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I have just heard from a reliable source who attended the June 11-15 Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society at Cancun, Mexico that Michael Repacholi has reached his use-by-date and apparently is retiring at the end of this month to be replaced by an Emily Van Deventer. I can imagine that Van Deventer’s appointment diary will be full for some time with meetings with various industry flacks to keep her on track with Repacholian science.

Will this mark the end of an era for bad EMF science or just the continuation of the same paradigm under a new figurehead?

Don Maisch


Looking forward to that. Oddly enough I think I am going to miss the obnoxious git. I take great delight in informing people how he is an ex phone operator employee who takes an annual 150,000 dollar "bribe" from the phone operators to rubbish all the research proving the harmful health implications of this technology. It's a great "stick" to beat him and the WHO with! If a similar, like minded replacement is appointed we need to investigate their background. However, I assume the 150,000 dollar "expenses" payment will still be paid to MR's replacement.

John E.

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