Bevor es den Menschen gab, war die Erde (Natur) in einem perfekten Gleichgewicht


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Bolton The Albatross

by Wayne White, TomPaine.com

The high hurdles facing the United Nations, especially in the Middle East, should make Bush rue this recess appointment.


Republican Wilding

by Robert L. Borosage, TomPaine.com

Last week, the president and his party celebrated a fury of apparent victories, plundering America's treasure in the process.


High Court Nominee Roberts a Millionaire

John Roberts is a multimillion-dollar man, with a fancy golf club membership and some hefty investments, according to a financial statement filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee.


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Shaping politics from the pulpits

Ohio race shows how Christian right is changing the GOP.

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After 10-Year Hiatus, Pentagon Eyes New Landmine

The George W. Bush administration may soon resume production of antipersonnel land mines in a move that is at odds with both the international community and previous U.S. policy on the weapons, says a leading human rights organization.


Old enemies' wargames send a powerful message to the US

Russia and China hope to sign a massive arms deal after staging joint exercises for the first time.


''The 'Great Game' Heats Up in Central Asia'':

The "Joint Statement of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation Regarding the International Order of the 21st Century," signed by Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 2, addresses U.S. hegemony in several less-than-oblique passages.


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Preempting Cheney

Whatever plans Dick Cheney and his neo-conservatives may have had to conjure up a nuclear threat from Iran as "justification" for military action have been sharply undercut by some timely leaks to the Washington Post.


Fisking the "War on Terror"

Once upon a time, a dangerous radical gained control of the US Republican Party. The American Right, having created the Mujahideen and having mightily contributed to the creation of al-Qaeda, abruptly announced that there was something deeply wrong with Islam, that it kept producing terrorists.


Uncurious George

Despite what is unfolding before us, the majority of this country's honest, freedom-loving people seem ever less interested in knowing, and ever more inclined toward believing that what we're being shown and what we're being told and what is being carried out in our name, is truth.


Australia: Hysteria, racism behind new terror laws

After a hysterical campaign led by the Murdoch press and radio shock-jocks, Attorney-General Philip Rudduck has floated the possibility of new laws to ban books “promoting” or “justifying” terrorism.


PM avoids Iraq risk issue: Rudd:

PRIME Minister John Howard was denying Australia's involvement in Iraq had increased the risk of a terror attack at home because it would be politically uncomfortable for him to say otherwise, the Opposition said today.


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Even when we leave Iraq, we face years of blowback

Escalating violence and the rise of theocratic rule bode ill in Baghdad.

As Americans and Iraqi's Die In Bush's War


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Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs

By Josh White

It was inside a sleeping bag that the 56-year-old detainee took his last breath through broken ribs, lying on the floor beneath a U.S. soldier in Interrogation Room 6 in the western Iraqi desert. Two days before, a secret CIA-sponsored group of Iraqi paramilitaries, working with Army interrogators, had beaten Mowhoush nearly senseless, using fists, a club and a rubber hose, according to classified documents.


Revisiting Hiroshima

By Noam Chomsky

Robert McNamara, Kennedy’s defence secretary, endorses the judgment of William Perry, President Bill Clinton’s defence secretary, that "there is a greater than 50 per cent probability of a nuclear strike on US targets within a decade."


Indications of a large number of earthquake pressures building

August 2, 2005
By Stan Deyo Home

This RED ALERT is the first of its kind I've ever made in the 9 years of studying seismic event indicators. It is so huge that I almost can't believe my eyes. The importance and severity of this has impressed me more significantly than when I predicted and warned about the coming December 26, 2004 Indonesian events beginning December 22. For the last 6 days, I've seen indications of a large number of earthquake pressures building across a 2,000-mile long arc in the North Pacific. At first, I thought these indications were a result of large storms in the North Pacific and so, I disregarded them. Until this afternoon when a listener (thanks Dan) heard my radio broadcast and emailed information to me, I wasn't able to explain the cause of this discovery. Below you will see white arrow pointing at this arc of signals that have appeared over the last 6 days. They are heading straight into Mendocino, CA to the area where 3 tectonic plates meet. Notice on today's image and for 5 days before the clear definition of this phenomenon. It is occurring all along what is called the Mendocino Fault Zone or Ridge. This is a place where the sea floor rises up to within 1,203 yards of the sea surface at 168 miles West of Mendocino, CA. It's been the subject of a great many technical papers in the world of geology and seismicity.

Today, news came to us of the collapse of the resurgent dome at Mt. St. Helens. There have been a number of small earthquakes in the range of 3.0 over the last 2 weeks at Mt. St. Helens. Scientists monitoring this claim to be a loss to explain the cause.

Depending on how large and how many seismic event release along the Mendocino Ridge in the near future, where it connects to California could trigger releases not only to the San Andreas Fault, but also the Juan De Fuca Plate. The Juan de Fuca Plate is the only major zone on the great Ring of Fire around the Pacific that hasn't had a major seismic event in the last 50 years. I don't need to fully explain the implications of such an event. When this occurs, it will be one of the greatest catastrophes in America history.

HOWEVER, since I have never seen an event of this size in the making, I don't know if it will back off and come back again several times before releasing. All I am sure of is that, it's a unique event in my 9 years of these seismic indicators. At the very least you should be sure your emergency stock of food, water and medicines are what they should be for such an event. We will continue to monitor this situation and are already beginning to make radio broadcasts about this event. It has the potential to produce enormous tidal waves throughout the Pacific Basic.

Stan's analysis shows areas of possible earthquake or volcanic activity, or extreme storm conditions for the next 1 to 5 days.



Posted By: Geneticus Date: Monday, 1 August 2005, 6:50 p.m.

If you go the Princeton egg index page, you will see the button is fading in through green, right through yellow, past orange, hitting dark red, and even triggering an occasional bright red. That is major coincidence people. Something is up, the random number generators are not producing random numbers. The button color means that the mass consciousness of the people on the Earth is about to be directed into the same general thought pattern. We are all about to be thinking about the same thing. And it is most likely a man-made event, something akin to a Shuttle disaster or terrorist event.

Be sure to use "Firefox" as the browser when you navigate to the Princeton Egg index page (link below).


Unfortunately, you must now use the Firefox browser to see the EGG data and if this was my own computer, I would definitely use it. Looks like a good browser, better than IE because of IE's security holes. Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the EGG Project out of Princeton University, these things went crazy a few days before, during and for days after the 9/11 disaster.

Here is detailed info on the EGG project: http://noosphere.princeton.edu/

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Umweltschützer kämpfen um Urwaldschutz in Indonesien

Urwaldschutz­gesetz gefordert: Umweltschützer kämpfen um Urwaldschutz in Indonesien (03.08.05)

Das indonesische Forstministerium überprüft zur Zeit, ob bei der Vergabe von Konzessio­nen zur Umwandlung von Regenwald in Plantagen auf Sumatra Gesetze zum Schutz des Waldes missachtet worden sind. Die Umweltschutzorganisation "Robin Wood" unterstützt die Forderung indonesischer Umweltorganisationen nach einem Moratorium für den Kahlschlag und fordert den deut­schen Handel auf, auf Holzprodukte aus Indonesien zu verzichten, bis dort dem Raubbau am Regenwald Einhalt geboten worden ist. Außerdem hält Robin Wood es für dringend erfor­derlich, dass nach den Neuwahlen in Deutschland rasch das geplante Urwaldschutz­gesetz verabschiedet wird.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Geheime Haftzentren weltweit: Guantánamo laut amnesty international "nur die Spitze eines Eisbergs"


Guantánamo ist nach Ansicht von amnesty international (ai) "nur die Spitze eines Eisbergs": "US-amerikanische Geheimdienste verschleppen Menschen in geheime Haftzentren auf der ganzen Welt, misshandeln und foltern sie", erklärte die Menschenrechtsorganisation am Mittwoch. Dabei bedienten sich die US-Dienste der Unterstützung anderer Länder, so ai anlässlich der Veröffentlichung eines Berichtes über zwei "Verschwundene". Die Menschenrechtler kritisierten, geheime Haft widerspreche internationalem Recht und erleichtere Folter.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Reviving 'The Radical Center'

As US President George W. Bush announced the unprecedented recess appointment of ultra-nationalist John Bolton as his next ambassador to the United Nations, a group of diplomatic heavyweights was preparing to launch a bipartisan coalition to promote a return to a more moderate and multilateral foreign policy.


Torture by Special Forces, CIA and Iraqi Allies Revealed

Pressure to produce intelligence for anti-terrorism efforts and the war in Iraq led US military interrogators to improvise and develop abusive measures, not just at Abu Ghraib but in detention centers elsewhere in Iraq, in Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Die Wiederentdeckung des Imperiums



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A call for a COLLEGE NOT COMBAT contingent in the Sept 24 protests in Washington D.C. and San Francisco

COUNTER-RECRUITMENT...COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU! Across the country a new movement has sprung up of students, parents, teachers and community members opposing military recruiters in their schools and neighborhoods. From students kicking recruiters off campus, from Seattle to the Bay Area to New Haven to New York; to parents and teachers' unions opposing the military targeting their children; to the growing unwillingness of young people to kill and die in an an unjust war, our message is simple:

Military recruiters out of our schools, U.S. troops out of Iraq!

On September 24, join us from D.C. to San Francisco to say: COLLEGE, NOT COMBAT!

SPONSORED BY: Brooklyn Parents for Peace, Campus Antiwar Network, College Not Combat, Coney Island Avenue Project, Educators to Stop the War, Left Hook, Louisiana Activist Network, Prospect-Lefferts Voices for Peace, Rochester Against War, Traprock Peace Center, United Federation of Teachers to Stop the War, Voices in the Wilderness and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Monterey Branch, Youth Leadership Support Network, Washington, D.C.

ENDORSED BY: ORGANIZATIONS: 100 Year March; ANSWER - New Hampshire; Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice; Bay Area United Against War; Bronx Greens; Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; Chapter 60 Veterans for Peace; Chapter 93 Veterans For Peace (Washtenaw County Michigan), Citizens for Legitimate Government; Coalition Against War & Injustice of Baton Rouge; DC Anti-War Network; International Socialist Organization; March for Justice; Mid-South Peace & Justice Center (Memphis); Middle East Children's Alliance; National Lawyers Guild - San Francisco/Bay Area; Oregon PeaceWorks, Peaceful Vocations; People Against the Draft; Political Action Committee for Peace and Justice at Pace University; Radio Free Eirean; San Juan Peace Net; Santa Cruz Peace Coalition; Suffolk Peace Network's Counter Military Recruiting Committee; Texans for Peace (Austin); Vets Speak Out NYC; INDIVIDUALS*: · Kevin and Monica Benderman - Kevin is a conscientious objector who refused re-deployment to Iraq and was sentenced to 15 months for missing movement; Natylie Baldwin, organizer and writer for Mt. Diablo Peace Center, associate editor for Newtopia Magazine; Amy Hagopian, parent and co-chair of Garfield High School PTSA that voted to ban recruiters from their school; Kathy Kelly, Voices in the Wilderness; Dennis Kyne, Gulf War veteran and activist; Michael Letwin, Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War; Former President, UAW Local 2325; Rania Masri, writer and researcher; Gloria Mattera, Green Party candidate for Brooklyn Borough President; Camilo Mejia, the first soldier to go public with his refusal to redeploy. He spent seven months in military confinement for his decision, and was released in mid-February, 2005; Sunny Miller and Charles Jenks, Executive Director and President of Advisory Boards, respectively, Traprock Peace Center; David Mitchell, Vietnam draft resister active in Rockland Coalition for Peace and Justice; Wafaa' Al-Natheema, writer, editor & translator; Victor Paredes, brother of war resister Pablo Paredes; Ward Reilly, Louisiana Activist Network and South East Contact for Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Veterans For Peace; Justino Rodriguez, Hadas Thier and Nick Bergreen of the City College 4 - who were arrested for opposing the military at their school; avid Rovics, singer/ songwriter; Cindy Sheehan, founding member of Gold Star Families for Peace; Norman Solomon, author of "War Made Easy"; Annie and Buddy Spell, activists; Carl Webb, war resister; Brian Willson, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Veterans For Peace; Katrina Yeaw, Michael Hoffman, and Pardis Esmaeili- the SFSU 3, who were targeted by their school administration for opposing recruiters; Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove, co-editors of "Voices of a People's History of the United States."

*Organizational affiliations for identification purposes only.
(ALL sponsors/endorsers welcome; email recruitersout@yahoo.com)

* For information on the MILITARY OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS buses from NYC to DC, contact: recruitersout@yahoo.comrecruitersout@yahoo.com

* For information on the PEACE TRAIN to D.C. from across the South, contact the Louisiana Activist Network: http://www.newdemocracyrising.com/

Rally time and location TBA. Contact recruitersout@yahoo.com for more info. Campus Antiwar Network http://www.campusantiwar.net College Not Combat http://www.collegenotcombat.org/

Informant: Ashley Smith

The New War Candidate: Major Paul Hackett for Congress

by Jack Random

There is something obscene about the media enchantment with the congressional candidacy of Marine Major Paul Hackett of Ohio, a man who opposed the war yet volunteered to serve in it. That the Democrats seem infatuated with such a candidate is a spectacle that taxes the equilibrium of all reasonable observers. Clearly, the minority party has learned nothing from the failed candidacies of Albert Gore and John Kerry....


Fascism Then and Now

by John Pilger

Impeccable gentlemen now invade defenseless countries in our name, destroying hospitals, shooting doctors, rounding up thousands and writing a number on their forehead or forearm, then imprisoning and torturing them. They speak of freedom and democracy, and our way of life and our values, and they deride those who reason why. They do not wear armbands and they do not strut. They are different from fascists. But their goals are not different: conquest, domination, the theft and control of vital resources....


Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism

If my email is any indication, a goodly number of folks wonder if they're living in America in 2003 or Germany in 1933.


Benito Mussolini: What is Fascism?

War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have courage to meet it.


Fascism Anyone?

"When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the American flag." - Huey Long


The New American Security State

by David Sugar

Fresh on the heels of the London Bombings overseas, our government, known otherwise for dismembering state involvement when used to protect citizens from corporate greed, has been quick to exploit these incidents to further usher in the new security state, which claims to protect citizens from a threat it wishes the public to imagine requires governmental solutions. Never mind that none of these new measures actually increase anyone's security, except the security of those in power from those they govern....


Color Coded Justice: John Roberts' Racial Hang-up

by Joshua Frank

First, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts Jr. lied about his membership with the far right-wing Federalist Society, and now file cabinets full of documents are being released which indicate Roberts' penchant for justice is color coded. He says he won't be an activist judge. But he's lying again. Right-wing activism is all Roberts knows. On Thursday, July 28, Senator Edward Kennedy alleged that Roberts has a “rather cramped view of the Voting Rights Act.” What an understatement....


“Operation Community Shield”: Chertoff’s Preemptive Crackdown

“Operation Community Shield”: Comrade Chertoff’s Preemptive Crackdown

by Mike Whitney

Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff is a busy man. In the last month alone he’s arrested more than 600 gang members. There’s only one problem. None of them has been charged with a crime. No matter. In Chertoff’s world that’s only a minor glitch. After all, Chertoff engineered the infamous round up of 1,100 Muslims following 9-11, tossing them all in the federal hoosegow and barring them from legal counsel. It was quite a coup, and probably helped the public feel more secure from the looming threat of domestic terror....


In Praise of Kevin Benderman

by Norman Solomon

Conscience is Not in the Chain of Command. "Before being sentenced to 15 months for refusing to return to Iraq with his Army unit, Sgt. Kevin Benderman told a military judge that he acted with his conscience, not out of a disregard for duty," the Associated Press reports. Benderman, a 40-year-old Army mechanic, "refused to go on a second combat tour in January, saying the destruction and misery he witnessed during the 2003 Iraq invasion had turned him against war." Three weeks ago, his wife Monica Benderman wrote: "He returned knowing that war is wrong, the most dehumanizing creation of humanity that exists. He saw war destroy civilians, innocent men, women and children. He saw war destroy homes, relationships and a country. He saw this not only in the country that was invaded, but he saw this happening to the invading country as well -- and he knew that the only way to save those soldiers was for people to no longer participate in war."....


Judge Roberts' Environmental Record Under Scrutiny


Save Petty's Island

Please sign, forward and crosspost as you see fit.

Please sign the petition to save Petty's Island.This island Btwn Nj
and PA) is home to many endangered animals/birds and plants. It is in danger of being developed.

"We, the undersigned citizens, hereby petition the NJ Governor, U.S. Senators, and Congresspersons to take action to preserve Petty's Island and its endangered American Bald Eagles and other threatened and endangered species. We urge them to call on the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to accept Citgo Corporation's offer to clean up Petty's Island and to grant a conservation easement as a free gift to the public so that the island will become permanent open space and stay home to the many animals/birds and plants that live there. We say NO to building on the island, as it would upset the natural environment found on Petty's Island by encroaching on the habitat of the wild."


Earth First! Philadelphia

Informant: defendersofatwa

Novak Recycles Gannon on 'Plame-Gate'

Right-wing columnist Robert Novak's new attack on former Ambassador Joseph Wilson - that he was "discarded a year ago by the Kerry presidential campaign" - recycled a disputed report from Talon News correspondent Jeff Gannon, who was unmasked earlier this year as a pro-Republican operative working under an assumed name.


None Dare Call It Stolen - the Election

While commentators, prompted by Republicans, claimed Bush won the 2004 election through the votes of a silent majority concerned with "family values," Mark Crispin Miller writes that when voters were asked to state, "in their own words the most important factor in their vote,"only 14 percent named "moral values."


A Non-Debate over India-US Nuclear Deal

Much has been written about the India-US "nuclear deal" struck during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Washington in July. But according to J. Sri Raman more alarming than the still vague details of the deal, however, is the shape the debate over it is acquiring in India.


Hiroshima Cover-Up Exposed

In the weeks following the atomic attacks on Japan almost 60 years ago, and then for decades afterward, the United States engaged in airtight suppression of all film shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombings. In addition, for many years, all but a handful of newspaper photographs were seized or prohibited.


Strategy for Homeland Defense and Support

This active, layered defense is global, seamlessly integrating US capabilities in the forward regions of the world, the global commons of space and cyberspace, in the geographic approaches to US territory, and within the United States. It is a defense in depth.


From Information Clearing House

Some Europeans Angered by Bush's Summer Surprise

The controversial John Bolton is now US President George Bush's right-hand man at the UN. Europe is stunned.


From Information Clearing House

John Bolton: Ugly Face on Ugly Policy

It’s macho, in your face, unilateral, we don’t give a damn, we’re doing it our way, and if you don’t like it, tough: That’s the style that got the United States into Iraq and into the torture scandal.


From Information Clearing House

US intelligence says Iran 10 yrs away from nuclear bomb

The report also expresses uncertainty about whether Iran's ruling clerics have made a decision to build a nuclear arsenal.


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Religous Hatred Fuels Attacks

Faith hate crimes have soared by 600% in London since the July 7 bombings.


From Information Clearing House

London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset?

Terrorism "Expert" John Loftus revealed that Haroon Rashid Aswat, the suspect wanted by British Police for "masterminding" the July 7th London bombings and July 21st attempted bombings is in fact an asset of MI6, the British Secret Service.


British and American intelligence services are said to be in hot dispute over the importance of Aswat. So let's see what we can figure out...


US terror hearings rigged, say prosecutors

The military commissions set up by the United States to try terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay are rigged, fraudulent and based on "half-assed" evidence, according to leaked e-mails.


From Information Clearing House

Howard, Beazley sell out on Australian law and courts

The Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kim Beazley are wrongly giving legitimacy to the US law and courts over the Australian rule of law, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.


Defence Force lawyer lashes Hicks court:

Australia's top Defence Force lawyer has lambasted the US military court David Hicks faces as "unobjective" and "wrong" following the release of sensational emails of US prosecutors which describe it as rigged.


Insiders confirm obvious: the Hicks fix is in:

Australia's Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, would do well to carefully read the leaked memos from the US prosecutors on the flawed military commission trial that will judge David Hicks.


From Information Clearing House

'I was in agony'

The Guardian

Benyam Mohammed travelled from London to Afghanistan in July 2001, but after September 11 he fled to Pakistan. He was arrested at Karachi airport on April 10 2002, and describes being flown by a US government plane to a prison in Morocco. These are extracts from his diary.


Napoleon's Lesson


The Treaty Wreckers


The Bolton Embarrassment


Bush, Bolton to Congress: Screw You!


Questions Linger as Bush Pushes India Nuclear Deal


British Detainee's Tale of US 'Torture by Proxy'


World Turning Its Back on Brand America


Bush Endorses Teaching 'Intelligent Design' Theory in Schools


Too Much of Nothing

It’s getting harder to hide the climate crisis. Obviously, this situation requires a global response. What seems less obvious, at least among the elites, is that this can’t be a business-as-usual response in which the climate crisis becomes just another excuse for strengthening the winds of neoliberalism.


CAFTA Battle Casts Doubt on Future Pacts

President Bush signed a free trade agreement with six Latin American countries on Tuesday, celebrating a victory in Congress so narrow and grueling that it cast doubt on the future of other trade-opening pacts the administration is negotiating.


Sunspot Region Rotates Into Dangerous Alignment

August 2nd 2005


Sunspot Region Rotates Into Dangerous Alignment

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

Yet another M-Class flare fired off this morning. More expected and with greater intensity. Sunspot region 786 and 788 have been re-named since they have rotated from the far side of the Sun. Now they are know as regions 792 and 794.

Sunspots: http://www.earthchangestv.net/images/sunspot_region8205.jpg

M-Class Flare: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/rt_plots/xray_5mBL.html

The AFL-CIO and the Iraq war

James Petras


The US labor confederation, the AFL-CIO, is in a deep crisis. Following a recent split, it lost over 3 million members, reducing it to a mere 9% of the labor force and 7% of the private sector.

The crisis of the AFL-CIO is the result of politics, including the politics of collaboration with employers and opposition to militant “grass-root” organizing. Over the past 50 years the AFL-CIO trade union bureaucrats have intervened against militant local unions, surrendered past gains to avoid struggles with employers, passively accepted corporate plant closings and relocations to low-wage areas, and refused to organize the tens of millions of low-wage workers in the retail and other service sectors.

The privileges in salaries and “benefits” of the top and middle level trade union bosses exceed, on average, $300,000, apart from multiple pensions, and corrupt management of billion dollar pension funds. The key to the internal rot in the AFL-CIO is its long-standing structural linkages to US imperialism, including its role in joint ventures with the CIA in overthrowing democratic regimes and training and financing pro-business “trade union officials”. The AFL-CIO has supported every major US imperial war, ( Korea , Vietnam , Afghanistan , Yugoslavia , and Iraq ); and every major US intervention ( Guatemala 1954, Chile 1973, Guyana 1955, Venezuela 2002, Iran 1955, Panama 1980 and Grenada 1983.

The AFL-CIO has undermined legitimate militant unions and paved the way for pro-US business regimes to come to power, thus facilitating the relocation of US multinationals from the US to low-paid, non-union US client countries

True to its tradition as an accomplice to US imperial wars, the AFL-CIO has supported the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and continues to hold billions of dollars in Israel bonds, despite the fact that less than 0.5% of its members are Jewish.

By July 2005, over half of the US population is questioning the US invasion and occupation of Iraq . Most of the major traditional religious organizations are opposed to the war. Over 25,000 US soldiers have been incapacitated by mental or physical injuries and 1800 US soldiers have been killed and over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the US war. The AFL-CIO in its recent “split” congress (July 25-28, 2005) characteristically refused to condemn the war and call for the immediate withdrawal of troops, despite the fact that many Americans are moving in that direction.

A close reading of the AFL-CIO resolution on the war in Iraq approved by its last convention reveals that it continues to echo the military agenda of Washington , despite claims by many US “leftists” and “progressives” that the resolution represents a victory for the anti-war movement.

The opening paragraph bluntly states its support for the US occupation army in Iraq … in all branches of the armed forces, which must include the “men” and “women” engaged in torturing Iraqis in Abu Ghraib… The statement goes on to call for greater armaments and stronger military leaders for the occupation.

What follows is the single sentence, which is cited by the “progressives” as their “victory”. The sentence reads: “Most importantly they (the US soldiers) deserve a commitment from our country’s leaders to bring them home rapidly.” This is a statement which is no different from what Bush, Blair or Rumsfeld have promised: to return our soldiers as rapidly “as security allows”, “as the Iraqis can defend their democracy”, and “as we train their soldiers to replace our servicemen and women.” In fact, the day the AFL-CIO passed its resolution, the Pentagon announced it hoped to reduce US troops guarding the 16,000 Iraqis held in concentrations camps as soon as next spring when the Iraqis presumable could be trusted as the mercenary jailers of their own compatriots. The AFL-CIO’s time schedule mirrors that of Bush/Rumsfeld; both are indefinite in time and place. The AFL-CIO’s reason for an eventual withdrawal have nothing to do with the ravages and destruction of a colonial war and everything to do with empire building – globally.

The follow-up sentence reads: “An unending military presence will waste lives and resources, undermine our nation’s security and weaken our military.” In other words, the US military faced with a prolonged war in Iraq cannot engage “insurgents” elsewhere!

The following paragraph mentions the 1,700 US dead and vaguely refers to Iraqi civilians “in the thousands” and then, the supreme cant and hypocrisy blames the insurgency (resistance), which “has focused its terror on the Iraqi people”. The massive US bombing of Fallujah, Baghdad, Samara and other cities; the wanton daily killing of hundreds of civilians – over 100,000 dead according to the medical journal, The Lancet, as of last year, is totally absent. The AFL-CIO blames the resistance for the crimes committed by “our leaders”. The AFL-CIO praises the election orchestrated by Washington under its colonial military occupation and run by its exile clients as an example of Iraq ’s democratic aspirations, forgetting to mention that over 80% of the Iraqi people want the US military out…yesterday! Once again the AFLCIO echoes the Bush-Rumsfeld line on the occupation, the elections, the resistance and the constitution.

Following the overwhelming majority of the US public, which recognizes that Bush lied in the lead-up to the war – the AFL-CIO fails to denounce the lies and multi-billion dollar theft of Iraqi assets which has taken place during the occupation. The best that the labor bosses can offer is support for a “call from members of Congress for the establishment of benchmarks (?) in the key areas of security, governance, reconstruction and internationalization.” Call for “benchmarks” (whatever that means) when there are a raft of detailed official reports on the pillage of reconstruction spending, the privatization and handover of billions of dollars of oilfields to US MNCs (“internationalization” according to the euphemisms of the AFL-CIO), and the transfer of prisoners to Guantanamo to be tortured indefinitely (a lovely “security benchmark”).

In paragraph six, the AFL-CIO explicitly defends a continued military occupation of Iraq – purportedly based on a “broad coalition of nations”. At a time when even US clients like Poland , Bulgaria , the Ukraine and most others are pulling out of Iraq , the AFL-CIO mindlessly parrots the John Kerry/Hilary Clinton parody of a multilateral colonial army, when the political basis for it has disappeared.

The military solution remains as the single most important reference point for the AFL-CIO: “Greater security on the ground remains an unmet precondition for such efforts (“building a democratic Iraq ”) to succeed.” “Greater security on the ground” means US soldiers, lots of them for a long time, because of “unmet preconditions”, a euphemism for massive sustained anti-imperialist resistance, which precludes the puppet regime from consolidating its rule.

The AFL-CIO resolution says nothing about socio-economic reform, job programs and channeling oil wealth into social welfare programs and real nation building – programs which would require the ousting of the US-backed elite. Instead they call for police state repressive solutions. “The AFL-CIO calls on the international community (sic) to help the Iraqi people build its capacity to maintain law and order through a concerted international effort to train Iraqi security and police forces”. More secret police, torturers, mercenaries, collaborators – the AFL-CIO is on familiar ground in Iraq as it was in orchestrating the aborted coup in Venezuela, the Chilean coup and other successful ventures in imperial “law and order”.

Perhaps the worst of the worst of the AFL-CIO apologia for the US imperial occupation is found in its discussion of the destruction of Iraq and the efforts at recostruction. The entire blame for the destruction of Iraq is placed on the Saddam Hussein regime, despite the fact that all testimony and date demonstrate that living standards, employment and health were better prior to the US invasion than now. It would, of course, be beyond the capacity of the AFL-CIO to note that it was the US enforced economic sanctions under their Democratic President Clinton that 500,000 Iraqi children died. And that “rehabilitation” has failed because of the wholesale pillage of Iraqi assets, including oil revenues, and US tax dollars by US military contractors, security agencies, military officers and a host of other rapacious officials. The resolution ends by appealing for trade union freedoms, such as payroll deductions for union dues, no doubt the least concern of militants facing trigger-happy US soldiers and their death squad “buddies” in the Iraqi special battalions. But payroll deductions for union dues are important for union bosses who do not fight for their members and have not secured their loyalty on the picket line. I am sure if the AFL-CIO trains Iraqi counterparts, the US occupation will eventually come around to allowing these “unionists” to clip 10% off the starvation salary of an Iraqi oil worker.


The Iraq War resolution approved at the AFL-CIO’s latest convention, apart from an ambiguous phrase thrown in to pacify a few dissidents, remained true to its history of supporting imperial wars and tyranny while continuing to lose members and loyalties in the US for its efforts.

July 27, 2005


Informant: David Silver

From ufpj-news

On the infallibility of ICNIRP



A Young Man's Death in Iraq


Where Do I Live: Is This Really Still America?


Old Mindsets, New Minds


'Ah! But It's Not Working?'


Anger at mast plan on housing estate

Aug 3 2005

By Paul Newham, Crewe Chronicle

ANGRY residents have set up their own protest group to fight plans for a 50ft phone mast in the middle of a housing estate in Crewe.

Orange PCS Ltd has applied for planning permission to put up the mast on land owned by Brookhouse Garage in Lewis Street.

But, with some homes just 40 metres away from the proposed site, residents have sent a clear message that they will not tolerate the eyesore.

Brian Roberts, 55, and his wife Sandra have launched the Lewis Street Action Group to protest against the plans.

Mr Roberts, a father-of-six who works as a construction manager, said: 'If you look at the application it is for a 50ft mast with three antennas and one microwave dish.

'We have to read between the lines and realise that, in an elevated spot like that, more and more equipment is bound to go on to that mast over time.

'You see these kinds of masts in farmers' fields and they seem to grow every time you drive past them.'

Mrs Roberts added residents are unhappy about the notification they received from the borough council.

She said: 'We live just 40 metres away from the mast but neighbours of ours just two or three doors down have received no letter.

'It is quite staggering considering we are talking about a six-storey high mast in the middle of tightly packed rows of terraced housing, that every resident has not received a letter.

'The swimming baths are approximately 200 metres from this mast. Do the children have to swim under an umbrella of microwaves?'

Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council's planning guidelines indicate all properties within 100 metres of such a development should be notified in writing.

Planning officer Alan Millington said: 'More than 85 letters were sent out to residents which covered all addresses within 100 metres.

'I have explained to residents that we are under pressure to process applications which is why we have formal consultation periods.

'But I have said I will receive letters right up to the date of the planning committee meeting.'

Formal consultation on the mast application ends on Friday, August 12, with the next meeting of the development control committee scheduled for Monday, August 22.

Orange is expelled

By Linda Piper

London News Shopper Bexley

A LONG-running battle over a phone mast on a primary school has finally been resolved.

Phone company Orange has been told it must decommission the mast next to classrooms at Bedonwell Infant and Junior Schools in Belvedere, within eight weeks of its new 3G mast becoming operational.

Bexley Council's planning control committee imposed the condition after handing the company permission for a new mast on the top of the telephone exchange in Erith Road, Belvedere, granted last week.

The company signed a lease with the school in 1995 to rent a piece of land for the mast, before the continuing controversy about the effects of phone masts first surfaced.

In return the school received £9,000 a year from Orange.

Once parents realised the uncertainty over health risks from phone masts, they launched a campaign to get the mast removed.

Several parents, including Debbie Collins from Belvedere, removed their children from the school, rather than expose them to possible health risks.

Parents and children also staged a protest march through Bexleyheath Broadway to the council offices.

They pressured Bexley Council and the company and in 2001 thought they had won when Orange said it was prepared to move the mast if it could find an alternative site.

The then council leader Councillor Mike Slaughter offered Bexley's help in identifying another site but all the efforts came to nothing.

The council and the company always maintained the strength of emissions from the mast was tiny and would not affect the children.

In recent years the school has refused the company access to the mast which would have enabled engineers to upgrade it preventing Orange from re-using the mast for its 3G services.

Because of the outcry from parents, the school had already told the company it was not prepared to renew the lease on the school site.

Now the company says its new mast on the roof of the exchange will provide its 3G coverage plus 40 per cent of the 2G coverage now coming from the Bedonwell mast.

Mrs Collins' daughter Rhiannon was just six when her mother took her away to teach her at home.

She would have been due to leave the school this summer.

Reacting to the news Mrs Collins said: "Fantastic. I cannot believe it.

"At last children will not have to sit next to emissions from the mast any longer."

She added "At the time we said Orange should have used one of the suggested alternative sites.

"These alternatives included the Erith exchange where it could have shared a mast.

"It obviously did not suit the company's purpose to do so.

"It is a shame Orange did not put the health of children first but it is good councillors finally took the chance to do something."

Calling for mast action

Reddich Hopper 03.08.05

A MATCHBOROUGH man is rallying support to fight one of an "epidemic" of mobile phone masts across Redditch.

Phil Henshaw, of Frankton Close, said he was lobbying as many neighbours as possible to oppose the proposed mast in Bart Leet Road.

"It's position would be a mere stone's throw away from Matchborough First School - I couldn't think of a worse location," he said.

"I'm sick of so-called experts telling us they're safe - nothing seems to have been proven yet about the health effects."

He added: "But they seem to be springing up everywhere - it's like an epidemic - nothing's being done to stop it."

The latest phase of mobile phone masts - so-called "third generation" masts - are being installed to accommodate improved technology, with the latest phones boasting videos and cameras.

Redditch Council's head of planning, John Staniland, said demand for mobile phones was also on the increase.

He said he sympathised with concerned residents, but added: "This is a national issue - Redditch residents aren't alone in their concerns.

"But phone masts are given the go-ahead if they comply with national standards - and if they do local government is powerless to intervene."

050803 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Teuflische Enge

Prekäre Arbeits-, Lebens- und Protestwelten im Postfordismus

Kluft zwischen Verfassungsanspruch und Wirklichkeit



Christine Kind 1.08.2005


Das Heft Nr. 31 der tina vom 27.07.2005 kann nachbestellt werden: Pressevertrieb Nord KG, Brieffach 540807, 22508 Hamburg, Tel.: 040/85369140, Fax.: 040/85369141 oder http://www.einzelheft.pvn.de

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten vom 30/.31.07.2005

Kluft zwischen Verfassungsanspruch und Wirklichkeit

Zum Thema: Gesundheitliche Schäden in der Nachbarschaft von T-Mobile Antennen

„Jeder hat das Recht auf körperliche Unversehrtheit.“ Grundgesetz, Artikel 2, Absatz 2

„Jeder Mensch hat das Recht auf Leben und körperliche Unversehrtheit.“ Verfassung des Freistaates Sachsen, Artikel 16, Absatz 1

Mancher DNN-Leser, der im letzten Jahr über die sechsköpfige Familie in Naußlitz gelesen hat, die ihre gesundheitlichen Probleme neben einer T-Mobile-Antenne darlegte, fragt sich sicher, was aus ihr geworden ist. Die Familie Kind hat ihr Haus kurz vor Weihnachten 2004 verlassen und mietet – hoffentlich nur vorübergehend – ein anderes. Ihre starken Beschwer- sind seitdem gewichen; die Kinder (das jüngste ist zweieinhalb Jahre alt) entwickeln sich wieder normal. Die Eltern klagen gegen die Installation der Mobilfunk-Basisstation auf dem etwa 40 m von ihrem Grundstück entfernten Dach eines Mietshauses. Das wird dauern... Welche Belastungen dies mit sich bringt, kann ein Außenstehender kaum ermessen. - So „außen stehend“ sind wir jedoch alle nicht, denn solche Antennen befinden sich überall. Die Symptome bei den Menschen sind freilich unterschiedlich. Die gesundheitlichen Schädigungen hat sich niemand ausgedacht, sondern sie haben die Menschen an sich erfahren. Es sind sogar Tiere und Pflanzen im Wohngebiet betroffen.

Wie viele andere Bürger unserer Siedlung haben auch wir (Entfernung unseres Hauses zur Antenne etwa 80 m) Widerspruch eingelegt, wobei die Stadt diesen schließlich an die Landesregierung weitergeleitet hat. In den Antwortschreiben mussten wir zur Kenntnis nehmen, dass das Vorhaben bauplanungs-, denkmalschutz- und immissionsschutzrechtlich zulässig sei, dass es insbesondere die Grenzwerte der zulässigen Strahlenbelastung einhalte und die durchgeführten Feldstärkemessungen der TU Dresden vom März 2004 in der maßgeblichen Umgebung bei 5 bis maximal 10 Prozent der zulässigen Belastung lägen. Allerdings wurden bei Kontrollmessungen im Januar und März d.J. die von der TU Dresden prognostizierten Höchstwerte bei voller Anlagenauslastung bereits erreicht. Trotzdem könne man von keiner Gesundheitsgefährdung ausgehen. Und für unsere Begriffe an Zynismus nicht zu überbieten ist folgender Satz: “Eine Klage hätte folglich auch dann keine Aussicht auf Erfolg, wenn ein Kläger (wie etwa Familie Kind) im Einzelfall beweist bzw. beweisen will, dass er gesundheitliche Beeinträchtigungen durch den Betrieb der Mobilfunkanlage erleidet.“ - Also abgeschmettert - kein Verständnis von staatlicher Seite!

Wer hier versucht zu helfen, sind Ärzte, die den plötzlich aufgetretenen massiven atypischen Symptomen ihrer Patienten, wie Durchschlafstörungen bis Schlaflosigkeit, Konzentrationsmängel am Tage, allgemeine Mattheit, hoher Blutdruck, Herzrhythmusstörungen, Schweißausbrüche, Zittern, Wortfindungsstörungen, Augenreizung, Tinnitus, schlechtes Blutbild u.a., nachgehen. Sie haben Initiativen eingeleitet; dem weiteren Ausbau des Mobilfunknetzes widersetzt sich z.B. der sog. Bamberger Appell vom 05.10.2004 mit weit über 100 Unterschriften dortiger Ärzte. Sie fordern die massive Reduzierung der bestehenden Grenzwerte, weiterhin der Sendeleistungen und Funkbelastungen. Die Menschen allgemein und unsere Jugend im Besonderen sollen umfassend aufgeklärt werden über die Gesundheitsrisiken elektromagnetischer Felder. Die schnurlosen Telefone sollen neu konzipiert werden, so dass ihre Strahlungsintensität reduziert und auf die tatsächliche Nutzungszeit begrenzt wird.

Vor einigen Tagen nahm eine engagierte Ärztin aus Bamberg Messungen in unserem Haus vor. Während bei BMW weltweit in ihren Büros, wo alle Beschäftigten mit schnurlosen Telefonen arbeiten, 100 µW/m² als Obergrenze gelten, wurden bei uns folgende Werte gemessen (Angaben in µW/m²): Wohnzimmer: 700, Schlafzimmer: 600, Flur: 1000, Bad und Dachboden: 5000.

Fazit: Es stehen sich zwei Hauptinteressengruppen diametral gegenüber: die Betroffenen mit ihren gesundheitlichen Problemen und die Betreiber der Mobilfunkanlagen, die für Milliarden UMTS-Lizenzen vom Staat gekauft haben, die nun in klingende Münze umgesetzt werden müssen. - Sollen wir uns mit diesem Status quo abfinden?

Familie Hums, 01159 Dresden[.1] [.1]

Warum UMTS biologisch als gefährlicher einzustufen ist



Dr. Claus Scheingraber 2-08-05

Sehr geehrter Herr Tittmann,

warum UMTS biologisch gefährlicher einzustufen ist, liegt nicht nur an höheren Feldstärken der Sender sondern höchstwahrscheinlich an der Breitbandigkeit der Übertragungstechnik. Während GSM-Netze eine Frequenzbandbreite von 200 kHz benützen, hat das zur Zeit installierte UMTS eine Frequenzbandbreite von 2 x 5 MHz.

Da auch unser Körper extrem breitbandig Informationen austauscht, wird unser Körper mit dieser Technik eben nicht in einem kleinen Frequenzbereich gestört sondern eben großflächig in einem breiten Frequenzbereich! Dies wird sich in einer Zunahme der Elektrosensibilität und in vermehrten gesundheitlichen Störungen äußern!

Besonders muss vor den zukünftigen WiMax-Netzen (WLAN-Netze mit Reichweiten bis 50 km) gewarnt werden, da auf Grund der großen Datenmengen eine Frequenzbandbreite bis zu 100 MHz angewendet werden wird! In München wird so ein Netz gerade aufgebaut.

In der Anlage finden Sie eine Stellungnahme der Französischen Agentur für Gesundheit in der Umwelt. Diese Stellungnahme weist einige gute Ansätze auf, leider werden die Französischen Bürger über die Gefährlichkeit der Mobilfunkstrahlung genauso mit falschen Aussagen abgespeist wie die Bürger in unserem Land.


Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Claus Scheingraber

The human cost of 24-hour news

Media Channel
by Bruce Taylor Seeman


It's opinion. It's conjecture. It's a tidbit from the newest poll or another alarming image -- delivered with rising drumbeats -- from the day's top story. It's today's 24-hour news. But as Americans bathe in constant reports from CNN or Fox, the Internet, satellite radio, newspapers and magazines, is there a price to pay for living in a world where the news never stops? Increasingly, analysts say, we are compelled not so much by legitimate thirst for information as by an addiction to technology and impulses that turn human attention to fear, sex and conflict. The result: Our minds get filled with static, distortion and exaggerated anxiety...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

From Belfast to Beirut

Tom Paine
by Rami G. Khouri


The Irish Republican Army (IRA) announced July 28, that it had ordered its forces to stop their violent resistance against Britain. This could have important implications for the quest for peace and stability throughout the Middle East, which in turn would help reduce the global terror problem. I've spent my whole life hearing 'Belfast to Beirut' used as a synonym for the senseless, destructive political violence that plagued both regions, and a symbol of our common inhumanity. So it's nice, for a change, to sit in Beirut and hear good news again from Belfast. It would be equally nice if all concerned in the West and the Middle East would muster the courage, humility and determination to apply some of the same principles of peace-making in Northern Ireland to the confrontations and conflicts in this region...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

America's "terrible thing"

Boston Globe
by James Carroll


In the United States of America, a terrible thing shapes our relationship to the world, but we do not admit it, not even on its unhappy anniversary. Sixty years ago this week, American B-29s named Enola Gay and Bock's Car dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. The men responsible insisted, in the face of shocking devastation, that the bombs were not so terrible...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Dishonorable discharge

by Karen Kwiatkowski


Our soldiers and Marines have seen the lowest grade Army Reservists punished handily for torture of uncharged detainees and prisoners, while ranking officers responsible for implementing and designing the administration's torture policy wink and nod. Just last week, they saw the Pentagon public affairs office recycle a very strangely worded 'quotation' from an 'anonymous Iraqi' in two completely unrelated news stories. While this amazes many Americans and defenders of our foreign policy say it must have been an innocent mistake, our soldiers and Marines know better. They are quite familiar with smoke and mirrors. Sgt Benderman is happy to explain why he is a conscientious objector. The reaction of the Army and the administration has been typical of their reaction to other examples of moral consistency. As in Caesar's time, they have been despised and persecuted...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The decline and fall of the GOP has begun

by Thomas L. Knapp


It's not often that you'll see Democrats celebrating an electoral defeat, but the champagne must be flowing at DNC headquarters tonight as the results in Ohio's 2nd US House District come in. The 2nd has historically been a solidly Republican district. Former US Representative Rob Portman, who left Congress to become the Bush administration's trade representative, polled 72% or more in each of his six races to represent the 2nd. In last year's presidential election, George W. Bush carried the district over John Kerry with 64% of the vote. And last night, in a special election to replace Portman, Democrat Paul Hackett came within 3% of winning -- despite his Republican opponent's 3-to-1 fundraising advantage and despite the Republican National Committee's desperate last-minute media buys. He carried four of the district's seven counties. The only thing that saved his opponent's derriere was overwhelming victory in her home county. So, how did Hackett come within 3% of turning a solidly red district blue?


The insurgency: Neighborhood watch


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Latest abuse excuse



Iraqi Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush was being stubborn with his American captors, and a series of intense beatings and creative interrogation tactics were not enough to break his will. On the morning of Nov. 26, 2003, a U.S. Army interrogator and a military guard grabbed a green sleeping bag, stuffed Mowhoush inside, wrapped him in an electrical cord, laid him on the floor and began to go to work. Again...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Collective Spiritual Force can turn Things around

I read this on a Native American website, a luxury these days!

"The world today is changing in ways no individual can grasp, as new and ancient technologies meet. Our times demand we be citizens of the Earth, healing the Earth/Ourselves. We were born to be here now. It is our souls' purpose to see past delusion and diversion and live truly, honestly, with love and compassion, without pain. The path toward healing, toward making our dreams realities, is within each of us. We must only awaken to the light."

Basically this is a world wide call for people to discover their spiritual consciousness and to work towards healing themselves and the Earth, this wonderful place Our Creator left in our care and which is being destroyed by greed and power.

The spiritually motivated people among the Native Americans firmly believe that a collective spiritual force can turn things around. It is said that the percentage need only be small by comparison to the population of the World because the power of spiritual harmony is so great when linked to that of others.

We all hear about telepathy but not all of us believe it is possible. We are all able to communicate this way, and do, but modern life leaves little time for the conscious realisation of it.

Spirituality is much the same, only on a higher level, and comes about when you try to live as Our Creator wishes, in harmony with every living thing. You tune into a world where you are just part of the whole, integrating with the whole, reacting with the whole, and working for the whole, for the betterment of all. It all starts with prayer and the desire to share rather than just take.

In our own small ways we are all helping towards trying to heal the Earth and to help others. We are part of the whole, probably without even realising that we are.

Leicester was also an example of many people being part of the whole. What I am saying here is that we can be a strong force working with others, if we chose to be.

I know some of you find the expression of my views to be slightly alien to the cultures of western society, but you have to remember that I can only be me, and part of me is Lakota Sioux. It was not the indigenous races that despoiled our world, it was the "civilised" nations.


Princeton EGG Index Goes RED! Something Big Coming?

In 2005 ExxonMobil produced more 32% more profits and 4.3% less oil


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Princeton EGG Index Goes RED! Something Big Coming?

Posted By: Geneticus
Date: Monday, 1 August 2005, 6:50 p.m.

If you go the Princeton egg index page, you will see the button is fading in through green, right through yellow, past orange, hitting dark red, and even triggering an occasional bright red. That is major coincidence people. Something is up, the random number generators are not producing random numbers. The button color means that the mass consciousness of the people on the Earth is about to be directed into the same general thought pattern. We are all about to be thinking about the same thing. And it is most likely a man-made event, something akin to a Shuttle disaster or terrorist event.

Be sure to use "Firefox" as the browser when you navigate to the Princeton Egg index page (link below).



Unfortunately, you must now use the Firefox browser to see the EGG data and if this was my own computer, I would definitely use it. Looks like a good browser, better than IE because of IE's security holes. Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the EGG Project out of Princeton University, these things went crazy a few days before, during and for days after the 9/11 disaster.

Here is detailed info on the EGG project: http://noosphere.princeton.edu/

The current reported results certainly bear watching...heads up, everyone.


"Sand im Getriebe der Stadt" - BI gegen Mobilfunk bleibt aktiv

Geretsried - Schlafstörungen, Ruhelosigkeit, Erschöpfung, Herz-Rhythmus-Störungen, Hörsturz, Hyperaktivität - und was hat das alles mit Mobilfunk zu tun? Nach Ansicht Elektrosensibler wie der Vorsitzenden der neu gegründeten Geretsrieder Bürgerinitiative, Gisela Breunig, und ihres Wolfratshauser Kollegen Dr. Hans Schmidt eine ganze Menge.

"Aus dem Stand 7,4 Prozent erreicht"

Obwohl das Mobilfunk-Volksbegehren bayernweit gescheitert ist - die Wolfratshauser BI wird sich demnächst damit befassen -, ist Breunig mit dem Geretsrieder Ergebnis zufrieden: "Aus dem Stand haben wir 7,4 Prozent erreicht. Die Stadt war, was Informationen angeht, vorher eigentlich völlig unbeleckt." Die Kooperation mit dem Rathaus war laut Breunig nicht optimal. "Es muss noch viel Aufklärungsarbeit geleistet werden", sagte sie kämpferisch. "Die BI wird Sand im Getriebe der Stadt und der Bürgermeisterin Irmer sein."

Dr. Schmidt, selbst "extrem elektrosensibel", kämpft unermüdlich gegen die Repräsentanten einer Industrie, "die nicht davor zurückschreckt, mobilfunkkritische Professoren immer wieder aus ihren Lehrstühlen und Universitätsinstituten zu mobben". Als promovierter Ingenieur referierte er über neue Ergebnisse der Forschung und motivierte die derzeit noch kleine Schar von Mitstreitern: "Es ist mobilfunktechnisch fünf nach zwölf, und unsere morbide Gesellschaft kann sich Aufschub, Augenwischerei und Schönfärberei nicht mehr leisten". Wenn am 18. August an der Dirrigl-Kreuzung in Wolfratshausen ein neuer UMTS-Sender installiert wird, sollten alle Mobilfunkgegner zur Stelle sein - auch oder gerade in der Ferienzeit. kl



Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Rentner kommen mit Merkel vom Regen in die Traufe

02. August 2005

Zu Überlegungen in der Union, nach den Wahlen die Renten zu kürzen und in der Perspektive nur noch eine Basisrente zu gewährleisten, erklären Gregor Gysi und Oskar Lafontaine:

Nachdem Rot-Grün den Rentnerinnen und Rentnern mehrere Nullrunden, den kompletten Beitrag zur Pflegeversicherung und die alleinige Finanzierung des Krankengeldes, das sie gar nicht bekommen, beschert hat, scheint die Union gewillt zu sein, noch eins draufzusetzen. Der Spielraum, den das verwaschene Merkel-Wahlprogramm in dieser Frage lässt, wird von immer mehr Unionspolitikern ausgefüllt: Die Äußerungen, die Renten zu kürzen oder gar auf eine reine Basisrente zusammenzustreichen, werden lauter. Merkels gegenteilige Beteuerungen auch im Hinblick auf eine Heraufsetzung des Renteneintrittsalters werden vor diesem Hintergrund immer unglaubwürdiger. Die geplante Mehrwertsteuererhöhung trifft die Älteren sowieso ohne irgendeinen Ausgleich. Für die Rentnerinnen und Rentner wird die Union zum größten Unsicherheitsfaktor. Sie drohen vom rot-grünen Regen in die schwarz-gelbe Traufe zu kommen. Weder Union noch SPD fällt zur Rente irgendetwas anderes ein, als sie permanent zu kürzen. Der Ruf nach privater Vorsorge klingt wie Hohn angesichts von Minijobs, Hartz IV, Billiglöhnen. Immer mehr Menschen haben längere Phasen, in denen sie nichts oder nur sehr wenig in die Rentenkassen einzahlen und schon gar nicht privat vorsorgen können. Eine Riester-Pflichtrente ist für die Betroffenen völlig absurd. Jede Rentennullrunde verschärft diese Situation weiter. Die Linkspartei will in einem längeren Prozess alle Erwerbstätigen und alle Einkommen in die Rentenversicherung einbeziehen und eine Mindestrente von 800 Euro einführen. Wer die Renten auch vor dem Hintergrund der demographischen Entwicklung langfristig sichern will, muss sie auf eine breitere Basis stellen und Altersarmut verhindern. Vor allem aber müssen die Rentnerinnen und Rentner endlich wieder den Stellenwert in der Gesellschaft bekommen, den sie verdienen: sie sind keine Kostgänger, sondern diejenigen, die mit ihrer Lebensleistung die Voraussetzungen für den heutigen Lebensstandard geschaffen haben.




Informant: Kaley Adams


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