Dr Mike Repacholi: Industry consultant and ex leader for WHO???

Info on Repacholi - WHO??

Please see enclosed further information sent by Dr Grahame Blackwell.

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Eileen O’Connor

I understand Repacholi, formerly of the World Health Organisation, has been generously giving info to the Jersey media (and to the Scrutiny Committee?).

I attach for your interest - and to pass on to said Committee if you wish - information relating to his antics during and since his time with the WHO, including clear info of industry money bankrolling his activities during that time and his 'adoption' by the industry since.

The email below was originally provided to a friend who was trying to persuade a local landowner that the WHO advice handed to them by the operator was NOT as independent as they claimed.

I hope you find it useful.



Have attached three more docs for your interest. They all relate to Mike Repacholi, who was head of EMF research at the WHO until last year - there was a massive public outcry against his clearly biased attitude in favour of the industry, and he eventually left (or was booted out).

These are all from Microwave News, probably the most reliable, and highly respected worldwide, publication on EMF issues.

[ Time To Stop the WHO Charade

Money Talks and the WHO Follows

It's Official: Mike Repacholi Is an Industry Consultant And He's Already in Hot Water
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/2930393/ ]

In MW News Repacholi you'll see that his friends in the industry have given him a nice little number following his exit from the WHO. On the last full page of this you'll find details of industry money going into the WHO EMF bandwagon, as detailed by the industry themselves.

The other two pull no punches about Repacholi's obvious fovouritism towards the industry. Louis Slesin of MW News (a great guy - he chaired sessions at a conf on Kids & Leukaemia I went to) has consistently pointed to industry money going into the WHO EMF farce and the massive bias of the WHO EMF project, under Repacholi, towards industry. You have to ask, if it's not all absolutely bang-on, why have the WHO not taken action against Slesin and why has Repacholi now left the WHO scene???



Exposed: Repacholi's latest funding source; Adami & Trichopoulos respond to Hardell's et al paper

Thanks to David Leloup, who pointed on Repacholi's Jersey funding source - Jersey Airtel, see below for the proof. Attached is one of several responses to the "Secret Ties" article.


Senator B.E. Shenton: Can I just go on one step from that? May I just thank Jersey Airtel for funding Michael Repacholi’s visit yesterday which was very interesting.

Mr. D. Watson (Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Airtel): It is a pleasure.


David Leloup's Blog: Téléphonie mobile: trafic d’influence à l’OMS?


Iris Atzmon.


Irish Health: Repacholi Strikes Again: Mobile masts safe, report says

When did he become a professor? The degrees are flying in the air there together with the money.

Iris Atzmon.

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I just spotted this!

The man is a danger........

Mobile masts safe, report says

[Posted: Fri 23/03/2007]

By Angela Long

There is no health risk to either children or adults from proximity to mobile phone base stations, according to a report done for the government.

The mobile phone masts have been controversial, especially the decision to place many of them on the roofs of garda stations around the country.

But the report by an expert group commissioned in 2005 says there is no evidence of any adverse health effects from these masts.

The report, Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, also says that mobile phones themselves are not a health hazard. There is no data to suggest that the radio frequencies emitted by phones can harm child health.

The report notes that the only time at which children could be at risk to Radiofrequency Fields (RF) exposure to their heads is very early, up to the age of two.

Power lines are another potential electromagnetic risk which have been cleared by the expert group. Studies of the exposure to electricity at Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), such as comes from power lines, have not shown any harmful effects, the report says. It says current evidence does not allow for a conclusive judgement, but there are no identified harmful effects.

It recommends, among other measures, that local authorities should avoid arbitrary policies regarding the siting of phone masts and similar structures.

The report concludes that the risk from cancer or related conditions has been ruled out, but that other effects from mobile phone use such as cognitive function and sleep quality need more research.

The report says the chance of any harm from the electromagnetic sources is, on present knowledge, very tiny. It contrasts this with a set of known risks, such as death by heart attack (one in four), death from a fall (one in 380), death from the flu (one in 5,000) and death as the result "of a plane falling on you" (one in 25 million).

It notes that the public fear of radiation from mobile phone masts is much greater than that from mobile phones themselves, yet this is not rational. The report also notes that there are hundreds of emissions from the broadcasts of radio and television in the air, of which people are unaware, and are unaffected.

The expert group was led by Professor Michael Repacholi, former co-ordinator of the Radiation and Environmental Health Unit at the World Health Organisation. Its report was presented to the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.


Cables 'safer' than mobile masts



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