EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People


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Dear Jane, I don't know if Dr. Cherry's web-site is still available, as he died (I believe not long after he wrote this paper. I consider this to be absolute proof of the effects of EMRF. Both the animals and the people suffered depletion of melatonin whilst the mast was on and an increase in production of the hormone whilst it was off.

The fact that this hormone is 1. essential for restful sleep; 2. triggers T cells which kill off mutated cells and 3. boosts the human immune system explains why people:-

1. get insomnia when emissions affect them.

2. Are liable to get leukaemia and cancer in proximity to emissions

3. are increasingly susceptible to infections after exposure to emissions.

The Swiss Government had done then exactly what our government is doing now - MADE LOTS OF MONEY FROM THE COMPANY RUNNING THE TRANSMITTER WHICH CAUSED ALL THE ILLNESS! After the scientific tests demanded by the victims proved the actual effects, the government capitulated and the transmitter was turned off (I believe in the 1990s). It had been there since 1938!!!! Panyas Zambellis gave me this information and I'm sure he has a whole lot more. Hope this is readable and useful. Best regards, Gill Lyden


Dear Roger, Dr. Cherry's paper may be out of date, but surely, the fact that the scientific tests carried out in Schwarzenburg proved beyond any doubt that EMR damages health in a specific way is still relevant? Especially as it explains why people suffer from insomnia, are liable to get cancer or benign tumours and are more susceptible to infectious diseases?

Even a person like me, who has only a basic knowledge of medical matters can follow that reasoning. In my opinion, anyone reading Dr. Cherry's paper should be instantly enlightened regarding the dangers of EMR, and any medical expert; the NRPB; ICNIRP etc I who ignores this and does not act upon I consider to be criminally irresponsible.

Dr. Cherry's evidence is fairly recent - 1990s. The victims of Schwarzenburg suffered from 1938 until then before scientific tests were carried out.

There is also proof from the Pandora document, when the Russians used their knowledge of the sickening effects of EMR upon their workers in that field (found in the 1950s!!!) to bombard the American Embassy during the 60s and 70s and caused the staff there to suffer the usual symptoms and the Ambassador to die of a leukaemia like illness and many other members of staff to have '40% raised white bloodcell count'! The American government knew about these effects yet they allowed the bombardment and suffering to continue in order to see the results, paying 'compensation' to those who had suffered. Some compensation!

It has already been proved that these effects are factual, and we/Government should not ignore the evidence. What is the use of carrying out tests over and over again? Mast Sanity has provided evidence of other tests which prove damage to animal DNA. Why can we not get Government to carry out tests on all the people who are suffering in their own homes? Instead of wasting time on laboratory tests when there is already enough evidence to warrant a hold being put upon proliferation of masts - AND IT IS BEING IGNORED! Look at the list of further proof at then end of Cherry's document - and that is just the tip of the iceberg.


Gill and all,

1. The relations Ca+2 ions - melatonin - T-cells is a little bit more complex: In some more details: Mutated cells may escape apoptosis (planned death for too heavy DNA damage) for RFR causes also expression of genes coding for heat shock proteins (hsp genes): These hsp proteins may be considered as miniscaffolds helping cell's proteins to function at high temps, pollution, infection, radiation, etc, thus allowing cells whose protooncogenes' (taking part in normal cell division) DNA is mutated to cause enhanced gene expression, i. e. cell sivisions, and may get further mutations until loss of control of cell division, then a cancer cell clone emerges. Now if tumour suppressor genes (mainly p53) are not hurt themselves, they would function in probably T cells to destroy developing cancer. If they have got mutations themselves, they may fail to restrain the emerging cancerous clone. Incidentally if p53 gene is hurt until not functioning, no irradiations and chemptherapy would help that unlucky individual.

2. You are perfectly right. Exposed people that have low melatonin suffer twice, for melatonin is also an excellent free radicals scavenger. So such people are less protected and thus, more vulnerable to get cancer.

The familiar symptomes people experience around masts have been found statistically significant by an excellent study of Santini et al (2003). He sent me his paper and I saw it in detail.

As for the Schwarzenburg case let me citate Neil (Cherry on safe exposure levels, 2000): "Experimentation is not always possible but where it is, it is very powerful. For example, in the Schwarzenburg Study, involving a shortwave radio tower, a significant dose-response relationship for sleep disturbance was observed. Confirmation of cause and effect came from turning the transmissions off for 3 days without notifying the residents. Sleep quality improved significantly (p<0.001), with a delay of about one day, even in the group with the lowest exposure (Group C). This shows that even though they experienced the lowest exposure, the RF signal was still interfering with their brains and their sleep. When the transmission was turned off permanently, measured human melatonin levels rose significantly (Prof. Theo Abelin Pers. Comm.). This is a biological mechanism but it was identified after the assessment of cause and effect was concluded."

Neil also analyzes in same article the Moscow embassy case in very detail. So Neil every time when been asked about safe level, always answered: "ZERO"...

As for low frequencies' damage, it may be due to inherent or modulated frequencies that match natural brain's and cause damage. For example: TETRA 4 slots emisions pulse lasts for ~57 milliseconds, now, divide 1000 ms by 57 ms you get ~ 17 Hz, that matches natural neural signal enhancing calcium efflux (16 Hz), then calcium goes out, melatonin goes down, etc etc. Some modulated or inherent frequencies, such as 4.5 Hz may cause brain non function or paranoid reactions, at 6.6 Hz depression or suicidal, at 11 Hz mania or rage, and 25 Hz may cause severe vision problems up to blindness, and/or heart attack... Such data was obtained during development of psychotronic weapons in the EAST and in the WEST.

Enough depressing information for one sunny morning.

Dr. Zamir Shalita


Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations


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