A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects

ISIS Press Release 15/02/05

Regulators of EMFs have been saying for years, “If it doesn't burn you, it is safe”, and “There are no conceivable mechanisms that could explain how EMFs with energies below the thermal threshold could have any effect.” That is why they have continued to set exposure standards that fail to protect the public and employees in the workplace. Many serious ‘non- thermal' effects have been documented, at field intensities far below the exposure stands.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reviews new and old scientific findings to explain how the physics and chemistry of the collective water structure in the cell and the organism can interact with extremely weak EMFs to cause a multitude of biological effects.

A popular version of her scientific paper, Non- Thermal Electromagnetic Fields & Cell Water , was presented at the Green Network Conference, Science, Medicine and the Law, in RIBA, London, UK, 31 Jan – 2 February 2005.

Order the electronic copies of all three: the fully referenced scientific paper, the text of her oral presentation and the pdf of her power point, for £6 00 here.

Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Fields & Cell Water

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Director, Institute of Science in Society

Presented at Green Network Conference, Science Medicine and the Law , 31 January-2 February 2005, RIBA, London, UK

Abstract of scientific preprint

There is little doubt that weak electromagnetic fields (EMFs) with energies below the level of random thermal fluctuations can affect living organisms; although the precise physical mechanism for such ‘non-thermal' EMF effects has remained elusive.

I have suggested that weak EMFs interact primarily with the high degree of electro-dynamic coherence of living organisms and cells, in which proteins and other macromolecules intimately associated with water form a dynamic liquid crystalline continuum throughout the body.

Recent research findings suggest that the electro-dynamic coherence of living organisms depends on collective phase transitions of the associated ‘interfacial' water in response to internal and external EMFs; and it is that which coordinates and regulate living processes. That is why weak EMFs can have numerous biological effects.


Non thermal effects of exposure to EMF

Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves

Phasic behavioral and endocrine effects of microwaves of nonthermal intensity

Prof. Sianette Kwee: The effects of radiofrequency fields on cell proliferation are non-thermal

Non Thermal Studies


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