Non-Ionized Radiation Effects and Symptoms

Galvanic Effects


Non-Ionized Radiation Effects and Symptoms

Symptoms of (UV, Visible,IR, Radar, Microwaves, TV, RF, Acoustic) in general:

Localized heating on skin(Amount of heat is proportional to the radiation field intensity)

Twitches in the muscles and nerves

Irreversible cell injury with the resultant loss of vital cell functions

Disruption of cell divisions and chromosomes

Production of genetic mutations

Carcinogenic effects

Electrochemical changes

Seizures, burns, browning skin, buzzing noise, high pitch hearing problems, fever, cardiovascular collapse, diarrhea, vomiting denaturation from temperature increase, denaturation from photochemical reactions, leukemogenic effects, weakened immune response, sinus and coupes, changes in innate and acquired behavior, natural avoidance and escape from radiation response, shock from waves, loss of will power, hypersensitivity, pressure felt on skull or other parts of body.

Intense sensations of heat below the skin, natural radiation from the sun can only penetrate to 3mm, but artificial man-made radiation from microwaves, infrared can penetrate deep into the muscles and bones and be felt as heat, pain, electrical shocks, and pressure.

Loss of willpower, unusual organ dysfunction

The U.S. standard limits the exposure level to 10 milliwatts per square centimeter (10 mW/sq cm). Although U.S. government officials as well as representatives for private industry indicate that the present standard is safe, critics claim evidence to the contrary.

Some Soviet research has found evidence of damage to people caused by microwave levels considerably below the U.S. standard.

*Symptoms of Microwaves

Microwaves penetrate deeper than Infrared(3mm Deep?)

Middle ear impairment

Auditory Sensations- Microwave Auditory Effect, Pulsed Microwaves Interact with the High Pitch Frequency Portion of the Auditory System.

An acute short term exposure at power densities greater than 20m W/cm^2 can produce permanent morphological changes in the central nervous system of an animal.

Leukomogenic effects at 100m W/cm^2 with 9270 MHZ.

Immune System Effects, changes in white blood cells.

Most biological effects occur with chronic repeated exposure.

Can change calcium levels in neural tissue.

Microwave radiation can effect innate and acquired behaviors irritability and aggression.

Motor coordination.

Avoidance and escape instincts.

Noxious feelings.

* Symptoms of Ultrasound

A sound wave may affect human cells by creating heat and cavatation. The cavetation may cause gas bubbles and explosions which then may destabilize chemical reactions and cells. Cavetation may be stimulated by ultrasonic intensities of a few watts per cm squared throughout the frequency range 0.25 to 4 MHz.

Some example acoustic thresholds on animal cells:

An acoustic wave with an associate temperature greater than 45 degrees Celsius can create a lesion in the brain.

Cell damage may occur for frequency of 1Mhz at 1W/cm^2, 200 to 600MZ at 10(-3) W/cm^2.

At 400W/cm^2 chromosomal breaks can occur in a gene 1Mhz at 515W/cm^2 can damage a DNA molecule.

A 2 to 3 degree rise in temperature can cause cell death.


A plane wave of intensity of 0.3 W/cm^2 or greater can create pressure.

Amplitudes greater than 1 atmosphere (atm), which could create acoustic radiation pressure on an object that may affect human sensation, skin, and organs.

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