In Sweden EHS is regarded as a physical degradation


In Sweden, the EHS is not regarded as a disease, but as a physical degradation (a letter which describes that the hospitals also reserve rooms for the electrosensitives)

15/03/05 Translation of the letter of Johan Bonander to the MACAW Project cordinator for disability resulting City of Stockholm Stockholm, December 5, 2004

Dear Philippe,

Hug Merci for your e-mail. It is correct of saying that in Sweden, from the point of view of the public utility, we look electrohypersensibility (EHS) like a physical degradation. Nevertheless, in Sweden, the EHS is not regarded as a disease, in spite of the fact that investigations show that some 230' 000 with 290' 000 Swedes, men and women, mention various symptoms when they are in contact with sources EMF (electromagnetic fields). The electrosensitives people have their own organization of handicapped: Swedish Association for Electrosensibles, http://www.feb.se (the Web site has an English version). This organization belongs to the Swedish Federation of handicaps (HSO). HSO is the voice common of Swedish associations of handicapped vis-a-vis the government, at the Parliament and with the national authorities and it currently consists of 43 national organizations of handicapped people, including/understanding in all approximately 500' 000 members individual. You can learn some more on http://www.hso.se (this site has a short English version). The municipalities must obey to the 22 standard standards of the United Nations on the equal opportunity for the handicapped people (about these standards to see the site http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/dissre00.htm). All the people having a handicap should obtain the assistance and the assistance to which they have right according to the Swedish law relating to the support and the assistance with the people having certain disabilities "LSS-lagen" and the law of the Swedish Social services "Socialtjänstlagen". The people having handicaps have many rights thus and can obtain various forms of assistance. The goal of these rights and these assistances is to give to these people the chance to live like the different ones. Any person living in the municipality of Stockholm must be able to carry out a normal life and the city must have an exact knowledge of it and to be able to contact the people needing assistance and services. The people having a handicap must be able to obtain additional assistances which enable them to live, to work, study or make things which they like during their spare time. The city of is responsible and must make sure that each one obtains a sufficient help. Each one must have respect and remember owing to the fact that the people need differentiated assistances. People are regarded as handicapped person when the environment comprises obstacles. That means that as from the moment when man or woman in wheelchair cannot travel by a bus, a train or to enter a restaurant this person has a handicap, is handicapped. When the bus, the train or the restaurant are equipped for the wheelchairs, the person does not suffer from her handicap and, consequently, is not handicapped. A person EHS states to suffer from EMF when the environment is not correctly adapted to its personal needs. There are means to make it possible to a handicapped person to go in a public space (library, church, etc), for example to extinguish the high frequency fluorescent lamps and to use ordinary bulbs. Another example consists in extinguishing whole or part of the systems of auditive assistance (the people suffering from EHS are often very sensitive to these apparatuses).

In the municipality of Stockholm, where I work as a coordinator of projects with the responsibility to find solutions overall for the handicapped people, the people sensitive to EMF have the possibility of cleansing their housing compared to the EMF. That means, for example, the replacement of the ordinary electric cables by special cables. Moreover, the electric cookers can be replaced by gas stoves and the walls, the ceiling and the floor can be covered with a mural paper special or repainted with a special protection which stops the EMF coming from outside (neighbors and antennas of mobile telephony). Even the windows can be covered by a thin aluminium foil which constitutes an effective measure to prevent the EMF from entering the chambre/maison. If these changes do not prove sufficient, the people have the possibility of renting small villas which the municipality of Stockholm has in the countryside, in sectors having levels of lower radiations. The municipality of Stockholm also plans to build a village with houses especially designed for people EHS and who will be located in a zone at low level of irradiation. The people sensitive to EMF have also the right to be supported by their employer to allow them to work in spite of their handicap. For example, to obtain special equipment, such of the computers with low radiation, to make change the high frequency tubes fluorescent into ordinary bulbs, not to have telephones DECT in their offices, etc. Certain hospitals in Sweden also built special rooms with low EMF, to make it possible to the hypersensitive people to have access to the medical care. Another example is the possibility for EHS people of having an especially arranged car enabling them to make the way between their residence and their work. Recently, certain political leaders of the municipality of Stockholm even proposed that in certain coaches of subway of the town of Stockholm the mobile telephones are prohibited, the travellers being obliged to extinguish their portables in these coaches to allow EHS people to travel (one can make a comparison with the people sensitive to the animals, because it is interdict to travel with a cat or a dog in certain parts of the trains).

I hope that these summary sentences will be able to help you in your future efforts.

Johan Bonander Project cordinator for disability resulting City of Stockholm
Utredare/projektledare Staben/Socialtjänstförvaltningen/Stockholms stad Postadress: Socialtjänstförvaltningen, 106 64 Stockholm Besöksadress: Swedenborgsgatan 20 B Such 08/508 25 601 (+ 46 8 508 25 601) Fax: 08/508 25 099 Riktlinjer m.m: http://www.stockholm.se/socialtjänstförvaltningen MACAW -

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Informant: Sylvie


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