Non thermal effects of exposure to EMF

I knew Neil [Cherry] very well, a real giant. I learned alot from him, and saw alot of unpublished stuff, such as Motorola's study showing DNA breaks, like as Lai and Singh... Neil articles are real goldmines, and reference for any argument you can think of, not just drop of melatonin.

Please type several words from the following, in a window of any major internet server, such as yahoo, and you get these excellent articles:

a. Cherry on safe exposure levels

b. Health effects associated with mobile base stations in communities: the need for health studies.

Let me explain briefly the short term efects: I am talking just on non thermal effects:

1. In exposure to EMF neurons loose calcium ions (=Ca2+), then, neurotransmitters (whose production depends on these ions) drop.
What we feel, may be loss of short term memory, confusion, headaches etc. Melatonin level drops too, so insomnia is on the way... Thromboxane causes tiny clots that may elevate blood pressure a little, but may also block some narrow vessels. These changes are reversible, and as soon as exposure is terminated, body cells would come back to normal in minutes to hours. Some damage to brain cells remains, as exhibited in rats by Hold et al (1998) in the UK, published in an article by James Clark and David Derbyshire in the Daily News, on July 16, 1998.

2. Peripheral blood is by definition in the extremities, but no other places in the body are safe from clots that may stuck somewhere in narrow vessels, brain included.

3. Protooncogens are genes involved in cell division (such as myc, fos and many others). Normally they are expressed when the cell is going to divide. If the gene is induced to express itself by exposure to EMF, on and on, it may enhance mutaions in it, and eventually may loose control, or it may lose its promoter (control part of the gene) by a reak, then it will push to non stop cell divisions, namely, cancer. It was a surprise that EMF could induce expression of such genes. When a protogene is (unnecessarily) expressed, it may get more mutauions, some of which would not be repaired, and be on the way to loose control, i.e. become an oncogene.

If you just visit Kensworth, damages would be (mostly) recovered, but the longer you stay there, the longer you are exposed, and the chance is going up to get more damage in genes accumulated. Damage in genes stays. if DNA is damaged, cell division is arrested ( by gene named p53 (of the tumour supressing genes) until DNA is repaired. If damage is beyond repair this gene would lead the cell to a planned suicide (apoptosis).

4. Protooncogenes are genes, i.e. part of the DNA, found on different chromosomes (want a picture of them ?), every gene has its promoter, and structural coding part. In the promoters there are sequences that react to EMF, as published by a team of Columbia U, in NYC (Lin et al 2001).

I am studying the activities of about 30 of the oncogenes, but there are many more (I have the whole table). They code for proteins that are the active in cell division. There are internet collection of the mutants found in cancer patients. You can get them and even rotate them and see the 3D structure of their proteins.

Last but not least: In exposure of human cells to 2.4 µW/cm2 Marinelli et al (Nov. 2004) got DNA breaks in 2h. About 5 µW/cm2 was carcinogenic in humans (experienced by staff and family members Americans in their embassy in Moscow in the "Cold War" see Project Pandora).

The thermal emissions allowed for human exposure by ICNIRP or higher than that by NRPB has nothing in common with reality.

Dr. Zamir Shalita

From Mast Network

Research by Neil Cherry

A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects

Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves

Phasic behavioral and endocrine effects of microwaves of nonthermal intensity

Prof. Sianette Kwee: The effects of radiofrequency fields on cell proliferation are non-thermal

Non Thermal Studies


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