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How oil giant influenced Bush


Informant: NHNE

EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report has never been presented to Congress

Dear Roy: We just spent a very nice night at the charming, new country home -- about 70 miles north of us in Hinckley, Minnesota, with my sister, Sue and her husband, Jon.

One of Jon's "extended family," Marilyn and her husband, Arden, were staying overnight on the property in their motorhome. Since we hadn't met previously, it didn't take long for me to make a comment that led to my explaining why I am researching EMR.

Arden was appropriately shocked when I described improvement in grandsons after moving their beds away from electric meters. Likewise, when I told about Bud's improvement after moving the electric clock radio as well as a couple other quick stories about electric clocks and health effects -- one re disastrous results and one re significant improvement.

I also briefly commented about the 2002 EMF California Report and findings re Leukemia, brain cancer, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage with a reference to their recommendation of 300 ft. distances from high voltage powerlines. I mentioned increases in telecommunications' antennae.

Arden said, "well, why isn't this being announced......why isn't the public being told?" He seemed upset when I told him the EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report has never been presented to Congress and even made a point of asking which agency of the government, etc. Marilyn and Arden smiled and agreed that only one of their homes had an electric clock by the head of their bed (they have park model in Arizona, a main farm home, a lake place up north and a motorhome).

Marilyn and Arden "were aghast" that the news media wouldn't carry my stories. My sister, Sue, mentioned "even Oprah wouldn't do the story" and mentions of many other contacts, including politicians and cancer societies were briefly discussed. Sue is usually as quiet about my work as she is about most things.

I interjected that "greed and money" is behind it all and how industry and government are controlling "the whole show." I mentioned "worry about stocks," etc. and immediately, all of the concern about children suffering and dying (as well as others) was washed away when Jon stood taller and proclaimed "its those damn lawyers you have to do something about!!!" It is ALL the lawyers' fault!!!!

Arden folded his arms and said, "I would need to know that there are studies showing millions of persons were not affected who are not sleeping by appliances and millions were affected who sleep close to appliances......."

I did not ask whether he still plans on moving his electric clock from the headboard behind their bed in their Arizona park model.

None of this changes my plans of continuing to speak out on behalf of children with Leukemia/Leukaemia (plus every health problem for all ages) that we know are affected by chronic, prolonged exposures to low levels of EMR. Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpelican@aol.com


Dear Roy: As you know, the evidence re EMF/EMR-related health problems continues to mount.

The EMF Interagency Committee Report has never been presented to Congress!!!

I think "the time is right" for everyone to forward this email and/or to send a copy by regular mail to those who are declaring intentions to run for political office in 2006 along with a short note demanding the enthusiastic candidates give this issue "high priority attention."

Our country's "Code Blue Status" re our health system requires "a focus on prevention and prudent avoidance" particularly in regard to childhood electrical pollution exposures such as electrical appliances/devices that are close to childrens' beds as well as high frequencies on electrical wiring in homes, schools, daycare centers, etc. Attention must also be directed toward the "willy-nilly, thoughtless installations" of cell towers and antennae. All of these exposures affect persons of every age but, as you know, children are even more vulnerable due to developmental stages of cells throughout their bodies.

The EMF Interagency Committee Report must be presented to Congress!!! Candidates for political office -- whether incumbents or not, need to force this issue and take responsibility for reporting who is resposible for withholding this information from the public.

Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127
USA Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpelican@aol.com

Betreff: EMF RAPID...Roy Beaver's "Mission Statement"...(government "cover-up")..... Von: JCMPelican@aol.com Datum: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 14:57:20 EDT An: JCMPelican@aol.com


18 October 1999

Originally posted as:

EMFguru#7-98, Inertia and Malfeasance...... (Sep 98) .......Edited and Revised October 15, 1999


To end..... ......Inertia and Malfeasance.......

"Now the public will know what the members of the EMF research community have known for years"

The speaker who made the above statement was one of thirty or so scientists who were present at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) sponsored EMF/health effects research review project recently completed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the U.S.A. There, the "working group," a panel of 30 scientists who had been selected by NIEHS to write the final EMF report, agreed to the final draft of a report summarizing more than five years of studies by literally hundreds of researchers worldwide. In the report, the panel voted 19-8 to identify EMF (power frequency electromagnetic fields) as a class 2B carcinogen.

As it happens, I was seated next to that scientist during the final three days of that historic gathering. He (like myself) was not an actual participant on the panel. He was an "observer."

Fortunately, the editor of MicroWave News (MWN) heard the statement and recorded those words in the pages of MWN. I can certainly vouch for the fact that the statement is consistent with some of my conversations with the speaker, Dr. Michael Marron, of the Office of Naval Research in Arlington Virginia.

I also learned that my fellow U.S. Navy seat-mate is an extremely well qualified and knowledgeable expert about EMF, going as far back (in his involvement with the issue) as the 1973 SANGUINE Project -- a U.S. Navy communications project (later abandoned) that is reported in Ellen Sugarman's latest book, "Warning, the electricity around you may be hazardous to your health."

I know of no better commentary or summary for the final results of the five year, $45 million, EMF RAPID research project (as it was designated) than Dr. Marron's pronouncement above. Here it is again, as it appears in MicroWave News:

"Now the public will know what the members of the EMF research community have known for years," commented Dr. Michael Marron of the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, VA. Marron is a member of the EMF Inter agency Advisory Committee, which must submit its own report on the EMF RAPID program to Congress." [MicroWave News, vol XVIII, No. 4; July/August 1998, pp. 5.]

It is, I submit, particularly noteworthy that a person of such unchallengeable qualifications and background in the EMF subject should observe: ...Now the public will know what we "have known for years"......

In other words, "we" (the scientists researching EMF) have known about the bio-effects that account for the "possible" (many still believe "probable") carcinogenic effects of 50 or 60 Hz power line frequency EMFs for a long time!!! Only the public has been kept in the dark!!!

But, Dr Marron, will the public know??? Will the public THIS TIME be given the WHOLE story??? Or, as so many times in the past -- when other equally qualified, equally legitimate scientific panels had reached substantially the same conclusion (As early as 1990, the "working level" scientists at EPA reached the same verdict.) -- will the public once again be cheated of its "right to know" by a government that has criminally controlled and distorted the flow of EMF information to the public for so long???

Oh, you gasp, surely not "criminally." Yes, the word is "criminally." That is exactly the judgment a good lawyer would seek if pursuing a corporate corrupter of the truth in a similar situation -- corporate CEOs (like the tobacco chieftains) who knowingly misled the public about the safety of their product, or a pharmaceutical official who "knowingly" withholds from the public vital information about tests of his product which show it may be unsafe; thus withholding information about possible harm to the public to the extent that innocent lives could be lost or innocent children stricken with leukemia.

That is what our government has done! Knowingly.... And, not once, but repeatedly, since at least the 1990 EPA study that was buried by political operatives (not by the scientists who had done the work).....

Any good lawyer would go after "punitive" damages based on the criminal negligence/malfeasance behavior of the officials involved in that case ... and others subsequent to it ... in a history that is full of distortions, withheld and dissembled public information, which (as Ellen Sugarman has written) apparently began with the SANGUINE project, if not earlier. In the 1960s and early 70s the Soviet Union used EMF against the personnel of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. That information, too, has not been fully revealed to the public or to the families of the embassy people who were exposed. Or, take the case of the government officials in France who are being prosecuted for malfeasance because they withheld from the public information they had about the presence of HIV infected blood in the nation's blood supply....

In keeping with such examples as well as with the conclusion of Dr. Marron (above), I say that the charges against our government -- for failing to inform the U.S. public about the bio-effects of EMF ... and obfuscating, dissembling, or distorting the resultant EMF hazards ... that "we" (the insiders) have "known for years" -- should be characterized as: "deliberate and criminal negligence and malfeasance of office....."

Of course, the industries who have a vested interest in the EMF issue are also guilty of dissembling, obfuscating (and sometimes lying) about the EMF realities, too..... Their conduct (motivated by profits and the protection of the value of their company on Wall Street) is, it seems, more acceptable to our "profit driven" society. Probably, they would not be charged with "criminal" negligence and malfeasance -- only greed.....

Well, it will happen again -- just like in the past -- the public will not be given the truth by our government, if we allow the same national sense of "inertia" that has governed our actions about the EMF health hazard to date ... to continue in the future....

The brutal reality is that the health and safety of the citizens of the U.S. are still subordinate to a bureaucracy (of RICH health agencies, like the NIH, NCI, NIEHS triumvirate) that has been "staffed" by the same political influences which have for decades guaranteed that 'public interests' in health and safety matters come AFTER the profits of the industry special interest groups, the big $$$$$$$ political contributors and the patrons of the political/bureaucratic structure..... I'm afraid that I no longer have one scintilla of confidence in a governmental system which FUNCTIONS to ignore or deny the public's health and safety needs when those needs are in conflict with the powerful vested interests who control the executive and legislative branches of our government and who often exert undue influence even within the judicial branch. The record clearly shows that it is not just our legislature or executive branches that have "sold out" to the special interests. The bureaucracies as well are either "staffed" by friends of the big spenders (that's NOT Joe public) or ... they are often intimidated and living only for their retirement and/or the day they will leave the government and go to work for one of the 'big spender' companies....

This will not change unless we 'the people' demand it...... Absent a tidal wave of public indignation that DEMANDS the publication of information which has been withheld for years (as Dr. Marron implicitly observed), the INERTIA of the existing political/bureaucratic system -- a system of big political "insiders" who "buy" the bureaucratic machinery of our government as well as the 'hearts' of our legislators -- will continue to deny public protection from the kind of exploitation that has been recorded so far in the EMF story....

A public policy that rightfully should be dedicated to protect the "people" of our democracy (read: oligarchy) and foster the formation of policies that recognize the ubiquitous nature of the looming EMF health hazard will not occur unless we demand it, fight for it, manifest a willingness to "throw out" the political leadership that stands in the way......

Clearly, the ubiquitous looming EMF health hazard is (within the lifetime of my "generation X" children) the most serious single environmental threat to public health and safety that has yet been identified..... All the scientific evidence of this scientific paradigm, the bio-effects of EMF which we have just BEGUN to comprehend, points toward two major conclusions which were NOT decided by the NIEHS panel that met in Minnesota. They were not even considered.

Yet it is manifestly apparent to "the insiders" that the results of the Minneapolis meeting portend the future acknowledgment -- perhaps SOON in the future -- of the following two additional bio-effects" realities:

(1) It is not the 60 Hz (power line) frequencies, alone, that constitute the health threat of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. The evidence of EMF research worldwide in many other wave-bands of the electromagnetic spectrum is clearly trying to tell us that ALL "EMF" signals (microwave, RF, etc., of whatever frequency) should be considered suspect!!! The Russians have known for more than thirty years....

(2) The Minneapolis verdict was the "easy," obvious verdict. (As Dr. Marron's statement implies.) Many, if not "most," of the scientists on that panel realize full well that the 'truly appropriate' judgment would have been to define the EMF health threat as a "2A" category carcinogen -- a "probable" carcinogen rather than the "possible" that was decided.

Take careful note!!! The balloting was conducted in an "open" balloting procedure (where all those who "control" the funding were able to "observe" how each scientist voted!!!). I believe that if a secret ballot had been allowed -- as I suggested on the EMF-L network some months past -- the 2A category ("probable" carcinogen) would have been more likely to have been the resultant "judgment." Failing that, the 2B verdict would have turned out to be even more decisive than the count recorded: 19 to 8. I observed that in all the votes taken there were five "scientists" -- all "tied-in" in some way with the electric industry -- who voted consistently against any finding that would have put EMF in an adverse health category...... Consider how overwhelming the judgment becomes if those five (clearly voting in a conflict of interest situation) were excluded. Instead of 19 to 8, suddenly the ratio is 19 to 3, an overwhelming majority judgment!!!

Yes, my fellow Navy Officer and seat-mate at the historic Minneapolis conference, Mike Marron, I agree with you -- it is high time that the PUBLIC should be allowed to know "what we know" ... what we "have known" for a long time.....

Only "the usual" governmental/bureaucratic inertia of the past can now prevent it..... Let the call go forth to all Americans that we will no longer play the "docile citizen" passive role which relies on "the government" to protect "our" interests ... to tell us the truth ... a role that the U.S. government has long since 'abdicated'.....

Let it henceforth be our commitment to ourselves ... that WE are going to INSIST on 'performance' to OUR standards ... and OUR needs ... by legislators (and bureaucrats) who are 'expendable' when they fail to put OUR priorities above the "special interests" of those who have "bought" the system..... The EMF saga is a good place to start...... .....And such is the "mission" of this website.....


October 15, 1999

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

Australia Ex-Army Chief Wants Foreign Troops Out of Iraq

Foreign troops must aim to withdraw from Iraq by the end of next year to remove one of the biggest focal points for militant groups, former Australian defense force chief Gen. Peter Cosgrove said.


Post Traumatic Stress: Sticker Shock over Shell Shock

The US government is reviewing 72,000 cases in which veterans have been diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, claiming that misdiagnosis and fraud have inflated the numbers. Outraged vets say the plan is a callous attempt to cut the costs of an increasingly expensive war.


Specter to Roberts: Court Disrespects Congress

Democrats pointed to Specter's letter as an indication that they, too, should be able to ask Roberts about specific legal cases at his Sept. 6 confirmation hearing.


Roberts Ruling on Terror Tribunals Appealed

Lawyers for a Guantanamo detainee asked the Supreme Court on Monday to consider blocking military tribunals for terror suspects, and to overturn what they called an extreme ruling by Judge John G. Roberts Jr., President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court.


Military Spies Identified Hijackers a Year Before 9/11

According to a former defense intelligence official and a Republican member of Congress, a small, highly classified military intelligence unit identified Mohammed Atta and three other future hijackers as likely members of a cell of Al Qaeda operating in the United States.




Gunning For College

by Beth Shulman, TomPaine.com

Everyone's gearing up for back-to-school season: parents, children and U.S. military recruiters.


Bigger Than AIPAC

by Robert Dreyfuss, TomPaine.com

Last week's federal indictment of AIPAC and DoD staff on spying charges could unravel the neocon policy machine and damage the Bush administration.


ALERT: A Message From Cindy Sheehan, Crawford, TX


"...Why do the right wing media so assiduously scrutinize the words of a grief filled mother and ignore the words of a lying president?..."

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005 "Security Threat"

-- a Message From Cindy Sheehan, Crawford, TX

Where do I begin?

Today was a highly eventful day. This entry won’t be artful, but utilitarian.

I conservatively got 3 to 5 phone calls a minute. I did about 25 phone interviews and several TV interviews. I did several right-wing radio interviews. I was supposed to do: The Today Show, MSNBC live interview, Connected Coast to Coast (MSNBC) and Hardball (MSNBC). The Today Show just never showed up and the other 3 MSNBC shows cancelled for no reason.

Another big story that was going on today was about my first meeting with Bush in June of 2004. For you all I would like to clarify a few things. First of all, I did meet with George, and that is not a secret. I have written about it and been interviewed about it. I will stand by my recounting of the meeting. His behavior was rude and inappropriate. My behavior in June of 2004 is irrelevant to what is going on in 2005. I was in deep shock and deep grief. The grief is still there, but the shock has worn off and the deep anger has set in. And to remind everybody, a few things have happened since June of 2004: The 9/11 commission report; the Senate Intelligence report; the Duelfer WMD report; and most damaging and criminal: the Downing Street Memos. The VERY LAST THING I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS IS: Why do the right wing media so assiduously scrutinize the words of a grief filled mother and ignore the words of a lying president?

In the early afternoon, we got word that if we were still there by Thursday, we were going to be deemed a "security threat" to the president. Condi and Rummy are coming in on Thursday for a "policy" meeting. I just don’t understand why we will be a security threat on Thursday when we aren’t now? If we don’t leave on Thursday, we could be arrested. Well, I am not leaving. There are only three things that would make me leave: if George comes out and talks to me; if August comes to an end, or if I am arrested.

People are heading here from all over the country. I have some more Gold Star Families for Peace members coming tomorrow. We are amazed by the outpouring of love and support we are getting. 62% of the American public are against this war and want our troops home. We need to show the media that we are in the majority. We need to show George Bush and his cabal of neocons that when we say "bring the troops home, now" we mean "bring the troops home, now!!!"

In the late afternoon, many of us left to go back to the peace house in Crawford because there was going to be a major lightning storm. While most of us were gone, the Sheriff came and told us that what we were told was county property really was private property and we would have to remove our stuff to a tiny place, or get it confiscated. I find it interesting that the county sheriff did not know that roads in his county that lead up to the presidential vacation home are private roads. I find it very hard to believe. They think that they are pushing us off, but we will not leave there voluntarily or without handcuffs on. My only hope is, there will be tons of media there when they carry me to the squad car.

Today was so bizarre for me. I got phone calls from famous people pledging their support, and phone calls from mothers with sons in Iraq who are overcome with emotion when they talk to me. And it is so brave for them to call me, because I am their worst fear. We had a young man who is in the US Army at Ft. Hood come this morning and spend hours with us. He has been there [Iraq] and his unit is scheduled to go back in October. How much courage did that take for him to come within earshot of his commander in chief’s home and spend time with some old hippy protestors???

We have a lawyer working on getting us closer to the ranch and working on magically turning the private property back into county property again. I have some awesome young ladies from CodePink answering my phone and taking phone calls. We have Veterans for Peace out there putting up banners (our tiny campsite looks real nice). We have concerned citizens from all over America starting to come in. IT IS FREAKIN AMAZING, FOLKS!!!

Come and join us and let your voices be joined with ours. VISIT: http://www.crawfordpeacehouse.org/index.html



August 9th, 2005 3:43 am Locals join mom of fallen soldier staging protest near Bush ranch

NBC 6 News

A California woman's demand to meet with President Bush is now attracting supporters from all over. Monday, dozens of people showed up at the roadside camp after seeing her story on TV.

Cindy Sheehan says she'll continue to camp out all month until she meets face to face with President Bush.

Under a large tree and umbrellas, supporters of a peace movement continued their protest in the rain, along side the road leading to President Bush's ranch.

After the makeshift camp received national media attention this weekend, dozens are now coming in, bringing supplies and showing support.

Morgan Connery is from Lampasas.

“I just jumped in my truck and drove out with a big bucket of chicken. That was the best thing I could think of to bring. If I could've done it over, I'd bring a tent.

It's all in support of Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son Casey in the Iraq war: “I am amazed at the outpouring of love and support from around the world that we're getting.”

Sheehan's story tugged the heart of Killeen resident Cathleen Fox, whose son Christopher is stationed at Fort Hood. Christopher just got back from Iraq and will ship out again in a few months. The two came to the camp to show their support.

Cathleen says, “I read yesterday that Cindy Sheehan was out here and it just crushed me.”

Christopher says, “If I had my choice, I would rather not go back. I don't feel this war is necessary.”

President Bush's motorcade is expected to pass by the camp later in the week. Protesters have been told they may have to move, but they say they're not budging.

Protestor Diane Wilson says, “We're talking to the head of the ACLU of Texas and we're going to start fighting for inches.”

“I'm willing to be arrested,” Sheehan says. “I'll still be there and if they let me out of jail, I'll go back.”

McLennan County Sheriff Larry Lynch did not return repeated phone calls from NBC 6. Sheehan says she does not expect to get that face to face meeting with President Bush.


Informant: Hopedance

The Invisible Pirate: Tracking PCs

Strike the Root
by Joe Blow


This edition covers two methods that Big Brother may soon be able to use to track any computer. The good news is that geospatial addressing is still on the drawing board and won't become a reality for most users for years. The bad news is that remote physical device fingerprinting may enable the feds to track your computer anywhere, no matter how or where you connect to the web, even if you use a high anonymous proxy server or an anonymizer system like JAP or Tor. Not happy about that? Wait, it gets worse. IPv6's geospatial addressing will incorporate an injected GPS signal to pinpoint a user's location. While this feature is intended for military use, it remains to be seen whether or not it will be used in the civilian sector. Any bets what Big Brother's vote will be?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Kelo's implications are horrendous

by Paul Craig Roberts


Readers' questions have prompted me to examine further the Supreme Court's recent Kelo decision. Kelo is even worse than the calamity I declared it to be. Kelo does not mean the end of private property per se, but it does mean the end of anyone's secure possession, be the owner an individual or a corporation. To the extent that Americans still possess constitutional rights, Kelo could mean their end, as well. ... Indeed, as one astute reader noted, Kelo's public benefit concept of eminent domain could be used to condemn privately owned firearms. The Second Amendment would still be there. We would have a right to firearms in the abstract just as we have a right to property in the abstract, but every specific right can be condemned...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Down with democracy!

The Price of Liberty
by Lady Liberty

Americans have a thing for democracy. Some Americans, in fact, claim to love it so much that they want to make it our primary export. Even those who aren't particularly fond of the idea of a war in Iraq are behind the notion that we're bringing democracy to the beleaguered Iraqi citizens. Those Americans who feel that way are those, however, who don't really understand democracy much at all. There's a saying that goes, 'Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.' The more educated American will point out that we don't live in a true democracy, but rather in a democratic republic, or representative democracy. They apparently don't know the corollary of that old saying which states, 'Representative democracy is when the flock elects a wolf to decide what's for dinner'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

One nation, under watch

By Silja J.A. Talvi


On July 29th, the Senate reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act was approved by a process known as 'unanimous consent.' The week prior, the House majority voted to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act (257-171). President Bush is expected to sign the reauthorized and largely permanent PATRIOT Act into law on Sept. 11, 2005, pending an ironed-out version between the House and the Senate once the legislative session resumes. While the law is one of the most far-reaching and drastic in U.S. history, it is not the first time the government has moved to utilize a time of real or perceived crisis to increase its powers of surveillance and detention. And while portions of the bill will be reviewed again in two years, much of what is considered its most invasive components remains. 'We rushed to put together legislation that we thought would safeguard us from another terrorist attack,' U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-AK, said in the aftermath of the House reauthorization vote. 'In the process we have created a bill that I feel takes away from our constitutional freedom. This is not patriotism, this is Big Brother'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The failed "war on terror"

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


U.S. government officials, both politicians and career bureaucrats, always imply that a tradeoff exists between security and liberty and that we cannot have both. This view, however, depends on buying into key erroneous assumptions made by those same officials. The Bush administration's high-octane 'war on terror' has undertaken an active and highly publicized agenda domestically and overseas to rid the world of 'evildoers.' Unfortunately, after the September 11 attacks, the American public would have been freer and safer, both at home and when traveling and doing business abroad, if the administration's security bureaucracies had taken a long vacation. In short, the administration's activism -- whether it be for ulterior motives, as in the invasion of Iraq, or to win public relations points with voters -- ensures that Americans will see both their security and liberty eroded...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

License to kill

Strike the Root
by Adam Young

What is this but an open declaration that the regime of Tony Blair has established a policy that his police forces can shoot to kill just on suspicion? Can kill anyone in Britain -- including British citizens -- without any safeguards at all, based all on how someone may walk or what they wear somewhere at some time. What is this but an outright Soviet-style policy directed by the regime against the general public? ... And, now of course, we learned that he didn't run, he didn't hop the turnstile and that he wasn't even wearing that suspiciously large bomb concealing jacket that allegedly lead to his murder. 'He used a travel card,' his cousin, Vivien Figueiredo, said. 'He had no bulky jacket, he was wearing a jeans jacket. But even if he was wearing a bulky jacket, that wouldn't be an excuse to kill him'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Adding to the heart of charity

Christian Science Monitor
by Marvin Olansky


Rich hunters offset the costs of their African safaris by donating mounted heads of exotic animals to a Nebraska museum and claiming huge tax deductions. A Tennessee foundation created to improve education among the poor pays its director several million dollars. A tax-exempt hospital charity in Minnesota sends employees on trips to Hawaii and Grand Cayman Island, and executives on a three-day wine tour of Napa Valley to help them find their 'moral center.' Those are some of the stories that emerged from a Senate Finance Committee hearing this spring on charitable-giving abuses. Committee chairman Charles Grassley concluded, 'It's time for comprehensive reforms to shut down personal enrichment at the needy's expense.' He's right, but the arrogance of government and foundation officials at the expense of the needy is an even greater problem...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Journalism's fear and loathing of blogs

Christian Science Monitor
by Dante Chinni


Mainstream journalism is running scared. It's watching its audience numbers decline and its public trust numbers drop. Newspapers, magazines, and network television news have been shaken by major scandals. The media have seen the future and it is blogging. Or at least that's the story this year. 'Mainstream journalism,' however you want to define it, has been under siege so long it's hard to keep track of all the people, things, and outlets that were or are still going to destroy it. Blogs, or weblogs -- websites on which a person or a group of people opines about events, reports what's been heard, or simply links to other sites (many of which are also blogs) -- are the latest concern among journalists who look at them with curiosity and fear...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Officers and veterans defy Bush's neocons

New York Observer
by Joe Conason


Among the most durable stereotypes of American political culture is that military officers secretly yearn for authoritarian rule and blind brutality, especially if they happen to be from the South, while civilian officials and intellectuals supposedly cherish our constitutional order. Those old liberal clichés have been proven false in the struggle to curtail the lawless misconduct symbolized by Abu Ghraib. We now know that the most reliable defenders of the Constitution are lifetime military officers -- bolstered by a trio of Southern conservative Senators who also happen to be decorated veterans. They have been pushing back against the neoconservative academics and experts whose advice led to torture scandals and the abrogation of civil and human rights...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Right-wing illusion

by Anthony Gregory


The American right has long dedicated itself to the promotion of limited government -- limited to its key functions of cracking skulls, caging sinners and leveling cities. Helpful to this program of state violence is the fact that most people, left, right, center and libertarian, believe that protecting people's rights to life, liberty and property against foreign and domestic threats is the one unquestionable purpose of government. People tend to consider organized force a legitimate means to defend the innocent against violent criminals, terrorists, and the like. It is along these lines that the most universally accepted government programs are its most explicitly coercive, and that conservatives tend to go overboard in their enthusiasm for the 'legitimate' functions of 'limited' government...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mini-Elefanten: Elefantenart laut WWF wegen Plantagen kurz vor dem Aussterben


Mit nur noch etwa 2.000 Tieren steht der Borneo-Zwergelefant nach Einschätzung der Artenschutzorganisation WWF vor dem Aussterben. Die Elefanten seien eine Unterart des asiatischen Elefanten und kämen nur auf der südostasiatischen Insel vor. Dort seien sie hauptsächlich durch die massive Rodung der Regenwälder für Öl-Palmen-Plantagen gefährdet.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Dramatische Folgen von Öl- und Gasausbeutung in Russland für die Bewohner

Shell, BP & Exxon: Dramatische Folgen von Öl- und Gasausbeutung in Russland für die Bewohner (08.08.05)

Die Russische Föderation ist die wichtigste Herkunftsregion für Erdöl und Erdgas, das in der Bundesrepublik verbraucht wird. Die Rohstoffe würden fast ausschließlich in den Gebieten der Rentierzüchter, Fischer, Jäger und Sammler des hohen Nordens und Sibiriens gewonnen. Bei einer Tagung vom 26.-28. August in der Evangelischen Akademie Iserlohn werden auf Initiative des Instituts für Ökologie und Aktions-Ethnologie (infoe) erstmals Vertreter betroffener Ureinwohnergemeinschaften, deutscher Umwelt- und Menschenrechtsorganisationen sowie Vertreter von Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft der deutschen Mitverantwortung für die Lage der Ureinwohner in den Ölfördergebieten Sibiriens nachgehen und versuchen, gemeinsame Strategien zu entwickeln.

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050809 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Harte Diskussionen über vorbeugende Sicherungshaft

Rechtsstaat: Harte Diskussionen über vorbeugende Sicherungshaft (08.08.05)

Bundesinnenminister Otto Schily sprach sich am Montag erneut für eine vorbeugende Sicherungshaft aus. Dies sei erforderlich zur Abwehr terroristischer Gefahren. Die Frage sei, ob man Gefahren von Terrorverdächtigen, die nicht abgeschoben werden können, "sehenden Auges" hinnehmen wolle. Die Menschenrechtsorganisation Amnesty International (AI) hat die Pläne scharf kritisiert. "So etwas darf es nicht geben", sagte Amnesty-Sprecher Dawid Bartelt. Es sei nicht mit einem Rechtsstaat vereinbar, wenn Menschen auf bloßen Verdacht hin über längere Zeit inhaftiert werden können. Der Sprecher warnte, man müsse aufpassen, "dass uns nicht die gesamte rechtsstaatliche Basis abhanden kommt".

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Protect Old Growth Forests of Tasmania

Action Alert to Protect Old Growth Forests of Tasmania

This is Ruth from the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia. We are hoping you might have a moment to help us to protect the forests of Tasmania. for the Earth, Ruth and John. http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/

Take Action to Protect Old Growth Forests of Tasmania from Rainforest Information Centre (Australia) and Friends of the Earth Australia

Please help us to urge Nippon and Oji Paper companies in Japan to follow Mitsubishi's lead and halt the purchase of woodchips sourced from old growth forests of Tasmania. Below is a sample letter you can email to: info@ojipaper.co.jp (Oji Paper) and to env@npaper.co.jp (Nippon Paper Industries)

You can also access this action alert directly at: http://www.greenpeace.or.jp/cyberaction/tasmania/form_en_html

You can also send a letter to Prime Minister John Howard by clicking http://forests.org/action/alert.asp?id=australia.

For background info on Nippon's purchase of woodchips see http://chrislang.blogspot.com/2005_07_12_chrislang_archive.html

info@ojipaper.co.jp, env@npaper.co.jp

To: Mr. SUZUKI, Shoichiro, CEO, Oji Paper Co.Ltd., Tokyo Japan Mr. MIYOSHI, Takahiko, President, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Tokyo Japan

July 22, 2005

Dear Sirs,

As you are aware, Mitsubishi Paper Mills has announced that it will stop using woodchips sourced from old growth forests. Their new policy is to buy only woodchips "sourced from plantations or second growth forests of environmentally benign, and reclaimed wood."

While the Australian Government recently agreed to protect some of the world's tallest hardwoods and old-growth forests of Tasmania, old growth logging in the state has not been phased out yet and will continue at the rate of 2600 hectares per year. Precious old-growth forests are still severely under threat and will be eradicated before too long unless strong decisive action is taken. These ancient forests are the womb of life and are required to maintain both local and global ecological stability.

We are writing to you to ask you to take a lead as Mitsubishi has done and please help us save these precious areas for Tasmania and the rest of the world.

We strongly urge you to implement a policy to ensure that your company does not buy any woodchips from Gunns sourced from old growth forests.

I look forward to your reply concerning this matter.

Yours Sincerely,


From EF! Media Center

Beängstigende Parallelen: Diplomatie statt Drohungen gegenüber dem Iran

09. August 2005

Beängstigende Parallelen Die Linkspartei.PDS fordert: Diplomatie statt Drohungen gegenüber dem Iran

Wolfgang Gehrcke, außenpolitischer Sprecher der Linkspartei.PDS und Spitzenkandidat in Hessen, zur Situation um das iranische Atomprogramm:

Erneut ist der Weltfrieden in Gefahr. Die Auseinandersetzungen um das iranische Atomprogramm drohen zu eskalieren und außer Kontrolle zu geraten. Die US-Kriegsplanungen gegen den Iran sind seit Monaten bekannt. Ein weiterer offener Konfliktherd in der Region wird die Gewalttaten im Irak anheizen und eine friedliche Lösung des Palästina-Problems unmöglich machen. Weder die Region des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens noch die Welt kann einen weiteren Krieg aushalten.

Die Linkspartei.PDS erklärt:

* Es geht nicht darum, wie man das politische Regime im Iran beurteilt, sondern es geht um eine friedliche Lösung des Problems. Ein Eingriff der USA oder Sanktionen gegen den Iran erschweren diese Aufgabe.

* Die Sympathien der Linkspartei.PDS sind bei der demokratischen Opposition im Iran. Die Linkspartei lehnt jeden weiteren Schritt in neue Atomprogramme ab. Zugleich betonen wir, dass keinerlei Beweise für die Arbeit am Bau von Atomwaffen im Iran vorliegen. Eine beängstigende Parallele zur Lüge über die Massenvernichtungswaffen des Irak drängt sich auf.

* Der Europäischen Union kommt eine wichtige Rolle für diplomatische Schritte statt Sanktionen und Drohungen zu. Die EU muss gleichzeitig den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika deutlich machen, dass Gewaltakte gegen den Iran den Widerstand Europas finden werden.

* Notwendig sind deutliche Zeichen der Atommächte, dass sie ihrerseits bereit sind, atomare Abrüstung auf die Tagesordnung zu setzen. Diese Bereitschaft fehlt völlig. Die US-Administration hat dagegen immer wieder verdeutlicht, dass die atomare Option in ihrer Präventivkriegsstrategie eine wichtige Rolle spielt.

Die Linkspartei.PDS erwartet von der Partei der Europäischen Linken und der Linksfraktion im Europaparlament, wo immer möglich auf die explosive Situation im Umgang mit dem Iran aufmerksam zu machen und vor neuen Kriegsstrategien zu warnen.


Handys könnten den Grauen Star fördern

Elektrosmognews vom 08.08.2005

Elektromagnetische Strahlung wirkt negativ auf Augenlinsen

Einer Studie des Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - könnte die elektromagnetische Strahlung beispielsweise von Mobiltelefonen dauerhafte und unheilbare Schäden im Auge verursachen. Vor allem den Grauen Star scheint die Strahlung zu fördern.


Handys könnten den Grauen Star fördern

The Bush Administration's Not-So-Silly Season

Tom Engelhardt asks that we give this much to our commanders, one upbeat prediction after another about "turned corners" and "tipping points," has proven wrong -- in fact, it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that not a single positive Bush administration prediction about Iraq has proven accurate, and yet that stops no one.


Mr. President, There's Someone Waiting, and Waiting, to See You

Mrs. Sheehan has vowed to camp out on the spot until Mr Bush agrees to see her, even if it means spending all August under a broiling sun beside a dusty road.


CICR findings on expression of Cry1Ac toxin in Bt Cotton

die 'Freiwillige Feldbefreiung' vor einer Woche in Strausberg samt dem Film 'Leben außer Kontrolle' sitzen mir noch dermaßen frisch in den Knochen, dass ich an dem folgenden nicht vorbeikonnte.

Bitte nehmt Euch einige Minuten Zeit für diese Eilaktion von Greenpeace Indien und dem Zentrum für Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft Indien http://www.csa-india.org/cicrstudy.asp - es geht buchstäblich (wie so häufig bei unserem Globalisierungs-Thema) um Leben und Tod.

Wer den Film "Leben außer Kontrolle" gesehen hat, hat dort erfahren, dass der Einsatz der gentechnisch veränderten Hybrid-Baumwolle 'Bollgard' von Monsanto (produziert ein Gift, das laut Werbung von Monsanto wirksam gegen den Schädling Bollwurm sein soll, der die Baumwollkapseln befällt) zu ausgedehnten Missernten geführt hat. Viele der betroffenen Bauern haben infolge dessen keine andere Möglichkeit mehr gesehen, als sich das Leben zu nehmen.

Nun hat das staatliche Zentral-Institut für Baumwollforschung haarsträubende Forschungsergebnisse aus dem Jahr 2003 veröffentlicht:

- Das von der gentechnisch veränderten Pflanze produzierte Bt-Gift Cry1Ac ist in in den verschiedenen Pflanzenteilen unterschiedlich konzentriert:

* am stärksten in den Blättern
* am schwächsten u.a. in der Kapselrinde und im Fruchtknoten, den Hauptangriffszielen des Bollwurms - Das Gift wirkt hauptsächlich gegen den Tabakwurm, einen Baumwollschädling, der in den USA die Blätter der Baumwollpflanzen befällt - Es wurden Bollwurm-Populationen gefunden, die bereits gegen das Bt-Gift Cry1Ac resistent sind - Um Bollwurmbefall zu vermeiden, müsste deshalb auch bei den gentechnisch veränderten 'Bollgard'-Pflanzen Insektizide eingesetzt werden

Diese Ergebnisse sollen am 10. August vom Komitee für die Zulassung von Gentechnik (GEAC) diskutiert werden. Greenpeace Indien und das Znetrum für Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft Indien bitten darum, dem Vorsitzenden des Komitees, Shri Suresh Chandra, zu schreiben (Email: chandrasuresh@nb.nic.in, Fax: 0091-11-24363967). Ein Musterschreiben auf Englisch ist beigefügt.

Darin wird u.a. auch die Frage aufgeworfen, weshalb die Ergebnisse erst jetzt veröffentlicht werden und nicht zu dem Zeitpunkt ihrer Entdeckung (die fraglichen gentechnisch veränderten Baumwoll-Hybride waren im gleichen Jahr zur kommerziellen Verwendung zugelassen worden).

Es wird gefragt, was diese Technologie schlussendlich garantiere, wenn die Giftabgabe an der Stelle der Pflanze am geringsten sei, wo der Bollwurm bevorzugt angreife, und was das Komitee den Bauern garantiere, wenn es diese Hybridpflanzen zum kommerziellen Anbau freigebe? Die gesamte Situation rechtfertige die Haltung, die NGOs und unabhängige Agenturen seit Jahren einnehmen: dass diese Technologie unpräzise und nicht kontrollierbar ist und dass die Entscheidungsprozesse des Komitees unwissenschaftlich, irrational und undurchsichtig seien.

Das Schreiben schließt mit der Forderung, dass das Komitee alle bislang gegebenen Zulassungen für den kommerziellen Anbau von Bt-Baumwolle zurücknehmen soll und die Verantwortung für die Verluste der Bauern übernimmt. Darüber hinaus wird gefordert, dass alle Studien in Indien und ihre Ergebnisse - öffentlich oder privat - auf deren Grundlage das Komitee seine Zulassungsentscheidungen trifft, unmittelbar veröffentlich und so der unabhängigen Überprüfung zugänglich gemacht werden.

In der Hoffnung, auch für diejenigen, die wenig Englisch verstehen, eine halbwegs sinnvolle Gebrauchsanweisung geliefert zu haben, grüßt Euch herzlich

Angelika Shams

------- Original Message -------- Subject: Eilaktion: [Fwd: GMW: URGENT - WRITE TO INDIA'S REGULATORS NOW...GEAC DISCUSSES THE CICR STUDY] Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 21:25:20 +0200 From: Wolfgang Wiebecke <kigwa.ww@web.de> To: wolfgang wiebecke <kigwa.ww@web.de>

Hallo zusammen, hier sende ich Ihnen/Euch einen Hinweis auf eine Eilaktion im Bereich Globalisierung und Ökologie weiter. Da ich erst heute dazu komme, diesen Hinweis weiterzuleiten, geht mein eigenes erbetenes Schreiben an Shri Suresh Chandra chandrasuresh@nb.nic.in mit dieser Rundmail los.

-------- Ursprüngliche Nachricht -------- Betreff: GMW: URGENT - WRITE TO INDIA'S REGULATORS NOW...GEAC DISCUSSES THE CICR STUDY Datum: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 15:26:44 +0100 Von: GM WATCH <info@gmwatch.org> An: kigwa.ww@web.de <kigwa.ww@web.de>

GM WATCH http://www.gmwatch.org

There's an urgent need for messages of concern to be sent to India's GM regulators - the GEAC - who are about to meet to discuss the findings of government scientists at the Central Institute for Cotton Research which show Bt cotton is ineffective against the bollworm.

It's vital that the GEAC now revoke their multiple permissions to Bt Cotton and drastically revamp their unscientific and opaque decision-making processes that made possible these disastrous approvals.

It's vital, says Kavitha Kuruganti, on bahalf of Greenpeace India and the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh, that as many questions as possible are now raised over how this faulty and problematic technology ever came to be approved with such damaging consequences for many cotton farmers in India.


Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 15:25:54 +0530 From: Kavitha Kuruganti <kavitha.kuruganti@gmail.com> Subject: URGENT:WRITE TO GEAC NOW...GEAC DISCUSSES THE CICR STUDY

Dear friends,

on the 10th of august, GEAC is expected to meet and discuss the shocking findings put out by CICR on Bt Cotton and on the ineffective toxin expression from the plant. for many cotton farmers of this country who had adopted Bt Cotton, this is in fact too late.

many of you must have seen the Central Institute for Cotton Research's findings on the ineffectiveness of Bt Cotton on many fronts. The findings reflect the erratic results on the ground that have been reported by many NGOs and independent agencies right from the first year of commercialisation and the fact that thousands of farmers have incurred losses with Bt Cotton while the companies and the government continue to promote it aggressively as the solution.

This brings us back to questions raised in the first instance on the technology per se as well as on the decision-making processes that this country follows with regard to genetically engineered crops.

For your information, the following links take you to two scientific studies that are relevant here, including the CICR study that has been published on july 25th and an earlier study by UAS, Dharwad on baseline resistance to Bt toxin in bollworms.

1. http://www.ias.ac.in/currsci/jul252005/291.pdf
2. pdf

On behalf of CSA and Greenpeace India, I request you to please take a few minutes to send a mail and/or fax to the Chairperson, GEAC demanding that they revoke their permissions to Bt Cotton and that they revamp their decision-making processes drastically. I am attaching a model letter that you could use as is or make whatever changes are necessary, to be sent to :

Shri Suresh Chandra, GEAC Chairperson at chandrasuresh@nb.nic.in or faxed to 011-24363967.

For those of us working against certain agricultural technologies and decision-making processes that promote the technologies in an unscientific and opaque manner, this CICR study epitomises what we suspected all along and therefore, it is important that we act now and put pressure on the GEAC. Could you therefore please send your mail/fax to the above contacts on the 8th and 9th, before the GEAC meets on the 10th of august? thanks.


August 6, 2005


Shri Suresh Chandra

The Chairperson

Genetic Engineering Approval Committee [GEAC]

Ministry of Environment & Forests, Paryavaran Bhawan,

CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Dear Sir

Sub: CICR findings on expression of Cry1Ac toxin in Bt Cotton – GEAC's liabilities arising out of the findings

The Central Institute for Cotton Research, which falls under the ICAR had recently published some alarming findings from a study done by the agency in the 2003 cotton season in Current Science (July 25 th 2005 edition) [1].

From this study, the following findings emerge starkly, raising several unanswered questions and concerns with regard to Bt Cotton as well as decisions taken on transgenic crops in this country. These findings are being quoted below from the recently published paper in the words of the authors as much as possible.

The quantitative levels of Cry1Ac differed significantly among the eight commercial Bollgard hybrids tested – it is 2 to 7-fold variable among the different hybrids.

The Cry1Ac expression was found to be variable also between different plant parts – the leaves of Bt Cotton plants were found to have the highest levels of Cry1Ac expression followed by squares, bolls and flowers while very importantly, the toxin expression in the boll rind, square bud and ovary of flowers was clearly inadequate to confer full protection to the fruiting parts. These are the parts which constitute the most favored sites of bollworm attack.

The higher levels of expression in leaves are more advantageous to Bt Cotton in USA where Heliothis virescens (tobacco budworm, a major pest in the USA) compared to those countries where Helicoverpa armigera is the major pest on cotton like in the case of India. Here, it is worth noting that Helicoverpa species are at least ten-fold more tolerant to the Cry1Ac protein compared to the tobacco budworm.

Increasing levels of Helicoverpa armigera survival were correlated with the toxin levels decreasing below 1.8 µg/g in the plant parts. The CICR scientists felt that from a practical standpoint in understanding farmer complaints related to bollworm survival on Bt Cotton.

The Cry1Ac expression declines progressively over the crop growth with toxin levels falling below the critical level of 1.9 µg/g after 110 DAS [Days After Sowing]. The decline in Cry1Ac expression was more rapid in some hybrids compared to the others. The results suggest that the decline in Cry1Ac expression is more rapid in medium to long duration hybrids, as was evident with Bollgard MECH 162, Bollgard RCH2 and Bollgard RCH 20.

The data available support the presumption that Bt Cotton hybrids in India may require more supplemental insecticide sprays than being used on Bt Cotton varieties elsewhere in the world.

A global analysis on the comparative performance of Bt Cotton varieties and hybrids against bollworms indicates that Bt Cotton Varieties appear to be more effective in controlling the Helicoverpa species compared to the hybrids grown in India. "Hence, the Indian farmer would have to be mentally prepared for the possibility of extra supplemental insecticide applications for bollworm control on Bt Cotton hybrids".

These findings raise several important and urgent questions especially on the functioning of Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) that you head:

Why were such studies as the CICR one, conducted in 2003 season, not done much before Bt Cotton hybrids were commercialized in India?

What did GEAC do about asking for such studies to be done?

What kind of results can be expected if CICR did the same study over several seasons given that Bollworm survival was found to be increasing, with toxin levels decreasing?

Why did the CICR choose to publish the findings now in July 2005 in Current Science?

In what way did CICR use its findings to influence decision-making at the DBT and GEAC levels?

What did GEAC then do with the findings?

If it is known that Bt Cotton is more effective against tobacco budworm rather than cotton bollworm and is therefore a technology more suitable for the Americans than the Indian farmers, what was done about it?

If it was known that Bt Cotton is more effective in varieties rather than in hybrids as in the case of India, why was it allowed on hybrids, unless to help the profit-making ventures of agri-business companies which only deal with cotton hybrids and not varieties?

If the variability of toxin expression is so significant amongst different hybrids (2 to 7 fold variability), what are the implications for bio-safety? This country has decided to do away with elaborate biosafety tests once an event is approved and goes in only for agronomic tests and that too, for only one year in some cases. However, the CICR results clearly caution us about the dangers of such an approach. What are the different biosafety tests taken up for these different hybrids that have been approved so far? Does GEAC know the toxin expression levels for each of these hybrids, in different parts of the plant, across the whole season and was this information created before the approvals were granted?

If there is a rapid decline in Cry1Ac expression in certain hybrids like RCH2 Bt and RCH 20 Bt, and if these findings emerged around the same time that GEAC was taking a decision on approval for commercial release of RCH2Bt, what did CICR do about influencing the decision? What did GEAC do about the findings that CICR would have presented to it?

Equally importantly, if the toxin expression is the lowest in the most favored sites of bollworm attack – the ovary of flowers and the boll rind of green bolls – what is the technology ultimately guaranteeing? What is GEAC in turn guaranteeing to the farmers of this country when it is approving and clearing these hybrids for commercial cultivation?

If we combine the findings of this study with an earlier study done by University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad which shows that baseline resistance to Bt toxin is already high in several populations of bollworm in several locations of Bt Cotton hybrid cultivation, we are faced with the ludicrous situation where on the one hand, the toxin expression is the lowest in the most vulnerable parts of the cotton plant (vulnerable to bollworm attack) and on the other hand, there is already resistance existing in several cotton growing locations to such toxins!

This whole situation clearly vindicates the position that NGOs and independent agencies have been taking for years now about the technology being imprecise and out of control and your decision-making processes being unscientific, irrational and opaque. We are very concerned about the manner in which such studies are taken up only after decisions for commercialization are made, while GEAC does not wait to heed from such findings even afterwards.

In this context, we demand that the GEAC revoke all the approvals given so far for Bt Cotton commercial cultivation. GEAC should make itself liable for the losses incurred by farmers in many locations because of the failure of the technology.

We once again demand that all studies being conducted in the country and their findings – whether of the public sector or the private sector – based on which your decisions are being made be put in the public domain immediately for independent scrutiny and make your approval procedures broad-based and transparent.



(Organisation, if applicable):



[1] "Temporal and intra-plant variability of Cry1Ac expression in Bt Cotton and its influence on the survival of the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera", Kranthi K R et al (of Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur), Current Science, Vol 89, No 2, 25 July 2005


Dr. Wolfgang Wiebecke Agrargruppe von Attac-Wtal Meckelstr. 9, 42285 Wuppertal PS: Mit diesen Mails will ich Eilaktionen unterschiedlichster NROs im Bereich "Globalisierung und Ökologie" weiterleiten, die kurzfristig dringend Unterstützung brauchen und über die gängigen Mailinglisten meist zu spät ankommen. Aus zeitlichen Gründen will ich dafür keine Recherchen machen, sondern leite nur - nach kritischer Sichtung - weiter, was mir zugesendet wird. In diesem Sinn also lade ich Sie/Euch zu Ergänzungsinformationen ein! Hinweis: Diese Mails bekommen Menschen und Organisationen, deren Mailadresse in meiner Tabelle in der Spalte "Eilaktionen" mit einer "1" vermerkt ist. Das An- oder Abmelden von diesen Mails kann also unabhängig von anderen meiner "Mailinglisten" jederzeit erfolgen. Ähnliche "Mailinglisten": "Tagungen Globalisierung und Ökologie", "Informationen Globalisierung und Ökologie", "Einkaufsratgeber-Kurzfassung", "Aktionen Globalisierung und Ökologie"

Krankheit und Armut in der Sozialversicherung - ALG II: Der Krankenversicherungsschutzterror

Herbert Masslau hat einen Artikel zum Thema „An- und Abmeldung von ALG II-Beziehern bei Krankenkassen“ geschrieben. Er beschäftigt sich mit den gesetzlichen Grundlagen und viel interessanter, mit den Hintergründen. Der Artikel vom 05.08.05 auf seiner Homepage


Dazu passend die folgende Meldung:

Falsche Storno-Meldungen an Krankenkassen durch Fehler in Hartz-IV-Software

„Durch einen Fehler in der Software A2LL kommt es derzeit zu falschen Krankenkassen-Meldungen, teilt die Bundesagentur für Arbeit mit. In mehreren hunderttausend Fällen seien Meldungen zur Krankenversicherung, also Anmeldungen, Abmeldungen, Veränderungsmitteilungen, von Arbeitslosengeld-II-Empfängern ohne Grund automatisch storniert worden…“ Herbert Masslau kann beruhigt sein, denn „Die BA sei für die Probleme mit der A2LL-Software nicht verantwortlich, entschuldigt sich aber "ausdrücklich für alle Unannehmlichkeiten", so zitiert die Meldung auf Heise news vom 08.08.2005


Krank sein in den Zeiten von Hartz IV

Ende August 2005 erscheint eine vierzigseitige Broschüre mit gleichnamigem Titel. In ihr wird das Geflecht von Gesetzlicher Krankenversicherung (SGB V), Hartz IV (SGB II) und neuer Sozialhilfe (SGB XII) unter die Lupe genommen. Der Autor Siegfried Dierke beschreibt die Konsequenzen für den Krankenversicherungsschutz bzw. die Kostenübernahme im Krankheitsfall, die je nach Art des Leistungsbezugs, Familienstatus bzw. Zurechnung zu einer Bedarfsgemeinschaft unterschiedlich sein können. Zur Schätzung einer realistischen Höhe der Auflage bitten wir Sie/Euch um Vorbestellungen für eine verbindliche Abnahmegarantie, da der Druck nicht gefördert wird. Die Schutzgebühr beträgt 3 EUR, bei geringer Stückzahl zzgl. Versandkosten. Der Umfang beträgt 40 Seiten, DIN A 4. Vorbestellungen bitte an: Siegfried Dierke (email: s.dierke@web.de) Anne Allex (email: anne.allex@web.de) Weitere Informationen und das Inhaltsverzeichnis im Flyer (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet, 9. August 2005

Die EU-Grundrechte-Charta und die Verfassungsdebatte

Nach dem Scheitern der EU-Verfassungsreferenden in Frankreich und in den Niederlanden

Wie die Führungsmächte der EU, Deutschland und Frankreich, ihre Unzufriedenheit mit dem nationalen Ertrag des europäischen "Einigungswerks" als "Ringen um die europäische Einigung" vorantreiben. Die Analyse des GegenStandpunkt-Verlags in Radio Lora München vom 18. Juli 2005:


Aus: LabourNet, 9. August 2005

»Homeland Security« für Europa?

Artikel von Klaus Eichner, Teil 2 und Schluß in junge Welt vom 09.08.2005


Aus: LabourNet, 9. August 2005

Eine EU der Sicherheit, ohne Freiheit und Recht

Artikel von Klaus Eichner, Teil 1 in junge Welt vom 08.08.2005

Aus: LabourNet, 9. August 2005

Ein-Euro-Jobs als Job-Vernichter


Pilot in court for Munir's murder

The list of murdered human rights activists and environmentalists is long - and in most cases dark governmental and corporate forces play a role in the assassinations, which usually also provide for the cover-up and some lame explanations concerning the sudden death of a defender. Here is one of the rare cases where we might get some more light into the dark alleys of state and corporate terror.

Pilot in court for Munir's murder

By Rachel Harvey BBC News, Jakarta

A pilot with the Indonesian national airline Garuda has gone on trial over the murder of a human rights activist.

Munir Said Thalib died last September on a flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam, and a post-mortem showed he had ingested lethal amounts of arsenic.

The pilot, Pollycarpus Priyanto, who was off-duty during the flight, is the first suspect to be charged over Munir's death. He denies all charges.

Two cabin crew have also been arrested but their cases are not yet in court. The eight-page indictment, a copy of which has been obtained by the BBC, says Pollycarpus, aged 44, planned to kill Munir on the first leg of his journey from Jakarta to Singapore.

The document alleges that he arranged for a lethal dose of arsenic to be added to a glass of orange juice which was served to Munir shortly after he boarded the Garuda Indonesia plane.

The prosecution says that Pollycarpus - a senior pilot with the airline - made sure he was on the same flight as Munir by forging documents which suggested he had a special assignment in Singapore.

He could face the death penalty if convicted.

Inquiry criticised

Munir was a highly respected and outspoken human rights advocate who had often criticised the conduct of Indonesian security forces.

An independent investigation into his murder found indications the state intelligence agency may have been involved. The recently retired head of the agency has denied any connection to the killing.

Police inquiries are continuing but critics say leads are not being pursued as vigorously as they should be. The trial of Pollycarpus will be watched closely in part to see if the defendant is willing to shed any more light on the murky circumstances surrounding this high-profile murder.


"The Voting Rights Act and Supreme Court Nominee John G. Roberts"

Considering what the Voting Rights Act of 1965 accomplished, it's disturbing to learn that President Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge John G. Roberts, opposed it in 1981 while serving as an assistant to Attorney General William French Smith in the Reagan administration.


U.S. strategic interests rise in West Africa's oil-rich Gulf of Guinea

Far from home, a U.S. Coast Guard cutter plows its white bow through the seas of West Africa's Gulf of Guinea, where an oil boom could outpace Persian Gulf exports to America in a decade.


From Information Clearing House

Strategic Chess Moves Across Eurasia

It is quite clear that the US War on Terror, beginning with the attack on Afghanistan was exploited by Washington to place its forces for strategic control of regions, as spelt out by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a controversial organization whose members dominate the echelons of power in Washington.


Stakes are High in New 'Great Game' Being Played by West in Iraq and Afghanistan

The loss of more American soldiers may mark the beginning of the end for the occupation of Iraq.


How to justify a nuclear attack

Vermin and Souvenirs How to justify a nuclear attack:

In order to inflict inhumane punishment, it is necessary to convince oneself that the enemy is not fully human.


Anglo-American Absolutism

Myths and slogans are preferred over explanation and analysis. "Sentiment" for our way of life, "inspiration" from the myths of an imaginary enemy, "passion" for combating evil, "intuition" as a justification for going to war, "force" as the only solution.


What Are Moral Values?

Don't be afraid to speak out. Don't back down when your friends begin to tell you that the cause is righteous and that the flag should be wrapped around the cross.


Tony Blair cannot be allowed to sell our rights and freedoms

Muslims should not be alone in their fears for the future. If Mr Blair is allowed to construct the Britain that he has mapped out, it is not the rules that will have changed, but our society.


The Tyranny of Pronouns on the Road to Fascism:

Blair was very quick to surrender to terror. His endorsement of the ‘we’ and ‘they’ philosophy, is exactly where his enemies want him to go.


From Information Clearing House

Slain soldier’s mother keeps protest vigil at Bush's private country estate

“I plan on staying here the entire month of August or until he comes out to talk to me,” she says. Bush is spending five weeks at his ranch.


From Information Clearing House

A Soldier Speaks

Iraq combat veteran talks about his motivations for joining the army, the horrors of war and the anguish of returning home.


Abuse Cases Open Command Issues at Army Prison

A former guard charged with maiming and assault said that he and other reservist military policemen were specifically instructed at Bagram how to deliver the type of blows that killed the two detainees.


Why Iran will lead to World War 3


Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse

by William R. Clark

'Operation Iraqi Freedom' was a war designed to install a pro-U.S. government in Iraq, establish multiple U.S military bases before the onset of global Peak Oil, and to reconvert Iraq back to petrodollars".


Greens See Widespread Harm to Workers in the US, Central America Under CAFTA


Big Star-Spangled Lies for War


Why We Need a Constitutional Right to Vote


Peter Jennings on the Iraq War


One Mother's Loss Becomes a Problem for the President

Of the Many Deaths in Iraq, One Mother's Loss Becomes a Problem for the President


Genetic Contamination Spreads in 'GM-Free' Australia


Groups Urge Iraq to Join International Criminal Court


Bush Pushes Very Hot Button: Embolden Anti-Evolutionists


Union Leaders Denounce Two Who Voted for CAFTA

The roiling debate over the narrow vote in the House of Representatives to approve the Central American Free Trade Agreement rippled back to New York City yesterday, as a broad coalition of labor unions and allied groups assailed two congressmen, Gregory W. Meeks and Edolphus Towns, for supporting the bill.


Alaskan People Tell of Climate Change

For the past 20 years climatologists and ice and atmosphere scientists have been working in Alaska studying climate change. Now they have discovered a rich new source of records extending their knowledge back by decades through the oral history of native Alaskans.


Detainee Files Lawsuit against Rumsfeld

A lawsuit filed today against US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reveals the gratuitous cruelty inflicted on a foreign student held without charges for more than two years as an "enemy combatant" in a South Carolina naval brig, Human Rights Watch said.


Help stop the attack on the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act is on the chopping block in Congress. Within weeks, Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Ca.) plans to introduce legislation to drastically weaken and even repeal protections for endangered and threatened plants and wildlife. We need your help to stop this attack on the Endangered Species Act and the creatures it protects. Please ask your Representative to oppose the Pombo extinction bill.

Please use our automatic FAX system to send a letter, or you can call: Your Representative is: Mike Thompson and their phone number is (202) 225-3311.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s): Your Congressperson

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Please oppose Rep. Pombo's extinction bill

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

For more than thirty years, the Endangered Species Act has helped save wildlife, fish, and plants from the brink of extinction. 99% of all the species listed under the Act are still with us today, and hundreds of species would likely have gone extinct without its protection.

Now House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo is proposing legislation to drastically weaken, and even repeal, the Endangered Species Act. Chairman Pombo's "TESRA" bill would repeal the Endangered Species Act in 2015, and would immediately:

-Eliminate the requirement to recover endangered species

- Reduce protection of threatened species and critical habitat areas

- Politicize and eliminate scientific decision-making

- Eliminate independent federal oversight

- Bury federal biologists under mountains of useless paperwork

- Bankrupt the federal agencies by diverting conservation funds to pay landowners and corporation to obey the law

- Encourage an increase in industry litigation.

I urge you to oppose Rep. Pombo's wildlife extinction bill and support a strong Endangered Species Act.



Take Action!

Instructions: http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/ESA05/iw837u4f5bw83m? Click
here to take action on this issue

Tell-A-Friend: Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this. http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/ESA05/forward/iw837u4f5bw83m?

What's At Stake:

For more than thirty years, the Endangered Species Act has helped save wildlife, fish, and plants from the brink of extinction. 99% of all the species listed under the Act are still with us today, and hundreds of species would likely have gone extinct without its protection.

Now, long-time Endangered Species Act opponent Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Ca.) plans to gut and then repeal this cornerstone conservation law. Rep. Pombo's proposed bill would repeal the Endangered Species Act in 2015, and in the meantime drastically weaken the Act. Had Pombo's bill been made law in 1973 instead of the Endangered Species Act, there would be no bald eagles, wolves, grizzly bears, Florida panthers, or desert pupfish in the continental U.S. today. If it is made law in the future, hundreds of endangered species could become extinct.

Rep. Pombo is expected to introduce his bill either in July before Congress leaves for its August recess, or when Congress returns in September.

Campaign Expiration Date: October 1, 2005

From EF! Media Center

Technology...a blessing and a curse


Calling all activists to support Cindy Sheehan outside Crawford Ranch

The Veterans for Peace want to send the Arlington West Memorial of crosses to Texas where Gold Star Mother, Cindy Sheehan is waiting to speak with President Bush to get answers to her questions. Cindy wants to know: why Bush killed her son by sending him to Iraq based on lies and what is the noble cause that he says her son died for?

Check out this link to see what Cindy has been up to.

How you can help:
Join us in a caravan drive to Texas on Tuesday morning to support Cindy and set up the Iraq War Memorial. (total driving time: 22 hours)

We need a vehicle with a hitch to pull a small trailer that carries the crosses.

Within the last hour, Cindy held five interviews with major media networks. She needs our help to keep the spot light on Bush's refusal to speak with her.

Please reply with any leads or suggestions.

Topanga Peace Alliance
Arlington West Volunteer

Informant: Frank

Twenty-Thousand-Per-Month Lobbyist Says: 'Congress WILL Listen!'

A famous person once said:

"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive."

Do you know who said that?

It was Thomas Jefferson. One of the most influential statesmen in America's history. Jefferson also said:

"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."

What is CODEX ALIMENTARIUS but an attempt of the state (government) to control our food and medicine choices, in the interest of the profits of corrupt corporations? CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is exactly what Jefferson warned us about in his quote! What a sharp mind he had.

What would he advise us to do in the face of the CODEX problem? Based on his quote, we can assume with certainty that he would ask the American people to get active and defend health freedom from CODEX.

Here are two things you can do right now:

First: Send Emails to Congress from the Comfort of Your Computer Chair

If you haven’t already, please click on the link below and send emails to Congress, asking our elected officials to protect health freedom by supporting pro-health freedom bills (currently 1) and opposing anti-health freedom bills (currently 5):


It is crucial that you send emails, because each email counts as the voice of 13,000 Americans. Congress estimates that 12,999 Americans feel the same way as you do, but simply did not bother to send a letter as you did. So click on the link and send those emails.

Second: Shake Hands With Your Local Members of Congress!

Another way to get active is to visit your Congress representatives (and Senators) in their district offices, while they are home this August, to tell them that your health freedom is vitally important to you. August is the best month to see them, because they are at home, away from the hustle and bustle of DC. If they see you in person, it will have a much stronger effect than receiving your letters only.

“Oh, they won’t listen to us” you may say. Klaus Rudolph, they will listen to you. How can I be so certain? Well, I just came back from a lengthy interview with a USD 20,000 per month lobbyist (asking to remain anonymous) who said, "It’s not like it was 15 years ago when Congress only listened to lobbyists and corporations. Now the single most powerful force are constituents in their home offices telling Congressmen and Congresswomen that they care and that they have friends who vote, too. In fact, there is nothing more powerful!"

Wow! This comes from a lobbyist. They sure know how politics in this country works. If you care about health freedom, visiting your local Congress representative is a must. How do you find his or her address? Easy. Visit the link below and follow the instructions:


What to Tell Them

What would you tell them when you're there in their doorway, face to face? Simple: tell them how you want them to vote on bills related to health freedom. Be specific. Tell them the names of the bills and why you want them to vote for one and against another. Tell them how it would affect the families of Congressmen and Congresswomen if health freedom was lost (it would affect them as much as you and me). Remember, Congressmen and Congresswomen are our friends if we treat them as such. Most of them want to do good. We just need to remind them and inform them with the facts. Print the following page and take it with you for your visit:


Also, ask them to visit http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/forcongress, a special page we've made to help Congressmen and Congresswomen gain easy access to information about Codex Alimentarius. We’ve Won Before, in 1994, We Can Do it Again in 2005

You may remember how millions of Americans roared in 1994 to keep their nutritional supplements in the food category (to maintain free access without prescription). Because of the roar of the American people, DSHEA was passed with unanimous Congressional approval. 100% of Congress understood that if they got on the wrong side of this one, they would be out of a job, come the next election!

Newsweek described this fight for free access to vitamins as “the largest movement since the Vietnam war”!

We did it then. We can do it again today, with Thomas Jefferson's understanding of democracy to guide us. Congress holds the key to protecting America from CODEX. Take the message of health freedom face to face with those who hold the key. I’m sure they will appreciate your visit (it’s not everyday that concerned Americans show up at their door for honest dialogue on issues that affect our nation).

And I would really appreciate if you would send me an email with your story about visiting your local Congress representative. If you take pictures, send them in too. If you give me permission, I will gladly publish your story to the thousands who receive my newsletters. So go out there, use the tools provided in this email and make democracy come alive. Above all, remember to have fun!

Yours in Health and Freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/donate

P.S. Here’s an idea: take your friends with you and make it a pleasant day out. Ladies, group together. Gentlemen, call your buddies. Let’s make things happen.

Our Founding Fathers are reminding us: you are the people of the United States of America, and her future is in your hands.

Families declare war on T-Mobile mast


Mast emissions to be monitored


While Bush Vacations, Innocent People Die


Oversight Conflict Looming in Plame Case


Bush vs Cindy Sheehan & friends






Robin Cook Dead of 'Natural' heart attack?




Why I cannot be part of this divisive war :

This is an extract from Robin Cook's resignation speech to the House of Commons, 17 March 2003. It electrified Parliament and will be remembered as one of the most important addresses in modern Westminster history.


From Information Clearing House

Bush Insider Claim WTC Collapse Bogus Gets 'Huge Response'

By Greg Szymanski

When Morgan Reynolds called the official story about 9/11 bogus, it seemed like the whole world stopped for a moment to listen.
It seemed like a lighting bolt hit the heart of the government story, cracking it into a million unexplainable pieces.

And when the dust settled from his explosive statements, the highest-ranking member of the Bush team to make such an accusation said he wasn't expecting any "invitations to the White House anytime soon."

Two weeks ago, the former chief economist in the Labor Department during President Bush's first term told the world he thought the WTC fell from a controlled demolition, indicating 9/11 was "an inside government job."

Reynolds, a respected economist and former Republican conservative, made his claims after researching many aspects of 9/11, including scientific and engineering data for and against the government story.

He presented his findings on the Internet in a long, detailed article, concluding:

"It is hard to exaggerate the importance of a scientific debate over the cause(s) of the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7. If the official wisdom on the collapses is wrong, as I believe it is, then policy based on such erroneous engineering analysis is not likely to be correct either. [...] Read it all at http://www.rense.com/general67/huge.htm

© Virginia Metze

Forget the War? Many Can't

Published: August 4, 2005
New York Times

Specialist Fourth Class Hugo Luis Gonzalez knows that he will never be the same. He can barely see now. The sight in his right eye is completely gone, and he sees only faintly with the left. The damage from the head wound he suffered plays games with his moods, and there are glitches in the tape of his memory.

"We got ambushed," he said softly. "I have to say I was very, very, very blessed that night. The angel of death put his cloud over my body. But I am alive."

Specialist Gonzalez is one of many thousands of American troops who have suffered disabling wounds in Iraq. Their harrowing ordeals do not get much attention. For most Americans, these troops - many of them armless or legless, or paralyzed, or horribly burned - are out of sight and way out of mind. Jennifer Aniston's marital woes are viewed as a much more compelling story. [...] Read the rest at: http://tinyurl.com/8gzua

© Virginia Metze

Federal Whistle Blower Claims Chicago Grand Jury Indicted Bush And Others For Perjury and Obstruction Of Justice

In an improvement of rhetoric over some of the earlier reports of this, the story about the grand jury indictment of Bush lives on.

Federal Whistle Blower Claims Chicago Grand Jury Indicted Bush And Others For Perjury and Obstruction Of Justice; U.S. Attorney's Office Says 'No Comment,' Refusing To Confirm Or Deny Alleged Indictments

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the Valerie Plame-CIA leak has now spilled over into Bush administration lies involving 9/11 and the war in Iraq, according to sources close to the Chicago probe.

August 2, 2005

By Greg Szymanski

Sources close to the Chicago federal grand jury probe into perjury and obstruction charges against President Bush and others said indictments were handed down this week, but a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Illinois refused to comment.

“We are not talking about any aspect of this case and our office is not commenting on anything regarding the investigation at this time,” said Randall Sanborn from the office of U.S. federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, the attorney conducting the grand jury probe into whether Bush and others in his administration violated federal law in a number of sensitive areas, including the Valerie Plame CIA leak case, involvement in 9/11 and the illegal nature of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In December 2003, Fitzgerald was named Special Counsel to investigate the alleged disclosure of the identity of who leaked information in the Plame case, but the present grand jury probe has expanded to include the wide-reaching crime allegations as new information surfaced.

Although the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago is staying silent, it is well known that Fitzgerald is digging deep into an assortment of serious improprieties among many Bush administration figures based, in part, on subpoenaed testimony provided by former Secretary of State Colin Powell. [...] Read more at the Arctic Beacon web site. http://tinyurl.com/bq8ba

© Virginia Metze


Cindy Sheehan a 'threat to national security'? President Continues To Do As He Pleases

One of my favorite "posters," Jack Dalton, said this: "To call Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan who was killed in Iraq, and whose blood is on Bush/Cheney’s hands, a 'threat to national security' because she demands to know from Bush why her son died shows how low this nation has been dragged." http://jack-dalton.blogspot.com/ and http://jack-dalton.blogspot.com/2005/08/cinday-sheehan-threatened-with-arrest.html or http://tinyurl.com/7683q

Remember Helen Thomas? Here is one of her recent articles! So petty have the Bush press briefings been that they had no longer recognized her as Senior Correspondent, or whatever the name is for the person who starts with the first question.

Lame Duck Bush Has Swagger, Not Waddle
President Continues To Do As He Pleases
Helen Thomas, Hearst White House columnist
POSTED: 4:16 pm EDT August 3, 2005
The BostonChannel.com Channel 5

President George W. Bush is not letting his lame duck status stop him from displaying an arrogance of power.

When a Texas newspaper reporter told him, "Power is perception," Bush corrected him, saying, "Power is being president."

In fact, Bush is proving that a lame duck has a lot of power to do what he wants to do since he doesn't have to be re-elected and, therefore, is answerable to no one.

Furthermore, he indicates he could care less whether he goes up or down in public opinion polls. With more than three years left in his presidency, the president's only political constraints may come from members of his own party. [...] Read the whole article at http://tinyurl.com/e3yu2

© Virginia Metze

Worried about local media access, such as radio?

Take a look at this site:

© Virginia Metze

Dems Get Pummeled at Home Over CAFTA

David Sirota
Working for Change Sirotablog

Last week before the vote on the corporate-written Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), I tried to predict which Democrats would face real trouble at home if they sold out and voted for it. This week, at least some of my predictions came true.

According to Crain's Insider newsletter, "Ten unions are planning a City Hall rally and press conference Sunday morning to blast New York City Democrats Rep. Ed Towns and Greg Meeks for voting for CAFTA."

Meanwhile, the Working Families Party (WFP) - a statewide force in New York - has issued a press advisory about the event, which it is co-sponsoring. WFP notes that "Meeks and Towns have drawn progressive wrath in recent weeks for voting in favor Central American Free Trade Agreement, as well as voting in favor of the recent anti-consumer bankruptcy reform bill (Meeks) and eliminating the federal estate tax (Towns)." [...] Read it all at http://tinyurl.com/9pbra

© Virginia Metze

Limbaugh didn't disclose "commercial" attacking Roberts was fake

How can this guy remain on the air? Saying attacks were financed by Soros is way out of line. When will we Democrats be able to attack such garbage?

Limbaugh didn't disclose "commercial" attacking Roberts was fake
Posted to the web on Wednesday August 3, 2005 at 5:44 PM EST

On the August 2 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh aired a "new commercial" by "the left" that attacked Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. for being a Catholic, "just like the Pope, who's from Germany." The "commercial" ended with the claim that it had been paid for by "George Soros and Hollywood friends of [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi [D-CA]." Limbaugh did not identify the "commercial" as either a fake or a parody. [...] To read the snippet from the Rush Limbaugh show, go to http://mediamatters.org/items/200508030006

© Virginia Metze

He's Not the President

Well, the concerns are still simmering that Fitzgerald may be targeted by Bush because he is getting too close to what has happened in his grand jury investigations. You will remember this as the Chicago story we were keeping an eye on. Yesterday Tom Flocco shouted that Time and NewsWeek had stories about Bush will be removing the man that Fitzgerald is reporting to and will replace him. It is expected that this new appointee will be yet another person who puts Bush before constitution and country.

And to top it all, the mother whose son died in Iraq is scheduled to be arrested Thursday as a "threat to national security." I wonder how many more of you had tears in their eyes when they read that...

I received an interesting note that pointed out that there HAS been a lawsuit filed against the Bolton appointment and all Bush appointments. Web page is http://www.hesnotthepresident.com Introduction is at

© Virginia Metze

Masts and TETRA forum 19th July 05

Many of you are awaiting a report on Phone Mast and TETRA forum held on the 19th July 05. I found this on the Mast Action website, so that at least you have some idea of what happened.


Mobile Phone Mast Forum Report

Lembit Opik MP and Dr Ian Gibson MP Chaired a ‘highly charged’ Telecommunications Mobile Phone Mast Forum held at Westminster on 19th July 2005.

Over 100 MP’s, campaigners and Industry representatives heard presentations from Dr Gerd Oberfeld, Salzburg Leading Public Health Specialist and Eileen O’Connor of the EM Radiation Research Trust challenged Dr Michael Clark of The Health Protection Agency and Stuart Eke of The Mobile Phone Operators Association on the total inadequacy of the present planning policy in England and Wales for mast siting and the lack of independent research into the possible adverse health effects of over exposure to microwave radiation from some 40,000 masts in the UK.

Amanda Westley of Mast Sanity and Andy Davidson of Tetra Watch put a strong argument forward on the panel debate against the Tetra system for the Police Force.

The end of a spirited but constructive debate, Dr Ian Gibson said -:

“This is an important public health issue following the advice of Sir William Stewart the meeting has supported the proposal that all masts should be subject to full planning applications with proper, not just token, local consultation, including a review of health concerns. The Government should fund peer reviewed independent research into areas where cancer clusters have arisen round GSM masts, with the office of National Statistics providing for information on actual cases of cancer and motor neurone disease. The Police Tetra system needs to be revisited on safety issues ahead of its rollout.

From Karen Barratt - see below notes compiled by Marre Dafforn. Also attendees can get electronic copies of powerpoint presentations made by Michael Clark, Gerd Oberfeld, Eileen O'Connor, Andy Davidson, from opikl@parliament.uk or staplesj@parliament.uk


Notes (MD) on Telecommunications Mast Forum, 19-07-05, Houses of Parliament.

Co-chaired by Lempit Opik MP (Lib Dem), Ian Gibson MP(Lab), Nicolas Gibb MP (Con), and Jill Evans MEP(Plaid Cymru).


Introduction: By Lembit Opik MP:

-Purpose today: issues of Masts.
-Debate a hearing from all sides
-Some decision where to go next/ clearer idea of next steps.
-See the differences and how to move forward.

Opening Address: Dr Michael Clark (Health Protection Agency =HPA).

Slide Show: scientific consensus of radio waves on human health: science is not about certainties – new technology- the issues are complicated- genuine uncertainties.

Majority will have a mobile phone, to be able to use it we need links/ masts.

Showed Map of radiation spectrum, explained ionising and non ionising radiation.

-No doubt ionising radiation breaks DNA strands
-microwave energy “vibrates”=biological effect and produces heat, safety standards based on heating
-Science is about dealing with uncertainties.
-TV/Radio have been around for years- no health effects.
-We measure Mobile phone masts- Radio mast higher exposure measured
-ICNIRP safety accepted by most countries.
- Not enough evidence for need to change, only need for more research.
-Epidemiological evidence- no chronic disease evident.
-Stewart Report = model of how to assess health concerns- conclusions ICNIRP guidelines do not cause adverse health effects. Biological effects do not have to be harm to health.

IEGMP – rapid assessment as independent as possible- gap in knowledge justify precaution at this time.

-Driving whilst speaking on a mobile is dangerous.
-Cancer risk: no evidence, but can not exclude a possibility of a link with (other) health effects.
-Precautionary advise for children= not 5o use mobile unless necessary etc.
-Stewart Report par: 1.36 – 6.57= revoke permitted development rights= often ignored.
- Further updates AGNIR, other countries etc no evidence of harm , need for more research.
-Precaution in a planning process- how?

Stewart Update 2004 again no association with established health risks etc, TNO, need for replication. ES- no Lab experiments that confirm ES- no casual relationship.

We need people with monitoring equipment on body to be able to measure people’s actual exposure levels.

“EMF”: A Priority for Public Health” – Dr. Gerd Oberfeld (Public Health Department, Salzburg Government)

- EMF a priority for Public Health
- Showed slide: natural and artificial electromagnetic spectrum
Ionising radiation – high energy, known to break DNA bond
Non-ionising radiation- maybe there are other mechanism- increased chromosome damage with microwaves shown in 1959.
-Catania Resolution- Sept 02- evidence induced effects- some harm to health below ICNIRP guidelines
-ELF magnetic fields- Pylons- IARC 01 classification as possible carcinogenic.
-California EMF Project 02- 40% of all miscarriages associated with magnetic fields .1600nT

Microwave Radiation:

1 -High/Short Term Exposure – Mobile phone/ Dect phone- REFLEX report-chromosome damage with 24hrs mobile phone with SAR 1.3W/kg, ICNIRP/ WHO safety SAR limit= 2W/kg. Acoustic Nuroma associated with Mobile phone use (Hardell and Lonn 2004)

2 –Less High/ Long Term Exposure – Masts- back in 1932 Schliephake already study showing tiredness, sleep disturbance etc, Santini study 2002-reduced quality of life in France, Kundi study- Masts associated with reduced quality of life Austria (not published yet), Oberfeld study- reduced quality of life, Spain 2004 etc. Suspected Cancer clusters- (7) UK Dr Walker, 2005, Germany: Nailia Study etc.

EMF – Public Health:

-Advisory group of experts and NGO’s.
-Promote research into health incidences, cancer.
-EMF education plan.
-EMF prevention plan.

Panel Debate: Tetra

-Paul Lewis (Police Fed. Of England and Wales)
-Amanda Westley (Mast Sanity)
-Andy Davidson (Tetra Watch)

Paul Lewis: intro:-More effective police system needed-as result 1996 project airwave, to be completed by end of this year. We have concerns but have to use the equipment.

-Mixed messages, we are left in an awkward situation,
-The system has helped the Police.
-Concerns from officers on health effects, no one will give us assurance that the system is 100% safe, but we have to use the system.

Amanda Westley:

-TETRA – increased epileptic fits, Gov= no statistic significant effects?

Andy Davidson:

-To little exploratory science- epidemiological studies- Tetra- greater caution needed- We need to listen to what people say, re asbestos- Human body is a living organism- under threat.
-ES- dismissed as nameless- it can be severely disabling- we need to be more open-minded about this, our thinking is far to narrow.

Karen Barret:

-Political issues- officers concerned but are being bullied to use this system- if not they will lose their job.

Paul Lewis:

Answers more or less yes if you do not like it you will lose your job.


-Police officers can not express fears


-Police officers have been threatened with disciplinary procedures.

Paul Lewis:

- Too much money has already been spent, how do we deal with this?


- Cost very high Tetra- Tetrapol is alternative


The cost on NHS could be even greater in the future.

Alan Meyer (MAUK):

- On behalf of Police Fed- as employer should you not be responsible for your staff?

Chris Nunn (I think)

- When is evidence not about money? Planning system in favour of Airwave 02, although no guarantee of safety of this technology = charade.


Police Officers having to use the equipment TETRA- we need record of symptoms to be able to take speedy action when required.


Stewart Report – remove PDR, apply precaution, this is not happening, Gov not listening to its own advisors.


- 2 Tetra masts near school, great concern, ignored by Gov = unacceptable.


Mast on primary school against recommendation, how many deaths before Gov will listen?

Paul Lewis:

- We have to deal with what we have (??)


Once we admit Mobile phone technology is harmful= enormous consequences.


Panel Debate: Mobile Phone Masts:

-Dr. M Clark (HPA)
-Stuart Eke (Mobile Operators Association= MOA)
-Dr. Gerd Oberfield
-Eileen O’Connor (Radiation Research Trust)

Ian Gibson:

-What about the mast you do not see or know about?

Stuart (MOA) :

- 60 mill mobile phone users- need for masts- consumer demand, mobile phone transformed life, but understand concern. Code of Best Practise- we believe in consultation- annual rollout plans, all to support opportunity for consultation.

Eileen (SCRAM):

- Cancer- I believe my cancer was result of mast-
- We need independent research funding.
- We need radiation levels reduced

M Clark (HPA)

- I personally think health effects need to be separated from planning issues.

Gerd Oberfeld:

-Stating practical standards, Salzburg resolution etc, reduction of use of mobile phones= reduction of masts. Antennas high up (10m above roof tops). Reduction of power. EMF epidemiological- risk to high with current standards.

Question Rob Fellow(??) MP:

- Mobile phone operators fulfilling an individual choice/ need. Issues masts – if motorway suggested near your home- detailed planning requirements, but not with masts. My constituents- show maps of beam intensity and ill health/ deaths/ disease.
- How come no data collection of all the above by HPA? Need for data to make informed decisions.

Alan Meyer (MAUK):

We had meeting with Gov asked 5 questions (PPG8 pa 29/30, GPDO encourages low masts, should be avoided, all mast should be full planning, Code of Best Practise, what does consult mean; do you take results intop account, operators ignore results consultation exercise, what is planning Inspectorates roll in Telecom, Jody Phillips case.

Gov gave no decision on PPG8, said it would listen..

Karen Barrat:

Intro Mast Sanity, told of Byron mast campaign, fighting planning application for 5 years, we have costs, LPA have costs – political decision- Gov gets in bed with the telcom industry.

M Clark:

- Public health problems, have to work with what we got, how to do epidemiological studies?
- Particular frequencies effecting people, 2 extreme views:
1 We are sensitive orgs, 2 we are tough/ evolution.
Issues democracy = planning- should be choice. Science has to be separated from this.

Eileen O’Connor:

Shows graphs of hotspots in which cancers- health survey- cancer in main beam of radiation- gone to all the homes of people who are suffering. We need education program, mouth cancers in children on rise/ mobile phone.

Operators not following own guidelines- use of emergency powers.

Stuart Eke (MOA):

- We need masts, buy a phone means you are signing a contract that needs a mast. Consultation.

Michael Bell:

All new masts should go for full planning- all masts should be on a register. PPG 8 should take local concerns into account. NRPBshould be a new independent body. See radiation research trust website. Need for more research.


-Multiple mast outside my home – no precaution, look at our health concerns etc, LPA hands tied. No precautionary approach.

Mike Davidson Comm Affair Officer H3G:

Breast cancer; my mother had it, survived= benefited from science

? – from Wales:
- How to educate the public, particularly kids?
- What comes from this conference?

Alan Meyer (MAUK) question to M Clark (HPA):

-1999 Nicola Palmer (child) was cured from having epileptic fits, then mast next to her home, resulting in her having numerous fits again.
-Why does HPA not investigate conditions such as increased fits when mast built ?


- Consultation 14 days not enough- MM02 invited for meeting did not turn up.
- What is the purpose of today?

M Clark (HPA):

- How to apply precaution = not a matter for science= matter for politics.
- Everything is blamed on a mast nearby, not all of it can be caused by a mast.

Gerd Oberfeld:

- Not all symptoms are from masts but one can see from old literature emf causes symptoms. These symptoms are occurring every-were = picture emerging = anecdotal evidence.


- Shielding/ screening, helped against her son’s nose bleeds, sleepless nights etc. (basically some advertising for powerwatch stuff)
- “I want the Mobile Phone Industry to proof the opposite: namely that my cancer is/was not caused by their mast”.


- NRPB- saying lack of evidence that this technology causes health effects, refers to Deloid T report etc, LPA’s are telling them they are getting better at consultation etc.

Mast Voice UK:

- We the public have lost our trust in democratic process, discrepancy of funding for research, tried communicating with operator but basically got no were.


- Self-regulation? Current Planning regulations need to be scrapped.

Jill Evans MEP:

- MM02- no info from site finder for TETRA masts, new EU Law on information and consultation- Better health statistics needed.
- What to do now?

Gerd Oberfeld:

- Take urgent action, not wait until public health deteriorates.
- Propose standards to reduce exposure-Research health complaints.

M Clark:

- Remind (Gov?) Stewart recommended precautions.
- Health statistics, for use to do epiderm. Study is very difficult, need money, needs to be peer reviewed.


- ICNIRP scrapped.
- Self regulation should be scrapped
- Safer guidelines.
- Get health surveys done now etc.


- Need for additional funding, operators respond possessively to need for more funds for research.
- There is no public health problem now, we can debate that all day but we respond to what the HPA recommends (WHO) etc.

Gill Evans concludes:

Should listen to members of community- local people. Thanks public, Lembit Opik etc for organising this event.

Lembit Opik:

Concludes in thanking all people for attending/ organising etc, hopes to form a steering group.

(Present about 70? people when I did a quick count, Marre)

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