Cellphone industry hides behind "charitable organisation" status to violate NRPB mobile phone report recommendations

How low will the UK Cellphone Industry go to target children in spite of the NRPB Stewart report's recommendations?

Back September 22, 04, Childnet International, "a non-profit" U.K. organisation and registered "charity" working with others to "help make the Internet a great and safe place for children": http://www.childnet-int.org/default.aspx

Their web site claims that "Childnet believes that it is only by working actively with other partners in all sectors that the interests of children will be promoted in international communications.". . .

So a non-profit registered charity doing good things to aid children in the UK..................?

While trawling through the Internet for information on the Wireless Information Network (WIN) A global PR Telco group set up in 1998 and focusing on " health and environmental issues related to the wireless industry"(countering media and Internet information sources that they do not like) I came across the " Wireless World Forum" http://www.w2forum.com/database.php/1/c

Now the Wireless World Forum (WWF) not to be confused with the other WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) is a "business development and knowledge share network for senior decision makers in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors. The forum has over 4000 members representing 2700 companies in 98 countries. The Forum is well positioned to use these resources and develop its own research available to the wireless industry and beyond."

Through their site you can order a copy of their report, "mobileYouth - the definitive guide to developing mobile products for and marketing to young consumers". The cost of this report is only a meager £2495 which includes a "Team User License".

By purchasing this report companies can learn all the effective and proven techniques that other Telcos have utilized to better market their wireless products to young consumers. See:

Perhaps WWF should forward on a free copy of "mobileYouth" to the the NRPB for Sir William Stewart comments! Considering Sir William's recommendations on why children should not use cell phones and strongly advising the industry not to target children he may well be interested in reviewing "mobileYouth".

A further search through the WWF site finds that just a few of thousands of Telcom related Companies and organisations represented by WWF include Vodafone, AT&T wireless, McKinsey & co., KPMG, NTT DoCoMo, T-mobile, Orange, Sprint PCS, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft, etc., and If you dig deeper - guess what? Childnet International !

Since when is anything to do with the cell phone industry "non profit"?

And hiding behind the cloak of a "charity" to violate the recommendations of the NRPB report may also violate the rules for a charitable organisation.

I hope that the UK members on this list will follow this up .............

Don Maisch

Childnet International: A corporate wolf in sheep's clothing


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