Our chest cannot already support the acute and sharp pain that presses filled lungs of rage, before the threatening shade that blossoming on many of our schools. With the formulation of the function Delta, Rose Montero tried to explain faces of spirit like love, the jealousy and the lack of affection.

With the formula of the theory of relativity, Einstein connected the dimensions space and time. Some formulas are of difficult and so complex understanding that the reach and natural understanding move away of of those who do not have a technical preparation specifically. However, there are laws that govern a so evident correlation that it is not other people's for anybody. That is the case of the correlations that preaches the FREIBURGER APPEAL
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/566350/: "clear temporary and space relation between the appearance of... ailments and the beginning of an irradiation of microwaves that appears of different forms: installation of antennas of movable telephony in the proximity of the patients..." The referred affirmation that was born as manifest of 22 facultative Germans counts already with more than 3000 doctors than subscribes it (Helsinki Appeal 2005
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/460260/ - January of 2005). Then, with the aid of the World-wide Organization of the Health we are at readiness to design the formula of the confirmed suspicion, the statistical formula of the leukemia. The data of the OFFICIAL sanitary source par excellence say to us that in the industrialized countries occur annually, 4 cases of infantile leukemia each 100,000 children (Web of the WHO: http://www.who.int/home-page/index.es.html). If a school that can have between 400 or 500 students would have it difficult to enter the statistic with a case of leukemia, how can the statistic of the Meeting of Castile and Leon explain the occurrence of 4 cases in the same school. We are not expert but some thing we learned from the double language of many technical and scientific politicians and assumptions that they demonstrate every day to us who do not know to add two and two.

With the help of an article published by Ignasi Sivillà Llobet that we enclosed, it will be necessary to tell us on some antecedent data to establish our formula: - Cases of infantile leukemia happened or cerebral tumor. - Pupils who welcome the Center. Starting with the data of the WHO, we know that 4 cases of infantile leukemia by each 100,000 children are the same 1 case by each 25000 children. So and as it studied by Jordi Sivillà: "·The probability that in the School Garci'a Quintana (counting a number of students considered of 455 children) a case in a given year took place is: 1/(25000/455) = 1/54,9·The probability that in the School Garci'a Quintana two cases in a given year took place is: 1/(54,9x54,9)=1/3.020·The probability that three cases took place is: 1(54,9x54,9x54,9)= 1/165.740·The probability that four cases took place is: 1/54,94 = 1/9,114,113 "Which is the probability that coincident leukemia cases of or infantile cancer in a population of about 35,000 inhabitants like figuered occurs to 3? Which is the probability that they occur in a same School - Esculàpies Paula Montal -, that can lodge 150 students hardly? What probability had that it occurred only to a case in the School San Vicente Paúl of Cartagena? And of which two occurred? And up to three cases? What probability had that a case in the School Gerónimo Belda de Cieza occurred only? And of which two occurred? And up to three cases? What probability had that a case occurred in the School Madre de Dios de Jerez or in the School Los Robles en Aravaca (Madrid) or four cases in the School Peñagolosa de Burriana (Castellón)? What probability had that they occurred up to eight cases in Saint Cyr l'Ecole (Yvelines to the west of Paris)? Then the French Ministry of Health speech of "chance" (EUROPE PRESS, 4/2/05). No chance can justify the allowed ignorance of the sanitary authorities. Their own accounts make our readers and reach the conclusions that seem to them more founded. And, just in case, ask the following question: Which is the probability that cases of leukemia or infantile tumor in a School with next antennas take place? Highest! Because the data have been in charge to turn the wet paper statistic of the World-wide Organization of Health in very evident way will have to review the inexact. Association of Neighbors Against Injurious Radiations of L'Escala avecorn@hotmail.com 16/03/2005 Note. - The present article is an opinion. Certain. But the reality of which it is spoken is as exact as the theorem of Pitagoras that many neighbors apply to know the height of the imaginary pyramid which form the antennas that threaten their dreams. The statistic and leucemias I write for daros an argument on the subject of the danger of the electromagnetic waves of the telephony antennas. This argument is very powerful since it is based on a statistic that everybody can verify, and that throws by the ground all the declarations of governments, companies of telecommunications, etc, saying that there are no conclusive results. Starting point: According to the WHO in the western countries it occurs annually, 4 cases of infantile leukemia each 100,000 children. (Web of the WHO: http://www.who.int/home-page/index.es.shtml).·In the school Garci'a Quintana of Valladolid, with 455 students, an with an antenna surrounding, occurred 4 cases of leukemia in a year.·In the school of Escolàpies de Figueres, occurred in a year, 3 cases. The number of students I do not know. We will suppose that there are the same number of students (455). (Serious desirable to know this data to be more trustworthy).·In all the State there will be approximately 6000 schools of this type. Also it would be desirable to know the number exact. Statistical demonstration: 4 annual cases each 100,000, mean a case each 25.000.·The probability that in the school Garci'a Quintana a case in a given year took place is of 1/(25000/455) = 1/54,9·The probability that two cases took place is of: 1/(54,9x54,9)=1/3.020·The probability that three cases took place is of: 1(54,9x54,9x54,9)=1/165.740·The probability that four cases took place is of: 1/54,94 = 1/9,114,113 means clearly that the four cases have not been fortuities. In any case as the news also would have come to the public light if the case were in a leonine or frontier school, we must tell that in all the state there are many schools and the possibilities that in one or another one happens this, increases. Therefore we must consider the number of schools that here are in Spain. Supposing that there are 6000 schools we would have to divide the result by the number of schools, which gives us 1/(9.114.113/6000)=1/(1.519) That is, is a probability between 1,519 that in determined year, in some school of the Spanish State, at random, there are four cases of leukemia. To this, another case has been added. Now in the school of Escolàpies de Figueres, with three cases. Such making numbers as before, the probability of being an accident in this school is from 1 to 165.740. Divided by 6,000, it gives 1 to 27,6. But considering of which both cases have occurred in the course of a year, it is much more improbable that one takes place at random. The product of results both found will give the solution: 1/(1.519 x 27.6) = 1/41.924. Therefore, only there is a possibility between 41,929 that it is fruit of the chance. It is evident that there is something in these schools that have induced their students to contract the disease. ...

Kindly, Ignasi Sivillà Llobet

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