Corporate Lies - the Gov and solcitor comment

SURELY this statement, and those like it, are actionable under the Trade Descriptions Act. It is, after all, a claim in respect of the product that these people are marketing - and it IS a lie. If you sell a washing powder and say it won't cause rashes - and it does - you are liable under the TDA. If you sell ANY product and make claims for that product which can be shown to be untrue then that's what the TDA is for - SURELY !?!

The fact that emissions nare below ICNIRP is totally immaterial to the FACT that these opearators are making claims in respect of their product which can be PROVED to be untrue. The irresponsibility of the Gov't in respect of not responding to that proof is a totally separate issue.

I can provide FIVE references to studies that show health effects from MASTS (in response to the query at the bottom of this email). I have not heard of ANY mast study that has FAILED to find health effects. TWO of those studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals, ONE was presented at an international conference (almost undoubtedly also peer-reviewed - all reputable conferences are), ONE was by a top independent research organisation (of international reputation) at the request of their country's govenrment, and ONE was by a group of doctors in response to an initiative by a government body.

Dr Grahame Blackwell

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