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Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi


If you are wondering what Mike Repacholi has been up to at the World Health Organization's (WHO) EMF project since he and Leeka Kheifets did a flip-flop on the precautionary principle back in 2003, check out the agenda and the discussion document for the meeting which Mike is hosting in Ottawa, Canada, next week.

The short version is that Mike has been devising reasons to do absolutely nothing - that is, to make sure no serious precautionary policies are put in place. It's all been a charade.

Our latest commentary explains what's going on. You can read it, as well as download the meeting agenda and discussion document at:


Let us know what you think.


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Yess !!

That's exactly what is needed- strong frontal resistance to the WHO corruption, de-legitimation of all this theatre show. I'm trying to distribute it widely,

This must be in the national news sooner or later, otherwise Israel will cite "the duck" (see the link) for good.



Remarkable isn't it that the WHO is holding this farce in Ottawa Canada? I resent it.

The proverb goes that when you sleep with dogs you get fleas. So what happens when the dogs come to sleep with you? I just hope that some of our Canadian media take a bite out of this and tell the whole truth for a change - so far they have avoided it.

The Vancouver Sun is a leader at living in denial - I am really ashamed.

Larry Blackhall


I think "The WHO EMF Charade Continues" can be a good basis for a petition of "show us the money, Mike" by scientists and citizens. It should be the interest of the WHO eventually to remove this guy from his job (if they have some honest people left there) because Repacholi is causing a very big problem of public image to the WHO.

The more of this info is circulating widely, the more people can neutralize any statement used by the governments and industry (especially industry) that uses the WHO as legitimation for their acts (or better- lack of acts). This knowledge gives power to the people. When people know how corrupted the WHO is, they can take this info to courts and use it there as well to neutralize the industry. The damage that Repacholi does to the image of the WHO can help breaking the status quo. What science doesn't do (because it is ignored and manipulated), Repacholi's corruption can do. If used right and taken by the media, it can take the fight to a new direction.

Iris Atzmon


Dear Louis Slesin,

I think this is appalling, devastating (for those who have symptoms near masts), and iniquitous. I wrote to WHO, ICNIRP, NRPB and UK government; Dept. Healht etc etc (over 201 letters in all with evidence of effects in my village and a request for

1) emissions to be made safe

2) scientific tests to be operated in the homes where effects were felt instead of the lab.

3) symptoms to be thoroughly investigated.

I had no reply from WHO, ICNIRP, Court of Human Rights. All the other replies were along the lines of 'no proof' investigations in lab continuing' etc, except one from a Professer Leitgeib and associate member of ICNIRP (in Austria, I think - I lost his address when I got a new PC) in which he said he personally was investigating symptoms in people's homes. I heard recently that he has found some kind of link between emissions and symptoms. His was the only sympathetic, open-minded response I had.

Yours sincerely,

Gillian Lyden
172 Common Road,

From Mast Network


Dr. Louis Slesin's July 5, 2005 Commentary in MicroWaveNews source:


Dear Dr. Repacholi: Hans Karow sent an email to you in the past day or so regarding Dr. Louis Slesin's comment in above-cited issue.

Your opinion is steadfastly based on "certain studies," however, I respectfully must inform you that many studies have been conducted "to purposely avoid" coming to conclusions and/or, in the case of Leukemia, are definitely NOT proper studies when trying to determine whether chronic, prolonged EMR exposures at low levels are, in fact, harmful.

How can you and WHO continue to avoid "the facts" that surround the EMF RAPID Conclusions!!!???? EMF RAPID did confirm that low levels of EMF's are causally related to the development of Leukemia and immune deficiencies.

Dr. Louis Slesin reported, I think, early in 2000, that "an insider" leaked information that the EMF Interagency Committee Report may never be presented to Congress.

When did you check into the 2002 EMF California report that finds low levels of EMF's are causally linked to brain cancer, Leukemia, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage???

How can you "ignore" that EMF's have been classified as carcinogenic???

It is time for you and WHO to put an end to all the deception, cover-ups, minimizing and face the fact that something must be done IMMEDIATELY to announce "prudent avoidance measures" that will not only help reduce cancers but will also greatly reduce all health problems all the way from poor sleep (which can lead to serious health problems in itself) to chronic asthma, chronic sinus infections, chronic ear infections, headaches, M.S., Parkinsons, learning disorders and memory problems including Alzheimers, Type II diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, heart problems and more all the way to and including various cancers but particulary "Leukemia!!!"

An email I will soon forward that has been written to Dr. Fatih Uckun, Parker-Hughes Cancer Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, by my, outlines many explanations for what I have written above.

I should add to that information that the specific tests re white blood counts I referred to in my email to Dr. Uckun, are the same type of tests one would do when checking for harm due to chronic, prolonged exposures to "ionizing radiation."

Dr. Uckun has written in the past that "he was surprised when low levels of EMF's did yield the same results as those re low level ionizing radiation exposure......." [not verbatim]

WHY then, when Dr. Uckun and the National Institute of Health knew Dr. Uckun PROVED that low levels of EMF's produce "identical results for those re ionizing radiation," did he stop proving the connection by doing the very basic, CBC's with differentials that are used to test X-ray radiation workers for exposure limits???

If you can claim "complete innocence" in all of what has occurred re the importance of what is already known re low levels of EMF/EMR exposures, PLEASE now "listen to the people," review the information I refer to above, demand that the EMF Interagency Committee Report be released to Congress and before doing all of that, begin, through WHO, to INFORM THE PUBLIC regarding at least the need to be aware of "possible concerns" re electric appliances/devices such as electric meters, electric clocks and clock radios, power supplies for cordless phones and other items, fans, should not be in close proximity to the head of a bed.

How can you and WHO "completely ignore" that the American Cancer Society did provide information/recommendations back in 1994 (copy of "U.S. News" article) recommending electrical items be removed from close proximity to beds!!!???

How can you and WHO "completely ignore" that the U.S. utilities communications' experts prepared a booklet (2001) that was intended for distribution to schools and others, that states "......you may want to replace electric clocks with battery-operated or wind-up clocks???!!!

ALL of the above information is being suppressed in spite of EMF's being classified as a "possible carcinogen!!!"

Since Dr. Fatih Uckun wrote that the BTK Gene is the same for Leukemia as that for immune deficiency (an EMF study) AND low levels of EMF's have been classified as "possible carcinogens", exactly how much more information is needed "before advising caution???!!!

Anything that causes immune deficiency and Leukemia can lead to the development of literally ANY health problem because everything is related to inflammation and protein folding problems!!!

The time for WHO to correct their mistakes is long pastdue!!!! Parents of children and adults alike are bearing the burdens of watching their loved ones suffer and die all because "those in charge" refuse to take full responsibility for reporting "the truth!!!"

Best wishes to you in your efforts to turn this situation around!!! Joanne C. Mueller

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis,
Minnesota 55448-2127
USA Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpelican@aol.com


Dear Dr. Slesin: Thanks for your very important commentary in your July 5, 2005 issue of "Microwave News" which was addressed to WHO's Dr. Michael Repacholi!!!!!

I recall Disney backing off a few years ago. GREED has obviously taken over!!!!

Omega see also "Disney targets kids for mobile phone service" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/821682/

Are we going to be faced with a world of young persons whose brains don't function -- those who survive Leukemia and brain cancers, that is???!!!! Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpelican@aol.com



WHO to develop a general fact sheet that includes the following points: - range of symptoms of IEI - no attribution of causality to EMF - do not include prevalence of EHS but rather prevalence of the different symptoms (and longstanding history of these) in general population - do warn against commercial products to shield against EMF - discourage measurements in homes - exclude underlying somatic disease by usual physical examination - no proof of any correlation between these symptoms and later diseases - reminder of basic physics (NIR vs. IR, etc) - recovery is certainly possible without taking drastic measures - stress due to introduction of new technologies - need for coping strategies

WHO - Repacholi


- Information regarding ill-defined symptoms and undifferentiated illness should be included in post-graduate training - Experts should develop an international protocol for physicians that includes current diagnosis and treatment information - National governments should develop tailored information for medical practitioners

WHO - Repacholi


Governments need to put the issue of IEI into their general risk communication strategies. They also need to address the following issues: - Patients have real symptoms, some of which are attributed to EMF, but there is no scientific evidence of causal link, therefore no grounds to use IEI as a diagnostic classification for handicap status. But symptoms could be used as a classification. - No indication that lowering the limits would reduce the prevalence of symptoms attributed to EMF - Discourage measurements in homes - Develop appropriate interaction with self-help groups - Anticipate problems with new technologies, and provide balanced information, promote dialogue. Note different attitude taken for new pharmaceuticals, both before introduction and post-marketing surveillance. Possible role for complaints registers?

Informant: Dr. Claus Scheingraber


Mike Repacholi Changes His Tune?

Wednesday July 13th 2005, 9:17 am

From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

According to a report from CTV, Canadian television, WHO’s Mike Repacholi is now saying that the World Health Organization is advising children to use hand-free set.

If confirmed, this is a major reversal. Mike Repacholi has long said no children need not take any special precautions when using a mobile phone.

This change follows the publication of a series on the use of cell phones by kids in the Toronto Star.

The links are posted on our Web site,

Louis Slesin



If Mike Repacholi were the man (NOT scientist) HE thinks he is ... he would confess to his contradictions and CONFLICTS OF INTEREST through out his years in the EMF saga; he would repent his past position that there is no risk to public health; and he would RESIGN his present position!!!

EMF-L forwarded the Toronto press reports in our last message......
That was earlier this morning.......


Informant: JCMPelican@aol.com



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