Halliburton Wins in Iraq with $9.6 Billion and More


Powell Slams Rumsfeld, But Politely


Was Hunter Thompson Suicided?

Sherman SkolnicK: Was Hunter Thompson Suicided?


published in Conspiracy Planet, Saturday, February 26

Sherman Skolnick has addressed this issue Monday, 2/21, on Jeff Rense's show, http://www.rense.com, & Tuesday, 2/22, on his own Cloak‡ show, http://www.cloakanddagger.ca, as well.

Skolnick reports that Thompson was working on an expose of the homosexual pedophile underground which permeates the MSM, Washington, DC, & BOTH political parties, a la the Franklin Coverup scandal of the 80's & 90's.

The danger of the Jeff Gannon scandal is causing panic among the MSM & DC, according to Skolnick.

Skolnick claims that Gannon AKA Gluckert is really Johnny Gosch, who was kidnapped as a child in 1982 & pressed into a pedophile prostitution ring which was directly connected to Franklin. SS advises to google "Johnny Gosch" & be amazed at the results. ...

Read more at:
http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=94&contentid=1950 or http://tinyurl.com/4fh87 Couldn't get the CloakandDagger story to come up; perhaps I need to be a member or something. But the beat goes on: CloakandDagger had this on the front page when I was trying to check out...

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HUNTER S. THOMPSON: He warned friends that he might be 'suicided' because of his next book


The moment I heard of the suicide, I thought to myself..."I bet the next book he was working on had something to do with the government, or 911, or the Bush administration. Why would a guy, who was anti-government, who had a compound, and who was rich, kill himself? That would be like me (except rich and with a compound) killing myself for no reason.
Too bad he didn't see this coming. Anyone who knows ANYONE trying to publish an anti-government book, make sure to let that person know to always travel with another person. Double suicide would be a hard one, even for idiot masses to swallow.


Hunter Thompson was working on WTC collapse story before mysterious sudden death, warned he'd be 'suicided'

Total 9/11 Info/Prison Planet | March 2 2005

Toronto Globe and Mail February 26, 2005:

Hunter telephoned me on Feb. 19, the night before his death. He sounded scared. It wasn't always easy to understand what he said, particularly over the phone, he mumbled, yet when there was something he really wanted you to understand, you did. He'd been working on a story about the World Trade Center attacks and had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations. Now he thought someone was out to stop him publishing it: "They're gonna make it look like suicide," he said. "I know how these bastards think . . ."

Hunter S. Thompson ... was indeed working on such a story.

Now check out this February 25 Associated Press
http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/books/02/25/thompsondeath.wife.ap/ story about Thompson's death. Sounds a lot like a professional hit with a silencer:

"I was on the phone with him, he set the receiver down and he did it. I heard the clicking of the gun," Anita Thompson told the Aspen Daily News in Friday's editions.

She said her husband had asked her to come home from a health club so they could work on his weekly ESPN column...

Thompson said she heard a loud, muffled noise, but didn't know what had happened. "I was waiting for him to get back on the phone," she said.

(Her account to Rocky Mountain News reporter Jeff Kass is slightly different: "I did not hear any bang," she told Kass. She added that Thompson's son, who was in the house at the time, believed that a book had fallen when he heard the shot, according to Kass' report.)

Mack White sums up the questions well:
Thompson's family says he was not depressed, nor was he in enough to pain to kill himself. In fact, by all reports, he was quite happy. He was talking on the phone to his wife, getting ready to work on his column, when he decided it would be wise to kill himself, so that he could go out (we are told) while "still at the top of his form," even though this would mean not finishing his column or his expose on 9/11 (potentially the most important thing he would ever write) (?)...

RELATED: Hunter S. Thompson Suicide Story Changes

This account says Thompson killed himself while sitting in a chair on his typewriter and yet the original account
http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/books/02/25/thompsondeath.wife.ap/ tells us that Thompson shot himself while talking to his wife on the phone in the kitchen. Why has the story changed and what is the significance of the word typed on the paper in light of the fact that Thompson said he would be 'suicided' before being able to release a major story on explosives bringing down the twin towers?

RELATED: Hunter S. Thompson thought 9/11 an inside job

Hunter Thompson friend confirms journalist was on to White House callboy story

Informant: Andy

Murdering the messengers, fabricating the news


On God's Side

Jim Wallis talks about 'God's Politics' and values – by which Wallis doesn't mean hate, greed, and war-mongering.

A BuzzFlash Interview. Posted February 23, 2005.

... [R]eligion has to be disciplined by democracy. That means you don't enter the public square and say I'm religious so I ought to win. Or God has spoken to me directly and I have the fix for Social Security. You say my faith motivates me. It shapes my convictions or it compels me to act on behalf of the poor, or peace, or whatever. – Jim Wallis, God's Politics

Christianity Today describes Jim Wallis as "an evangelical leader in the faith-based [l]eft and a frequent critic of George W. Bush." Is there any wonder BuzzFlash is drawn to him? Both preacher and down-in-the-trenches social justice activist, Wallis currently is touring the country as a New York Times best-selling author discussing and signing his book, God's Politics. Not surprisingly, Wallis' message of inclusion and involvement is reverberating with Christians who don't like the right wing's "holier than thou" approach to politics, with its narrow and divisive emphasis on abortion and gay marriage. BuzzFlash talked with Jim Wallis about progressive values, God, and good deeds. ... To read the interview, go to http://www.alternet.org/story/21327/

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Iraq's "liberation" comes with a ballooning price tag

Bush never addressed the question of cost. From the start, the administration has been, and continues to be, evasive about the costs of war in Iraq.


From Information Clearing House

Tierische Cyborgs

Fernsteuerbare Ratten, Polizeihunde mit Videokameras und Militärhunde mit Schussweste...


'World being ruled by private military companies'


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

California Company Pulls out of Program to Track Student Movements

The Sutter, California based company InCom announced on February 15, 2005 at a packed special school district meeting of the Brittan School Board that it would end its pilot program to require students to wear Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) badges that track the students' movements. The decision came after the ACLU of Northern California and other organizations urged school officials to end the program after being contacted by several parents.

Sutter resident Dawn Cantrall, who has a child in the 7th grade, added: "We are proud that we stopped it here in Sutter and we will continue to fight to make sure that no child is ever forced to have an RFID badge. As parents, it is our duty to keep our children safe and it is not safe to have tracking devices in student badges."

Dawn and her husband Michael Cantrall filed a formal complaint against the Brittan Elementary School Board on January 30 after meeting with several school officials. Like other parents, the Cantralls only learned about the program, which was introduced on January 18, when their child came home wearing the tracking device.

"This is a tremendous victory for the students and families of Sutter," said Nicole Ozer, Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director of the ACLU of Northern California. "However, this is not just an issue affecting school children. The potential use of RFIDs in other identity documents, such as driver's licenses and medical cards, should be of concern to all Californians. RFIDs in identity documents is an issue that requires a statewide response and we plan to encourage legislative action on this front."

Read the press release on this issue.

Torture FOIA Documents

Army files obtained by the ACLU reveal previously undisclosed allegations of abuse by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among the documents are reports that a detainee who was beaten and seriously injured was forced to drop his claims in order to be released from custody.

Read Torture FOIA Documents

The release of these documents follows a federal court order that directed the Defense Department and other government agencies to comply with a year-old request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed by the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Physicians for Human Rights, Veterans for Common Sense and Veterans for Peace. The New York Civil Liberties Union is co-counsel in the case.

One of the recently released files reports that U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan posed for photographs of mock executions with hooded and bound detainees, and that some of these photographs were intentionally destroyed after the Abu Ghraib scandal to avoid "another public outrage."

"These files provide more evidence, if any were needed, that abuse was not limited to Abu Ghraib," said ACLU staff attorney Jameel Jaffer. "Unfortunately, it's now clear that the government failed to investigate many of these abuses until the Abu Ghraib photographs came to light."

Attorneys for the ACLU and other organizations named in the lawsuit will appear in federal court in New York on February 25 to address the inadequacy of the government's response to requests for records regarding the treatment of detainees held by the United States at military bases and other detention facilities overseas, including Guantánamo Bay.

Friday's case is another step in the continuing investigation by the ACLU over detainee abuse. Read more about ACLU actions taken to uncover the truth about the abuse.

Buffalo Field Campaign Update 02/24/05

Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC)
News from the Field
February 24, 2005

View New and Exclusive Video Footage at:

In this Issue:
* Update from the Field
* A Plea to Tribal Members
* Thank You for Supporting the Yellowstone Buffalo
* On the Legislative Front
* Letter to the Editor--Wildlife Mismanagement in Wyoming and Montana
* Last Words - a Poem on Yesterday's Haze

* Update from the Field
It's 7:55 a.m on Wednesday, and as I sit on a.m. radios, my thoughts turn back to a few days ago when I was on patrol on the Madison River. It was a cold, snowy day, and to me, it was astonishing. As my partners and I began our patrol that morning, we were greeted by two bald eagles flying up the Madison. We were there to find a bull buffalo which had crossed Highway 191 the day before. We slowly skied along the river, following the buffalo's tracks, which were clearly marked in the snow. We followed reverently, noticing where he had stopped to graze or bed down. Shortly though, we became baffled. The tracks led to a spot next to the river and disappeared. We searched for the remainder of the morning, to no avail. The buffalo had apparently vanished into thin air.

It was nearing shift change, so we headed back toward the road and met up with the patrol on the northeast side of the river. We huddled around the small fire as snow flurries whipped around us. But my day was far from over. At shift change, three new volunteers met me for the afternoon shift. After chatting around the fire for a few minutes, we carefully extinguished it and headed back toward the west side of the river. We followed the old tracks once again, hoping to find something we had overlooked. We did. Luckily we found tracks winding through a stand of firs. We were on the right track. As we progressed, we came upon a spot where the buffalo had stopped to graze. We could tell he had been there rather recently and decided that it was a fine spot to stop for a bit of lunch. After devouring fresh oranges, we continued on our way. As we struggled to cross a small tributary, one of my patrol partners spotted the buffalo less than 50 feet away, sheltered under a large tree. As I struggled to cross the tributary on my skis, I fancied I saw a gleam of amusement in his eye.

As it nears 8:30 a.m., four days later, the radio crackles to life. The Duck Creek patrol is calling. I answer swiftly. As I listen to Duck Creek tell me that the DOL is warming up their snowmobiles, my heart breaks. For I know that soon the very same buffalo I shared a day with, along with another bull who had later joined him, will soon be needlessly accosted. They will be chased by snowmobiles, driven by DOL, U.S. Forest Service, and MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks agents. They will be assisted by the Montana Highway Patrol, and Gallatin County sheriffs, and unbelievably, the National Park Service. These agents disturb much wildlife and the ecosystem as they race their snowmobiles through tributaries and crush willows under their treads. No sweat off their backs. But what of the buffalo who will be forced to run, breaking trail through 3 or 4 feet of snow for several miles using up much of his energy? As if this torture wasn't enough, they will be exposed to the shock and loud noise of "cracker rounds" - explosive shells fired from a shotgun.

All of this because the buffalo dared to follow his instinct. To come down from higher elevations where food was a little bit easier to find. I wonder how it has come to this. How have "wild, free-roaming" buffalo been placed under the control of the DOL? How can agencies who are supposed to protect our national and state land and wildlife sanction torture and slaughter? Things could be worse, I suppose. The buffalo could have been captured. They could have been slaughtered. As for me... My heart has been captured by these magnificent creatures. And every move against them slaughters a part of me.

BFC Volunteer
View BFC's exclusive video footage of yesterday's haze by clicking here:

* A Plea to Tribal Members

Far be it for Buffalo Field Campaign to attempt to convey to the Indian people in this country the sacredness of the buffalo. But we do need to let you know that the last wild herd is under relentless attack and in need your help. We are here on the front lines with the buffalo every day, and we see firsthand what is happening to them in the field, and at the tables where decisions regarding their immediate future are being made. The state and federal agencies who harass and slaughter the buffalo, and the legislators in the state of Montana who perpetuate more forms of madness, continue to use tribes in an effort to capture and hold prisoner (quarantine) members of the country's last wild, genetically pure herd. There is a bill before the Montana legislature right now that calls for the MT Department of Livestock to capture, neuter and quarantine wild buffalo migrating from Yellowstone National Park, all in an effort to start herds on tribal lands. This is far more than insulting, and it is moving through the legislature quickly. Buffalo should be restored to tribal lands, and all of their native habitat, but there are far better solutions than rounding them up like cattle, holding them prisoner for any length of time, and shipping them off in trucks like livestock.

A central part of Buffalo Field Campaign's mission is to increase tribal participation in management decisions affecting the Yellowstone herd. With respect for the buffalo, and the strong relationship between the Indian people and the buffalo, we offer ourselves as a resource and ally so that together, we can be assured of a future in which wild, free-roaming buffalo re-inhabit their traditional land.

If you are a tribal member, please send us your contact information so that as urgent matters arise in which your voice can immediately help the buffalo, we can reach you and build a stronger network that is a righteous and powerful voice for the buffalo. Please email Stephany at bfc-media@wildrockies.org with your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, tribal affiliation, and include contact information for any other tribal representatives or individuals such as organizations, media outlets, colleges, legislators, traditionalists, web sites, artists, etc. you feel we need to make a connection with. You can continue to help spread the word about what is happening to the last herd of unfenced buffalo in this country. We have hundreds of newsletters available to send to you if you can distribute them, video footage you can show in your community, you can subscribe your friends and relatives to our weekly Updates from the Field, you can help circulate a petition to list the Yellowstone buffalo as a "distinct population segment" under the Endangered Species Act, and of course you can come and volunteer on the front lines with us. And we know you have powerful ideas of your own. There are many things that we can do together to stop the slaughter of these gentle, holy giants. Let us begin now.

In solidarity for the buffalo,

* Thank You for Supporting the Yellowstone Buffalo

Greetings Buffalo friends and family,

As our good friend Rosalie Little Thunder told us several years ago - with the buffalo, just be careful what you wish for - you just might get it. Your response to last week's plea for financial help was great. The kind words of encouragement and donations have brought us close to meeting our first of the month financial commitments. THANK YOU for your passion and dedication to our vision of wild free roaming buffalo for future generations! Together we are making a difference!

We will forge ahead on the public awareness, legislative, scientific and on the ground frontlines work. We know that each of you will be helping the buffalo with your own special talents - whether by recycling printer cartridges, passing our web address on to friends, writing letters, or hosting a video showing or benefit. As many of you know - our supporter to supporter program is always full of surprises. Thanks to DJ for the 6 inch stuffed buffalo toys! Any donation of over fifty dollars will bring one of these little critters to you in your mailbox to sit above your computer or share with a young one. Secure online donations (www.buffalofieldcampaign.org) as well as mailed contributions (to: BFC, POB 957,West Yellowstone, MT 59758) both qualify! See stuffed buffalo here: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/media/update0405/022405.html#stuffed

Starting on March 2nd, O'Ceallaigh Originals will be offering some beautiful gourd art FOR THE BUFFALO! at auction along with an author-signed copy of Buffalo Medicine by April Christofferson. It is a beautiful hand-crafted one of a kind gourd buffalo mask with faux fur and glass and stone beadwork. We'll send a quick reminder out on the second so that you can all have the opportunity to look at these items. Thanks Mel & April! View a photo of the mask here:

The gourd mask will be EBay Item number 7303557668 starting March 2 and ending March 12th.

Other supporter to supporter incentives are also coming online and we will keep you updated.

With deepest respect we offer thanks for your support of our true grassroots work for the buffalo! Enjoy the update and we look forward to hearing from you!

For all that's wild and free,

* On the Legislative Front

With the legislative session ending in March, the Montana State Legislature has been incredibly busy making life more difficult for the Yellowstone herd. Here's a quick update on the status of bison legislation migrating (and not) through the Montana Legislature, and a bit on the money and influences behind the sponsors.

SB 353 - titled transfer neutered wild bison to tribal organizations
* Sponsored by Sen. Gerald Pease from Lodge Grass, affiliated with the Crow
* Sen. Pease had no donors listed as contributors to his campaign: http://www.followthemoney.org/database/StateGlance/candidate.phtml?si=200426&c=401696
* Passed Senate Natural Resources committee on 5-4 vote
* 3rd and final reading in the Senate passed 41 to 9
* Transmitted to the House; no assignment yet on which committee will hear the bill
click here for the latest vote: http://data.opi.state.mt.us/bills/2005/Votes/s0448.txt

HJR 22 - joint resolution on bison management naming APHIS as lead agency to eradicate brucellosis from elk and bison
* Sponsored by Rep. Jim Peterson from Buffalo, affiliated with the Montana Stockgrowers Association (10 years), National Cattleman's Beef Association, US Meat Export Association, Montana Grain Growers
* The names of Rep. Peterson's top donors can be found here: http://www.followthemoney.org/database/StateGlance/candidate.phtml?si=200426&c=401699
* Amended resolution passed House Agriculture committee on 16-4 vote Feb 18
* 3rd and final reading in the House passed 72-27
* Transmitted to the Senate
click here for the vote: http://data.opi.state.mt.us/bills/2005/Votes/H043039.txt

TAKE ACTION: Montana residents should contact their House and Senate members, and urge them to vote for buffalo, not these bills. Folks out-of-state and in Montana should contact Governor Brian Schweitzer, and let him know that these buffalo do not belong to the state of Montana, and that he should do what is within his power to stop these measures from becoming law. Please also write letters to the editor of Montana newspapers, especially the Helena Independent Record, which is read by legislators and the Governor.

Montana Senate: http://leg.state.mt.us/css/senate/default.asp
Montana House: http://leg.state.mt.us/css/house/default.asp
Montana Governor: http://governor.mt.gov/
Letters to the Editor: http://buffalofieldcampaign.org/actnow/lte.html
Thank you for taking action for the buffalo!
* Letters to the Editor

Thanks to our friend Robert Hoskins for his steadfast work on behalf of the buffalo and elk of the Greater Yellowstone Area. Robert has submitted the following letter to the editor to area papers:

The states of Montana and Wyoming seem to be in a horse race to see who can do the best job of mismanaging elk and bison. Unfortunately, the Montana House of Representatives' House Joint Resolution No. 22 (HJ22), which calls for a federal takeover of elk and bison management in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for brucellosis control, threatens to upset that horse race.

Wyoming, through its elk feedgrounds, has sustained brucellosis at such a high seroprevalence in elk west of the Continental Divide that the State has now lost its brucellosis-free status, with three confirmed outbreaks of brucellosis in cattle herds west of the Divide within the space of a year.

Now, to compound the problem of brucellosis in elk, the State is determined to impose a test and slaughter pilot project on the Pinedale Elk Herd, ostensibly to reduce the Herd's brucellosis seroprevalence.

This project is a follow up to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department's two decades long Strain 19 vaccination program on the elk feedgrounds. Scientific peer review has determined that the program is invalid due to poor experimental design, inadequate sampling, and serious errors of statistical analysis.

Expect the same high degree of scientific incompetence to apply to the test and slaughter project.

In Montana, HJ22 asserts, in a most startling fashion, that the feds could do a better job of mismanaging bison than can Montana's Department of Livestock.

I disagree. Montana's DOL has an excellent track record of mismanaging bison, with its mindless slaughter, puerile hazing activities, and malicious capture and quarantine methods. The DOL is right up there with the best.

HJ22 is truly unnecessary, and I hope Montana's Senate kills it. Neither Montana's DOL with its brutality nor Wyoming's G&F Department with its incompetence needs any assistance from the feds in their mutual competition to see who can completely destroy the wildness of elk and bison first.

Robert Hoskins
Crowheart WY 82512

* Last Words

February 23, 2005

They hazed two bison back in the park
at 10:15 this morning
Agencies funded by tax dollars
for the people and by the people
Montana Department of Livestock
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
USDA Forest Service
Sheriffs and the National Park Service
Working together to move, shove, "scootch", pull, push, remove, control, lead, bully
these wild creatures back where they "belong"

If these animals could only speak for themselves
If they could share their stories of living through
the centuries despite the efforts of great and corruption
ongoing consumption
leading to destruction
of native and land
tame the fields and plow the earth
haze a baby - as mama's giving birth
torture the natives and take the land
Lie to the masses so we won't understand
fill them with propaganda
- keep up with corruption
force them to work - to blindly adhere
push them out of love and understanding
- into fear
convince them progressive imperialism is the only way
take the wild
and kill the stray

The weak, the passive, the peaceful will die
Then this force of evil will try
Destroying, employing, and controlling - but why?
Do they not know what they're doing is wrong?
Fears masked and armored with guns

Where is the great goddess to show them the way?
Where is the divine - to shelter the stray?
Mother Earth - to protect, destroy and create
Please don't abandon those who need you most
Protect the innocent and shelter the few
Who still hold strong - praying for you

By Natalie Schafrath
BFC Volunteer

Buffalo Field Campaign
PO Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
(406) 646-0070

Tell Members of Congress to Keep Arctic Drilling OUT of the Budget Bill

Take Action

Tell Members of Congress to Keep Arctic Drilling OUT of the Budget Bill

The fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an incomparable wilderness and wildlife sanctuary, may be decided in the next two to three weeks. In early March, oil industry allies in the House and Senate are expected to attempt a sneaky backdoor maneuver to attach Arctic drilling to the upcoming federal budget bill.

Even if you have taken action on this already, we need you to do so again. Please tell your members of Congress to firmly oppose Arctic Refuge oil drilling in the budget bill.

Take immediate action now by clicking here:

Photo above: Rainbow over the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, AK. Courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Service. Photo below: Caribou on the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Courtesy of Ken Whitten.


The budget bill is the greatest threat to the Arctic Refuge we will see this year. Drilling proponents know the issue is too controversial to use the normal legislative process to open the Refuge to oil drilling. Instead they hope to win the Refuge by attaching oil drilling legislation to the must-pass Budget bill which needs just a simple majority to pass.

The issue of oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge is too important to the American public and future generations to be snuck through in the budget bill in an attempt to circumvent the established process. If it is to be considered at all, it should be discussed and brought to a vote on its own merits.

Not This Place

There are some places that should be off-limits to oil drilling and industrial development, and the Arctic Refuge is one of them. The harm to wildlife habitat for polar bear, caribou, and millions of migratory birds would be permanent and irreparable. We have a moral responsibility to save wild places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for future generations. That's why our country has remained committed to its protection for nearly 50 years.

Not a Solution to Energy Problems

Drilling in the Refuge won't solve our energy problems. It is not worth damaging America's greatest national wildlife refuge for what the U.S. Geological Survey says would be far less oil than the U.S. consumes in a single year.

It's misleading and untrue to say oil drilling won't harm the environment, since the result would be a sprawling industrial complex of drilling sites spread throughout one and a half million acres of critical wildlife habitat. Hundreds of miles of pipelines and roads, airstrips, power lines and pumping stations and housing for workers would be needed, as well as tankers to transport this oil - risking further oil spills in critical habitat. And even the oil companies admit none of the oil would reach the market for 10 years.

The best ways to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil are to conserve more, make cars more fuel efficient, and invest in renewable forms of energy like wind and solar.

Please Take Action, and Ask Your Friends To Do So As Well

Please contact your members of Congress with your urgent request about preventing drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge now.

Our ability to prevent the backdoor budget maneuver will hinge on our ability to convince Congress that, as William O. Douglas once said, "This last American wilderness must remain sacrosanct." Please take action, and then forward this message to ten of your friends and ask them to do the same.

Or send your own letter using the sample below. You can look up contact information for your Members of Congress at:

As always, we thank you for your help. We cannot succeed without your steadfast support and activism!

Sample Letter

Dear Senator/Representative:

Within the next few weeks you and your colleagues will be voting on the FY2006 budget bill. I strongly urge you to stop any and all attempts to insert Arctic Refuge oil drilling in the upcoming budget legislation.

The issue of oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge is too important to the American public and future generations to be snuck through in the budget bill in an attempt to circumvent the established process. If it is to be considered at all, it should be discussed and brought to a vote on its own merits.

There are some places that should be off-limits to oil drilling and industrial development, and the Arctic Refuge is one of them. We have a moral responsibility to save wild places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for future generations. That's why our country has remained committed to its protection for nearly 50 years.

Drilling in the Refuge won't solve our energy problems. The best ways to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil are to conserve more, develop more fuel-efficient cars, and invest in renewable forms of energy like wind and solar power.

And it's misleading and untrue to say oil drilling won't harm the environment, since the result would be a sprawling industrial complex of drilling sites spread throughout one and a half million acres of critical wildlife habitat. Hundreds of miles of pipelines and roads, airstrips, power lines and pumping stations and housing for workers would be needed, as well as tankers to transport this oil -- risking further oil spills in critical habitat. And even the oil companies admit none of the oil would reach the market for 10 years.

I'm counting on your leadership to keep the Arctic Refuge out of the Budget bill.

(Include your name and address)

Words to Inspire

"The Arctic has a call that is compelling. The distant mountains [of the Brooks Range in Alaska] make one want to go on and on over the next ridge and over the one beyond. The call is that of a wilderness known only to a few...This last American wilderness must remain sacrosanct."
- William O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1960.

Links from McMurtrey's paper


Applied Physiology paper on auditory influence via EM waves

Bioelectromagnetics paper on auditory responses to pulsed radio waves

American Psychologist paper on microwaves and behavior

NASA study on low-power microwave influence on rat crania

Hearing aid based on microwaves

Pentagon contract paper on communication via the microwave auditory effect

Pentagon's 'non-lethal ray' raises health concerns

Holosonic Research Labs

Through-the-wall surveillance

Cell phone effects on the brain

Brain wave recognition of words, Proceedings of the National Aacademy of Sciences

Brain wave recognition of sentences, Proc of Nat Acad of Sciences

Sine wave superposition and brain wave representation of words, Proc Nat Acad of Sciences

Machines that read minds, Science Digest

Prosthetic control via an EEG-computer interface

Adaptive brain interfaces, Communications of the ACM

Targeting of humans with directed energy weapons, English version of a German paper

Advances in neuroscience raise human rights concern, Nature

Microwave harassment and mind control experiments

Subliminal influence via silent sound

McMurtrey's paper, updated from time to time, can be found at Christians Against Mental Slavery

Allen B. Barker, a neural network expert and computer scientist, maintains an excellent web site on mind control.

How The U.S. Military Threatens Journalists


Informant: Friends

Dead Messengers: How the U.S. Military Threatens Journalists

Steve Weissman writes, "For those who care to judge for themselves, the best place to start [an investigation into the deaths of journalists] is the story of Baghdad's Palestine Hotel, where on April 8, 2003, an American tank crew killed two journalists and wounded three others. The U.S. military never took testimony from a single journalist who was there, and never disciplined any military personnel."


Wounded Journalist: GIs Fired Without Warning

Another Journalist Deliberately Targeted?

Giuliana Sgrena: 'My truth'


Dropping Report's Iraq Chapter Was Unusual, Economists Say

by Jonathan Weisman

Concern About Impact on White House's Credibility Cited

Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, February 23, 2005; Page A17

At the National Security Council's request, the White House excised a full chapter on Iraq's economy from last week's Economic Report of the President, reasoning in part that the "feel good" tone of the writing would ring hollow against the backdrop of continuing violence, according to White House officials.

The decision to delete an entire chapter from the Council of Economic Advisers' annual report was highly unusual. Council members -- recruited from the top ranks of economic academia -- have long prided themselves on independence and intellectual integrity, and the Economic Report of the President is the council's primary showcase. ... See the rest at:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A45323-2005Feb22.html or http://tinyurl.com/6hgo4

© Virginia Metze

The Lies of Gannongate

by Editor

Telling the truth is not being a conspiracy theorist...

Feb 21, 2005, 09:43

Thus far, the only truth being told in the Gannongate scandal is that being offered up by the progressive internet media.

Current White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, and former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, can't seem to get their stories straight on precisely when, or how, or why, the White House became suspicious of the "non-journalist journalist" Jeff Gannon--and when, or how, or why Gannon got a coveted White House press pass. Read about the consistent lying of White House officials at:

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The War in Iraq is Illegal


Buffalo Is the Front Line in America’s War Against Big Government


The Constantine Trap


A Corrupted Election - Despite what you may have heard, the exit polls were right

By Steve Freeman and Josh Mitteldorf

In These Times


Recall the Election Day exit polls that suggested John Kerry had won a convincing victory? The media readily dismissed those polls and little has been heard about them since.

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Investigator calls voting machine problems a shock

Rick Martinez

Times Capital Bureau


HARRISBURG - About halfway into Tuesday's five-hour hearing on voting machine irregularities in Beaver and Mercer counties last November, the man hired by the state to investigate called the incidents "disturbing."

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Diverse Coalition Mobilizes To Support Voter-Verified Paper Ballots



An unusual alliance of liberal and conservative organizations as well as nonprofit, public interest groups are joining forces in support of the Georgia Vote Count Protection Act, nonpartisan legislation drafted by the Georgia Voter Choice Coalition, that mandates the provision of voter-verified paper ballots for Georgia's paperless Diebold Election System. The growing momentum includes in the mix the Georgia Green Party, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party and Independent Party; the Christian Coalition of Georgia, the Cobb County National Organization of Women (NOW); and the Georgia Eagle Forum. Nationally, the act is endorsed by Common Cause, the National Ballot Integrity Project, Veterans for Common Sense, Verifiedvoting.org, VotersUnite and Votewatch.

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Election fraud to be discussed at APSU

by Stacy Smith Segovia

The Leaf-Chronicle


Although the majority of the media and the American public have moved on, Bernard Ellis says there are less-visible throngs of people who are still trying to make sense of last November's presidential election. "I'm convinced that a host of laws were broken — both small and large laws — in the 2004 elections," Ellis says.

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Ohio's Odd Numbers

by Christopher Hitchens

Vanity Fair


Are the stories of vote suppression and rigged machines to be believed? Here is "non-wacko" evidence that something went seriously awry in the Buckeye State on Election Day 2004 If it were not for Kenyon College, I might have missed, or skipped, the whole controversy. The place is a visiting lecturer's dream, or the ideal of a campus-movie director in search of a setting. It is situated in wooded Ohio hills, in the small town of Gambier, about an hour's drive from Columbus. Its literary magazine, The Kenyon Review, was founded by John Crowe Ransom in 1939. Its alumni include Paul Newman, E. L. Doctorow, Jonathan Winters, Robert Lowell, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and President Rutherford B. Hayes. The college's origins are Episcopalian, its students well mannered and well off and predominantly white, but it is by no means Bush-Cheney territory. Arriving to speak there a few days after the presidential election, I found that the place was still buzzing. Here's what happened in Gambier, Ohio, on decision day 2004.

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What Did Mr. Bush’s 2nd Inaugural Address Really Mean?


Of, by & for big business

by Robert Scheer

The Nation


Watching the 109th Congress, one would be forgiven for thinking our Constitution was the blueprint for a government of Big Business, by Big Business and for Big Business. Forget the people -- this is Robin Hood in reverse. Here's the agenda, as laid out by the president and the Republicans who control Congress: First, limit people's power to right wrongs done to them by corporations. Next, force people to repay usurious loans to credit card companies that make gazillions off the fine print. Then, for the coup de grace, hand over history's most successful public safety net to Wall Street. Of course, the GOP and the White House use slightly different language for this corporate-lobbyist trifecta: 'Tort reform,' 'eliminating abuse of bankruptcy' and 'keeping Social Security solvent' are the preferred Beltway phrasings for messing with the little guy...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush in Europe: The visiting emperor

by James Ridgeway

Village Voice


Despite the generally cheery press reports of Bush's reunification trip to Europe, the President is sticking hard and fast to a foreign policy that aims to expel evildoers from our midst, i.e., Iran, unless it changes its ways. The President's tone throughout has been more that of a visiting emperor than a unifier -- telling the Russians to shape up and smacking down the Germans for shilly-shallying. ...

Earlier today he made clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the U.S. is unhappy about Russia's backsliding on democratic reforms and put out by their offering nuclear technology to Iran. For his part, Putin claims Iran has no interest in building nuclear weapons. As for democracy, he pointed out that Russia has a history of strong czars who have played an important role in the lives of the people. Bush, the BBC reports, 'rejected that notion...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush's "priceless" war

by David Isenberg

Asia Times


Although the exact cost of the Iraq invasion to the American taxpayer is not known, recent figures suggest it is a lot more than has been publicly suggested and will grow considerably higher. Part of the problem in estimating costs is that the war is obviously not over; it just keeps going, and going, and going. According to a report on the cost of the war in Iraq released last week by the Democratic staff of the House Budget Committee, the war and ongoing insurgency could cost the United States between US$461 billion and $646 billion by 2015, depending on the scope and duration of operations. ... The lower figure is based on a US withdrawal of forces within four years, per Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's prediction that all US troops could be withdrawn by the end of 2008. The second estimate reduces US forces to 40,000 by 2010, per a previously released Congressional Budget Office model...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Aren't cities supposed to serve their residents?

by Bob Smith

No Force, No Fraud


City government, like government at all levels, is supposed to serve and protect its residents. Cities were organized to provide some basic services like utilities, roads and streets, and police and fire protection. Unfortunately, as government always tends to do, city governments have expanded, and corrupted, to grab a multitude of other functions. In far too many case, city governments have come to treat their residents as inconvenient puppets to push around. The 'city' has taken on a life of its own, and views residents as resources to be manipulated for the city's welfare, turning the natural order upside down...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Chemtrails And Vaccines


Informant: oscully

BKA-Chef will Telefone und Internet stärker überwachen

Samstag 26. Februar 2005, 10:03 Uhr

München (ddp.vwd). Im Streit um die Speicherung von Verbindungsdaten aus Internet und Mobilfunk setzt sich der Präsident des Bundeskriminalamtes (BKA), Jörg Ziercke, für eine verstärkte Überwachung ein. «Wir könnten wesentlich bessere Fahndungs- und Aufklärungserfolge vorweisen, wenn wir mehr über die Telekommunikation der Verdächtigen wüssten», sagte Ziercke dem Nachrichtenmagazin «Focus» laut Vorabbericht vom Samstag.

Der BKA-Chef will deshalb alle Provider verpflichten, Verbindungsdaten mindestens ein halbes Jahr aufzubewahren. «Ich will lediglich nachvollziehen, wer sich wann, wie lange ins Internet gewählt hat und wer wann mit wem telefoniert hat», sagte Ziercke. Die Inhalte von Telefongesprächen oder E-Mails sollten dagegen nicht präventiv gespeichert werden.

Gegen die so genannte Vorratsspeicherung von Nutzerdaten wehrt sich die deutsche Internet- und Telekommunikationswirtschaft. Ihr Branchenverband Bitkom hatte erst im Dezember eine Studie vorgelegt, nach der der Bedarf für eine umfangreiche Speicherung von Verkehrsdaten aus der Telekommunikation zweifelhaft und den Nutzen zur Verbrechensbekämpfung fraglich ist. Strafverfolger hätten bisher nicht darlegen können, warum sie eine Datenspeicherung über die gegenwärtige Praxis hinaus anstreben, argumentiert der Verband.

Hintergrund der Untersuchung ist ein EU-Rahmenbeschluss der Länder Frankreich, Großbritannien, Irland und Schweden, mit dem die Vorratsspeicherung innerhalb der Union harmonisiert werden soll. Der Entwurf sieht vor, dass sämtliche Verkehrsdaten aus Mobilfunk, Festnetz und Internet für mindestens ein Jahr gespeichert werden müssen. Damit sollten die Ermittlungsarbeiten der Strafverfolgungsbehörden insbesondere bei der Bekämpfung von organisierter Kriminalität und Terrorismus verbessert werden.


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim



Informant: Andy

Who moved my data?

by Annalee Newitz



You've been told a zillion times by now that it's a bad idea to give out your personal data online. But hell, we all do it. Those of us who are particularly wary tell ourselves we're engaging in good data hygiene by checking the privacy policies of the companies that hold our e-mail and financial records. Of course, we all know in the backs of our minds -- don't we? -- that privacy policies are just guidelines and not legally binding. And yet we put our faith in them. It's the same process that keeps us paying Social Security even though the government might spend all our hard-earned retirement money by the time we need it...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Beware the coming propaganda juggernaut

by Joe Conason



The president himself has been campaigning vigorously for his 'plan,' as have his surrogates. But we now know that the Bush administration regularly employs less transparent and more deceptive techniques to manipulate opinion. In pursuit of the president's political goals, federal agencies have hired pundits with public funds -- creating bogus news stories that appear on television -- and the administration has permitted at least one fake news organization to infiltrate the White House press corps. Are Bush appointees in the Social Security Administration concocting a similar propaganda effort to promote privatization? Reports last month in the Washington Post and the New York Times suggested that they are quietly doing just that. [subscription or ad view required]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Which Science or Scientists Can You Trust?


How Industry Manipulates Science

The Great Betrayal: Fraud in Science

Which Science or Scientists Can You Trust?

The unbridled alliance of science and industry

How Industry Manipulates Science

Safe level of EMR is ZERO

Greenwashing as "corporate responsibility"

Political Science

The Feres Doctrine Prevents Accountability and Endangers the Troops

If the government knew it might be liable in a lawsuit, it would have a vastly increased incentive to provide quality medical care. A former commander of mine once told me that, "the true measure of a man may be seen in how he behaves when he knows he will not be held accountable for his actions." Remove the incentive for doing the right thing, guarantee a lack of punishment for doing the wrong, and what do you get? All too often, you are left with the expedient, the cheap, and the good-enough-for-government-work. When Uncle Sam knows he will not be sued for botched surgeries, erroneous prescriptions, and filthy hospitals, he has no incentive to fix those problems.


The 2005 supplemental budget

Once the latest supplemental is incorporated into fiscal 2005 budget totals, this year's defense spending, adjusted for inflation, will shatter the previous post-World War II record set in 1968, when the United States had more than half a million troops fighting in Vietnam.


VA under fire: Agency criticized for its treatment of soldiers returning home

"This report confirms my concerns about the VA's capacity and ability to meet the rising demand of veterans seeking mental-health services," U.S. Representative Lane Evans (D-Illinois), ranking Democrat on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, said in a February 16 statement. "It is inconceivable that the VA has yet to even name a PTSD coordinator in each of its health networks as recommended by the Special Committee."


Ten Experts on FDA Advisory Panel Supporting COX-2 Inhibitors Had Ties to Pharmaceutical Industry

Access this story and related links online:

Informant: Don Maisch

Illnesses caused by microwave sickness around the world

I had the following letter published in todays (Sussex wide) Argus newspaper.


In your Anger as phone firm earmarks sites for masts article (Argus Feb 16), Jonathan Walton of Marconi, representing T-Mobile, was quoted as saying "Our (3G mobile mast) network is a low power radio system with signal strengths similar to and often lower than those we experience in our homes every day from broadcast radio and television and other sources".

In reality, people living near 3G masts experience up to six volts per metre (vpm), which none of us ever had from TV or radio. Moreover, we have it at bedroom height and sleep with it.

At 3,300 vpm (volts per metre) for microwave radiation, the UK has the highest emissions limits in the world whilst the Salzburg Resolution (2002: 19 scientists, 9 countries) set 00.1vpm as the uppermost limit after Dutch studies showed adverse health effects at 0.2 vpm.

ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionising Radiation Protection) gives 450 vpm as the safety limit, though massively escalating evidence worldwide on the effects of phone masts means that, for example, Italy now has 16 vpm, Poland 10, Switzerland 6 and Russia 2.

In his new comprehensive study on mobile technology in the UK, Barry Trower, author of a recent report on the new Tetra emergency services communications system, writes:

"There is a plethora of extensive, well researched documents highlighting illnesses caused by microwave sickness around the world.

These papers (in their thousands) highlight the illnesses caused by low level (below thermal) microwaves as arrhythmia, heart attack, cell death, diseases of the blood, interference to bone marrow, brain tumours, DNA damage, altered calcium level in cells, reduction in night-time melatonin, suppression of the immune system, arthritis, rheumatism, skin problems, lymphatic diseases, vaginal discharge, vascular system disease, tinnitus, leukaemia, childhood cancer..(etc)."

TV and FM radio are recorded as affecting people and animals living nearby, and one Swedish study clearly correlates FM radio with malignant melanoma.

And then along come mobile phones on top. We have five operators with 2G plus TETRA. Now we have five operators with 3G as well.

The signal is more continuous and masts emit more radiation when not in demand than 2G masts, which, along with widespread reports of nausea and skin problems in people immediately after 3G mast activation is why Trower writes "The new breed of 3G masts appears to be particularly alarming".

Add to this the increase in digital cordless phones and the situation is very far removed from the age of TV and radio.

From Mast Network

Parents withdraw children from a school near a mast

Many parents over the last five years have withdrawn their kids from schools over existing and proposed masts on schools. Some have been effective, some have not. The problem I see is that under the new legislations if parents keep their kids from school THEY will get fined as the kids will be defined as truant! If the school has not yet signed an contract then pressure on the board of governors is worth it but once a contract is signed then how does the school, because of its ignorance, get out of it??


From Mast Network



Residents win planning fight to stop mobile phone mast


Fury as mast plan passed




Mobile groan


Parents win first round in mast fight


Phone mast opponents take their fight to the High Court




Special debate on phone mast



On February 12, Sister Dorothy Stang, a 73 year-old American nun who had lived for more than 30 years in the Amazon rainforest, was assassinated. Dorothy had dedicated nearly half of her life to giving a voice to rural communities working for land rights and sustainable development in the Amazon rainforests.

Because of her advocacy, she often received death threats from land-grabbers throughout the state of Para, an area plagued with violence resulting from ongoing land disputes and illegal logging.

Amidst international outcry over this tragedy, Brazil's President Lula da Silva recently ordered the creation of two massive new rainforest reserves totaling more than 9 million acres in the state of Para.

Go to http://action.ran.org/ctt.asp?u=2844473&l=80629 to send a letter to the Sisters of Notre Dame Namur in Brazil acknowledging Sister Dorothy Stang's dedication and life's work advocating for sustainable development and protection of Brazil's tropical rainforests and their inhabitants.

US Nun Read Bible Just Before Her Murder in Brazil

Brazil Environmentalist Shot in Rain Forest


Seattle is now home to the Seattle Weyerhouse, a house whose participants are devoted to stopping Weyerhaeuser from logging endangered forests.

The house participants would love to hear from people who are interested in knowing more about the campaign, volunteering or living in the house for a period of time.

If you are interested in becoming part of the hub of environmental activism within Washington State, improving your activist skills and making difference then please contact the house at seattle@ran.org, 206 522 6935.


Wild Oats needs some encouragement from people like you. Wild Oats, an environmentally-minded grocery store with nearly 100 locations throughout North America, uses paper bags from Weyerhaeuser, the number one destroyer of endangered forests in North America. Wild Oats should not be affiliated with a corporation that is notorious for logging national and old growth forests, destroying the habitat of endangered species such as the northern spotted owl and woodland caribou, and converting nativeforests into tree plantations.

Go to http://action.ran.org/ctt.asp?u=2844473&l=80627 to send a message to the Wild Oats CEO Perry Odak, asking him to cancel the company's business with Weyerhaeuser. Feel free to give him a ring to voice your concerns personally at Perry Odak at 330 440 5220.

Better yet, organize a demonstration at your local Wild Oats store. Go to http://action.ran.org/ctt.asp?u=2844473&l=80647 for a list of Wild Oats stores. Make sure to speak to the manager and all of Wild Oat's customers about your concerns. If you would like to receive some campaign materials and some technical assistance in organizing a local demonstration please contact Jessica at jessica@ran.org 415 398 4404.


Ongoing investigations by Rainforest Action Network and Greenpeace confirmed that BlueLinx, America's largest building products distributor, is smuggling legally disputed, undocumented timber out of Indonesia's critically endangered rainforests and flooding the U.S. marketplace with artificially cheap lauan plywood. Bluelinx is funded by JP Morgan Chase, a US-based bank that has built its financial empire on making Investments of Mass Destruction.

An "IMD of the Month" case study published on http://www.DirtyMoney.org details the trafficking of undocumented wood by current BlueLinx suppliers throughout Indonesia.

Illegal logging throughout Indonesia continues to cause widespread devastation to the region's tropical rainforests and neighboring communities. Indonesian Ministry of Forestry reports that 43 million hectares of the country's forests have been damaged or destroyed over the last several decades due to illegal logging, with the average annual deforestation rate estimated at more than 2.8 million hectares (7 million acres) since 1998. These forests are some of the most biodiverse on Earth, and are home to a variety of threatened and endangered species, including the rare Indonesian orangutan. In addition, illegal logging has been blamed for massive flooding and landslides throughout Indonesia.

The ongoing devastation has been well-documented by the Indonesian Ministry of Forests, Yale School of forestry, Environmental investigation Agency, and Business Week Magazine.

RAN is calling on JP Morgan Chase and BlueLinx to immediately comply with a voluntary corporate embargo of Indonesian forest products already in place by Centex Corporation, International Paper and Lanoga Corporation.

Go to http://action.ran.org/ctt.asp?u=2844473&l=80626 to visit our online action center and send an email to JP Morgan Chase CEO William Harrison and Bluelinx CEO Charles McElrea telling them to stop fueling illegal logging in Indonesia

Lawsuit Filed Against New National Forest Rules


The Company That Would Sell Your Soul to the Devil


Our Fragile Nation


How Long Can Bush Get Away With Lies?


Is This Your Ownership Society?


Putin Loses His Smile After Lecture from Bush On Democracy


Military Recruiters Face Resistance from Young Anti-War Activists


GOP Lawmakers Hesitant over Bush Social Security Plan


The Gettysburg Address

by Abraham Lincoln

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
November 19, 1863

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."


Improperly Made Flu Vaccine Given to Millions of Americans


Aid in stopping the war in Iraq - Aufforderung zur Hilfe den Krieg in Irak zu beenden


Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are Shorting the Dollar and Central Banks have been shifting out of dollars and will continue to do so for Financial Preservation.


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

America, America, God shed his grace on thee...

...And crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

From Harlan Girard

NASA Satellite Observes Mysterious Earth Energy


Informant: Anna Webb

CNN Reported No Plane Hit Pentagon


"You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life - that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."
-- Morpheus

Informant: V

VIDEO: CNN reported no plane hit Pentagon

Informant: Ozzy bin Oswald

CNN Video News segment "originally reported NO plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11"!

*Watch Hear See & Listen

Lying With Pixels http://www.techreview.com/articles/00/07/amato0700.asp

Informant: Friends

Current Space Weather


Informant: V

Where Was the Press?



Aktion "AgenturSchluss"

Rohes Neues Jahr. Was geschieht "nach" dem Agenturschluss? Artikel von Teodor Webin in der Graswurzelrevolution 296 vom Februar 2005

Wir erinnern an das nächste Arbeitstreffen der Initiative Agenturschluss am 05. März 2005 in Wuppertal!

Perspektiven der Proteste 2005

Alltagswiderstand und Verweigerung. Perspektiven der Proteste gegen das Verarmungsprogramm der Bundesregierung

"Hinter uns liegen fast drei Jahre einer neuen, keinesfalls ersten Welle des Sozialabbaus und der Proteste dagegen - ohne bereits von einer neuen sozialen Bewegung sprechen zu wollen und zu können. Ein guter Zeitpunkt, um für den notwendigen strategischen Blick nach vorne eine realistische Bilanz zu ziehen…." Artikel von Mag Wompel in der Graswurzelrevolution 296 vom Februar 2005

Erreichbar sein. Die Sozialproteste erfordern eine stärkere Orientierung auf den Alltag. Artikel von der gruppe fels, ag soziale kämpfe in der Jungle World vom 23. Februar 2005

Niemand wartet auf uns. Die Arbeitslosen brauchen die Linke nicht. Für Selbstorganisierung statt Stellvertreterpolitik. Artikel von Heiner Stuhlfauth, fau Köln, in der Jungle World vom 23. Februar 2005

Debatte der Protestformen > Proteste und die Gewerkschaften

"Das können wir kritisieren, ändern werden wir es nicht mehr." Diese und weitere skandalöse Äußerungen des DGB-Sommer im Spiegel-Interview (7/2005) haben für Aufregung gesorgt. Beim Spiegel nur noch kostenpflichtig erhältlich und beim DGB in einer ausgebügelten Version… Siehe dazu

DGB "glättet" Interview. Entscheidende Aussagen des Gewerkschaftschefs im Spiegel-Gespräch wurden auf Homepage weggelassen. Applaus für Sommer von Otto Graf Lambsdorff. Artikel von Karl Faust in junge Welt vom 21.02.2005

Sorge, Empörung und Wut

Offener Brief von Gewerkschaftsmitgliedern aus verschiedenen Orten in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, für den in OWL noch weitere Unterschriften gesammelt werden

Aus dem Text: "…All das ist vielleicht zu ertragen, solange es Hoffnung auf Besserung gibt. Doch sollten sich Deine Zukunftsvorstellungen tatsächlich durchsetzen, würden Gewerkschaften schlicht überflüssig werden! Man muss sich das klar machen: Mindestlohn - Fehlanzeige. Ausbildungsabgabe - wollen wir nicht mehr. (…) Doch wir wollen nicht nur Kritik üben. Immerhin verdanken wir Dir jetzt große Klarheit darüber, auf wessen Unterstützung wir in den zukünftigen Auseinandersetzungen nicht hoffen dürfen. Die DGB-Spitze möchte offensichtlich in die große Koalition aus Wirtschaft, Politik und Medien eintreten. Das müssen wir zur Kenntnis nehmen. Wir wissen, Gewerkschaften waren noch nie so notwendig wie heute - richtige Gewerkschaften, die die Interessen der Lohnabhängigen und Erwerbslosen verteidigen."

Übersicht über regionale Anti-Hartz-&-Co-Bündnisse

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 17

Europäischer Aktionstag am 19. März

"Together for another Europe: social - egalitarian - peaceful - in solidarity"; "Ensemble pour une autre Europe: sociale - egalitaire - solidaire - pacifique"; "Samen voor een ander Europa: sociaal, solidair, egalitair en vreedzaam" - so der Aufruf der sozialen Bewegungen zum 19. März 2005

Siehe den deutschen Aufruf "Gemeinsam für ein anderes Europa. Für ein Soziales Europa - Für ein Europa der Solidarität - Für ein Europa des Friedens" (pdf)

Die Gewerkschaftsverbände machten daraus:
"More and better jobs" - siehe den Aufruf von und bei ETUC/EGB:
http://www.etuc.org/a/839 bzw. "Mehr und bessere Arbeitsplätze", so der DGB in seinem Aufruf (pdf)

Siehe für Organisation und weitere Infos die Englische Aktionsseite http://www.wsf.be/euromanif.htm

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 17

Ein-Euro-Jobs sorgen für die Deregulierung des Arbeitsmarktes


Endlich wieder Vollbeschäftigung: Ein-Euro-Jobs

"Ein Ruck geht durch das ganze Land! Die Erwerbslosen greifen zu Schaufel und Spaten, die Wohlfahrtsverbände reiben sich die Hände: Die Ein-Euro-Jobs sind da! Unkraut wird gejätet, Laub gesammelt, Mauern werden aufgebaut und wieder abgerissen, und das Putzen wird acht Stunden am Tag fleißig geübt. Was getan wird, ist egal im Ein-Euro-Land, Hauptsache Arbeit. Selbst die Alternativen haben noch Nischen, in denen malocht werden kann." So die Wochenzeitung "Jungle World" in ihrer jüngsten Ausgabe. Siehe daraus:

Jagd auf Kopfgeld

Ein-Euro-Jobs heißen jetzt "Gemeinwohlarbeit". Auch die Wohlfahrtsverbände mischen kräftig mit beim Essener Modell. Artikel von Tobias Hanke in der Jungle World vom 23. Februar 2005.

Aus dem Text: "…In Essen werden 1,25 Euro pro Stunde gezahlt. Rund 300 Euro bleiben also bei den Fachstellen. Mit diesen "Kopfgeldern" haben sich die großen Essener Beschäftigungsträger ein äußerst lukratives neues Geschäftsfeld erschlossen. Das Budget der Arge zur Einführung der Ein-Euro-Jobs in Essen beläuft sich auf immerhin 63 Millionen Euro. …"

Tu was, Taugenichts!

Ein-Euro-Jobs und der Berliner Kapitalismus. Artikel von Winfried Rust in der Jungle World vom 23. Februar 2005.

Aus dem Text: "…Die Mehrheit der Bevölkerung aber befürwortet Repressalien. Wer essen will, soll auch arbeiten, lautet die Parole des Arbeitsdienstes. Zynischer ist nur noch die Haltung, die rot-grüne Sozialarbeiter gegenüber den Arbeitslosen einnehmen. Da kommen der Arbeitszwang als Therapie und der offene Vollzug des Ein-Euro-Dienstes geradezu als liberal daher..."

Die billige Alternative

Ein-Euro-Jobs sorgen für die Deregulierung des Arbeitsmarktes und sind eine Demonstration staatlicher Souveränität. Artikel von Felix Baum in der Jungle World vom 23. Februar 2005.

Aus dem Text: "…Als vergleichsweise billige Alternative stellen die Ein-Euro-Jobs eine erhebliche Drohung gegen die Beschäftigten im Staatssektor und in den an ihn angeschlossenen Wohlfahrtsverbänden dar. Die gesetzliche Bestimmung, wonach die Tätigkeiten der Ein-Euro-Jobber "zusätzlich" sein müssen, um keine regulär Beschäftigten zu verdrängen, wurde im Wissen erlassen, dass sich genau dies weder exakt bestimmen noch verhindern lassen wird. Bleibt Gegenwehr weiterhin aus, werden sich Löhne und Arbeitsbedingungen im gesamten sozialen und öffentlichen Bereich verschlechtern. Und ist das Anspruchsniveau von Sozialarbeiterinnen, Bibliotheksangestellten oder Altenpflegern unter dem Druck der staatlichen Billigjobber erst einmal hinreichend gesunken, können die Ein-Euro-Jobs auch wieder in den Hintergrund treten…"

Die Linke stellt ein

Viele alternative und soziale Projekte wollen Ein-Euro-Jobs anbieten. Diskussionen über die staatlich subventionierte Nischenökonomie werden schärfer. Artikel von Martin Kröger in der Jungle World vom 23. Februar 2005. http://jungle-world.com/seiten/2005/08/4940.php

Aus dem Text: …" Selbst Gruppen, die im Herbst noch gegen Hartz IV auf die Straße gingen, beteiligen sich an der Einrichtung von Ein-Euro-Jobs. So bietet der Arbeitslosenverband Deutschland solche Stellen an. Im brandenburgischen Luckau mussten bereits die ersten JobberInnen die Tätigkeiten antreten, die im offiziellen Jargon "Arbeitsgelegenheiten mit Mehraufwandsentschädigung" (MAE) heißen. Unverblümt gibt der Verband zu, die Verwaltungspauschale einzubehalten…"

Keine Alternativen

Die junge Welt dokumentiert am 18.02.2005 in Auszügen die Antwort des Arbeitslosenverbandes (ALV) auf den offenen Brief des Arbeitslosenhilfeforums Deutschland vom 10. Februar (siehe jW vom 15. Februar). Aus dem Text:"… Wenn es freiwillig bestimmt ist, Mißbrauch verhindert und Sanktionen im Leistungsbezug ausgeschlossen werden, sollten die Menschen, die es wollen und/oder aus ihrer ganz persönlichen Notlage heraus müssen, ein Recht haben, Arbeitsgelegenheiten wahrnehmen zu können…"

Ein-Euro-Jobber - Wofür werden sie eingesetzt?

Manuskript des Beitrages von Anja Riediger im MDR "exakt" vom 15.02.2005

Ein-Euro-Jobs belasten den ersten Arbeitsmarkt, so die Befürchtungen. "exakt" hat auf einer Baustelle recherchiert, für was denn Ein-Euro-Jobber eingesetzt werden.

"Ich weiß, dann gibt's Streß"

Wie Hartz IV die Arbeitsagenturen verändert und warum mancher Arbeitslose jetzt im Seniorenheim tätig wird. Artikel von Stefan von Borstel in Die Welt vom 18.02.2005.

Aus dem Text: "…Bis Ende März sollen alle Jugendlichen ein Angebot bekommen und eine "Eingliederungsvereinbarung" unterzeichnen. "Fördern und Fordern", heißt die Devise. "Einige waren schon überrascht, daß wir für eine Leistung auch eine Gegenleistung verlangen", sagt der Jobcenter-Chef Jarkow…."

Un-Zitat des Tages:

"Es gibt sicher auch Fälle, wo man die Härte sieht, aber wo man das Gesetz ausführen muß." Uwe Nebel, stellvertretender Leiter der Bochumer ARGE laut Westdeutscher Allgemeiner Zeitung - Lokalteil Bochum vom 22.02.2005 über die Auswirkungen von Hartz IV.

Wiederbelebte Aktionsform: Spaziergänge, nun gegen Ein-Euro-Jobs Konzept und Bericht aus Berlin

ist aktualisiert worden um die Berichte von weiteren Spaziergängen

Ein-Euro-Jobs für Alle: Familien und Lebensgemeinschaften unter Sippenhaft

Am 16.2.05 dokumentierten wir einen Vorgang des Arbeitsamtes Bochum nachdem mit rechtswidrigen Verträgen die ganze Familie (Lebenspartner und erwerbsfähige Kinder) in rechtlose Ein-Euro-Jobs gezwungen werden soll. Weigert sich ein Familienmitglied, hat die ganze Familie mit Sanktionen zu rechnen. Das Arbeitsamt Bochum hat geantwortet. (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 17

'It is the Same Here as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki'


Informant: Davey Garland

Study of Depleted Uranium Effects Called For


Informant: Davey Garland

The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children


Informant: Davey Garland


Award-winning DU Video Now Available in US

Use this German TV documentary to Spur Immediate Action

Co-sponsor a licensed public showing; call 413-773-7427.
Order video on-line for private, home use. http://www.traprockpeace.org

"The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children"
by Freider Wagner and Valentin Thurn -- Produced by Ochowa-Film for WDR, 2004

This award-winning, 54-minute, German Public television documentary exposes uranium contamination on the streets of Baghdad. It documents and analyzes the use and health effects of uranium weapons in Gulf Wars I and II. Filmmakers followed on-the-scene investigations in Iraq by Dr. Siegwart Horst-Gunther, the German physician who first brought out hard evidence of the US use of so-called 'depleted' uranium (DU) weapons during the Gulf War, with Tedd Weyman, head of field investigations for the Uranium Medical Research Center. Filmmakers also interviewed the German researcher Axel Gerdes, who found DU contamination in the New York reservists tested by the NY Daily News, as reported in April and September, 2004.

This documentary will rouse neighbors to demand mass spectrometry of urine samples for returning soldiers, as Connecticut legislators consider House Bill 6008. (Only mass spectrometry establishes the difference between natural and unnatural exposures, by revealing the exact ratios of uranium isotopes.)

We are ready with contracts to show this documentary at medical colleges, churches, temples, schools and town halls.

Your area nurses, doctors, students, soldiers, veterans, military families, service clubs, need to know.

Help neighbors break free from the headlocks that weapons dealers try to put on mainstream culture. Contract to show this film. Organizers will need to collect $2 or more per person present to cover costs. Trusted colleagues, please call. Co-sponsors can name their appropriate action steps right after the film showing.

The power of this vivid story can support your NO-DU campaign, or support conscientious objectors.

At a preview next week, and at public showings all summer, co-sponsors can facilitate discussion and name their choice of action steps to abolish the manufacture and use of uranium weapons. We can supply support materials and news about what neighbors are doing nationwide.

This video is a tool that will move people.

“You can make a difference!” Some of these are easy steps:

* Calling the press and TV stations to ask questions, and insist on coverage;

* Distributing DU warning cards to Iraqi’s, students, recruits, and US troops; (British troops are are warned.)

* Advocating for the right medical tests-- proposed state by state, in CT, NY, WA and LA state legislatures;

* Advocating for appropriate research, through Rep. Jim McDermott’s bill, or independent labs, including in Iraq;

* Demanding labeling with the appropriate “RADIOACTIVE” placard for DU shipments, on roads, rails and water;

* Calling on members of Congress to stop DU manufacture and use;

* Organizing educational programs – with speakers, films and action planning;

* Creative arts approaches, using poetry, street theater and other art forms;

* Direct nonviolent action, as when 8 demanded to speak to manufacturers and were found not guilty of trespass in Hennepin County, MN District Court, December 10 and 14, 2005;

* Taking non-violent protests to the streets, federal buildings, recruiters, manufacturers, Congressional offices;

* Legal action to compel the US to stop manufacturing and using uranium weapons or to defend non-violent protestors;

* Health care and environmental action in Iraq.

For a contract call, Sunny Miller, Executive Director (413) 773-7427
Expert speakers are available for follow-up events. Many free resources are available, used by 2000 daily.

Traprock Peace Center


Informant: Charles Jenks

From ufpj-news

Support the Right to March in NYC

Last summer, during the Republican Convention Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the NYPD collaborated with the Bush Administration in its attempt to silence and marginalize the antiwar movement.

The Mayor denied activists the right to rally in Central Park, claiming that activists would damage the grass.

The Troops Out Now Coalition has now won an important victory in obtaining the right to rally in Central Park. On March 19, tens of thousands of demonstrators will gather in Central Park in the East Meadow on the second anniversary of the beginning of the U.S. war in Iraq. The activity will gather earlier in Harlem at Marcus Garvey Park and march to Central Park.

However, the City is trying to deny us the right to march into or out of the Park.

The City has denied requests for permits to march a mere 12 blocks on Fifth Avenue on Saturday, March 19. Activists with the Troops Out Now Coalition applied for permits to march from Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem to Central Park's East Meadow for a noon rally. At 3 p.m., there is a scheduled march along 5th Ave. from 90th St. to Bloomberg's mansion on 79th St.

The police claimed that there is an absolute moratorium on any new marches on Fifth Avenue. Organizers understand that this is not true, as the police have recently issued permits for several groups to hold new marches on Fifth Avenue. Organizers believe this demonstrates the arbitrary, discriminatory and politically selective character of the process.

The police say they will not allow protesters to march down 5th Avenue. Organizers and others in the progressive movement have the impression that the main concern for Mayor Bloomberg and the police is that they want to protect the wealthy who live on 5th Avenue and who do want to see tens of thousands of working people who are opposed to their agenda of endless war, racism, and domestic repression.

A case in point is the racist attitude by 5th Ave businesses and residents towards the Puerto Rican Day parade, which has for decades marched down 5th Ave. In the last few years, businesses along 5th Ave. have begun to board up their windows on that day.

The past several years have seen a marked increase in repression against political expression in the city. Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Giuliani before him, along with the NYPD have denied permits, penned in protesters, and beaten and arrested peaceful demonstrators. Even tourists on the sidelines have been swept up and arrested. It is imperative that that the progressive and anti-war movement push back this assault on civil liberties and assert our right to be in the streets.

Contact Mayor Bloomberg and urge the Mayor that he obey the law and the constitution. Urge the Mayor that his office should not be used to only protect the comfort of some, such as the wealthy on 5th Ave. while poor and working people are dying in Iraq.

Demand the right to march on 5th Avenue on March 19.

Call Mayor Bloomberg

FAX 212-788-2460


Help Build March 19:

Now, more than ever, it is important that the antiwar movement be in the streets. We need your help to make this happen.

***How you can help:

10 Things You Can Do!

1. Come to the rally and bring a friend. Join tens of thousands of people in Central Park to tell Bush we're fed up with his war. For travel information, see http://troopsoutnow.org/logistics.html.

2. Volunteer to help prepare for the rally. We need hundreds of volunteers for this event. Drop by 39 W. 14th St. #206 in Manhattan to help, or call 212-633-6646.

3. Put up posters and flyers. Stop by an organizing center to pick up posters to put up in your neighborhood. Download flyers from

4. Organize at your job or school. Put up flyers or posters, hand out literature, talk to your fellow workers or students. Organize a group to come to the rally together.

5. Organize a bus, caravan, or peace train. If you live outside NYC, become an organizing center.

6. Call your friends, email your lists. Word of mouth is the most effective way of getting the word out. Tell everyone you know to be there on March 19th.

7. Volunteer to help out on the day of the rally. Hundreds of volunteers will be needed to help with setup, getting out literature, security, and many other tasks. Look for a Troops Out Now volunteers' table in East Meadow.

8. Take off work or school the week of March 19th. Come into the mobilizing center at 39 W. 14th St. in Manhattan to help make placards and
banners and with many other tasks to prepare for the rally.

9. Endorse. Visit the Troops Out Now website and add your name or your organization's name to the growing list of endorsers.

10. Donate. Help with the enormous expenses involved with this major demonstration. Every dollar you donate goes to build the movement against the war. Send checks to: Troops Out Now/IAC, 39 W. 14th St., New York, NY 10011 or donate online at http://troopsoutnow.org/donate.html.

March 19
Troops Out Now!
March on Central Park in NYC!
Regional Demonstrations Across the U.S. & Worldwide

The International Action Center
mail to:iacenter@iacenter.org

GM Trees Lost in China’s Forests



Tillamook, an Oregon-based nationwide distributor of cheese, has announced it plans to require that all of its dairy farmers stop injecting their cows with Bovine Growth Hormone, a drug banned in Europe and most industrialized countries. In response, Monsanto, the producer of the controversial genetically engineered animal drug, rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone), has threatened to sue Tillamook. Tillamook's farmers will vote on banning rBGH at their meeting Monday, Feb. 28 at 10:00 a.m. Please contact Tillamook as soon as possible and tell them to stay rBGH-free.

Take action here: http://www.organicconsumers.org/rbgh/tillamook.cfm


According to semen brokers, cloned animals will begin to enter the U.S. food supply in less than eight months. Thousands of units of semen from cloned bulls have been exchanging hands among ranchers. Ranchers say it's eerie how similar the cloned animals are to the originals. "Every wrinkle--everything about them, even the disposition and character--are the same," said Larry Coleman, a cattle rancher who sells semen from clones of his prize bull for $700 a vial.



World Food Programme (WFP) food aid shipments, predominantly from the United States, have been found to be heavily contaminated with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), including Starlink, a genetically engineered (GE) variety of corn banned for human consumption worldwide. Starlink corn, which is gene-spliced with an insecticidal protein, was registered for animal feed use in the U.S. in 1998, despite protests from scientists that it would inevitably contaminate human food supplies. As predicted, in 2000 Starlink contaminated a full 10% of the U.S. corn harvest, prompting complaints from hundreds of U.S. consumers who suffered allergic reactions after eating Starlink-tainted corn taco shells and other products. Recent tests have found 80% of food aid corn sent to Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala contains GMOs which are prohibited in these countries. Julio Sánchez from Centro Humboldt in Nicaragua said it's outrageous that the WFP would purchase GE corn from the U.S. that is not fit for human consumption, jeopardizing the health of vulnerable populations like pregnant women and children, while contaminating indigenous corn fields and seed banks. Sanchez added that there are massive amounts of surplus non-GE corn produced by nations other than the U.S. that should be used for food aid instead.



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