February 16 is Global Warming Awareness Day



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Weather Forcasting Tools Fail Globally


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Rechnungshof kritisiert Steuervorteile für Formel-1-Teams

Unversteuerte Sponsorengelder? Rechnungshof kritisiert Steuervorteile für Formel-1-Teams (31.01.05)

Bundesfinanzminister Hans Eichel (SPD) gewährt Formel-1-Teams und ihren Fahrern nach Erkenntnissen des Bundesrechnungshofes unzulässige Steuervorteile. Dem deutschen Fiskus gingen so bis zu sieben Millionen Euro jährlich verloren, schreibt das Nachrichtenmagazin "Focus" unter Berufung auf einen vertraulichen Bericht. Die Prüfer monierten demnach, die Finanzbehörden hätten mit Zustimmung des Bundesfinanzministeriums für steuerpflichtige Fahrer-Einkommen in Deutschland großzügige Pauschalen vereinbart. Damit müssten die "betroffenen Mannschaften und Sportler" nur knapp sieben Prozent ihrer inländischen Einkünfte versteuern.

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Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

More Big Brother Military Technology with Law Enforcement Applications


Brain Scans for Sale


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 31st, 2005

Fingerprint Technology Gaining Ground in School Food Service


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 31st, 2005



Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 31st, 2005

The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA

Informant: Anna Webb



Should Anti-Bush Journalists Be Tried as "Spies"?


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 31st, 2005

RFID-Chips ermöglichen Abpfiff schon vor dem Anpfiff


Voter Turnout in the Iraqi Elections Follows Washington's Script


Informant: Yoshie Furuhashi

From ufpj-news

Canada to counter Patriot Act

The government will revamp the wording of future federal contracts with the aim of countering U.S. powers, granted under anti-terrorism laws, to tap into personal information about Canadians.


From Information Clearing House

Bush to China: "Do as I say, not as I do"

The Bush administration has the nerve to complain about how awful the Chinese are. Somebody needs to send them a mirror. But, of course, we're the great and powerful United States of America

Judge slams U.S. for holding Guantanamo detainees without legal rights

A federal judge ruled Monday that some foreign terror suspects held in Cuba can challenge their confinement in U.S. courts and she criticized the Bush administration for holding hundreds of people without legal rights.


From Information Clearing House

Guantanamo Tribunals Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge:
Detainees Entitled to 'Due Process of Law'

Freed Briton reveals horrors of life inside Guantanamo Bay :

THE Guantánamo detainee at the centre of allegations of torture at the hands of American officers broke his silence last night, to tell The Observer of the 'continuing evils faced by captives illegally held' and that he had endured 'conditions far below those of the worst convicted criminals in the developed world'.


From Information Clearing House

Undermining Iraq’s Food Security

Under the new US Order, the saving and planting of seeds will be illegal and market will only offer plant material produced by transactional agribusiness corporations.

Some Just Voted for Food

Voting in Baghdad was linked with receipt of food rations, several voters said after the Sunday poll.


From Information Clearing House

Iraqi in Baghdad: "The Election Was Shoved Down Our Throats":

"What do I do with democracy? Does it allow me to walk across the street without being feared of being kidnapped or being shot at or being mugged or being stolen? Would democracy feed my children? Would democracy allow me to quench my thirst? The U.S. has not done anything at all to improve the life of Iraqi people...


From Information Clearing House

Robert Fisk on Iraq Elections

Iraqis Voting for "Freedom From Foreign Occupation"

The Staged Elections of 2005

Contrary to western media, the elections were a sham and most Iraqis boycotted them. Heavily fortified polling centres were deserted and streets empty as Iraqis stayed home on Sunday, too frightened or angry to vote in these elections.

Why the US will not leave Iraq

History may still reveal the case that Sunday's elections under occupation, with rules established by the occupier, suit everyone except the long-suffering 27 million Iraqis.

Stick And Stones

Video - CBC- Fifth Estate - Documentary

The United States is in the midst of a very un-civil war. It's a war of words that's pitting conservative against liberal, that's already divided the country into red and blue. The new gladiators are commentators like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter and their forum is the television studios of networks like Fox. It's loud, it's raucous, but does it have anything to do with the truth? Watch It Online Now!

Triumph and tragedy for Iraq

Robert Fisk

No one I met yesterday believes the insurgency will end - many thought it would grow more ferocious - and the Shi'ites in the polling stations said with one voice that they were also voting to rid Iraq of the Americans, not to legitimise their presence.

Someone is controlling the worldwide weather


Informant: CHEROKEE

I wrote about this before and it is true, my uncle retired from the Air Force a few years back and he told of what they were doing in Florida at a base there, they made weather inside this huge building and could make it do really strange things like go from summer hot to snow and freezeing in a very short period of time with in minutes. So it is not at all surprising to me that now it is done on a much larger scale. If they can send space ships all over the galaxy why not be able to manipulate simple weather on such a small Earth in comparison.


In every country of the world, all on a sudden the weather forecasting computer models are failing – human or extra-terrestrial hand in weather manipulation

Staff Reporter

January 30, 2005

Over the past years, China has installed 74 sets of the world's advanced Doppler weather radar with 87 per cent put into operation. But in the last year all on a sudden the weather forecasting computer models have failed so badly that China has decided to install thirty more of the devices rapidly this year with a satellite launched later last year expected to start its operations soon.

This is the same story echoed in every part of the world from India to America. Weather forecasting models are just failing and the variation patterns are so obvious that forecasters all over the world are scratching their heads.

World is experiencing some extreme weathers and weather forecasters in all parts of the world are just failing for reasons unknown to all.

In India, for example, scientists were astonished at the National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting were perplexed by the deviation of the weather from the that predicted by the Doppler reports.

In Russia, authorities are just perplexed with bizarre patters of snow falls.

In America, the weather forecasters are similarly perplexed in their inability to tell people what will happen next day.

The recent hurricanes and typhoons all over the world have taken irregular patterns and unpredictable paths defying all established computer models.

In India, China, Africa, Europe, all over the world the same story is repeating. In every country the meteorologists are thinking that these anomalies are just present in their region. But it is global and increasing every day.

The intensity of the storms and the paths all over the world especially in America’s Florida and South East including Gulf of Mexico are just bizarre.

Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Government is also perplexed with what is going on.

Another interesting phenomenon that is becoming very obvious is that many of the storms all over the world last year went into merry-go-round patterns and pick up speed and force before the landfall.

There is a possibility that massive weather manipulation experimentation is taking place which are totally classified. Military research projects involving weather manipulation is nothing new – many countries are racing towards achieving the capabilities.

What is perplexing is that the same unusual patterns are also present in Artic and Antarctic regions. British Antarctic Survey (BAS), the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO, the International Commission on Polar Meteorology and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) are involved in modeling the polar weather patterns.

The massive scale of the same problem gives rise to the fact that there may be some bigger hand involved. In South America and Central America native Indians believed that their Gods used to control the weather on a daily basis. We may be looking the same pattern where “Someone” is controlling the worldwide weather.


Demonstration zum Bush-Besuch - Termine zum Bush-Besuch

Mainz & Berlin: Demonstration zum Bush-Besuch in Berlin (31.01.05)

Kritiker der amerikanischen Außenpolitik planen anlässlich des Deutschlandbesuchs von US-Präsident George W. Bush im Februar eine Demonstration in Berlin. Mit dem Protest am 22. Februar wollen die Demonstranten die Bundesregierung auffordern, sich gegen einen möglichen US-Feldzug im Iran einzusetzen, teilte am Montag die Wahlalternative Arbeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit in Berlin mit. Zudem verlangen sie, den US-Truppen die Benutzung der Flughäfen in Ramstein, Spangdahlem und der Rhein-Main-Airbase für einen solchen Militäreinsatz zu verweigern.

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Kein Krieg!
Sonderseite mit Reportagen, Reden, Zitaten, Analysen,...

Bush in Europa unerwünscht - Not Welcome, Mr. Bush

Proteste gegen Kriegspolitik angekündigt

Stop The Escalation - Let’s show Bush he’s NOT welcome

Bush-Besuch Februar 2005
Termine nach Bundesländern:

Infos zu den Bussen nach Mainz gibt es unter:

Es scheint allmählich der Eindruck zu entstehen, dass es ziemlich schwierig werden könnte, am 22./23. Februar nach Mainz zu gelangen. Dem kann man mit der folgenden Mitteilung aus dem Not-welcome-Bush-Orgateam nachdrücklich entgegentreten:
"Wir hatten heute das Gespräch mit der Polizei. Danach soll allen (!) die mit Bus oder Bahn am 22 oder 23.02 anreisen die Teilnahme ermöglicht werden. Insofern steht einer Mobilisierung nichts im Wege. Problem sei nur die Anreise per PKW am 23.

Ansonsten werden die Verkehrssperrungen am offizell am Mo. Vormittag bekannt gegeben. Am Nachmittag ist das nächste Gespräch mit der Stadt. Auch wird für alle, die bereits am 22.02 kommen versucht Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten bereit zu halten.

Die HP http://www.notwelcomebush.de/ wir diesbezüglich laufend aktualisiert.

Die Stadt Mainz richtet dem Vernehmen nach ab Donnerstag auch eine Sondernummer ein, unter der die Verkehrssituation abgefragt werden kann: 06131 / 123 5 123

Informationen über Busse und Zug-Fahrgemeinschaften gibt es auf folgenden Seiten:


Plakate, Karikaturen, Banner gibt es hier:

Nicht alleine der Friede, sondern nahezu jedes unserer Arbeitsgebiete ist von der Politik der Regierung Bush betroffen - dort können die Auswirkungen dessen besichtigt werden, was ebenso auch hiesige Politik ist. Grund genug, so zahlreich wie mitten in der Woche eben möglich nach Mainz kommen, um Bush und Schröder nachdrücklich unsere Meinung zu sagen - sie dürfen mit diesem Durchmarsch nicht durchkommen, und sie werden es schlussendlich auch nicht!

Nachricht von Angelika Shams

The God Squad - Religion and the Death Penalty

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in his own words in "First Things":

Editorial reactions to Scalia's famous (infamous) 2202 speech at the University of Chicago School of Divinity. Note the remarks of Sean Wilentz in the NY Times and rejoinders.


See also Susan Jacoby in Jan. issue of American Prospect.
The God Squad (12/20/2004)

What's the difference between a politically conservative Supreme Court and a Court dominated by religious conservatives?

Quote from "The God Squad" by Jacoby

What made this speech extraordinary was not Scalia's constitutional case for capital punishment but his open reliance on faith as the underpinning of his legal philosophy. I consulted five prominent constitutional-law professors and none could recall any other speech in which a Supreme Court justice explicitly used religion as the rational for a legal position. "If a judge is getting his legal directions from God and the Bible," says Norman Dorsen, Stokes Professor of Law at New York University … "constitutional and legal arguments are then transformed into religious arguments. And how do you argue with a judge's concept of God?"

Posted by Gary the Grouch

Mushrooming Depleted Uranium (DU) Scandal Blamed

Heads Roll At The Veterans Administration: Mushrooming Depleted Uranium (DU) Scandal Blamed


Informant: Marsha

Defend The Filibuster

Act Now: Defend The Filibuster

by People For The American Way

The only way a minority can stand up to the majority in the Senate is via filibuster. Lend your support to this legislative endangered species:

The Phony Vote

by The Dreyfuss Report

It doesn't matter how many people voted yesterday in Iraq. In the end, the Iraqi parliament that results from yesterday's vote will be illegitimate, having been elected under the guns of U.S. soldiers:

January 31, 2005

It doesn’t matter how many people voted yesterday in Iraq. In the end, the Iraqi parliament that results from yesterday's vote will be illegitimate, having been elected under the guns of U.S. soldiers. The triumphalism of the Bush administration aside, the new Iraqi regime will have no more credibility than the Iraqi Governing Council, set up by the United States in 2003, or the ersatz government of Prime Minister Allawi, appointed in 2004.

My favorite quote from today’s coverage of the election comes from the Post . It’s the story of a U.S. Army company in Mosul, in a Sunni area where no one bothered to vote:

Instead of protecting voters on the periphery of the polling sites, as occurred in most areas, the company’s platoons spent much of the day on raids in which they would burst into homes in search of insurgents, only to wind up urging the occupants to vote.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration is working hard to push Zarqawi, the Al Qaeda man in Iraq, out front as the spokesman for the resistance in Iraq. Nearly all intelligence analysts agree that he is a minor player, except for organizing the suicide bombs that kill people for no reason. The real resistance—the resistance that attacks the U.S. occupation forces with roadside bombs, mortars and organized, platoon-style actions—is made up of ex-Baath and Sunni forces, and they are likely to gain strength once the results of the election are known. It will be a victory for obscurantist Ayatollah Sistani and his pet mullah, Abdel Aziz Hakim, the cleric who headed Sistani’s election list. A Shiite fundamentalist majority in Iraq’s new parliament, with a counterpoint of independence-minded Kurds, is not likely to win favor among Iraq’s Sunnis.

The Post quotes James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute and a poll analyst with Zogby International, to wit:

He compared Iraq’s election to the 1860 U.S. election, which paved the way for the Civil War after Abraham Lincoln won—and South Carolina seceded. “This election could exacerbate the divide,” Zogby said. “You can’t have 20 percent of the population feel disenfranchised.”

One other thing: To take the parallel further, Sistani is no Lincoln.
Monday 11:25 AM

Resist The Filibuster Fiat

by Kevin Drum, The Washington Post

Fair-minded Republicans would be well-advised to restore some of the rules they themselves once defended: http://tompaine.com/opinion/#003532

Elections A Joke

by Juan Cole, Informed Comment

On the so-called elections in Iraq and the U.S. media's cheerleading coverage of them: http://tompaine.com/opinion/#003535

Internationale "Strahlenschützer"



Das ICNIRP -Spiel

WHO und UNO distanzieren sich von der ICNIRP


Eine private Organisation entscheidet über unsere Gesundheit

A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects

Non thermal effects of exposure to EMF

Chemtrail Patent


Informant: billder

U.S. students say press freedoms go too far

I stumbled upon this article this morning. These kids are brainwashed to believe we need "less" freedom amd "more" government censorship?

Where the hell are we...Russia? Germany circa 1939?


U.S. students say press freedoms go too far

Propaganda in a Democratic Society

US teens 'reject' key freedoms

Iraq elections damage democracy throughout the Middle East


Iraq now faces 10 years of bloody conflict


Iraqi resistance downplayed by US government propaganda


$9 billion of Iraq's oil money missing


Homeland Security For Whom?


Informant: Friends

"World Without Waves"won a gold at the Santa Fe Film Festival in New Mexico

Just wanted to let you know that the independent dramatic film, "World Without Waves" that centers on the life of an EHS sufferer won a gold at the Santa Fe Film Festival in New Mexico in the states. We are very proud and appreciative of your continued support. Other film festivals are being considered so that the film will have a chance to win further awards internationally. And while reviews are still coming in, and considerations being made for some sort of limited theatrical release, we have plans to begin selling the film from the http://www.WorldWithoutWaves.com website in a couple of months.

Thank you again for your support and the wonderful news service. I have become a better informed person from it.

My best,

David W. Jones
Media Consultant/Producer
301 Oakwood Trail
McKinney, TX 75069

US soldiers raid Baghdad mosque


CAUTION: These pictures should be disturbing to mature adults.

Informant: John Murphy

Repeal the 22nd Ammendment?

Has anyone seen or heard about this?


1st Session

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

January 4, 2005

Mr. SERRANO introduced the following joint resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled (two-thirds of each House concurring therein), That the following article is proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States within seven years after the date of its submission for ratification:


`The twenty-second article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.'.


Informant: DitziSis

When Robots Do the Killing: A New Weapon Can Sanitize War


Informant: kevcross5

Elections Are Not Democracy


Boxer Not Willing to Pull Punches


One More 'Moral Value': Fighting Poverty


My Nightmare of Torture and Assault

by Briton Held in Guantanamo

Scalar Strike On Columbia


This is an excellent and well researched site with the exception of the author's allergy to all things scalar. The sacrifice of the Columbia is one of those subjects that deserves more attention. "Skepticism" about anything not commonly known in the days of Leave it to Beaver is a worn out attitude I hope will be abandoned soon.

celestial_shamanka wrote:

Scalar Strike On Columbia Ends WW3?
High Profile Target Makes For Devastating Blow

A scalar-burst strike on the US space shuttle Columbia has struck a debilitating preemptive blow to Anglo-American plans for a Middle- East takeover.

Psychological warfare tactics were to the fore in continuing pre- conflict skirmishing over the planned US-UK invasion of the Middle- East. This time the blow was devastating, as the Columbia ran into an electromagnetic 'wall,' in the sky over Texas.

On Saturday 1st February, 2003 a scalar Tesla Howitzer weapon --aimed at downing the US space shuttle Columbia was phenomenally successful and will leave red faces in the Pentagon.

Despite the media spin of an unfortunate accident, the nature of the crash of Columbia was evident from eyewitness accounts. The telltale sonic boom from the deployment of the weapon was so strong: "It was like a car hitting the house or an explosion. It shook that much," John Ferolito, 60, of Carrolton, north of Dallas, told the Associated Press.

Media reports put the noise down to the effects of the shuttle
breakup, but this is clearly spurious. The shuttle was gliding at 203,000 feet. That works out to almost 40 miles. Aircraft-generated sonic booms 40 miles up in super-thin air do not shake homes at ground level. Nor do small debris parts. Just try generating air pressure changes at ground level when 40 miles up -no matter how fast you are going.

Just after a previous shuttle launch in November, 1985 a sonic boom occurred over the launch site, after the shuttle had departed. The same effects took place on least two previous shuttle launches. Scalar expert T. E. Bearden put these down to testing of the weapons.

The scalar boom effect is caused in way similar to a thunderstorm. In that case the lightning cleaves apart large masses of air which boom. The scalar weapon can generate a massive version of the same effect. This is not a "beam" weapon like the one used to down the two WTC towers. It remotely produces local space-time distortion effects by connecting through the complex plane around which all space-time is wrapped.


Quite how top military brass managed to hang out an irresistibly attractive lure for targeting, remains to be answered. If gross incompetence was the reason, then perhaps their war might better be delayed until the US-UK Axis has some competent military strategic leadership in place.

Let's just recap: First, the shuttle was launched in the middle of a tense period of nuclear weapon sabre-rattling between the US and China -with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) acting as the Chinese proxy and battleground. Second, the propaganda highlight of the mission was the onboard presence of an Israeli researcher. Third, the shuttle was scheduled to land in the middle of Chinese New Year celebrations. Fourth, it was scheduled to glide in over US president Bush's home state of Texas on final approach.

Given that taking the shuttle out with scalar weapons (known to be in the possession of a number of opponents of the Anglo-American cabal) was always going to be a straightforward matter, the question is: who the **** allowed this shuttle mission to go ahead at this time??

Today, February 1st, 2003 the China People's Daily online edition reported the DPRK's ambassador to Russia, Pak Ui-chun, warning in Moscow on Friday that the DPRK would take "adequate measures to counter a possible United States preemptive attack."

Adequate measures indeed. When the People's Daily reports the words of the DPRK ambassador there is a certain significance to such a report --under the headline "DPRK Warns It Will Take Measures in Face of US Threat."

As we recently reported, last week the US was hit with a scalar manipulation of weather, but the US Administration did not seem to get the message....











Informant: The Webfairy

We are headed for absolute disaster


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Gaia groans: M>5 Earthquakes From Around the World


Check out this page, and see the huge # of quakes in the whole Indian ocean/South Pacific area, that have happened just in this last week, my god !!!!.......

M>5 Earthquakes From Around the World

Magnitude 5 and greater earthquakes located by the USGS and contributing networks http://earthquake.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/datasources.htm in the last week (168 hours). Magnitudes 6 and above are in red. (Some early events may be obscured by later ones on the maps.)

Informant: MessiahTwain





For Voter Verified Paper Ballots

From: the National Ballot Integrity Project

*For Voter Verified Paper Ballots SUPPORT VIVA 2005 Today*

*Action Alert Day One*
*January 31, 2005*

Voter Verified Paper Ballots are the essential first step towards a trustworthy election. VIVA 2005 makes Voter Verified Paper Ballots mandatory for federal elections.

Senator Ensign (R-NV) will introduce VIVA 2005 if other Republican Senators will cosponsor this worthy bill. Joan Krawitz, Andy Stephensen, Warren Stewart, and Cheryl Lilienstein, of the National Ballot Integrity Project, will be in Washington DC urging Republican Senators to cosponsor VIVA 2005, this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please help us by making the phones of Republican Senators ring. Urge them to cosponsor VIVA 2005.

You will be making history again.

Here’s our request:

If you live in a state with a Republican Senator or two, just call them, and ask them to cosponsor VIVA 2005. I would give you the toll free number for the US Capitol Switchboard, but they just disconnected it...I guess this means they got too many calls? So, use your cell phone.

US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121. Monday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.

For more information, legislation text, rationale, and a direct phone line, link here:


If you live in a state with a Democratic Senator or two, your task is different:

Please call your friends in any of these states and ask them to join in this effort. Here are the states:

*AL, AZ, AR, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MN, MS, MO, MT, NB, NV, NH, NM, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WY*

US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121


*And please, forward this request to your lists: VIVA 2005 is the first step in election justice.*

With gratitude,

Joan Krawitz
Co-founder, National Ballot Integrity Project

Informant: Kathy Dopp

RFID-Sicherheit lückenhaft

Forscher: RFID-Sicherheit lückenhaft

Weltmeisterschaft der Überwachung


Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Dmitry Chernikov on Republicans:

Oppressing You for Your Own Good

Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse on the homeland security state:

Real freedom still far off

Illegal War, Illegal Election

Stooge A or Stooge B? Article by Eric Margolis:

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Struggle for Oil and Power

Is Iran next? Article by Murray Polner:

President Bush's Second Inaugural Address

The Trouble With Conservatism

It exalts an ancient evil: global revolutionary transformation through force of arms. Article by Gary North.


A Mixed Story

I'm just appalled by the cheerleading tone of US news coverage of the so-called elections in Iraq on Sunday. I said on television last week that this event is a "political earthquake" and "a historical first step" for Iraq. It is an event of the utmost importance, for Iraq, the Middle East, and the world. All the boosterism has a kernel of truth to it, of course. Iraqis hadn't been able to choose their leaders at all in recent decades, even by some strange process where they chose unknown leaders. But this process is not a model for anything, and would not willingly be imitated by anyone else in the region. The 1997 elections in Iran were much more democratic, as were the 2002 elections in Bahrain and Pakistan.

Moreover, as Swopa rightly reminds us all
http://www.needlenose.com/node/view/1043 , the Bush administration opposed one-person, one-vote elections of this sort. First they were going to turn Iraq over to Chalabi within six months. Then Bremer was going to be MacArthur in Baghdad for years. Then on November 15, 2003, Bremer announced a plan to have council-based elections in May of 2004.

The US and the UK had somehow massaged into being provincial and municipal governing councils, the members of which were pro-American. Bremer was going to restrict the electorate to this small, elite group.

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani immediately gave a fatwa
denouncing this plan and demanding free elections mandated by a UN Security Council resolution. Bush was reportedly "extremely offended" at these two demands and opposed Sistani. Bremer got his appointed Interim Governing Council to go along in fighting Sistani. Sistani then brought thousands of protesters into the streets in January of 2004, demanding free elections

Soon thereafter, Bush caved and gave the ayatollah everything he demanded. Except that he was apparently afraid that open, non-manipulated elections in Iraq might become a factor in the US presidential campaign, so he got the elections postponed to January 2005. This enormous delay allowed the country to fall into much worse chaos, and Sistani is still bitter that the Americans didn't hold the elections last May. The US objected that they couldn't use UN food ration cards for registration, as Sistani suggested. But in the end that is exactly what they did.

So if it had been up to Bush, Iraq would have been a soft dictatorship under Chalabi, or would have had stage-managed elections with an electorate consisting of a handful of pro-American notables. It was Sistani and the major Shiite parties that demanded free and open elections and a UNSC resolution. They did their job and got what they wanted. But the Americans have been unable to provide them the requisite security for truly aboveboard democratic elections.

With all the hoopla, it is easy to forget that this was an extremely troubling and flawed "election." Iraq is an armed camp. There were troops and security checkpoints everywhere. Vehicle traffic was banned. The measures were successful in cutting down on car bombings that could have done massive damage. But even these Draconian steps did not prevent widespread attacks, which is not actually good news. There is every reason to think that when the vehicle traffic starts up again, so will the guerrilla insurgency.

The Iraqis did not know the names of the candidates for whom they were supposedly voting. What kind of an election is anonymous! There were even some angry politicians late last week who found out they had been included on lists without their permission. Al-Zaman compared the election process to buying fruit wholesale and sight unseen. (This is the part of the process that I called a "joke," and I stand by that.)

This thing was more like a referendum than an election. It was a referendum on which major party list associated with which major leader would lead parliament.

Many of the voters came out to cast their ballots in the belief that it was the only way to regain enough sovereignty to get American troops back out of their country. The new parliament is unlikely to make such a demand immediately, because its members will be afraid of being killed by the Baath military. One fears a certain amount of resentment among the electorate when this reticence becomes clear.

Iraq now faces many key issues that could tear the country apart, from the issues of Kirkuk and Mosul to that of religious law. James Zogby on Wolf Blitzer wisely warned the US public against another "Mission Accomplished" moment. Things may gradually get better, but this flawed "election" isn't a Mardi Gras for Americans and they'll regret it if that is the way they treat it.

Juan Cole

Consequences of Genetically Engineered Milk

Eleven years ago, the greatest controversy in FDA history began with a lie when the Clinton White House (Executive Branch Report on rbGH, February 9, 1994) concluded: "BGH-treated milk is safe because it is indistinguishable from normal milk."

The drug manufacturer (Monsanto) hired ex-Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop to compound the lie. Koop's press release, dated February 6, 1994: "Milk from cows given supplemental bovine somatotropin is the same as any other milk...Unfortunately, a few fringe groups are using misleading statements and blatant falsehoods as part of a long-running campaign to scare consumers about a perfectly safe food."

Did the National Institutes of Health agree? Here is what they concluded four years earlier: "Recombinant rbGH treatment produces an increase in the concentration of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) in cow's milk." "Levels of IGF increase in milk after cows are treated with rbGH."

National Institutes of Health Assessment of Bovine Somatotropin, December, 1990: "A strong positive association was observed between IGF-I levels and prostate cancer risk." Science, vol. 279. January 23, 1998

"Insulin-like growth factor is thought to have a role in breast cancer." The Lancet, vol. 351. May 9, 1998

"High plasma levels of IGF-I were associated with an increased risk of lung cancer. Plasma levels of IGF-I are higher...in patients with lung cancer than in control subjects." Journal of the National Cancer Institute, vol. 91, no. 2. January 20, 1999.

"The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system is widely involved in human carcinogenesis. A significant association between high circulating IGF-I concentrations and an increased risk of lung, colon, prostate and pre- menopausal breast cancer has recently been reported." International Journal of Cancer, 2000 Aug, 87:4, 601-5

"...serum IGF-I levels increased significantly in the milk drinking group, anincrease of about 10% above baseline-but was unchanged in the control group." Journal of the American Dietetic Association, vol. 99, no. 10. October 1999

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Drifting from freedom

by Richard W. Rahn

Washington Times


"Do you feel more or less free today than you did 10 years ago? If you happen to be a property developer, sit on the board of a public corporation, often travel by air, like to spend your own money supporting political candidates and causes you believe in, or are outspoken in your Christian beliefs, you almost certainly answered the above question, 'Less free.' Our Founding Fathers and other political thinkers recognized that free peoples most often lose their freedoms not in one sudden blow, but by the endless erosion of liberties they once had. As a student in biology, you may have learned that if a frog is put in a pot of water slowly brought to a boil, the frog will not be aware of what is happening until it is too late. There is increasing evidence Americans, like the frog, are having their liberties slowly boiled away without realizing it...


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Bush finds more pawns to sacrifice

by Harry Browne



In that press conference, in the first seven minutes George Bush used the words 'freedom,' 'free,' 'liberty,' and 'liberate' a combined total of 24 times -- or over three times a minute. This from the man who has put America in a state of siege -- increasing government at a rapid rate; having thousands of armed, freedom-protecting guards at his inauguration; appointing a torture-promoting Attorney General; making America more and more resemble a police state. Ah, I'm old enough to remember when words actually had real meanings."


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Order 81

Under the guise of helping get Iraq back on its feet, the US is setting out to totally re-engineer the country's traditional farming systems into a US-style corporate agribusiness. They’ve even created a new law – Order 81 – to make sure it happens...


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The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle

Iraq election failure portrayed as success by Western media


Microbiologist a very dangerous profession

Author airs conspiracy theory on Im’s death

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Dead Scientists DO Tell Tales

Squad seeks tips in death of researcher - What you know WILL kill you

The Murder of Dr. David Kelly


Final day of reckoning for Gonzales in Congress

Who would have believed there would be a party line vote on the Alberto Gonzales nomination in committee? It is only because so many of you are speaking out already that this has happened. MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, has stated they cannot support his confirmation. The Congressional Hispanic has also declined to endorse Mr. Gonzales for attorney general. But has Congress heard from you yet? What do you think Congress should do?

Here is an easy one-click forms you can use make your voice heard. It automatically looks up your senators and house representative and send them your personal message all at the same time:


Do you want our representatives in Washington to stand up for you more often? We must back them up with our vocal support if we expect them to fight for us on this or any issue. The People's Email Network encourages you to speak out and keep speaking out, regardless of your political position, until our representatives truly hear you.

And now you can have your own custom Issue Action Center featuring any issue of interest to you for you for no charge. It's an amazingly small block of HTML code you can drop into any web page anywhere for an instant dynamic action menu effect. And we will set up a corresponding issue action page on The People's Email Network for you too. Pursue your own policy initiative! See the code in action at


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Symposium in Bamberg: Ärzte und Wissenschaftler warnen vor Gesundheitsgefahren

Symposium in Bamberg: Ärzte und Wissenschaftler warnen vor Gesundheitsgefahren: „Das Ergebnis der Naila-Studie ist kein Einzelfall“

Mobilfunk und die Folgen: „Wir müssen handeln“


Mobilfunk-Kritiker (von rechts): Dr. Gerd Oberfeld von der Landessanitäts-Direktion Salzburg, Professor Dr. Karl Hecht aus Berlin, Dr. Helmut Heyn von der Ärzteinitiative „Bamberger Appell“, Dr. Horst Eger, Hauptinitiator der „Naila-Studie“ und Dr. Martin Virnich, Mitarbeiter eines Ingenieurbüros für Baubiologie und Umweltmesstechnik in Mönchengladbach FOTO: WILL

Wissenschaftler, Ärzte und Bürger haben beim 1. Bamberger Mobilfunk-Symposium eindringlich vor den Gefahren von Mobilfunkanlagen gewarnt. Dass dieses Thema die Menschen stark beschäftigt, zeigte die große Resonanz: Mit mehreren Hundert Besuchern war der Hörsaal im Markushaus der Otto-Friedrich-Universität voll besetzt.

BAMBERG – „Früher war die Menschheit so schlau, zu reagieren, wenn bestimmte Anhaltspunkte vorlagen. Heute wird gefordert, dass der Zusammenhang zwischen Mobilfunk und Gesundheitsschäden lückenlos nachgewiesen wird. Das ist Unsinn“, sagte Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, Mitarbeiter des Referats für Gesundheit, Hygiene und Umweltmedizin in der Landessanitäts-Direktion in Salzburg. Studien über GSM-Basisstationen – GSM ist ein weltweites Standardsystem für Telekommunikation – hätten belegt, dass sich das Risiko von Stresskrankheiten wie Depressionen oder Schlafstörungen im Umfeld von solchen Anlagen signifikant erhöhe. „Es besteht hier absoluter Handlungsbedarf“, betonte Oberfeld. Entscheidend sei das Verhalten der Konsumenten. „Wenn die Leute wie bekloppt ihr Handy benutzen, ist es kein Wunder, dass immer neue Anlagen errichtet werden.“

Der Berliner Professor Dr. Karl Hecht kritisierte, bei der Festlegung von Grenzwerten seien „der Willkür Tür und Tor geöffnet“. Sie seien nutzlos, wenn der Zeitfaktor nicht mit einbezogen werde. Kurzzeitstudien seien deshalb ohne Aussagekraft. Er, Hecht, habe in über 1000 wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten von russischen Forschern recherchiert. Die Untersuchungen der Wissenschaftler hätten ergeben, dass elektromagnetische Felder langfristig zu teils erheblichen Gesundheitsschädigungen führten. „Ich habe mehrfach versucht, diese Erkenntnisse dem Bundesumweltministerium mitzuteilen. Aber ich bin immer abgewimmelt worden.“ Hecht forderte, dass der verfassungsrechtliche Schutz der körperlichen Unversehrtheit auf dauerhafte Befindlichkeitsstörungen ausgeweitet werden müsse.

Der Nailaer Allgemeinarzt Dr. Horst Eger stellte die so genannte Naila-Studie vor, wonach im Umkreis von 400 Metern von einer Mobilfunkanlage bei den Patienten eine auffällig höhere Krebsrate festgestellt wurde. Eger präsentierte auch eine israelische Studie. Wissenschaftler seien zu dem Ergebnis gekommen, dass in der Region Netanya die Zahl der Krebspatienten im näheren Umkreis von Mobilfunkanlagen erheblich höher sei als in entfernter gelegenen Gebieten. Der Nailaer Arzt kritisierte die Strahlenschutzbehörden, die derartige Forschungen seit Jahren ignorierten. Zu den Vorwürfen von Umweltbehörden, sie hätten wichtige Daten der Studie nicht vorliegen, sagte Eger: „Wir können manche Daten auf Grund unserer ärztlichen Schweigepflicht nicht herausgeben.“ Beim Thema Mobilfunk stünden Politik und Industrie in der Pflicht, „dafür zu sorgen, dass nicht der Eindruck von einer Vermischung gegenseitiger Interessen entsteht“.

„Das Ergebnis der Naila-Studie ist kein Einzelfall“, meinte Dr. Reinhold Jandrisovits, Allgemeinarzt im österreichischen Müllendorf – ein Ort mit etwas über 1000 Einwohnern. Bei seinen Patienten sei die Zahl der Tinnitus-Fälle seit der Errichtung zweier Mobilfunkstationen deutlich gestiegen. Dies sei erst nach einer „Latenzzeit“ von zwei Jahren zum Vorschein gekommen. Auch klagen die Bürger im Umkreis der Anlagen nach Aussage des Arztes zunehmend über Schlafstörungen, Kopfschmerzen und Muskelverspannungen. Immer mehr Patienten, vor allem jüngere, hätten zudem Krebsgeschwülste. „Als ich mit meinen Kollegen darüber gesprochen habe, wurde ich als Spinner abgetan“, erzählte Jandrisovits, der auch Sprecher der Mobilfunk-Initiative Burgenland ist.

Dr. Martin Virnich, der in einem Ingenieurbüro für Baubiologie und Umweltmesstechnik in Mönchengladbach arbeitet, ging auf UMTS ein – das sind Telekommunikationssysteme, mit deren Hilfe mehr Daten in noch schnellerer Geschwindigkeit transportiert werden können. „Alle Basisstationen eines Anbieters senden auf der gleichen Frequenz. Das widerspricht den Regeln der Nachrichtentechnik.“ Die Strahlungsdichte sei bei UMTS und GSM etwa gleich. „Eine Aussage darüber, welches System gefährlicher ist, kann man zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt, noch nicht treffen.“ Virnich betonte, dass die Höhe der Immissionen, die durch Mobilfunkanlagen verursacht werden, nicht allein davon abhänge, wie häufig ein Handy benutzt werde. „Der Organisationskanal der Basisstation arbeitet Tag und Nacht. Eine gewisse Grundbelastung ist immer vorhanden.“

Dr. Birgit Stöcker vom „Verein für Elektrosensible“ in München berichtete von ihren schwierigen Bemühungen, dafür zu sorgen,„dass Elektrosensibilität und -sensitivität als Krankheiten ernst genommen werden“. Von Mobilfunkbetreibern, aber auch von Umweltbehörden sei sie stets darauf verwiesen worden, dass es keinen wissenschaftlichen Nachweis über die schädigende Wirkung von Mobilfunkanlagen gebe. „Dabei ist alles bekannt, aber die Patienten werden mit solchen Scheinargumenten verschaukelt“, klagte sie.

Mehrere Familien schilderten ihre persönlichen Erfahrungen als Hausbewohner im unmittelbaren Umkreis einer Mobilfunkanlage. Eine Mutter sagte, sie sei mit ihrem Mann und ihren Kindern sogar umgezogen, weil die gesundheitlichen Beeinträchtigungen so stark gewesen seien.

Der Messtechnik-Experte Dr. Rainer Müller kritisierte den bisweilen allzu hohen wissenschaftlichen Anspruch, mit dem sich mancher dem Thema Mobilfunk widme. „Ich habe 90 Prozent von dem, was hier heute vorgetragen wurde, nicht verstanden. Wir müssen den Leuten die Problematik so erklären, dass sie sie verstehen.“ Die bisherigen Studienergebnisse seien wenig befriedigend. Trotz mancher Mängel im Detail sei die Naila-Studie ein Fortschritt gewesen, weil sie aus einer Privat-Initiative heraus entstanden sei. „Wir brauchen mehr Wettbewerb in der Forschung. Es gibt zu viele wissenschaftliche Verwertungsmonopole.“ Das Ringen um Finanzmittel erschwere es, die Unabhängigkeit der Forschung zu wahren, so Müller.


Dazu auch:

Bericht vom Mobilfunksymposium am 29.1.05 in Bamberg

HLV INFO 18--31-01-2005/AT

Einladen hatte die Ärzteinitiative Bamberger Appell unter Leitung von Dr. Helmut Heyn (Foto links) und Frau Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam. Gekommen waren ins Bamberger Markushaus rund 350 Teilnehmer, neben vielen Ärzten auch Baubiologen, Vertreter von Bürgerinitiativen und Elektrosmoggeschädigte.

Das Programm war übervoll gepackt - 15 Referenten in neun Stunden ! Da musste sogar die Mittagspause ausfallen. In den drei Kurzpausen und zu Beginn und Ende war dennoch reichlich Gelegenheit, mit den Referenten und untereinander ins Gespräch zu kommen.

Welches Fazit und welcher rote Faden ergibt sich aus den Beiträgen der Veranstaltung ?

Die wissenschaftliche Seite (Prof. Hecht, Prof. Warnke) ist sich unterdessen einig, dass die Quantenenergie der Mobilfunkstrahlung zu gering ist, um die Zelle zu ionisieren und damit direkt zu schädigen.

Elektromagnetische Felder (EMF) werden aber mit absoluter Sicherheit als einer von mehreren Stressoren angesehen, die die Bildung von freien Radikalen auslösen sowie deren Gegenspieler, die Antioxidantien verringern können.

Die freien NO-Radikale können lt. Prof. Ulrich Warnke im Körper zu nitrosativen-/oxidativen Stress führen, woraus sich folgende physiopathologische Folgen ergeben:

· Störung der Mitrochondrientätigkeit
· Störung der Zuckerverwertung
· Störung der Neurotransmitterfunktion
· Störung der Apoptose (programmierter Zelltod)
· Erzeugung von vererbbaren Mutationen
· Superoxid- und Peroxinitritbildung (hochtoxisch)
· u.a. Störungen

Prof. Karl Hecht wies insbesondere auf die Bedeutung der Einwirkdauer von EMF hin. In den ersten 5 bis 30 Minuten passiert nichts bzw. ergibt sich sogar eine Zustandsverbesserung. Erst ab 30 Minuten sind negative Einflüsse erkennbar. Es hat deshalb irreführend, wenn in Studien nur eine kurzzeitige Bestrahlung der Probanden vorgenommen wird um daraus Schlüsse zu ziehen.

Hecht untersuchte jahrelang Patienten mit chronischen Schlafstörungen, die durch Stressoren wie Lärm oder EMF ausgelöst werden können. Er erkannt folgende Sekundärfolgen von Schlafstörungen:

· Diabetes mellitus
· Hypertonie
· Herzattacken
· Schlaganfall
· maligne Tumore
· Asthma, Bronchitis
· Depressionen

Die Krankheitssymptome aus der wissenschaftlichen Forschung wurden durch die Berichte der Elektrosmoggeschädigten bestätigt und konkretisiert. Aus den Schilderungen von drei betroffenen Familien zeigten sich viele Parallelen auf:

· das Problembewusstsein für Mobilfunk war zunächst nicht vorhanden

· öffentliche Stellen haben falsche Angaben gemacht, z.B. der Sender ist noch nicht in Betrieb

· es erkrankte die gesamte Familie (Eltern, Kinder, Haustiere)

· die schulischen Leistungen der Kinder verschlechterten sich beträchtlich

· nach dem Umzug in eine andere Wohnumgebung waren die Beschwerden weg

· hohe wirtschaftliche Verluste durch Abschirmmaßnahmen oder Aufgabe des Eigentums

· in einem Fall ergab sich eine chronische Elektroallergie

· ein Faradayscher Käfig funktioniert auf Dauer nicht

Für die Psychotherapeutin Dr. Christine Aschermann ergaben sich ab Ende 1997 vollkommen neue Krankheitsbilder in ihrer Praxis. Im Jahre 1998 kamen 18 Patienten, die körperlich sehr krank wirkten, ohne die Ursachen zu kennen. Christine Aschermann wusste damals auch noch nichts vom Mobilfunk. Sie fragte bei den Gesundheitsbehörden nach, bekam aber keine Hilfestellung.

Erst nach und nach kam sie auf den Mobilfunk als Störquelle. Sie konnte schließlich die Patienten nach Regionen einteilen, die mehr oder weniger bestrahlt wurden.

Dr. Aschermann berichtete von folgenden Symptomen:

Fehlleistungen, Vergesslichkeit, Wortfindungsprobleme, Gelenkschwellungen, wirr im Kopf, ausrasten, manische (überschwängliche) Phasen, Depression, Ängste und Unruhe, zappeln und Grimassen schneiden, Potenzstörungen, Thrombose des Augennervs, Tinnitus. Einige Patienten hatten starre, glänzende Augen, andere ein geschwollenes Gesicht.

Naila - kein Einzelfall

Mehrfach hatte der Nailaer Arzt Dr. Eger in öffentlichen Vorträgen seine Kollegenschaft aufgefordert, die Nailastudie anderenorts zu wiederholen. Diesem Aufruf ist nun der praktische Arzt Dr. med. Reinhold Jandrisovits aus Müllendorf (Österreich) gefolgt.

Auf dem Mobilfunksymposium stellte er seine Untersuchungsergebnisse vor. Dr. Jandrisovits betreut eine Gemeinde mit 1.200 Einwohner südöstlich von Wien. Als Hausarzt hat er rund 90% der Einwohner in seiner Kartei und kennt deshalb die Krankheitsverläufe sehr gut.

Von 2000 bis 2001 wurden in Müllendorf drei Mobilfunksender installiert. Ab dem Jahre 2002 verzeichnete der Mediziner eine Zunahme zunächst nicht erklärbarer Beschwerden wie z.B.

· Schlafstörungen
· Ruhelosigkeit
· Anspannung
· Erschöpfungszustände
· Wortfindungsprobleme
· Bluthochdruck und erhöhten Puls

Die Schlafstörungen gaben folgende Datenkette: 2001 - 16 Personen, 2002 - 47, 2003 - 80

Erst im Lauf des letzten Jahres brachte Dr. Jandrisovits die Beschwerden der Einwohner mit den Mobilfunksendern im Ort in Zusammenhang.

Er ließ daraufhin mit einigen Probanden einen Test machen: Bei besonders starken Gesundheitsstörungen sollten diese Personen ein Aufzeichnungsgerät bedienen. Gleichzeitig wurde eine Langzeitaufzeichnung der Emissionsspitzen der Sendeanlagen durchgeführt. Die Graphik zeigte eine verblüffende Übereinstimmung von Spitzen der Emission mit dem Ausmaß von gesundheitlichen Störungen.

Dr. Jandrisovits arbeitet inzwischen mit der Landessanitätsdirektion in Salzburg eng zusammen.

Diese Arbeit zeigt auf, dass niedergelassene Ärzte die Möglichkeit haben, ihre Daten aus den Patientenberichten mit dem Aufbau von Mobilfunksendern in Zusammenhang zu bringen. Der Aufruf von Dr. Eger und Kollegen aus Naila hat somit bereits einen Erfolg verzeichnet.

Joachim Weise

Quelle: http://www.baubiologie-regional.de/eine_news.php3?nNewsID=288

Weitergeleitete Nachricht


Alfred Tittmann

1. Bamberger Mobilfunksymposium

Bericht vom ersten Mobilfunk-Symposium Bamberg

Schädigungen des Menschen durch Hochfrequenzsender sind seit Jahrzehnten "Stand des Wissens"

Folgen durch Elektrosmog müssen untersucht werden

„Eine unterschätzte Gefahr“

Beobachtungen eindeutig - Mobilfunk ist gesundheitsschädlich

Die Naila-Studie

"Freiburger Appell" - Umweltmediziner fordern Senkung der Grenzwerte




It doesn't surprise most of us that sophisticated "tags" or "codes" can now be embedded in digital information - consider the copyright information within some digital picture and movie files, or "digital watermarks" (steganography) that can be invisibly embedded (such as at http://www.digimarc.com/solutions/default.asp), or on a more simplistic basis, the mostly-transparent network logos that are increasingly appearing during TV shows.

But active embedded information on a piece of paper?

Generally, we consider a piece of paper without our names or code numbers or bar codes to be anonymous, such as "survey forms" that we receive in the mail, fill out, and return. Yet this isn't always the case; "invisible inks" can be used to identify such paper in a way we won't notice. Now, a recent announcement from CrossID http://www.crossid.com/ or http://www.ponsholdings.com/CrossID/#FAQ promises to take this idea of identifying individual sheets of paper a giant leap forward.

As described in the Feb. 11, 2004 RFID Journal
http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/790/1/1 brought to our attention by readers Elliot Wheler and others, the CrossID concept actually prints tiny, wireless, passive, "chipless" RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tags costing less than one-tenth-of-a-cent each, onto any desired sheet of paper (such as government and corporate documents, currency, stock certificates, and any other documents that the issuer wishes to be tracked.)

How It Works.


"The system uses "nanometric" materials tiny particles of chemicals
with varying degrees of magnetism that resonate when bombarded with electromagnetic waves from a reader. Each chemical emits its own distinct radio frequency, or "note," that is picked up by the reader, and all the notes emitted by a specific mix of different chemicals are then interpreted as a binary number. Since the system uses up to 70 different chemicals, each chemical is assigned its own position in a 70-digit binary number.

For example, if the chemicals A, B, C and D were assigned to the first, second, third and fourth positions in the 70-digit number, then a mixture consisting of A and C would represent the binary number 1010 followed by 66 zeros. CrossID is testing readers that operate at three to 10 GHz, which is higher than the frequencies commonly used by wireless LANs and handheld computers, although the company has not made a final determination on what frequency the readers will use."

Don't Write Your Shopping List On THIS Paper!

These chemical "bar codes" can be read at a distance of up to ten feet, without line-of-sight. So, for example, an office that dealt with sensitive information could replace all notepaper, and paper used by copiers and printers, with blank sheets that had been pre-printed with invisible and unique identification codes. They would then install CrossID readers at all building exits, and the system would signal if someone attempted to leave with a concealed piece of paper that had been generated within those walls. It would even identify the specific piece of paper since each is serial-numbered! (Note that I have no association with CrossID.)

Another possibility for a "mixed" sensitivity environment (where the most important documents should be tracked but most need not be) would be to have the computer systems force all sensitive documents to only be printed on printers that contain CrossIDed paper. Or to have special printers actually print CrossID codes and serial numbers (or other information) onto every sensitive document as it is printed. Insecure information could still be printed on un-tagged paper as usual.

But if this were implemented, why couldn't nefarious people simply copy secure documents onto un-tagged paper on a copy machine? One answer would be to embed CrossID readers within every copy machine so that they can detect a secure document on the glass -- and then refuse to copy it. With a bit more sophistication, the system could simultaneously alert Security that, at this time and place, this specific person (whose image was captured by the security camera near that copier) attempted to copy a secured document with this specific ID.

[By the way, the concept of automatically preventing the copying of certain documents is already a reality -- a growing number of color copiers have "currency detection" algorithms built-in and refuse to copy designated currency(s), even for legal uses http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/
350093/2004-01-17/2004-01-23/0 . Even PCs are being affected, as new versions of Adobe's Photoshop contain a similar currency filter
http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/cds.html -- Slashdot has an extensive discussion of this issue at
slashdot.org/articles/04/01/20/ 1734209.shtml?tid=158&tid=99 .]

The Bottom Line

By 2006, CrossID anticipates that their paper-tagging solution will be ready to go, costing less than one-cent per page (or product label or garment that contains the chemical codes...) And they're not alone -- other companies, such as Inkode
http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/view/363/1/1/ have their own technological solutions to the issue of identifying paper. (Inkode's solution has already been on the market for some time; they embed tiny metal fibers in paper, plastic packaging, "chipless RFID tags," etc., that provide a unique signature (rather than specific information) when queried by their reader.)

So it seems that the once-anonymous sheet of paper will not be, for long.

There's Also A Dark Side.

There are many valuable uses for such technology. But many of the concerns we've explored in the past regarding RFID technology in general (see here and here) certainly apply to "tagged paper" as well. Imagine, for example, if a merchant paid you change with a tagged banknote that was matched to "You" via your "loyalty card" (even though you paid cash). Subsequently, as you walk down the street, every reader in every storefront (or on every utility pole) that you pass could also note the bill's ID and uploaded it to a database that consolidated the information. Not only could this database track your movements, but it might also know exactly what you later purchased with that banknote, and where...

It's Up To Us

This combination of "technology" plus "networks" certainly has the potential to relegate elements of "privacy" to the historical dustbin of other "quaint" ideas, such as not locking your doors at night, or not having to carry your "papers" (plastic in this day and age) when traveling.

But through careful, informed choices, it may be possible to implement the societally-valuable aspects of these technologies without treading on the dark side. It remains up to us -- to each of us through our elected representatives, to assure that technology is only implemented in ways that we are, quite literally, willing to live with.


Informant: Susan


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