could kick out anyone who criticized or was a threat to the country. Listen to the outrageous clip here:

—Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh, August 11, 2005

Source: http://tompaine.com/#passiton

Standoff In Crawford

Cindy Sheehan responds to President Bush's defense that he needs to just "go on" with his life.


Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan's Fellowship Of Grief

by Celeste Zappala and Dante Zappala, TomPaine.com

Under the scorching Texas sun, the families of slain and serving soldiers keep their vigil while the president vacations.


Cindy Sheehan

The Strategic Class

by Ari Berman, The Nation

Democratic think tanks have been captured by "liberal hawks" who would rather lean right than do right.


Iran: A Crisis Of Choice

by Thomas Graham, TomPaine.com

The latest National Intelligence Estimate on Iran exposes just how manufactured the crisis diplomacy over Iran's nuclear program really is.


Dead Soldier's Mother, Vigil in Crawford TX

Please forward everywhere so truth ripples out quickly and our soldiers can start coming home.

Another must see video from Democracy Now>>>Dead Soldier's Mother, Vigil in Crawford TX Cindy Sheehan interviewed on Democracy Now August 12, 2005 Some Background at http://www.gsfp.org/ and at http://www.mfso.org/ WindowsMedia Dwnload aprx 7.5mb (Right click and save target as...) Playback is at aprx 100kbps http://txliberty.dyndns.org/inetpub/wwwroot/webfiles/DN050812.wmv

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Cindy Sheehan

Bush's Economic Invasion of Iraq

US corporations march into Baghdad at the expense of self-determination, writes foreign policy scholar Antonia Juhasz.


Cindy Sheehan on the Iraq war


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From ufpj-news

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy's Message Repudiates Bush - And Howard Dean

Her call for complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq also amounts to a firm rejection of the ongoing stance from Howard Dean, the head of the national Democratic Party, writes TO contributor Norman Solomon.


Cindy Sheehan

Vienna doctors group say children shouldn't have phones

Wien (OTS) - The Vienna Doctor's Chamber (Wiener Arztekammer) warns expressly against excessive mobile phone use especially by children. The reason for this is the recently presented "Reflex Study" (Reflex-Studie) in which a definite genotoxic effect of mobile phone radiation was proven.



Austrian doctor’s group warns of excessive mobile phone use by children

Vienna Medical Association Issues Strict Warnings Against Cell Phone Dangers

Mast worries for residents




Rove and Ashcroft Face New Allegations in Plame Case


Cindy Sheehan's Television Advertisement

[please forward widely]

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Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan's War


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Cindy Sheehan

Stand with Cindy Sheehan

--- In FORUM_FOR_DISCLOSURES@yahoogroups.com, "Andrea Ball" <bpjp@b...> wrote:

Martia, Thanks for sharing this .. and please take a look at

http://www.faithfulamerica.org in the stand they have taken with Cindy. We need to get past the differnences that polarize us and think, not in terms of right and left or party loyalties but in terms of right and wrong ... and the smeer campaign against Cindy Sheehan and the mothers who have joined her is reprehensible. Did you hear Alex Jones' interview with one of the mothers in Crawford Friday? You could listen on the gcnlive archives if you didn't get the chance to.



I agree with every word (polarized) you said...There should be no left or right...It should be just right or wrong

Thanks for the Cindy site, Andrea...I hadn't seen that one

I didn't get a chance to hear Alex Jones interview...we're working on an interview with her on>>> Click here: Welcome To Mysteries Of The Mind http://mysteriesofthemind.com/ The most informative radio host concerning truth, broadcasting in 57 countries

Later on Alex Merklinger

Please be sure you all see and hear this video if you never watch another one again...I already sent it but some of the links didn't work.

This is the must see video of all times...it probably will never be heard on the news again.

Click here: The Political Teen » Cindy Sheehan Spins With Her Agenda, Olbermann Allows it (VIDEO)


Click here: The Political Teen » Cindy Sheehan Spins With Her Agenda, Olbermann Allows it (VIDEO)


Cindy Sheehan


Mother of soldier killed in Iraq symbolizes nation's desire for justification of war

Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

Nothing is more emblematic of American democracy than the idea of one person standing up for his beliefs and in the process becoming the catalyst for a national debate. In the arena of civil rights, Rosa Parks' refusal to sit in the back of a Montgomery, Ala., bus was such an act. During the Vietnam War, Daniel Ellsberg's decision to give the media the Pentagon Papers detailing the secret history of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia was another.

Now Californian Cindy Sheehan's August vigil on a sweltering roadway near President Bush's Crawford ranch has given a human voice and face to the revulsion of the carnage in Iraq. Sheehan, the mother of a 24-year-old Army specialist killed in Iraq last year, wants a face to face meeting with Bush to ask him what mission was worth her son Casey's life.

In a previous meeting a few months after his death, Sheehan says, the president seemed unaware of who her son was, addressed her as "mom" during the encounter and acted almost lighthearted. Now she wants a deadly serious discussion of why America invaded Iraq and how long the bloodshed will continue.

Those are questions on the minds of millions of Americans, who see the list of dead and injured American personnel growing along with the expenditure of billions of U.S. tax dollars, with no end in sight. Polls reflect the growing unease of the country with the president's handling of the war. Approval of the Bush war policy has fallen below 40 percent. As Sheehan questions the war, she is voicing the concerns of a majority of Americans.

In a way, the White House set the stage for Sheehan's vigil by saying Bush's five-week hiatus at the ranch was really a working vacation to allow him to talk to everyday folks about the issues that concern them. The likes of Cindy Sheehan don't come along every day, but she wants to discuss an issue that concerns millions of Americans who want to hear answers that go beyond the familiar "stay the course."

Even Richard Nixon, often described as paranoid about critics, visited antiwar protesters at the Lincoln Memorial in 1970.

Yet Bush has not yet found it in himself to meet a grieving mother or invite her to the ranch to discuss his policies. Thursday Bush told reporters he sympathized with Sheehan but that pulling out of Iraq "would be a mistake for the security of this country and the ability to lay the foundations for peace." Sheehan responded that the best way to show compassion would be to meet with her and other parents of soldiers killed in action.

Bush previously dispatched his national security adviser and an aide to meet with Sheehan's group, but that only increased the perception that Bush cannot bring himself to face his critics. Until the president addresses the doubts about the conduct of the war that Cindy Sheehan now symbolizes, the voices of the opposition will only grow louder.

Informant: Ashley Smith

Cindy Sheehan

Flat-Earther Bush’s Style for Wild Salmon

(Part II of III)
History of Salmon as Microcosm: Humans’ Out-of-Whack Carrying
Capacity, and Failure to Grasp Earth’s Biological Web
by Paul Haeder

As climate cooled 40 to 20 million years ago, streams and rivers decreased in nutrient productivity, and so the sciences says that freshwater fish went anadromous and developed a sea-going life cycle as oceans became rich sources of food. In this part of the America, the salmon’s evolution linked and adapted to the changes in topography. For millions of years salmon have been here in abundance. In the past 100 years, human evolution in the Pacific Northwest has brought some species of salmon to extinction and has impoverished the continued existence of a sustainable salmon ecosystem. Salmon have been part of the lifeblood of peoples from Finland, Ireland, Norway, Russia, to Japan and British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. Salmon sustain the life of a forest, and this species is the link in the natural gear work and framework of an ecosystem that has grown because of the returning spawning salmon. From the nitrogen in grizzlies’ bones and hair, to the nitrogen in valley-bottom forests, and nutrients fed to gargantuan trees growing along salmon rivers, the salmon has delivered the lifeblood to the forest. Of course, this is all ancient history. Wild salmon are threatened, and the techno-fixes devised by one of the most creative creatures on earth will be the salmon’s demise....


Child for Sale: The Corporate Takeover of Our Classrooms

by Lucinda Marshall

As any parent will tell you, the only school prep that counts is the late summer quest for cool -- cool shoes, cool clothes, and for lack of a better technical term, cool stuff. Case in point, the ruler that folds into one-inch increments which caught my son's eye when we recently went scavenging for the items on his school supply list. It of course goes without saying that no child is going to succeed academically if you buy the wrong jeans or sneakers. There's nothing new about children wanting to fit in, be cool, be accepted. But the amount of gear necessary to accomplish this has skyrocketed in recent years as more and more advertising is geared at our children. What is particularly disturbing is how much of the sales pitch takes place in the schools themselves....


Japan’s Modern Historical Loop

by Reza Fiyouzat

The thing that is too depressing is what everybody knows yet gets zero negative mention in the official press, especially the right wing newspapers such as the Yomiuri Shimbun or its associated papers and magazines: the shame of Japan’s rapid remilitarization, much encouraged and helped along by the US since at least the 1990s, and much accelerated since the coming to power of George W. Bush. The International Herald Tribune of August 8, 2005, reporting on the atomic bombings’ anniversary ceremonies in Hiroshima, described the survivors’ mood as worrisome. An interviewed survivor who is a physician summed up well how the sands have shifted. “Ten years ago, few could question Article 9 of the Constitution [which bans participation in offensive wars]. But people talk about it openly now.” Another survivor, Akihiro Takahashi, former director of the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, was quoted as saying, “The dispatch of the Self Defense Forces to Iraq is completely out of line with pacifism. In the future the peace constitution will no doubt be revised, and that will lead to conscription and, eventually, the possession of nuclear arms.”....


Nuclear Proliferation May Be a Neocon Goal

by David Sugar

....More recently the rhetoric of Mr. Bush and the new Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have continued to undermine those actively seeking diplomatic solutions to this problem even as North Korea plans for its first nuclear weapons test. The recent Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty review also offered a chance for the American government to demonstrate its resolve in preserving a nuclear weapons free world. The collapse of this most recent review and efforts to change the NPT were not unique, as this has happened before. What was new was the complete lack of effort and deliberate lack of diplomatic pressure from Washington to try and salvage the treaty or get any needed changes made. This deliberate failure echoes Mr. Bolton's similarly deliberate failure to curb North Korean nuclear ambitions. Some assumed the policies of Mr. Bolton were an aberration or work of a maverick. However, if this were true, it would seem strange to reward a maverick operating outside of administration policy with a new U.N. post. Nor could the administration be blind to the fact that reprocessing was occurring unabated at Yongbyon during these five years where diplomacy was clearly failing. Finally, given the similar actions of Ms. Rice and the deliberate lack of action by the American government at the NPT review, one is left to presume a nuclear-armed North Korea and nuclear proliferation represents the desired outcome of the Bush administration. Let’s consider then: what are the benefits to the Bush administration if North Korea conducts a successful nuclear test and nuclear proliferation becomes the norm rather than the exception it remains today?


American Violence in Iraq: Necrophilia or Savagery?

Part One: Bully, Cheat, Kill, and Conquer
by Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri

Concentrating on the Iraq war is a fundamental prerequisite to the understanding of the new wars of colonialist conquests ushered in by the United States under President Bush. To begin with, one cannot address the morally senseless American violence in the world, its application, and its rationales without considering all factors contributing to its emergence as the primary philosophy of the United States under Bush. However, a basic approach to define the parameters of said violence resides in evaluating the environment in which the imperialist coalition executes its strategy for world domination....


Failing in Iraq

by Mike Whitney

There is no longer any possibility of the United States achieving its objectives in Iraq. Whatever opportunity there might have been following the initial invasion has been swept away by the abusive treatment of detainees, the wanton slaughter of civilians, and the systematic destruction of Iraqi society. The war has entered a period of retrenchment, with both sides firmly committed to their own objectives, doing whatever is within their power to succeed. This situation will undoubtedly persist for a number of years until the US is ultimately forced to withdraw....


The goal of establishing an American colony in the Middle East has fallen on hard-times

By Mike Whitney

The New World Order, built on the rubble of Falluja and on the tortured victims of Abu Ghraib, is being progressively dismantled by the grit and resolve of the Iraqi resistance fighting to restore their nation's sovereignty and independence. It appears increasingly likely that their struggle will succeed.


Cindy Sheehan Confronts Judith Miller’s War

by Ahmed Amr

This war can best be told by narrating the stories of two women. One woman played an instrumental role in launching the invasion of Iraq and the other is determined to end the occupation and bring the troops home. One woman wants to shed light on the lies that led to war and the other is willing to hide in jail to avoid telling the truth about her role in this catastrophe. One lady is the mother of a fallen soldier who only demands a few rational answers as to why her son died. The second is a warmongering tramp and WMD huckster who refuses to divulge her role in outing Valerie Plame. One woman is an outsider demanding a single hour of the President’s attention. The other is a power broker from Sulzberger’s New York Times with ready access to Bush administration insiders like Karl Rove and Lewis Libby. One woman is invigorating the entire peace movement and the other is a bona fide neo-con operative of a War Party in retreat....


Cindy Sheehan

Kinderhandys - Kontrolliert von Big Mother


Kinder und Mobilfunk

Zog Handy Blitz an?


Cindy's Victory


Cindy Sheehan

TomDispatch on Cindy Sheehan & War


Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan The Revolution is NOW


Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan Spins With Her Agenda, Olbermann Allows it

This should be the last blow needed to finish off the bush administration...Please forward to help our Patriot Movement grow


Note from Marsha: Cindy Sheehan has stated that she has two heroes...Her son Casey and Martin Luther King...Both her Heroes died on the same exact day...April 4th.

August 12, 2005 Cindy Sheehan Spins With Her Agenda, Olbermann Allows it (VIDEO) http://thepoliticalteen.net/2005/08/12/cindy-sheehan-spins-with-her-agenda-olbermann-allows-it-video/

By Ian on August 12, 2005 at 1:27 pm Portions of the transcript here
(important parts have been bolded). Reader LadyCop212 describes the clip:

I was flipping channels right after 8pm last night (8/11/05), when I caught a glimpse of her in an interview with MSNBC's Keith Olberman. I wanted to make sure I got it right, so I recorded the midnight replay of the show, and this morning before work I watched it and wrote down the key points word for word, so these are quotes! He began the interview by asking her what she wanted and why she was there in Crawford, TX? Sheehan: "I want him to talk to me, I want answers." …. and just a question or two later, he asked her this - Keith: "It's pure politics, the nature of the media coverage you're getting now…From the perspective of your protest there, in a way isn't it really better if President Bush doesn't meet with you?" Sheehan: "I would think so, yeah.. I think it's great. If he were to come out right now, I think it would diffuse the momentum, but I don't want to give them any hints. And, I think that's something they've probably already thought about. But, we're here, we're committed and we're staying. In fact, we're staying here the whole month of August….."

I couldn't have said it better myself! Download and view video here. Filed under Liberal Whining, President Bush, Troops, Video Blogging

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THANK YOU IAN! NOBODY ELSE WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS! LADYCOP! Comment by LadyCop212 — August 12, 2005 @ 1:43 pm

I think the President should state he would be glad to meet with her PRIVATELY and let Mrs. Sheehan have her say.HE can reiterate how he feels about her sons sacrifice and tell her he's sorry she disagrees with him. She most likely will insist on cameras and reporters present and then the people will see that this is just a left wing political stunt. Comment by Michael_adj — August 12, 2005 @ 7:19 pm

Oldbermann is a hack. He should get back to talking about bouncing basketballs and middle-aged men in shorts playing games. I'd get more worked up about it except nobody knows who the hell he is. Comment by john — August 12, 2005 @ 9:20 pm

Even if the President does see her, she still won't be happy. It is a lose-lose situation. Comment by Ian — August 13, 2005 @ 12:17 am

Sheehan's Secret Strategy! Shhh don't tell Bush's team that Sheehan's planning to stay there until the end of August no matter what. If Bush comes out to meet her, then she's lose the momentum of all the press coverage she's been getting. Because she would be forced to go h… Trackback by niTworks FireNotes — August 13, 2005 @ 9:34 pm

Informant: Marsha

From apfn-1

Cindy Sheehan

Anwältin hofft auf Sendemast-Konsens


How You Can Help Cindy Sheehan

HERE'S THE WEEKEND NEWS from the gates on the ground in at Camp Casey (two miles outside Bush's Vacation Ranch):

Saturday was phenomenal--lines of cars coming in to support Cindy Sheehan for as far as the eye could see. Many mothers and children of fallen soldiers (some who had supported the war) have joined now in the struggle to end the Iraq war.

In the town of Crawford, 6 miles from the camp, Gold Star Families and Military Families Speak Out held a Teach-in Rally. It worked like a ballet. A right-wing radio guy drummed up a hundred people (who support Bush's policy of invading sovereign countries) to harangue the peace-makers. But when they arrived at Camp Casey, there was scarcely anyone around to confront because most had left to attend the rally in Crawford! With the twenty-five campers guarding Sheehan's tent, no confrontations erupted. The police kept the harassers at a distance--on the opposite side of the road. It was poorly organized, as they came with no hats, no water and they were forced by the police to walk the last mile in the August heat to reach Camp Casey. As they approached, they saw the Iraq War Memorial--rows upon rows of a thousand white crosses interspersed with stars of David and crescent moons. They saw the American flags adorning the memorial, and must have felt a bit surprised. The overblown image of us, that they are taught by the radical right, was deflated. When they arrived at Camp Casey, they had very little energy to rouse a protest. They were too exhausted. After about an hour, they walked back, leaving their own American flags among the Memorial crosses.

Meanwhile in the town of Crawford, the Military Families held a packed rally at the Municipal Park. (A counter-rally was scheduled for the same time, else where in Crawford, but it was poorly attended.) Some military families, with children killed in Iraq, (but still supporters of Bush's war making policies) came to the Crawford Peace House. They were warmly welcomed and fed, and all shared in their grieving. The Peace House is serving meals to more than 400 people. A thousand visitors a day are coming through. The local High School Stadium serves as a parking lot and a shuttle runs back and forth from Crawford to Camp Casey regularly.

The Crawford Peace House reports that relations with the local police are very good, respectful and appreciated. There are no plans for civil disobedience.

Through out Saturday there were occasional visits to Camp Casey by radical-invasion-policy-supporters that streamed in--a handful at a time. They looked like flies buzzing compared to the multitude that supported Cindy Sheehan's call to speak with the President. All of Cindy's supporters are aware of the need to remain NON-CONFRONTATIONAL.

Co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Tim Goodrich, spent the entire day giving interview after interview. He'd like for more Iraq Veterans to join Cindy. (See instructions at the bottom to learn how you can help.) Tim reports that he met soldiers from Fort Hood , a nearby military base. They came to observe. Some were quiet and curious--on the fence, while many others, including Iraq vets, said specifically that they are against the Iraq war.

On Sunday, Maxine Waters came quietly to Camp Casey. She didn't seek media attention, but wanted to meet privately with the vets and military families. They all introduced themselves and told her their stories. She offer condolences to the families whose children were killed in Iraq.

Cindy is a Mother for Peace. Guess what her name 'Sheehan' means? It's an Irish name and it means PEACE! So every time the right wing pundits say 'Sheehan,' little to they realize, they are saying 'Peace'! How fitting and beautiful! As often as you can, in ordinary conversation, repeat her name, Sheehan, Sheehan, Sheehan! and spread the word for PEACE! Cindy (and Casey) have made PEACE a household word!

You can assist CINDY SHEEHAN. Here's how:

1. People who wish SEND VETERANS TO JOIN CINDY may donate to:
http://www.IVAW.net (Iraq Veterans Against the War)

Or mail checks to: IVAW P.O. Box 8296 , Philadelphia PA 19101
(write "Cindy" on the memo line)

2. Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans call Frank at 610-931-9046 for airfare assistance, if you wish to stand with Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey outside the gates to Bush's vacation ranch.

3. People are still needed to come to Camp Casey especially during the weekdays. Come prepared to give assistance. Bring extra supplies with you, flashlights, camping gear, etc. and share it with others. If you need to stay in a hotel, come prepared to pay. If you are a good camper, bring your supplies. New helpful arrivals will keep morale fresh and the momentum strong! Call John at the Crawford Peace house for directions: 469-879-2227

4. Send Flowers. Fresh flowers are always needed to place at the Iraq War Memorial which is surrounding Sheehan's Camp Casey, along the road side. Call Code Pink for more supply suggestions: 310-827-3046

Sheehan (peace) is showing the way, Topanga Peace Alliance Tonia Young 310-455-2688 tonia4@earthlink.net

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Speaks for Truth No more Lies bush



Cindy Sheehan

I used to think that one person could not make a difference


Cindy Sheehan

Ice Shelf Disintegration Threatens Environment


Informant: Andy Caffrey

Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Visual Damage


Clueless on Iran


This Land Is Not Your Land


One Woman Antiwar Movement


Cindy Sheehan

An Argument for Self-Governance


Niger forgeries and WMDS – Roberts fingers CIA

Through leaks and smears, Senate chairman protects White House to blame CIA, Democrats
Larisa Alexandrovna

Niger forgeries and WMDS – Roberts fingers CIA

As more questions surface on the Administration's lies about WMD and forged Niger documents, Roberts becomes a staunch Bush defender, deflecting pre-war "failures" away from the White House and pinning all blame on the CIA.

On July 11, 2003 - five days after former ambassador Joseph Wilson writes an article for the New York Times challenging the White House claim of Niger uranium sales to Iraq, Roberts issues a statement:

"What now concerns me most," he remarks , "is what appears to be a campaign of press leaks by the CIA in an effort to discredit the President." [...] Read more at the RawStory web site: http://tinyurl.com/ch45c

A related story on the web site:

Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, and diverted blame from White House over Iraq

by Larisa Alexandrovna

© Virginia Metze

Backlash Builds Against Cheney's 'Guns Of August'

By Jeffrey Steinberg

8-9-5 rense.com

As millions of copies of Lyndon LaRouche's July 27 "Cheney's Guns of August" statement circulate worldwide (see http://www.larouchepac.com ), a Washington policy brawl has erupted into public view, over the Bush Administration's now-confirmed contingency plans to stage a pre-emptive military strike against Iran-possibly using nuclear weapons. The report that Vice President Dick Cheney had tasked the Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to develop military contingencies for a massive aerial bombardment campaign against Iran, in the event of a new 9/11 attack, was first revealed in The American Conservative magazine's Aug. 1 edition. The story highlighted the likely use of nuclear weapons, and the widespread military opposition to the pre-emptive nuclear war scheme.

Since that initial story by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, this news service has confirmed the accuracy of the report from a significant number of horrified U.S. government officials-from Senators on both sides of the aisle, to military officers, diplomats, and spies. One former U.S. ambassador in the Persian Gulf reported that he had received angry reports from officials of the Central Command (CENTCOM), who have been tasked as part of the contingency planning. [...] Read more at: http://rense.com/general67/gunsofaug.htm

© Virginia Metze

Cindy Sheehan Has a Friend, cont'd

08.11.2005 Eric Boehlert

The Huffington Post

Agreed. It was must-see TV. And not only because what it revealed about Bill O'Reilly--he was forced into a four corners delay to run out the clock after he realized the mess he was in with Dolores Kesterson, mother slain Chief Warrant Officer Erik Kesterson--but also what the segment revealed about president Bush, who apparently tried to bully the grieving mother when she questioned him about his war of choice.

At one point during the interview O'Reilly asked Kesterson, the Santa Clara mother, about her allotted three-minute meeting with Bush following her only child's death in 2003. But keep in mind what Cindy Sheehan told CNN's Wolf Blitzer this Sunday regarding her brief grief time with Bush in 2004:

Sheehan: "He wouldn't look at the pictures of [my son] Casey. He didn't even know Casey's name. He came in the room and the very first thing he said is, 'So who are we honoring here?' He didn't even know Casey's name. He didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to hear anything about Casey. He wouldn't even call him 'him' or 'he.' He called him 'your loved one.' Every time we tried to talk about Casey and how much we missed him, he would change the subject. And he acted like it was a party." [...] Isn't there a way we can get everyone in the White House to have a drug test? This kind of thing just cries out that there are some pretty abnormal personalities there ... Read the rest at the Huffington Post:


Soldier's Mother Takes Protest to Bloggers
By Brian Faler
Thursday, August 11, 2005; Page A08

Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who has been camped outside President Bush's ranch near Crawford, Tex., took her antiwar protest to the Internet yesterday, joining a conference call with bloggers around the country, along with a stray congresswoman.

Sheehan, who has been demanding an audience with the president, told the bloggers that she has felt intimidated by the Secret Service, has been awakened in the middle of the night by thunderstorms and has a sore throat. But, Sheehan said, she has no plans to end her vigil until Bush meets with her to discuss the war, he goes back to the White House or she is arrested. [...] Read the rest at Washington Post web site: http://tinyurl.com/8mdlz

© Virginia Metze

Cindy Sheehan

Karl Rove truth squad

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has started a "Karl Rove truth squad" and invites you to join. They quote Larry Johnson, a former covert CIA Agent and a registered Republican as saying "This is wrong and this is shameful." To sign up. go to http://www.democraticaction.org/firerove/signup.html

© Virginia Metze

Is the Intelligence Identities Protection Act really impossible to prove?

Plame in the Courtroom

Is the Intelligence Identities Protection Act really impossible to prove?

By Elizabeth de la Vega

Pundits right, left, and center have reached a rare unanimous verdict about one aspect of the grand jury investigation into the Valerie Plame leak: They've decided that no charges can be brought under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, because it imposes an impossibly high standard for proof of intent. Typically, writing for Slate on July 19th, Christopher Hitchens described the 1982 Act as a "silly law" that requires that "you knowingly wish to expose the cover of a CIA officer who you understand may be harmed as a result." Similarly, columnist Richard Cohen, in the July 14 Washington Post, said he thought Rove was a "political opportunist, not a traitor" and that he didn't think Rove "specifically intended to blow the cover of a CIA agent." Such examples could be multiplied many times over.

Shocking as it may seem, however, the pundits are wrong; and their casual summaries of the requirements of the 1982 statute betray a fundamental misunderstanding regarding proof of criminal intent.

Do you have to intend to harm a CIA agent or jeopardize national security in order to violate the Intelligence Identities Protection Act? The answer is no. [...] Read the rest on the TomDispatch.com web site. Tom Engelhardt has a good introduction, which is just above the story.

© Virginia Metze

Investment firm's payments to Republican fundraiser under scrutiny

The story that won't die ... Lots of us are watching the story about indictments against Bush and top people in the administration. There was an additional rumor which I haven't seen picked up by anyone that John Paul Stevens was talking to the people involved in the investigation about trying to quash the indictments. I hope that that is not true. The best I can get from anyone is that the story could well be bad guessing ... So there doesn't seem to be anything that should be sent around, so far as I can tell.

Subpoena calls for documents related to the Carlyle Group and Robert Kjellander

Investment firm's payments to Republican fundraiser under scrutiny MIKE ROBINSON

Associated Press Posted on Tue, Aug. 09, 2005

CHICAGO - Federal prosecutors investigating corruption at a state pension fund have subpoenaed records concerning $4.5 million in fees a Washington-based investment firm is paying the new treasurer of the Republican National Committee, government sources confirmed Tuesday.

The subpoena calls for documents related to the fund, the Carlyle Group and Robert Kjellander, said sources familiar with the investigation who spoke only on condition of anonymity, saying prosecutors want details of the probe kept secret.

Kjellander, a Springfield-based lobbyist who headed President Bush's re-election campaign in three states, was named the RNC's treasurer over the weekend. [...] Read the rest at: http://www.belleville.com/mld/belleville/news/12341191.htm

© Virginia Metze

Nürnberger Bundesagentur ermittelt über Call-Center-Agenten sensible Daten von ALG-II-Empfängern

Bärendienst für den Datenschutz

„Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit beauftragt Call Center, Leistungsempfänger telefonisch zu ihren Daten zu befragen, und untergräbt damit das sowieso nur ansatzweise vorhandene Datenschutzbewusstsein…“ Artikel von Twister
(Bettina Winsemann) auf telepolis vom 10.08.2005


Telefonterror gegen Erwerbslose

„Nürnberger Bundesagentur ermittelt über Call-Center-Agenten sensible Daten von ALG-II-Empfängern, um die Arbeitslosenstatistik zu schönen. Erwerbsloseninitiativen kritisieren Aktion. Wer Arbeitslosengeld II bekommt, sollte sich dieser Tage nicht wundern, wenn sich am Telefon plötzlich ein Call-Center-Agent meldet, der angibt, im Auftrag der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) einen »Datenabgleich« durchführen zu wollen. Tatsächlich kommt der Anruf vom »Vivento Customer Service«, eine Beschäftigungsgesellschaft der Telekom, deren Mitarbeiter angewiesen sind, zur eigenen Identifikation lediglich auf die »Kundennummer« des Arbeitslosen zu verweisen. Dann geht es los: Suchen Sie überhaupt noch einen Job? Wer versorgt die Kinder, wenn Sie arbeiten? Wann haben Sie sich zuletzt beworben? 380000 Arbeitslose hat der Telefonservice allein in den letzten 14 Tagen angerufen. 180000mal kam ein Gespräch zustande. Doch Vorsicht ist angebracht, denn es werden Gründe gesucht, Arbeitslose aus der Statistik zu eliminieren, schließlich ist die August-Statistik die letzte vor den Neuwahlen…“ Artikel von Andreas Grünwald in junge Welt vom

12.08.2005 http://www.jungewelt.de/2005/08-12/010.php

»Starke Zweifel an der Zulässigkeit«

ALG-II-Telefonaktion der Bundesagentur für Arbeit ist aus Datenschutzgründen mehr als bedenklich. Interview von Andreas Grünwald mit Peter Schaar (Bundesbeauftragter für den Datenschutz) in junge Welt vom

12.08.05 http://www.jungewelt.de/2005/08-12/020.php

siehe dazu:

BA hält an Befragung von Arbeitslosengeld II-Empfängern fest

„(…) Hierzu stellt die BA fest: Die Vorwürfe des Bundesbeauftragten für den Datenschutz sind ungerechtfertigt. Die vom Bundeswirtschaftsministerium unterstützte Befragung diente vor allem dazu, die bei den Arbeitsgemeinschaften gespeicherten Daten von ALG II-Empfängern mit dem Ist-Zustand abzugleichen, um weiterführende Integrationsmaßnahmen planen und durchführen zu können. Hintergrund ist eine stichprobenartige Erhebung der internen Revision der BA, die im Frühjahr ergeben hatte, dass bis zu 20 Prozent der Daten nicht mehr aktuell sind…“ Presse Info 054 der Bundesagentur für Arbeit vom


Dubiose Telefonüberprüfung von Arbeitslosen - Erwerbslosenverbände raten: einfach auflegen!

„Die rechtswidrige Überprüfung von Arbeitslosen durch Call Center soll nach Angaben der Bundesagentur für Arbeit trotz massiver Kritik fortgesetzt werden…“ Presseerklärung von Tacheles e.V. / BAG-SHI vom 11. August 2005


Aus: LabourNet, 15. August 2005



One mother's stand

By Scott Galindez


Live blog updates from Camp Casey. '1,000 spirited supporters rallied with Cindy at Camp Casey. Today, Cindy emerged as a leading voice of the anti-war movement. During the week there were many comparisons to Rosa Parks, but today Cindy showed she is not only a spark plug but a leading voice. Cindy's speech was a call to action, a speech that will be seen as historic. I say a leading voice because many other family members and veterans also came out of the shadows this week and onto the national stage. We will keep bringing you their stories...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

The resurgence of movement politics

The Nation
by David Sirota

Progressives have spent the last four years in a state of shock, unable to believe what's going on in this country, and holding out hope that things will get better by themselves. We watch as poverty rises and job growth declines; corporate profits skyrocket while employee healthcare and retirement benefits get eliminated; CEO pay rises as workers' wages fall. Worse, the core economic issues that should be at the center of America's political debate have been depoliticized, while the issues of personal and religious conviction that should be removed from politics have been most politicized, leaving us with a political debate almost entirely divorced from Americans' day-to-day challenges...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Fable of the Emperor and the Grieving Mother

Common Dreams
By David Krieger


All fables have a moral, and the moral of this one is: If your son or daughter has died in war and you are a grieving mother, know that while your words may not move the Emperor to come out from behind the safety of his castle walls, your pain and courage may still stir a revolt across the empire and save other mothers' sons and daughters as well as the innocent citizens of far-off lands...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

A shot in the arm for protesters

San Francisco Chronicle
by Joe Garofoli


Coverage of Sheehan's spontaneous vigil is a godsend for the anti-war movement, which has been struggling to gain traction outside of liberal areas of the country. In Sheehan, organizers say they finally have a face that red-state America can relate to. They see in her a human reflection of sentiment expressed in this month's Associated Press/Ipsos poll, among others. Only 38 percent of respondents to that poll approve of Bush's handling of the war, a new low. The practical political question is whether the momentum gathering behind Sheehan will translate into political power in Washington. Members of Congress are circulating a letter asking Bush to meet with Sheehan, a request Sen. George Allen, R-Va., echoed in a CNN interview. But that effort won't go far unless more Americans -- particularly conservatives and those on the fence -- take up Sheehan's rallying call, 'Meet with Cindy.' Glenn Smith, a veteran Texas political consultant who is organizing a counter-event to the evangelical-sponsored Justice Sunday II gathering in Nashville, said it's rare that a voice like Sheehan's emerges. 'Probably the best thing the movement can do is get out of her way,' said Smith, whose Nashville gathering of liberal faith leaders is called Freedom and Faith. 'She doesn't need managing'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Would you kill a kid?

The Free Liberal
by Douglas Herman


Lots of soldiers kill for their country. Lots more die. Untold millions, hundreds of millions probably, have died for their countries, and their countries were sadly swept away, even though they sacrificed their lives to save it. Likewise, millions of soldiers have died -- on both sides of wars -- and the struggle remained the same. The First World War for example, was followed by the Second World War, and the same countries fought almost the same war, only a generation apart. And after each war, countries somehow survived. But the soldiers didn't. A young man (or his parents) needs to ask himself: Would I kill a kid to preserve my country? That question should be asked of all soldiers who enter the military. Just as important is the second question: How does killing a kid preserve my country?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Private property at the mercy of government

by John McClaughry


The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says 'nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.' To the framers of the Bill of Rights, 'public use' meant highways, lighthouses, navy yards, arsenals, and customs houses owned by the public, or canals, ferries, and railroads serving as common carriers for the public. But private property may not be taken by eminent domain ? regardless of just compensation ? if the government simply turns it over to the private use of a different owner. The Supreme Court began to chip away at this protection in 1954...


The war against Cindy

by Butler Shaffer


Because the state depends, for its existence, upon the enforcement of collectivized thinking, Cindy Sheehan -- along with her message -- must be marginalized. Lies must be metabolized by the body politic; the immune system must remain on the alert for viruses of truth and understanding that might infect individual minds and enervate the collective organism. Such responses remind me of the apocryphal description of lobsters in a pot of water who, upon seeing a fellow crustacean trying to escape, pull him back with the others...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

Is this Iran crisis for real?

by Pat Buchanan

Are the Iranian mullahs close to acquiring the bomb? Has Iran violated the Non-Proliferation Treaty by restarting its conversion of yellowcake into uranium hexaflouride? The answer to both is no. By a recent U.S. intelligence review, Iran may be 10 years away from a bomb. And under the NPT, Iran is allowed to enrich uranium for use in her own nuclear power plants. Why, then, this talk of confrontation and pre-emptive strikes? Even if Iran had a weapon, to give it to a terrorist or to use it on a U.S. target would be an act of suicidal insanity by a regime that, no matter how militant, has shown no desire for war with America. What is the worry? Just this. If or when Iran goes nuclear, she has a deterrent to intimidation. U.S. freedom of action in the Persian Gulf comes to an end...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How the Hiroshima lie endangers American lives

Strike the Root
by Adam Young


It says something about those who invented the myth that Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved the lives of one million U.S. troops, and those who continue to use this discredited defense today continue to disgrace themselves by justifying the murder of innocent civilian men, women and children in order to save the lives of soldiers. But there is another more sinister aspect and consequence of the Hiroshima lie. And that is the rationale and justification it affords to Osama bin Laden. ... The blanket of fear and terror that Americans have been put through by the Bush Administration and its branches in the mass media following 9/11 has as its centerpiece fear of nuclear attack by a shadow enemy...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush against the generals


by Justin Raimondo


As the president of the United States cowers in his ranch, afraid to meet with a 48-year-old mother who wants to know why her son had to die, he hurls anathemas at Tehran and gathers his hosts for fresh conquests. Bush can safely ignore Congress -- not that they'll give him any trouble -- and he can tell the chauffeur to speed up when he passes Cindy Sheehan on the way to a fundraiser for the Republican War Machine. However, he can't safely ignore the grumbling of his generals who may be just short of joining the Crawford peace camp, along with a few divisions from the North American Command. Bush has just slapped down the top American commander in Iraq, General George Casey, for daring to suggest that troop reductions were in the offing...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

Troop blogs give a firsthand view of the war in Iraq

Houston Chronicle


There were no reporters riding shotgun on the highway north of Baghdad when a roadside bomb sent Sgt. Elizabeth Le Bel's Humvee lurching into a concrete barrier. The Army released a three-sentence statement about the incident in which her driver, a fellow soldier, was killed. Most news stories that day noted it with just a few words. But a vivid account of the attack appeared on the Internet within hours of the crash last Dec. 4. Unable to sleep after arriving at the hospital, Le Bel hobbled to a computer and typed 1,000 words of what she called 'my little war story' into her Web log, or blog, titled Life in this Girl's Army, at http://www.sgtlizzie.blogspot.com ...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Big Broth ... er, President Bush signs new drug snooping bill

Kentucky Herald-Leader


President Bush signed into law a bill to create electronic monitoring programs to prevent the abuse of prescription drugs in all 50 states. The new law creates a grant program for states to create databases and enhance existing ones in hopes of ending the practice of 'doctor shopping' by drug abusers [sic] seeking multiple prescriptions. It would authorize $60 million for the program through fiscal 2010. The bill, signed late Thursday at the president's Crawford, Texas, ranch, was sponsored by Rep. Ed Whitfield, a Republican representing Kentucky's 1st District." [Editor's note: Um, I thought Bush was on vacation? - MLS]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Greens support an opponent with the antenna-relays - Les Verts soutiennent un opposant aux antennes-relais

... the criminalisation of the launchers of alarm the Greens support an opponent with the antenna-relays

Administrateur, 08/08/2005 - 22:22:34 01/08/2005

Marie-Anne Gairaud/Parisian the POLEMIC on the antenna-relays in Paris never stop. Not even during the holidays. The Green elected officials, always vigilant on this file, call today with the support of Robin of the Roofs. This association which militates against the proliferation of the antenna-relays tries to inform the public on the possible dangers of this technology. However its president, Etienne Ashtray, is in open conflict with the operators. The Court of Bankruptcy of Paris has just condemned him to pay 9 000 € with Bouygues Télécom for slandering. "The Robin association of the Roofs, concerned of its independence, is not subsidized. It cannot thus face such a judgment. We all must be interdependent ", insists Rene Dutrey, Green Conseiller of Paris. "I thus call all those which wish to show that the criminalisation of the launchers of alarm will not be right of engagements citizens, to give their financial support for Robin association of the Roofs." The Green Deputy Yves Cochet already put the hand in the pocket. This official support of the ecologists for an association clearly opposed to the antennas is not likely to alleviate the climate between the City and the three operators of telephony who renegotiate the charter on the antenna-relays.

... the criminalisation of the launchers of alarm

Les Verts soutiennent un opposant aux antennes-relais

Administrateur, 08/08/2005 - 22:22:34


Marie-Anne Gairaud / Le Parisien

LA POLÉMIQUE sur les antennes-relais à Paris ne s'arrête jamais. Pas même durant les vacances.

Les élus Verts, toujours vigilants sur ce dossier, appellent aujourd'hui au soutien de Robin des Toits.

Cette association qui milite contre la prolifération des antennes-relais tente d'informer le public sur les éventuels dangers de cette technologie. Or son président, Etienne Cendrier, est en conflit ouvert avec les opérateurs. Le tribunal de grande instance de Paris vient de le condamner à payer 9 000 € à Bouygues Télécom pour diffamation.

«L'association Robin des Toits, soucieuse de son indépendance, n'est pas subventionnée. Elle ne peut donc faire face à une telle condamnation. Nous devons être tous solidaires», insiste René Dutrey, Conseiller Vert de Paris. «J'appelle donc tous ceux qui souhaitent montrer que la criminalisation des lanceurs d'alerte n'aura pas raison des engagements citoyens, à apporter leur soutien financier à l'association Robin des Toits.»

Le Député Vert Yves Cochet a déjà mis la main à la poche.

Ce soutien public des écolos à une association clairement opposée aux antennes ne risque pas d'apaiser le climat entre la Ville et les trois opérateurs de téléphonie qui renégocient la charte sur les antennes-relais.

Informant: Avoiding ridicule

Birds suffer from biological effects of GSM, 3G (UMTS), DECT, WIFI, TETRA

Canary bird recovers from mobile phone mast exposure

August 14, 2005

Nijkerk (The Netherlands) - The canary bird of H. in Nijkerk has not sung for almost eight months. He was pecking his skin and loosing feathers. The day after his cage was protected against the radiation of a GSM antenna mast at 50 metres distance, the bird started to make noise again and even produced some trills. Ten days after, he sits proudly on his stick and does not loose his feathers anymore.

The cage is in the living room. In this room, experts of Telecom Agency of the ministry of Economic Affairs of The Netherlands measured 1,14 V/m (ca. 3000 mikroWatt/m2) for GSM 1800 MHz. The cage has been protected by fine metal mesh and aluminium foil at the bottom. Visitors think it's pathetic, but the bird is doing better thanks to the protection. He sings many times and a few days ago he has been heard singing in the early morning as well.

The owner of the canary bird has serious health problems himself. They started when a GSM 1800 MHz mast was installed on top of a building opposite of his home. The heating, television and other devices with electronic parts gave a lot of troubles. When H. stays for a few days in a place without high frequency radiation, most of his complaints disappear and the others are reduced to a bearable level.

The experiment with the canary bird shows that health problems caused by mobile phone radiation are not psychological primarily, since a bird can not be anxious about an antenna installation. The cage is still in the same position and without draught. There has been no change in taking care of this bird.

The recovery of the canary can be explained only by the reduction of the intensity of the GSM mobile phone mast radiation (DECT telephones are removed and wireless computers absent). The intensity inside the cage is about 0,5 mikroWatt/m2 after protection.

Canary birds were once used in coal mines to check the quality of the air.

When a canary died, the workers had to escape from the mine immediately. The experiment with the canary in The Netherlands shows that birds are 'sensitive' as well for the electromagnetic radiation of mobile communication systems, including DECT-telephones and wireless networks. In fact this should not amaze anybody, since many scientific research has found biological ('non-thermal') effects of radiofrequency radiation in humans, animals and plants.

More information about the radiation of GSM, UMTS, DECT, WIFI etc.: http://www.stopumts.nl

I received interesting & important posts in response to the Canary story,

It is interesting to note that in Osafia, the Druz village that removed antennas because of more than 200 cancer cases (15 new cancer cases were diagnosed only last month), birds disappeared from the village when the antennas were there, and now with no antennas- birds are back !!

Here are the posts - concentrated together they give quite a strong picture.

From Milt Bowling (Canada )

The National Research Council of Canada did lots of studies on the non-thermal effects of microwave radiation on birds in the 1960s, before the wireless industry took control of the science. They found that bird feathers acted as dielectric receptors. Birds that had been plucked under anesthesia showed no reaction to radiation until the 12th day, when their feathers started to grow back.

Studies also showed altered EEG patterns, escape behaviour, other signs of stress in the form of vocalization, defecation and initiation of flight. Parakeets chose an unradiated feeder over a radiated one. Domestic fowl [Leghorns] increased egg production by 13.7% under radiation. Unfortunately, the mortality rate of the radiated colony was double that of the control colony. Their exposures ranged from 0.2 uW/cm2 to 360 uW/cm2. Young chicks exposed to 25mW/cm2 collapsed on the floor of the cage and remained in that position until the radiation was turned off. Time to collapse ranged from 5 to 20 seconds.

Mike Repacholi at one time was with Health Canada and certainly would have had access to these studies. I wonder if WHO recommendations will include this science?


From Larry Blackhall, Canada, who is studying the subject, this is part of his research :

National Research Centre of Canada - (NRC)

Scientific peer reviewed and archived laboratory controlled studies done by the NRC of Canada demonstrate conclusively the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on living systems. These studies are available through the NRC archives.

To obtain copies by telephone call 1 800 668 1222 or visit their website at http://www.nrc.ca/cisti .

There is a nominal charge of aproximately $12 cdn.

Here are three brief relevant extracts from three of the studies;

1. Extract from LTR-CS-113 by Dr J Bigu, 1973, titled:

"Interaction of electromagnetic fields and living systems with special reference to birds."

During the initial stabilizing period the egg production of each colony was the same, but following the onset of radiation the egg production of the radiated colony increased to a higher level at which it remained essentially constant. In terms of the total number of eggs produced the diference amounts to an increase of 13.7% - an increase that could be of economic significance in raising poultry provided other, and undesired, interaction effects do not appear.

However the mortality rate of the radiated colony was almost double that of the control colony through each of phases A and B.

2. Extract from LTR-CS-18 by Dr J A Tanner, 1969, titled:

"Effects of microwave radiation on Parakeets in Flight"

Conclusion: The results obtained in this experiment indicates that microwave radiation has an aversive effect on birds in flight comparable to that previously observed in caged birds. This leads the way to a possible solution of the bird hazard problem in aviation.

3. Extract from LTR-CS-89 by Dr. J A Tanner, 1973, co-authored by Dr. Romero-Sierra, Dept of Anatomy, Queens' University, Kingston, Ont., titled;

"Bird Feathers as Dialectic Receptors of Microwave Radiation."

Depending on many factors the use of microwave radiation can be detrimental or beneficial to humans. One beneficial use of microwave radiation is to reduce the hazards of birds to aircraft. This forms part of an extensive program designed to shed some light on the complex nature of the interaction of microwave radiation with biological systems.

From Penny Hargreaves (New Zealand)

More mobiles, and sparrows take flight

Ambarish Mukherjee

New Delhi, Nov. 30

THE wireless telecom revolution is catching on at the expense of a tiny winged creature — the house sparrow. The tiny birds are fast disappearing from cities "contaminated" with electromagnetic waves arising out of increased number of mobile handsets.

According to Dr S. Vijayan, Director of the Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON), "A number of studies has been conducted to find out the relationship between the increase in electromagnetic waves and the decrease in the number of sparrows. A positive correlation has been found between them."

"There have been studies in Spain which showed that sparrows disappear from cities where electromagnetic contamination is very heavy," Dr Vijayan added.

A study was initiated earlier this year in London by the British Trust for Ornithology to investigate whether the explosion of electromagnetic waves from portable handsets is wiping out sparrows in London. The British study involves 30,000 birdwatchers who will examine the urban sparrow population near cell-phone masts, where electromagnetic fields are most concentrated.

London has witnessed a steep fall in its sparrow population — a 75 per cent fall since 1994, which coincides with the emergence of the cell-phone.

Electromagnetic waves travel through the air to the cell-phone masts located above tall buildings in the cities. These waves then travel to and fro between the handset and the tower while one is using the handset, and this results in increased electromagnetic contamination in the air.

The rapidly increasing number of cell-phone subscribers is resulting in higher concentration level of electromagnetic waves in the air which clashes with the earth's electromagnetic field.

Dr Vijayan also pointed out that sparrows are found to be disappearing from areas where mobile towers are installed.

SACON has also initiated a detailed study to find out how exactly these small birds are being affected.

"These are all circumstantial evidences. Now we need to prove how it is exactly affecting the sparrows. My feeling is that it probably affects their central nervous system. We are conducting studies with inputs from various cities on the falling number of sparrows in which the effect of electromagnetic contamination from mobile phones are also being examined," Dr Vijayan said.

He said increased exposure to electromagnetic waves also affects small animals. For example, in rats, it is found that the sperm count has decreased while in the case of chicken embryonic, mortality has become very high. There could be more examples, he added.

Another one from Penny :

Subject: Fw: Re caged birds -canaries etc

A farmer who was breeding ostriches about a kilometre from the radio tower found some of the chickens did not develop feathers.

Subject: EMF in the barnyard (fwd)

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 082740 -0500 (CDT)

From: "Roy L. Beavers"

To: emfguru@hotmail.com

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 15:11:43 +1000

From: myra kyneur

To: w-m-a@reach.net

Cc : marjlundquist@yahoo.com

Subject: EMF in the barnyard

Dear Wolfgang Scherer

We were very interested in your account of radiofrequeny radiation (RFR)effects on cattle and birds on the Bavarian farm. Of particular interest were the effects on the birds, as we have documented three cases of RFR effects on birds here in Sydney, Australia.

We thought you may find this of interest also. The exquisite sensitivity of the canary, and it would seem other birds, is obviously incompatible with the radiofrequency radiation (RFR) associated with cellular phone transmitters. A warning for the human population?

We wonder if it would be a useful exercise to survey the caged bird population within a given distance from mobile phone base stations.

Following are the cases we have documented.

Case 1.. Fairlight NSW : Unusual behaviour of flock of approx. 17 black crows that usually roosted on the roof of a high rise apartment block.

After the installation of a mobile phone base station (MBS) nearby resident noticed the birds became noisier and unsettled. This behaviour continued for about two weeks-the birds are now no longer in this neighbourhood.

Case2.. Caringbah NSW : Within 200 metres of a MBS Bantam hens and roosters died unexpectedly from unknown causes, within a short time of the installation of the MBS.

Note: On the same premises, a family of two adults and three young adults each progressively developed 'microwave hearing' and moderate to severe headaches after the same MBS installation.

The headaches diminished after alterations were made to the electricity power supply in the street. (Details available on request)

The microwave hearing associated with the MBS continues.

Case 3...Kirrawee NSW: For a number of years an exotic bird breeder had approx. 350 birds located one hundred metres distance from a radiofrequency antenna used by a paging service. Within four months of the installation being upgraded to a mobile base station (MBS) most birds refused to breed, those that did breed prematurely removed the young from the nests. Two only young birds survived the season, one only has feathers, the other none at all.

Some species became aggressive, defeathering their mates.

The owner has since moved house.

Comments to: Betty Venables, Co-ordinator, C/- Email address as above or postal address, EMR SAFETY NETWORK-INTERNATIONAL, 216 President Ave Miranda NSW 2228 Australia

fred moore

Archive provided courtesy of WaveGuide, http://www.wave-guide.org

Reprinted with permission of Roy Beavers, http://www.feb.se/EMF-L/EMF-L.html

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Effects of exposing chicken eggs to a cell phone in "call" position over the entire incubation period

From the abstract: The aim of the present study was to assess the effects of exposing fertile chicken eggs to a cell phone repeatedly calling a ten-digit number at 3-min intervals over the entire period of incubation. A significantly higher percentage of embryo mortality was observed in the "exposed" compared to the "sham" group in 2 of the 4 replicates (p<.05). In comparison with control groups, additional embryo mortality in the exposed group occurred mainly between Days 9 and 12 of incubation but a causal relationship between the intensity of the electric field and embryo mortality could not be established. Bibliography: Batellier et al., Theriogenology. 2008 Feb 4 [Epub ahead of print], Abstract

Spanish paper on RF effects on birds

Micro Waves Effects on Wildlife Animals

EMF Exposure - Animal Studies

Effects of the electromagnetic fields of phone masts on a population of White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)

Pulsed microwave radiation and wildlife - Are Cell Phones Wiping Out Sparrows?

Electromagnetic pollution of the environment


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