Third delivery of our reflections and memories on "electromagnetic Memory". We do not want to let pass the occasion to rescue words of good ago little, 8 of March of 2005, pronounced by one of the greatest world-wide experts in radiation with microwaves, professor Olle Johnansson of the Karolinska Institute (Sweden): "the main scientific question does not reside solely in the exact location of the stations bases, but if it is well radiating to all the population with microwaves, and knowingly. One treats, of course, of a human experiment on great scale, with you, me and the children of St Andrews including." "The BASIC scientific issue is not primarily about the exact siting of bases stations, it is about to whether it is all right to irradiatethe whole population with microwaves, and likewise. This is, of course, to full-scale human experiment, with you and me and the St Andrews kids in it." Health, AVECORN Association of Neighbors Against Injurious Radiations of L'Escala (Girona)

Electromagnetic memory - the 3/2005 ANTENNAS OF TELEPHONY ARE NOT SAFE

Remember anybody of the Ministry of Health which we have taxed in our memory: "Already in May of 1997, doctor Thorny Javier Arranz, head on watch of Oncological of the Ruber Clinic of Madrid, alerted of the relation between radiation of mobile telephony and the cerebral appearance of leukaemia, tumors, cancer of breast and melanoma." (the North of Castile - 22/03/03). Up to five times the affirmation of head in the Report elevated to the European Parliament on the part of Doctor G. J. Hyland is repeated, of the Department of Physics of the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, that takes care of description "the PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS and ENVIRONMENTAL OF published noncIonizing the ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION" in March of 2001: "... What distinguishes technologically to the produced electromagnetic fields of most of the natural ones it is his greater degree of coherence. That means that their frequencies are specially well defined and, therefore, are more easily perceivable by the alive organisms, among them, the humans. Which increases its biological potential and "opens the door" to the possibility of different types from nonthermal influences of specific frequency against which the security directives - as emitted by the Commission the International of nonIonizing Radiation protection they do not guarantee protection. (SYNTHESIS, second paragraph)"... the directives, therefore, do not protect specifically of the negative effects on the main health caused and through the influences that the frequency of the fields could have on the human body." (SYNTHESIS, fourth paragraph)"... the existing directives of security based on the intensity (in relation to the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum) do not offer any protection against that nonthermal effect, unless it is so under that the light is not visible." (SYNTHESIS, eleventh paragraph)"... Therefore, the preoccupation of people is not unfounded and the irony of the present situation with respect to the mobile telephones and the stations bases is that the existing directives of security, surprising, provide greater protection to the electronic instrumentation that to the human beings." (SYNTHESIS, thirtieth first paragraph)... the limits established by the security directives... do not take into account the clarification characteristic from all: the fact that the exposed object is alive." (SYNTHESIS, last paragraph) From the Principality of Asturias it said to us, now makes a pair of years, Doctor Jose Luís Fernandez Ruiz: Gijón (Asturias). - The electromagnetic fields that generate the antennas of mobile telephony induce carcinogenic processes, according to explained the doctor and professor of Biophysics in the University of Oviedo, Jose Luis Fernandez Ruiz. This expert indicates that the effects that have on the organism the electromagnetic fields are different from those from the electric fields. In the first case, they act on great molecules of the life from rates of intensity of the emissions more than thousand inferior times to the anticipated ones in the present legislation. (the New Spain - 13/3/03) the Association Vallisoletana de Afectados by Antennas of Telefoni'a (AVAATE) in the open left a lie very insistently maintained by the operators, when they affirmed that "the antennas are safe": "four studies have been only made epidemiológicos.en everybody (in France, Holland, Switzerland and Spain) on the effects of the antennas in the health of the people. All of them demonstrate the harmfulness of these waves for the people who live in the environs of the antennas. The symptoms of the affected people go from circulatory headaches, vertigos or insomnia to serious diseases like depressions, upheavals, cerebral tumors and leukaemia." FROM WHEN the STATISTICS ARE MISTAKEN THAT LOCATE 25 LITTLE CASES OF CANCER IN FIFTY METERS Of the REACH OF the ANTENNAS (Case of Móstoles (Madrid))? Diffusion by AVECORN initiative avecorn@hotmail.com


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