Brits, Yanks, Asleep as Ancient Liberties Fade

Law after draconian law, has been placed on the statutory books in both countries that rip the revered “Rights of Englishmen,” the cherished U.S. Constitution, and the hallowed Bill of Rights to shreds.


Blair limits damage after terror rebellion :

The prime minister moved quickly today to defend his home arrests bill following last night's rebellion by more than 30 Labour MPs, saying he "rejected completely" that it was a fundamental attack on long-standing civil liberties.

From Information Clearing House

Pentagon seeks new anti-terror operation

The Pentagon is promoting a global counterterrorism plan that would allow Special Operations forces to enter a foreign country to conduct military operations without explicit concurrence from the U.S. ambassador there, administration officials familiar with the plan said.


From Information Clearing House

Guard facing troop shortage for Iraq in 2006

The Army National Guard will run short of troops for Iraq in 2006 unless the situation there improves or the 24-month limit on callups is changed, its top general said Wednesday.


From Information Clearing House

Churches attack Iraq troop plan

A Christian alliance has savaged the Government's decision to send more troops to Iraq as "scandalous", saying the Prime Minister had broken trust with the Australian people.


From Information Clearing House

War Crimes

Congress dozes while detainees are sent to other countries to be tortured...


From Information Clearing House

The Evolution of Revolution

Expelling the Demons of the Opiate

by Manuel Valenzuela

If you must believe in something, then believe in humanism, in compassion, in peace, love and togetherness. Believe in the Earth and the splendors of her surface. Believe in nature and in saving it from ourselves.


No Tyrant Can Stand Forever

Least we forget the crimes, the pain, the death!

Bring These People To Justice Now!

6 Minute Video: Watch It Online Now - Windows Media.

Core Values

by Chris Floyd

Here, where there should be thunderous denunciations of the Bush regime's rape of American honor -- a litany of sins that includes aggressive war, the decimation of cities, vile acts of torture, kidnappings, "renditions," imprisonment without charges, indefinite detention, assassinations, war profiteering and the exaltation of presidential power above the reach of law -- there has been only silent acquiescence, or the rare, decorous, timorous murmur, or, increasingly, enthusiastic support.


Why are we welcoming this torturer?

Europe is tacitly condoning the Bush regime's appalling practices

Victoria Brittain

George Bush is this week having an extravagantly orchestrated series of meetings with Europe's leaders, designed to show a united front for the creation of democracy around the world. Tony Blair talks of our "shared values". No one mentions the word that makes this show a mockery: torture.

Weather Control

Saturday January 29th, 2005

Television weatherman Scott Stevens (weatherwars.info) believes our weather is being controlled by outside sources.

Informant: Inca

HAARP Experiments

Sunday January 23rd, 2005

Informant: Inca



Informant: Keith II

Why Are We Welcoming This Torturer?


Regaining My Humanity


The Downside of Democracy


Both Houses of Congress Get Involved in 'Gannon' Case


Bush's 'No Child' Law; 50-State Group Says It's Unconstitutional

Task Force Criticizes Bush's 'No Child' Law; 50-State Group Says It's Unconstitutional

The Germans Bush Wasn't Able to See

Empty Town: The Germans Bush Wasn't Able to See

With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

German Protesters Call Bush 'No. 1 Terrorist':

The official rally, which was twice as big as expected, never got within earshot of President Bush, but a small group of protestors rushed toward his car as he left to visit a U.S. base in nearby Wie

From Information Clearing House


Nice little jaw blow for the telecom industry in yesterdays Argus newspaper (Sussex wide).



I am appalled to read about the vast number of phone masts which are going to be erected, especially in residential areas and near schools. We have gone mobile phone mad. They are lethal - the increase in brain cancer will be enormous especially in young children and business people, who are never off them.

How did they manage before?

Mobile phones are good for emergencies only. Parents who buy them for their children are asking for trouble unless they teach their children when to use them.

Protests must go on - we did without mobile phones before and we can do so again -but, unless the medical world publicises the dangers very soon, there will be a great deal of heartache in many homes in future.`J. Adams, Matlock Road, Brighton

From Mast Network

Turn Your Back on Bush

It has been just over a month since over 5,000 of you lined the streets of Washington, DC and, through one unified action, delivered a message to Bush, the country, and the world. Over 50 million people heard about Turn Your Back on Bush; on TV, in newspapers, on the radio, and online, and our work together continues to make waves. Last week a group attending President Bush’s Social Security forum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire got national coverage when they took of their coats to reveal Turn Your Back on Bush t-shirts at the ticketed event. And in Europe many people have adopted this tactic, turning their backs on Bush during his European tour.

Check out our home page – http://www.TurnYourBackOnBush.org - for a link to the NPR story on Turn Your Back on Bush in New Hampshire, the Onion's front-page article about our action and to see Saturday Night Live's coverage of Turn Your Back on Bush.

For many of you, this was your first time participating in a political action. For others, it was another step on a long road of activism, organizing, and working for social change. It was the role of the Turn Your Back on Bush team to facilitate this action, to give you the tools and resources you needed to make it a success. We believe we were successful to that end, and from the countless phone calls and emails we have gotten since the Inauguration, we are confident that it was a success for you too.

And there is more to do! Turn Your Back on Bush is part of a growing movement of small groups taking on the Bush Administration's policies, and we’ll be using this list to pass on information about what we’re doing as well as actions and ideas that other groups are working on. We were just two people when we started – and if we learned anything from this experience it’s that we all have the power to make change.

We're reposting some of the resources we found most helpful in building this action on our website - non-violence training manuals and information on creating successful non-violent actions. We encourage you to use them and pass them on - you can find them at http://www.turnyourbackonbush.org/nonviolence.html

We’ll be continuing to send out updates, and we’ll keep on adding media links and other important links to the website, and if you’ve got news you’d like to share with us, please send it to

The Turn Your Back on Bush Team

P.S. We've developed a presentation about Turn Your Back on Bush which we've shown at several conferences in the last few weeks. It tells the story of how this action came about and we'd like to use it to inspire more people to use creative action to resist the Bush administration's polices. If you're interested in having one of us bring this presentation to your group, please let us know!

Robert Kennedy Jr. blames the major TV networks for failing to focus on the Bush administration's atrocious environmental record

Pass It On: A Conversation With RFK, Jr.

by E&E TV's OnPoint Program

In this lively interview, environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. blames the major TV networks for failing to focus on the Bush administration's atrocious environmental record:

"I think the worst thing that can happen to the environment is if it becomes the province of a single political party."

Watch environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr.'s OnPoint interview about the politics of the environmental movement:

Even Cowboys Need Friends

by Philippe Sands, The Guardian

Bush and Blair's attempt to remake the international order will fail.

Bush and Blair's illegal war in Iraq has not made the world a safer place - only respect for international law can do that


From Information Clearing House

Calling Congress To Account


by Ellen Miller

Tom Paine


Americans know all too well the corrupting influence of money on the political process. But combine rigidly ideological politicians with a party that has an iron lock on power in Washington and you've got the most corrupt Congress in recent memory. The right wing has control of the White House and both houses of Congress, eliminating the checks and balances on power that America's founders intended. ... The top 50 industry contributions added up to more than $600 million in the last election cycle alone. ... Barely a month after the swearing in of the 109th Congress, lawmakers paid off corporations with the passage of the class action bill -- which shields them from liability for negligence and curbs a citizen's right to sue. ... That's just a flavor of what the right-wing agenda has in store for this Congress...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



Informant: NHNE

Transmission break


Calls for the truth about mobile phone masts


Mobilfunk macht senil ?


Mobilfunk macht senil ?

Quelle: BI Bad Dürkheim, 15.09.03

Eine neue Studie des schwedischen Professors Leif Salford dürfte der Mobilfunk-Industrie schwer im Magen liegen. Der Wissenschaftler hat möglicherweise Hinweise auf bisher unbeachtete gesundheitliche Folgen der mobiler Geräte. Es besteht seiner Meinung nach die Gefahr, dass eine ganze Generation frühzeitig senil wird.

Gemeint sind die heute jugendlichen Nutzer solcher Geräte, die angesichts immer neuer technologischer Entwicklungen in einem "Meer von Mikrowellen zu Ertrinken drohen". Bisher gibt es zwar keine Nachweise für eine - beispielsweise krebserregende - Auswirkung dieser Geräte. Doch Salford und seine Kollegen haben nach 15 Jahren eine neue Wirkungsform entdeckt.

Demnach macht die Bestrahlung die Barriere zwischen Blutbahnen und Hirn transparenter, so dass es zu einem Eindringen des Proteins Albumin kommen kann. Dieses Eindringen kann nach ihren neuesten Ergebnissen mit Schädigungen des Hirns in Verbindung gebracht werden. Langzeituntersuchungen stehen aber noch aus und es ist denkbar, dass die durch das Eiweiß geschädigten Neuronen sich selbst heilen.

Der Wissenschaftler sieht aber die Gefahr, dass die Neuronen dazu nicht in der Lage sind. Neuronen, die sonst eher bei Menschen über 60 Jahren Probleme verursachen, könnten dann unter dem Einfluss des Proteins schon bei 30jährigen zu Senilität führen.

Die freiwillige Bestrahlung des Gehirns mit Mikrowellen mobiler Telefone bezeichnet er daher als das größte human-biologische Experiment der Menschheit.

Ein Volk von Demenzkranken?

The Independent: Mobiles 'make you senile'

Environmental Health Perspectives: Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones

A study detects damages by radiation of antennas of mobile phones


Mobiles 'make you senile'


The Independent: Mobiles 'make you senile'

Environmental Health Perspectives: Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones

Bush Gets Stoned by World Media


RFID-Tags im Büstenhalter


Bush Team Readying Backdoor Route to Drill Arctic Refuge


Protest as harassment



Of, by and for Big Business


NATO: Chirac Rebuffs Bush


World Council of Churches Asks the US and Other Governments to Ratify International Criminal Court Statue


Hungry Field Mice Knock Out Swedish Phone Network


Stop the sneak attack on the Arctic Refuge


Informant: Scott Munson

Warm Oceans Eroding Antarctic Ice


Informant: Anna Webb

500 Animals a Day are Killed by HLS


****Cross Post Freely****

500 Animals a Day are Killed by HLS


W.A.R. Target

Huntingdon Life Sciences

Central Park West Update: On January 30, 2005, we reported that the New York Police Department had, after 21 months of peaceful legal protests, denied our application for a sound permit for the demonstrations that take place at the home of Andrew Baker, CEO of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Since then we have spent weekends at Central Park West talking to neighbors and distributing educational literature throughout the community. We are pleased to report that the overwhelming majority of Andrew and Susan Baker's neighbors support our mission and/or our right to be there giving voice to the suffering of countless thousands of animals in the labs of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Consequently, and with the support of the community, we are resuming our regularly scheduled demonstrations. Beginning this Sunday, we will be holding our Sunday demonstrations every Sunday! We have found our educational outreach program so effective that we are planning on continuing our tabling efforts in addition to our Sunday demonstrations. Community outreach tables will be staffed on Saturdays and Sundays.

For a time, we will be operating without benefit of a sound permit. Central Park West is noisy and busy and our message must be heard over multiple lanes of heavy traffic. What we lack in sound amplification, we hope to gain in a larger number of activists shouting out so our message can be heard up on the 14th Floor of 279 Central Park West. Please join us so we can send a clear and loud message to the Bakers and to the NYPD.....


Sunday, February 27, 2005 compassionate New Yorkers will gather at 279 Central Park West (W. 88th St.), the home of Andrew Baker, CEO of HLS, to protest the killing of innocent animals for product testing. Bring a loud voice and your passion to speak out for the animals held prisoner in HLS labs and breeding facilities. Right now there are over 70,000 animals in HLS labs including beagles, cats and kittens, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, rats and mice, etc.

HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) is one of the world's largest contract animal testing companies. Five undercover investigations have revealed the horrors hidden behind the closed doors of HLS, a company responsible for the torture and mutilation of hundreds of thousands of animals and death of 500 animals a day. Please join us in sending a message to one of the most reviled corporate executives in the USA, Andrew Baker.

WHEN: Sunday, February 27, 2005 2:00 PM
WHERE: 279 Central Park West at 88th St.

Win Animal Rights

For more info contact: centcom@war-online.org or call:
or visit the Win Animal Rights/WAR website at:

Ima Vegan

Iran Readies Defenses for Offensive U.S. Attack

Is there another unilateral war on the horizon? The article below describes how Iran is taking defensive action to protect themselves in the event of a U.S. or U.S.-Iraeli pre-emptive war.


Brooklyn's Abu Ghraib

Torture Scandal Expands to America: Brooklyn's Abu Ghraib

Here's what happens when there is no accountability: "The Justice Department's inspector general has substantiated some of the prisoners' allegations [of torture and mistreatment] - and some incidents were captured on videotape. But the Justice Department has declined to prosecute any federal correction officer" at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park in New York.


For Some, a Loss in Iraq Turns Into Antiwar Activism

They call themselves Gold Star Families for Peace. Organized less than two months ago, it is part support group and part activist organization, with members united by grief and the belief that their loved ones died in a war that did not have to happen. They represent a small percentage of the families that have lost someone in Iraq -- 50 families out of more than 1,450.


Schillys Vorschlag zum Versammlungsrecht weist in die falsche Richtung

Bürgerrechtsgruppen in Deutschland zeigen sich besorgt über den leichtfertigen Umgang mit elementaren Grundrechten. Gemeinsame Presseerklärung der Humanistischen Union und der Gustav Heinemann-Initiative vom 15.2.2005:


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 15

Abstimmungs-Ergebnisse vom 21.02.05 - Schein und Wirklichkeit

"Mit überwältigender Mehrheit haben die Spanier die EU-Verfassung angenommen", so berichteten Medien, "76 Prozent stimmten mit Ja!". - Aber die Wahlbeteiligung lag nur bei 42 Prozent!

Überwältigend war hier wohl eher die Selbsttäuschung, um nicht zu sagen die Einfalt bzw. mangelnde Verantwortlichkeit von Journalisten und Politikern, die derart oberflächlich denken und handeln. Denn in Wirklichkeit haben nur 32 Prozent der Wahlberechtigten für die Verfassung gestimmt. Das muß nun nicht heißen, daß zwei Drittel der Spanier gegen die Verfassung sind, es läßt lediglich auf den Zustand der Demokratiebereitschaft bzw. -fähigkeit schließen. Aber davon leben anscheinend Politiker und Journalisten recht gut.

Hier noch die üblichen Mißverhältnisse von Schein und Wirklichkeit bei der Darstellung unserer jüngsten Wahlergebnisse in Schleswig-Holstein. Die wahren Zahlen auf der Grundlage aller Wahlberechtigten, also auch der 33,4 Prozent Nichtwahlwilligen oder -fähigen, in Klammern die offiziellen, amtlichen Zahlen:

CDU 26,8 (40,2); SPD 25,8 (38,7); FDP 4,4 (6,6); Grüne 4,2 (6,2); SSW 2,4 (3,6); NPD 1,2 (1,9); Andere 1,8 (2,8) Nichtwähler 33,4 (0,0) Prozent.

Die ganzheitliche Berechnung gibt ein realistischeres Bild von den Verhältnissen der Anteile politischer Orientierungen in der gesamten Wählerschaft und eine gerechtere weil ehrlichere Bewertung.

Die Fragwürdigkeit der bisherigen traditionellen Auswertung der Ergebnisse wird bei der Vorstellung deutlich, daß nur noch ein einziger Bürger zur Wahl gehen würde. Die gewählte Partei erhielte dann 100 Prozent und könnte mit Recht die so gern von manchen Politikern benutzte Formulierung verwenden, "der" Wähler habe der Partei damit den Auftrag gegeben.

Demokratische Politik ist für alle da, auch für Politikverdrossene oder Bildungsschwache. Das Einbeziehen aller Wahlberechtigten in die Auswertung wäre wirklichkeitsnäher, verantwortlicher und ein Schritt zur Erneuerung der Demokratie.

Rudolf Kuhr, Bürger und Wähler

Exposed - Corruption in Social Security Fight

You've probably never heard of Jim McCrery, but he just gained tremendous power over your future. He's President Bush's ally and is the man charged to push Social Security privatization through the House of Representatives. As the new House leader on Social Security, McCrery will make key decisions like... Whose Social Security benefits get cut and by how much? How much money will Wall Street make off the deal? Do we increase our national debt by $2 trillion to fund Bush's scheme?

There's something even more disturbing about McCrery's power over our Social Security. McCrery's accepted nearly $200,000 in campaign contributions from the very Wall Street firms that stand to benefit the most from privatization. It's hard to imagine how McCrery could possibly represent the people who depend on Social Security when he's in the back pocket of the Wall Street firms looking to unravel it.

With your help, we can break McCrery's conflict of interest and protect our Social Security. Please help us raise the $18,500 needed to launch a multi-media advertising expose on McCrery starting with powerful full-page ads in his two hometown newspapers - which will reach tens of thousands of his own voters and attract the national spotlight. Help us remind McCrery that he's been hired to work for Main Street NOT Wall Street.


Congressmen are entrusted to represent the interests of the people who elect them. When they forget who they're working for, we can -- and should -- remind them in a way that gets their attention!

Rep. Jim McCrery has a choice to make: push a Social Security privatization scam that delivers hundreds of billions in profits to Wall Street OR represent American people, who will face up to $152,000 in benefit cuts if privatization passes.

Let's put pressure on McCrery to make the right choice. Help us expose McCrery's conflict of interest to tens of thousands of his own voters and the American public -- and let him know that this spotlight will remain until he rises above his conflict and commits to defending our Social Security.


Corruption in Congress only survives when politicians are free to operate outside of the public's watch. The Campaign for America's Future is committed to shining a bright light into Congress' shadowy halls and back rooms -- to eliminate these breeding grounds for major corruption. Please help us stamp out McCrery's corruption on Social Security today.


Thank you again.


Ellen S. Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future

P.S. Please let your friends and neighbors know about this campaign! Forward this message to them, post it on your favorite blog, and do what you can to help spread the word: the man at the center of the Social Security fight -- Congressman Jim McCrery -- needs a reminder that he's NOT working for Wall Street, he's working for us!

The emissions damage health

What is the matter with the WHO? Why do they take no notice of the Russians? The NRPB are the same - their chosen rate of emissions exceeds the Russian recommendations 228 times Russians 2µW/cm2 NRPB 450µW/cm2

The Russians have been warning America since the 50s that the emissions damage health, as they had found symptoms amongst people working with electromagnetic frequencies. I cannot understand the protecive agencies not listening.

Gill Lyden

From Mast Network

Letter to the WHO in response to its Precautionary Framework

Petition to the WHO

Bush Administration Policies Based on 'False Ideology' of Power


U.S.' Prewar Visions Get Further Out of Focus


Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle


The Secret Genocide Archive


Bush Gets Weak Support for Program Cuts


The poisoned well

by Werther



Since the attacks of 11 September 2001, the American public has endured an astounding avalanche of official lies, half truths, pseudo-events and sheer balderdash that will surely enter the Guinness Book of Records. Among the most persistent and infuriating lies of government, to those who have imbibed their knowledge of the past from the crystalline springs of Gibbon and von Ranke, is the misleading historical analogy. Its purpose is twofold: to relativize whatever current disaster the governing class has waltzed the hapless populace into; and to kill any usable past. The technique also has the added benefit of making government placemen sound learned at least in the estimation of an audience which gains its knowledge of the world through Fox News and other State media.


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

George W. Bush, Europe's Godfather in spite of himself

by Alain Duhamel



In order to take root, the feeling of identity needs several factors to come together at once: the perception of common interests, the pursuit of collective ambitions, finally, a few solid adversaries, or, at least, vigorous resistance and opposition. The European Union is finally beginning to simultaneously fulfill all these conditions. With regard to international commerce or the Euro, for example, the member states involved now know that their interests coincide and are even inextricably linked. Moreover, Europe desires more and more to acquire an international personality, to defend objectives as diverse as the Kyoto protocol, the creation of a Palestinian state neighboring an Israeli state living in security, or the progressive creation of a professional European army...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The anti-conservatives

by Pat Buchanan

The American Conservative

A conservative knows not whether to laugh or weep, for Mr. Bush has just asserted a right to interfere in the internal affairs of every nation on earth. Why? Because the 'survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands.' But this is utterly ahistorical. The world has always been afflicted with despots. Yet America has always been free. And we have remained free by following the counsel of Washington, Jefferson, and Adams and staying out of foreign quarrels and foreign wars. Who is feeding the president this interventionist nonsense?" (for publication 02/28/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Why liberty is necessary for morality

by Tibor R. Machan

Free Market News Network


A sad result of so explaining the merits of a free society is that it begins to look like liberty is the enemy of morality. And it is just this way that a good many people have understood the Western tradition of liberalism. They have come to believe that if you accept the Western idea of a free society, you must not care about morality at all. Indeed, arguably a great many enemies of the West hold such a view. Love the West, reject morality; love morality, reject the West. Yet this is completely wrong. In point of fact precisely the opposite is true. The reason the Western idea of a free society makes a great deal of sense is that unless people make their moral choices and act on them freely, there cannot be anything morally praiseworthy in what they do...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Aufstehen und kämpfen gegen verschärfte Ausbeutung und Verelendung

Flugblatt Nr. 3 (pdf)

Gegen die Abwiegelei von Sommer, Peters und Bsirske und Co.

Aufstehen und kämpfen damit der Kampf gegen verschärfte Ausbeutung und Verelendung vorankommt!


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 16

Von der Lohnarbeit zum Sklaventum: Hungerlöhne auch in Deutschland

Kiebitz - Die Zeitschrift der Münchner dju. Gemacht von Mitgliedern für Mitglieder - und für alle Interessierten.

Kiebitz 2/2004 (pdf)

Mit dem Schwerpunkt "Freie und Mindestlohn", u.a. "Von der Lohnarbeit zum Sklaventum. Hungerlöhne auch in Deutschland. Die Forderung nach einem Mindestlohn wird lauter" sowie "Frei - freier - unfrei und vogelfrei? Das fest angestellte Arbeitsverhältnis wird immer mehr zur Ausnahme. Über die Situation der Freien"...

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 16

'Sick' building demolished

Look at the roof !!!
[at the tiny picture with the text :"Half St John's House staff became ill"]



Handyüberwachung in Italien vor dem Kollaps


Torturing our sovereignty

by Scott Horton



Though seeing Americans one day in foreign courts, deprived of their far superior (and sorely missed) Bill of Rights, would be terrible, we must recognize that the current state of affairs, where the enforcer of world law claims in every case that those same laws do not apply to itself, cannot continue. The world will not tolerate being ruled by 6 percent in faraway North America for long. If we keep this up, and all indications are that we will, the U.S. may be in danger of attaining official 'rogue state' status itself.

With the current administration's record of pushing all of our rivals into each other's arms, and its monumental wasting of our country's wealth, it is not inconceivable that we could soon be in a situation where we are no longer protected from the rulings of foreign judges...


No charges in killing of unarmed Iraqi

Military: No charges in killing of unarmed Iraqi

CBS News


It was a striking -- some said chilling -- moment in the battle for Iraq, captured on videotape: a wounded, un-armed Iraqi, shot to death by a U.S. Marine. CBS News has learned that military investigators conclude there is not enough evidence to formally charge that Marine.

... investigators say the Iraqi the Marine thought he saw moving could have been going for a weapon. At the very least, Navy legal experts believe the situation is ambiguous enough that no prosecutor could get a conviction...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


This video contains course language, disturbing images of dead bodies in the aftermath of combat and graphic images of an unarmed man lying on the ground being shot dead by an American.

It has been decided that the US Marine who was captured on film killing the unarmed Iraqi prisoner won't be charged.

Unarmed And Wounded POW Shot In The Head By U.S. Marine

Informant: Charles Bremer

US caught trying to sneak missile defence system into Canada


Bush family wins big in Iraq oil jackpot


American dollar in crisis as currency falls hard and fast


Non thermal effects of exposure to EMF

I knew Neil [Cherry] very well, a real giant. I learned alot from him, and saw alot of unpublished stuff, such as Motorola's study showing DNA breaks, like as Lai and Singh... Neil articles are real goldmines, and reference for any argument you can think of, not just drop of melatonin.

Please type several words from the following, in a window of any major internet server, such as yahoo, and you get these excellent articles:

a. Cherry on safe exposure levels

b. Health effects associated with mobile base stations in communities: the need for health studies.

Let me explain briefly the short term efects: I am talking just on non thermal effects:

1. In exposure to EMF neurons loose calcium ions (=Ca2+), then, neurotransmitters (whose production depends on these ions) drop.
What we feel, may be loss of short term memory, confusion, headaches etc. Melatonin level drops too, so insomnia is on the way... Thromboxane causes tiny clots that may elevate blood pressure a little, but may also block some narrow vessels. These changes are reversible, and as soon as exposure is terminated, body cells would come back to normal in minutes to hours. Some damage to brain cells remains, as exhibited in rats by Hold et al (1998) in the UK, published in an article by James Clark and David Derbyshire in the Daily News, on July 16, 1998.

2. Peripheral blood is by definition in the extremities, but no other places in the body are safe from clots that may stuck somewhere in narrow vessels, brain included.

3. Protooncogens are genes involved in cell division (such as myc, fos and many others). Normally they are expressed when the cell is going to divide. If the gene is induced to express itself by exposure to EMF, on and on, it may enhance mutaions in it, and eventually may loose control, or it may lose its promoter (control part of the gene) by a reak, then it will push to non stop cell divisions, namely, cancer. It was a surprise that EMF could induce expression of such genes. When a protogene is (unnecessarily) expressed, it may get more mutauions, some of which would not be repaired, and be on the way to loose control, i.e. become an oncogene.

If you just visit Kensworth, damages would be (mostly) recovered, but the longer you stay there, the longer you are exposed, and the chance is going up to get more damage in genes accumulated. Damage in genes stays. if DNA is damaged, cell division is arrested ( by gene named p53 (of the tumour supressing genes) until DNA is repaired. If damage is beyond repair this gene would lead the cell to a planned suicide (apoptosis).

4. Protooncogenes are genes, i.e. part of the DNA, found on different chromosomes (want a picture of them ?), every gene has its promoter, and structural coding part. In the promoters there are sequences that react to EMF, as published by a team of Columbia U, in NYC (Lin et al 2001).

I am studying the activities of about 30 of the oncogenes, but there are many more (I have the whole table). They code for proteins that are the active in cell division. There are internet collection of the mutants found in cancer patients. You can get them and even rotate them and see the 3D structure of their proteins.

Last but not least: In exposure of human cells to 2.4 µW/cm2 Marinelli et al (Nov. 2004) got DNA breaks in 2h. About 5 µW/cm2 was carcinogenic in humans (experienced by staff and family members Americans in their embassy in Moscow in the "Cold War" see Project Pandora).

The thermal emissions allowed for human exposure by ICNIRP or higher than that by NRPB has nothing in common with reality.

Dr. Zamir Shalita

From Mast Network

Research by Neil Cherry

A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects

Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves

Phasic behavioral and endocrine effects of microwaves of nonthermal intensity

Prof. Sianette Kwee: The effects of radiofrequency fields on cell proliferation are non-thermal

Non Thermal Studies



Captain Morgan, Bohemian Grove, Black Pope Hans

Captain Morgan

Bohemian Grove

Black Pope Hans

Was Syria really to blame?


Informant: Lew Rockwell

State-Assisted Parenting


Voting for Brutality


Suddenly Going Sane




Campaigners lose battle to get 40ft phone mast moved


How objective journalism can fail to reveal the truth

Kirk Caraway, kcaraway@nevadaappeal.com

February 20, 2005

Nevada Appeal

When President George W. Bush came out with his 2006 budget recently, it received a lot of attention in the press.

Too bad that most of it missed the most obvious problem with it.

While stating the budget was in line with his commitment to cut the deficit in half by 2009, Bush failed to mention the three items that weren't in the budget. First, there is the cost the war in Iraq. Next up, we have the $1 trillion (at least) price tag to privatize Social Security. And lastly, there is the continuation of the tax cuts, which are set to expire, but that Bush said he wants to make permanent.

In other words, this budget isn't very truthful. In fact, deceptive is about the nicest description you can use for it. ... Read the rest at:

© Virginia Metze

FDA Fighting for Corporations Instead of Public

NY Congressman is fighting the good fight. Here is an excerpt from Maurice Hinchey's web page.

FDA Fighting for Corporations Instead of Public

Under the direction of Chief Counsel Daniel Troy, the first political appointee to hold the post, the Food and Drug Administration has been weighing in on state civil suits on behalf of drug companies and medical device manufacturers. What makes this particularly unusal is the fact that the court in these cases has not requested FDA's opinion; Mr. Troy is actively seeking out such cases and coordinating with defense counsel as to how the agency can best assist the corporations. This behavior runs completely contrary to the FDA's stated mission of protecting the public from being harmed by the food and drugs they consume. ...

Read the rest at http://www.house.gov/hinchey/issues/fda.shtml Excerpt above is from http://www.house.gov/hinchey/ You might want to check out this page on his federal web site, as well:
http://tinyurl.com/69boh or http://www.house.gov/apps/list/press/ny22_hinchey/morenews/021405ithacassforum.html

© Virginia Metze

Blackwell: Hypocrisy and the arrogance of power

Blackwell is acting as though violating the law is an ENTITLEMENT!

Blackwell: Hypocrisy and the arrogance of power

Bob Fitrakis in The Free Press

February 22, 2005

J. Kenneth Blackwell is at it again. Ohio’s infamous Secretary of State and master of media distortion and hype, earning him the name “Inkwell” among the statehouse press corps, has announced his partisan agenda for governor of the Buckeye State.

Blackwell, Ohio’s first statewide African American office holder, has rapidly moved to stake out the far right of the Ohio Republican Party as his political base. The Secretary of State has found himself consistently at odds with mainstream conservatives in the state’s GOP.

Last week, the Franklin County Board of Elections, under the control of Republican Executive Director Matt Damschroder, obtained a temporary restraining order against Blackwell. In another of his notorious imperial decrees, the Secretary of State ordered all 88 county boards to buy optical-scan voting systems from two well-known Republican-linked companies, Diebold and ES&S. ... Read the rest at:

© Virginia Metze

Jeff Gannon and Karl Rove Attended the Same "School"

Nashua Advocate has a lot of good stuff.

Jeff Gannon and Karl Rove Attended the Same "School"; Or, "The Best Theory Yet for How Gannon Got Hired By GOPUSA and Karl Rove Got In Touch With Him"

Saturday, February 19, 2005

CBS has put (once again) its credibility on the line and speculated that Karl Rove is the man responsible for bringing Jeff Gannon (James Guckert) into the White House.

Now, why would they say a thing like that?

Is it because Rove controls everything in the White House down to the lifespan of houseplants in the West Wing?

Or because it's a near certainty that, beyond the two men meeting at a White House Christmas party--as Gannon has already asserted--Rove and the ex-Talon News "reporter" have likely crossed paths on other occasions, too? ... More of their backgrounds at:
http://nashuaadvocate.blogspot.com/2005/02/jeff-gannon-and-karl-rove-attended.html or http://tinyurl.com/4r4o8

© Virginia Metze

Iraqi Women Live Under Threat of Violence

I seem to recall before the Iraq war, I think at the time of the Afghanistan war, that someone wrote that in Iraq women could drive and vote. Was that true? In any event, the lives are not better now.

Iraqi Women Live Under Threat of Violence - Amnesty Int'l

by Jeremy Lovell

February 22, 2005

LONDON (Reuters) - Nearly two years after the U.S.-led invasion, Iraqi women are living under the threat of extreme violence and sexual abuse, the human rights group Amnesty International said Tuesday.

In a report entitled "Iraq -- Decades of Suffering," it said that while the systematic repression under Saddam Hussein had ended, it had been replaced by increased murders and sexual assaults -- including by U.S. forces. Read the rest at: http://tinyurl.com/3r74q

© Virginia Metze

Senate Democratic leadership joins push for Gannon Inquiry

God, it is good to see Durbin out there in front day after day! Democratic leadership joins call for Gannon inquiry; Whip calls on members to join push.

Senate Democratic leadership joins push for Gannon Inquiry

by John Byrne, Raw Story Editor


Read the article and Senator Durbin's letter at:

© Virginia Metze

Media Omissions on Negroponte's Record

FAIR keeps on swinging at the press deficiencies in fairness and accuracy in reporting. Do you ever wonder if their job would be easier if they instead noted any good work coming out of the corporate press? :-(

Media Omissions on Negroponte's Record

Media Advisory (2/22/05)

George W. Bush's February 17 nomination of John Negroponte to the newly created job of director of intelligence was the subject of a flurry of media coverage. But one part of Negroponte's resume was given little attention: his role in the brutal and illegal Contra war against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua in the mid-1980s.

From 1981 to 1985, Negroponte was the U.S. ambassador to Honduras, a country that was being used as a training and staging ground for the CIA-created and -backed Contra armies, who relied on a terrorist strategy of targeting civilians. Those years saw a massive increase in U.S. military aid to Honduras, and Negroponte was a key player in organizing training for the Contras and procuring weapons for the armies that the United States was building in order to topple the socialist Nicaraguan government (Extra!, 9-10/01).

Negroponte's ambassadorship was marked by another human rights scandal: the Honduran army's Battalion 316, which operated as a death squad that tortured, killed or disappeared "subversive" Hondurans-- and at least one U.S. citizen, Catholic priest James Carney. Despite regular reporting of such crimes in the Honduran press, the human rights reports of Negroponte's embassy consistently failed to raise these issues. Critics contend that this was no accident: If such crimes had been acknowledged, U.S. aid to the country's military would have come under scrutiny, which could have jeopardized the Contra operations. ... Read more at http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=2452

© Virginia Metze

Bash-the-AARP effort off to a smarmy start

Ellis Henican, Columnist, Newsday.com

February 23, 2005

It's like a Washington sequel to "Reservoir Dogs."

Finally rested up from their cynical assault last year on John Kerry's patriotism, the most ruthless smear squad in American politics is back together again.

And they're revving up for another nasty job.

Their latest ugly enterprise? Sliming the AARP, which had the nerve to come out against President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security. ... Read more about the return of the Swift Boaters at:
http://www.newsday.com/news/columnists/ny-nyhen234154690feb23,0,3772375.column?coll=ny-news-columnists or http://tinyurl.com/4mnwz

Check out the AARP site for their views: http://www.aarp.org/ You will be heartened to see the headline: Social Security: Strengthen It. Don't Destroy It.

© Virginia Metze

A White House plant?

Chicago Tribune columnist weighs in on GannonGate. To get to it, scroll past the top of the column to this article:

A White House plant?

Rambling Gleaner

February 22, 2005 5:56 PM CST

What did the White House know and when did it know it on the question of the kinky bald guy with the stinky Web sites who got to pose as a "daily pass" reporter in the White House press corps?

He got to help the White House wiggle out of unpleasant moments by asking questions worthy of a doofus, which drew the attention of the blogosphere, which shifted into "high proctology" mode in a recent hot pursuit of the caper.

Bingo, another media incident explodes. Well, good for the bloggers.

But there's one problem left, and that is the big question: Did the White House knowingly plant this lap doof in the press corps or, as indicated in many White House comments, was it just something that happened over time despite lots of scrutiny that led them to conclude he was legit, sort of? ... Read the rest at:
http://tinyurl.com/5tnsc And don't miss the part toward the end where he relates his experiences at a Bush rally in Holland, Michigan! You might as well read about his dogs while you are at it (the next article after this one). I loved his comments on blogging, which followed the doggy post; not sure I totally agree, but great reading.

© Virginia Metze

Inoculations - The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction


Informant: oscully

Rätselhaftes Brummen treibt Menschen zur Verzweiflung

Aachen/Stuttgart (dpa) - Frans Frankort hört seit rund fünf Monaten ein Brummen - Tag und Nacht. In seiner Not packt der Mann nachts manchmal seinen Computer, stellt ihn unters Bett und schaltet ihn an. Dieses Geräusch überdeckt den Brummton. "Für mich ist das eine Linderung", sagt der genervte Mann aus der niederländischen Grenz-Gemeinde Bocholtz bei Aachen. Vor einiger Zeit fragte er sich, ob er denn der einzige ist, der das Brummen hört.

Im Dezember wandte er sich an eine Zeitung und schilderte sein Problem. Als der Bericht erschien, konnte er sich vor Anrufen kaum retten: Hunderte von Menschen aus der Region Südlimburg riefen bei der Zeitung und bei ihm an. Sie alle hörten es, dieses unerklärliche tiefe Brummen, das ihnen den Schlaf raubt und sie nervös macht. Das Gesundheitsamt Geleen ist eingeschaltet und will der Ursache systematisch auf den Grund gehen.

Doch das ist nicht so einfach. Nicht jeder Mensch hört dieses Geräusch. Frankorts Nachbarin hört es, seine Frau hört es nicht. "Es ist, als würde ein stehender Lastwagen seinen Motor laufen lassen", beschreibt er das Brummen, das ihn mürbe macht. Frankort ist Akustik- Ingenieur. Er geht davon aus, dass die Frequenz so tief ist, dass nicht jeder sie hören kann. Mögliche Schallquellen könnten nach Expertenansicht industrielle Lüfter oder ein Windpark an der Grenze bei Aachen sein.

Dass die Ursachenforschung viel komplizierter ist, diese Erfahrung haben Menschen in Baden-Württemberg machen müssen. Dort treibt ein rätselhafter Brummton Betroffene seit mehr als vier Jahren zur Verzweiflung. Die Landesregierung hatte 2001 mit einer groß angelegten Messaktion versucht, dem Phänomen auf die Spur zu kommen. Gleichzeitig waren Betroffene an der Universitätsklinik in Tübingen untersucht worden. Die Ursache wurde nicht gefunden; die Menschen leiden weiter.

"Vor allem die Frauen gehen daran kaputt", sagt der Sprecher der Interessengemeinschaft zur Aufklärung des Brummtons (IGZA/Stuttgart), Matthias Mayer. Der Verein hat sich 2001 gegründet, um die Interessen der Betroffenen zu vertreten. Inzwischen haben sich 1500 Betroffene aus dem ganzen Bundesgebiet bei dem Verein gemeldet. "Das ist kein lokales Problem", meint Mayer. Brummton-Phänomene seien in den USA, in Slowenien und jetzt auch in den Niederlanden bekannt.

Der Verein vermutet, dass elektrische und elektromagnetische Strahlung etwa aus Radar oder Mobilfunk im Ohr eine Fehlschaltung auslösen. "Wir brauchen Wissenschaftler, die daran arbeiten", fordert Mayer. Ansonsten bleibt es nur eine Vermutung. Und die helfe nicht weiter.

Fachleute im niederländischen Gesundheitsamt Geleen nehmen Frankort und die anderen Brummton-Hörer ernst. Dass Geräusche mit tiefen Frequenzen beim Menschen Beschwerden auslösen können, sei bekannt, sagt die Gesundheitswissenschaftlerin des Amtes, Paola Esser: "Aber in der Öffentlichkeit war es bisher kaum ein Thema." 300 Betroffene aus Südlimburg haben sich bisher gemeldet und wurden systematisch erfasst. Mit Hilfe von Fragebögen und in Interviews wollen die Umweltmediziner die Geräuschquelle eingrenzen. "Unser Ziel ist es, die Ursache zu erfassen", sagt Esser.

23.02.2005, Thomas Stollberger


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

You Don't Deserve Brain Cancer - You Deserve Facts


Greenpeace Activist News, Vol 5, No. 2



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