Ceramide....connection to respiratory function....radiation generates....

Olle: Have you done any studies re "ceramide levels" after EMR exposure? A way to do this in your situation other than "ultraviolet light?" Since evidence exists that low levels of ionizing radiation act on cellular membranes to generate ceramide, a study could be done citing that information and making a comparison to results due to chronic, prolonged low levels of EMR in the same way inflammatory marker studies including white blood count changes as well as hypersegmented neutrophils can be reported. Even the "ultra violoet" is a part of the EMR spectrum, I am concerned that persons may not view results as being connected to many of the other EMR exposures. In other words, "ultra violet" is expected to produce changes because persons relate to sunburn and hear about melanoma, etc. due to too much sun exposure. Even in the case of ultra violet, if comparisons can be made when preparing the journal article between ionizing radiation and a new study
(possibly also citing prior studies) by citing the same results re "ionizing radiation," the issue of whether biological changes that occur re low levels of EMR are harmful, should be more difficult to challenge. Don't worry about responding ..... know you are away, busy or whatever until end of August. I will file this email in a folder with your name on it for later review. Indications from quick search are that Beta-amyloid generates ceramide. Since ceramide is related to "respiratory function," that might help explain why an older adult as in Bud's case, develops asthma late in life. As you know, "asthma" occurs very early in the case of infants and children who sleep close to electric meters, high voltage lines and most likely also cell towers. We know the young are more sensitive and amyloid appears to take a longer time to develop -- especially "Beta-amyloid" that is found in Alzheimers' patients. My letter went off to Wayne Hughes last week. You may recall the Parker Hughes Cancer Center is named after Wayne's son, Parker, who died from Leukemia. I have requested funding help for you. I made very specific requests for help to "inform the public" and also requested funding for you to work on papers and/or a book re grandsons' rare immune and guinea pigs. Take care - Joanne, JCMPelican@aol.com


Dear Joanne,

No ceramide studies so far, but the line of interest is something that ought to be pursued. Definitely.

Best regards Yours Olle

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm Sweden)


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