Products helped people affected by mobile phones and other sources of electro pollution

I thank Ian for his response email but didn't expect or need any apology. I have my view; he has his. However, Ian writes: "I am not a spokesman for ecoflow so cannot speak on behalf of the company and only have anecdotal evidence about how the products have helped people affected by mobile phones and other sources of electro pollution."

see: http://www.devon4business.co.uk/magnotech.htm
and: http://www.magnatech.symshop.com/index.php?Screen=abou

These clearly show that Ian Gander owns a major Ecoflow Distribution Company partner (whatever Network Marketing people call them).

I find his quote, above, rather odd seeing he and his company strongly promote Ecoflow products. That is his right, of course, but why is he distancing himself from Ecoflow in this way? I do not find it very reassuring. Surely a major distributor of a product has the evidence to back up his promotional claims? Otherwise it sounds like there may be a Trading Standards problem here. The money-back offer is great, but how do people actually know that it is protecting them and their loved ones from cancer or dementia in 15 years time?

Ian's Magnatech website claims about the Bioguard: "It can be bought as a necklace or badge to provide continuous protection."
... and about the Biophone: "By far the most well documented and worrying threat comes from mobile phones. The Biophone works specifically to neutralise the effects of electro-magnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones."

How will the claims be judged in a High Court case for damages by someone who developed an acoustic neuroma, that have now been solidly been associated with 5+ years mobile phone use, following their mobile phone use, when they thought they were being protected by their Biophone and Bioguard products that they bought and used in good faith?

Will the Court accept that the above claims were just anecdotal and didn't offer any meaningful protection? Time will tell.

I repeat here that I do accept that the Ecolflow magnetic wrist bands for arthritic pain, various magnetic bandages for healing purposes, and the vehicle fuel economy products from Ecoflow all do have some good evidence for their efficacy.

I am specifically concerned about the claims being made for the Biophone and Bioguard.

Alasdair Philips

Informant: Don Maisch


Validity of the science, promotion and sales of EMR "Protective Devices"



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