Tribute to people suffering

I have sent this e-mail on to all my contacts, I want to build up some quotes from all around the world to support people who are suffering. You are more than welcome to send this out.

I have been receiving many moving tributes to people who have suffered.

Kind regards

Eileen O' Connor

Ask your MP if they will be supporting the Andrew Stunell Bill on 18th March, 05 this will show true commitment, go to http://www.faxyourmp.co.uk or http://www.writetothem.co.uk , and you can use it to contact MEPs, and they're extending it to councillors etc

As a tribute to people throughout the world suffering from Cancer, Brain Tumours, Brain degenerative diseases, asthma and electro sensitivity. Many of these diseases are man made and many causes can be attributed to chemicals and radiation. Governments throughout the world continue to put billions of pounds before our health; many people are suffering for the sake of big business and industry at the hands of the people we elect into Government.

Now it’s our chance to send a message loud and clear, it will soon be our chance to take our vote to the ballot box, question all local candidates from each political party and find out if they support your views before you make any firm decision.

I believe without any doubt that my breast cancer was brought on at the age of 38, three years ago as a result of living 100m next to a huge mobile phone mast for over seven years.

I know your suffering and I understand your fears. I constantly fear cancer returning and have had many scares since, I have thought long and hard on whether I should share my feelings with you and feel its time to represent the billions of people world wide who are going through the same fears and the same suffering.

I fear for my life and the chance to see my children grow, I recently had another cancer scare, this time my doctors thought it had travelled to my spine, towards the end of 2004 I had to undergo another series of MRI scans and bone scans. No one can tell you how frightening it is waiting for the results, no one can tell you how awful it is for your family watching you suffer and sometimes wondering whether you are about to take your last breath. My husband lay awake many nights watching me breathe when I was undergoing chemo therapy and struggling to get through, he has since told me about his fear listening to every breath I took and wondering if it would be the last. No one should suffer this torture. While laying in the MRI and Bone scanner again recently I thought about all the people throughout the world who are in the same position and about the billions of people who have sadly lost their battle. I prayed to God to help us stop this un-necessary suffering for the sake of profit. I sometimes despair and wonder if we will ever be listened to, only time will tell. It may take many years, the smoking and asbestos industries have finally been proved after many years of people sacrificing their lives.

I need your help, we need to help our selves, if you have to use a mobile phone, only use it for emergency use only and buy the lowest radiation phone on the market. Use your vote in the election wisely and question your MP’s intentions. Join the many voices fighting for life and help those who no longer have the ability to fight for their life anymore.

I am one of the lucky ones my scan results turned out to be only signs of wear and tear now I’ve reached the grand old age of 41, I hope to see my 80th Birthday “God wiling” I hope to see my children grow, to live life to the full to laugh to cry to treasure my friends and family. I will live to fight another day. Sadly some of my friends and neighbours have not been as lucky and I miss them dearly. I just know that when that day does come and I am ready to take that last breath, I hope I can look back and in the words of my favourite film say “It’s a wonderful life” and know I’ve made a difference, you can make a difference to, don’t wait like I did to get a wake up call.

I am inviting everyone to put just one sentence or short paragraph together, add you name and the area you live in, I will build up a file of quotes to go with this letter and send it on to leaders of the world. Send your quote to the SCRAM (Seriously Concerned Residents About Masts) website http://www.s-c-r-a-m.co.uk send this to all your friends and family.

I would like to end by saying a thank you to all the dedicated campaigners, independent scientists, the media and people in positions of power who are working hard towards a safer future and ask God to guide us and protect the vulnerable.

Best wishes and God Bless to everyone.

Eileen O’Connor





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