War on terror in the U.S. scares off foreign tourists

The stakes involved are huge. Visitors from abroad accounted for about $93.5 billion in spending and economic activity in the United States in 2004, according to Commerce Department estimates. That's slightly larger than U.S. exports of automobiles, engines and parts...


From Information Clearing House

The $200 million disinformation campaign

Among those still interested in fiscal sanity, and that includes quite a few Republicans, I bring your attention to two tax cuts that should be repealed right now for the sound reason that they are perfectly nuts.


From Information Clearing House

Wag-the-Dog Protection

The campaign against Social Security is going so badly that longtime critics of President Bush, accustomed to seeing their efforts to point out flaws in administration initiatives brushed aside, are pinching themselves. But they shouldn't relax: if the past is any guide, the Bush administration will soon change the subject back to national security.

Thousands wrongly convicted each year

Report: Thousands wrongly convicted each year:

Thousands of suspects unable to afford lawyers are wrongly convicted each year because they are pressured to accept guilty pleas or have incompetent attorneys, the American Bar Association says in a report.


From Information Clearing House

Collapse of the American Empire

The neocons in power in Washington these days, those who were delighted to talk about America as the sole empire in the world following the Soviet disintegration, will of course refuse to believe in any such collapse, just as they ignore the realities of the imperial war in Iraq...


From Information Clearing House

Bush Not Welcome In Europe

In Pictures: Bush Not Welcome In Europe:

Putin Says Russia Will Pursue Democracy on Its Own

President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia would pursue democratic change on its own and would not allow the issue to be used by other countries for their foreign policy goals.


From Information Clearing House

EU chief dampens mood of entente with Bush

The EU's foreign policy chief cast public doubt on the health of the transatlantic partnership yesterday, puncturing the euphoric claims by European and American officials that President George W Bush had opened a new era in relations.


From Information Clearing House

Straw places suspicion on Syria

The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, went further than any other senior international statesman yesterday when he pointed the finger of blame at Syria for the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri.


From Information Clearing House

Bush doesn't understand what is happening in the world

Bush doesn't understand what is happening in the world he so arrogantly believes he owns. The European trip he's on now is a barely concealed attempt to strong-arm support for his upcoming invasion of Iran.

Doomed to fail

by Scott Ritter

"Freedom is on the march," Mr. Bush has said. Unfortunately for the United States, North Korea and Iran don't see it that way. And if America keeps marching, it could very well be in the direction of a nuclear apocalypse.

Big Oil Steps Aside in Battle over Arctic


Who is responsible?

I am already gone and many others but some people still don't know.

Result, when I was in the industrial building I suffered 24 hours a day but now I hate going out because the street is hell and in all the civilized places.

When you are tired, you shift because the + you stay the + you get options. For a G (gadget, it's 15 years) for the mast especially DEC >> 1 month.

The people that stay now are old and the doctors say "you are old" >>> cancers, cataract, heart attacks, many falls (3 falls for me in 6 months), ear problems, permanent depression, silly ways...

Also I was fed up to get static shocks, and when we had the 3 operators there was a smell of burning in the building, there were permanent vibrations, I had very special sensations in the bath...

I know that it happens in many places.

Who is responsible? The operators? The town hall? When you leave the owner (of the private building) is not responsible?

I don't speak German but in Spain and UK I 've not read about justice actions ?

It's already hard with the French doctors and authorities because they don't want to write and say the name of my pathologies. >> electromagnetic stress, EHS... I've translated texts and sometimes bring texts of WHO for example but it's useless...

I've been recognized disabled for my job, but it doesn't help.

The EHS people make V E R Y B I G efforts not to suffer too much but all the people around don't realize and don't want to think "can I allow to irradiate my body and the people living near the masts and near the cell phones ?" So we spend our time in our refuge (golden or not). For the moment I am not in the woods but I know people who are away with their car.

Sylvie (France)

Mainz wird seins

US-Präsident George W. Bush kommt am Mittwoch in die rheinland-pfälzische Landeshauptstadt, die zu einer Festung ausgebaut wird. Bushs Gegner hält das nicht ab...


Not welcome, Mr. Bush!

Ohio's election numbers don't add up


Iran readies for feared attack by U.S.

with comments by O'Cat

Are U.S. forces executing Iraqi prisoners?

by Martin Burlinson, Unknown News

Say No to the REAL ID Act

Rep. James R. Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has revived a PATRIOT-like bill called "The REAL ID Act" that expands the government's ability to keep medical records, including about who has and has not received vaccines, label people terrorists, creates a massive, and linked federal database out of state Driver's License databases. It will allow the federal government to restrict a person from using air, bus and train transportation if they do not receive federally mandated vaccines by claiming that they are health hazards to the public.

The bill passed easily in the House and a sneaky rider was added to make its passage in the Senate easier. It's critical to mobilize now to stop the REAL ID from coming to the Senate floor. As the PATRIOT Act proved, once Congress approves an expansion of federal policing powers, it's extremely difficult to roll them back.

This ACLU website opposition to this bill does not mention the medical implications or theft identity but it is the only site I know that makes it easy to oppose this bill:

Urge your Senators to oppose the REAL ID Act of 2005.

You can take action on this alert via the web at:

Informant: V

The Major Press Is Under Attack



Brian Kelly at nybri2@yahoo.com

Member, DailyKos.com

Feb.17, 2005 -Internet researchers have uncovered new evidence that contradicts the Bush Administration's claims about James Guckert, a Republican activist allegedly involved in criminal activities and linked to an incident involving a major breach of national security. Guckert, operating as "Jeff Gannon," was granted daily access to White House press briefings for more than two years as a "reporter" for Talon News.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan stated that Guckert was granted access in part because he was affiliated with a news organization that "publishes regularly." But yesterday, bloggers discovered video footage suggesting this standard was not applied to Guckert. Video footage of a Feb. 28, 2003 White House press briefing shows Guckert, apparently unaffiliated with any news organization, asking former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer a question. It is unclear why Guckert was granted any pass at this time, since the Internet-based Talon News did not register its domain name until March 29, 2003. ... Read the rest at: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/2/18/0748/71841

© Virginia Metze

Psychological aspects of the 9/11/01 attack

Someone was circulating an interesting article about the psychological aspects of the 9/11/01 attack. I had never heard of the web site before. The article mentioned was http://911review.com/attack/psyop.html. The entire website,
http://911review.com/ is an analysis of the 9/11 attack. If you have time you may want to browse it. I don't feel competent to choose between competing arguments about certain aspects of the attacks, but it is always interesting to see what others think...

© Virginia Metze

Knocking on the Nuclear Door

by Lynda Hurst

Published on Sunday, February 20, 2005 by the Toronto Star also on Common Dreams web site

In 1992, in the warm glow of the Cold War's end, the United States stopped making and testing nuclear arms, halting its arsenal at 10,000 warheads and pledging to cut back further still.

Four years later, it was the first country to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban treaty. But though committed to it in principle — certainly in regard to other nations — the U.S. wanted to keep its options open and, in 1999, to universal dismay, refused to ratify the treaty.

What happened on 9/11 could mean America never will ratify — or not, at least, while President George W. Bush holds office and the Republicans hold Congress... read the rest at:
http://tinyurl.com/6ozxj or http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/0220-01.htm

© Virginia Metze

Support Bush's Billionaire Budget

"Billionaires for Bush" once again ask for your support! This satire you won't miss!

Support Bush's Billionaire Budget!

President Bush has proposed a delightful budget. We really couldn't have asked for a better valentine. In honor of Valentine's Week and its logical culmination on Our President's Day, we are encouraging Billionaires across the land to thank our president for his generous — dare we say romantic? — budget. Read our press release.

Billionaires Launch 'Make Social Security Neither' Champaign!

The Social Security fund is running a surplus, and will continue to do so for decades. Billionaires for Bush ask: where's our cut? Sure, ordinary Americans have been paying into the system all their working lives; but why should they collect the income that's been set aside for them while Wall Street brokerage firms get nothing? Who will defend fund managers from greedy retirees, orphans and disabled workers? George Bush will, and so will we. We toast the president's plan to move taxpayers' money from Main Street to Wall Street by privatizing Social Security. ... check out this great and funny satire site! http://billionairesforbush.com/index.php

© Virginia Metze

Aboard Air CIA

The agency ran a secret charter service, shuttling detainees to interrogation facilities worldwide. Was it legal? What's next? A NEWSWEEK investigation

by Michael Hirsh, Mark Hosenball and John Barry


Feb. 28 issue - Like many detainees with tales of abuse, Khaled el-Masri had a hard time getting people to believe him. Even his wife didn't know what to make of his abrupt, five-month disappearance last year. Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, says he was taken off a bus in Macedonia in south-central Europe while on holiday on Dec. 31, 2003, then whisked in handcuffs to a motel outside the capital city of Skopje. Three weeks later, on the evening of Jan. 23, 2004, he was brought blindfolded aboard a jet with engines noisily revving, according to his lawyer, Manfred Gnjidic. Masri says he climbed high stairs "like onto a regular passenger airplane" and was chained to clamps on the bare metal floor and wall of the jet. ... The rest of the article is at:

© Virginia Metze

Check your media lap dogs, Mr. President

This is one of the best of the editorials about the Gannon affair. Page explains why this is NOT just a tempest in a teapot, and discusses the seldom mentioned topic of Gannon's involvement in getting secret documents outing Valerie Plame...

Check your media lap dogs, Mr. President
by Clarence Page
February 20, 2005
Chicago Tribune

WASHINGTON -- If America's mainstream media really were as liberal as conservatives claim we are, we would be ballyhooing the fiasco of James D.Guckert, a.k.a. Jeff Gannon, with Page 1 banner headlines and hourly bulletins. ...

Liberal bloggers also uncovered links between Guckert and gay-oriented Web sites with such interesting names as Hotmilitarystud.com, Militaryescorts.com and Militaryescortsm4m.com, where he apparently advertised his escort services by describing himself as "military, muscular, masculine and discrete [sic]," according to Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post's media reporter.

But all that's a titillating sideshow compared to the charges that House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) has called to the attention of the special prosecutor investigating the leak of Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA operative to columnist Robert Novak. In 2003 Guckert wrote in Talon News that he had asked Plame's husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, about "an internal government memo prepared by U.S. intelligence personnel" that revealed his wife's CIA role.

Revealing a CIA agent's identity is a federal crime. A Time magazine reporter and a New York Times reporter face possible jail sentences for refusing to say who revealed Plame's CIA role to them in an apparent effort to discredit Wilson's criticism of the Bush administration's Iraq war policy. Is the prosecutor putting Guckert's feet to the fire too? If not, why not? ... Read all of this at: http://tinyurl.com/4txt5

© Virginia Metze


An interesting observation on a Republican web site

TTP Intelligence Bulletin

Dr. Jack Wheeler

Thursday, February 17, 2005

There’s a red-breasted rumor bird that’s been flying around Washington for a while now, but recently it’s been nesting in Capitol Hill. Talk to just about any Congressional Committee Chairman and they’ll tell what this bird has whispered in their ear.

“We all know that Dick Cheney has been the best Vice-President of modern times, perhaps in American history,” one told me. “And we know that he absolutely will not run for President in 2008. Further, he has an unfortunate history of heart trouble. So let’s just say none of us will be surprised if, sometime next year, he will step down from the Vice-Presidency due to his health.

“Should this happen, President Bush would need to appoint his replacement, just as Richard Nixon chose Gerald Ford to replace Spiro Agnew. It is quite clear to us whom the President would choose should he need to: Condoleezza Rice.” ... Read the rest at: http://www.tothepointnews.com/article.php?id=629&i= This is one of many free articles at the site. Intelligence bulletins are at

© Virginia Metze

Couple's big mast battle

Feb 21 2005

By Emma Pinch, Birmingham Post

A couple who claim they were forced out of their home because a phone mast damaged their health will take their battle to have it pulled down to court today.

Agnes Ingvarsdottir and Eirikur Petursson said they had spent an estimated £300,000 on their legal battle plus a new home and offices because of the 3G mast erected near their Worcestershire house about 18 months ago.

They said they had been plagued with headaches since it was put up and, even though they no longer own the property, they wanted the telecommunications company Hutchison to remove the mast.

They even made sure details of the mast were in the sale contract of their former home, a 200-year-old Grade II listed house near Worcester, so its new owners would not sue them on health grounds.

The case is due before Birmingham District Registry at the city's county court complex today. "We probably will lose because we no longer live next to the mast," said Agnes. "But we have continued with the court battle because we felt so strongly about it. If it makes us sick, what about everybody else?"

Agnes and Eirikur, aged 60 and 62 respectively, moved into the house in 1999 and ran their business designing and making air filtering systems from there.

The mast, which looks like a flagpole, went up on the roof of the Little Sauce Factory Pub during the first week of August 2003, two doors away from their house.

"Within a day of it going up we began to suffer the most awful headaches and nausea," said Agnes. "Our eyes were deep red and swollen in the morning."

The pair petitioned against planning permission for the mast being granted by Worcester City Council and collected 300 signatures from neighbours.

In desperation, the couple rented new business premises and last February they managed to remortgage the house to buy a dilapidated home that was standing empty in nearby Malvern.

When the couple eventually sold the property last August, it was for £50,000 less than the market value. This, they claimed, was because of the proximity of the mast. They have taken the telecommunications company that owns the mast - Hutchison 3G or 3 as the network is now known - to court under Government planning guidance for telecommunications equipment.

They said their aim was not to win compensation, but to have the mast taken down.

A spokeswoman for Hutchison 3G said the case was "unique" because it was going to court, but said she was unable to comment further because of the ongoing legal proceedings.

From Mast Network



11:00 - 21 February 2005

Campaigners are celebrating after planners rejected an application to put a mobile phone mast on community land in Totterdown. Mobile phone company Vodafone applied to the city council to install a mast close to the site of a proposed community building in Wells Road.

Councillors said the mast would jeopardise the project.

The company had previously put in an application for a mast in front of Victoria Park Baptist Church in the area - which was turned down - but won consent for another mast near to Victoria Park Infant and Junior School.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Mark Bailey (Windmill Hill) is delighted that the latest application was turned down.

Last month he called on mobile companies to accept their social responsibility about the siting of masts and to work with communities rather than against them.

He said: "While accepting the need for more masts if we are to take advantage of the new technologies, telephone companies must realise that communities are not going to stand by and allow these masts to be sited in sensitive locations.

"The last three planning applications for masts in Windmill Hill have been near to a school, in front of a church and adjacent to land earmarked for a new Community and Social Enterprise Centre.

"I do not understand why mobile companies choose sites that are obviously going to be controversial.

"The Totterdown and Neighbourhood Community Centre Group is working tremendously hard to secure funding for the new Community and Social Enterprise Centre.

"The group have had an outline bid for £500,000 accepted and are now in the process of attracting match funding. An architect has been appointed and a planning application is to be submitted next month.

"It is unacceptable that all of this hard work could have been undermined by this inconsiderate, ill-conceived mast application.

"I am thrilled that the planning department rejected the application on the grounds that it would 'predjudice the future development of the site'. There was no evidence that Vodafone had even considered other more appropriate sites for the mast prior to submitting this ill thought-out application.

"The residents of Windmill Hill took on the mobile phone giant and won.

"Common sense has prevailed, and I hope that this is the start of mobile phone companies working with communities rather than against them."

Vodafone said previously that 55 million handsets are in use in the UK and masts had to be located where people live, work and travel.

The company say that mobile phone masts are very low powered and that sharing masts with other providers only makes them larger and more visually intrusive.


From Mast Network

Library mast leading to fury

Disgruntled residents have vowed to oppose an application to build a mobile phone mast in their community.

Phone giant Vodafone wants to erect the 13.3 metre monopole on council-owned land next to the library in Ribbleton Avenue, Ribbleton, Preston.

Local people have drawn up petitions against the proposal and say a phone mast should not be put up in a residential area. The application was lodged with the city council on Wednesday February 2 and is expected to go before the planning committee on March 7. A total of 55 letters were sent out to residents and businesses – including a day nursery and district housing office within a 100-metre radius of the site.

Mum-of-two Julie Teeling, 36, of nearby Acer Grove, Ribbleton, said: "Why do they want to put a mobile phone mast in the middle of a deeply populated area? Why has it got to be so close to amenities children attend, like the library? "It's beyond comprehension. The health risks of mobile phone radiation exposure are not yet known. "I don't want to find out in 10 or 15 years time my children are suffering from illness. Most of the residents are very concerned. I'm urging everyone to write in letters of objection."

Neighbour Debbie Hunt, 38, said: "I have not had one person say to me they are in favour of it. Everyone uses mobile phones, but they think there's better places to put it than here.

"They are concerned about the children, vandalism and house prices. "My husband is furious. He thinks it will de-value the homes. Even though there's no proven health risk it's enough to frighten people away. He's asking will they compensate us?"

A spokesman for Vodafone said: "This is what we call a street-works. They are designed to be in communities. One of the things people aren't aware of is that these are very low powered devices. "They have to be in places where people live and work so that they can use their mobile phones there. "There are very stringent guidelines designed to protect the public. "They protect the public 24 hours a day whether they are one metre or 1,000 metres away from it. "We do understand people's concerns and take them seriously."

The closing date for representations is March 4.
e-mail: emilie.bradshaw@lep.co.uk
21 February 2005

From Mast Network

Shock Waves



12:00 - 21 February 2005

The mother of an eight-year-old girl recovering from leukaemia fears a mobile phone mast will be installed near her daughter's school.

Jessica Ireland spent six months in hospital after being diagnosed with leukaemia nearly two years ago.

She is now in remission, but her parents, Cathy and Nick, are continually fearful for her health.

Now they are worried she could be put in danger if a newly submitted phone mast plan goes ahead on Heavitree Road.

Telecommunications giant Vodafone wants to erect the antenna close to the maternity unit of the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Wonford, and St Margaret's School, where Jessica is a pupil.

The school has written to the phone company strongly objecting to the mast proposal.

And the Echo has launched a petition against the antenna, which urges Vodafone to seek an alternative site far from hospitals and schools. It has already attracted hundreds of signatures.

And now Jessica's parents have added their voices to the growing chorus of concern.

Mrs Ireland, 30, said: "We needed to find a school where there were small class sizes, and somewhere near the hospital, in case she needed to be taken there in an emergency.

"She had missed a year of school, so we had to find her a school which provided the care and support that she desperately needed."

The couple, who live at Pocombe Bridge, near Ide, can barely afford the £2,000-a-term school fees, but scrape the money together in the belief they are doing the best for their daughter.

Vodafone is currently consulting local residents and institutions prior to submitting a notice of intention to Exeter City Council's planning department.

Jessica was diagnosed with acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2003 and spent six months in hospital in Bristol and Exeter battling the disease.

Her mother, who runs Wheatley House Bed and Breakfast with husband Nick, said: "We are doing everything we can to protect her from possible causes of pollution. We have even got rid of our microwave.

"We don't know how she got the leukaemia.

"We have been told it was viral, and not genetic. She is now in remission and her oncology consultant is happy with her progress.

"She now goes for check-ups every six weeks.

"I know there is no concrete evidence that phone masts are bad for health, but I am dubious about it being in the city centre.

"I'm sure people at Vodafone would think differently if their children had suffered in the way Jessica has suffered."

Sign the online petition

From Mast Network



Besorgte Bürger rufen für den kommenden Freitag, den 25. 2. 2005, zu einer machtvollen Demonstration gegen die weiteren Ausbaupläne der Mobilfunkbetreiber auf.

Gerade wird in Peiting eine neue Sendeanalge der Firma Vodafone errichtet, wobei Bürgermeister Michael Asam sich darüber beklagt, dass die Marktgemeinde entgegen den Bestimmungen des Mobilfunkpakts nicht davon in Kenntnis gesetzt worden sei. Vodafone dagegen behauptet ein entsprechendes Schreiben sei der Marktgemeinde zugegangen.

Ebenfalls in Peiting, so wurde am Wochenende bekannt, soll auf dem Dach des Weilheimer Hofs, auf dem sich bereits eine Sendeanlage befindet, ein weiterer Sender der Firma E-Plus installiert werden. Auch ein von der Marktgemeinde favorisierter Standort am Kalvarienberg, der sich unmittelbar oberhalb der Bebauungslinie befinden würde, sorgt bei den dort wohnenden Bürgerinnen und Bürgern für erhebliche Unruhe.

Nachdem es in Peiting insgesamt schon sechs Sendeanlagen gibt, meinen die besorgten Bürgerinnen und Bürger, unterstützt unter anderem auch von der Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V., dass jetzt Schluss sein muss, mit dem ungezügelten Ausbau einer Technik, die alle Bewohner mehr und mehr zu Versuchskaninchen degradiert und massive gesundheitliche Auswirkungen befürchten lassen muss.

Aufruf zur Demonstration:

Peitinger Bürger wehrt Euch!


gegen weitere Mobilfunkantennen in Peiting

Wann? Am Freitag, den 25. 02. 2005 von 12 Uhr bis ca. 13 Uhr
Wo? Vor dem Weilheimer Hof ( = Pizzeria Venezia) Münchner Str. 1

----- Original Message -----
From: Schongauer Nachrichten
To: Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V.
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 2:25 PM
Subject: Artikel Demo

Stille Vorwürfe auf Transparenten

50 Bürger demonstrieren vor Anwesen Pfettrisch gegen Mobilfunk


Peiting - Seit Tagen bleibt bei Waltraud Pfettrisch die Haustür geschlossen. So auch gestern Mittag, als eine Gruppe von zirka 50 Leuten ihren Protest mit Transparenten und Plakaten vor dem Haus der Frau bekundet, die der Gemeinde Peiting überraschend eine zweite Mobilfunkantenne mitten im Ort beschert hat. "Ist Geld wichtiger als die Gesundheit, Frau Pfettrisch?" schreit es in großen Lettern von dem Transparent herunter, um das sich Anwohner, Eltern und Kinder an der Freistraße zum stillen Protest versammelt haben. Einen ruhigen Einsatz hat auch die Schongauer Polizei. Die ist zwar vor Ort, Ausfälliges oder Ausschreitungen bleiben aus _ derweil beschäftigt sich die Firma E-Plus mit dem "Weilheimer Hof" als möglichen Standort für eine weitere Mobilfunkantenne (siehe Artikel unten).

Die Peitinger Bürger artikulieren ihre Wut lieber im Stillen: "Die Antenne wurde ohne Wissen und Zustimmung direkt vor die Nase von drei Kindergärten, Grund- und Hauptschule gesetzt _ das geht doch nicht!", moniert Peter Zwerger-Müller, selbst Vater eines Kindes, das den Kindergarten am Gumpen besucht. Dieser liegt in der direkten Nachbarschaft zu den mittlerweile zwei Antennen auf dem Anwesen Pfettrisch. "Sonst wird der Kinderschutz doch auch so groß geschrieben." Ob mit der Demonstration etwas bewegt werden kann, weiß Peter Zwerger nicht. "Aber es ist einfach wichtig, Stellung zu beziehen."

So sehen es auch die Elternbeiräte von Kindergärten und Schulen, die sich mittlerweile zugeschaltet haben. Gemeinsam mit Mobilfunkgegnern aus der Nachbarschaft des Anwesens möchten sie retten, was noch zu retten ist. So auch Marlies Zwerger, die in der Nähe des Pfettrisch-Anwesens wohnt. "Meine Erwartung? Dass die Antenne gar nicht angeschlossen wird" - ein Vorhaben, das der Mobilfunkbetreiber Vodafone auf Mai datiert hat. Dass auch die zweite Mobilfunkantenne auf dem Anwesen Pfettrisch wie bereits vor fünf Jahren "in einer Nacht- und Nebelaktion" angeschlossen worden sei, bezeichnet sie als große "Sauerei".

Vereinzelte Buh-Rufe, die Rudolf Socher an Waldtraud Pfettrisch adressiert, gehen in der Menge unter. Von Wutausbruch kann nicht die Rede sein, vielmehr sind der Peitinger und seine Gattin, die auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite der Freistraße wohnen, inzwischen der Verzweiflung nahe. "Ich habe fast jeden Tag Kopfweh seit die erste Antenne vor fünf Jahren auf dem Dach aufgestellt wurde", schildert der Anwohner. Mit Schlafstörungen hat seine Frau Erna zu kämpfen. "Wenn ich dann aufwache, vibriert mein Körper, ich habe Herzrhythmusstörungen. Eine Woche Urlaub, fernab der Antenne, hätte Linderung gebracht, so Rudolf Socher.

Keine Lösung in Sicht

Und selbst wenn die Sochers von der Antenne wegziehen wollten: "Wir haben durch die zwei Antennen eine solche Wert-Minderung, dass wir unser Haus wahrscheinlich nie mehr verkaufen können", so Rudolf Socher. Eine Lösung für das Problem des Peitinger Ehepaares scheint sich derweil nicht abzuzeichnen: "Wir werden vor vollendete Tatsachen gestellt, und haben keine Lebensqualität mehr - wir sind völlig fertig."

Ihre Wut artikulieren sie im Stillen: Die Demonstranten, die vor dem Anwesen Pfettrisch gegen die zweite Mobilfunkantenne protestieren. Rudolf und Erna Socher: Kaum ein Tag vergeht, an dem die Nachbarn des betroffenen Grundstücks keine Kopfschmerzen oder Schlafstörungen haben. Fotos: bas "Ist Geld wichtiger als die Gesundheit?" fragen die Demonstranten auf einem Transparent.


Nachricht von der Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V.


Flugblätter und Infostände bei zweiter Demo

Widerstand am "Weilheimer Hof"


Peiting - Wer gedacht hatte, eine überschaubare Demonstration vor dem Pfettrisch-Anwesen sei alles, was die Peitinger zu bieten haben, der wird jetzt eines Besseren belehrt: Zu einem Infoabend am Montag waren mehr als 100 Bürger erschienen, für den kommenden Freitag ist bereits eine zweite Demonstration geplant - diesmal vor dem "Weilheimer Hof", wo eine weitere Mobilfunkantenne des Anbieters E-Plus installiert werden soll - der Betreiber steht derzeit in Verhandlungen mit dem Eigentümer (wir berichteten). Die Demonstration am Freitag wurde diesmal - nicht wie die Spontan-Veranstaltung in der vergangenen Woche - von langer Hand geplant.

Bei der Polizei ist die Demo für 250 Personen angemeldet - auch wenn die Veranstalter nicht wissen, wie viele sich mittags um 12 Uhr gegen eine Installation auf dem Dach des "Weilheimer Hofs" aussprechen werden. Klar ist: "Es werden immer mehr aktiv", so Sabine Kirchbichler. Sie ist eine von vielen. Gemeinsam mit anderen Peitingern, die den Antennen in Peiting den Kampf angesagt haben, engagiert sich die junge Mutter und möchte im Rahmen der Demonstration auch für Aufklärung sorgen.

So soll es am Freitag Infostände geben, an denen offene Fragen nach Möglichkeit beantwortet werden. Außerdem werden Unterschriften gesammelt und Flugblätter verteilt.

Einen Namen haben sich die engagierten Peitinger bislang nicht gegeben, denn: "Wir sind ja nicht gegen Mobilfunk im allgemeinen", unterstreicht Sabine Kirchbichler. Vielmehr vertrete man die Auffassung, dass Sendemasten "aus dem Ort raus müssen".

Ob dies überhaupt zu realisieren ist, zweifelt der Peitinger Mobifunkexperte Hans Schütz an. Selbst wenn das Modell des Umweltinstituts München sich verwirklichen lasse und die Betreiber sich mit der Gemeinde auf einen Standort außerhalb des Orts einigen könnten: "Ich bin trotzdem skeptisch, ob die Betreiber dann alle anderen Antennen im Ort aufgeben."


Speziell was den neu aufgerollten Mobilfunk-Fall "Weilheimer Hof" anbelangt, hat Hans Schütz die Hoffnung noch nicht aufgegeben, das Unheil von diesem Gebäude gegenüber der Aral-Tankstelle in Peiting abzuwenden. "Die Leute haben die Schnauze voll und die Nachbarschaft wird sehr viel Druck ausüben", gibt er die Stimmung wieder, die derzeit in Peiting vorherrscht.

Eine Petition, die der Stadtrat in Füssen bereits im Jahr 2003 abgesegnet hat, soll nun auch in Peiting auf den Tisch kommen und - sofern auch andere Kommunen das Konzept unterstützen - Abhilfe schaffen. Die Petition von Füssen, die auf den Vorschlag Hans Schütz auch im Peitinger Gemeinderat beschlossen werden soll, sieht zwei wesentliche Änderungen vor: Sie richtet sich an die Landes- und Bundesgesetzgebung, mit der Bitte, zum einen die deutschen Grenzwerte für Mobilfunkstrahlung zu reduzieren. Zum anderen soll eine allgemeine Genehmigungspflicht vom Mobilfunksendeanlagen unter Einbeziehung der Kommunen durchgesetzt werden. Am gestrigen Dienstagabend hat sich der Schongauer Stadtrat mit dem Schriftstück befasst, in der nächsten Gemeinderatssitzung in Peiting wird das Gremium sich mit der Petition beschäftigen. "Die Petition geht an den Bundestag und an den Landtag, je mehr Kommunen mitmachen, desto größer ist der politische Effekt", so Hans Schütz.




Eiskaltes Vorgehen statt Ehrlichkeit

Asam: Absolute Funkstille


Peiting - Unglückliche Umstände oder Kalkül - Fakt ist: Peitings Bürgermeister Michael Asam fühlt sich von der Firma Vodafone über`s Ohr gehauen. Denn: Als der Gemeindechef noch im Anschluss an den Infoabend im Gespräch mit den Mobilfunk-Vertretern nach einer Lösung außerhalb des Orts suchte, wussten die bereits vom unterschriebenen Vertrag für das Pfettrisch-Anwesen. "Die haben keinen Ton verlauten lassen", so Asam. Im Interview schildert der Bürgermeister, warum er weitere Gespräche mit dem Mobilfunkbetreiber Vodafone ablehnt.

Es gibt Leute, die glauben, sich hätten in Sachen Pfettrisch-Anwesen Informationen vorenthalten.

Michael Asam: Das ist Unsinn. Am 30. November hatten wir ja die Mobilfunkveranstaltung, bei der wir uns darauf verständigt haben, Standorte außerhalb des Orts anzubieten. Wenn ich also am 8. Dezember wirklich das Schreiben bekommen hätte, hätte ich doch keinen Grund gehabt, es zu vernichten. Wäre dieser Brief wirklich bei mir eingetroffen, wäre er von mir so beantwortet worden, wie wir es jetzt gemacht haben, nachdem sich der Gemeinderat auf einen Mobilfunkstandort außerhalb der Gemeinde geeinigt hatte. Wir haben diesen Punkt gleich in der ersten Sitzung im neuen Jahr behandelt, und zwar aufgrund des Schreibens von Vodafone.

Sehen Sie Versäumnisse seitens der Gemeinde?

Michael Asam: Es gibt einige Anzeichen für mich, dass das Unternehmen Vodafone nicht ehrlich mit uns umgeht. Aufgrund des von Herrn Andersch erwähnten Schreibens der Firma Vodafone, in dem ein Suchkreis im Bereich der Ortsmitte angefügt war, wollten wir einen "Runden Tisch" einberufen. Doch alle Mobilfunkbetreiber hatten kein Interesse, weil Herr Schütz daran hätte teilnehmen sollen. Nachdem sich das zerschlagen hatte, habe ich von den Betreibern überhaupt nichts mehr gehört und auch die Herren von Vodafone haben sich nicht mehr gemeldet. Wir haben alles versucht und haben dann Ende November die Info-Veranstaltung organisiert. In der Zwischenzeit waren in der Gemeinde ja auch schon Unterschriftenaktionen gegen Mobilfunk gelaufen.

Hatten Sie gedacht, es käme auf der Infoveranstaltung zu einem Einvernehmen?

Asam: Ich habe den Mobilfunkbetreibern am 19. Oktober mitgeteilt, dass eine Infoveranstaltung mit einem Referenten des Umweltinstituts München stattfindet. Damals hatten die schon lange den Vertrag für das Pfettrisch-Anwesen unterschrieben in der Schublade liegen und haben keinen Ton gesagt. Die haben eiskalt abgewartet und gedacht: Irgendwie können wir im Nachhinein schon beweisen, dass die Gemeinde in Kontakt mit uns war und wir damit den Mobilfunkpakt eingehalten haben.

Kamen Sie auf der Veranstaltung denn persönlich in Kontakt mit den Betroffenen?

Asam: An dem Infoabend saßen ein Herr von T-Mobile und ein Herr von Vodafone im Publikum. Im Anschluss an die Veranstaltung habe ich mit diesen Herren und dem Vertreter von E-Plus auf dem Podium gesprochen. Im dem Gespräch ging es darum, dass die Mobilfunkbetreiber den Kalvarienberg als möglichen Standort für einen gemeinsamen Masten prüfen sollten. Mit keinem Ton hat der Vodafone-Vertreter an diesem Abend den Vertrag erwähnt, der schon lange unter Dach und Fach war.

Kommen Sie sich veräppelt vor?

Asam: Absolut, deshalb möchte ich auch mit diesen Herren eigentlich gar nicht mehr reden. Ich verstehe ja, dass die auch ihren Job machen müssen. Aber das kann man auch auf ehrliche Art und Weise. Es stimmt auch nicht, dass die Gemeinde sich nicht zu dem Thema geäußert hat. Wir haben ausdrücklich klargestellt, dass man gemeinsam mit den Vertretern einen Standort finden sollte, um Protestakte zu vermeiden. Jetzt ist genau das eingetreten, was wir nicht wollten: Wir haben Demonstrationen im Ort.

Was den angeblich ausstehenden Briefwechsel anbelangt: Glauben Sie da an einen "Unfall" auf dem Postweg oder an Kalkül?

Asam: Das ist schwierig, ich möchte dem Unternehmen Vodafone ja nichts unterstellen. Aber wenn es Absicht gewesen wäre, dann würden wir uns ja schon am Rande der Kriminalität bewegen. Ehrlich gesagt kann nach alledem allerdings schon der Verdacht aufkommen, dass das Schreiben gar nicht unbedingt bei mir hatte landen sollen.




Nachrichten von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Eines der vielen Beispiele, "wie ernst" es Betreiber mit der so oft als positiv zitierten sogenannten "Freiwilligen Vereinbarung" zwischen den Spitzenverbänden (Deutscher Städtetag, Deutscher Landkreistag, Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund sowie den Betreibern) es real mit dieser "Vereinbarung" meinen.....

In diese "Vereinbarung" haben die Netzbetreiber nur schön klingende Worthülsen ohne jede rechtliche Substanz gebracht und damit ausschließlich ihre Ziele durchgesetzt. Die angeblichen, ohnehin lediglich bescheidenen kommunalen Rechte, stellen maximal Augenwischerei dar, sie sind real eine Farce! Wir erleben dies über die vielen Negativbeispiele täglich infolge der diversen Berichterstattung.

Kommunalvertreter, die sich immer noch vertraulich auf diese Vereinbarung beziehen und darauf vertrauen, werden noch ihr blaues Wunder erleben.

Peiting ist leider kein Einzelfall - solche Fälle sind mittlerweile leider Tagesgeschäft, und wir können zig solcher ähnlich gelagerter Abläufe schildern - so gibt es immer mehr Bürgermeister, die aus Frust heraus Verhandlungen mit diesen Verantwortlichen ablehnen; die Umgangsformen werden immer mehr als verlogen und kontraproduktiv bezeichnet.

Alfred Tittmann

Keine weiteren Mobilfunkantennen nach Peiting

Anonyme Anrufe und wilde Beschimpfungen

"Gegen das Leiden wird nichts getan"

Trotz Vertrags-Abschluss prüft E-Plus Standort

Die Wellen in Peiting schlagen in Sachen Mobilfunk derzeit hoch


Permission for phone mast denied Permission for phone mast denied

A mobile telephone company has been thwarted in its efforts to put up a communications mast in Staffordshire.

Vodafone has been refused permission to erect the third generation (3G) mast on Liverpool Road in Kidsgrove.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council feared the structure would have a negative impact on the area. The town council also objected to the plans.

Vodafone says it has a duty to provide 3G coverage and will apply to put up the mast at the train station instead.

From Mast Network

Phone mast plan set for rejection

A telecommunications company looks set to be thwarted in its efforts to put up a phone mast in a Shropshire town.

Thirty-six people have written to complain about Three's plan to erect the mast inside a flagpole on top of the telephone exchange in Bridgnorth.

Planning officers have now recommended that the company's application should be rejected on the basis the flagpole could spoil views of the town.

A final decision is expected to be made later in the month.

From Mast Network

This could harm young, says mum

Feb 21 2005

By Rhodri Phillips, The Journal

A mother is fighting plans to extend a mobile-phone mast next to her home.

Sarah Harle, correct of Forest Hall Road, Forest Hall, North Tyneside, said last night that adding three antennae to the mast on the roof of the Ritz bingo hall in her street would create an eyesore.

The 34-year-old single mother-of-one also said she was worried about potential health hazards - particularly as there are three schools and a nursery within a few hundred metres of the site.

She has raised a petition of more than 400 people who object to the mast being extended.

A mast with three antennae was installed on the Ritz building in August 2003, but phone company T-mobile has applied to North Tyneside Council to add another three.

It says the design would "not adversely impact upon the quality of its surroundings" and is necessary to provide phone coverage in the Forest Hall Road area.

Ms Harle, a kitchen assistant and play worker, said: "The first point is that it is an eyesore. It looks ugly and if there are three extra antennae added, it will be uglier.

"The second point is it could be damaging to people's health. There are families with children living close to the mobile-phone mast." She said Forest Hall, Ivy Road and St Mary's Primary Schools, and Forest Hall Day Nursery were all within a few hundred metres of the mast.

Benton ward Conservative councillor John Goodfellow has taken on Ms Harle's cause and has written to the council to voice his concern.

In his letter he says: "The three proposed antennae are not going to blend in and will be an eyesore on the skyline, creating the illusion of a run-down, uncared-for area."

He also argues the masts are not suitable in a densely populated area and he draws attention to the potential impact on the environment and the health of those living nearby.

Coun Goodfellow said yesterday: "I have taken this cause on because there are so many people in my ward who are objecting.

"There is the possibility that a mobile-phone mast can have polluting effects and could damage your health. That hasn't been proved either way yet. If it is damaging, there is the issue of schools in the streets nearby.

"There is also the issue that it is not in keeping with the surrounding area. This is a nice area and we want to keep it that way. This mast would have a detrimental impact. The feeling is running high in the area."

A planning meeting to decide whether the mast can be extended will be held on February 25.

No-one from North Tyneside Council or T-Mobile was available for comment last night.

From Mast Network

Fury as planners OK mast

Date Published: Monday 21 February 2005

Parents are fuming after a controversial mast near a Winchester school was approved by planners on Monday.

Over a dozen parents attended the site-viewing sub-committee close to St Swithun's School, where mobile phone operator, O2, wants to place a 15-metre base station.

They heard the committee vote 5-3 for the mast, which will be erected on Alresford Road, less than 200 yards from school boarding houses.

Parents believe the committee's decision flies in the face of recent government advice through the Stewart Report, which urges a precautionary approach regarding the siting of masts near schools and that the beam of "greatest intensity" should not fall over their grounds.

The committee heard there were 85 letters of objection, including one from the school, on grounds which included possible health risks, that the company had not included enough information about emissions and there had not been enough consultation.

Baffled by the approval, some parents said they would be forced to consider whether to keep their children at the school because of the mast, which O2 says will increase its coverage in the city and allow such features as wireless internet access on handsets.

Emma Mitchell, from Chapel Lane, Easton, who has three daughters at St Swithun's Junior School, said: "I'm not going to let them come into senior school if the mast goes up."

Father of two pupils, Paul Clegg, of Littleton, added, said: "It's wrong. While the risks are not proven, I feel uncomfortable about my children being at a school where there's a mast. To put it within 200 yards seems to strike me as ignoring the Stewart report's findings."

Earlier, Mr Clegg had said that he believed the beam would go straight over four boarding houses.

But Robin Henderson, of Turner and Henderson, O2's agent, said the beam would go up Alresford Road and towards the motorway, although he conceded that low-level radiation would fall over school grounds.

Another committee member asked why the monopole could not be sited alongside another mast, erected in 1996. He was told that this would require the school's permission and would lead to a lattice-shaped mast, which would be more intrusive."

Frank Pearson, member for Swanmore and Newtown, said he was reluctant to support the plan but it would be difficult to justify a refusal. "The cumulative effect of this mast and the other is very low impact."

Chairman of governors, Prof Robert Grime, said he was "very disappointed" about the decision.

Meanwhile, stalwart mast campaigner, Karen Barratt, has written to the city council urging it to refuse any applications for phone masts near to schools until the Government has a clear policy.

From Mast Network

Demo am 8. März in Berlin - Frauen werden giftig


Präsidentenbesuch lähmt die gesamte Region


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Town Gives Brave New World an F


Informant: Cindy Sage

Schädigungen des Menschen durch Hochfrequenzsender sind seit Jahrzehnten "Stand des Wissens"



Anbei erhalten Sie in Form einer pdf-Datei den Vortrag von Dr. Ulrich Warnke, Fak 8.3 Biowissenschaften, Universität des Saarlandes,
den Herr Dr. Warnke anlässlich des 1. Bamberger Mobilfunk-Ärzte-Symposium am 29.01.2005 in der Otto-Friedrich Universität, Markushaus in Bamberg vor über 400 Teilnehmern gehalten hatte.


Schädigungen des Menschen durch Hochfrequenzsender sind seit Jahrzehnten "Stand des Wissens"

Teil I: Pathologischer Wirkungsmechanismus der Schädigung: induzierter nitrosativer/oxidativer Stress

[ Praxisrelevanz des nitrosativen Stresses
http://www.kpu-berlin.de/For_Neu_Kuklinski_3.html ]

Teil II: Physikalisch möglicher Mechanismus der Schädigung: NO-Radikal-Anregung und -Stabilisierung durch Kombination von DC-Feldern mit Radio- und Mikrowellen

Alfred Tittmann

Symposium in Bamberg: Ärzte und Wissenschaftler warnen vor Gesundheitsgefahren


Corporate Lies - the Gov and solcitor comment

SURELY this statement, and those like it, are actionable under the Trade Descriptions Act. It is, after all, a claim in respect of the product that these people are marketing - and it IS a lie. If you sell a washing powder and say it won't cause rashes - and it does - you are liable under the TDA. If you sell ANY product and make claims for that product which can be shown to be untrue then that's what the TDA is for - SURELY !?!

The fact that emissions nare below ICNIRP is totally immaterial to the FACT that these opearators are making claims in respect of their product which can be PROVED to be untrue. The irresponsibility of the Gov't in respect of not responding to that proof is a totally separate issue.

I can provide FIVE references to studies that show health effects from MASTS (in response to the query at the bottom of this email). I have not heard of ANY mast study that has FAILED to find health effects. TWO of those studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals, ONE was presented at an international conference (almost undoubtedly also peer-reviewed - all reputable conferences are), ONE was by a top independent research organisation (of international reputation) at the request of their country's govenrment, and ONE was by a group of doctors in response to an initiative by a government body.

Dr Grahame Blackwell

From Mast Network

Chinese growth cuts into Papua wood


Informant: Deane T. Rimerman

Codex Alimentarius — An Emerging Threat


Informant: DitziSis

Where Was The Press When This Was Going On?


Attacking Iran Would Bring Disaster, Not Freedom


Is Bush Triggering New Global Nuclear Arms Race?


A Switch to Covert Operations, Dirty Tricks?


Bush Weighed Religion, Behavior


C.I.A. Torture Flights: Will Negroponte Keep Them Flying?


Attac meets Bush

Stand: 20. Februar

lokal: Frankfurt 18. Februar

Die Initiative für ein Irak-Tribunal hat aus dem Irak eingeladen

Mohammad F. Awad, Leiter eines Flüchtlingslagers, in dem sehr viele Bürger aus Falludscha untergekommen sind und das mit dem IRK zusammenarbeitet. Mohammad J.Haded, Mitglied der Leitung des Krankenhauses in Falludscha. Eine Gelegenheit sich genauer über die Wirklichkeit der Besatzung im Irak zu informieren und nicht länger einem nur "eingebetten" Journalismus ausgeliefert zu sein.

22. Februar, 18.00 Uhr

"Not Welcome, Mr. Bush! - Für eine friedliche und soziale Welt!"

Auftaktkundgebung: 18 Uhr an der Hauptwache/Katharinenkirche

Demonstration zum amerikanischen Generalkonsulat (Bockenheimer Landstraße/Siesmayerstraße) (Bündnis)

21. Februar, 19:00 Uhr (Hörsaal HWP, Von Melle Park 9)
Mohammad F. Awad / Mohammand J. Hadded (Bündnis)

22. Februar, 17.30 Uhr
Demonstration "Not Welcome, Mr. Bush! - Für eine friedliche und soziale Welt!"
Auftakt: Ida-Ehre-Platz (Mönckebergstraße), Zwischenkundgebung Jungfernstieg/Neuer Jungfernstieg, Abschluss: ca. 19 Uhr US-Generalkonsulat (Bündnis)

22. Februar, 17:00 Uhr (Marktplatz)
Friedenskundgebung "No War, Mr. Bush - Die Kriegsgefolgschaft verweigern!" (Bündnis)

22. Februar, 18:00 Uhr
Beteiligung an den Protesten vor dem EUCOM (Stuttgart-Vaihingen): Wir pfeifen auf den Krieg!

22. Februar, 17:00 Uhr
Demonstration und Kundgebung "Wir pfeifen auf Bush", Start: 17 Uhr, Ratshaus, anschl. Demonstration durch die Innenstadt, Abschlusskundgebung wieder am Rathaus (Bündnis)

22. Februar, 16:00 - 18:30 Uhr
Infostand, Marktstraße

22. Februar, 17:30 Uhr
Demonstration (und möglicher Besuch der US-Airbase in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim), Auftakt: 17.30 Uhr, Luisenplatz, anschl. Demo durch die Innenstadt (Beteiligung in größerer Zahl)

21. Februar, 20:00 Uhr (Manufaktur Schorndorf)
Infoabend zum Bush-Besuch

22. Februar
Laute Mahnwache mit Musikinstrumenten und "Bushtrommeln", Markt, Konrad-Adenauerplatz / Hauptstr. – Bergisch Gladbach Zentrum

22. Februar, 17-18 Uhr
Mahnwache anlässlich des Bush-Besuches in Mainz (Bündnis)

22. Februar Mahnwachen und Infostände (gemeinsam mit lokalen Friedensgruppen)

in Brüssel:
- Aachen

in Mainz :
- Aschaffenburg (Zug) - auch in Frankfurt am 22.03.
- Darmstadt
- Frankfurt (S-Bahn)
- Freiburg (Bus, Bündnis)
- Hamburg (2 Busse, einer davon Attac)
- Hannover (Bus, Bündnis)
- Kassel (Zug)
- Köln (Bus, Bündnis)
- Landau (Zug, Bündnis)
- Marburg (Zug / S-Bahn)
- Neustadt
- Rüsselsheim (Zug)
- Stuttgart (Bus gesponsert, Bündnis)
- Schwäbisch Hall (Zug)
- Westerwald (Zug)
- Wiesbaden
- Wülfrath/Mettmann (Zug)
- Würzburg (Zug?)

Busbörse (von vielen verschiedenen Organisationen derzeit mindestens 23 Busse bereitgestellt):

Weitere Veranstaltungen: http://www.friedenskooperative.de/bush2005.htm

Anbei ein Schreiben aus dem Polizeipräsidium Mainz an den Anmelder der Demonstration mit der Bitte um Weitergabe an BusfahrerInnen und Pkw-NutzerInnen. Bitte beachten: die Busse mit einem gut sichtbaren Plakat - es muss nicht das Bündnisplakat sein - kennzeichnen.

Angelika Shams

Bezug nehmend auf das Kooperationsgespräch vom 14.02.05 sowie auf unser Telefonat vom heutigen Vormittag dürfen wir zunächst auf die Veröffentlichungen des Verkehrskonzeptes in den Medien hinweisen. Unter anderem ist am Veranstaltungstag die Bundesautobahn A 60 ab Autobahnkreuz Mainz in der Zeit von 07.00 Uhr bis 11.00 Uhr und von 15.00 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr voll gesperrt. Wir empfehlen daher eine frühzeitige Anreise. Aus unserer Erfahrung heraus dürfte sich zur Anreise die Nutzung der linksrheinischen Bundesautobahn A 61 empfehlen, wobei sowohl für die aus Richtung Norden als auch für die aus Richtung Süden anreisenden Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer am Autobahndreieck Nahetal auf die A 60 Fahrtrichtung Mainz zu wechseln wäre. An der Anschlussstelle Mainz-Finthen ist von der A 60 in Richtung Saarstraße/Stadtgebiet abzufahren. Ca 800 m Meter nach Erreichen des Ortsschildes ist nach rechts in Richtung Uni abzubiegen. Im Dalheimer Weg/Unigelände befindet sich ein Busparkplatz der genutzt werden kann. Alternativ können wir Ihnen eine Anreise über die rechtsrheinische Bundesautobahn A 3 empfehlen.

Im Übrigen sollten Sie als Alternative für die Anreise auch die Nutzung der Deutschen Bahn AG in Erwägung ziehen. Insbesondere von den um Mainz liegenden Bahnhöfen Worms, Alzey und Bingen dürfte eine Anreise zum Hauptbahnhof Mainz eine Möglichkeit darstellen, rechtzeitig, aber auch vergleichsweise kostengünstig zur Versammlung zu kommen.

Angelika Shams * Mitglied im Attac-Bundeskoordinierungskreis
Egertstraße 12 * 75365 Calw-Stammheim * email: shams@attac.de
Fon: 07051 / 935 675 * 0179 / 513 41 59 * Fax: 07051 / 935 677

How Torture Became Acceptable


Informant: Charles Bremer

Demonstrators Protest Before Bush Visit


Brazil Plans Vast Amazon Reserve to Stem Logging


Shipping, Not Drilling, Main Oil Risk For Arctic


Ocean, Arctic Studies Show Global Warming is Real


Bush soll Marihuana geraucht haben


Negroponte's nomination could portend new era of US covert action


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Climate fears prompt energy U-turn in China


Informant: Tom Atlee



Because a great nation deserves the truth




Mandatory AIDS testing proposal is public health lunacy


US government still denies emissions cause global warming


Bush Says Will Tell Europe 'We Care About Climate'

British government cover-up: they knew Iraq war was illegal


'A cancer is spreading in the nation's soul'


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Bush's Friend Reveals Secretly Recorded Phone Conversations


Informant: Charles Bremer

Death Domains in New Bio-pesticides


US Army's Voice to Skull (V2K) Devices


US Military Report: Bush’s Achilles’ Heel


Informant: ranger116



Informant: David Diggins

Bush Breaks Military as Army Fails Recruiting Goals

Bush Breaks Military as Army Fails Recruiting Goals; Is the Draft on Our Horizon?

Citizens are voting with their feet by refusing to enlist in enough numbers to keep our military strength high. And the military is paying far more bonuses to keep soldiers in the military, showing some soldiers are voting with their wallets. In any event, with military recruiting broken, can a return to the military draft be far away?


Bush Holds Secret Talks with what Bush Calls Iraqi 'Terrorists'

Is this an enormous Flip-Flop? TIME magazine reports President George Bush authorized secret negotiations with terrorist groups in Iraq. Is Bush trying a last-ditch effort to stabilize Iraq before the potential U.S./Israeli attack against Iran?


Vereinfacht auf Teufel komm raus


Secret Tapes Not Meant to Harm, Writer Says


Don't Be Silent About Things That Matter


As the Bush Administration pushes forward with its aggressive plans to tear up the Constitution and launch its liberty jihad, Senator Barbara Boxer has stepped forward as the voice of Democratic opposition.

Iran Readies Military, Fearing a U.S. Attack


Iraq, Then and Now


Bush Issues Forceful Words to Iran, Syria


Europeans Greet Bush with Skepticism


The Beast is Back

The Card of the Beast

Brian Doherty on the federal ID:

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Futility of Labels

Forget Labels

All I want is our freedoms back, says James Leroy Wilson:

The corporate threat to all Americans

by Carl F. Worden

Sierra Times


Although the Bush Administration has consistently touted small businesses as the backbone and heart America needs to restore our jobs and prosperity, the inescapable truth is that large national and international corporations have gained more ground during this presidency than in just about the entire business history of the United States, while individual American citizens have lost jobs and individual rights in the same process. One of the few failures the Bush Administration suffered came soon after Bush was sworn in for his first term. He was pitching 'bankruptcy reform,' and few Americans knew at the time that the single largest contributors to the first Bush campaign were credit card companies who were convinced an anticipated economic turndown would result in massive bankruptcies filed to clear the burgeoning personal credit card debt Americans were driving up -- and still are...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Radical son

by Justin Raimondo

The American Conservative

Bush's peroration was suffused with fire, it burned with the steely-eyed fanaticism of the ideologues who forged it, full of phrases that soared so far above the real world that a good many listeners had trouble believing their ears. Does the president seriously believe 'the survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands?' Surely he didn't really mean to explain away the exponential expansion of big government in America as due to the lack of civil liberties in, say, the former Soviet Union or the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia?

The war-weary wondered, at home and abroad, as they listened to the most powerful man on earth enunciate his militant doctrine: what new conflict will erupt as a result of a crusade to accelerate 'the expansion of freedom in all the world?'" (for publication 02/28/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Negroponte: Director of Intelligence Manipulation

by Marjorie Cohn



With much fanfare, Bush announced on Thursday his nomination of John D. Negroponte as the director of national intelligence. 'John's nomination comes in an historic moment for our intelligence services,' Bush proclaimed ceremoniously. Intelligence, he said, is now 'the first line of defense' in the war on terrorism. Bush failed to mention that when Negroponte was United States ambassador to Honduras in the early 1980s, he provided false intelligence to Congress about the Honduran 'death squads'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Last chance to cut budget

by Stephen Moore

Washington Times


The nastiest fights in Washington always come down to money, so it isn't surprising that, two weeks after President Bush released his 2006 budget, many on the left are moaning their pet projects aren't being fully funded. Well, it's about time. In his first term, Bush enacted some of the most fiscally reckless budgets in a quarter-century. The budget grew twice as fast as under Bill Clinton. The first-term Bush administration rhetoric of Reaganite tight-fistedness never caught up with the reality of the fiscal meltdown in Washington. Bloated Bush budgets, only padded with more grease and fat by Congress, created spending growth unmatched by any president since Lyndon B. Johnson, and a soaring $400 billion deficit...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Just say "no" to military recruiters

by Charley Reese



Suppose a traveling salesman came to your door. He said he was representing a foreign country that had a bad government. He would like for your son to volunteer to overthrow that government and possibly get killed in the process. What would you do? I'd slam the door in his face. There is no way I would allow my son or daughter to sacrifice his or her life for the benefit of some foreigners I don't even know. You should keep that in mind if some military recruiter latches on to your son or daughter. Under the present circumstances, it's practically a certainty that the young men and women in the armed forces will not be used to defend the United States or Americans...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Saber rattling against Syria

by Ivan Eland

Independent Institute


It is hypocritical for the administration to punish Syria for assassinating a former Lebanese prime minister (assuming the Syrians did it) when the U.S. led its own campaign to kill leaders of the Iraqi regime, including Saddam Hussein and his two sons. It is also duplicitous for the Bush administration to point the finger at Syria for having 14,000 troops in Lebanon, when the United States originally approved that troop presence and when it has 150,000 of its own troops occupying Iraq...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A real ownership society

by Lex Concord

The Libertarian Enterprise


The latest Big Lie from President Bush involves his attempt to push 'partially private accounts' on a wary public, as the latest in a series of ill-conceived attempts to save Social Security. If he succeeds, he can thank a century of citizen indoctrination in the government-run school system and a brilliant propaganda campaign to pass an intrusive and colossal central state off as an 'Ownership Society'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

All the news that's fit to fake

by David Lindorff



Okay, so we know now that the Bush administration has been using all kinds of devious means to push propaganda on the American public -- fake news generated by the Pentagon for overseas, and ultimately, courtesy of blowback, U.S. consumption, fake news reports by fake reporters peddled to local TV stations, bought reporters and syndicated columnists paid to shill for the administration's policies, and even fake reporters salted into the White House press corps to ask puffball questions if the president or press secretary start getting too much heat. But why is this all happening? Sure the administration should take some of the blame for this Soviet-style manipulation of public opinion. But what about the press itself?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Secret tapes show Bush's concern over drug fiend past

San Francisco Chronicle


President Bush was concerned 'his mistakes as a youth' would disqualify him from running for the nation's highest office, said an old friend who secretly recorded private conversations in which Bush appears to acknowledge past drug use. 'I don't want any kid doing what I tried to do 30 years ago,' Bush said in recordings made when he was governor of Texas and aired Monday on ABC's 'Good Morning America.' 'And I mean that. It doesn't matter if it's LSD, cocaine, pot, any of those things, because if I answer one, then there will be another one. And I just am not going to answer those questions. And it may cost me the election.' The recordings were made by Doug Wead, a former aide to George W. Bush's father, in the two years before the younger Bush became the Republican nominee for president in 2000...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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