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When Paul was a boy growing up in Utah, he happened to live near an old copper smelter, and the sulfur dioxide that poured out of the refinery had made a desolate wasteland out of what used to be a beautiful forest.

When a young visitor one day looked at this wasteland and saw that there was nothing living there — no animals, no trees, no grass, no bushes, no birds ... nothing but fourteen thousand acres of black and barren land that even smelled bad — well, this kid looked at the land and said, “This place is crummy.” Paul knocked him down. He felt insulted. But he looked around him and something happened inside him. He made a decision: Paul Rokich vowed that some day he would bring back the life to this land.

Many years later Paul was in the area, and he went to the smelter office. He asked if they had any plans to bring the trees back. The answer was “No.” He asked if they would let him try to bring the trees back. Again, the answer was “No.” They didn’t want him on their land. He realized he needed to be more knowledgeable before anyone would listen to him, so he went to college to study botany.

At the college he met a professor who was an expert in Utah’s ecology. Unfortunately, this expert told Paul that the wasteland he wanted to bring back was beyond hope. He was told that his goal was foolish because even if he planted trees, and even if they grew, the wind would only blow the seeds forty feet per year, and that’s all you’d get because there weren’t any birds or squirrels to spread the seeds, and the seeds from those trees would need another thirty years before they started producing seeds of their own. Therefore, it would take approximately twenty thousand years to revegetate that six-square-mile piece of earth. His teachers told him it would be a waste of his life to try to do it. It just couldn’t be done.

So he tried to go on with his life. He got a job operating heavy equipment, got married, and had some kids. But his dream would not die. He kept studying up on the subject, and he kept thinking about it. And then one night he got up and took some action. He did what he could with what he had. This was an important turning point. As Samuel Johnson wrote, “It is common to overlook what is near by keeping the eye fixed on something remote. In the same manner, present opportunities are neglected and attainable good is slighted by minds busied in extensive ranges.” Paul stopped busying his mind in extensive ranges and looked at what opportunities for attainable good were right in front of him. Under the cover of darkness, he sneaked out into the wasteland with a backpack full of seedlings and started planting. For seven hours he planted seedlings. He did it again a week later.

And every week, he made his secret journey into the wasteland and planted trees and shrubs and grass. But most of it died. For fifteen years he did this. When a whole valley of his fir seedlings burned to the ground because of a careless sheepherder, Paul broke down and wept. Then he got up and kept planting.

Freezing winds and blistering heat, landslides and floods and fires destroyed his work time and time again. But he kept planting. One night he found a highway crew had come and taken tons of dirt for a road grade, and all the plants he had painstakingly planted in that area were gone. But he just kept planting.

Week after week, year after year he kept at it, against the opinion of the authorities, against the trespassing laws, against the devastation of road crews, against the wind and rain and heat ... even against plain common sense. He just kept planting. Slowly, very slowly, things began to take root. Then gophers appeared. Then rabbits. Then porcupines.

The old copper smelter eventually gave him permission, and later, as times were changing and there was political pressure to clean up the environment, the company actually hired Paul to do what he was already doing, and they provided him with machinery and crews to work with. Progress accelerated. Now the place is fourteen thousand acres of trees and grass and bushes, rich with elk and eagles, and Paul Rokich has received almost every environmental award Utah has.

He says, “I thought that if I got this started, when I was dead and gone people would come and see it. I never thought I’d live to see it myself!” It took him until his hair turned white, but he managed to keep that impossible vow he made to himself as a child. Read More about Paul & the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine

What was it you wanted to do that you thought was impossible? Paul’s story sure gives a perspective on things, doesn’t it? The way you get something accomplished in this world is to just keep planting. Just keep working. Just keep plugging away at it one day at a time for a long time, no matter who criticizes you, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many times you fall. Get back up again. And just keep planting.

~Written by Adam Khan
Author of: Self-Help Stuff That Works


Informant: Tom Atlee

Cheney Sees More U.S. Borrowing for Pension Accounts

Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday acknowledged trillions of dollars in future borrowing may be needed to cover the cost of private retirement accounts under President Bush's plan to retool the Social Security retirement system.


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Homeless vets wait years for aid

John Staresinich is a Purple Heart veteran who has slept in cracks in highway overpasses and abandoned cars, camped out in thin tents next to railroad tracks and fought off rats and bugs in Chinatown flophouses...


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Domestic programs lose in Bush budget

President Bush's budget will propose slashing grants to local law-enforcement agencies and cutting spending for environmental protection, American Indian schools and home-heating aid for the poor...


From Information Clearing House

Bush's budget axe to fall on poor

President Bush is proposing to reduce spending on public health and social welfare in the US to help pay for tax cuts and the war in Iraq, according to early reports of today's White House budget.


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A nuclear Iran is not the problem

Whatever happened to the theory of mutually assured destruction? Better to demonise Islam further by shivering over an Islamic bomb.

WMD official cautions US over Iran

The US official who declared the White House's hunt for illicit weapons in Iraq to be a failure driven by faulty intelligence has warned the Bush administration against repeating its mistakes in the current war of words with Iran.


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`Pre-emptive' study of Iran data started

The Senate Intelligence Committee has launched what its chairman called a "pre-emptive" examination of U.S. intelligence on Iran as part of an effort to avoid the problems that plagued America's prewar assessments on Iraq.

CIA renditions of terror suspects are 'out of control'

Michael Scheuer, a former CIA counter terrorism agent, told The New Yorker magazine "all we've done is create a nightmare," with regard to the top secret practice of renditions.


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The Abu Ghraib Scandal You Don't Know

In what amounted to a perversion of the traditional doctor's creed of "first, do no harm," the medical system at the prison became an instrument of abuse, by design and by neglect.

Most shootings aren't publicized

The shootings rarely make news -- outside the towns where they occur. The military does not make a practice of publicizing cases of "collateral damage" unless by chance reporters are embedded with units and write about the events they witness.

Beware the euphoria about Iraq's election

History has a sober lesson for those intoxicated by the poll...

Elections’ Aftermath:

The elections were designed to establish sectarianism in Iraq, not democracy.

The siege of democracy

The election in Iraq has disappointed the vast majority of Arab people. The whole process made us wonder whether this election was to serve the Iraqi or the American purpose. Even before the results were declared, American leaders started claiming the credit for the conduct of the election.

The Republicans' Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iraq

The Republican Party spin machine was bouncing around the airwaves like an overloaded washing machine on Sunday attempting to obscure from the American public that they had by their actions managed to install a Shiite religious ruling class in Iraq.

The ethics of war

Is The U.S. Military Guilty Of War Crimes In Iraq?

By Jeremy Iggers

It isn't only a question about the moral culpability of American troops, their commanders or their political leaders. While they bear moral responsibility for their actions, we as citizens in a democracy share responsibility for actions undertaken in our name. That responsibility is not diminished by the fact that Iraqi insurgents are committing horrific crimes against their own people. In years to come, the world community will likely ask of us: Did we know? Did we care? Did we speak out?

War on Plastic: Rejecting the Toxic Plague


Passkontrolle per Funk und Fingerabdruck

RFID-Technik für Ausweispapiere und Geldscheine geplant – Datenschützer warnen


A Critique of the Most Misleading Statements in the Foreign Policy

Segments of President Bush’s 2005 State of the Union Address

Can the U.S. Defuse Iran?


Informant: Tom Kertes

From ufpj-news

Eine andere Welt ist möglich

Mit dem Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen könnte man die Atmosphäre des Mars erwärmen und den roten Planeten zu einer neuen Erde umwandeln - vielleicht und jedenfalls in weiter Ferne...


Das Gespenst von Abu Ghraib

Die Bush-Regierung hat Folter und Misshandlungen nicht nur gebilligt, sondern auch wegen mangelnder Voraussicht und Nachlässigkeit gefördert...


USA Today Covers for Bush's Social Security Distortion


Curb cell phone hazards: Deora to PM

by: PTI

January 21, 2005

New Delhi: Congress MP Murli Deora, who was instrumental in the Supreme Court's orders on a ban on public smoking, has now taken up the issue of hazards of cell phone usage, urging the Central government to initiate a legislation in this regard.

In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Deora said that "we should act before it is too late" as the medical research fraternity around the world was now coming alive to the problem of health hazards from mobile phones and the concern was growing wider.

"The range of health hazards identified by the researchers till now is alarmingly scary and mind boggling", he said adding that "this impending threat renders it imperative for the government to initiate urgent legislation".

He said the legislation should make it mandatory for all cell phone companies to have scientists undertake research to "unambiguously establish that cell phone usage does not expose users to health hazards".

Besides, it should ask mobile companies to carry a statutory warning, as in the case of cigarettes, prominently on the phones and in all their publicity materials pending conclusive evidence one way or the other.

Deora said that cell phone companies should be prohibited from establishing base stations on structures owned and occupied by schools, hospitals and on other such public places.

He wanted that high voltage transmissions from all health care centres and hospitals must be banned by legislation as prevalent in the US and some other countries.

"Our government should at the same time keep a constant vigil on what steps other concerned governments take in the wake of newer research findings and implement them here without delay", he said in the letter, a copy of which was sent to Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss.

Making a strong plea for urgent measures on the issue, he said India was already facing several major challenges like combating HIV/AIDS, tobacco consumption, environmental and hygiene related diseases, night blindness from malnutrition and afflictions caused by "legislation-defying environment polluting industries".

"The cell phone hazard would now seem to add yet another major challenge affecting lakhs of people in view of the phenomenal rise in the demand for cell phones in the country within a short time".

He expressed the hope that given the far reaching implications of the threat, the country's initiative would meet with appreciation from the global community.

Noting that "delay in action in the case of tobacco already stands as an important lesson to be learnt from", he hoped that the Prime Minister will give suitable directions to the Ministries concerned so that they press the cell phone companies for early action.

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Informant: Gotemf

Künstliche Polarlichter: HAARP in offizieller Anwendung


A Form of Torture


"Die globalisierte Ökonomie ist eine Welt der Anarchie - ohne Regeln"

Heiner Geißler

17. Nov. 2004

"Das Kapital hat die Bevölkerung agglomeriert, die Produktionsmittel zentralisiert und das Eigentum in wenigen Händen konzentriert. Die Arbeiter, die sich stückweise verkaufen müssen, sind eine Ware wie jeder andere Handelsartikel und daher gleichmäßig allen Wechselfällen der Konkurrenz, allen Schwankungen des Marktes ausgesetzt." Mit diesem Zitat aus dem "Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei" von Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels aus dem Jahr 1848 beginnt ein Beitrag des CDU-Politikers Heiner Geißler in der wirtschaftsliberalen und SPD-nahen Wochenzeitung "Die Zeit" vom 11. November. Der ehemalige Bundesminister vergleicht die Situation der Menschen in der heutigen globalen Wirtschaft in seinem wütenden Beitrag mit der Situation auf den Sklavenschiffen des 18. Jahrhunderts. Den Menschen zeige sich die "hässliche Fratze eines unsittlichen und auch ökonomisch falschen Kapitalismus", da Börsenwerte und Managergehälter stiegen, wenn Zehntausende von Menschen in den Unternehmen wegrationalisiert und anschließend mit Hilfe der Politik auf die unterste Sprosse der sozialen Stufenleiter befördert werden würden.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Unsittlicher, ökonomisch falscher Kapitalismus

Seehofer will mit aller Kraft gegen neoliberale Strömungen kämpfen

Seehofer will mit aller Kraft gegen neoliberale Strömungen kämpfen

"Privatisierung aller Lebensrisiken": Seehofer will mit aller Kraft gegen neoliberale Strömungen kämpfen (07.02.05)

Der designierte neue bayerische Präsident des Sozialverbands VdK, Horst Seehofer, will in seinem künftigen Amt die jetzige Linie der Sozialpolitik hart kritisieren. "Wir haben seit Jahren eine verhängnisvolle Entwicklung in der Gesellschaftspolitik. 20 Prozent der Menschen leben besser, aber 80 Prozent geht es schlechter. Das kann doch nicht Ziel von Politik sein", sagte Seehofer am Donnerstag in der Sendung "Maischberger" des Fernsehsenders n-tv.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Unsittlicher, ökonomisch falscher Kapitalismus

"Die globalisierte Ökonomie ist eine Welt der Anarchie - ohne Regeln"

Africa's shrinking virgin forest


Informant: Deane T. Rimerman

California Wine Country Considers Biotech Ban


Fighting Poverty

Fighting Poverty: Aspiring For Ownership
by Reid Cramer, TomPaine.com Exclusive
On a policy to end poverty that starts with children.

Fighting Poverty: Distracted By Ownership
by Max Sawicky, TomPaine.com Exclusive
Why children's savings accounts aren't the best weapon against poverty.


HLV INFO 25--7-02-2005/AT

Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg


Der Beitrag ist im Internet nachzulesen, dort steht auch ein Video der Sendung zum Download zur Verfügung:


Alfred Tittmann

The Cell chip - what it is, and why you should care


Informant: Susan


Press Release:

Monday, January 31, 2005


Prominent Statisticians Refute 'Explanation' of 2004 U.S. Exit Poll Discrepancies in New Edison/Mitofsky Report and Urge Investigation of U.S. Presidential Election Results.

President Bush won November's election by 2.5% yet exit polls showed Kerry leading by 3%. Which was correct?

"There are statistical indications that a systematic, nationwide shift of 5.5% of the vote may have occurred, and that we'll never get to the bottom of this, unless we gather the data we need for mathematical analysis and open, robust scientific debate.", says Bruce O'Dell, USCountVotes' Vice President.

The study, “Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report”, was co-authored by a diverse group of professors and academicians specializing in statistics and mathematics affiliated with University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, University of Utah, Cornell University, University of Wisconsin, Southern Methodist University, Case Western Reserve University and Temple University. Their study does not support claims made by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International that exit poll errors were to blame for the unprecedented 5.5% discrepancy between exit polls and official 2004 election results.

According to this analysis by a group of senior statisticians, the new data just released by the exit-pollsters shows that the possibility that the overall vote count was substantially corrupted must be taken seriously. “Now we have statistical evidence that these reports were the tip of a national iceberg. The hypothesis that the discrepancy between the exit polls and election results is due to errors in the official election tally is a coherent theory that must be explored,” said statistician Josh Mitteldorf.

Their paper titled "Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report" notes that the Edison/Mitofsky report offers no evidence to support their conclusion that Kerry voters “participated in the exit polls at a higher rate than Bush voters”. In fact, the data provided in the Edison/Mitofsky report suggests that the opposite may have been true: Bush strongholds had slightly higher response rates than Kerry strongholds.

The statisticians go on to note that precincts with hand-counted paper ballots showed no statistical discrepancy between the exit polls and the official results, but for other voting technologies, the overall discrepancy was far larger than the polls’ margin of error. The pollsters at Edison/Mitofsky agreed that their 2004 exit polls, for whatever reason, had the poorest accuracy in at least twenty years.

USCountVotes, a nonprofit, non-partisan Utah corporation was founded in December 2004. Its mission is to create and analyze a database containing precinct-level election results for the entire United States; to do a thorough mathematical analysis of the 2004 election results; and to fully investigate the 2004 Presidential election results. USCountVotes actively seeks volunteers and accepts donations to help make this unprecedented civic project a reality – visit http://www.uscountvotes.org for further information.

For more information, contact Bruce O'Dell, Vice President of US Count Votes, in Minneapolis, MN: bruce@uscountvotes.org 612-309-1330

The statisticians' study is available online at

Informant: John Johnson



Informant: Deane T. Rimerman

The Super Bowl indicator


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Democracy Is Not Freedom


Divine dictates?

by David Domke

Baltimore Sun


Freedom. Liberty. God. These themes, so consistently emphasized in Mr. Bush's public communications over the past four years, both lay bare and obscure underlying truths about his administration. The president's linkage of freedom and liberty with divine wishes is indicative of how central an evangelical worldview is to his conception of the United States' role in the post-9/11 world. At the same time, emphasis on these values masks the reality that the administration is determined to define what counts as freedom and liberty and who will have the privilege of experiencing it...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The "oil-for-food" smokescreen

by Jacob G. Hornberger

Future of Freedom Foundation


Are you familiar with the big 'shock' that neoconservatives have experienced over the financial scandal arising out of the infamous 'oil-for-food' government program, which was the subject of an investigative report issued Thursday by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker? The oil-for-food program was the socialist program established in 1995 by U.S. officials and UN officials to alleviate the horrific suffering of the Iraqi people arising out of the brutal system of sanctions that the U.S. government and the UN imposed against the Iraqi people in 1991 and which lasted for more than a decade...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The war party

by Jim Hightower



One inaugural visual summed up the moral divide between those few so gaily dancing the war away in Washington and those many trapped so miserably in the brutal reality of Iraq. It was the recurring scene of stretch Hummer limousines ferrying the resplendent Gucci crowd from one gaudy gathering to the next --while soldiers driving real Humvees have been denied the protective armor that could save their lives. Indeed, $40 million could buy quite a bit of armor. In 1945, when our troops were in another raging war, Franklin Roosevelt rightly insisted on modesty and austerity for his inaugural, even noting in his formal address that it was appropriate 'that the form of this inauguration be simple and its words brief.' But in the Wonderland of BushWorld, modesty is no virtue, and hubris is to be celebrated -- so party down, y'all!


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The myth of Iraq's "liberation"

by Justin Raimondo



We can't leave until the insurgency is quelled, but our presence is the cause of the insurgency in the first place. We proclaim the advent of 'democracy' and 'self-determination,' yet the American occupation continues. We celebrate the 'rule of law,' even as we insist American soldiers and military contractors cannot be prosecuted or sued in Iraqi courts -- because Americans are above the law. The longer the occupation lasts, the more glaring the contradictions between the official reality of Iraq's 'liberation' and the very real vassalage of the Iraqi people...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

But do we have enough freedom to export?

by Vin Suprynowicz

Las Vegas Review-Journal


America was supposed to be the beacon of freedom of the world by example. If Mr. Bush or anyone else in Washington wants to advance the cause of freedom, they could start by ending the domestic 'wars' on Americans' medical liberty (the war on drugs) and self-defense. Then they could follow Mr. Jefferson's advice not to 'steal the bread from the mouth of labor' -- simultaneously restoring our financial liberty and privacy -- by repealing the income tax. The extent to which we have been trained to celebrate our bondage is demonstrated by the shrieks of terror (or instinct to ridicule) which even these modest suggestions now evoke among the self-anointed 'freest people in the world...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

EMF's and Property

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMRs):

Anytime an electric current runs through a wire, it produces an electromagnetic field (EMF).

Electric Field:

* is present if an appliance is on or off.
* measured in volts/meter (v/m)
* produced by electric charges in power lines, lights, appliances
* pushes and pulls charged particles (ions) in the direction of the field
* voltage remains constant.
* is easily screened, little passes through walls of house or skin

Magnetic Field:

* will disappear when an appliance is shut off
* measured in amps/meter (amp/m) or most often in units called gauss
* measured with gaussmeters or magnetometers
* results from the motion of charges in the electric field (current)
* results from the motion of current and fluctuates with that current
* the stronger the current, the stronger the magnetic field
* peak usage times cause large increases in magnetic fields
* pushes charged particles (ions) perpendicular to their direction of motion
* travels through most matter without losing strength

An estimated 10 million acres of land and one million homes in the United States lie close enough to transmission lines that the EMF levels on the property exceed the average household background levels. Public concern over power-line EMFs may decrease the value of this property. One recently published analysis estimates that the total economic cost of the EMF controversy exceeds one billion dollars annually.

Electromagnetic Fields:

This refers to magnetic and electric fields lumped together as one and can be a source of informational confusion; sometimes intentional, sometimes accidentally. The earth has a natural 500 mG DC magnetic field; it makes compasses work. An AC field is another matter. AC or alternating current is produced by making the current move back and forth 60 times a second (60 Hz.) It is this AC electromagnetic field that is tied in to leukemia, cancer deaths and other adverse health implications.

Epidemiological studies are centered on children in order to rule out preexisting factors. Adults are equally at risk. The central study of electronic fields (EMF) was conducted over a 23-year period from 1950-1973 by Wertheimer and Leeper. They concluded that the children who lived in high-exposure homes with magnetic fields ranging from 2 to 2.6 mG (close to power transmission lines) were 2 to 3 times as likely to contract some form of cancer (specifically leukemia, lymphomas and nervous system tumors) than children who did not live close to power transmission lines (homes with low EMF readings).

Another more recent study by Savitz as part of the New York State Power Lines Project (which was done with the thought to disprove Wertheimer and Leepers results) merely confirmed and better defined exposure criteria to EMFs and its link to cancer. The average field in high-current homes was 2-3 mG resulting in twice the risk for specific cancers. He found the same double risk for children living near high-current distribution lines. Children who lived in homes exposed to the highest currents were five times more likely to get cancer.

Tomenius measured the proximity of high-voltage power lines (6,000-200,000 volts), transmission lines and other high current sources to childhood cancers in Sweden. He took the measurement from the front door of the children's houses and found that with intensities of 3 mG or above, those children were twice as likely to die of cancer.

Other studies also showed increased cancer death rates for people living near radio or T.V. broadcast transmitters, microwave towers and radar beams from airports. Conditions of high blood pressure, chronic stress effects, chronic fatigue, changes in white and red blood cell count, increased metabolism, headaches, memory loss and brain damage have been associated with high EMF's in other studies.

115 kV-756 kV power transmission lines can show a 5 mG readings at ranges from 100-2,000 feet. Also at risk are homes within 120 feet of: large gauge primary distribution wires, 6 or more thin wires, first or second home close to step down transformer, within 60 ft of 3-5 thin primary wires. Also, improperly wired 3-way wall switches in the home and mistakes in wiring subpanels (not balancing the hot and neutral loads) cause high magnetic fields.

While there is no established standard for a "safe" exposure limit to EMFs, the arbitrary 2 mG level used in epidemiological studies shows statistical relevance. Excessive EMF levels can be tested for by your local utility company (usually for free) using extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field meters. These instruments are also known as ELF Gaussmeters and can be purchased upward from $100.

In 1993, 9 million dollars were spent in government-conducted tests to determine the harmful effects, if any, from EMFs. Through numerous studies on laboratory rats, no statistical relevance to disease was uncovered. Nevertheless, the perceived cancer risk resulting from a proximity to a high EMF source(s) would definitely have a depressing influence on the resale value of EMF contaminated property especially if the person buying the house was informed that it had high EMF readings and by moving into the house they would significantly increase their chances of disease and cancer death. With the ever increasing journalistic coverage of EMFs, the perceived contamination by the buying public will have a depressing effect on visually suspect, EMF-contaminated real estate. Fear affects purchasing decisions and where people choose not to live.

In a relative case the New York Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a claimant stating that, "Whether the danger is scientifically genuine or verifiable fact should be irrelevant to the central issue of its market value impact." The judge cited another case,..."As the Court of Appeals of Kansas has noted, 'Logic and fairness...dictate that any loss of market value proven with a reasonable degree of probability should be compensable, regardless of its source.' If no one will buy a residential lot because it has a high-voltage line across it, the lot is a total loss even though the owner has the legal right to build a house on it. If buyers can be found, but only at half the value it had before the line was installed, the owner has suffered a 50% loss."

Is there concern about electromagnetic fields? Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson mobile phones are concerned enough to develop radiation standards. Trade groups are insisting that mobile phone firms disclose radiation levels. Labels should show up on phones in 2001.

From Mast Network

Products helped people affected by mobile phones and other sources of electro pollution

I thank Ian for his response email but didn't expect or need any apology. I have my view; he has his. However, Ian writes: "I am not a spokesman for ecoflow so cannot speak on behalf of the company and only have anecdotal evidence about how the products have helped people affected by mobile phones and other sources of electro pollution."

see: http://www.devon4business.co.uk/magnotech.htm
and: http://www.magnatech.symshop.com/index.php?Screen=abou

These clearly show that Ian Gander owns a major Ecoflow Distribution Company partner (whatever Network Marketing people call them).

I find his quote, above, rather odd seeing he and his company strongly promote Ecoflow products. That is his right, of course, but why is he distancing himself from Ecoflow in this way? I do not find it very reassuring. Surely a major distributor of a product has the evidence to back up his promotional claims? Otherwise it sounds like there may be a Trading Standards problem here. The money-back offer is great, but how do people actually know that it is protecting them and their loved ones from cancer or dementia in 15 years time?

Ian's Magnatech website claims about the Bioguard: "It can be bought as a necklace or badge to provide continuous protection."
... and about the Biophone: "By far the most well documented and worrying threat comes from mobile phones. The Biophone works specifically to neutralise the effects of electro-magnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones."

How will the claims be judged in a High Court case for damages by someone who developed an acoustic neuroma, that have now been solidly been associated with 5+ years mobile phone use, following their mobile phone use, when they thought they were being protected by their Biophone and Bioguard products that they bought and used in good faith?

Will the Court accept that the above claims were just anecdotal and didn't offer any meaningful protection? Time will tell.

I repeat here that I do accept that the Ecolflow magnetic wrist bands for arthritic pain, various magnetic bandages for healing purposes, and the vehicle fuel economy products from Ecoflow all do have some good evidence for their efficacy.

I am specifically concerned about the claims being made for the Biophone and Bioguard.

Alasdair Philips

Informant: Don Maisch


Validity of the science, promotion and sales of EMR "Protective Devices"


Government Without Consent

by Mike Whitney

Moral legitimacy is the cornerstone of democratic government. Without it the ruling body cannot claim the consent of the people. This simple fact is of no concern to the Bush administration, but it should be to those of us who are alarmed by steady decline of our basic institutions. The administration operates entirely according to the expedients of deception and brute force, the antithesis of our government’s original design. It garners its dwindling support through lies, public relations antics and jingoism. Even so, the public has seen through the fog of propaganda and is rejecting the administration’s most cherished project: the occupation of Iraq. (Latest polls show that 6 of 10 Americans no longer believe the war was worthwhile) This fact attests to the innate ability of the majority to see through the fabrications of the state and recognize the basic injustice of the current policy; no mean task given the astonishing efforts of the corporate media to distort the news from Iraq....


Why is Jeff Gannon Lying?

by Katherine Brengle

The Boston Globe and Editor & Publisher have been tracking the Jeff Gannon story for a while. Unfortunately, in light of the State of the Union, the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales, and the ongoing battle for Social Security, this story has been set on the backburner of the political commentary stovetop. The controversy over Gannon is heating up due to the softball questions he consistently asks during White House press briefings and the fact that he has repeatedly been denied a White House “hard pass” press credential and has instead been granted repeated daily press passes directly from the White House Press Office. There are several reasons he has been denied a permanent pass, including the fact that the news site he writes for, TalonNews.com, could not provide evidence that they were an independent news organization, not tied to any political organization. In addition to that, The Standing Committee of Correspondents (the group of congressional reporters who oversee press credential distribution on Capitol Hill) also requires that in order to get a permanent pass, TalonNews.com would have to prove it carries paid advertising and paid circulation, as regular newspapers do. They could not do so....


Bush Administration Knew Childhood Vaccines Cause Autism

by Evelyn J. Pringle

Vaccines are the only drugs that American children are mandated to receive. Although it may be true that state governments mandate vaccines, the decision to mandate a vaccine is based on the recommendations of Federal advisory committees. In the interest of public safety, Congress has a duty to ensure that advisory committee members involved in vaccine policy making are not improperly influenced by conflicts of interest. In recent years, public trust in the Federal policymaking related to vaccines causing Autism has been broken by the practice of ignoring obvious conflicts of interest. At this point, immediate action by Congress is necessary to restore public confidence in the safety of childhood vaccinations....


Push for New Law to Protect Drug Companies

by Evelyn J. Pringle

Autism rates across the country have grown over 1000% since 1990, according to the National Autism Association. Autism was first diagnosed as a disorder in the 1950s. The symptoms described then are essentially the same as those used to diagnose autism today. They may include, limited speech, impaired social interaction, and repetitive behaviors such as arm flapping. In the broader autistic spectrum of less severe cases, children may speak but have unusual behaviors and learning disabilities, or they may have high IQs but great difficulty with social interaction. What used to be a very rare condition has now become a nationwide epidemic. The difference in the new cases of autism is that the symptoms did not appear at birth. They appeared shortly after a child received vaccinations in the second year of life. According to the 2004 spring issue of Mother Jones magazine, “In 2002, an estimated 1 in 250 American children was diagnosed with autism, up from 1 in 500 in 2000, and 1 in 5,000 in the 1980s.” Research has now determined that the cause of the escalation is Thimerosal, a mercury-based product that until recently was added to childhood vaccines as a preservative in multi-dose bottles to increase profits for the drug companies that manufacture vaccines....


Senator Harry Reid's statement against the confirmation of Gonzales

Senator Harry Reid's excellent statement against the confirmation of Gonzales is reprinted by Truthout: http://truthout.org/docs_2005/020405Z.shtml

copyright Virginia Metze

Soaring Medical Bills Account for Half of All U.S. Bankruptcies

Study: Soaring Medical Bills Account for Half of All U.S. Bankruptcies

Friday, February 4th, 2005 Democracy NOW!


copyright Virginia Metze

Gambling with Your Retirement

by Paul Krugman

Published February 4, 2005

The New York Times Op-Ed Columnist

A few weeks ago I tried to explain the logic of Bush-style Social Security privatization: it is, in effect, as if your financial adviser told you that you wouldn't have enough money when you retire - but you shouldn't save more. Instead, you should borrow a lot of money, buy stocks and hope for capital gains.

Before President Bush's big speech, a background briefing by a "senior administration official" made it clear that the plan calls for exactly the "borrow, speculate and hope" strategy I described - not just for the system as a whole, but for each individual.

Here's the money quote: "In return for the opportunity to get the benefits from the personal account, the person forgoes a certain amount of benefits from the traditional system. Now, the way that election is structured, the person comes out ahead if their personal account exceeds a 3 percent rate of return" - after inflation - "which is the rate of return that the trust fund bonds receive. So, basically, the net effect on an individual's benefits would be zero if his personal account earned a 3 percent rate of return."

Translation: If you put part of your payroll taxes into a personal account, your future benefits will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the amount you would have had to repay if you had borrowed the money at a real interest rate of 3 percent. ... Read more at http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/04/opinion/4krugman.html

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Ohio election still contested

The Ohio election is still being contested, and the attorneys who the Ohio Attorney General wants to sanction are fighting back and need money for documents, etc. See: http://freepress.org/store.php#donate Note: Donations to Free Press or any of the CICJ work is tax deductive. CICJ stands for Columbia Institute of Contemporary Journalism. Also call or fax your representatives and Senators about finishing the investigation that Conyers started. The Conyers letter is reproduced on http://www.freepress.org .

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14 signs of fascism

Flash movie from Eric Blumrich and Bushflash.com about the 14 signs of fascism and how we have them all: http://www.bushflash.com/14.html

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Democrats Claim Votes to Halt Social Security Plan

Bush Faces Pressure to Outline Restructuring Amid Senate Opposition to Personal Accounts

by Charles Babington and Mike Allen

Washington Post Staff Writers

Wednesday, February 2, 2005; Page A10

Senate Democrats said yesterday that they have more than enough votes to block President Bush's bid to allow private accounts in Social Security, increasing pressure on the president to begin outlining a plan tonight that might offer enough compromises or incentives to win over at least a handful of Democrats. Read the rest at:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A55567-2005Feb1.html or http://tinyurl.com/4y6nj

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Sinclair's Hyman wrong on Ohio voting problems

From "Media Matters for America"

On the January 31 edition of "The Point," Sinclair vice president Mark Hyman falsely asserted that "not a single documented case has been found" of an Ohio voter "being forced to wait as long as 11 hours" to vote during the 2004 presidential election and disputed the proven claim that "voters in heavily Democratic city precincts were forced to wait hours to vote." But according to news reports in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post, that is exactly what happened. ... rest at: http://mediamatters.org/items/200502010009

copyright Virginia Metze

Some Barred From Bush's North Dakota Speech

Washington Post Online

Friday, February 4, 2005; Page A08

Not everyone was welcome, apparently, at President Bush's speech in North Dakota yesterday.

The Fargo Forum reported that a city commissioner, a liberal radio producer, a deputy Democratic campaign manager and a number of university professors were among more than 40 area residents who were barred from attending the Bush event. Their names were on a list supplied to workers at two ticket distribution sites.
The "Bush blacklist" is "frightening," Tom Athans, chief executive of Democracy Radio, said after learning that a producer for the liberal "Ed Schultz Show" was among those barred. "To blacklist a local citizen because he produces a radio program at odds with the political agenda of the White House is dangerous for democracy."


copyright Virginia Metze

Feinstein Gathering Co-Sponsors for Bill to Abolish Electoral College

by Matthew Cardinale

Published Feb 3, 2005

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is currently gathering original co-sponsors for her proposed bill to abolish the Electoral College system for the U.S. Presidential Election, and to replace it with a direct vote for the Presidency, according to Feinstein press secretary, Adam Vogt.

The Electoral College has been described by critics as confusing, complicated, alienating, diversionary, unnecessary, undemocratic, and moreover, as hypocritical to the fundamental principles of American governance, which has otherwise been a global leader in democracy. Read the rest at:

copyright Virginia Metze

Non-Ionized Radiation Effects and Symptoms

Galvanic Effects


Non-Ionized Radiation Effects and Symptoms

Symptoms of (UV, Visible,IR, Radar, Microwaves, TV, RF, Acoustic) in general:

Localized heating on skin(Amount of heat is proportional to the radiation field intensity)

Twitches in the muscles and nerves

Irreversible cell injury with the resultant loss of vital cell functions

Disruption of cell divisions and chromosomes

Production of genetic mutations

Carcinogenic effects

Electrochemical changes

Seizures, burns, browning skin, buzzing noise, high pitch hearing problems, fever, cardiovascular collapse, diarrhea, vomiting denaturation from temperature increase, denaturation from photochemical reactions, leukemogenic effects, weakened immune response, sinus and coupes, changes in innate and acquired behavior, natural avoidance and escape from radiation response, shock from waves, loss of will power, hypersensitivity, pressure felt on skull or other parts of body.

Intense sensations of heat below the skin, natural radiation from the sun can only penetrate to 3mm, but artificial man-made radiation from microwaves, infrared can penetrate deep into the muscles and bones and be felt as heat, pain, electrical shocks, and pressure.

Loss of willpower, unusual organ dysfunction

The U.S. standard limits the exposure level to 10 milliwatts per square centimeter (10 mW/sq cm). Although U.S. government officials as well as representatives for private industry indicate that the present standard is safe, critics claim evidence to the contrary.

Some Soviet research has found evidence of damage to people caused by microwave levels considerably below the U.S. standard.

*Symptoms of Microwaves

Microwaves penetrate deeper than Infrared(3mm Deep?)

Middle ear impairment

Auditory Sensations- Microwave Auditory Effect, Pulsed Microwaves Interact with the High Pitch Frequency Portion of the Auditory System.

An acute short term exposure at power densities greater than 20m W/cm^2 can produce permanent morphological changes in the central nervous system of an animal.

Leukomogenic effects at 100m W/cm^2 with 9270 MHZ.

Immune System Effects, changes in white blood cells.

Most biological effects occur with chronic repeated exposure.

Can change calcium levels in neural tissue.

Microwave radiation can effect innate and acquired behaviors irritability and aggression.

Motor coordination.

Avoidance and escape instincts.

Noxious feelings.

* Symptoms of Ultrasound

A sound wave may affect human cells by creating heat and cavatation. The cavetation may cause gas bubbles and explosions which then may destabilize chemical reactions and cells. Cavetation may be stimulated by ultrasonic intensities of a few watts per cm squared throughout the frequency range 0.25 to 4 MHz.

Some example acoustic thresholds on animal cells:

An acoustic wave with an associate temperature greater than 45 degrees Celsius can create a lesion in the brain.

Cell damage may occur for frequency of 1Mhz at 1W/cm^2, 200 to 600MZ at 10(-3) W/cm^2.

At 400W/cm^2 chromosomal breaks can occur in a gene 1Mhz at 515W/cm^2 can damage a DNA molecule.

A 2 to 3 degree rise in temperature can cause cell death.


A plane wave of intensity of 0.3 W/cm^2 or greater can create pressure.

Amplitudes greater than 1 atmosphere (atm), which could create acoustic radiation pressure on an object that may affect human sensation, skin, and organs.

From Mast Network

KALIFORNISCHE Schule testet RFID-Chips zur Schülerkontrolle


WHO Flip-Flops on EMFs, Precautionary Principle Now Revoked

----- Original Message -----
From: ROY Beavers
To: m.co-di@eic.ictnet.es
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2003 5:17 AM
Subject: WHO Flip-Flops on the Precautionary Principle (MicroWaveNews)....

.....................From EMF-L.................

Question: What kind of scientist uses politicians tricks to justify a "scientific" conclusion???

Answer: TWO kinds - A World Health Organization (WHO) "scientist"!!!!
- And a Phony, non scientist!!!!

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: WHO Flip-Flops on the Precautionary Principle
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 17:12:13 -0400
From: Microwave News <info@microwavenews.com>
To: Roy Beavers <guru@emfguru.org>

WHO Flip-Flops on EMFs, Precautionary Principle Now Revoked

June 5, 2003 - The World Health Organization has decided not to invoke the precautionary principle for electromagnetic fields (EMFs), Dr. Michael Repacholi has told Microwave News.

Less than three months after the WHO EMF project told participants at its workshop on the precautionary principle that there is "sufficient evidence" to apply the principle to power-frequency EMFs and radiofrequency and microwave radiation, Repacholi, who runs the project, said that the earlier statement was only a trial balloon.

"The draft we submitted to the Luxembourg workshop was purely a discussion draft to provoke comment....It was very successful at that," Repacholi said.

The move took many of those who had attended the February workshop by surprise. We have full coverage --including reactions of those who went to Luxembourg-- in our May/June 2003 issue, which is now at the printer.

You can order a copy today at a special discount price: For details, go to our Web site,

Order your copy today, and you'll also receive our coverage of these stories, and more:

* In the U.K., Dr. David de Pomerai of the University of Nottingham has shown that very weak microwave radiation can change the shape of proteins, prompting them to clump together or form long strands called fibrils. De Pomerai argues that these changes in turn trigger the production of heat shock proteins, previously reported by his and other labs.

* A proposal from the IEEE's International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety to relax the limits for mobile phone radiation has come in for criticism. The May/June issue explains why.

* Exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields at work increased the risk prostate cancer among utility workers.

* The U.K. government has announced an $8 million long-term study of the possible health effects of radiation from TETRA digital radios, which police throughout the country will soon be using.

* In our main editorial, we look at the Bioelectromagnetics Society on the eve of its 25th birthday, and ask why it has failed to live up to its promise.

Our front page and editorials (including one on the WHO decision) will be posted on our Web site after our subscribers have received their copies of the May/June issue.


Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor & Publisher

Copyright ©. Miguel Muntané Condeminas. Barcelona.
Industrial Engineer E.T.S.E.I.B. General Manager Consulting Comunicació i Disseny S.L. m.co-di@eic.ictnet.es

Letter to the WHO in response to its Precautionary Framework

WHO comment on Draft EMF Framework

Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage

Delay Tactic = 5 years.

Re: New Australian research centre: Excellence or Spin?

False investigation?

Delay Tactic = 5 years?.
How many deaths, aborts.......?

Judicial Black plus Investigation Black = 5 years delay and how many deaths?.



1972. Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage

· Has been requested in Luxembourg the day 24.2.2003 to the European Commission and to the WHO.

2003. Salford, Persson: 0.002 W/kg (whole body) at 24 microW/cm2 Salford et al Env. Health Persp. On line, Janvier 2003

2002. Tore, Aubineau: 0.5 W/kg (brain average)
Tore, Aubineau et al BEMS 2002

2000. Schirmacher: 0.3 W/kg (cells)
Schirmacher et al Bioelectromagnetics (2000) 21: 338-345

1990-1994. Neubauer: 2 W/kg (brain)
Neubauer et al Bioelectromagnetics (1990) 11:261-268; Radiat Res (1994) 137:52-58

1979. Frey: 75 and 100 microW/cm2 Frey Radio Sci (1979) 14:349-350; J Bioelectr (1984) 3(1/2):281-292

1977 US army scientists had succeeded in duplicating the Soviet experiments.

1972 Soviets scientists used mobile phone radiation to cause brain damage.

Dr. Miguel Muntané

Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage

by Kathy Moran

Daily Express (United Kingdom)

November 10, 1999

Evidence that Soviet scientists used mobile phone radiation to cause brain damage more than 20 years ago has been suppressed, it will be revealed today.

Intelligence documents have been censored to hide the fact that Western governments have long been aware of the deadly danger of microwaves.

Yet when it was announced earlier this week that Swedish scientists have conducted similar experiments showing mobile phone use could lead to an increased risk of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases their finding were again dismissed.

Today, Alasdair Philips, a leading researcher into the effects of microwave radiation, will reveal to a London conference into mobile phone adverse health effects that he has uncovered copies of the original papers which back up claims made by the Swedish team.

Mr Philips, who runs Cambridge-based consumer group Powerwatch, said: "It is mind-numbing that people are still trying to claim there is no scientific evidence that mobiles could be harmful."

"People need to be given the full facts so that they make up their own minds and take precautions to guard against harmful effects."

But vital paragraphs had been removed when American Defense Intelligence Agency Documents into Soviet microwave radiation research were published earlier this year in Tim Rifat's 'Remote Viewing' study.

Later, when a campaigner in Northern Ireland applied for a copy of the document DST-1810S-074076 as evidence in the battle against mobile phone masts in schools, she was sent a sheaf of virtually blank pages.

The uncensored documents reveal that Soviet military scientists has successfully used microwaves of the type used by mobile phones to weaken the blood brain barrier. This is meant to protect the brain from harmful substances in the blood.

According to Dr Louis Slesin, editor of American specialist journal Microwave News, US army scientists had succeeded in duplicating the Soviet experiments by 1977 - eight years before mobile phones became generally available in Britain. But Britain's 17 million mobile users have been told repeatedly by the industry and Government-funded bodies that there is no scientific evidence that mobiles can cause harmful effects.

Dr Allan Frey, who carried out some of the earliest American research, believes there is "significant evidence" against mobile phones. Dr Frey's own papers reveal that the US Defense Department withdrew funding after three studies had confirmed these effects.

(c)1999 Kathy Moran and The Daily Express
Express Online


Omega links:
http://www.gigaherz.ch/742/ (in German)

Aktion Elternbeiräte

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

anbei senden wir Ihnen einen Brief, den wir an die Elternbeiräte von Schulen weiter leiten möchten mit Ihrer Hilfe:


Unserer Meinung nach sollten wir verstärkt um Aufklärung bemüht sein und gerade bei den Kindern anfangen, da sie die Kunden für Morgen sind.

Wir bitten Sie, den Brief an die Elternbeiräte von Schulen weiter zu leiten. Kontaktadressen sind oft im Internet zu finden. Manche Schulen betreiben eine Webseite und da ist manchmal ein Link zu dem Elternbeirat.

Wenn Ihnen dies nicht möglich ist, gehen Sie doch in die Schule und bringen den Brief ins Sekretariat und die mögen den Brief bitte weiterleiten an die Elternbeiräte. Wenn jeder ein wenig macht, erreichen wird doch viele.

Bitte nennen Sie und dann die Schule und Adresse die von Ihnen mit diesem Brief beliefert wurde. Wir werden diese Daten sammeln und später eine Meldung draus machen.

Wir haben in München angefangen mit der

Grundschule Bürmesterstraße
Realschule Helen Keller
Dante Gymnasium
Edith Steiner Gymnasium
Erasmus Grasser Gymnasium
Petzalozzi Gymnasium
Werner von Siemens Gymnasium

Diese Aktion lebt von der Unterstützung der Bürgerinitiativen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Informationszentrum gegen Mobilfunk
Heidrun Schall

Informations-Faltblätter der Bürgerwelle zum Thema:

Handy - Mensch wenn ich das gewußt hätte

Risiko Mobilfunk


Folien des Referats der Bürgerwelle ansehen

Folien des Referats der Bürgerwelle herunterladen

Omega siehe dazu auch:

Kinder und Mobilfunk http://omega.twoday.net/stories/311977/

Mobilfunk in der Schule

Schule und Mobilfunk

Strahlende Kinder!? Kinder durch Mobilfunktechnik in besonderer Gefahr


Hintergrund: 90% aller Jugendlichen besitzen ein Handy und machen 60% des Umsatzes der Mobilfunkkonzerne. Das durchschnittliche Alter in denen Kinder ein Handy bekommen liegt bei 8,9 Jahren. Britische Forscher haben jetzt offiziell nachgewiesen, dass bei Heranwachsenden die Strahlung mit die schädlichsten Auswirkungen hat. In vielen Ländern gibt es schon seit Jahren ein Handyverbot unter 16 bzw. 18 Jahren. Auch das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz warnt seit Monaten. Nicht zu vergessen sind die (offiziell) 380.000 SMS-Süchtigen und die hohe Verschuldung vieler Jugendlicher.

Lasst uns alle zusammenhelfen, gerade die Kinder und Jugendlichen über die Gefahren des Mobilfunks aufzuklären. Bei mir nehmen die Anrufe und Zuschriften von Jugendlichen zu, die gesundheitlich schon so geschädigt sind, dass sie ihre Schulen, Studien oder Ausbildungen abbrechen müssen.

Es ist wirklich höchste Zeit, dem ganzen entgegen zu stehen, bevor noch mehr geschädigt werden. Es ist eine tickende Zeitbombe und keiner kann sicher sein, daß er nicht der nächste ist, der bleibende gesundheitliche Schäden davon trägt.

Weitere Unterlagen, Flyers und praktische Ratschläge können gerne bei mir angefragt werden.

Ulrich Weiner

PS: Der Inhalt hat genauso für Kindergärten, Hochschulen und Universitäten seine Gültigkeit.


Studie: 90 Prozent der Jugendlichen haben ein eigenes Handy

Parallelität zwischen Rauchen und Mobilfunk? Die heimliche und tendenziöse Forschung der Tabakindustrie

Handy - kein Spielzeug

Kinder-Handy in Großbritannien vom Markt genommen

Gesundheitsgefährdung durch Mobiltelefone für Kinder befürchtet

In Großbritannien wurde das Handy MyMo alias HiPhone vom Markt genommen, das speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Kindern zugeschnitten ist. Das britische Magazin The Register nennt als Grund eine kurze Zeit zuvor bekannt gewordene Studie über die Gesundheitsgefährdung von Kindern, die durch Mobiltelefone verursacht wird.

Nach einem Bericht von The Register hat der britische Distributor Communic8 eine im Auftrag der britischen Regierung vorgenommenen Untersuchung zum Anlass genommen, das MyMo-Handy vom Markt zu nehmen. Die Studie des britischen National Radiological Protection Board (NRPD) wies auf eine Gesundheitsgefährdung durch Handys hin, was in stärkerem Maße für Kinder gilt.

Die Studie kommt zwar zu keinem schlüssigen Ergebnis bezüglich einer eindeutig belegbaren gesundheitlichen Gefährdung durch Mobiltelefone, aber dennoch sah sich Communic8 dazu veranlasst, das Mobiltelefon für Kinder mit sofortiger Wirkung vom britischen Markt zu nehmen. (ip)

Risiko für Altersgruppe unter acht Jahren am größten

London (pte, 12. Jan 2005 14:30) - Britische Experten haben eine Warnung für Eltern veröffentlicht, nachdem neuere Studien nahe legten, dass die Strahlung von Handys doch gesundheitsgefährlich sein kann. Am meisten gefährdet sollen laut dem National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) http://www.nrpb.org/ jüngere Kinder sein. Die Studie gibt zu, dass es keine Beweise für die Schädlichkeit der Strahlung gibt, warnt aber gleichzeitig davor, dass die Möglichkeit nicht ausgeschlossen werden kann.

Handys - Eltern sollten Risiken ernst nehmen

Angeblich 380.000 SMS-Süchtige in Deutschland

Jugendliche telefonieren sich arm


Handystrahlung schädigt Erbgut

Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves


Research in the past on the biological effects of microwaves often has been based on faulty assumptions. The major flaw has been the premise that microwaves only produce thermal effects in tissue. This premise easily may be proven physically incorrect.

Furthermore, assuming only thermal effects leads one to an optimist's error of quantification in which calories are counted instead of joules. Past investigations have been misled both by these assumptions and by stereotyped experiments using only narrow­band radiation sources. Recent studies show that wide­band microwaves bring out biological effects which are unrelated to those caused by heat flow. A review by Kenneth Foster provides a basis for criticism and improved understanding.


Informant: John

Non thermal effects of exposure to EMF

A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects

Phasic behavioral and endocrine effects of microwaves of nonthermal intensity

Prof. Sianette Kwee: The effects of radiofrequency fields on cell proliferation are non-thermal

Non Thermal Studies

Abuses Endangered Veterans in Cancer Drug Experiments

The disturbing article below details a "culture whose descent into criminality forced the Department of Veterans Affairs nationwide to reckon with what an internal memorandum in 2003 described as 'systemic weaknesses in the human research protections program, especially in studies funded by industry.'"


Homeless Veterans Wait Years for Aid

Already about 100 soldiers from Iraq have turned up at homeless shelters around the country. And a study released last summer found that 17 percent of early returning Iraqi soldiers suffered from PTSD. Less than half of them had sought mental health care. The article below describes the ordeal of one Vietnam War veteran.


The War Inside

Prichard native Tyson Johnson and other soldiers returning from Iraq try to rebuild their lives as they grapple with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder...


Hunger for Dictatorship

The war to export democracy may wreck our own:


Irish and UK Greens new political merger a positive move for our EHS campaign

The ramifications of this political move yesterday (Sunday, February 6, 2005) by the Green Parties in the Republic of Ireland, N. Ireland (U.K.), Scotland, England and Wales to unite as one are enormous--and equally so for our campaign. This is truly a politically historic event. The old tribal--and ever backward looking--affialiations to some dominant political parties in the Republic and N. Ireland that have caused so much bloodshed, sectarianism plus the promotion of hatred and negativity to one's fellow life-travellers born into different traditions are transcended by the formation of this unified all-island Green Party.

I would consider this event every bit as momentous as the famous Good Friday/Belfast Agreement of 1998. Indeed, it's even moreso because now the UK Greens and the Irish Greens have not just signed up to working together while remaining distinctly separate political entities with primary tribal loyalties but rather done what no political party here has managed to do up to now: merged as one.

And in its political aspirations the Green Party is obviously the one that is most attuned to our EHS and electrosmog concerns.

Best, Imelda, Belfast. (Usually in Cork.)

Transcribed below from:



[by] Mark Brennock, Chief Political Correspondent

The Green Party in the Republic has decided to allow the Green Party in Northern Ireland become a region of an all-island Green Party. Members of the North's Green Party may also become members of their sister parties in England, Scotland and Wales in what the Green Party of Northern Ireland (GPNI) leader Mr John Barry yesterday called "an exciting and historic development".

The decision to allow the north/south link came at a special convention of the Republic's party -- the Green Party/Comhaontas Glas--in Dublin yesterday. It followed a proposal from the GPNI for the establishment of new organisational structures to strengthen the links between itself and the Green Parties in Scotland, England, Wales and the Republic.

The convention in Dublin removed any consititutional obstacles to the creation of an all-island Green Party. The GPNI can now become a regional council of a new all-island party.

The Green Party in Northern Ireland will now meet to agree new organisational structures to strengthen the links between the Green Party/Comhaontas Glas and the Green parties in Scotland, England and Wales.

The Green Party leader Mr Trevor Sargent TD [Teachta Dala (Irish)/Member of Parliament] said that "yesterday's decision is in keeping with the spirit of the Good Friday agreement [Belfast Peace Agreement of 1998]. I welcome this move, particularly at a time when the agreement is under such enormous strain. The Green parties across this island are determined to send the strongest signal of full support for the Good Friday agreement and for a lasting peace among all traditions."

GPNI leader, Dr. John Barry, said that "this is an historic and exciting development". The GPNI will now consider the appropriate changes needed to implement the motion to create an all-island organisation with strong North-South links as well as East-West dimensions.

"This is an innovative and bold development geared toward being an inclusive as possible to all political traditions. The motion passed yesterday is based upon an evolutionary logic of greater co-operation and allows the Green Party to be unique in not just supporting the Good Friday agreement, but actually living it th[r]ough its new organisational structures," he said.

Die Goldverschwörung




Informant: Colette O'Connell


Ärzte und Mobilfunk

Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Mobilfunk und Krebs

92% of wealthy have vanished

In a stunning revelation made this week, it has emerged that the number of wealthy families in Portugal have plummeted by 92 percent in the space of just three years. According to statistics published by the nation's fiscal administration, the number of families who annually earn 250,000 or more, dropped from a figure of 26,802 four years ago to a mere 2,144 in 2003. Specialists speaking to JN Negcios this week, have suggested these figures are indicative of tax evasion on a large scale, as the economic crisis, on its own, cannot justify this unprecedented plunge in earnings.

For full story visit http://tinyurl.com/5r3b7

The Greening of Evangelicals


Informant: NHNE

Bush, Iran & the Bomb


In Montana, Bush Faces a Tough Sell on Social Security


Bush Seeks Cuts in Law Enforcement


Revealed: Britain's Role in Guantanamo Abduction


Iraq Moves Toward Islamic State, But Not Like Iran


Darfur - Why U.N. Won't Call It Genocide


Tapes Show Enron Arranged Plant Shutdown


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

Cut Corruption to Save African Forests


Cut Corruption to Save African Forests



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