Urgent: act today against Canada's cruel and senseless seal hunt

We've all seen the baby harp seal pictures -- adorable dark eyes staring out at us benevolently from pillowy white fur. But cruelty season is fast-approaching in Canada. Sign the petition: http://www.care2.com/go/z/21459

In a month's time, hunters armed with clubs and rifles will bludgeon and shoot to death hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals out on the ice floes of Eastern Canada. Shockingly, at least 95% of the seals killed will be less than three months old and more than 40% may be skinned alive.

Canada's seal hunt is the largest deliberate slaughter of marine mammals in the world. The government has set a legal quota of up to 319,500 seals this year. The seal pelts are served up to the fashion industry, with additional profits from meat, oil, and the sale of genitalia to Asian markets. But the killing of baby seals doesn't make sense economically or ecologically, nor is it sustainable.

The Canadian government wants the media and public to believe that no one cares about the innocent blood spilled each year. That's why we must create a public outcry!

Tell the Canadian Parliament that you DO CARE about the cruelty inflicted upon these seals and that the hunt is indefensible!

Sign the petition: http://www.care2.com/go/z/21459

Thank you for taking action today!

- Dawn S
Care2 and ThePetitionSite team

Global Warming Awareness Day is February 16th


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Big Brother or Virtual Shield


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It's Much Too Late to Sweat Global Warming


The Next Tsunami

Video: The Next Tsunami:

Last year a scientist called Dr Kerry Sieh actually warned the Indonesian Government that a tsunami was on the way. He even handed out brochures to villagers, showing them how to save themselves. The trouble is, no-one in authority took the slightest bit of notice.


From Information Clearing House

Vidal is a lonely genius, Carr says

Vidal is a lonely genius, Carr says
Australian intelligence officer reveals secrets
Govt in the dark on Habib's release
Shiites win lion's share of vote


From Information Clearing House

Remembering The First Siege Of Fallujah

Excerpts From Testimony Submitted To The World Tribunal On Iraq

U.S. Charged With War Crimes: The Evidence File


The video and pictures in this report contain images and descriptions, depicting the reality and horror of the U.S. - UK invasion of Iraq

Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMS): Iraq election lacked legitimacy

AMS: Iraq election lacked legitimacy:

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq has said the country's elections cannot be accepted as they were conducted while under occupation. Election officials announced the results earlier in the day, saying 47% of eligible voters took part in the 30 January vote.


Turkey criticises Iraq poll results:

Turkey has criticised the landmark elections in neighbouring Iraq, saying they have failed to produce a parliament truly representative of the people because of low turnout and "manipulation" of votes in some areas.


From Information Clearing House

Former spy claims Australian government covered up Iraq prisoner abuse

Former spy claims Australian government covered up Iraq prisoner abuse :

A former Australian spy contradicted government claims that no Australian was involved in interrogating Iraqi prisoners, saying he himself witnessed and reported the alleged abuse of Iraqis by their US captors.


From Information Clearing House

Oil, Power, and Empire

Larry Everest

Larry Everest speaks at Berkeley, CA. Introduction by Daniel Ellsberg. Why is the U.S. in Iraq. What's the global agenda driving this war. Why is the resistance embedded in the nature of the U.S. occupation and what should people do about it all. Everest is the author of the new book Oil Power and Empire, published by Common Courage Press

Watch it 0nline Now: Real Video

US fights back against 'rule by clerics'

To head off this threat of a Shi'ite clergy-driven religious movement, the US has, according to Asia Times Online investigations, resolved to arm small militias backed by US troops and entrenched in the population to "nip the evil in the bud".


Iraqi vote gives Shia parties a mandate for Islamic law:

A coalition of Shia religious parties has won the Iraq election, taking almost half the votes and raising the spectre of Islamic law finding its way into the country's new constitution.


From Information Clearing House

Iraq winners more than U.S. bargained for

Many in newly elected government are closely allied with Iran

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DANGER: TETRA on the roof of a Brighton Hospital

Calling activists in Brighton

I found the following leaflet in Brighton.



You may have noticed signs when you came into the hospital warning you to turn off your mobile phones. This is because the signal from your phone may interfere with equipment necessary for saving life. The County Hospital has allowed O2 Airwave to put a Tetra mast above the postnatal unit on the roof. This gives off a very powerful signal and according to a report commissioned by the Police Federation, the Trower report, some of the health effects are as follows: heart problems, blood problems, interference with bone marrow, tumours, increased arthritis, skin problems, ear problems, risk of leukaemia, childhood cancer, sleep problems, depression, memory loss, headaches, fatigue, miscarriage and infertility. Obviously the management of the hospital don't care about anyone's health and think it's alright to fry new born babies.

Peter Sitch O2 Airwave "We comply with government regulations. It may turn out that those guidelines are wrong but that's what we comply with. We're all going to die and environmental factors will have something to do with that, you cannot make anything in life absolutely safe."

If you think this is an outrage you could ring the hospital and ask to speak to the management on 696955 or ring the Argus or ring the union Unison covering the hospital on 01737733300.

Dear Garry,

I have emailed the info to Bill Randell of the Green Party and written the letter below to The Argus. I will try to think what else can be done later.


Dear Sir,

Letter for publication please.

The leaflet below was brought to my attention as a committee member of Mast Sanity, a voluntary organization set up to help anyone with queries or problems about masts on a nation level.

I was appalled to see that this Airwave TETRA mast is sited at the hospital, and horrified that it should be on the roof above the post natal unit.

This form of microwave radiation, Airwave TETRA, is the most lethal in Europe, but even with other variations of this technology animals near masts can miscarry, or develop tumours, as research shows.


Of particular interest is a much cited study of cattle, Loescher & Kaes (1998), which when kept close to a base station, recorded reduced milk yields, emaciation, spontaneous abortions, abnormal behaviour patterns, conjunctivitis, heart failure and still births. When cattle were moved away from the base station, their condition and milk yields improved. The severe symptoms reappeared when the cattle were moved back to their original field beside the base station. The symptoms only appeared when microwave transmitters were added to an existing television transmitter. Loescher and Kaes also report the profound effects experienced by the farmer and his family since the microwave transmitters were installed. Similar cases of health effects induced by electromagnetic field exposure were cited. Loescher postulates that the effects are connected to changes in melatonin levels.

More recent reports by Barrie Trower, (Report on the Death of Officer Neil Dring), and G J Hyland (December 2003) have declared that TETRA is a real health risk.

Omega see:
TETRA: A Critical Overview into the death of Officer Neil Dring

I hope you will report the contents of this leaflet in full, or run a campaign so that those who are worried about it can voice their objections to the relevant parties concerned. This is about our children and their future and needs to be addressed.

If you cannot run a campaign, please direct people to Mast Sanity for assistance.

http://www.mastsanity.org Advice Line 08704 322 377

Sandi Lawrence

From Mast Network

Residents protest at mobile mast

Defend your Rights


Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression


Informant: why

WAR ON TRUTH The Secret Battle for the American Mind


Informant: why

25 ways to suppress truth (disinformation)


Stop the Sweetheart Deal for polluters


American courts have shut their doors: Government by fiat

In connection with a law suit it brought in a German court against senior American officials, the Center for Constitutional Rights, New York, obtained an opinion from Scott Horton, Chairman of the Committee on International Law of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. The opinion essentially deals with whether such a case could be brought or not in an American court today. Mr. Horton's report runs to 11 pages with very wide margins and frequently skipped lines. I personally am of the opinion that every thoughtful citizen of this world ought to read it. It may be found at:


Harlan Girard


Ursache eines Politik-Thrillers

"Volmer-Erlass" für Reisefreiheit war offenbar ein "Fischer-Erlass"

Markt der Haushaltshilfen

Abgreifer des Tages

Bundesdruckerei zahlte möglicherweise Honorar ohne Gegenleistung an Volmer-Firma

Election results 'huge defeat for the Bush administration'


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Iraq: Jan. 30 election results 'one of the greatest ironies of the U.S. intervention'


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Condoleeza Rice vs. Democracy in Mexico

February 13, 2004

Please Distribute Widely

It has become increasingly clear that the Bush administration is intent on stopping Mexico's most popular politician, left-wing Mexico City governor Andres Manuel López Obrador, from entering his country's upcoming presidential election.

Al Giordano reports from Mexico today that while Condoleeza Rice and her ilk are piling on the drug-war rhetoric to justify U.S. government interference in the expression of democracy in its neighbor to the South, Mexico's two traditional, neoliberal parties are relentlessly continuing their attempts to use legal loopholes to disqualify López Obrador.

Giordano reports:

"A new kind of coup d'etat has been hatched to strip Mexico City's activist governor Andrés Manuel López Obrador – the country's most popular political leader according to all national public opinion polls – of his right to run for president in the July 2006 elections.

"This attempted coup became official policy the week that Condoleeza Rice took the helm of the U.S. State Department last month, and Washington's reliable puppets in two of Mexico's national political parties immediately jumped to implement the master's orders.

"López Obrador's opponents – domestic and foreign – fear that the leader of Mexico's electoral left wing will be unstoppable at the ballot box sixteen months from now.

And so forces accustomed to stealing and fixing elections for 75 years in this country have come to a last resort: A dirty plot to remove his name from the ballot."

However, both of these anti-democratic forces – the Bush administration and Mexico's traditional political parties – are about to run up against something potentially much more powerful then they: the will of the Mexican public.

Giordano describes a new movement, still being born, to stop this "soft coup d'etat" (as Zapatista subcomandante Marcos put it in a recent communique) before it destroys the country's chance at its first truly democratic election.

Giordano reports:

"Various national youth organizations, labor unions, and other networks recently met in Mexico City and launched a non-hierarchical, horizontal network of autonomous local groups.

Much in the style of Howard Dean's presidential campaign last year (and of the civil resistance in Venezuela that overturned, in 2002, a coup d'etat), it utilizes the Internet and cell phones as its weapons of communication.

Add to that mix that this movement will be independent of the López Obrador's PRD party, thus uncontrollable by any political force, and a potent political recipe is brewing from South of the Border".

Read the full report, at:


See also today's related Narcosphere commentary by Bill Conroy about the continuing media campaign against Mexico by Washington and its press lackeys.
Conroy takes as an example a recent story in the Texas media claiming, with no basis whatsoever, that Mexican narco-traffickers are gearing up to blow up commercial airliners and assassinate President Fox and other Latin American politicians.

Such stories, Conroy concludes, are part of a deliberate strategy to neutralize the democratic rumblings on which Giordano reports.


From somewhere in a country called América,

Dan Feder
Managing Editor, Narco News

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One For All


Informant: Friends

Cancer, Chemicals and History


Source: http://www.wanttoknow.info/050213newssummary

Bush Budget Chops 154 Programs


Australian Describes 'Torture by U.S. and Egypt'


Ahmad Chalabi Set to Play Big Role in Iraqi Government


'Immoral and possibly illegal' methods at Guantanamo


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Memo to Howard Dean: The Second American Revolution


Sick and Broke


Just the Facts: The Truth about Social Security


Bush's Hit List: Teens and Kids


Bush Cuts Hit Democratic States

Bush Cuts Hit Democratic States, Analysis Finds


Posted By: monk January 16, 2005
source: http://www.franklyspeakingradio.com

I Gave this info to my Boys 3 of which are Prime Draft Bait.

If you care Please Let any Girl or Boy 17 to 50 have this information on how to Not Volunteer for the Draft or National Service.

Tricking you is another way the Government Avoids that Pesky 13th Amendment No slavery nor involuntary servitude, Constitution Problem.

Now if only there was a "Pearl Harbor" type of event to really pull this nation together...

Oh wait they tried that already!!


I hope that you will not be offended if I tell you HOW THE "DRAFT" works. I realize that most people THINK they know how it works, but in most cases they are in error! AND, you can avoid the worry when 'College and Canada will not be options [because] in December 2001, Canada and the U.S. signed a "smart border declaration," which could be used to keep would-be draft dodgers in.'

Being willing (and eager) to fight for one's country when it is truly in danger is one thing. Having the courage to refuse to fight in immoral and/or unconstitutional "wars" is quite another matter, I believe. ICE No need to "dodge" the ball if they're not allowed to hit you with it, if you merely 'take your stand' and refuse to VOLUNTEER!

1. Mr. A receives a "draft notice" and is told to report on a certain date to a certain place where he receives his physical and mental tests...then he is classified with a number indicating whether he is A1(first called)...all the way down to 4F(unfit for duty).

2. Mr. A is told that he is to report for "induction" into the military and to appear at a certain military base for that purpose on a date specified.

3. By "LAW" he must appear there...or a warrant for his arrest will be issued.

4. Assuming he reports as directed he will have another brief physical and tests and then is told to "line up on the yellow line (painted on the floor)

5. A Recruiting Officer will then tell all those "joining the army (or whatever) to take one step forward...(Oh, oh, THOSE WHO DID THIS JUST "VOLUNTEERED!"). This is done so that no one can "legally" claim they were "forced into involuntary servitude!" "RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND AND SWEAR ALLEGIANCE." (almost everyone does!...thinking it must be REQUIRED!): "I, (name) do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and will defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic, and will obey the orders of the President and the officers appointed over me, so help me God."

6. Those who "voluntarily" stepped forward CANNOT NOW CLAIM THEY WERE"DRAFTED"...they stepped forward voluntarily and took the Oath voluntarily!

7. Assume Mr. B was smarter than Mr. A and HE DID NOT STEP FORWARD AND THEREFORE DID NOT TAKE THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. (the recruiter will probably say something like this: "what's the matter with you, don't you know what' step forward' means?" Mr. B responds, "sure I do, but I AM NOT VOLUNTEERING TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY...If you want me you must 'take me' against my will by force!"

8. All of those who "volunteered" will now be excused from the room...and the Mr. B will be cajoled with persuasive arguments...at first...then, when nothing works to change his mind he will be called names and insulted, possibly even assaulted by one or more military people present there as witnesses.

9.IF Mr. B does not weaken, stands his ground, eventually the tormentors will give up and have him arrested on some charge. However, there is NO lawful way that they can MAKE him go into the military...because of the Constitutional prohibition against "involuntary servitude"...which is why NO ONE IS TRULY EVER "DRAFTED" AND MUST BE "SEDUCED " INTO VOLUNTEERING!

D. R. Graham Ret. Sci. Instr. & Ret. Mil. Off'r, AUS


7. Assume Mr. B was smarter than Mr. A and HE DID NOT STEP FORWARD AND THEREFORE DID NOT TAKE THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. (the recruiter will probably say something like this: "what's the matter with you, don't you know what 'step forward' means?" Mr. B responds, "sure I do, but I AM NOT VOLUNTEERING TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY...If you want me you must 'take me' against my will by force!"

8. All of those who "volunteered" will now be excused from the room...and the Mr.B will be cajoled with persuasive arguments...at first...then, when nothing works to change his mind he will be called names and insulted, possibly even assaulted by one or more military people present there as witnesses.

One thing to say at this point is what the cops are coached to say on the witness stand: "Am I ordered?"

If the recruiter says No, then obviously you're OK. If the recruiter says Yes, then "By what authority do you, a military officer, order me, a civilian?" If the recruiter says anything else, repeat the question until you get Yes or No.

If the recruiter says "I order you by the authority of the United States Government" then "Which clause of the Constitution gives you, a military officer, to order me, a civilian?"

Another thing to say is: "Am I free to go?" If the recruiter says Yes, then obviously leave. If the recruiter says No, then "Am I under arrest? Am I your prisoner? Am I kidnapped? If I'm not free, then what am I?" and again, keep repeating the question.

Another thing to say is: "I want an attorney."

Another thing to say is, of course, nothing at all. I think I would go with "Am I free to go?" because if you get to Yes, then you can leave and he would look bad ordering an arrest. If you ask the question three times and don't get a yes or no, then "Well I must be free to go, because I asked you three times and you won't tell me I'm not." Then I would slowly turn around and leave, and if he keeps trying to interact I would just keep repeating the question.

=== Here's an excerpt from a book:

The Army induction officer instructed the draftees to "take one step forward" as their names were called, and said that step would signify their induction into the Army. When reluctant Willie's name was called, he answered present, but did not step forward. After the ceremony, he went home instead of to camp.

When the MP's came for him, he went to court for a writ of habeas corpus to retain his freedom.

"The officer himself," Willie argued, "said the step forward is what would make me a soldier. As I didn't take the step, I'm still a civilian and the Army has no claim on me." Counsel for the Army replied"

The Army isn't being run by childish games. Willie and a hundred others appeared to be inducted, and he was inducted before the whole group as any fool there could plainly see."

Willie retained his civilian status. The court ruled that the draft law required some definite ceremony to transform a civilian into a soldier. As the Army decided to have one step forward constitute the ceremony, and Willie didn't take the step, he wasn't a soldier.

U.S. Court of Appeals, 1954

Posted By: monk January 16, 2005
source: http://www.franklyspeakingradio.com

Informant: Marsha

Abraham's promise and American power

The Religion of US Power

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Freedom Fragile

To the Whiners Opposed to Free Speech

Get over it. Article by Charley Reese:

Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble


Informant: Carol Wolman

The Guantanamo Guidebook: U.K. to Air Show on Torture Techniques


LONDON (AP) - Two people vomited, two wet their pants, another suffered signs of hypothermia - all for the cameras - after volunteering to spend 48 hours locked up in cages and subjected to sexual humiliation, forced nudity and sleep deprivation allegedly like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Guantanamo, Cuba. (AP/File)

A British television station plans to air "The Guantanamo Guidebook,'' a program that recreates some alleged techniques used at the U.S. prison camp for terrorist suspects.

Channel 4 says it wants to make the public aware of such abuses, but a human rights group said Wednesday the program violates U.N. conventions banning torture and shouldn't be shown.

"Your program may have undesirable effects of acclimatizing the audience to the use of torture. The real issue is: how do we make an end to impunity for torturers,'' said Brita Sydhoff of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims in Denmark. The group represents 200 rehabilitation centers for torture victims.

The show's producers say they have recreated some of the milder forms of alleged abuse used at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The methods used on seven volunteers included religious and sexual humiliation, forced nudity, sleep deprivation and extreme temperatures, Tim Carter, the show's producer and director, said Wednesday.

The volunteers were locked in a warehouse with cages, interrogation rooms and surveillance equipment for 48 hours. In the end, after getting sick or suffering symptoms of hypothermia, three of the seven volunteers quit before the 48 hours was over, Carter said.

"We made the program to show viewers how devastating even the milder techniques such as sleep deprivation and playing on personal phobias can be,'' said Carter, who made the program for the Twenty Twenty Television production company in London.

The Bush administration has denied using torture at the Guantanamo prison, where many of the 545 detainees are held without charge. However, some detainees have said they were wrongly imprisoned and allege mistreatment, including beatings, forced nudity and sexual humiliation.

Tom Wilner, a lawyer for 11 Kuwaiti prisoners, recently told The Associated Press that most of his clients falsely confessed to belonging to Afghanistan's ousted Taliban regime or the al-Qaida terror network as a way to stop alleged abuse.

Carter said many forms of purported abuse at Guantanamo have been publicly described by alleged victims, their lawyers and in memos and other documents released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act.

A broadcast date for "The Guantanamo Guidebook'' has not been announced, but Yad Luthra, a spokesman for Channel 4 in London, said it is one of four programs dealing with torture planned for a one-week period in the next month.

Carter said TV stations in other countries have expressed interest in the show, but none has bought the rights.

The other programs include a documentary by Clive Stafford Smith, the first British lawyer allowed into Guantanamo, that explores the issue of whether torture ever works when used on alleged terrorism suspects.

Another by former BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan is about how the United States and other nations allegedly take terrorist suspects outside the country to torture them.

Gilligan resigned from the British Broadcasting Corp. after a senior judge, Lord Hutton, criticized his story in 2003 that alleged Prime Minister Tony Blair's office had "sexed up'' an intelligence dossier about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction before the Iraq war.

The fourth Channel 4 documentary is about alleged torture in U.S. prisons.

02/09/05 16:28 EST

Source: http://news.channels.aolsvc.aol.ca/news/article.adp?id=20050209200309990001

Informant: Charles Bremer

Separate And Convenient

by Jonathan Turley, The Washington Post

America is sliding back into the dangerous territory of separate but equal:

Failing Grade

by Robert Gordon, The American Prospect

On how Bush's budget decimates the public education system.

Vaccine findings confirm fears


Informant: billder

Leuren Moret: Simple words from a nuclear scientist

BG: How tell the public about the effects of (DU) deadly uranium in US munitions?

Leuren Moret, nuclear scientist, February 2005:

I believe in the end that (even) you will comprehend that the amount of DU released into the atmosphere since 1991 is far more than my estimate. Whatever you or I think or differ about, the disaster is worse than we even know... but that tale will be told each year, each decade, each century. Humanity has changed the genome of the entire planet forever.

How can you help us present the disaster in a way that ordinary people can comprehend? Infant mortality is increasing globally for the first time in 41 years.

This planet is being turned into a death star.....

If those reading Leuren Moret's words above do not yet know about DU and its effects (birth defects in particular), I suggest you visit the Uranium Medical Research website http://www.umrc.net for a start. Dennis Kyne, a medic and veteran of Operation Desert Storm, has seen first-hand the effects on US troops. I will be glad to send you lots of other references.

476 Parliament St, Suite 302
Toronto, Ontario
-- and --
3430 Connecticut Ave
Suite# 11854
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (905) 713-1151; Fax: (905) 713-2680
Email: info@umrc.net
Web: http://www.umrc.net

Informant: Carol Wolman

Uranium-Electromagnetic Harassment


Faith, Fabrications, and Fantasy

Faith, Fabrications, and Fantasy (Part 1)

by Bill Berkowitz

Four years in the life of Bush's faith-based initiative

In the coming year, while secular organizations providing much-needed social services to the poor will likely need the Jaws of Life to pry money from the Bush Administration, faith-based organizations will be taking in money hand over fist. In 2003 alone, the administration handed out $1.17 billion in grants to religious organizations, and if the president has his way, individual states will soon be handing over hundreds of millions of dollars to faith-based organizations....


Faith, Fabrications, and Fantasy (Part 2)

by Bill Berkowitz

After more than $1 billion in handouts, Bush's results-impaired faith-based initiative is coming to a state near you....


Condi’s Euro-Tour

by Mike Whitney

In case you missed it, Condi's Euro-tour was a complete flop. Far from being the “triumph” celebrated by FOX News, the trip was just another opportunity to parrot the belligerent policies of the Bush Administration to our former allies. Unlike her predecessor, Rice never deviates from the White House script she has painstakingly memorized. Powell, however lacking in candor, was known to diverge from the hard-right fanaticism of his superiors from time to time. That will never be said of Condi, who flatly refuses to engage in any impromptu conversation that might take her off message. The press coverage was nearly as abysmal as her lackluster diplomatic performance. Of the 1,200 or more articles entered on Google, at least half of them use the term “fence mending” to describe her trip. It's clear that the media had decided on a strategy for their coverage long before Rice had left Washington. The stories invariably shower praise on the Ice Princess for her magnanimous gesture of reconciliation. In fact, Rice has simply mastered the art of giving directives through a frigid grin. There was no sign of compromise whatsoever....



10:30 - 12 February 2005

There is no evidence that mobile phones or phone masts are any risk to health. But the fact is that many people are increasingly concerned that it will eventually turn out their emissions do cause harm.

Omega this is not true that "There is no evidence that mobile phones or phone masts are any risk to health" see under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

Once again the Leicester Comedy Festival, which started in spectacular fashion last night, boasts a great line-up for an event which has become a Leicester institution.

This concern is clearly shared by Government adviser Sir William Stewart, who has warned that children under eight should not use mobile phones at all and that he does not favour masts being located near schools.

Now two schools in Leicester are trying to find ways out of long-term contracts so that they can get rid of masts on their sites.

We sympathise with their point of view and believe that there needs to be tighter controls on the location of phone masts in general.

While most schools do not have masts on their sites, a recent survey found that a third of schools in Leicester have one located nearby.

This is surely wrong given that Sir William has advised a "precautionary approach" over mobile phone technology in case it does ultimately turn out that there is a health effect.

As we have previously argued, existing planning rules on phone masts are inadequate.

There should be a set of regulations which follow the precautionary approach by setting out areas in which mobile phone masts should not be sited.

We owe it to our children to take steps to be cautious over this issue. This is not a hysterical over-reaction, but simply common sense.


From Mast Network

Bush's vision of government is big, activist

by Steven Thomma

Knight Ridder


To Barry Goldwater, the father of the modern conservative movement, government was a threat to individual liberty that needed to be beaten back into submission. To Ronald Reagan, government wasn't the solution, it was the problem. Now, the man who claims the mantle of those earlier conservatives, President Bush, is filling in the fine brushstrokes of a different vision of government for 21st-century America. As defined in his second inaugural address, his latest State of the Union message, his new budget and his four years of experience, Bush envisions the federal government as an expansive, muscular force to project his will at home and abroad...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Paid to fight, paid more to die

by N. Joseph Potts

Ludwig von Mises Institute


Welfare/warfare states such as today's America are distinguished by the ever-tightening grip the collective exercises over the course of their citizens' lives, as the expression goes, from the cradle to the grave. Such governments are also distinguished, of course, by their propensity to expend not only the interests and energies of their people in the pursuit of the goals of the governing class, but their very lives as well, as when hundreds of thousands of young men and women are put first in uniform and then in harm's way to fight wars and -- win or lose -- extend their masters' imperial reach at the cost of their blood...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

As things fall apart, lie and lie again

by Paul Craig Roberts



Are Americans going to fall for the same set of WMD lies a second time? Are Americans going to deliver up their sons, and perhaps daughters as well, to be drafted and sent to the Middle East to be killed and maimed for no American cause? The US Treasury is empty. The once 'almighty' dollar is tottering. The US military is stretched to the breaking point. Former allies look askance at America. Hatred of America has reached an all time high...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Defeating the Republican police state mandate

by Sergei Borglum Hoff

The Libertarian Enterprise


As an illuminating consequence of the November elections, liberty-committed Americans, those who live by the founding principles of nonintervention, personal responsibility, and self-ownership, can clearly identify the Republican Party as their enemy. The Grand Old Party or if you prefer The Party of Lincoln has stepped forward to become the majority 'Party' of legislated imperialism, aggression, and servitude. Never again can the Republicans pretentiously carry the Torch of Liberty, and delude honorable Americans...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Sharansky Fallacy

by Justin Raimondo



Seeing Pat [Buchanan] puncture the intellectual pretensions of the puffed-up Sharansky beats the best espresso as a morning tonic. But we never believed that democratist palaver in the first place. That's just for the rubes, the deluded GOP rank-and-file who have to believe in something as a Republican president defends federal entitlements, expands the power and scope of the federal government, and leads the charge against civil liberties previously treasured by conservatives. George W. Bush and his neoconservative advisors have no more intention of exporting democracy to, say, Uzbekistan, or Saudi Arabia, or any of the other nations of the Middle East, than the Devil has of going to church."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The death of hope

by L. Neil Smith

The Libertarian Enterprise


The first duty of any police state is to keep its victims from escaping. Some use concrete and barbed wire. Others, recognizing that mental escape is far more dangerous than physical escape, use methods like drug laws and censorship. Permitting subjects to imagine -- let alone write and produce stories of -- a future that doesn't include the Omnipotent State is intolerable, a clear step in the direction of cultural suicide (an escape route which the State routinely denies to individuals)...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Conflicting word on US drones over Iran



U.S. government and military sources gave conflicting signals Sunday about the veracity of a Washington Post report that said the U.S. government has been using unmanned flights for the past year to gather intelligence on Iran's nuclear capability. Three senior U.S. military officials disputed the article Sunday, but two well-placed U.S. government sources confirmed it, saying that the overflights have indeed been taking place...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Die Naila-Studie


Eger H, Hagen KU, Lucas B, Vogel P, Voit H.
„Einfluß der räumlichen Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf die Krebsinzidenz“
Umwelt-Medizin-Gesellschaft 2004(4):326-332
Herausgeber: IGUMED (Interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Umweltmedizin), ÖAB (Ökologischer Ärztebund), DBU (Deutscher Berufsverband der Umweltmediziner), DGHUT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Humantoxikologie).

die kpl. Pilotstudie "Nailaer Studie" ist nunmehr in der Zeitschrift umwelt-medizingesellschaft Ausgabe 4/2004 (umg 4/04) veröffentlicht. Bezugspreis 8,00 € zzgl.1 € Versand.

Bestellung im Internet über: http://www.umwelt-medizin-gesellschaft.de
per Mail: info@umg-verlag,
per Post/Fax/Telefon: UMG Verlag, Fedelhören 88, 28203 Bremen, Tel: 0421/498 42 51 fax: 0421/4978 42 52


Das Handy macht krank!

Stellungnahme des BfS zur "Naila-Mobilfunkstudie"

Sehr geehrter Herr Professor König,

das BfS, der Verfasser der Stellungnahme wurde leider nicht genannt, hat diverse Punkte aufgeführt, warum die Nailaer Arztstudie nicht repräsentativ ist. Auch die Wiederholung einer solchen Studie in anderen Orten lehnen Sie ab.

Die Nailaer Ärzte setzen sich - gemäß ihrem Berufsethos - für die Gesundheit der Bürger ein. Sie können deshalb nicht zusehen, wie sich im näheren Umkreis der Mobilfunksender die Krebsfälle verdoppeln und verdreifachen. Außerdem treten die Krebsfälle 8 Jahre früher auf, d.h. schlicht und einfach, dass ein Mensch, der z.B. mit 70 Jahren an einer anderen Krankheit stirbt und dessen schlafender Krebs erst mit 71 Jahren auftreten würde, keinerlei Krebsprobleme hat! Tritt der Krebs aber 8 Jahre früher auf, ist er mit 63 Jahren an Krebs erkrankt und stirbt eventuell bereits mit 64 Jahren!!

Können Sie oder die verantwortlichen Politiker die Verantwortung dafür tragen?? Sollen weiter zigtausend Bürger für die skrupellose Gewinnmaximierung Weniger erkranken und sterben?!? Nach Meinung von Herrn Dr. med. Gerd Oberfeld, der sich seit Jahren mit der Mobilfunkproblematik befasst, besteht sofortiger Handlungsbedarf. Er schätzt, dass bereits heute mehr Menschen durch Mobilfunk geschädigt werden oder zu Tode kommen, als durch Verkehrsunfälle oder Luftschadstoffe.

Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht: "Warum muss jedes Medikament akribisch den Nachweis führen, dass es nicht gesundheitsschädlich ist, aber von einer neuen Technologie wie Mobilfunk wird dies nicht verlangt"?

Wann endlich werden auch kritische Mobilfunkstudien anerkannt und entsprechende Aktionen zum Schutz der Bevölkerung von den verantwortlichen Stellen angeordnet??

Studien mit finanzieller und direkter oder indirekter fachlicher Beteiligung der Industrie sind keinen einzigen Cent wert!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

G. Pischeltsrieder
Bürgerinitiative Icking zum Schutz vor Strahlenbelastung

Die Naila-Mobilfunkstudie

US started preparing for war with Iran years ago


US will silence world's top expert on Iran nuclear weapons



A report on how Greens and progressives have continued to be ignored, marginalised and vilified.

To read this article, visit the link below:

Informant: Garden Beekeeper

Präsident Bush in Deutschland nicht willkommen

Datum: 14.02.2005
© www.sozialisten.de


Präsident Bush in Deutschland nicht willkommen

Der Parteivorstand der PDS hat die Mitglieder und Sympathisant/innen der Partei aufgerufen, die Kritik am politischen Kurs des wiedergewählten US-Präsidenten George W. Bush anlässlich seines Deutschland-Besuchs deutlich zu artikulieren und sich an den vielfältigen Aktionen unter dem Motto Not welcome, Mr. Bush! Für eine friedliche und soziale Welt zu beteiligen. Eine entsprechende Anzeigenschaltung der Friedensbewegung wird von der PDS unterstützt.

Dazu erklärt Wolfgang Gehrcke, außenpolitischer Sprecher:

US-Präsident Bush besucht am 23. Februar 2005 Deutschland. Er will, dass sich Europa stärker im Irak engagiert. Seine Botschaft ist keine Botschaft des Friedens und der Menschenrechte.

Nach dem Irak-Krieg, in dem bereits 100.000 Menschen ihr Leben verloren haben, wird nun der Iran militärisch bedroht. Die Welt steht vor der Gefahr neuer Kriege. Wir sagen: Mr. President - no war! Willkommen ist uns das Amerika der Friedensbewegung - Sie, Herr Präsident, sind mit dieser Politik in Deutschland unerwünscht.

Den Bundeskanzler unseres Landes fordern wir auf, klarzustellen:
* Deutschland wird sich im Irak militärisch nicht einmischen;
* Deutschland wird sich einem Krieg gegen den Iran widersetzen, seinen Einfluss in Europa und in der UNO dafür einsetzen, atomare Abrüstung auf die Tagesordnung zu setzen, damit der Griff zu Atomwaffen weltweit gestoppt wird.

Wir erwarten vom Kanzler unseres Landes, gegenüber dem US-Präsidenten darauf zu drängen, dass auch die Vereinigten Staaten Menschenrechte einhalten. Die Menschenrechtsverletzungen der USA unter der Bush-Regierung gehören auf die Tagesordnung der Gespräche. Gute Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und den USA Ja - neue Kriege Nein, das ist die Botschaft der Friedensbewegung. An den Protesten der Friedensbewegung am 22. und 23. Februar wird sich die PDS beteiligen.

Not welcome, Mr. Bush!

Offener Brief im Namen von Mobilfunkstrahlung-Geschädigten und Betroffenen aus Polen an Papst Johannes Paul II

Hier ist die neue Gestaltung des polnischen Briefes an den Papst vom 1. September 2004. Mein Brief, versandt mit der deutschen Post, gefaxt und gemailt, auch an die polnischen Zeitungen, hat weder zum Abbau der Mobilfunkanlagen noch zu einer Wende in der Haltung der kirchlichen Leitung geführt.

Im Gegenteil, die GSM-Mobilfunkstationen in den Kirchen werden mit UMTS nachgerüstet. Auch die aktuellen Berichte über den Aufenthalt des Papstes in der Poliklinik Agostino Gemelli beweisen, dass meine in polnisch verfassten Warnungen die Umgebung des Papstes nicht erreichten. Sie wurden ignoriert oder man versucht vielleicht den Papst durch dauerhafte Mobilfunkbestrahlung so los zu werden wie den Jassir Arafat.

Die Poliklinik Agostino Gemelli ist mit dem drahtlosen Wlan-System "the wireless Bedside Florence" ausgestattet. Für den verantwortlichen Prof. Musumeci war die Gesundheitsgefährdung durch die gepulsten, elektromagnetischen Felder wohl unbekannt, sonnst würde er bestimmt die zahlreichen Mobilfunksendeanlagen direkt über dem Zimmer des Papstes nicht erlauben oder ? Siehe Fotos unter http://iddd.de/umtsno/papde.htm

Seine Heiligkeit, Papst Johannes Paul II., Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano, V-00120 Citta del Vaticano


Kardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Kardinal Giovanni Battista Re
Kardinal, Erzbischof von Mailand Dionigi Tettamanzi,
Kardinal Angelo Sodano

Hamburg, den 14.02.2005

Offener Brief im Namen von Mobilfunkstrahlung-Geschädigten und Betroffenen aus Polen an Papst Johannes Paul II.

Heiliger Vater !

Wir bitten um Ihre Mithilfe!

Unsere Kirche in Polanica-Zdrój und hunderte Kirchen in Polen werden derzeit von der Mobilfunkindustrie in Basisstationen (BTS-s - Base Tranceiver Stations) umgebaut, sehen Sie z.B. die Zeichnung auf der Seite


sehen Sie die ständig wachsende Liste der umgebauten in Basisstationen Kirchen, zum Teil mit versteckten Mobilfunkanlagen an:


Heiliger Vater,

wir wollen nicht in den Mobilfunk-Basisstationen, die in vier Himmelsrichtungen krebserregende, gepulste elektromagnetische Felder versenden, beten.

Trotz Bitten und Gebete, sind die Kircheneigentümer, die Prälaten ablehnend. Sie sind zu unseren Gegnern geworden. Man hat den Eindruck als würden sie lieber allein und ohne Gemeinde in ihrer Kirche unmittelbar unter den Mobilfunkanlagen leben wollen!

Lieber Papst, Sie als Kirchenoberhaupt können sich nicht immer wieder für die Verbrechen von Angestellten entschuldigen.

Woher diese Wörter und dieser Zorn?

Sie kommen von den Menschen, die von diesem Schicksal getroffen wurden:

Dreizehn Todesfälle in Brodnica, bis die Gläubigen den Probst zur Vertragskündigung gezwungen hatten.

Schwere Krankheiten in der Nähe des BTS-Turmes in Polanica-Zdrój (Altheide Bad)

75 Todesfälle im Umkreis von 150 Metern des Todesturms in Slupsk (Stolp)

Sehr arrogante Haltung z.B. des Prälaten in Swidnica (Schweidnitz)

Nach polnischen Zeitungsberichten existiert ein päpstliches Verbot aus dem Jahr 2002 zur Vermietung der Kirchen als Mobilfunkbasisstationen.

Ist das wahr?

Aufrechte wissenschaftliche Eliten haben zahlreiche Beweise der Schädlichkeit der dauerhaften Bestrahlung durch die gepulsten elektromagnetischen Felder an die Öffentlichkeit gebracht.

Bitte sehen Sie sich die Recherche russischer Studienergebnisse aus 1.500 Arbeiten von 1960 bis 1996 von Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht an. (im Auftrag des Bundesamtes für Telekommunikation, heute Regulierungsbehörde der BRD)

http://iddd.de/umtsno/profhecht.htm oder als (.pdf, 464 KB)

Sie beschreibt zahlreiche, tödliche Krankheiten in Folge von 2, -5, -10, -15-jähriger Dauerbestrahlung durch die elektromagnetischen, nicht gepulsten, also weniger gefährlichen Strahlen.

Bitte lenken Sie Ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf die Ergebnisse der Reflexstudie (Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards From Low Energy Electromagnetic Field Exposure) von 12 wissenschaftlichen Instituten aus sieben europäischen Ländern im Auftrag der Europäischen Union. In dem sehr objektiven Verfahren - "Doppel-Blind-Studie" wurde eindeutig d.h. unabhängig reproduzierbar, unterhalb der geltenden Sicherheitsgrenzen eine gentoxische Wirkung der Mobilfunkstrahlung nachgewiesen (Doppel-DNA-Strangbrüche, die die Zelle nicht fehlerfrei repariert).



Weitere Beweise finden Sie unter:


Einen sehr guter, kurzer Überblick über die aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Ergebnisse finden Sie unter (.PDF, 614 KB)


Vater unser geschehe, dass in den Kirchen nur die Liebe strahlt.

Um der Tatsache Rechnung zu tragen, dass die Mehrheit der Gläubigen in Polen keinen Internetzugang hat, im Namen von mehreren Tausend Betroffenen aus Slupsk, Brodnica, Swidnica, Polanica-Zdrój, Stara Lomnica, Warschau, Lodz, Rybnik u.a.

verbleibe ich

mit den besten Wünschen für Ihre Gesundheit und Ihr weiteres Wirken

Krzysztof Puzyna

Mobilfunkturm des Todes : 55 Tote in Slupsk (Stolp) in Polen und weitere 53 schwer Erkrankte

Mobiltelefon-Emissionen beeinflussen im Laborversuch Enzyme

Gepulste hochfrequente elektromagnetische Felder erhöhen die Flüssigphase-Endozytose aufgrund der elektrischen Feldkomponente

Trotz intensiver Forschung liegen bisher keine allgemein akzeptierten Theorien über die Interaktionen zwischen elektromagnetischen Feldern (EMFs) und lebenden Zellen vor, wobei die aus Experimenten gewonnenen Daten oft widersprüchlich sind. Die Autoren dieser Studie untersuchten die Auswirkungen der EMFs von Mobiletelefonen (gepulste Frequenz 217 Hz, Trägerfrequenz 900 MHz und Impulsdauer 580) oder deren reine niederfrequente, gepulste elektrische Feldkomponente auf die Flüssigphase-Endozytose.

In beiden Fällen hatten sie bei einer länger als 10 Minuten andauernden Exposition eine erhöhte Flüssigphase-Endozytose bei drei verschiedenen Zelltypen beobachtet (ca. 1,5-fach erhöht). In der Studie wurde gezeigt, dass die elektrische Komponente dieser EMFs für die beobachtete Erhöhung verantwortlich ist, während Veränderungen der Frequenz und der Impulsdauer ohne Folgen blieben. So kann EMF aufgrund seiner elektrischen Komponente die grundlegenden physiologischen Funktionen der Zell-Endozytose beeinflussen.


Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 10.02.2005

Mobiltelefon-Emissionen beeinflussen im Laborversuch Enzyme

Elektrosmognews vom 13.02.2005

Für diese Studie isolierten italienische Forscher Enzyme aus dem zentralen Nervensystems des mit elektrischen Organen ausgestatteten Zitteraals und untersuchten, ob diese auf die elektromagnetischen Felder von GSM-Mobiltelefonen reagierten. Dabei fanden sie bei einer SAR von 0,51 W/kg und einer kürzeren Einwirkungsdauer von 1 - 10 Minuten keine Veränderung, wohl aber bei 20 Minuten, die zudem dauerhaft war.

Barteri M, Pala A, Rotella S.: Structural and kinetic effects of mobile phone microwaves on acetylcholinesterase activity. Biophysical Chemistry 113(3):245--53 (2005)


Gefunden bei: www.elektrosmoginfo.de

Omega siehe auch unter:

Out of Touch With Nature


Informant: Teresa Binstock

The Death of Environmentalism


Informant: Teresa Binstock

How America Nukes Its Own Troops


Informant: Friends

US Army Patents Biological Weapons Delivery System Violates Bioweapons Convention


Informant: Friends

Russland: Mobiltelefone und Krebs bei Kindern

Der Vorsitzende der russischen Gesundheitsbehörden, Gennadi Onishenko, veröffentlichte in der Rossiskaya Gazetta, einem Medium der Regierung, Forschungsergebnisse, nach denen Mobiltelefone besonders für Kinder schädlich seien. Er sagte: „...wenn ein Kind nur zwei Minuten lang ein Mobiltelefon benutzt, bleiben die bioelektrischen Aktivitäten des Kindes zwei Stunden lang instabil“.

Darüber hinaus hätten ungarische Forschungsergebnisse gezeigt, dass der Gebrauch eines Mobiltelefons in der Jugend das Risiko erhöht, später an einem Hirntumor zu erkranken. Ebenfalls fügte er hinzu, dass Mobiltelefone Schlaflosigkeit, Gedächtnisverlust sowie hohen Blutdruck verursachen könnten, und dass das Tragen der Geräte am Körper gesundheitlich bedenklich sei. Er empfiehlt, dass Kinder, schwangere Frauen und Autofahrer mit Herzschrittmachern keine Mobiltelefone nutzen sollten.


Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 10.02.2005

Kinder und Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk in der Schule

Schule und Mobilfunk

Strahlende Kinder!? Kinder durch Mobilfunktechnik in besonderer Gefahr

Mobilfunk und Krebs

Jacken, Helme und Mützen mit Bluetooth-Technologie

Im nächsten Winter nehmen die Snowboarder aus aller Welt einen weiteren Trick in ihr Repertoire auf: Auf der Piste oder mitten im Schnee können sie per Knopfdruck von Musikhören auf Telefonieren umschalten ohne ihre Handschuhe auszuziehen oder in der Tasche nach dem Handy zu suchen. Drei gemeinsam von Motorola und Burton Snowboards entwickelte, in der Kleidung integrierte Bluetooth-Produkte machen das schon in der Wintersaison 2006 möglich.

Hinter den so genannten Wearable Electronics stecken Jacken, Helme und Mützen, in denen Bluetooth-fähige Handys, Headsets und Steuerungseinheiten eingebaut sind. Die Bluetooth-Module können zwischen den Produkten getauscht, als selbstständige Einheiten genutzt, entfernt und wieder eingesetzt werden.

Omega siehe hierzu: „Bluetooth und Gesundheit“ unter:


Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 10.02.2005



NYT publishes detailed account of torture



It is a bit like apsartame and neutrasweet - even ordinary non-diet drinks in the UK are getting these sweeteners added as well as agar, now, just to get everybody addicted.

For those with broadband, this is worth downloading (and buying the CD if you like the music and want to support the band)



Informant: Don Maisch


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