"Free" Iraqis Still Waiting for the Wind of Change

Tahrir--"independence"--is a word which a lot of people voted for on Sunday; not for "democracy" as the Western media would have it, but for freedom; freedom to speak, freedom to vote, freedom from the Americans.


Top U.S. Marine General, it is "fun to shoot some people"

The comment, made by Lt. Gen. James Mattis, came in reference to fighting insurgents in Iraq. Some Audience Members Clap.


Urgent message on radioactive munitions

An urgent message on depleted uranium from Dr. Doug Rokke and Damacio Lopez.

We have a proposal for those individuals and organizations who wish to stop the use of depleted uranium in weapons, ensure that medical care is provided, and ensure that all environmental contamination is cleaned up.

Please join us in a world-wide campaign in demanding that the Pentagon of the United States follow it's own directive requiring thorough environmental remediation and that medical care is provided to all individuals contaminated by depleted uranium and/or other low level radioactive materials.

These legal mandates are prescribed in Army Regulation 700-48,* with specific maximum exposure criteria in US Army Technical Bulletin 9-1300-278. These require thorough environmental remediation and that medical care is provided to all casualties.

The responsible person to uphold this regulation is

Dr. Michael Kilpatrick
The Special Assistant, Deployment Health Support
Four Skyline Place - Suite 901
5113 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041
Ph 1-800-497-6264.
e-mail: special.assistant@deploymenthealth.osd.mil

Let's encourage Dr. Kilpatrick to uphold these legal requirements.

LT. General Ronald Peake, then Surgeon General of the U.S. Army, also appointed Colonel Robert Eng, Ph.D. (telephone 210-221-6612, email: Robert.Eng@amedd.army.mil, Fort Sam Houston, Texas) as his representative to ensure medical care is provided to all DU casualties when he issued his medical order dated April 29, 2004.

Please get this message to as many people as possible; this might be the straw that breaks the camels back. Past environmental remediation costs alone would be in the billions of dollars.

In Solidarity

Damacio Lopez and Doug Rokke, Ph.D.

Web sites for additional information include:
//www.idust.net //www.traprockPeace.org



Also, read Doug Rokke's paper -
and hear his presentation -
to the World Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, 2003.

The conference reader is available for free download at


*URL's of cited US Army regulation and documents:

US Army Regulation 700-48 -
US Army Technical Bulletin 9-1300-278 -
US Army, Pamphlet 700-48 - Handling Procedures for Equipment Contaminated with Depleted Uranium or Radioactive Commodities -

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-5188; Fax 413-773-7507


From ufpj-news

Letter to the WHO from the V WSF (World Social Forum)

Dear Dr. Don Maisch,

Please find enclosed a copy of the letter sent to the International EMF

Project of theWorld Health Organization (WHO), including contributions for the general review on the WHO-EMF Precautionary Framework for Public Health Protection Draft (please find attached file Letter to the WHO from the V WSF.doc).

This was part of the Seminar's Letter "Cellular Phone: the Effects of Non-ionizing Radiation on Health and the Importance of the Social Control", approved at the 5th World Social Forum, held in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, on January 29th, 2005.

We would appreciate it very much if you could transmit this to the interested people and to the press.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

We ask you to acknowledge the receipt of this message.

On behalf of that Seminar`s Organizing Committee, I thank you very for your kind attention to this letter.

Sincerely yours,

Alvaro Augusto A . de Salles
Electrical Engineering Department
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS
Av. Osvaldo Aranha 103, Porto Alegre,
RS, Brazil, CEP 90.035-190.

January 31st, 2005

International EMF Project
World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland

Attention: Dr. Emilie van Deventer, WHO EMF Program
Subject: Framework to Develop Precautionary Measures in Areas of
Scientific Uncertainty (Draft October 2004)

Seminar's Letter "Cellular Phone: the Effects of Non-ionizing Radiation on Health and the Importance of the Social Control", approved at the 5th World Social Forum, held in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, on January 29th, 2005.

Contributions for general review on the WHO-EMF Precautionary Framework for Public Health Protection Draft.

Concerned about the health risks of the radiation emitted by both the cellular phone base stations and mobile phones units, the participants of the Seminar approved the Manifest of the Social Movement, suggesting that the WHO issues the following recommendations:

1. Considering the volume of scientific evidence about long-term low level intracellular effects from human exposure to Non Ionizing Radiation (NIR), more restrictive limits than those contained in ICNIRP's guidelines, equal or lower than those included in the Switzerland's Guidelines (ONIR, 814.710 of 23 December 1999), must be implemented.

2. Regarding the Precautionary Principle, to implement short term measures aiming at reducing the power radiated by the cellular communication transmission infrastructures, as well as the mobile units, by using the least possible power necessary to the communication, according to ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) and ALATA (As Low As Technically Achievable) principles, taking into account the maximum tolerance absorption levels supported by human beings, of all ages and with different susceptibilities, including the workers of the cellular communication companies.

3. To implement health and environmental pollution policies, in all places where people can stay for longer than four hours, identifying and correcting those NIR levels potentially harmful to the continuously exposed population.

4. That the SAR measurement procedure must be carried out - under maximum radiated power condition - by independent and reliable laboratories, according to international recommended procedures (such as those issued by CENELEC or IEEE), specifying the distance (from the antenna to the user's head) used in each SAR measurement.

5. That the cellular phone manufacturers must display the maximum SAR (specific absorption rate) on the handset, on its package, in the operation manual, as well as in the advertising material, specifying the distance (from the antenna to the user's head) used in each SAR measurement.

6. That all cell phone models, now being used by people, whose SAR levels are above the recommended limits, must be recalled by the manufacturer.

7. To establish a schedule and a deadline for the cellular phone manufacturers to develop new technologies, which produce lower risk to the user's health.

8. To disseminate a worldwide campaign discouraging the use of mobile phones by children, teenagers, pregnant women, the elderly, as well as other vulnerable groups of people.

9. To prohibit the advertisement of cell phones and similar products to children and teenagers by the media (directly or indirectly), imposing ethical advertisement criteria, as well as warnings about short and long term health risks for all cell phone users.

10. As it has been mentioned in WHO PF (introduction - objectives, page 6, last paragraph), in its Annexes A and B, the case studies must include other hazard agents (such as physical, chemical or biological) which may synergistically affect human health.

Porto Alegre, January 29th, 2005.


V world social forum (V WSF)

From Mast Network

Rumsfeld & German War Crimes Prosecution


Published on Wednesday, February 2, 2005 by Agence France Presse

Rumsfeld Mulls German Visit Amid Concern Over Possible War Crimes Prosecution

WASHINGTON - Concern that US leaders and military personnel risk prosecution in Germany for alleged war crimes has become a factor in deciding whether US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will attend an international security conference in Munich, a Pentagon spokesman said.

US defense secretaries have rarely missed the Munich conference, an annual gathering of the world's top defense and national security officials and experts for two days of frank debate on major issues of war and peace.

But Rumsfeld has announced no plans to attend this year's meeting February 11-13 even though he will be attending a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Nice, France just before it.

Pentagon spokesman Lawrence DiRita said it remains to be determined whether Rumsfeld will attend the Munich meeting. The meeting's organizer, Horst Teltschik, said last month Rumsfeld was not going.

Rumsfeld was among ten high-ranking US civilian and military officials named in a criminal complaint filed November 30 with a German federal prosecutor by a US legal rights group seeking an investigation into the Americans' role in the torture and abuse of detainees in Iraq .

Under Germany's Code of Crimes Against International Law, which was introduced in 2002, German courts have universal jurisdiction in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Acknowledging US concern about the German law, DiRita told AFP, "It's a factor in the decision" on whether Rumsfeld attends the Munich conference.

"It's not just a question of the secretary's travel. We have many thousands of US forces stationed there, some of which are named in this brief. So it's a big, big problem," he said.

He said the issue was being "worked on a government-wide basis."

"My impression is the German government understands the gravity of this matter, but there are some unique aspects that will take time to address," he said.

A Berlin newspaper reported last week that the German federal prosecutor opted not to take legal action against Rumsfeld because no German citizen was a victim of abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison.

But the New York-based Center For Constitution Rights, which filed the initial complaint, said Friday it has filed new documents in the case, contending that Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzalez had implicated himself in war crimes in Iraq, including torture at Aby Ghraib, in his Senate confirmation testimony.

Copyright © 2005 Agence France Presse

Informant: dmetke

From ufpj-news

Top public health official of Russia: Mobile phones cause child cancer

The top public health official of Russia has claimed that mobile phones cause child cancer

FEBRUARY 01, 2005 22:49

Through the government magazine Rossiskaya Gazetta on February 1, the head of Russia’s national health, Gennadi Onishenko, announced research results showing that mobile phones harmed children’s health in particular.


From FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive

A Stranger Is Watching: RFIDs and the coming age of the digital pickpocket

//www.citypages.com/databank/26/1261/article12904.asp (excerpt)

NEWS . VOL 26 #1261 . PUBLISHED 2/2/2005

A Stranger Is Watching

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RFIDs and the coming age of the digital pickpocket

by William Gurstelle

If you spend enough time listening to late-night radio or surfing the odd corners of the internet, you will invariably encounter a feverish speculation that goes something like this: At this very moment, a government black op agency is devising a plan to implant subcutaneous ID chips in the nape of your neck. Unless this scheme is exposed, you--along with pretty much everyone else--will find yourself permanently tagged. The government will be able to track your every move.

Okay. You can exhale now, because that is not going to happen any time soon. At the very least, not until our next 9/11. But unfortunately (or very fortunately, if you happen to work in the marketing racket) a very similar technology is making its way to Main Street in a big way. In the spirit of the age, the coming blow to personal privacy is a public-private collaboration, with government and business both investing heavily in the latest permutations of a booming technology called Radio Frequency Identification.

Here's how it works: RFID systems employ tiny computer chips that contain unique serial numbers. The chips can be affixed discreetly to any manner of object. Most commonly, they are about the size of a grain of rice. But some chips are so small they can be woven into the fabric of paper currency--a proposal, it so happens, under active consideration in the European Union.

The microchip in the tag is connected to a tiny antenna that absorbs electromagnetic energy beamed at it from a reader device. Once energized, the chip transmits information back to the reader; the information may include type of product, when and where it was manufactured, or whatever else the manufacturer deems significant. The functional range between reader and chip is anywhere from a few inches to 30 feet. From a reader, of course, all this information can easily be dumped into a computer database, and thus is born the marketer's wettest wet dream.

Currently, "spy chips," as critics have taken to calling them, are used for things like toll-way EZ passes or placed on shipping crates and pallets for the purpose of tracking merchandise through a company's distribution chain. Last year, two of the Twin Cities' biggest retailers, Target and Best Buy, announced plans for RFID pilot programs, placing the chips at a few regional distribution facilities. By 2007, according to both companies, all deliveries coming to Best Buy and Target warehouses will be chipped. Naturally, Wal-Mart has beaten both of them to the punch, announcing that all its pallets will be tagged this year.

From a business perspective, RFID technology holds near infinite appeal. On the retail level, for instance, RFID tags promise to speed the service at checkout lanes. Products can be scanned without the cashier needing to align the laser with a bar code. And, no doubt, cashiers will enjoy reduced incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome as RFIDs become less expensive and more common.

To privacy purists, RFID technology is about as welcome as Ron Artest at Bill Laimbeer Tribute Night at the Detroit Palace. Left unfettered, the critics contend, RFID will become a major force in the expansion of the surveillance society. It will, they say, present the government and private industry with unprecedented and nearly unlimited opportunities to gather data on people.

Consider the possibilities. Chips may be sewn into the hem of your blue jeans, woven in the soles of your sneakers. Anyone with access to the appropriate RFID scanner could, theoretically at least, harvest that information. That data, in turn, could be fed to that fast-growing sector of the economy, the data mining industry.

"Proponents of RFID envision a pervasive global network of millions of receivers along the entire supply chain--in airports, highways, distribution centers, warehouses, retail stores, and in the home," says Katherine Albrecht, who is the founder of the privacy advocacy group CASPIAN. "This would allow for seamless, continuous identification and tracking of physical items as they move from one place to another, enabling companies to determine the whereabouts of all their products at all times."

RFID's most vociferous critics tend to fall in one of two groups: civil libertarians who are concerned about RFID's threat to their privacy and biblical literalists who see RFID as the fulfillment of the mark-of-the-beast prophecies. Albrecht, it so happens, seems to fall into both groups. A doctoral student at Harvard pursuing a Ph.D. in education, Albrecht is both committed civil libertarian and devout Christian. While she is circumspect in her theological pronouncements, many of her followers directly tie RFID to the coming End Times. "RFID," they say, "is the wave of the Antichrist future."

For her part, Albrecht focuses on the privacy angle. Last fall, she got in a nasty public wrangle after she published a photographic exposé of the use of tags on common products at an RFID trade show. But she makes a compelling case for the creepy implications of the technology. Once a product is placed in a shopping cart, she points out, RFID scanners throughout a store will be able to sense it.

As the tag moves through the store, point-of-sale media will display advertisements tailored to each passing shopper. Perhaps this will based on the items in the shopping cart. So if you've loaded up on Mexican beer and corn chips, the television screen fronting the next aisle would inform you of salsa a few steps away; it's not much of a mental leap to figure the salsa and the corn chips would share a corporate parent. (A variant of that sales paradigm is prophesied in the mall scene in the futuristic thriller Minority Report; the scene, by the way, is fittingly and cynically freighted with actual product placements).

Of course, you can tease it out further yet. If RFID information is combined with a shopper's profile--gleaned, for instance, from the increasingly ubiquitous "customer loyalty card"--the data mining applications will expand exponentially. And it is difficult to imagine that it will be long before warrant-bearing lawmen come browsing through the databases. In an age of terror, there is little doubt that the government will fight for as much access as the public will bear. Accordingly, RFID promises to become a major bummer for anyone treading water in the black-market economy.

The appeal of RFID technology isn't restricted to corporate America, the cops, and the taxman. Last month, the State Department commenced tagging passports. While pre-chip passports remain valid, all renewals and replacements will be embedded with chips. This, the government says, will make passports more difficult to forge. Perhaps so.

But there is a flip side. Even by admission of the State Department's own contractors, a person with a compatible RFID reader could conceivably tap into a passport from as far away as 30 feet. So be forewarned. When you're at the airport in the not too distant future, the casual-looking guy leaning by the sunglasses kiosk might be swiping your vital statistics--your photograph, home address, date of birth, even your signature. And you won't have a clue until the bill collectors come calling.

"Someone with one of those readers could pick up all the information in the area," says ACLU spokesperson Will Potter. "It could be the Holy Grail of identity theft."

With proposals in the works for RFID tags in driver's licenses and library books, and the expanded use in the retail world, there will be more public debate on RFIDs. But given the shared interest of government and business in the outcome of that debate, it's also a fair bet that one day soon, you or someone you know will find yourself the victim of a digital pickpocket.

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Informant: STEAVE

Focusing the Proposal Process

On Friday, you received an important message with a new Draft Strategic Framework that, if adopted, will tighten and focus our work to stop the war in Iraq, as the linchpin of our long-term strategy to confront the imperial drive of the Bush Administration at home and abroad.

It will be up to you, the delegates, whether to adopt or modify this key document at the Assembly that opens just seventeen days from now. But to give greater clarity to the proposal process for the Assembly, we are making two further modifications to the process:

First, as you saw in Friday's announcement, we are extending the deadline for proposals to February 10. As before, submit proposals using our online form at //www.unitedforpeace.org/assembly

Second, we are asking all makers of proposals to categorize their proposals at one of the following three categories or levels:

#1 Campaigns that will form the main work of UFPJ, requiring significant staff and/or financial resources
#2 Campaigns organized and led by member organizations or allies of UFPJ, which we will support through website publicity, email announcements, and/or other similar means.
#3 Campaigns or initiatives we simply endorse

National staff will contact all proposal makers to determine the category into which their proposal falls.

Third, we are asking those organizations submitting proposals focused on the war in Iraq (including all of its larger international and domestic ramifications) to adopt a common framework: What strategic point of vulnerability in the Bush Administration's war-plans will your proposal address?

We know there are many good ideas out there, but our job at the Assembly will be to sift out those proposals that most effectively confront and disrupt the war, and lead towards its end. Our related goal is to identify a limited, manageable amount of program work for UFPJ to develop and lead.

Here are the five major areas of vulnerability we have identified, and we urge you to submit campaign proposals that address one (or more) of these, or some other specific feature of the war that you think is a political liability for the Administration:

1. The war's increasing unpopularity.
Proposals should focus on increasing public opposition to the war through education and grassroots outreach, or on mobilizing that opposition using protests, direct action, and/or public forums such as the national and local media.

2. The war's financial burden.
Proposals should speak to how to cut off funding for the war, or should highlight the ways the war drains local and state budgets.

3. The war's impact on the U.S. military.
Proposals should address the range of issues relating to the troops, which might include the military’s abusive stop-loss policy and the inappropriate use of the National Guard and reservists; work to counter the intensifying recruitment drives by the military; support for and work with military families and veterans of the Iraq war; and support to those soldiers who choose to refuse military service.

4. The war's moral bankruptcy.
Proposals should address the cynical and sinister use of “morality” by policy makers in Washington to support the war in Iraq, as well as war crimes, the Iraqi death toll, and violations of international law. Proposals might focus on organizing within and outreach to religious communities and faith-based organizations.

5. The war's assault on basic human, democratic, and civil rights.
Proposals should target the undermining of the Constitution, violations of Constitutional rights, the detention and deportation of immigrants, and attacks on dissent.

If you have any questions about the proposal process, call our office at 212-868-5545, or contact Leslie Kauffman (lak@unitedforpeace.org) or Diane Lent (assembly@unitedforpeace.org).

The UFPJ Assembly Planning Committee

Your help is needed to end torture

You are urgently needed to help launch a massive national mobilization against the use of torture by U.S. military personnel and federal officers. Recent revelations of abuse of detainees in Iraq and Guantanamo are simply shocking.

It violates bedrock American values.

It violates the Geneva Convention.

It is destroying U.S. credibility in the world.

Amnesty International is launching one of the most ambitious, most important and costliest mass mobilizations in our history. As a participant in our online action center, you have already shown your commitment. Now we need you to take the next step - by becoming a full-fledged member of Amnesty International USA.

You can join right now using our secure Web page:

Last week we sent you an action alert urging you to demand action from the White House on allegations of torture by U.S. troops and federal officers. And yet, in his Inaugural address, President Bush said he wants America to be a beacon of freedom to the world.

But how can we be an example if we flout human rights and basic decency? Instead of upholding basic rights, the Administration engages in legal gamesmanship -- pressing on with its sweeping definitions of "enemy combatant" while more than 500 detainees languish in legal limbo. Earlier this week in fact, a federal judge in Washington declared the secret military tribunals in Guantanamo to be illegal. An appeal to the Supreme Court is certain, but the victory is at least a moral one.

And new, ever more disturbing news of gross mistreatment is coming from Guantanamo every day. Witnesses - among them federal officers - report strangulations, beatings, placement of lit cigarettes into detainees' ear canals, and sleep deprivation.

Eyewitness reports from FBI agents read like the stuff of horror films. One agent described coming into an "unventilated room probably well over 100 degrees. The detainee was almost unconscious on the floor, with a pile of hair next to him. He had apparently been literally pulling his own hair out throughout the night."

These are not the acts of a few bad apples, as the Administration claims. Evidence is mounting that officials at the highest level of the U.S. government approved these brutal interrogation techniques.

Under the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, torture is NEVER permissible. We need to send the Administration an unmistakable message - that Americans did not give the government a mandate last November to commit acts of torture and engage in acts of barbarism. Nobody voted for that.

Amnesty USA is determined to mobilize a vocal, diverse and massive constituency throughout this country that will demand an end to the use of torture at all levels of government in the United States.

Thanks to years of grassroots activism, Amnesty has a corps of volunteers ready to carry out this urgently needed mobilization. And it's the most motivated and inspired citizen force you could hope to find.

But mobilizing people also takes money. And that's why I'm asking you for your help - to become a dues-paying Amnesty member. Please join now using our secure Web page.

Here are the main points for our nationwide mobilization:

-- Teach-Ins: Amnesty activists will organize a large number of teach-ins in cities and towns across the country that will reach hundreds of people directly at each event.

-- Community Fora: In addition, Amnesty will organize five large-scale public forums in critical media markets to raise awareness of the United States' record, role and responsibility regarding torture both at home and abroad.

-- Grassroots Demonstrations: Amnesty will also organize grassroots demonstrations on June 26 - International Day in Support of Torture Victims and Survivors.

-- Online Mobilizing: In order to involve as many concerned Americans as possible we will develop a special page on our web site, //www.amnestyusa.org, to serve as a clearinghouse for information, resources and actions opposing torture.

This action plan for our national mobilization to end torture is both enormously ambitious and expensive. It is why we are reaching out for your support.

If we're to rescue our country from the taint of being branded a practitioner of torture, then we must confront the Bush Administration head-on with this issue. With your help, I believe justice will prevail.

By joining online, your dues will support our mobilization plans almost overnight: //takeaction.amnestyusa.org/ctt.asp?u=677776&l=11817

Thanks for all your help.


Bill Schulz

P.S. I also hope that over the course of the mobilization you will consider participating either by taking action from your home or by taking part in an event in your community. We will be communicating these opportunities to the larger Amnesty community in the weeks ahead.

Prävention stärken - Gesundheit erhalten


Omega: wie wahr!

Moratorium zur UMTS-Technologie gefordert

Verbraucherschützer warnen vor Strahlenbelastung durch W-LAN und Bluetooth im Haushalt

Gesundheitsgefahren durch kabellose Laptops

Zigaretten und Mobiltelefone – vergleichbare Risiken?

Keine Erklärung für Krankheiten

BARMER: Fast jeder Zweite hat erhöhten Blutdruck

Zwangseuthanasie auf AOK-Chipkarte - Zwangseuthanasie durch Mobilfunksenderstrahlung?

Handystrahlung beschädigt Erbgut - Neue Schock-Studie der EU

Signifikante DNA-Schäden

Strahlen machen Sorgen

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Gefährdung der Volksgesundheit

Der Salzburger Vorsorgewert

Kinder und Mobilfunk

Schützt der Staat vor Mobilfunk-Strahlen?

Brief an Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder

"Was unser aller Gesundheit belastet und bedroht, kann unmöglich dem Gemeinwohl dienen"

Gewerkschaftsantrag der AUGE zur Aufnahme von Elektosmog-Risken in das Österreichische ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz

Die Vorwärts-Flucht der Handybetreiber

„Die Warnsignale stehen eindeutig auf Rot"

Mobilfunk-Volksbegehren läuft weiter

Was ist ein Beweis, was Spekulation?

Studien u. Literaturhinweise zum Thema Mobilfunk

Schmidt: Auf Vorsorge setzen, Kosten drosseln

Zwischen Wohnumfeld und Gesundheit besteht ein Zusammenhang:

Schmidt: Auf Vorsorge setzen, Kosten drosseln


Ulla Schmidt: Auf Vorsorge setzen, Kosten drosseln

«Durch gezielte Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung ist es möglich, die Gesundheit, Lebensqualität, Mobilität und Leistungsfähigkeit nachhaltig zu verbessern und einen großen Teil der sonst erforderlichen Kosten zu vermeiden», sagte Schmidt am Mittwoch in Berlin.

Omega wie wahr:

Moratorium zur UMTS-Technologie gefordert

Verbraucherschützer warnen vor Strahlenbelastung durch W-LAN und Bluetooth im Haushalt

Gesundheitsgefahren durch kabellose Laptops

Zigaretten und Mobiltelefone – vergleichbare Risiken?

Keine Erklärung für Krankheiten

BARMER: Fast jeder Zweite hat erhöhten Blutdruck

Zwangseuthanasie auf AOK-Chipkarte -
Zwangseuthanasie durch Mobilfunksenderstrahlung?

Handystrahlung beschädigt Erbgut - Neue Schock-Studie der EU

Signifikante DNA-Schäden

Strahlen machen Sorgen

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Gefährdung der Volksgesundheit

Der Salzburger Vorsorgewert

Kinder und Mobilfunk

Schützt der Staat vor Mobilfunk-Strahlen?

Brief an Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder

"Was unser aller Gesundheit belastet und bedroht, kann unmöglich dem Gemeinwohl dienen"

Gewerkschaftsantrag der AUGE zur Aufnahme von Elektosmog-Risken in das Österreichische ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz

Die Vorwärts-Flucht der Handybetreiber

„Die Warnsignale stehen eindeutig auf Rot"

Mobilfunk-Volksbegehren läuft weiter

Was ist ein Beweis, was Spekulation?

Studien u. Literaturhinweise zum Thema Mobilfunk

Prävention stärken - Gesundheit erhalten

Zwischen Wohnumfeld und Gesundheit besteht ein Zusammenhang:

Zwischen Wohnumfeld und Gesundheit besteht ein Zusammenhang

Zwischen Wohnumfeld und Gesundheit besteht ein Zusammenhang

Omega: wie wahr!

Moratorium zur UMTS-Technologie gefordert

Verbraucherschützer warnen vor Strahlenbelastung durch W-LAN und Bluetooth im Haushalt

Gesundheitsgefahren durch kabellose Laptops

Zigaretten und Mobiltelefone – vergleichbare Risiken?

Keine Erklärung für Krankheiten

BARMER: Fast jeder Zweite hat erhöhten Blutdruck

Zwangseuthanasie auf AOK-Chipkarte - Zwangseuthanasie durch Mobilfunksenderstrahlung?

Handystrahlung beschädigt Erbgut - Neue Schock-Studie der EU

Signifikante DNA-Schäden

Strahlen machen Sorgen

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Gefährdung der Volksgesundheit

Der Salzburger Vorsorgewert

Kinder und Mobilfunk

Schützt der Staat vor Mobilfunk-Strahlen?

Brief an Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder

"Was unser aller Gesundheit belastet und bedroht, kann unmöglich dem Gemeinwohl dienen"

Gewerkschaftsantrag der AUGE zur Aufnahme von Elektosmog-Risken in das Österreichische ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz

Die Vorwärts-Flucht der Handybetreiber

„Die Warnsignale stehen eindeutig auf Rot"

Mobilfunk-Volksbegehren läuft weiter

Was ist ein Beweis, was Spekulation?

Studien u. Literaturhinweise zum Thema Mobilfunk

Schmidt: Auf Vorsorge setzen, Kosten drosseln

Prävention stärken - Gesundheit erhalten

Faulty Poll Will Not Bring Peace or US Withdrawal

The Iraqi Election 'Bait and Switch': Faulty Poll Will Not Bring Peace or US Withdrawal

posted 01/31/05

Problems of bias, insecurity, and voter confusion have undermined the democratic value of the election in Iraq, Carl Conetta says. Nonetheless, it will win greater international legitimacy for the US mission and enable more vigorous counter-insurgency operations. Conetta examines likely electoral outcomes and the factors shaping the new Iraqi government. An addendum summarizes Iraqi public opinion regarding the occupation and US forces.


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An Unnecessary War

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

posted 02/01/05

The official end to the U.S. search for weapons in Iraq confirms what most observers had known for over a year and what UN inspections indicated before the war: Iraq did not have any significant amount of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or long-range missiles. As a Carnegie study concluded one year ago, administration officials systematically misled the American people as to the nature of the threat and the need for military action.


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Navajo and Hopis Demand Accessibility at Peabody Coal Hearings

Activists and residents in Arizona packed public hearings to demand that Peabody Western Coal Company (PWCC) stop pumping reservation groundwater, the source of their drinking water. They also denounced the public comment process.

Navajo and Hopi nations documented sinkholes and dried-up springs they believe Peabody caused by pumping water from the Navajo Aquifer. Peabody uses the water for a slurry to transport the coal to a generating station in Nevada.

In December, the California Public Utilities commission ordered the station shut down until Peabody can find an alternative source of water--but Peabody continues to pump from the Navajo Aquifer.

The public meetings were part of a series held by the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) on Navajo and Hopi reservations and in Flagstaff to hear comment on Peabody's application to extend its mining operations. Local and national groups and the city of Flagstaff have all criticized the process as inadequate.

According to Nicole Horseherder of the Navajo organization Beautiful Water Speaks, thousands of people could not attend the hearings because of poor translation and the fact that the meetings took place far from their homes.

"There's a lack of understanding between the OSM and grassroots people," Horseherder said. "I was imagining their translations into English: Translating 'Mother Earth' into 'land,' and 'sacred water' into 'just another resource.'"


Mobile-using drivers 'age 50 years'


Informant: ItalysBadBoy

Auf Vorsorge setzen, Kosten drosseln

Schmidt: Auf Vorsorge setzen, Kosten drosseln

The Newest Weapon Of Mass Deception

Pass It On: The Newest Weapon Of Mass Deception

by MoveOn.org

This clever ad about Bush's deceptive Social Security rhetoric appears in today's New York Times.


Shock And Law

by Rami Khouri, Beirut Daily Star

Democracy in the Middle East is more likely to come from indigenous efforts than Marines protecting ballot boxes.


State Of Domination

by Peter Wallsten and Warren Vieth, Los Angeles Times

Tort reform, Social Security reform, tax reform: all are designed to reduce the Democratic base while expanding Republican coffers.


Climate-Wise Investment

by Tim Wirth and Mindy Lubber, GreenBiz.com

Bush will ignore global warming tonight in his State Of the Union speech, but these green business experts says investors can't afford to.


How To Stay Out of the Military: A Primer On Draft Resistance


Informant: Marin Greenhut

Teaching the Constitution in a Post-Democratic America

by Mark W. Bradley

Come to think of it, why shouldn’t we let God back into the classroom? I mean, it’s not as if all those nasty French ideas about “social contracts” and “rational thought” ever really caught on here in America anyway, so what’s the big deal? If we cranky old Liberals would just stop all the grousing, quit fighting the inevitable, and get with the program, maybe we could all lock arms and march boldly forward into the brave new classroom of the future. Just imagine....


Are Iraqi Elections a Panacea?

by Ivan Eland

President Bush, in his second inaugural address, used soaring idealistic rhetoric to tell us that he was going to democratize the Middle East. After the recent Iraqi elections, he declared a triumphant moment in that effort. Yet those elections—with their predictable results—may not mean much for the future of Iraq and might, when combined with other U.S. policies in the Islamic world, reinforce world perceptions of U.S. foreign policy as hypocritical....


Iraq’s Election Fiasco

by Mike Whitney

If the Bush administration had any confidence in their Iraq policy they would have plopped Saddam’s name on the ballot. That way we’d know whether Iraqis would rather continue on the ruinous path of occupation or return to the “good old days” of the former tyrant. Instead, we’re left with a spaghetti bowl of candidates whose names tell us nothing about the success or failure of the American strategy. Despite Junior Bush’s assertion of “resounding success,” the elections have only further obscured the real source of the current dilemma: occupation....


Lessons from the Heckling of Lula

by Matt Reichel

The defining element of the 2005 World Social Forum is that the superstar of previous years was heckled off of the stage: Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (Lula) being perceived as a sell-out by the movement that helped propel him into power. Once an inspiring labor organizer who helped formulate a grassroots political party within a political system replete with corruption and instability, Lula is now perceived as just another leader in the pocket of the Washington consensus. Popular left discourse now paints him as a traitor, whose policymaking has been more in line with those discussed in Davos, and not Porto Alegre. Others have argued that Brazilian military involvement in Haiti, under the auspices of the United Nations (UN), has served to further reveal how changed Lula has become since entering power. The easy conclusion to make is that this is a case in point: power corrupts. Then it follows that our goal as a movement seeking “another world” is to embrace anarchy or, minimally, radical de-centralization of power. While not opposed to either of these concepts, I think that it’s extremely important to take away another very important lesson from Lula’s fall from grace. Aside from the fact that a movement advocating power decentralization and social justice should never have had a superstar in the first place, I find the Lula dilemma to be grounded in the core terminology: “Another World is Possible.” As Social movement activists, we should be embracing the sheer plurality of worlds that would exist if we could effectively work to remove the political and economic superstructure that now dominates world affairs. Neoliberalism is all about one world; we should, in contrast, be all about the very many histories and lives that exist in making up this singular planet....


The Prince of Wonderland

by William Fisher

Good news! The Prince of Darkness has morphed into The Prince of Peace. Having fixed Iraq, Richard Perle is now ready to advise us on Iran. The former Assistant Defense Secretary in the Reagan Administration, and Neocon darling, appeared on a recent Charlie Rose show on PBS, following his nemesis, Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker magazine. When Perle appeared, Rose quoted Hersh: “The Neocons believe that if we take out Iranian nuke sites with precision airstrikes, the people will rise up and overthrow the mullahs.”....


There Is No Longer Any Room For Doubt

An Open Letter To Americans

by Rev. José M. Tirado

Dear fellow Americans,

Last week, George Bush took the Presidential oath of office for the second time to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." As usual, even the most hardened news reporters displayed their misty-eyed awe at the occasion as if it marked the high point of humanity's democratic aspirations. It didn't. Because left unsaid was a growing but palpable unease within parts of the United States and in many places around the world. his unease stems in part, from the manipulation of religiosity to further ends so anti-democratic and so against the grain of American ideals that our very system of government is now threatened. The growing, so-called Christianization of our political and civic life poses a threat to all of us, not just to non-Christians like myself. This trend is now joining forces with equally frightening trends in corporate America that are coalescing, with awful consequences for all concerned....


Embracing Empire

by Ryan Winger

Ryan Winger reviews neoconservative author Niall Ferguson's book Colossus, which argues in Machiavellian fashion that empire -- particularly American empire -- is not to be denied, but instead desired....


The Real State of the Union

by Marty Jezer

George W. Bush presents his State of the Union address tonight. He’s sure to talk about spreading “freedom” and “democracy” the world over, the “ownership society,” and the greatness of our country. Here are some subjects he won’t talk about....


The Great Distraction

by Rachel Olivieri

Who will win the Super Bowl? That is as easy as saying, “Culture Industry,” the hands down winner for perhaps the last 38 Super Bowls. An anticipated 145 million predominately male US viewers are expected to tune in [tune-out]. Who says Big Brother is watching? Quite unnecessary -- far too many are more than willing to watch him, on their dime. Perhaps some Americans need a break from the war, pending economic doom, social security privatization, world poverty, global warming, prayer in schools... Well, I suppose it is just as well that they excuse themselves from the necessity of living their own lives. Why bother when we can sit down, pop a beer and watch someone else’s reality. Ooops, just a Matrix thought....


The Never Again Mantra

The Never Again Mantra: The Independent’s Case for Genocide in Iraq

by Kim Petersen

“Never again” must be one of the most hypocritical phrases ever mouthed. In October 2001, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair pledged to the Labour Party Conference: “And I tell you if Rwanda happened again today as it did in 1993, when a million people were slaughtered in cold blood, we would have a moral duty to act there also.” It was Blair’s version of the “Never again” mantra. His sincerity was damned by what the International Committee of the Red Cross called “the most deadly war ever documented in Africa. Indeed, the highest war death toll documented anywhere in the world during the last half century,” and ongoing since 1998 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Yet, it was allowed to slide under the UK media radar, as it was in the US and elsewhere....


The Violence Of Hypocrisy

by T. Patrick Donovan

It seems to me that the political philosopher Hannah Arendt nailed it when she wrote: “Moreover, if we inquire historically into the causes likely to transform engagés into enragés, it is not injustice that ranks first, but hypocrisy.” Yes, hypocrisy as the principal cause of violence, transforming the “engaged” into the “enraged.” Arendt goes on to explain that, “Only where there is reason to suspect that conditions could be changed and are not does rage arise.” Are we not surrounded and bombarded by hypocrisy every single minute in America? Are we not the most violent -- ragefully violent -- society on the face of the planet? Do we not wonder why the richest, most powerful nation on earth does nothing to change conditions of poverty, starvation, and environmental despoliation?


Humanity cannot live without nature, but nature can live without humanity


Streit um Mobilfunk-Gefahr

CDU will Versachlichung, SPD für Vermenschlichung, Grüne gegen Verharmlosung

Kassel. Sind durch den Mobilfunk nach derzeitigem Wissensstand keine gesundheitlichen Schäden für die Stadtbewohner zu erwarten? Oder werden ernst zu nehmende Hinweise auf Gesundheitsschäden schlicht ignoriert? Beim Thema Mobilfunk prallten in der jüngsten Sitzung der Stadtverordnetenversammlung die Meinungen unversöhnlich aufeinander.

Die CDU-Fraktion sieht in den Ergebnissen der hessenweiten Messungen der elektromagnetischen Felder in der Nähe von Mobilfunk-Sendeanlagen die Bestätigung dafür, dass keine Gefahr droht. Die Grenzwerte wurden deutlich unterschritten, so Dr. Norbert Wett, es gebe in der Tat keine gesundheitliche Gefährdung. Dies werde auch durch mittlerweile über 3000 Studien bestätigt. Mit dem entsprechenden CDU-Antrag zur „Versachlichung der Mobilfunkdiskussion“ waren SPD und Bündnisgrüne aber gar nicht einverstanden. Die SPD-Fraktion legte einen Änderungsantrag vor. „Wir brauchen nicht nur eine Versachlichung, sondern auch eine Vermenschlichung der Debatte“, sagte Harry Völler. Die SPD fordert eine Untersuchung nicht nur der thermischen Effekte der hochfrequenten Mikrowellenstrahlung, sondern auch solcher Einflüsse auf den menschlichen Körper, die nichts mit einer Erwärmung zu tun haben. Für die Bündnisgrünen kritisierte Oberbürgermeisterkandidatin Helga Weber, dass eine Versachlichung gar nicht das Ziel sei: „Was Sie wollen, ist eine Verharmlosung.“ Niemand habe erwartet, dass Grenzwerte erreicht würden, weil die deutschen Grenzwerte „absonderlich hoch“ seien. Es gebe ernst zu nehmende Hinweise auf Gesundheitsschäden, daher müsse man für den vorsichtigen Umgang mit dieser Technologie plädieren. Für die FDP appellierte Dr. Rainer Manske, man müsse aufhören, sich gegenseitig zu bekämpfen und stattdessen aufeinander zugehen. Und an jene Mitbürger denken, die als elektrosensible Menschen wirklich Schaden leiden würden. Ihnen könne geholfen werden, wenn mehr Sendeanlagen aufgestellt würden, die dann mit geringerer Leistung arbeiten könnten. Die Stadt habe keinerlei Einflussmöglichkeiten, erklärte Stadtbaurat Norbert Witte (CDU). Grenzwerte würden auf Bundesebene festgelegt, auch mit dem Planungsrecht könne kein Einfluss genommen werden. „Wir haben nicht die Möglichkeit, hier etwas zu ändern“, so Witte. In der Tat seien die Möglichkeiten gering, sagte Helga Weber. Aber eine Abstimmung mit den Mobilfunk-Betreibern sei denkbar, um die Belastung zu minimieren - „da muss auch die Kommune mal ein bisschen die Zähne zeigen“. Auf Vorschlag der CDU kam man darin überein, die Beschlussvorschläge zunächst im Umweltausschuss ausführlich weiter zu debattieren. (ACH)

Online erschienen am: 27.01.2005 0:13


Dieser Leserbrief ging heute an die HNA Kassel. Wir gehen davon aus, dass eine Veröffentlichung erfolgen wird.

Alfred Tittmann

HLV INFO 22--2-02-2005/AT

AN HNA Kassel

Betr. Artikel 27.01.2005

Leserbrief zum Artikel „Streit um Mobilfunkgefahr“

Online erschienen am: 27.01.2005 0:13


Die Politik ist den Bürgerinnen und Bürgern verpflichtet!

Es gibt zahlreiche international anerkannte Studien, die eindringlich vor Mobilfunk-strahlung warnen. So lange die Ungefährlichkeit seitens der Betreiber nicht explizit bewiesen werden kann, hat die Prävention im Vordergrund zu stehen.

Die im Bericht erwähnten viel zu hohen Grenzwerte wurden von einem Privatverein ICNIRP festgelegt, sie dienen der Politik und den Betreibern, die wichtige Vorsorge für die Bevölkerung wurde dabei unterlassen. Die Aussage von Dr. Norbert Wett (CDU), dass die hessenweiten Messungen keine Gefährdung belegt hätten und dass die Ungefährlichkeit des Mobilfunks in über 3000 Studien bestätigt würden ist sachlich falsch. Es ist betrüblich feststellen zu müssen, dass Herr Dr. Wett vermutlich total desinformiert, Daten benennt, die aus monetärer Interessenlage betreiberseitig kolportiert werden. Die genannten 3000 Mobilfunkstudien gibt es nicht! Gerade einmal seriös betrachtet kann man von ca. 200 sprechen – die anderen befassen sich mit EMF, mehr aber auch nicht. Die meisten Studien belegen genau das Gegenteil von dem, was Herr Dr. Wett aussagt, nämlich: Sie schließen eine Gefährdung nicht aus!

Die Messungen initiiert von der Landesregierung und der Betreibervereinigung IZMF lagen wie gar nicht anders erwartet werden konnte unter den Grenzwerten, aber selbst weit unter diesen Messdaten schließt die seriöse Wissenschaft eine Gefährdung nicht aus. Das ist die Wahrheit! Herr Dr. Wett sollte sich doch einmal bei einer der ehrenamtlich arbeitenden Kasseler Bürgerinitiativen sachkundig machen.

Auf dem am Samstag, 29.01.2005 in Bamberg stattgefundenem, von über 130 Ärzten initiiertem Mobilfunksymposium, wurde gerade die Gefährdung von Ärzten und Wissenschaftlern (über 350 Teilnehmer) dargestellt.

Zur weiteren Falschaussage, dass die Stadt keine Einflussmöglichkeiten habe folgendes:

Eine Gemeinde besitzt eine autonome Planungshoheit. Voraussetzung hierzu ist allerdings der Planungswille. Ist dieser vorhanden, kann sehr wohl durch eine vernünftige Senderstandortplanung eine Belastungsminimierung für die Bevölkerung erzielt werden. Niemand kann den Planungswillen einer Gemeinde innerhalb ihres rechtlichen Rahmens aufhalten. Über eine Veränderungssperre und einer positiven Bauleitplanung innerhalb des kommunalen Flächennutzungsplanes kann eine für alle Beteiligten vernünftige Mobilfunkversorgung erreicht werden. Beispiele dieser Art gibt es zur Genüge: Gräfelfing, Attendorn um nur zwei zu nennen. Durch die Bereitstellung von qualifizierten ausgewiesenen Alternativstandorten ergibt sich auch für die Betreiber eine Planungssicherheit. Dass Letztere ihre eigenen Vorstellungen aus monetären Interessen favorisieren liegt auf der Hand, sollte aber für die Hauptamtlichen in Kassel kein Grund sein, ausnahmslos den Betreiberinteressen zu folgen. Die Hauptamtlichen der Stadt Kassel hätten also durchaus die Möglichkeit, die Bevölkerung vor möglicher Gesundheitsgefährdung zu schützen. Mobilfunksender sollten, soweit es die topografischen Gegebenheiten ermöglichen, was auch sicherlich z.T. in Kassel der Fall ist, nur außerhalb von sensiblen Gebieten wie Wohngebieten, Kindergärten, Schulen, Altersheime etc., errichtet werden. Eine qualifizierte, funktechnisch fundierte Netzplanung, welche von einem unabhängigen Ingenieurbüro vorgenommen werden sollte, bietet hierzu die beste Voraussetzung. Der Kasseler Stadtbaurat Herr Norbert Witte (CDU) sollte einfach einmal zum Telefon greifen und die Bürgermeister, die Herrn Alfons Stumpf, Attendorn bzw. Christoph Göbel, Gräfelfing bzw. Stadtrat Frank Sommer, Gräfelfing anrufen. Diese Experten werden gerne bei der Problemlösung pragmatische Hilfestellung geben.

Mit flotten Sprüchen kann man zwar der Bevölkerung möglicherweise temporär Sand in die Augen streuen, aber eine reale Konfliktlösung wird damit nicht erzielt.

Von einer Entwarnung sind wir also leider noch nach wie vor weit entfernt.

Alfred Tittmann, Kettelerstr.3 – 63486 Bruchköbel

Cellphone industry hides behind "charitable organisation" status to violate NRPB mobile phone report recommendations

How low will the UK Cellphone Industry go to target children in spite of the NRPB Stewart report's recommendations?

Back September 22, 04, Childnet International, "a non-profit" U.K. organisation and registered "charity" working with others to "help make the Internet a great and safe place for children": //www.childnet-int.org/default.aspx

Their web site claims that "Childnet believes that it is only by working actively with other partners in all sectors that the interests of children will be promoted in international communications.". . .

So a non-profit registered charity doing good things to aid children in the UK..................?

While trawling through the Internet for information on the Wireless Information Network (WIN) A global PR Telco group set up in 1998 and focusing on " health and environmental issues related to the wireless industry"(countering media and Internet information sources that they do not like) I came across the " Wireless World Forum" //www.w2forum.com/database.php/1/c

Now the Wireless World Forum (WWF) not to be confused with the other WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) is a "business development and knowledge share network for senior decision makers in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors. The forum has over 4000 members representing 2700 companies in 98 countries. The Forum is well positioned to use these resources and develop its own research available to the wireless industry and beyond."

Through their site you can order a copy of their report, "mobileYouth - the definitive guide to developing mobile products for and marketing to young consumers". The cost of this report is only a meager £2495 which includes a "Team User License".

By purchasing this report companies can learn all the effective and proven techniques that other Telcos have utilized to better market their wireless products to young consumers. See:

Perhaps WWF should forward on a free copy of "mobileYouth" to the the NRPB for Sir William Stewart comments! Considering Sir William's recommendations on why children should not use cell phones and strongly advising the industry not to target children he may well be interested in reviewing "mobileYouth".

A further search through the WWF site finds that just a few of thousands of Telcom related Companies and organisations represented by WWF include Vodafone, AT&T wireless, McKinsey & co., KPMG, NTT DoCoMo, T-mobile, Orange, Sprint PCS, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft, etc., and If you dig deeper - guess what? Childnet International !

Since when is anything to do with the cell phone industry "non profit"?

And hiding behind the cloak of a "charity" to violate the recommendations of the NRPB report may also violate the rules for a charitable organisation.

I hope that the UK members on this list will follow this up .............

Don Maisch

Childnet International: A corporate wolf in sheep's clothing

Whale Stranding in N.C. Followed Navy Sonar Use


Whale Stranding in N.C. Followed Navy Sonar Use

Military Says Connection to Death of 37 Animals Is 'Unlikely'

by Marc Kaufman
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, January 28, 2005; Page A03

At least 37 whales beached themselves and died along the North Carolina shore earlier this month soon after Navy vessels on a deep-water training mission off the coast used powerful sonar as part of the exercise.

Although the Navy says any connection between the strandings and its active sonar is "unlikely" -- because the underwater detection system was used more than 200 miles from where the whales beached themselves -- it is cooperating with other federal agencies probing a possible link. Government fisheries officials, as well as activists for whales, say the fact that three species of whales died in the incident suggests that sonar may have been the cause.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists "are looking at all the possible causes of this stranding, which was a significant one," spokeswoman Connie Barclay said. Although the number of whales that came ashore is far from a record for mass strandings, Barclay said that "it's very curious to have three different kinds of whales strand, and a number of possible causes are being examined. Sonar is certainly one of them."

The possible connection between naval sonar and the deaths of whales and other marine mammals has become an increasingly controversial issue since the Navy acknowledged that the loud blasts of its sonar helped cause a mass stranding of whales in the Bahamas in 2000. Since then, critics have accused the Navy of involvement in numerous mass strandings in U.S. and international waters, and federal environmental officials have concluded in some instances that the loud pulses from active sonar cannot be ruled out as a cause.

The North Carolina strandings could be especially problematic for the Navy because it hopes to establish a 500-square-nautical-mile underwater sonar testing range off that coast. The Navy says a draft environmental impact statement is near completion, and officials have said the range is a high priority.

Most of the animals that died in the latest incident were pilot whales, which stranded around the Oregon Inlet of the Outer Banks on Jan. 15. One newborn minke whale also beached at Corolla that day, and two dwarf sperm whales came ashore at Buxton on Jan. 16, locations about 60 miles north and south of the inlet. Six of the pilot whales were pregnant when they died, Barclay said.

None of the three whale species is considered endangered, though NOAA officials say their populations are relatively small and little understood in the Atlantic. But other endangered marine animals -- including right and humpback whales and numerous species of sea turtles -- regularly migrate through the waters off North Carolina.

Navy officials said that the USS Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group, based in Norfolk, was conducting an anti-submarine exercise about 240 nautical miles from the Oregon Inlet on Jan. 14 and 15.

In e-mailed answers to questions, the Navy said a review of activities after following the strandings concluded that "no Navy ships were using active sonar within 50 nautical miles radius" of the inlet on Jan. 15 or the four days preceding -- although one ship not associated with the strike group did use sonar for seven minutes about 90 nautical miles south-southeast of Oregon Inlet. The strike group was on its way to a deployment after the training exercise, the Navy said.

Sonar acts as the underwater eyes and ears of the Navy, and intermittent bursts are often used in transit to detect potential enemies and other dangers. In addition, Navy officials increasingly believe that inexpensive quiet submarines from hostile nations pose a potential threat and want to upgrade sonar tracking systems to protect against intrusions into U.S. coastal waters. The Navy now uses mid-frequency sonar for its tracking but wants to deploy a new generation of low-frequency sonar that travels much farther underwater and is more powerful.

The Navy has sometimes been slow to acknowledge that its ships were in an area where strandings occurred and has accepted responsibility only in the Bahamas event. Environmental activists said that track record makes them skeptical of the Navy's statements about the North Carolina strandings.

"The circumstances are troubling," said Michael Jasny, a lawyer for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has sued the Navy on other sonar-related issues. "After so many whale deaths caused by sonar, these latest strandings are a red flag. . . . Unfortunately, the Navy has a long history of denial."

The Outer Banks area is close to the Norfolk base and on the general course to where the exercises were held.

Most of the stranded whales were dead when they were found, and NOAA scientists are conducting necropsies of many of the animals to try to determine a cause of death. Although pilot whales travel in herds and are prone to strandings, the other two whale species are not, officials said.

Pilot and dwarf sperm whales are both deep-diving animals that feed off the ocean floor and slopes of the continental shelf. The other whale strandings linked to sonar use have also involved deep-diving species, such as the beaked whale. Researchers have theorized that the loud sounds of sonar can damage the whales' sensitive hearing system and cause them to surface too quickly from fright. After another stranding off the Canary Islands in 2002, researchers found unusual gas bubbles in some whale organs -- leading them to conclude that the animals suffered from a form of decompression sickness similar to the bends.

The Navy's plan for an East Coast underwater sonar testing range was first announced in 1996. Since then, the plan has been discussed internally and work on an environmental impact statement has proceeded, with some input from NOAA.

A Navy spokesman said last year that a final decision had not been made on where to locate the test site. But in April, the Atlantic Division of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command said in a statement: "The Navy's preferred site for the range is in the Cherry Point Operating Area located in Onslow Bay, southeast of New River, North Carolina, and approximately 105 km (57 nautical miles) from the North Carolina shoreline."

Informant: ItalysBadBoy

Cong. Conyers Asks FBI to Expand Investigation

Cong. Conyers Asks FBI to Expand Investigation into Clermont, Union, Fulton, Hocking, Monroe, Henry, and Harrison Counties

Ray Beckerman

Congressman Conyers has written to the FBI asking it to expand its investigation into further incidents in Clermont, Harrison, Union, Fulton, Hocking, Monroe, and Henry Counties.


From nov2truth.org news update

Ask Your Senators to Stand Up for Election Reform

VIVA 2005 - Ask Your Senators to Stand Up for Election Reform Today
Common Cause
Main Office: 202-833-1200

WASHINGTON -- February 1 -- Here at Common Cause, our work to fix the flawed election system continues. Last week invited our members and supporters to tell us how they would prioritize the issues on our 2005 agenda. Election reform received the highest percentage of votes, of the six issues we listed.

read article:

New Mexico Secretary of State Vigil-Giron Misrepresents Election Recount Efforts

Group Notes That New Mexico Secretary of State Vigil-Giron Misrepresents Election Recount Efforts

ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- February 1 -- Help America Recount, a group questioning the accuracy of the results of the Nov. 2 presidential election in New Mexico, says New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron has not told the truth about efforts by the Green and Libertarian presidential candidates to initiate a recount.

read article:

Neoconservativism: The Cult of Techno-Socialism


Informant: Terry Melanson


Posted by C.E. Carnicom on behalf of the author

May 22 2000

Mr. Carnicom:

I read the email you received from the anonymous mechanic and felt compelled to respond to it. I, too, work for an airline, though I work in upper management levels. I will not say which airline, what city I am located, nor what office I work for, for obvious reasons. I wish I could document everything I am about to relate to you, but to do so is next to impossible and would result in possible physical harm to me.

The email from the anonymous mechanic rings true. Airline companies in America have been participating in something called Project Cloverleaf for a few years now. The earliest date anyone remembers being briefed on it is 1998. I was briefed on it in 1999. The few airline employees who were briefed on Project Cloverleaf were all made to undergo background checks, and before we were briefed on it we were made to sign non-disclosure agreements, which basically state that if we tell anyone what we know we could be imprisoned.

About twenty employees in our office were briefed along with my by two officials from some government agency. They didn't tell us which one. They told us that the government was going to pay our airline, along with others, to release special chemicals from commercial aircraft. When asked what the chemicals were and why we were going to spray them, they told us that information was given on a need-to-know basis and we weren't cleared for it. They then went on to state that the chemicals were harmless, but the program was of such importance that it needed to be done at all costs. When we asked them why didn't they just rig military aircraft to spray these chemicals, they stated that there weren't enough military aircraft available to release chemicals on such a large basis as needs to be done. That's why Project Cloverleaf was initiated, to allow commercial airlines to assist in releasing these chemicals into the atmosphere. Then someone asked why all the secrecy was needed. The government reps then stated that if the general public knew that the aircraft they were flying on were releasing chemicals into the air, environmentalist groups would raise hell and demand the spraying stop. Someone asked one of the G-men then if the chemicals are harmless, why not tell the public what the chemicals are and why we are spraying them? He seemed perturbed at this question and told us in a tone of authority that the public doesn't need to know what's going on, but that this program is in their best interests. He also stated that we should not tell anyone, nor ask any more questions about it. With that, the briefing was over.

All documents in our office pertaining to Project Cloverleaf are kept in locked safes. Nobody is allowed to take these documents out of the office. Very few employees are allowed access to these documents, and they remain tight-lipped about what the documents say.

Mr. Carnicom, I am no fool. I know there's something going on. And frankly, I am scared. I feel a high level of guilt that I have been aware of this kind of operation but unable to tell anyone. It's been eating away at me, knowing that the company I work for may be poisoning the American people. I hope this letter will open some eyes to what's happening.

Again, I wish I could give you documented information, but you have to understand why I must remain totally anonymous.

Thank you.

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Informant: billder

Industry's Showplace for Radio Frequency (RFID)


RFID and automated identification technology


The Empire in Space


The Tyrannical State

It can never be trusted, says Michael Gaddy:

The Fair & Balanced Election


Censoring the Coverage of the Iraqi Elections: Limited to Filming at Only Five Polling Stations

American journalism sank to a new low in its coverage of the "demonstration elections" in Iraq, measured by the number of American journalists who challenged Washington's micro-managing of election coverage while on air: zero.

Just watching broadcast and cable television in the United States, you had no way of knowing that journalists were "limited to filming at only five polling stations" or that "it's American soldiers who will be transporting the ballot boxes around when they are full of votes" in Mosul, unless you happened to catch ITN's Julian Manyon on CNN International's program International Correspondents --


-- Yoshie

From ufpj-news

Iraq election - see through the propaganda and lies

With the past few days' avalanche of spin, you could be forgiven for thinking that on January 30 2005 the US-led occupation of Iraq ended and the people won their freedom and democratic rights. This has been a multi-layered campaign, reminiscent of the pre-war WMD frenzy and fantasies about the flowers Iraqis were collecting to throw at the invasion forces. How you could square the words democracy, free and fair with the brutal reality of occupation, martial law, a US-appointed election commission and secret candidates has rarely been allowed to get in the way of the hype.

If truth is the first casualty of war, reliable numbers must be the first casualty of an occupation-controlled election. The second layer of spin has been designed to convince us that an overwhelming majority of Iraqis participated. The initial claim of 72% having voted was quickly downgraded to 57% of those registered to vote. So what percentage of the adult population is registered to vote? The Iraqi ambassador in London was unable to enlighten me. In fact, as UN sources confirm, there has been no registration or published list of electors - all we are told is that about 14 million people were entitled to vote.

As for Iraqis abroad, the up to 4 million strong exiled community (with perhaps a little over 2 million entitled to vote) produced a 280,000 registration figure. Of those, 265,000 actually voted.

Source: The Guardian, UK

Read the whole article here:

Freedom from reality

by Robert Parry

In These Times


One of the most troubling crises confronting the world today is that the U.S. executive branch -- controlling the most fearsome arsenal in history -- has largely detached itself from reality and faces no counterforce in Washington capable of bringing it back down to earth. In that sense, George W. Bush's second inaugural address on January 20 stood out as a defining moment. Bush wrapped a grim record of presidential abuses -- an unprovoked invasion, extraordinary secrecy, tolerance of torture and indefinite imprisonments without trial -- in the noble cloak of 'freedom' and 'liberty,' words he uttered 27 and 15 times respectively, as if words can amend truth...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Train wreck of an election

by James Carroll

Boston Globe


Iraq is a train wreck. The man who caused it is not in trouble. Tomorrow night he will give his State of the Union speech, and the Washington establishment will applaud him. Tens of thousands of Iraqis are dead. More than 1,400 Americans are dead. An Arab nation is humiliated. Islamic hatred of the West is ignited. The American military is emasculated.

Lies define the foreign policy of the United States. On all sides of Operation Iraqi Freedom, there is wreckage. In the center, there are the dead, the maimed, the displaced -- those who will be the ghosts of this war for the rest of their days. All for what?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Orwell reborn

by Sean Gonsalves

Cape Cod Times


I know you think we are in the year 2005 but we're not. We are living in the year 1984. And this is the word (and the world) according to Orwell. Witness the thought-police out in full force, cloaked in 'patriotism.' Any criticism of our government's policies is popularly labeled 'anti-American.' Notice the proliferation of false, child-like dichotomies such as 'either you're with us or against us' and 'we're-good, they're evil,' international law, the Geneva Conventions and Abu Ghraib aside...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Qualifying officials

by Ed Lewis

Liberty For All


Politicians with rare exception are not the best of the best, or even the worst of the best, or hold any special talent other than being '(s)electable.' Of course, other special talent is not required, as one does not have to have any special abilities to be an official of government.

Why do I write that? Well, there are only two duties. The first is to uphold the Constitution for the united States of America and the rule of law established by Natural Law (inherent and unalienable rights), the unanimous Declaration of Independence of the thirteen united States of America, thereby allowing the people to exercise all rights without government interference. Their duty is to simply without fail obey the limitations placed on government by the Constitution for the united States of America...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A whopper of an inaugural address

by Sheldon Richman

Future of Freedom Foundation


We have come to understand that when the typical politician speaks, he ought not to be believed. Nevertheless, in his inaugural address last week President Bush achieved depths of incredibility deserving of a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Leave aside that his speech was preceded by his sworn promise to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.' We already know what he thinks of that oath. Four sentences into his speech Bush told an amazing whopper...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Freedom starts at home

by Francis A. Ney, Jr.

The Libertarian Enterprise


The second inaugural address by George 'Dubya' Bush promised the world that those who desire freedom would receive the full support of the United States. Given the events of the previous four years I have to wonder if the man even knows what 'freedom' means, since he's done a bang-up job of suppressing it. I mean, how free are you when stating an opinion in a gymnasium, or hanging a poster, or reading a web site print-out merits a visit from the FBI? How free are you when a donation to a charitable organization, or even playing a game of paintball can result in your arrest?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Videos show Guantanamo prisoner abuse

Indianapolis Star


Videotapes of riot squads subduing troublesome terror suspects at the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay show the guards punching some detainees, tying one to a gurney for questioning and forcing a dozen to strip from the waist down, according to a secret report. One squad was all-female, traumatizing some Muslim prisoners.

Investigators from U.S. Southern Command in Miami, which oversees the camp in Cuba, wrote the report that was obtained by The Associated Press after spending a little over a week in June reviewing 20 of some 500 hours of videotapes involving 'Immediate Reaction Forces.' The camp's layout prevented videotaping in all the cells where the five-person teams -- also known as 'Immediate Response Forces' -- operated, the report said...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Arbeitsamt und Arbeitszwang - Alltägliche Schikanen

"Ein Arbeitsuchender hätte bei mir schlechte Karten" Organisationschaos in "Arbeitsgemeinschaften" von Arbeitsagentur und Sozialamt. Personal ist unqualifiziert und wird falsch eingesetzt, Technik klappt nicht. Gespräch mit einer "Fallmanagerin" in einer Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Betreuung von Langzeitarbeitslosen in Schleswig-Holstein. Zu ihrem Schutz bleibt sie anonym. Interview von Ralf Wurzbacher in junge Welt vom 13.01.2005 //www.jungewelt.de/2005/01-13/022.php

(Lohn)Arbeit jenseits der "Arbeitsgesellschaft" - Diagnose und Perspektiven


Niemand darf zu einer bestimmten Arbeit gezwungen werden - Sozialdienst und "echtes" Grundeinkommen
Artikel von Gisela Notz vom Oktober 2004 (pdf)

"Netzwerk Grundeinkommen"

Newsletter Grundeinkommen Nr. 3 - Januar 2005 (pdf)

Newsletter Grundeinkommen Nr. 2 - November 2004

Newsletter Grundeinkommen Nr. 1 - Oktober 2004

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 2

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

Das Durchschnittsalter der Wohnungslosen in Deutschland sinkt beständig

Jung, ledig, obdachlos sucht...

Das Durchschnittsalter der Wohnungslosen in Deutschland sinkt beständig und liegt gegenwärtig bei 38 Jahren. Besonders süddeutsche Städte sind betroffen. Artikel in SZ vom 23.12.2004

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 2

Neue und alte Armut (trotz Arbeit)

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

Neue und alte Armut (trotz Arbeit)

Armut in Deutschland wächst. Einkommensverteilung weist zunehmende Schieflage auf.

"Die Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich ist seit der Amtsübernahme der rot-grünen Bundesregierung größer geworden. Als Grund nennt das Deutsche Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW) vor allem die gestiegene Arbeitslosigkeit. Nach den Erhebungen des DIW hatte im Jahr 2003 das ärmste Fünftel der Bevölkerung ein Haushaltsnettoeinkommen pro Kopf von im Schnitt 7584 Euro. Das sind preisbereinigt gut drei Prozent mehr als noch 1998. Im gleichen Zeitraum stieg die Kaufkraft jedoch beim Fünftel mit dem höchsten Einkommen um 12,3 Prozent auf 32 812 Euro. Seit dem Jahr 2000 sei ein neuerlicher Anstieg der relativen Armut in Deutschland zu beobachten.

Davon betroffen sind rund 15,3 Prozent der Bevölkerung - 1998 waren es erst 13 Prozent…." Artikel von Roland Bunzenthal in FR vom 28.01.2005

Jung, ledig, obdachlos sucht...

Das Durchschnittsalter der Wohnungslosen in Deutschland sinkt beständig und liegt gegenwärtig bei 38 Jahren. Besonders süddeutsche Städte sind betroffen. Artikel in SZ vom 23.12.2004 //www.sueddeutsche.de/,polm1/deutschland/artikel/217/45172/

Zitat zum Thema Kinderarmut

"Berlin: Das durch Hartz IV prognostizierte Ansteigen der Kinderarmut in Deutschland auf 2,5 Millionen Kinder wird von der Bundesregierung in Kürze durch einschneidende Maßnahmen verhindert. So soll das Eintrittsalter, ab wann man als arbeitslos oder sozialhilfeberechtigt eingestuft wird, für alle Bürger auf den Zeitpunkt der Geburt vorverlegt werden. Damit - so ein Pressesprecher - gibt es zwar 2,5 Millionen ALG II-Berechtigte mehr, aber dafür eben keine Kinderarmut. Voraussetzung ist allerdings, daß jedes Kind unmittelbar nach der Geburt seinen 16seitigen ALG II-Antrag eigenhändig ausfüllt und fristgerecht persönlich abgibt."

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 2


Eine Polemik gegen die Banalisierung der Armut zum Stil-Problem von Peter Fuchs, Professor für Soziologie in Neubrandenburg, in Frankfurter Rundschau vom 20.05.2005

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 25, Eintrag 13

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

(Dumping)Tarifverträge zu Leiharbeit

(Dumping)Tarifverträge zu Leiharbeit: Tarifvertrag zwischen DGB
und BZA

Anpassung im Osten ausgesetzt!

Die DGB-Gewerkschaften haben am 22. Dezember 2004 mit dem Bundesverband Zeitarbeit (BZA) vereinbart, dass die Ost-Entgelte später als bisher vereinbart angeglichen werden. Siehe dazu auch: Tarifverhandlungen 2005: Anpassung Entgeltdifferenzierung Ost ausgesetzt. "Die Tarifverhandlungskommission des Bundesverbandes Zeitarbeit Personal-Dienstleistungen (BZA) und die Tarifgemeinschaft Zeitarbeit des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes haben am 22. Dezember 2004 eine für die konjunkturelle Lage angemessene Vereinbarung getroffen. Die Entgeltdifferenzierung Ost beträgt auch weiterhin in 2005 bis zu 13,5 %. Rechtzeitig vor 2006 soll über die wirtschaftliche Lage in den neuen Ländern einschließlich des Landes Berlin beraten werden. Die Verhandlungsverpflichtung zu Branchenzuschlägen bleibt bestehen und wird nach dem 01.10.2005 unter Berücksichtigung der wirtschaftlichen Situation der Zeitarbeitbranche erneut aufgenommen…"

BZA-Pressemitteilung vom 22.12.2004

Dies wird in den Unternehmen freudig umgesetzt:

Unternehmen: Randstad

Randstad ist mit der größte Arbeitgeber in den neuen Bundesländern
mit fast 7000 Beschäftigten

Randstad profitiert gerne von der verlängerten Tarifabsenkung im Osten und geht von einer Aussetzung für mind. das gesamte Jahr 2005 aus - so ist der Information an alle Beschäftigte vom 10.1. zu
entnehmen (pdf)
und dies, obwohl die Vereinbarung zwischen DB und BZA lautet, dass die Entgelte 2005 um 13,5 Prozent und 2006 um 10,5 Prozent unter dem West-Niveau liegen können (was schlimm genug ist!). Randstad soll andernfalls mit Betriebsschließungen im Osten drohen…

Neben der arbeitsmarktpolitischen Flankierung dürfte darin der Grund für die ökonomischen Erfolge von Randstad liegen:

"Randstad Konzern verbessert Profitabilität um 80%. In Deutschland verzeichnet Randstad 11 % Umsatzwachstum", so Pressemitteilung vom 03.11.2004

Aus dem Text: "…. Im Vergleich zum dritten Quartal 2003 erhöhte sich der Umsatz bei Deutschlands größtem Personaldienstleister Randstad um 11 Prozent. "Wir haben in Deutschland bereits zum vierten Mal in Folge die Quartalsergebnisse verbessert", meint dazu Heide Franken, Geschäftsführerin Randstad Deutschland. "Für die Zeitarbeitsbranche sehen wir insgesamt eine Fortsetzung des positiven Trends"….

Dabei sind die Beschäftigten - über die unglaublich niedrige Bezahlung hinaus - keinesfalls mit dem Tarifvertrag zufrieden, wie das Unternehmen selbst zugibt:

"Wir können mehr Mitarbeiter an Bord behalten". Ein Jahr ist der Branchentarifvertrag (BTV), der zwischen Bundesverband Zeitarbeit und DGB ausgehandelt wurde, in Kraft. Holger Grape, Direktor für Tarif- und Betriebspolitik, zieht eine Zwischenbilanz. Interview in randstadmemo Ausgabe 1/2005

Aus dem Text: "…Aber 35-Stunden-Woche und Arbeitszeitkonto kamen bei vielen Mitarbeitern gar nicht gut an ... Holger Grape: "Das ist verständlich. Aber man sollte das auch einmal aus einer anderen Perspektive sehen: Denn die Kombination beider Maßnahmen sichert Beschäftigung. Früher mussten wir uns in auftragsschwächeren Zeiten oft von Mitarbeitern trennen. Mit dem Überstundenausgleich können wir jetzt viele an Bord behalten. Leider nicht alle - aber auf jeden Fall deutlich mehr als früher." Gibt es Überlegungen, den BTV in dieser Hinsicht zu reformieren? Holger Grape: "Es gibt inzwischen durchaus wieder Mitarbeiter mit einer voll ausbezahlten 40-Stunden-Woche. Wenn dies auftragsbedingt nötig ist, lässt der BTV dies zu - und seit einigen Monaten nutzen wir diese Möglichkeit auch. Darüber hinaus werden wir uns demnächst mit unseren Tarifpartnern von den Gewerkschaften gemeinsam an einen Tisch setzen und eine Zwischenbilanz ziehen. Ob Änderungen dabei herauskommen, bleibt abzuwarten…."

Nach uns vorliegenden Informationen verdienen selbst Hochschulabsolventen nach regelmäßigen, überdurchschnittlich vielen Überstunden maximal 751 €, während der Rest auf dem Zeitkonto verschwindet. Der Informant: "Mit dem Zeitkonto kann ich aber nicht im Supermarkt bezahlen"!

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 2

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

7 Millionen ohne Existenz sichernde Arbeit - das ist eine Schande


7 Millionen ohne Existenz sichernde Arbeit - das ist eine Schande

Zur Situation auf dem Arbeitsmarkt im Monat Januar erklärt Bundesgeschäftsführer Rolf Kutzmutz:

Die offiziellen Arbeitslosenzahlen haben den höchsten Stand seit Bestehen der Bundesrepublik erreicht. Das ist eine Schande. Die 5,037 Millionen arbeitslosen Menschen im Land sind jedoch nicht die ganze Wahrheit. Die Statistik ist nach wie vor um Menschen in Fortbildung, Trainingsmaßnahmen, ABM und Ein-Euro-Jobs bereinigt. Insgesamt suchen bis zu sieben Millionen Menschen eine Existenz sichernde Arbeit.

Wer nun vor allem Hartz IV für den Anstieg verantwortlich macht, betreibt Augenauswischerei. Die so genannten Arbeitsmarktreformen der Bundesregierung laufen seit über einem Jahr, sie haben nur eines gebracht: eine rigide Beschneidung des sozialen Netzes und einen Anstieg der Armut. Hartz IV ist ein schlechtes und ein schlecht gemachtes Gesetz. Die Regelsätze sind nicht bedarfsdeckend und müssen in Ost und West auf mindestens 400 Euro angehoben werden. Die Eingliederungsmittel reichen hinten und vorne nicht. Es gibt eine Vielzahl falscher Bescheide, gegen die die Betroffenen unbedingt Widerspruch einlegen sollten. Nach unserer Auffassung ist die Widerspruchsfrist noch nicht vorbei.

Das Überspringen der Fünf-Millionen-Marke zeigt wie nichts anderes das Versagen der Bundesregierung. Ihre angebotsorientierte Politik gegenüber Unternehmerverbänden, Wirtschaft und Industrie hat den Anstieg der Zahlen nicht aufhalten können. Im Gegenteil: Vor sechs Jahren bei Regierungsantritt waren knapp 4,5 Millionen Menschen offiziell arbeitslos, jetzt sind es mehr als fünf Millionen. Die Verlierer der Politik von Rot-Grün sind Arbeitnehmer, Arbeitslose und sozial Schwache.

Der Kampf gegen die Massenarbeitslosigkeit wird für die PDS ein Schwerpunkt in den politischen Auseinandersetzungen bis hin zum Bundestagswahlkampf sein. Kanzler Schröder wollte sich daran messen lassen und er wird daran gemessen werden. Notwendig sind endlich politische Konzepte, die nicht die Arbeitslosen, sondern die Massenarbeitslosigkeit wirksam bekämpfen Alternativen für Arbeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit.

Für die PDS gehören dazu:

* der konsequente Abbau der Überstunden,
* der Aufbau eines öffentlich geförderten Beschäftigungssektors und die Förderung regionaler Wirtschaftskreisläufe,
* das Vorziehen von Infrastrukturmaßnahmen und öffentlichen Investitionen in Ostdeutschland.

Datum: 02.02.2005
© www.sozialisten.de

1-Euro-Jobs - vom Verarmungsprogramm Hartz IV profitieren

(Dumping)Tarifverträge zu Leiharbeit

Post von Wagner

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

Was unsere Abgeordneten noch nebenbei verdienen

Kabinett will Handynutzer vor Verschuldung schützen


Omega: warum aber nicht vor der gesundheitsgefährdenden Strahlung?

AWO hilft Schülern aus der Handy-Schuldenfalle

Die Berater klärten ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger über die gefährliche Kostenspirale auf

Kreis Pinneberg - Tina Rehder (44) ist begeistert. "Der Anfang an den Schulen war ein riesiger Erfolg!", freute sich die Schuldnerberaterin der Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) Unterelbe. Insgesamt 217 Jugendliche plus 108 Erwachsene wurden von der Bankfachwirtin im Rahmen des neuen Präventionsprogrammes informiert. "Die Resonanz war sehr gut. Nahezu alle haben aktiv mitgemacht - und viele ihre persönliche Betroffenheit erkannt", lautete Tina Rehders Fazit der Anlaufphase.

Handykauf und Telefongebühren, Konsum und Überschuldung - das sind die Themen, für die die Finanzfachfrau Interesse bei Jugendlichen ab zwölf Jahren wecken möchte. Eigens für diese in den vergangenen Jahren zu kurz gekommene Präventionsarbeit war sie eingestellt worden. Das Sozialministerium und eine Zuwendung aus dem Regionalsponsoringprogramm des Wedeler Pharmaunternehmens AstraZeneca hatten es möglich gemacht.

Nach Berichten unter anderem in der Pinneberger Zeitung war die Nachfrage seitens der Schulen immens. Kompetent, aber nicht verbissen, spielerisch statt mit erhobenem Zeigefinger werden die jungen Konsumenten mit der Problematik vertraut gemacht. "Da kommt es oft zu ganz verblüffenden Erkenntnissen. Viele Schüler schätzen anfangs Kosten und die Schuldengefahr besonders durch Mobiltelefone völlig falsch ein", sagt die Beraterin.

Sie läßt es nicht bei der Aufklärung über Schulden-Fallen bewenden, sondern gibt ganz konkrete Ratschläge , wie man ihnen entkommt. "In den Veranstaltungen fassen oft Betroffene Vertrauen und kommen im Nachhinein zu mir, um ihren speziellen Fall einmal zu besprechen und dann Hilfe zu bekommen", sagt Tina Rehder.

Weil diese Veranstaltungen in den Schulen so gut angelaufen sind, werden sie intensiv fortgesetzt. Der Bedarf ist da, denn jeder zehnte Jugendliche ist verschuldet, das Durchschnittsdefizit beläuft sich auf 1550 Euro. Weitere Informationen sind unter 04121/897939 und //www.AWO-Unterelbe.de zu bekommen. fr

Erschienen am 2. Februar 2005 in Pinneberg

Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Bericht vom ersten Mobilfunk-Symposium Bamberg


Symposium in Bamberg: Ärzte und Wissenschaftler warnen vor Gesundheitsgefahren

„Eine unterschätzte Gefahr“


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