Groups Launch "People's Petition for an Iraq Peace Plan"

Anti-war groups in the United States are releasing a People's Petition for an Iraq Peace Process. Peace Action and Progressive Democrats of America are inviting other organizations and individuals to join their call for U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq and the appointment of a peace envoy to broker a political settlement.


Psychological trauma widespread in Iraq

One of Iraq’s top psychiatrists says that more than two years of war, occupation and insurgency have turned the country into possibly the most psychologically damaged place in the world.


We came to bear witness to speak up for a man who is now forever silent

By Celeste Zappala and Dante Zappala

We are sunk down into the soil of our country, digging in for a few days near the president's ranch. Our friend Cindy Sheehan has been entrenched here for a week, demanding a meeting with the president.


Cindy Sheehan

Occupied zones

By Howard Zinn

There are killings every day in Iraq. Occupying troops, diplomats, aid workers and media people are killed, as are Iraqis, in far greater numbers. But President George Bush’s war is not only against opponents in Iraq and the Middle East: it is a war against his fellow Americans.


Grim Iraq reality dawns for Bush

After setting out to establish a democracy, the US slowly realizes an Islamic republic is taking shape.


Amnesty International: Denounce Torture

Help Us Turn Up the Heat on Congress!

Tell Congress to immediately establish a fully independent commission to publicly investigate all allegations of torture and ill-treatment in U.S. detention centers around the world. Apply to be a delegation leader for a Congressional district lobby office visit or join an existing delegation in your area.

Thanks to the work of Denounce Torture activists and others, Members of Congress have received a wakeup call - people living in the United States are strongly opposed to torture and ill-treatment and believe that those who commit these crimes, regardless of their rank in the military and civilian chain of command, must be held accountable.

We need your help to turn up the heat on Congress! During the week of September 26th - 30th, the Denounce Torture Initiative is joining forces with other organizations to sponsor a special week of Congressional district office lobbying. Our message in the district offices of Members of Congress will be simple and clear: Congress should immediately establish a fully independent commission to publicly investigate all allegations of torture and ill-treatment in U.S. detention centers around the world.

Two ways you can get involved Apply to be a delegation leader for a Congressional district lobby office visit! You do not need to be an experienced lobbyist to be a delegation leader - we will provide plenty of resources and online training in preparation. You just need to have a passion for ending torture and ill-treatment once and for all. If you don't want to lead a delegation, you can also join an existing delegation in your area. » Become a delegation leader » Join a delegation

Your help is crucial Amnesty International has learned from its decades of advocating on human rights issues in the halls of Congress that there is no stronger sign of support for an issue than having constituents lobby their Members of Congress about it. That is why your involvement is more important than ever. » Learn more


Eric Sears Project Manager, Denounce Torture Initiative Amnesty International USA

From InfoNature.Org


By Jodie Evans Huffington Post
August 16, 2005


The day was hot and hard, but as the sun set so did the tension of the day. More interview request than Cindy can fill, new family members arrived, and even they couldn't take up the slack.

Everyone was finally turning in for the night, when someone came through camp in their pickup and mowed down all the crosses from Arlington West. The Sheriff says about 503 crosses were damaged. Whoever it was ended up with a flat and cross remains in his truck, he is now in custody in Crawford for property damage. Otherwise the day was hot, muggy and full of more than could be responded to. Rumor has it, the county will be closing down the camp tomorrow, so we will be looking for a new home. On the move, staying light on our feet.



DAY 9 AT CAMP CASEY By Cindy Sheehan Huffington Post Monday, August 15, 2005


The ninth day ended in the most awesome way. We were out at Camp Casey and it was sprinkling a little bit and it really looked like the rain was going to start pouring down anytime. We looked over into the next cow pasture and there was a full rainbow. Rainbows are supposedley God's sign of hope. When Casey was killed on 04/04/04, I thought that all of my hope was killed, too. Being involved in the peaceful occupation of Crawford and meeting hundreds of people from all over the world has given me so much hope for the future.

We had a lovely interfaith prayer service this morning. It was truly beautiful and we were all weeping while we were singing "Amazing Grace." But, during the service, one of our neighbors fired off a shot gun. He said he was shooting at birds, but he is tired of us being there and he wants us to leave. I didn't get to talk to him, but I told the media that if he wanted us to leave so badly, why doesn't he tell his other neighbor, George, to talk to me. We are good neighbors and we are cooperating with everyone. By the way, in case I forgot to blog it last night, the Sheriff has requested that I stay down in Crawford during the night, because he is afraid for my safety after he leaves. He said he would "sleep better" himself at night if I came into town to sleep. Judging from the shooting guns, I guess he was right.

George Bush took a 2 hour bike ride on Saturday, and when he got back, he was asked how he could go for a two hour bike ride when he doesn't have time to meet with me, and he said: "I have to go on with my life." (Austin Statesman, August 14) WHAT!!!!!????? He has to get on with his life!!! I am so offended by that statement. Every person, war fan, or not, who has had a child killed in this mistake of an occupation should be highly offended by that remark. Who does he think he is? I wish I could EVER be able to get on with my life. Getting on with my life means a life without my dear, sweet boy. Getting on with my life means learning to live with a pain that is so intense that sometimes I feel like throwing up, or screaming until I pass out from sorrow. I wish a little bike ride could help me get on with my life.

I need to focus on the positive, though, and there is so much. I had so many amazing things happen today. I couldn't walk through Camp Casey or the Crawford Peace House today without hugging people and getting my picture taken. Now I know how Mickey Mouse feels at Disneyland. I had a soldier from Ft. Hood come out today and he brought me a small stone with a First Cavalry insignia painted on it and the pictures of three of his beautiful buddies who were murdered there by George's reckless policies. It was such an incredible moment for me when he said: "Keep on doing what you are doing. We are so proud of you. Casey would be so proud of you."

I just wish George had as much courage in his entire body as Casey had in his little pinky, then he would meet with me. Crawford, Tx. is beautiful prairie land, but I could think of dozens of other places I would rather be right now. However, if George or anybody else thinks I am leaving before my mission is "accomplished" they have another think coming. I will stay the course. I will finish the mission. I will take no prisoners.

By the way, we had about 7 counter protesters today and hundreds at Camp Casey...don't let the mainstream media say differently.


LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTIVISM! PEACE DIVA MEETS MEDIA, NOT BUSH By Nathan Diebenow The Lone Star Iconoclast August 16, 2005

CRAWFORD ‹ She is in a director¹s chair getting made up before her next photoshoot. Though there might be water standing next to her, this woman is no swimsuit model. No, the sad-looking lady in the blue raincoat and fisherman¹s hat is Cindy Sheehan, 48, of Vacaville, Calif., the newest star of the peace movement.

It might seem that she found that chair all by herself, but in reality it took teamwork and infrastructure that was already in place to aid her attempt to meet President Bush face-to-face at his Prairie Chapel ranch this August. A number of groups whose members count in the thousands have helped provide transportation, communications, logistics, food, water, and financial and emotional support for her.

For starters, a small cadre of U.S. military veterans bused Sheehan to Crawford as their annual Veterans for Peace conference in Dallas concluded last Saturday. Then, as news of her defiance there grew, the founding members of CodePink, a women¹s peace and justice group known for disrupting Bush¹s inauguration and a host of other corporate interests, flew in to perform odd jobs aimed to launch Sheehan into the mainstream media spotlight, much like how the NAACP took Rosa Parks, a secretary of that organization¹s Alabama chapter, and turned her into a saint of the Civil Rights movement.

In other words, this is no fly-by night arrangement. No-sir-ree-bob! It¹s as professional as grassroot activism comes.

There¹s Jodie Evans, one of CodePink¹s founding members. She¹s on her cellphone headset talking to her PR team to line up future media interviews with Sheehan.

There¹s Col. Ann Wright, who started working with CodePink after resigning her position as a U.S. foreign service officer in protest over the invasion of Iraq. She¹s playing good cop to Diane Wilson¹s bad cop with the McLennan County Sheriff¹s Department trying to make sense of the right-of-way laws here in the countryside. Wilson, a fisherwoman from Seadrift, Texas, is also a CodePink co-founder on a hunger strike until Sheehan¹s roadside vigil ends.

There¹s Medea Benjamin, yet another CodePink co-founder, getting jiggy to the tunes of singer/songwriter Eliza Gilkyson who took the stage at Tonkawa Falls Park Saturday. Then, there¹s Lisa Fithian, a highly-experienced organizer with United Peace & Justice, occasionally moving in and out from the background to work the cops like a coach would work the refs.

Then, there¹s the Crawford Peace House, which is serving as a drop-off point for supplies sent with tsunami-like accuracy from Cindy¹s sympathizers around the country since her arrival at Camp Casey, her campsite five miles from Crawford named after her son, Casey, an Army specialist killed in an ambush in Iraq in 2004. Activist Johnny Wolf of Dallas co-founded the Peace House in 2002 as a base for staging press conferences, rallies, and vigils against the politicies of the Bush administration whenever it knows that the commander-in-chief is in town.

Due to Sheehan¹s recent actions, the Peace House has received gifts, such as a wireless Internet system, computers, and six vehicles donated by Air America radio talk show host Randi Rhodes to shuttle people to and from Camp Casey. The social justice organization also has boomed with financial aid, going from $3 in the bank to ³all debts paid² in less than a week¹s time. Pretty much its only problems now are finding parking for guests in Crawford, preparing meals, and maintaining proper plumbing.

As a whole, these groups, as well as Iraq Veterans Against the War, Gold Star Families for Peace, and Military Families Speak Out, make sure that no one steals Sheehan¹s thunderous story: a disgruntled mother of a U.S. soldier slain in Iraq travels to Crawford wanting to speak with President Bush face-to-face. Her only wish is to ask him for what ³noble cause² her son died in Iraq and why his daughters, if this war was so just and needed, haven¹t enlisted in the U.S. military yet? Their point is to bring the U.S. troops home now, return complete power to the Iraqi people over their nation, and see that no more blood is spilled for the U.S. oil industry to swipe black gold underneath the Iraqis¹ feet.

The international media has been eating up this drama: the anti-war soccer mom versus the most powerful man in the world. The right wing, needless to say, is fuming over the peace movement¹s weeklong hijacking of the U.S. media ‹ the same media in fact that prefers questioning scientists over space shuttle foam to questioning President Bush on the invasion of Iraq in
2003 a la the Downing Street memos which were released here a month after the British press did so.

But let¹s not confuse things, alright?

Dueling Military Moms

Right away, the Right intitiated a smear campaign designed to discredit Sheehan and her supporters in the media. First, the Drudge Report claimed that since an article in her hometown paper, The Reporter, was published, Sheehan changed her opinions about President Bush whom she met yet did not criticize over the Iraq war at the time. The Reporter came out later, though, and defended its story and Sheehan, saying that, "Drudge ... didn't explain that [a quote in the story] referred to sharing time with her family, not the president."

Then, the pro-Bush side of Sheehan¹s family stated that they wanted her to stop her vigil, to which Sheehan replied that they certainly were entitled to their opinion, but they ³barely knew² her son. Her husband, Patrick Sheehan, it should be noted, has reportedly been separated from Cindy since the death of their son. He has not commented on her actions.

Other smears included that Sheehan has taken $20,000 for her stance against the war; she is an anti-semite for saying, ³My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel;² she is a traitor, as FoxNews pundit Bill O¹Reilly said on his show; the groups supporting her are anti-America, communist sympathizers who have brainwashing her ‹ oh, just to name a few.

At least two conservative groups attempted to steal back the political football from Sheehan in Crawford and run for higher moral ground. They had their day in the media sunshine, and stood behind Bush¹s pledge to ³stay the course² in Iraq because they believe their family members in the military are doing good there. Perhaps the most direct confrontation between the two rival factions was when Mike Gallagher, an 8th-rate conservative radio talk show pundit, and his group from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex placed American flags in front of a religious memorial for the fallen U.S. soldiers installed by Cindy¹s suppporters.

Otherwise, it was a case of dueling veterans and military moms screaming for the media¹s attention, though both groups agree that the U.S. soldiers in Iraq fight for the guy next to them and that the soldiers¹ welfare is their top priority.

³Not one more dead. Not one more dying. No more lies. No more deception. End the occuption. Bring the troops home now, and most importantly, take care of them when they get home,² said Sue Niederer of Pennington, N.J., a co-founder of Gold Star Mothers for Peace whose son 1st Lt. Seth Dvorin was killed in action in Iraq in 2004. ³For all of those people who say that we are the ones who don¹t know what we are talking about, I have two questions for them: When is Mr. Bush going to volunteer his children? And when is the opposition going to volunteer their own children for this war?²

³We¹re not here to bash anybody. I¹m a mom, and I can try to associate with [Cindy Sheehan¹s] pain. I hope I will never feel that pain, but I think it¹s gone a little too far,² said Gale Muskiet, a Marine mother from Houston whose son, Cpl. Matthew Muskiet, might reenlist in Iraq after his tour ends. ³We did not send our children. They volunteered,² Muskiet added. ³None of us would send our children willingly, but you know what? When they get to legal age, they can make their own mind. We raised them to be responsible, God-fearing American adults. They made the choice.²

Linda Waste of Hinesville, Ga., and her husband, Phil, two of the 2,500 members of Military Families Speak Out, questioned the basis for the opinions of Rightist pundits and worried for the troops¹ mental health at the pro-peace rally at Tonkawa Falls Park.

³Who is sacrificing? It is we the people who are sacrificing. Not the House. Not the Senate. Not the Bush administration. It is we the people, and enough is enough,² said Waste, whose three sons and two grandchildren are on active military duty in Iraq. ³So the question should be asked, ŒWhat are our troops going through? What stresses and anxiety are they going through?¹ Their lives are changed forever. Their family¹s lives are changed forever.²

At a rally organized by Free Republic, a conservative news webforum, Linda Price, a pro-Bush mother of three Marines stationed in Iraq, also spoke of the health of the troops: ³You hear the horror stories about a wife going in there to wake him up, and he almost chokes her because he¹s right in the middle of battle.²

Living In History

Still, Sheehan¹s supporters ‹ the average Lefties ‹ have sacrificed much while propelling their peace diva into the international spotlight. Several of them have spent their own money and time to get to Camp Casey, taking off work and temporarily leaving their friends and families at home.

Tiffany Strause, a TI consultant from San Diego, Calif., for instance, flew to Central Texas with her friend, Julie, not only to support Sheehan but also to take more action than just ³adopting² to a self-described conservative, Republican Marine and sending him equipment that the U.S. government should have provided before the Iraq war.

³When I read Cindy¹s story, it was head-to-toe shivers. I was so moved. It really put a face on it,² said Strause, whose future in-laws are Bush supporters. ³I think this war was a choice. It wasn¹t a necessity, and for that reason, my impatience got to the point where I had to take a stand.²

Strause, like other peace activists, thinks that Sheehan¹s vigil is not only about getting President Bush address her this time as a person, not under a generic moniker like ³Mom,² but it¹s also about showing the American public his humanity and ability to change.

³It would be so easy for him to do. So easy. He¹s right here. We¹re right here. Just to be real for five minutes, but to me, it¹s always been my feeling that it¹s a case of the emporer has no clothes. You know, he doesn¹t read the paper. he doesn¹t watch the news. His handlers keep him insulated. He really is disconnected with the pulse of this country and what people are feeling and what they are going through,² she said.

Still, Bush has said that he has met with people ‹ military families ‹ who disagree with his war stance, and he has said repeatedly that he won¹t ever change his mind about his policies. He certainly has a clear track record, too. When he doesn¹t have protestors corralled and then arrested, Bush has his limos drive past their demostrations, like he did on the way to raise money for the Republican National Committee last Friday, as Sheehan carried a poster by the roadside that said, ³Why do you make time for donors and not for me?²

Four recent Crawford High School graduates did express interest and visited the Peace House last week to see what all the hub-bub was about. Although the two that the Iconoclast interviewed requested that their identities be protected, it reveals that that curiosity is still valued in the Lone Star State.

³I¹m just interested in seeing other people¹s points of view on what all is going on in the country right now. We¹re living in history, you know, everyday. We live in Crawford, Texas, and to not be involved, that would be ridiculous. If you¹re living in this town, why not get out and see what¹s going on?² said John Doe¹s buddy, Jeff Doe, in that interview.

Maybe these boys, instead of bull-headed politicians and celebrity activists, can inspire the regular joes on the Left and the Right to chit-chat over a cup of coffee. It¹s just a thought, but an iconoclast can always dream.

Until then, the public, according to both Bush and Sheehan supporters, is more than likely going to hear more shouting across the stadium between pro-peace and pro-war advocates, and the only players on the field will be an angry military mom and a dove hunter who, though annoyed, empathizes with her, while the President is nowhere in sight.

Informant: NHNE

Cindy Sheehan

A mother's wrath proves a bigger threat to US hawks


Informant: Our bill of rights

Cindy Sheehan

Fight for an idea: The ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION - Combat pour une idée: La pollution électromagnétique


Topic: In the middle of the Sixties Doctor Maschi becomes aware of the existence of a new form of pollution which it names ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION.

For this general practitioner of Nice, this pollution, due to the proliferation, in the industrialized countries, of the machines, the apparatuses producing or using electricity, causes slow and progressive electrocution of the human organisms and plays a significant role in the diseases known as of civilization: rheumatic, cardiac, neurological affections. It then develops therapeutic consistent in councils of general hygiene to avoid the electric aggressions and in local applications of minerals, identical to those used since centuries in the thermal spas.&nb! sp; Since 1967 it makes follow this treatment to rheumatics and patients reached of multiple sclerosis. Very quickly the results exceed the éspérances of the doctor. In 1968, when he wants to provide to the Medical Authorities explanations on this pollution and his therapeutic, its troubles start. They will of theinvolve it in an adventure out commun run which, lasting nearly thirty years, will oppose it to the Council of Odre Doctors and to the Ministry for Health. In this book, Doctor Maschi gives explanations, easy to include/understand, on electromagnetic pollution, his therapeutic and the multiple sclerosis. He tells also the principal adventures of his business, evoked many times by the whole of the French press since 1968, and does not hesitate to reproduce very many documents blaming by name a hundred people: eleven Ministers for Health, the Advisers of the Order of the Doctors, the Adviser's of State, Professors de Médecine, the politicians. Throughout these years, the doctor was savagely defended by his patients, satisfied to follow therapeutic without danger, very easy to use and not very expensive. This "lived testimony" provides the proof that it is not easy to make recognize a new scientific idea which, all at the same time, blames part of our living conditions and medical theories classically allowed. It is a true cry of alarm launched by Doctor Maschi against electromagnetic pollution because, being colourless, odourless, soundproof, impalpable and painless it can touch all the inhabitants of the industrialized countries, without them realizing there, its effects being felt only after several years of exposure.


Combat pour une idée: La pollution électromagnétique

Auteur : Docteur J.-Pierre MASCHI ISBN : 2-84825-102-6 Nb de pages : 550 prix en librairie : 26.5 euros ! (174 FF) Achat par correspondance : 26.5 € port compris Achat en ligne :

thème : Au milieu des années soixante le docteur Maschi prend conscience de l’existence d’une nouvelle forme de pollution qu’il dénomme POLLUTION ÉLECTROMAGNÉTIQUE. Pour ce médecin généraliste de Nice, cette pollution, due à la prolifération, dans les pays industrialisés, des machines, des appareils produisant ou utilisant l’électricité, provoque une lente et progressive électrocution des organismes humains et joue un rôle important dans les maladies dites de civilisation : affections rhumatismales, cardiaques, neurologiques. Il met alors au point une thérapeutique consistant en conseils d’hygiène générale pour éviter les agressions électriques et en applications locales de minéraux, identiques à ceux utilisés depuis des siècles dans les stations thermales. À partir de 1967 il fait suivre ce traitement à des rhumatisants et des malades atteints de sclérose en plaques. Très rapidement les résultats dépassent les éspérances du médecin.

En 1968, quand il veut fournir aux Autorités Médicales des explications sur cette pollution et sur sa thérapeutique, ses ennuis commencent. Ils vont l’entraîner dans une aventure hors du commun qui, durant près de trente ans, va l’opposer au Conseil de l’Odre des Médecins et au Ministère de la Santé. Dans ce livre, le docteur Maschi donne des explications, faciles à comprendre, sur la pollution électromagnétique, sa thérapeutique et la sclérose en plaques.

Il narre aussi les principales péripéties de son affaire, maintes fois évoquées par l’ensemble de la presse française depuis 1968, et n’hésite pas à reproduire de très nombreux documents mettant nommément en cause une centaine de personnes: onze Ministres de la Santé, des Conseillers de l’Ordre des Médecins, des Conseillers d’Etat, ! des Professeurs de Médecine, des hommes politiques. Tout au long de ces années, le médecin a été farouchement défendu par ses malades, satisfaits de suivre une thérapeutique sans danger, très simple d’emploi et peu onéreuse.

Ce « témoignage vécu » fournit la preuve qu’il n’est pas facile de faire reconnaître une idée scientifique nouvelle qui, tout à la fois, met en cause une partie de nos conditions de vie et des théories médicales classiquement admises. C’est un véritable cri d’alarme lancé par le docteur Maschi contre la pollution électromagnétique car, étant incolore, inodore, insonore, impalpable et indolore elle peut toucher tous les habitants des pays industrialisés, sans qu’ils s’en rendent compte, ses effets ne se faisant sentir qu’après plusieurs années d’exposition.

Informant: Iris Atzmon

Der Chaoszerstoiber: Was der Oberlehrer von Bayern wirklich will


Bezaubernder Cheney: Kriegsszenarios in Iran und den USA


Relief as phone mast is rejected


Parents face new mast battle


Norfolk councillors turn down phone mast


Support Cindy Sheehan: Bring them Home!

Click the image:

050816 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Bush...Totally Pathetic


Informant: Debi Clark

Cindy Sheehan

Lives Blown Apart

Sema Olson was in the living room watching television when the phone rang. It was the Department of the Army calling. A voice asked if she'd heard from her son in the past 24 hours. ... With that Saturday night phone call, life as Ms. Olson had known it came to an end. Her family's long, long period of overwhelming sacrifice was under way.


Cindy Sheehan

UN Nuclear Watchdog Rebuts Claims that Iran Is Trying to Make A-Bomb

The UN nuclear watchdog is preparing to publish evidence that Iran is not engaged in a nuclear weapons programme, undermining a warning of possible military action from President George Bush.


Anti-war Sentiment Gets Champion

In her high-profile vigil outside President Bush's Texas ranch, Cindy Sheehan has brought the face and the heart of the anti-war movement to the world.


Cindy Sheehan

Social Security Lessons

Mr. Bush came to bury Social Security, not to save it. Over time, the Bush plan would have transformed Social Security from a social insurance program into a mutual fund, with nothing except a name in common with the system F.D.R. created.


Ultimate Goal of Corporations in America

Gaining Control of Universities: If you were to find colleges and universities in the USA talking to students about the hazards of war, that would be a rare exception. US big corporations, particularly those linked with the war industry are trying to portray the fighting of wars as a sign or “patriotism and bravery!”


Savvy, clout fill pockets of investment firm

U.S. looking into Carlyle Group links to teacher funds.

Helen Keller: Not Blind to War Crimes

Keller's critique of the government propaganda campaign to stir up Americans to support U.S. intervention in the war remains more germane than ever. "Every modern war has had its root in exploitation" Keller said.


Hiroshima, Nagasaki & Christian morality

If terrorism is the massacre of innocents to break the will of rulers, were not Hiroshima and Nagasaki terrorism on a colossal scale?


Wasting America's morality

The American people must awaken, throw the neoconservatives out of office and elect different leaders who truly seek a return to these fundamental values.


From Information Clearing House

It's now about getting out of the Iraq mess

At is one thing to send in the troops, waving the flag, another to bring them home, mission accomplished.


Doubt on war grows in U.S.: Even supporters say the effort isn't worth loss of American lives


From Information Clearing House

Bush ‘losing way’ in war on terror

THEY have been admirers of the president since the attacks of September 11, 2001, but now some of George W Bush’s staunchest supporters are accusing him of “losing his way” in the war on terror.


From Information Clearing House

Bush will `go on with life': Defends refusal to meet protester


From Information Clearing House

Cindy Sheehan

Iraq realities dash U.S. expectations

Never before has the disconnect between American aspirations for Iraq and the reality on the ground seemed greater than now, in this third scorching summer of frustration and violence.


From Information Clearing House

Change might not be good for Iraqi women

In a chilling irony, women may actually have fewer rights under Iraq's new, "democratic'' constitution than they did under Saddam Hussein.


From Information Clearing House

A constitution that means nothing to ordinary Iraqis

Behind ramparts of concrete and barbed wire, the framers of Iraq's new constitution wrestled yesterday to prevent - or bring about - the federalisation of Iraq while their compatriots in the hot and fetid streets outside showed no interest in their efforts.


This is barbarism: "Why, even if I was guilty, would they do this?"

By Carol D. Leonnig

Sami Al-Laithi said that as a result of his detention at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, he is now confined to a wheelchair with two broken vertebrae. He said military personnel and interrogators stomped on his back, dropped him on the floor and repeatedly forced his neck forward soon after his arrival at the prison.


Papers Increasingly Note Antiwar Views in Covering Funerals of the Fallen

In a departure from past policies, newspapers around the country, with the US death toll in Iraq again soaring, increasingly are reporting the antiwar sentiments of family members of the deceased in their coverage of funerals.


Cindy Sheehan

A Bad Shift for the Court

Raspberry questions whether the American people understand the danger of letting the Supreme Court become, in essence, a partisan of one side in a closely divided nation.


Stop the creation of Bank of Walmart




What's Happening With The Nomination? Help us oppose the confirmation of nominee John Roberts to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Roberts, as Deputy Solicitor General under President George H.W. Bush, drafted a key legal brief urging the Supreme Court to scrap decades of settled church-state law and to uphold school-sponsored prayer at public school graduation ceremonies.

Why Is Roberts A Bad Choice? Roberts would work to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state and to open the door to majority rule on religious matters. His record demonstrates predictable conservative conclusions and reasoning, not the nuanced moderation that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor so often brought to the Supreme Court. Roberts' record demonstrates his lack of basic understanding and concern for religious minorities and fundamental civil rights.

Judge Roberts' brand of Establishment Clause jurisprudence would bring about remarkable - indeed, radical - results, with potentially devastating consequences for the separation of church and state as we know it.

Let your Senators know you want them to oppose the Roberts nomination:


Informant: Scott Munson

The mother of all battles

by Joan Walsh


The smearing will continue, but it's already too late: Cindy Sheehan has launched an American antiwar movement. Maybe, as Matt Drudge blared over the weekend, she's said controversial things about Israel. Maybe the IRS will chase her for tax evasion, since she's reportedly announced that she won't pay taxes for 2004, the year her son Casey died in Iraq. Maybe her family has been shaken by her activism. Maybe the smears will even work, and cost Sheehan some of her mainstream political credibility. It doesn't matter: Someone else will take her place... [subscription or ad view required]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

The Iraq war and the politics of grief

Christian Science Monitor
by Brendan O'Neill


In America and Britain, the grief of parents who lost sons or daughters in Iraq has become a potent political weapon -- much more so than in other recent wars. In my view, these moms and dads have been badly let down by both sides of the war debate. The war's authors have offered little justification for the sacrifices made by loved sons and daughters in Iraq, which has allowed the families' raw grief to fester into public anger -- and the war's opponents have sought cynically to exploit the families' sorrow for political ends. Currently, Cindy Sheehan is camped outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. And she's determined to stay put until the president tells her exactly what 'noble cause' her 24-year-old son Casey died for in Iraq...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

Pilgrims of protest in Crawford

by Greg Moses


As for why she's standing here in Texas, 1163 miles from home, she says of herself and spouse Mike, who should be shuttled here any minute from the stadium parking lot: 'We have no idea what we're doing. We've never done anything like this before. But it's time we became teenagers!' 'There's a lot we have on our side,' says Penny thinking about the movement that she has come to join. 'There are a lot of angels here. Every one of those soldiers killed is an angel on our side. I'm working for the Apocalypse. Either take them or take me, but don't leave us together anymore!' she grins...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

Supreme Court OKs expansion of takings power

Heartland Institute
by Paul Fisher


The U.S. Supreme Court gave a major victory to urban planners, large property owners, and government in the Kelo v. New London decision announced June 23. The major losers are those who treasure private property rights and the respect for those rights set forth in the U.S. Constitution and those with the least political power to protect themselves.


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Who's a traitor?

by Scott Horton


International blowhard Bill O'Reilly has decided it's his duty to smear as a traitor the mother of a dead American soldier for standing up to the 'public servant' who sent the young man off to die for lies. Cindy Sheehan is demanding a chance to speak to Bush outside of the Crawford, Texas, pig farm chosen for Bush by his PR men during his presidential run. O'Reilly hides his accusations behind the presumed feelings of unnamed others...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

GMOs and Human Health

The Institute of Science in Society Science Society Sustainability http://www.i-sis.org.uk General Enquiries sam@i-sis.org.uk Website/Mailing List press-release@i-sis.org.uk ISIS Director m.w.ho@i- sis.org.uk UNSUBSCRIBE HERE

ISIS Press Release 16/08/05 GMOs and Human Health

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho told the People's Health Assembly that GM is proving bad for health because it goes against the grain of the new genetics science

A GMO or genetically modified organism is one whose natural genetic material has been modified by having synthetic genetic material inserted into it. That is how we have GM crops grown for food and feed, for fibre and for a range of pharmaceuticals and industrial products in the latest offering, if we don't manage to stop it.

Maybe you have heard the mantra from certain scientists that GM food is perfectly safe because the technology is so very precise and wonderful and the regulation the strictest in the world; that GM is good for biodiversity, increases yield, reduces pesticide use, and so on. All of the claims have been falsified, with data collected by the US Department of Agriculture and by independent scientists .

The World Health Organization has just issued a report, Modern food biotechnology, human health and development: an evidence-based study (23 June 2005) claiming that although there may be potential risks involved in the use of GMOs, the GM crops that are grown today are not likely to present health risks.

Yet there has been a string of incidents indicating GM food and feed are far from safe. These include studies carried out by biotech companies producing the GM crops, which they have kept secret under confidential business information.

* Kidney and blood abnormalities in rats fed one of Monsanto's GM maize in Monsanto's secret dossier.

* Villagers in the south of the Philippines who suffered mysterious illnesses when another GM maize came into flower in a nearby field two years in a row. Antibodies to the Bt protein inserted into the GM maize were found in the villagers.

* A dozen cows that died after eating a third GM maize made by Syngenta, and others in the herd had to be slaughtered because of mysterious illnesses. Autopsies failed to be carried out, which is why Greenpeace and farmers are demonstrating in front of the Robert Koch Institute

* Senior scientist Arpad Pusztai and colleagues in Scotland found young rats fed GM potatoes ended up with damage in every organ system; the most dramatic being an increase in thickness of the stomach lining to twice that in controls. Scientists in Egypt found similar effects in mice fed GM potatoes with another gene.

* The US Food and Drug Administration had data dating back to early 1990s that rats fed GM tomatoes had developed small holes in their stomach.

To cut a long story short, different species of GM food and feed crops with different genes had adversely affected several species of animals. You don't have to be a scientific genius to see that there may be something in the genetic engineering process itself that's harmful . So what's wrong with GMOs? First, new genes and combinations of genes made in the laboratory, which have never existed in billions of years of evolution, are being introduced into our food chain.

Allergies and other toxicities come to mind. In fact, 22 out of 33 proteins incorporated into GM crops were found to have similarities to known allergens, and are therefore suspected allergens. The synthetic genetic material are introduced into the cells of organisms with invasive methods that are uncontrollable, unreliable and unpredictable, and far from precise.

It ends up damaging the natural genetic material of the organism with many unpredictable, unintended effects, including gross abnormalities that you can see, and metabolic changes that may be toxic that you can't see. Many foreign synthetic genes are copies of those from bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. They also contain antibiotic resistance marker genes to help track the movements of the foreign gene inserts and select for cells that have taken up the foreign genes.

Right from the beginning, in the mid1970s, geneticists themselves have worried that releasing those synthetic genetic material runs the risk of creating new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, and spreading antibiotic resistance to make infections untreatable. As the result of the Asilomar Declaration, a moratorium was imposed. Unfortunately, the moratorium was short-lived, as geneticists were in a hurry for commercial exploitation of genetic engineering. The dangers arise because the genetic material persists long after the cells or organism is dead, and can be taken up by bacteria and viruses that are in all environments

This process - called horizontal gene transfer and recombination - is the main route to creating dangerous pathogens. Genetic engineering is nothing if not greatly enhanced horizontal gene transfer and recombination, and nasty surprises have already been sprung.

Researchers in Australia ‘accidentally' transformed a harmless mousepox virus into a lethal pathogen that killed all the mice, even those that were supposed to be resistant to the virus. Headlines in the New Scientist editorial: “The Genie is out, Biotech has just sprung a nasty surprise. Next time, it could be catastrophic.”

The lead article continued in the same vein: “Disaster in the making. An engineered mouse virus leaves us one step away from the ultimate bioweapon.”

The researchers added a gene coding for an immune signalling molecule to the virus, which they thought would boost antibody production; instead, it suppressed immune responses. The researchers had previously put the same gene into a vaccinia virus and found it delayed the clearance of virus from the animals, so it may well have the same immune suppressive effects for all viruses. Imagine what would happen if this gene ever got into a smallpox virus!

More surprisingly, researchers at the University of California in Berkeley found that disrupting a set of disease-causing genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis , the tuberculosis bacterium, resulted in a hyper-virulent mutant strain that killed all the mice by 41 weeks, while all the control mice exposed to the unmodified bacterium survived.

There is yet another insidious danger. The synthetic genes created for genetic modification are designed to cross species barriers and to jump into the natural genetic material of cells. Such constructs jumping into the natural genetic material of human cells can trigger cancer .

This is not just a theoretical possibility. It has happened in gene therapy, which is genetic modification of human cells.

In 2000, researchers in the Neckar Hospital in Paris, France treated infants with X- linked Severe Combined Immune Deficiency apparently successfully by isolating bone marrow cells from the patients, applying gene therapy, and then injecting the genetically modified cells back into the patients. But since 2002, 3 infants have developed leukaemia. One child has died. The foreign synthetic gene has inserted near a human gene that controls cell division, making it overactive, resulting in uncontrollable multiplication of the white blood cells.

I have only scratched the surface of the problems and hazards of genetic modification. But you can already see that there has been a massive campaign of misinformation and disinformation on the part of the GM proponents. The greatest danger, I think, is the mindset of the GM proponents

Genetic engineering of plants and animals began in the mid 1970s under the illusion that the genetic material is constant and static and the characteristics of organisms are hardwired in their genes. One gene determines one characteristic. But geneticists soon discovered to their great surprise that the genetic material is dynamic and fluid, in that both the expression and structure of genes are constantly changing under the influence of the environment. Geneticists have coined the term, “the fluid genome”, which encapsulated this major paradigm change. The genome is the totality of all the genetic material in an organism.

The processes responsible for the fluid genome are precisely orchestrated by the organism as a whole in a dance of life that's necessary for survival. In contrast, genetic engineering in the lab is crude, imprecise and invasive. The rogue genes inserted into a genome to make a GMO can land anywhere in any form and has a tendency to be unstable, basically because these rogue genes do not know the language of the dance. Genetic engineers haven't learned to dance with life.

That is why dozens of prominent scientists from seven countries launched ourselves as the Independent Science Panel, to overcome the campaign of disinformation from pro-GM scientists who are working to promote the corporate agenda, and to reclaim science for the public good. We compiled all the evidence against GM crops as well as the evidence on the successes and benefits of all forms of sustainable non-GM agriculture. Based on this evidence, we are calling for a ban on the environmental releases of GM crops and a comprehensive shift to sustainable agriculture. I hope the Assembly will support this call!

Plenary lecture to the People's Health Assembly 2, 17-22 July 2005, Cuenca, Ecuador. For further information please visit the Institute of Science in Society website: http://www.i-sis.org.uk

This article can be found on the I-SIS website at http://www.i-sis.org.uk/

Reclaiming Appalachia: A Mountain Take Over

Zeb Mountain Destruction Halted by Escalating Anti Mountain Top Mining Campaign in Tennessee

Knoxville, TN - As dawn approached this morning, activists stood on an ancient Appalachian mountain in a dramatic protest against mountain top mining. This is the first time a mountain has been taken over in the struggle to protect the Appalachian Mountains from the devastating practices of mountain top mining. Dedicated citizens are blockading National Coal's strip mine in scenic Campbell County, Tennessee to halt the destruction of Zeb Mountain. Activists affiliated with MountainJusticeSummer.org and Katuah Earth First! are using creative non violent tactics to bring attention to the modern atrocity of mountain top mining.

In an unprecedentated non violent intervention, individuals are blockading the entrance to the mine by locking themselves to a car on the haul road and sitting in a tripod to prevent access to the mine. Other activists have locked themselves to drilling equipment. Citizens are using their bodies to create a giant "no blast" zone across the mountain. These drastic tactics are being used because strip mining companies are not allowed to use explosives when unauthorized people are nearby. "Coal companies bend and break laws in order to blow apart Tennessee's mountain headwaters. Since regulatory agencies refuse to protect our mountains, non violent citizen intervention has become necessary. We stand for the preservation of the mountains, water, forests, and communities of Appalachia" said Maria Johnson of Kingsport, TN. "These mountains are our homes, and they are being stolen and destroyed by companies like National Coal and this must be stopped. To put my body between the mountain and the companies' machines may be the only way to stop them" said Nable Wallin of Asheville, NC.

Zeb Mountain is located above beautiful Elk Valley in Campbell County, just 40 miles north of Knoxville, TN.
(Directions Below) Mountain top mining practices involve removing the tops and sides off mountains with explosives and heavy equipment to access thin seams of coal.

"We are reclaiming Appalachia. We are calling on Governor Bredesen to do the same by enforcing Tennessee's water quality laws and baning mountain top mining" said Mere Burton, perched upon a tripod in the middle of the road on Zeb Mountain.
(Directions: From I-75, North of Knoxville, take exit
141 to Hwy 63W. Follow 63W for 4.3 miles and turn right at the Pioneer Post Office on to 297E. Follow the road 5 miles down, passing a cabinet shop and a church on left. About 1/2 mile after that, turn left onto Lick Fork Rd the mine site is about an eighth of a mile down on right.)

Hourly updates, including photos and quotes available at http://www.MountainJusticeSummer.org

The "Ole Family Ranch" in Crawford is a Set

PHONY TO THE CORE: The "Ole Family Ranch" in Crawford is a Set Completed the Same Day the Election was Stolen

By Cheryl Seal

Have you seen all those article and pictures of Bush "at home on the ranch" in Crawford - the ones that imply that he is "just an ole ranch hand" more comfortable on the family homestead than in the "Big City," be it Austin or D.C.? Well, if you bought this image, you've been royally snuckered. The Bush family homestead in Crawford is nothing more than an elaborate set. The house, built in 2000, was designed to be ready for Bush to step into - like a set awaiting an actor - during the 2000 presidential election. Not only was the "ranch" created in 2000 - so, essentially, was the "town" of Crawford! Before then only about 400 people lived in the area. The Crawford Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture were formed shortly after the ranch was finished.

The 1,600 acres on which the "ranch" sits was purchased in 1999 for an undisclosed price, but it was a helluva lot less than the current real estate agents' appraisal of $1.2 million. Yep, worth $1.2 million, but G.W. has a sweet deal at the tax appraiser's office, where the property is valued at about $988,000. Oh, and that "homey ole ranch house?" It's actually a 10,000-square-foot single level mansion/compound that won't even be 2 years old until this November! The compound features a swimming pool for daughters Jenna and Barbara, who apparently loudly demanded it - the Bushes call it the girls' "Whining pool." Btw - we hear Bush got a sweet deal on the house construction, (the cost, of course remains undisclosed): the builders came from a religious community in El Mott, Texas. The original completion date of the house was November 7 - election day 2000. In other words, the curtain went up on the set on schedule for "show time." The very timing of this event indicates that Bush was absolutely confident that the election would be successfully engineered in his favor.

The whole idea behind the ranch set, of course, was so that the public could be treated to footage of Bush seeking a quiet "retreat" at the family ranch. Americans would thus assume that the ranch was a rooted family homestead or compound like the one Kennedy's had in Martha's Vineyard or FDR had at Campobello. But when Bush retreated into his "homestead" in November, 2000, he was merely walking onto a prepared set upon which the paint had barely dried, let alone even the barest of roots put down! When we see photos of Bush bombing around the ranch in his leather jacket in his "ole pickup," supposedly knowing every tree and bush - it's all pure fantasy! If Bush knows every tree and bush after actually spending, all told, a total of about 2 months on the ranch (if you put the odd days end to end) since it was bought, then I''d like to know when he found time to hold all those endless Crawford press conferences! Seems to me he'd be way too busy introducing himself to trees and bushes.

Until Bush and handlers decided that a rural ranch would be a slick bit of PR for the presidential campaign, Bush had no interest in a "home on the range." Instead, his preferred weekend retreat was to the Rainbo Club, an exclusive lakeside hunting club in Henderson County, about an hour south of Dallas, much closer to the comforts of Austin. When a Bush run for president began to look like a pretty good bet, the 1,600 acres were bought and the Bushes started making weekend trips to a 60-year-old ranch house that existed on the property - not of course, before refurbishing it! - so they could build the "lore" that would take in the American public, hook, line and sinker.

In an interesting side note - while Bush is anti-conservation in his presidential policies to please his corporate pals, in his OWN home, he has installed several conservation/energy saving features, including solar panels for heating water, rainwater collection for landscape irrigation, an air conditioning system that uses groundwater and a gray water recycling system. The obvious impression here is that Bush, being all PR show and no substance or real convictions, wants to cover all the bases. Block conservation when it is expedient, but have some conservation "stuff" to show off when that is expedient.

So, in short, we have a "president" who, ON THE SAME DAY - November 7, 2000 - stole an election and had the last nail driven into a phony ranch set. But with a completely snuckered press corps, we also have had a completely snuckered public. And a platoon of completely snuckered world leaders, chief among them Blair and Putin, who have been hosted at the "ole ranch" set and completely taken in. Alas, the Crawford ranch is a symbol of the utter corporate phoniness of this administration. The whole scenario reminds me of those type of sophisticated con artists (like the ones who recently convinced several investors they could turn sand into gold! ) who blow into town, rent an upscale office space just long enough to give them enough credibility to hoodwink investors. Then, once they have fleeced enough "marks," they disappear. What makes the Bush case much, much worse is that I doubt he will disappear.

Additional Notes on "Rancho Boguso" from Bonafide Texans

Apparently Rancho Boguso has done time not just as a small-time cattle ranch but was once a pig farm as well! And those horses you see in photos? Window dressing only - Bush can't ride!!!

Read with interest your article at Democrats.com. Being from Waco I know well what you say. Crawford first of all is closer to Waco than the Branch Davidian Compound but this is never said.

For your information Bush was just given a saddle as a gift that is now on tour around the state. This saddle is of NO use to him since he does't ride horses. Ask Vincinte Fox - who wanted him to go riding on Bush's trip to Mexico. [Wonder how Bush wormed his way out of THAT?]

Another fact is that he doesn't own any of the cattle on his "ranch". They are the cattle of the previous owner, who helps run the "Movie Set". He's a cowboy with more hat than cattle.

W. G. Lacy

Enjoyed Cheryl Seal's story about the Crawford "ranch." But she failed to mention that before Shrub bought it, it was a pig farm. And in Texas, it is too small to be considered a ranch anyway -- go look up how many 100 thousand acres LBJ had or how big the King Ranch is.

William Duttweiler

Informant: Scott Munson

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan, Military Moms to Announce Nationwide Vigils

Cindy Sheehan, Military Moms to Announce Nationwide Vigils, Friday Moment of Prayer for Troops in Iraq and Mothers of Fallen Soldiers


Cindy Sheehan

Dust Devils and Grief in Crawford


Cindy Sheehan

How Bush Would Gain from War with Iran


Permanent U.S. Bases in Iraq? Experts See a Political Minefield


Mother's Iraq-war Protest near Bush Ranch Picks Up Steam


Cindy Sheehan

Spanish paper on RF effects on birds

Tuesday August 16th 2005, 8:00 pm

Translation of the summary:

Posibles Efectos De Las Ondas Electromagneticas Utilizadas En La Telefonia Inalambrica

Alfonso Balmori

Ardeola 51(2), 2004, 477-490

Summary - Possible effects of the electromagnetic waves used in th ewireless telephony on wildlife. A bibliographical revision of the possible effects of the waves used in the wireless telephony on animals is presented and its impact on wild birds is analyzed. After exposing the technical characteristics and the legal situation of this new technology, the scientific discoveries that could have interest for the study of their effects on the wild fauna are revised. Basing us on the current scientific knowledge the foregone possible consequences for the birds is commented, keeping in mind the deterioration of some egosystems that they occupy. It is recommended to consider the electromagnetic contamination in the microwave range a possible factor in decline of some populations at risk, especially of the urban birds, subjected at more radiation levels. Effects on birds in rural and protected areas that have phone masts near cannot be rejected. Keeping in mind that birds are excellent bio-indicators, we point out the importance of carrying out studies that value the effects of this new type of contamination and some methodologies that could be useful for this purpose are presented.

I can email the pdf. file of this paper (in Spanish) upon request.

Don Maisch


Birds suffer from biological effects of GSM, 3G (UMTS), DECT, WIFI, TETRA http://omega.twoday.net/stories/900299/

Pulsed microwave radiation and wildlife - Are Cell Phones Wiping Out Sparrows?

Sheehan to Be Evicted Tomorrow

I've just received word that the Mclennan County Commisioners Court has an action item on tomorrow's agenda: "Consider the prohibition of public demonstrations along Prairie Chapel Rd." This is real and real serious. They could pass this measure and send the Sherriff out and have Camp Casey cleared out by noon. We will be seeking injunctive relief but its a crapshoot at this point.

We are trying to field a team of lawyers down there but its a tight time frame. Any well-dressed bodies willing to show up and articulate a defense of the 1st Amendment to the Commissioners is welcome (by us - probably not by them) and invited. Please - this will get media so if you show and go - decorum is appreciated.


9:00 a.m.McLennan County Courthouse, 501 Washington Ave. Waco, Texas, 76701, Courthouse is located on the west edge of downtown between 5th and 6th streets - all I have...Please spread the word - if Cindy gets moved out for even a short while we'll never get her back in that spot.

Todd Hill
Mid-Cities Democrats
Tarrant Young Democrats


"When the power of love becomes stronger than the love of power, we will have peace." Jimi Hendrix

Informant: DitziSis


Friends of peace, do believe that if this happens it would strongly galvanize even more folks to rise locally and nationally/globally, to cindy sheehan's support.

this is international drama and whatever happens, cindy has been the catalyst necessary for breaking the stalemate the peace movement has been in before now. bless her and all that made their way to texas. the rest is definitely up to us! hundreds of thousands will rise!

Scott Munson

Todd Hill <yohi52@yahoo.com> wrote:

I've just received word that the Mclennan County Commisioners Court has an action item on tomorrow's agenda: "Consider the prohibition of public demonstrations along Prairie Chapel Rd." This is real and real serious. They could pass this measure and send the Sherriff out and have Camp Casey cleared out by noon. We will be seeking injunctive relief but its a crapshoot at this point.

We are trying to field a team of lawyers down there but its a tight time frame. Any well-dressed bodies willing to show up and articulate a defense of the 1st Amendment to the Commissioners is welcome (by us - probably not by them) and invited. Please - this will get media so if you show and go - decorum is appreciated.

9:00 a.m.McLennan County Courthouse
501 Washington Ave. Waco, Texas 76701Courthouse is located on the west edge of downtown between 5th and 6th streets - all I have...Please spread the word - if Cindy gets moved out for even a short while we'll never get her back in that spot.

Todd Hill Mid-Cities Democrats Tarrant Young Democrats http://www.midcitiesdemocrats.com
817-715-3154 yohi52@yahoo.com <mailto:yohi52@yahoo.com>

Lisa, quoting:


About an hour ago, the Crawford Peace House got a phone call from our friends up at Camp Casey to report that the line of gravemarkers along the road (Arlington West) had been damaged. People who were there said that as they were talking to a few members of the press, a pick-up truck came down the road and stopped at the fork by the edge of the tents. The driver then jumped out and attached a pipe to the undercarriage with a chain and began to "swerve into the line of crosses," said Tammara Rosenleaf of Montana. "Then we heard the pipe being dragged over the gravemarkers and the pick-up's wheels crushing them."

Out of the 800 crosses, 500 were knocked down and 100 are irreperable. We are happy to report, however, that the driver was arrested by the local authorities. This is a prime example of how the Crawford sheriff's department has helped to protect us and our freedom of speech over the past week and a half.

Regardless of who did this, the fact is that respect for this country's dead is not a partisan issue. Putting up memorials of our country's fallen is not a "liberal" act. It is an American act. Even a group of counter-protestors from Dallas last week draped flags and flowers over many of the gravemarkers, and many were moved to tears at the sight of the long line of dead soldiers. It's too bad that someone else who disagrees with Cindy felt they needed to wipe out the memory of our fallen in such an obscene manner.

Now, more than ever, is the time for us to come together. We need your voice and your help to bring America closer to an ideal that all of us hold in our hearts. Cindy Sheehan is bringing us closer to that ideal and demonstrating its power to change this country.

-Japhet Els and Emily Sharpe

"We need a common enemy to unite us." - Condoleeza Rice, March 2000

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." - Dresden James

"Who says I am not under the special protection of God?" - Adolf Hitler

Cindy Sheehan

Mother of fallen soldier asks questions of President


Cindy Sheehan

Jefferson Would Have Stood With Cindy Sheehan


Cindy Sheehan

I am amazed that Cindy is still standing


Cindy Sheehan

What one person can do


Cindy Sheehan

Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig


Protesters outside Bush ranch fume


Cindy Sheehan

The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism


No-Win War


Bring 'Em On


The vitamin police


The Public School Disaster


America Is an Empire


Guaranteed Retirement Income


U.S. Defends Detentions at Airports



Foreign citizens who change planes at airports in the United States can legally be seized, detained without charges, deprived of access to a lawyer or the courts, and even denied basic necessities like food, lawyers for the government said in Brooklyn federal court yesterday. . .

The case is the first civil suit to challenge the practice known as "extraordinary rendition," in which terror suspects have been transferred for questioning to countries known for torture.

After considering legal briefs, Judge David G. Trager of United States District Court prepared several written questions for lawyers on both sides to address further, including one that focused pointedly on Mr. Arar's accusations of illegal treatment in New York.

He says he was deprived of sleep and food and was coercively interrogated for days at the airport and at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn when he was not allowed to call a lawyer, his family or the Canadian consul.

"Would not such treatment of a detainee - in any context, criminal, civil, immigration or otherwise - violate both the Constitution and clearly established case law?" Judge Trager asked.

The reply by Mary Mason, a senior trial lawyer for the government, was that it would not.

Legally, she said, anyone who presents a foreign passport at an American airport, even to make a connecting flight to another country, is seeking admission to the United States.

If the government decides that the passenger is an "inadmissible alien," he remains legally outside the United States - and outside the reach of the Constitution - even if he is being held in a Brooklyn jail.

Even if they are wrongly or illegally designated inadmissible, the government's papers say, such aliens have at most a right against "gross physical abuse."


Informant: Friends

Climate scientists fear effects of immense Siberian peatbog meltdown


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Situational Totalitarianism


T-Mobile mast

I am the spokeswoman for a village which has been chosen for the erection of a T-Mobile mast. We successfully stopped them at a council meeting on the grounds that the mast was to be erected on a pavement which would mean people with prams or wheelchairs would have to go onto the road (a very busy main road) in order to get past it, the opposite pavement is too narrow to take wheeled carraiges, also the danger to the children and residents of the immediate area. They have now taken their appeal to the Scottish Office. Can anyone give me any information as to fighting against this, we have already written letters to the Scottish Office against the appeal, or can put me in contact with a lawyer who deals in such cases. Thanks.


Arbeitslosengeld II - Union lässt den Osten hängen, SPD tut dies seit über einem Jahr

15. August 2005

Zu den Aussagen der Kanzlerkandidatin, wonach die Union das Arbeitslosengeld II Ost nicht an West angleichen, sondern eine Regionalisierung will, erklärt Bundeswahlkampfleiter Bodo Ramelow:

Die Union hat keine Ahnung vom Osten, keine Achtung vor den Biographien der Ostdeutschen und kein Angebot für die Zukunft Ostdeutschlands. Schlimm genug, dass man im 15. Jahr der deutschen Einheit überhaupt über eine solche Ungleichheit diskutieren muss, dass die Union dies aber verweigern will oder über die so genannte Regionalisierung sogar an einer Angleichung nach unten arbeitet, ist ein Offenbarungseid. Die spätberufenen Kämpfer für die ALG-II-Angleichung von der SPD sollten dennoch aus ihrem Glashaus nicht zu große Steine in Richtung Union werfen. Die Schuld daran, dass es jetzt die ganze Angleichungsdebatte überhaupt gibt, trägt die SPD. Keiner von denjenigen, die sich jetzt für eine Angleichung in die Brust werfen, hat vor dem oder beim Gesetzesbeschluss über die ungleiche ALG-II-Höhe Bedenken gehabt. Im Übrigen wird mit einer Angleichung das schlechte und falsche Hartz-IV-Gesetz nicht wirklich besser. Alle Gutachten der Sozialverbände haben belegt, dass das ALG II auch mit 345 Euro zu niedrig ist, um Bedarfssicherung gewährleisten zu können. Deshalb bleibt die Linkspartei bei ihrer Forderung nach einer Erhöhung auf 420 Euro und einer völligen Umgestaltung der Förderung der Arbeitslosen.



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