Stop the Wolf Slaughter in Alaska

There is no shortage of bad news out there. Human misery seems to trump everything else. People seem to think that people are more important than wolves. But even if that's true, what do we do to ourselves when we turn our backs on the wolves? When we allow a massacre of such noble animals to go on?

Because once we know about it, if we do nothing, we are complicit. There's the rub. There is simply no way around that one. This wolf "hunt" in Alaska is gratuitous, violent, vicious, and deeply depraved. I am ashamed of my species when I see this. These magnificent animals are being hazed from the air by a...in airplanes. The wolves try to escape in deep snow, and run until they are exhausted. Then the cowards land the plane and shoot them. They have already killed 200+ wolves this winter. The so-called "Government" is allowing them to kill A THOUSAND WOLVES. And even more next year! What the h...???


Why indeed. Why are wolves still hunted so ruthlessly? Because these weenies are still at war with the wild, and there is nothing that represents wildness, independence, and family more than wolves. I normally ignore most email petitions, I admit it. But this time I have to do something. Everything I can do.

A plea from me to you: Remember wolves you've seen. If you're lucky, you've even seen some in the wild. Remember their amazing music and language. Feel their plight in your body. Please, don't just dismiss this news as more hellish information.

I hope you will take a few minutes, watch the video if you can, and either make a donation or write a letter, write your local paper, tell your friends, spread the word. Pass this on to your email lists. These animals are being killed right now. You Canadians on my list should not think that these unlucky wolves in Alaska are beyond the realm of your concern. THEY DON'T SEE BORDERS and WE ARE THEIR ONLY HUMAN VOICE.

you can watch video a short video with footage of the hazing of wolves in deep snow here:

and this press release has all the facts:


Please send an email! (see links in message below, all it takes is one click to send a message to the appropriate folks)


Dear Friend,

By now, you've probably heard about the slaughter of wolves in Alaska through the horrific practice of aerial gunning. I wanted to give you an update on the situation, and let you know what our next steps are in stopping this barbaric practice.

Bad news first: Despite tens of thousands of phone calls, emails and letters, Governor Frank Murkowski refuses to stop the aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska. To make matters worse, his Board of Game has approved the number of wolves to be killed at over 1,000. This will be the greatest wolf massacre in half a century.

Here's what we're doing now: Defenders of Wildlife has newspaper ads ready to go in major newspapers across the country. Defenders is determined to use every means available stop this terrible practice where marksmen can gun down wolves from the air or chase them to exhaustion -then land and shoot them point blank. These ads will raise critical awareness throughout the country of the slaughter of wolves occurring in Alaska. But we need your help to run them. Our goal is to raise $50,000 over the next 72 hours so we can contact the newspapers and book ad placements immediately. Please consider an emergency tax-deductible contribution to help place these ads before more wolves are killed: http://www.care2.com/go/z/22287

Lawyers for Defenders of Wildlife have formally petitioned Interior Secretary Gale Norton to halt the killing as a violation of the Federal Airborne Hunting Act. To build grassroots pressure on her to act, we want to generate citizen petitions to her - especially through the placement of these newspaper ads.

Please send your emergency tax-deductible contribution today - your generous donation will help focus the eyes ofthe nation on this horrific killing of wolves in Alaska.

Thank you!

- Rebecca,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite team

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