Monsanto Report Sheds Light on Damaging Foods

The public may finally be getting an idea of just how damaging genetically modified (GM) foods can be.

That's because, thanks to a German court ruling, the biotech company Monsanto was ordered to publicly expose a controversial report about its Mon 863 variety of corn. (Mon 863 was genetically engineered to produce a form of a pesticide called bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), designed to attack a corn pest called the root worm.)

The data verified claims made by prominent scientists who found animals that ate the GM corn developed severe side effects in the blood, kidney and liver and that humans eating the corn might also be at risk.

Moreover, the nearly 1,200-page report on the corn exposed that European regulators accepted Monsanto's promises that their corn was safe, despite the unscientific and contradictory rationale that was used to dismiss significant problems. Among the problems discovered in rats that ate the corn:

* Kidney inflammation
* Liver and kidney lesions
* Increased blood sugar levels
* Reactions that mimic cancer, allergies, anemia and poor blood pressure

Scientists Speak Out

Two prominent scientists -- both uniquely qualified to assess the study -- spoke out about the findings regarding Mon 863. What did they have to say? Both scientists expressed alarm about the unsupported arguments that Monsanto and some European regulators used to force product approvals.

However, their prominent concern was the ways in which Monsanto "wrote-off" statistically significant effects.

Ditching Accepted Methods of Science

In the study, test rats ate Mon 863, while the control group ate non-GM corn from the same parent line. Considering the results were not entirely in Monsanto's favor, the company and their supporters in the European Food Safety Authority appeared to ditch the accepted methods of science to rationalize the findings and instead:

* Relied on just two observation times, which will not give data about the intervening periods; moreover, the short 90-day time period will miss chronic and reproductive problems, as well as problems in the next generation.

* Depended on analytical methods that are half a century old, and ignored powerful new methods including profiling techniques, DNA chips and proteomics.

* Reported bizarre weight measurements, suggesting possible problems with animal management or faulty data.

* Defended changes in kidney weights by comparing the values with a separate study, which used different corn genetics and a different lab.

All in all, Monsanto's research paper was confusing, conflicting and inadequately reported. It also neglected to disclose the nutritional composition of the feed (backed up by chemical analysis) and the methods used to measure changes in the animals.

Yet despite all of this, the European Food Standards Agency still recommended that Mon 863 be approved.

U.S. Support

And the United States government's support for biotech is no secret either; in fact, it is the official policy in several U.S. agencies to sponsor the industry, and some of them have attempted to push acceptance of GM crops in Europe.

Health Lies Exposed.com July 5, 2005 (Free Full-Text Article)

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Deception is rampant when it comes to corporations that have something to do with your health. They seem to believe that lives are dispensable and it is OK to harm people so they can profit.

Everyone, even the CEOs of these corporations, know this is not right, yet this evil behavior persists. We are regularly exposed to this abrogation of ethics.

It is important for you to understand how these powerful corporations have morphed into organizations that don't give one squat about you, except for how much income they can extract from you.

This is true for nearly all of the drug companies, and it is certainly true for one of the most evil companies I can think of, Monsanto. Let's not forget, folks, these are the liars and deceivers that brought you NutraSweet (aspartame) and genetically engineered plants.

Most of you probably don't understand how ubiquitous GM foods are in the food chain. http://www.mercola.com/2005/apr/6/gm_foods.htm

The fact is that genetically modified foods are so prevalent in the United States that if you randomly pick an item off your grocery store's shelves, you have a 75 percent chance of picking a food with GM ingredients. This is because at least seven out of every 10 items have been genetically modified.

If you aren't convinced this is an issue, then do yourself a favor and find some free time to review the evidence (related links below).

If you are already convinced, then take some positive actions by following the list of four simple steps to decrease your consumption of GM foods as much as possible:

* Reduce or eliminate processed foods in your diet. The fact that 75 percent of processed foods contain GM ingredients is only one of the many reasons to stick to a whole foods diet.

* Read produce and food labels. Conventionally raised soybeans and corn make up the largest portion of genetically modified crops. Ingredients made from these foods include corn flour and meal, dextrin, starch, soy sauce, margarine, and tofu.

* Buy organic produce. By definition, food that is certified organic must be free from all GM organisms, produced without artificial pesticides and fertilizers and from an animal reared without the routine use of antibiotics, growth promoters or other drugs.

* Look at produce stickers. The PLU code on stickers for conventionally grown fruit consists of four numbers, organically grown fruit has five numbers prefaced by the number nine, and GM fruit has five numbers prefaced by the number eight.

To further guide you in understanding the problems associated with GM foods, I strongly recommend reading the incredible series Seeds of Doubt, written by staffers at the Sacramento Bee. http://www.mercola.com/2004/jul/3/seeds_doubt.htm

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Informant: NHNE

Dramatischer Rückgang der Artenvielfalt in den Meeren

Nach einer weltweiten Kartierung der Artenvielfalt ist der Hauptfaktor für den Schwund die Überfischung.


Council before the mast over plan

Jul 29 2005

Maidenhead Express

By Lisa De Sousa Royal Borough Reporter

IRATE campaigners have accused the council of wilfully ignoring planning regulations after it approved an application to put up a new mobile phone mast in a residential area.

At a royal borough meeting on July 6, members of the planning committee granted mobile phone giant Vodafone permission to build a 3G mast on the corner of Boyn Hill and Clare Road, in Maidenhead.

But opponents of the mast say the council did not carry out a full consultation with residents first, which it is obliged to do under official Government guidelines.

In a catalogue of complaints, residents claim they were not invited to the July 6 meeting, where the decision was made, and that the planning officer's report ignored their objections. They also claim that when they confronted the planning authority, they were told 'the royal borough had decided not to implement the guidelines'.

The protesters have since enlisted the support of Maidenhead MP Theresa May who has lodged a complaint with the council.

In a written statement, she said: "The manner in which this plan was approved is of deep concern to me... "If true, this is an astonishing state of affairs...These guidelines exist for a reason...to allow schools, colleges and hospitals to have a proper input into the planning process."

Kobus Bensch, of Mast Free Maidenhead, who admitted to owning a mobile phone himself, said he was appalled.

"This one was simply pushed through - even though there were objections from residents," he said. "Every time there's a committee meeting, we either hear about it at the last minute or not at all.

"And even if you get to a meeting, you only have three minutes in which to make your objections. Meanwhile, the panel members can speak for as long as they like, even though it is you who has got to live with their decision."

But the council has strongly denied the claims and said that 'no decision was made not to implement the guidelines on this occasion.'

Spokeswoman Diane Robinson said the standard procedure requires the council to notify everyone who lives within 100 metres of a proposed site, and also to display a public notice - both of which it did.

She said that all eight objections they received were reported to the committee on the night, and considered by members of the panel.

She also said that the council 'only specifically invites objectors' to the meetings, which are open to the public anyway and advertised on the web-site.

Any further complaints can be sent to head of planning David Trigwell.

T-Mobile plan rejected

Jul 29 2005

By The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

PROTESTERS have gained victory in their fight against a mobile phone giant.

T-Mobile were yesterday told by councillors they could not put a mast up - to the delight of villagers from Scholes, near Holmfirth.

More than 240 objections were received from people living near the Lea Mills site, off St George's Road.

It was feared the 60ft timber mast would get the green light after Kirklees Council planning officers recommended councillors agreed to the plans.

But councillors changed their minds when they visited the site yesterday morning.

At the Town Hall planning sub-committee, chairman Clr Annie Smith proposed the plans were thrown out.

"I think this mast is against the visual amenities of the people living nearby," she said.

"In the winter time it would be seen in its entirety. I would like to propose that we turn this down on these grounds."

Clr Smith had already told objectors that councillors could not turn the application down on health grounds, because the Government had deemed mobile phone masts to be safe.

But chairman of the Scholes Residents' Association, Peter Murray, said people remained worried about the risks.

"No-one can say completely these things are safe," he said after the victory.

"This mast would have been near homes, schools and nurseries and until we know more about the effects I think that would have been dangerous and irresponsible.

Omega we know enough about the effects. See under:

"We are absolutely delighted at the decision. We were not confident, but it proves the worth of site visits.

"When the councillors came out to see the site and what the mast would be like, they could understand the human impact it would have.

"There were 243 applications against this mast. We thought it would go through and democracy would not be done. We were wrong."

Parents face new battle against masts

Jul 29 2005

ic Croydon, London

PARENTS and residents are urging Croydon planners to throw out a scheme to set up multiple mobile phone masts on the top of a bus garage.

T-Mobile has applied to the council to put up six pole-mounted antennae, three equipment cabins and other equipment on the roof of the Arriva garage in Brighton Road, South Croydon.

Residents lost a previous battle to stop a mast being put on the roof, but their concern has been heightened by the fact that T-Mobile's plans are for so many more.

The garage is in a residential area and close to Purley Oaks Primary School, in Bynes Road.

School governors are planning to submit their own objections, but more than 70 parents have already signed a residents' protest petition.

The petition draws attention to worries about the affect radio waves from the masts might have on children living in the area.

John Allen, of Napier Road, one of the petition organisers, said: "I have a two-year-old daughter and am worried about the dangers there could be to her health."

Mr Allen said the opposition was having to be move very quickly as objections have to be lodged with the council by August 8.

But he said about 150 signatures had been collected in a day, a response which delighted him.

A statement from T-Mobile said it aimed to minimise the effect on the local environment when seeking new sites for masts, but pointed out that the growth in the use of mobile phones demanded a network of base stations such as this plan.

The statement added: "The radio waves from nearby base stations are favourable compared to exposure from distant masts and from TV and FM radio and other transmitters."

Omega one can not compare waves from TV and FM radio with pulsed microwave from masts. See under: http://www.tetrawatch.net/science/chronic.php

Phone mast plans blocked

Wrexham Leader


RESIDENTS fighting to prevent a mast being built in their community, have claimed a victory over mobile phone giants Vodafone.

Wrexham Council’s planning committee voted to refuse a planning application to build a 12m mast on land off Sontley Road, Wrexham, just 20m from a children’s play area.

Residents were up in arms when just 20 of them were notified about the plans earlier this month and they formed a resident’s group to fight the proposals.

John Williams, who spearheaded the residents’ campaign, spoke of his delight at the decision.

He said: “We were all pretty much ecstatic but it’s an on-going battle. It seems mobile phone companies have had a fast track to planning permission in the past.


“We’re just householders, not legal experts, but if we have to get some money in a pot and get a solicitor we will.”

At the meeting, Mr Williams addressed the town’s planners, stating the main reason for the residents’ concern was the health of local children.

He said: “There are two pre-school children at the Squire Yorke, less than 20m from the mast. There are eight children within 100m. Most of the residents have a genuine fear of living near microwave radiation.”

Cllr George James, local member for Hermitage, said a recent report had concluded that mobile phone masts do cause harm. He said: “There are dangers that are being swept under the carpet.”

Wrexham’s planning control manager tried to reassure the committee that the mast met with Welsh Assembly regulations.

He said: “If it meets the international regulations it should not be relevant for the local authority to defer on health issues.”

Omega see "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

He added that the radiation levels were of “minuscule proportions.”

Mast plan comes back to haunt residents

The Northern Scot


NEW Elgin householders are furious after learning that a controversial plan to site a mobile phone mast on their doorstep has been revived.

An application by communications firm O2 was thrown out by Moray Council in March after being met with mass opposition from local residents.

But the company has lodged an appeal against the decision with the Scottish Executive and is seeking to have the council's ruling overturned.

Home owners near the proposed site in Glen Moray Drive only learned that an appeal had been submitted by O2 on Tuesday.

A reporter from the Scottish Executive visited New Elgin yesterday (Thursday) to inspect the area where the 15 metre mast could be erected.

Angry residents, who fear the mast will endanger their health, turned out in force to meet Timothy Brian and representatives from O2.

Margaret Thorburn organised a petition which was submitted to the council at the time the application was determined in March.

She said she was amazed that the appeal had been lodged without the residents being informed by O2, the Executive or Moray Council.

"When the application was refused by the council, we thought that was the end of the matter. We were never told that O2 were going to appeal, " she said.

"What is the sense in even having a council if the Scottish Executive can come in and overturn a local decision? They would be as well bypassing the council altogether, " she said.

Only one couple, Albert and Ruby McWilliam, were made aware that the site inspection was to be carried out by the reporter.

They lodged an objection

Mobile mast plans get all the wrong signals

Edinburgh Evening News


PLANS to erect a mobile phone mast near a home for the elderly, a children's day care centre and a medical practice are set to be turned down.

The application by T-Mobile would have seen the 40ft mast put up in Mountcastle Drive South, Bingham.

The company wanted to erect the mast near the pavement, but almost 50 letters of objection were submitted to the council.

City planners have recommended the application be refused, as it is "detrimental to the visual amenity of the area".

Residents protest against the masts



Residents in Derby have staged a march against plans for two new mobile phone masts in their communities.

They walked between the war memorial on Shelton Lock Green and the Red Lion pub in Chellaston.

Protestors said the masts for Vodaphone were going to be positioned in inappropriate places close to the junior school and the war memorial.

Planning permission has been granted for the firm to erect a mast on the junction of Derby Road and the Parkway.

The second site on the green has yet to be given approval.

The residents were joined on their march by the South Derbyshire MP, Mark Todd.

Mass Lawsuit against Orange in Summary procedure in the Court of Valence - Procès historique de masse contre Orange en Référé au Tribunal de Valence


ASL: Antennas relay of Orange of CREST historical Drôme

Lawsuit of mass against Orange in Summary procedure with the Court of Valence Wednesday August 3, 2005 with 9H in public sitting (come many in support) After two preceding references, this lawsuit of mass in Summary procedure which constitutes a first in France becomes the lawsuit of the hope for 42 plaintiffs representing more than 150 Residents federated within ASL. If the instruction took place today, it there would have more than 100 plaintiffs, that is to say more half of the population which feels biological or medical symptoms in the zone close irradiated directly in the lobes to the powerful antennas relay of the Orange macro-station. Extremely rare case, these antennas relay is located in the point low (IGN) of the urban zone of CREST! Its beams thus irradiate directly the Residents, this with the contempt of the POS in force. During this lawsuit and for the first time in France, it will be requested from the multiple sources of the right the implementation of the Principle of Precaution which has constitutional value now bus recently registered in the French Charter of the Environment. This under the terms of what the potentiality of a risk and not its demonstration must involve measurements likely to it protection of the populations which are exposed there. Moreover, the Operator never brought the proof of the harmlessness of the CEM of his antennas relay. In this respect, it is also necessary to recall that concerning the application of the Principle of Precaution by the Courts: "the Judge will have to take into account the risks pled by the parts, apart from any official consultation and to thus forge his own conviction on the probability, by taking account of the main part of the poured parts with the file" (C.Cons, RFD adm.) http://www.sauvonsleon.fr/pdf/07_Texte_de_la_Charte_de_l_Environnement.pdf Beyond the elements presented at the debates concerned with the deterioration of health and the sudden biological effects by Residents, the put question is as follows: Can the man live (normally) while being directly exposed to the irradiations of the lobes of the antennas relay of mobile telephony? The answer to this fundamental question is known, it is "NON".Et so today at Crest this" NOT "posted 100 times on orange bottom is attacked and disturbs much, eh well, it is that ASL will have succeeded in contributing its share to the defense of our natural environment. ASL will never repeat it enough, the radiation of Electromagnetic Fields (radiations), called CEM, emitted by the antennas mobile relay of telephony, are of pulsated the microwaves type. They are not frightening pain-killers but for the human one. With the instar of the microwawe oven, our cells subjected to these radiations have their disturbed natural oscillatory balance. The harmfulness of the CEM all the more requires vigilance according to the age of the exposed populations or of their state of brittleness (patients) and, moreover, it is recommended to redouble vigilance for the children. In all the cases, even the adults subjected to a direct and permanent exposure of radiations 24 H out of 24 are not saved and develop in their turn of pathologies prejudicial to their health, these last having been clearly noted by the bond of causality which was highlighted everywhere in the world thanks to the many independent scientific studies: State of tiredness general, headaches, nauseas, giddinesses, sleep disorder, eczema, various disturbances... The debate does not go back to today but the current problem is as follows, as for any pollution vis-a-vis the often anarchistic proliferation of the sites of antennas relay: "All is poison, nothing is not poison, all is a function of the amount?. Moreover, nobody is equal vis-a-vis the radiations. Indeed, each individual develops or does not develop pathology. These invisible radiations cross all, the walls, our skin, and, especially, penetrate in our brain (for young people, they cross it right through, because their wavelength!), and in certain cases end up injuring the cellular ADN, which will ineluctably give cancerous tumours or other medical effects. In addition, it is advisable to recall that the Residents are not rats of laboratories and that their testimonys certified on their pathologies are, as for them, quite real. Journalists carried out reports besides on the Crestois Residents of which it will be soon possible to take note in the national media. Vis-a-vis the multiple problems generated by the deployment of mobile telephony, one obviously had to expect that several new specific national structures (non-profit-making) are in the course of creation or of study to apprehend, under a more adequate angle, the problems of company, justice or environment. In a few days, ASL will present a very new first independent organization to you.

Translation: machine-made

ASL : Antennes relais d’Orange de CREST Drôme

Procès historique de masse contre Orange en Référé au Tribunal de Valence

le Mercredi 3 Août 2005 à 9H en audience publique (venez nombreux en soutien)

Après deux précédents renvois, ce procès de masse en Référé qui constitue une première en France devient le procès de l’espoir pour 42 plaignants représentant plus de 150 Riverains fédérés au sein d’ASL.

Si l’instruction avait lieu aujourd’hui, il y aurait plus de 100 plaignants, soit plus de la moitié de la population qui ressent des symptômes biologiques ou sanitaires dans la zone proche irradiée directement dans les lobes des puissantes antennes relais de la macro-station d’Orange.

Cas rarissime, ces antennes relais sont situées dans le point le plus bas (IGN) de la zone urbaine de CREST !

Ses faisceaux irradient donc directement les Riverains, ceci au mépris du POS en vigueur.

Au cours de ce procès et pour la première fois en France, il va être demandé aux multiples sources du droit la mise en œuvre du Principe de Précaution qui a maintenant valeur constitutionnelle car récemment inscrit dans la Charte Française de l’Environnement. Ceci en vertu de quoi la potentialité d’un risque et non pas sa démonstration doit entraîner des mesures de nature à la protection des populations qui s’y trouvent exposées.

Au demeurant, l’Opérateur n’a jamais amené la preuve de l’innocuité des CEM de ses antennes relais.

A cet égard, il est également nécessaire de rappeler que concernant l’application du Principe de Précaution par les Tribunaux : « le Juge devra prendre en considération les risques allégués par les parties, en dehors de toute consultation officielle et forger ainsi sa propre conviction sur la probabilité, en tenant compte de l’essentiel des pièces versées au dossier » (C.Cons, RFD adm.)


Au-delà des éléments présentés aux débats relevant de la détérioration de la santé et des effets biologiques subits par des Riverains, la question posée est la suivante : L’homme peut-il vivre (normalement) en étant directement exposé aux irradiations des lobes des antennes relais de la téléphonie mobile ? La réponse à cette question fondamentale est connue, c’est "NON".Et si aujourd’hui à Crest ce "NON" affiché 100 fois sur fond orange est attaqué et dérange beaucoup, eh bien, c’est qu’ASL aura réussi à apporter sa contribution à la défense de notre environnement naturel.

ASL ne le répétera jamais assez, le rayonnement des Champs ÉlectroMagnétiques (radiations), appelés CEM, émis par les antennes relais de téléphonie mobile, sont du type micro-ondes pulsées. Ils ne sont pas anodins mais redoutables pour l’humain. A l’instar du four à micro-ondes, nos cellules soumises à ces rayonnements ont leur équilibre oscillatoire naturel perturbé. La nocivité des CEM requiert d’autant plus de vigilance en fonction de l’âge des populations exposées ou de leur état de fragilité (malades) et, de plus, il est recommandé de redoubler de vigilance pour les enfants. Dans tous les cas, même les adultes soumis à une exposition directe et permanente de rayonnements 24 h sur 24 ne sont pas épargnés et développent à leur tour des pathologies préjudiciables à leur santé, ces dernières ayant été clairement constatées par le lien de causalité qui a été mis en évidence partout dans le monde grâce aux nombreuses études scientifiques indépendantes : Etat de fatigue général, maux de tête, nausées, vertiges, troubles du sommeil, eczéma, perturbations diverses, …

Le débat ne date pas d’aujourd’hui mais le problème actuel est le suivant, comme pour toute pollution face à la prolifération souvent anarchique des sites d’antennes relais : "Tout est poison, rien n’est poison, tout est fonction de la dose ?. De plus, personne n’est égal face aux rayonnements. En effet, chaque individu développe ou ne développe pas de pathologie. Ces radiations invisibles traversent tout, les murs, notre peau, et, surtout, pénètrent dans notre cerveau (pour les plus jeunes, elles le traversent de part en part, à cause de leur longueur d’onde !), et dans certains cas finissent par léser l’ADN cellulaire, ce qui donnera inéluctablement des tumeurs cancéreuses ou autres effets sanitaires. D’autre part, il convient de rappeler que les Riverains ne sont pas des rats de laboratoires et que leurs témoignages certifiés sur leurs pathologies sont, quant à eux, bien réels.

Des journalistes ont d’ailleurs réalisé des reportages sur les Riverains Crestois dont il sera prochainement possible de prendre connaissance dans les médias nationaux.

Face aux multiples problèmes engendrés par le déploiement de la téléphonie mobile, il fallait évidemment s’attendre à ce que plusieurs nouvelles structures nationales spécifiques (sans but lucratif) soient en cours de création ou d’étude pour appréhender, sous un angle plus adéquat, les problèmes de société, de justice ou d’environnement. Dans quelques jours, ASL vous présentera une toute nouvelle première organisation indépendante.

Falschgutachten: Die Haftung des medizinischen Gutachters



Webmaster 29-07-05


Falschgutachten: Die Haftung des medizinischen Gutachters

Nimmt ein Patient den behandelnden Arzt im Rahmen eines Arzthaftungsprozesses wegen eines Behandlungsfehlers gerichtlich in Anspruch, wird hierbei regelmäßig durch einen vom Gericht ernannten Sachverständigen Beweis erhoben. Den Fall einer Falschbegutachtung und damit die Möglichkeit eines Schadensersatzanspruches gegen den Gutachter hat der Gesetzgeber nunmehr im Rahmen der Reform des Schadensersatzrechts ausdrücklich geregelt:

"Erstattet ein vom Gericht ernannter Sachverständiger vorsätzlich oder grob fahrlässig ein unrichtiges Gutachten, so ist dieser zum Ersatz des Schadens verpflichtet, der einem Verfahrensbeteiligten durch eine gerichtliche Entscheidung entsteht, die auf diesem Gutachten beruht."

Hierdurch schließt der Gesetzgeber eine Lücke im bisherigen Schadensersatzrecht. Der gerichtlich ernannte Sachverständige konnte nach bisherigem Recht im Regelfall nicht in Anspruch genommen werden, wenn er ein falsches Gutachten erstattet hatte. Ein vertragsrechtlicher Schadensersatzanspruch schied aus, da der Gutachter in keiner Vertragsbeziehung zu einer der Parteien steht (vgl. OLG Düsseldorf, NJW 1986, S. 2891). Die Parteien des Rechtsstreits sind weder an dem zwischen dem Träger der Gerichtsbarkeit und dem Sachverständigen begründeten Rechtsverhältnis beteiligt, noch begründet dieses Rechtsverhältnis eine Schutzwirkung zugunsten der Parteien. Zwischen dem Gericht und dem Sachverständigen besteht vielmehr ein Sonderrechtsverhältnis und gerade keine privatrechtliche Beziehung. Der gerichtliche Sachverständige haftet auch nicht nach den Grundsätzen der Amtshaftung, da er keine hoheitliche Aufgabe wahrnimmt (OLG Düsseldorf, NJW 1986, S. 2891).

In Betracht kam lediglich eine Haftung nach deliktischen Grundsätzen. Hier war zu unterscheiden, ob der Sachverständige nach 410 ZPO beeidigt wurde oder unbeeidigt geblieben ist. Im erstgenannten Fall haftete er für vorsätzliche oder fahrlässige Falschbegutachtung ( 823 Abs. 2 BGB i.V.m. 154, 163), während er im letztgenannten Fall lediglich unter den engen Voraussetzungen des 826 BGB wegen vorsätzlicher Falschbegutachtung in Anspruch genommen werden konnte. Da Sachverständige in der Regel unbeeidigt geblieben sind und das Gutachten nicht vorsätzlich falsch erstatten, konnten sie daher nach der bisherigen Rechtslage regelmäßig nicht in Anspruch genommen werden.

Durch die Einführung des 839a BGB ist es nunmehr möglich, dass derjenige, der einen Prozess aufgrund eines unrichtigen Gutachtens verliert, Schadensersatz vom Sachverständigen beanspruchen kann. Die Differenzierung, ob der Sachverständige beeidigt wurde oder nicht, spielt grundsätzlich keine Rolle mehr. Der Gutachter haftet unabhängig davon, ob er beeidigt wurde oder nicht. Der Verschuldensmaßstab ist jedoch auf Vorsatz und grobe Fahrlässigkeit des Sachverständigen beschränkt, d.h. er haftet nicht für einfache Fahrlässigkeit. Eine Haftung bei einfacher Fahrlässigkeit kommt weiterhin nur dann in Betracht, wenn der Sachverständige beeidigt wurde.

Wie bei Amtshaftungsansprüchen nach 839 BGB hat der Gesetzgeber die Haftung des Sachverständigen nach 839a Abs. 2 BGB für den Fall ausgeschlossen, dass es der Geschädigte vorsätzlich oder fahrlässig unterlassen hat, den Schaden durch Gebrauch eines Rechtsmittels abzuwenden.

Die nunmehr den Parteien an die Hand gegebene Möglichkeit, den gerichtlichen Gutachter in Anspruch zu nehmen, stellt eine wesentliche Erweiterung des Haftungsrechts dar. Da Gerichte in der Regel das Ergebnis des Sachverständigengutachtens der Entscheidung zugrundelegen, können die Parteien den Prozess über den Umweg der Inanspruchnahme des Sachverständigen erneut aufrollen, wenn es sich um ein Falschgutachten handelt. Dies ist für den Betroffenen dann die einzige Möglichkeit, materielle Gerechtigkeit zu erlangen (vgl. BT-Drucksache 14/7752, S. 28).

Es ist daher zu erwarten, dass es durch diese Haftungsverschärfung zu einem Anstieg der Regressprozesse kommen wird, wenn aufgrund eines Falschgutachtens das Gericht die Klage des Patienten gegen den behandelnden Arzt abweist.

Die geschädigten Patienten sollten die ihnen durch die gesetzliche Neuregelung eingeräumte Möglichkeit nicht ungenutzt verstreichen lassen. Zum einen sollten Sie sich anwaltlich beraten lassen, inwieweit der Sachverständige in Anspruch genommen werden kann. Zum anderen sollten Sie unbedingt das Gutachten des Sachverständigen durch ein unabhängiges Gutachterbüro überprüfen lassen.

Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Rechtsanwalt in Düsseldorf
Dr. med. Rüdiger Verhasselt, Arzt und Rechtsanwalt in Düsseldorf

Impressum/Hinweise nach 6 TDG
2000-2002 Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Dr. med. Rüdiger Verhasselt

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EMF-Omega-News 30. July 2005

The Naila-Study (Update)

Effects of 900MHz electromagnetic field on TSH and thyroid hormones in rats

Cell phone use and brain tumor development

Studies Showing Ill-Health Effects From Masts

Exposure assessment of ELF magnetic fields in urban environments in Extremadura

The Deadly Dangers of Mercury and Electromagnetic Fields Cell phone dangers

Radiation from Cellular Tower Melts Mercury Fillings in German Woman

The Menace of Cell Phone Towers
by Carol Ward, Vice President of DAMS

German Doctors unite on RF health effects from masts

Kids’ cellphone use in spotlight

Children’s Advocates Ask Congress to Investigate Marketing of Mobile Phones to Kids


Joy as bid for mast is rejected

Phone mast likely to be approved despite opposition

Mast could force Laser Quest to shut

Mobile use in rest of Europe

We will fight new mast plan


'We're on red alert over phone mast resurrection'

Greens see red over mast colour


Phone mast protest is up, up and away!

Mast is 'insensitive'

Appeal by Airwave on Leeds site with a massive mast cluster

Community backs fight against phone mast giant

Local tax on mobile communication relays in Austria - Un impôt local sur les relais de téléphonie mobile en Autriche

The mobile telephony antenna of Penyagolosa is working - La antena de telefonía del Penyagolosa deja de funcionar

How the electromagnetic radiation, the radiation microwave "spoils" the animal cells - Las células humanas «comunican» al móvil

Telefónica begins to dismantle the antenna of del marqués de campo sagrado - Telefónica empieza a desmantelar la antena del marqués de campo sagrado

Mobile phone tower rules to ally public concern

Now we should fight more than never

Victory in mast battle


Letter to Patricia Hewitt

Aust. Initiatives to address concerns over phone towers

There is already proof of adverse effects

220,000 volts ignite Patraix - 220.000 voltios encienden Patraix

Anti-pylon irish campaigners picket ESB main office

Photos on the effects of EMF from mobile phones

Magenta News from Mast Network

Omega-News Collection 30. July 2005

Bush Nominee Is Linked to Lobbyist Abramoff


The Bush administration's pick for deputy US attorney general supervised a lobbying campaign two years ago by controversial lobbyist Jack Abramoff to block legislation aimed at offshore companies escaping American taxes, records and interviews show.


Bush Running from Federalist Society

The growing influence of the Federalist Society has coincided with the rise of a network of conservative research organizations and public interest law firms that together have challenged hot-button issues such as affirmative action and prohibitions against publicly funded school vouchers.


Judge Chides Administration's Anti-Terror Tactics

"We did not need to use a secret military tribunal, detain the defendant indefinitely as an enemy combatant or deny the defendant the right to counsel," he said. "The message to the world from today's sentencing is that our courts have not abandoned our commitment to the ideals that set our nation apart."


Bush Won't Block Abuse of Detainees

Last week, Bush dispatched no less an emissary than Vice President Dick Cheney to warn members of the Senate Armed Services Committee against any congressional intervention on detainee interrogations, writes veteran columnist Helen Thomas.


Speaking Truth to Roberts

How has a seemingly nice man like Roberts supported a politics of contempt for the voice of anyone but the wealthy and powerful? ... Roberts is also disturbingly loyal to dubious corporate interests, or at least to principles that allow these interests to run roughshod over ordinary citizens and communities.


New 'Theft' Charges in Ohio's 2004 Election

New charges filed against Ohio Governor Bob Taft's former top aide have blazed a new trail between "Coingate" and the GOP theft of the 2004 presidential election.


Rep. Maxine Waters: Stand for Justice

Congresswoman Waters wraps up the Downing Street Memo teach-in with a plea for us all to stand up for justice. Her impassioned call to action includes suggestions on what we can do to resist the Bush administration, whom she calls no friends of the American people.



Citizens Vs Elected officials


Brutality That Boomerangs


Ye Shall Know the Truth: Profits of the New World Order


Democracy Sold Out - CAFTA Approved by Pork and a Hill of Beans

It seems that some Representatives have not reviewed the record of the massive failure of NAFTA, the agreement that cost a million US jobs and increased poverty in Mexico. CAFTA was approved, and that will be the bottom line for communities in Central America and the US who will face years of decreasing living standards, falling wages, eroding environmental protection, and losing family farms because of CAFTA.


A Thief on the Court?

Engelhardt considers why the widening story of the role of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in the Republican effort in the Florida 2000 election recount has had next to no impact so far on his prospects, and why the Democrats haven't taken this up as the issue of issues.


Law of the jungle is no law at all

In true democracies, no one is above the law -- and innocent men aren't shot dead without any repercussions


From Information Clearing House

Cheney and the Forgery

I believe this helps to explain the highly unusual role Vice President Dick Cheney played regarding the forged “intelligence” about Iraq seeking to acquire uranium from Niger—the source of that particular lie.


From Information Clearing House

Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President

Lets Not Forget:

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.


Successful Revolutions - Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Those who know me, know of my great love for Russian Literature: Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Gogol‹trusted sources of insight into the struggle of human beings learning to conduct themselves responsibly on earth and with each other. Among these giants in Russian literature is Peter Kropotkin, known best for his "Mutual Aid," describing the Buryat people of Lake Baikal in Siberia and their unique social structure. In times of need, the independent Buryat tribes band together in a spirit of cooperation to resolve problems without resorting to hierarchal command. Kropotkin's autobiography, "Memoirs of a Revolutionist" first published as a series of essays in the 1898 "Atlantic Monthly," spills over with relevancy for today.

"Socialist papers have often a tendency to become mere annals of complaint about existing conditions. The oppression of the laborers in the mine, the factory, and the field is related; the misery and sufferings of the workers during strikes are told in vivid pictures; their helplessness in the struggle against employers is insisted upon: and this succession of hopeless efforts, related in the paper, exercise a most depressing influence upon the reader. To counterbalance that effect, the editor has to rely chiefly upon burning words by means of which he tries to inspire his readers with energy and faith. I thought, on the contrary, that a revolutionary paper must be, above all, a record of those symptoms which everywhere announce the coming of a new era, the germination of new forms of social life, the growing revolt against antiquated institutions. These symptoms should be watched, brought together in their intimate connection, and so grouped as to show to the hesitating minds of the greater number the invisible and often unconscious support which advanced ideas find everywhere, when a revival of thought takes place in society. To make one feel sympathy with the throbbing of the human heart all over the world, with its revolt against age-long injustice, with its attempts at working out new forms of life,-- this should be the chief duty of a revolutionary paper. It is hope, not despair, which makes successful revolutions."

from MEMOIRS OF A REVOLUTIONIST by Peter Kropotkin, Grove Press edition `

Following is a list of upcoming events conducted or sponsored by the E. F. Schumacher Society. They are gatherings of hope, not despair--announcing the coming of a new era Join us.

Susan Witt, Executive Director E. F. Schumacher Society
140 Jug End Road Great Barrington, MA 01230 USA http://www.smallisbeautiful.org

* * * * * * * *

TWENTY-FIFTH ANNUAL E. F. SCHUMACHER LECTURES With Nancy Jack Todd and Tom Linzey October 22, 2005 Stockbridge, Massachusetts http://www.smallisbeautiful.org

FIRST ANNUAL BIONEERS BY THE BAY: CONNECTING FOR CHANGE With Wangari Maathai, Juliet Schor, Susan Witt, John Lash, Gunter Pauli, and others. October 14-16, 2005 Dartmouth, Massachusetts http://www.bioneersbythebay.org

THIRTY-FIRST ANNUAL NORTHEAST ORGANIC FARMING ASSOCIATION SUMMER CONFERENCE With keynote speaker Satish Kumar August 11-14, 2005 Amherst, Massachusetts http://www.nofamass.org

CONFERENCE ON ETHICAL COMMERCE With Jonathan Rosenthal and others Sept 23, 2005 University Park, Pennsylvania http://www.ethicalcommerce.org


Report From Falluja: "We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison"

Doctors Ahmed and Salam, says Ahmed, they see one or two dead civilians every day, and that hundreds have been killed by coalition forces since the city was taken over by the US.


White House Redefines The Meaning Of "Torture"

By Chris Floyd

Congress may rubber-stamp the gulag ("a buy-in to Guantanamo"); that's allowed. And Congress may approve funding for the gulag. But the people's representatives must have no say whatsoever in the gulag's operations. To give way on this point would reintroduce the rule of law and genuine democracy to U.S. government. And the Bush militarists have gone too far, waded through too much blood, to return to such "quaint" notions now.


Americans losing in Iraq and Lebanon is on brink of civil war

British MP George Galloway

“I believe that the resistance will grow stronger and stronger, and the occupiers will pay dearly”, he said referring to foreign forces in Iraq. He added that the situation in Iraq is extremely dangerous. “No one can predict if the occupiers will leave on their own accord, or if the resistance has come closer to achieving its goal (of driving the occupying forces out).”


Chemtrails Over London


Informant: ranger116

Two M’s Erupt with Several More to Come

July 29th 2005


Two M’s Erupt with Several More to Come

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

Sunspot regions 786 and 787 are coming around the eastern limb of the Sun and have already made their presence known. Late last night was the latest flare reading a M4. I expect several M and perhaps a couple X-Class flares from these two regions. Watch for continued “freak weather” to occur.

Here is an example of what I expect to see over the next several days.

“Freak "mini-tornado" Injures 20 People” (AFP) Link: http://www.earthchangestv.com/artman/publish/article_8920.php

Watch for tornadoes, straight-line winds, micro-burst, and sudden wind shears.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

The Church of Bush


Bush conflates religion and politics not because he wants the religious to see him as one of them. He does so because he knows that if they treat politics as a form of religion, he becomes their God.

Roughly 40 years ago Robert F. Kennedy eloquently argued for idealism in a time of great conflict. He said, “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not." The growing schism now rending America is far more frightening: it is between those who see things as they are, and those who choose to believe in the objectively false so long as it props up doctrine. [...] Read the rest at: http://tinyurl.com/6x7bz

© Virginia Metze

The predictable smear of Larry Johnson

Posted 9:24 am
July 26, 2005
The Carpetbagger Report

At a certain level, it's perfectly understandable why the right would detest Larry Johnson, a decorated veteran of the CIA and the former deputy director of U.S. State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. A life-long Republican, Johnson has recently joined the reality-based community — and the only group of people the right hates more than the left are conservatives who have come to their senses.

When it comes to the Plame scandal, few voices have been as significant as Johnson's. When GOP talking points were released, filled with errors, Johnson debunked them . When Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) questioned Valerie Plame's undercover status, Johnson set the record straight . When the Democratic Policy Committee hosted a hearing to examine the national security implications of disclosing the identity of a covert intelligence officer, Johnson was there to deliver devastating testimony . Democrats even had Johnson deliver the party's weekly radio address , highlighting attention on the Plame controversy and condemning the Bush White House for its conduct.

So, what's the right to do? What else? It's time for the right-wing attack machine to get into gear.

Gary Schmitt, executive director of the conservative Project for the New American Century, wrote an article for the conservative Weekly Standard, blasting Johnson for having a "pre-9/11 mindset." [...] Read more at http://www.thecarpetbaggerreport.com/archives/4808.html

© Virginia Metze

What Bush Doesn't Know

Op-Ed Columnist
The New York Times
Published: July 25, 2005

I remember the arrogance that accompanied the "shock and awe" bombing campaign that kicked off the war in Iraq more than two years ago. The war was supposed to be quick and easy, a cakewalk. The enemy, we were told, would fold like a dinner napkin. And then, in the neoconservative fantasies of some of the crazier folks in the Bush crowd, the military would gear up for an invasion of Iran.

In one of the great deceptions in the history of American government, President Bush insisted to a nation traumatized by the Sept. 11 attacks that the invasion of Iraq was crucial to the success of the so-called war on terror.

"Some have argued that confronting the threat from Iraq could detract from the war against terror," said Mr. Bush in a speech in the fall of 2002 that was designed to drum up support for the invasion. "To the contrary, confronting the threat posed by Iraq is crucial to winning the war on terror." [...] Read the rest of this opinion piece at the New York Times web site: http://tinyurl.com/d5z5p

© Virginia Metze

Bush's legacy: A bankrupt, bombed-out world

By Ed Naha
Posted on Monday, July 25 @ 09:29:29 EDT

I happened to have CNN on shortly after Bush pulled John Roberts out of his hat last week, lobbing him at the Supreme Court like a grenade. CNN's John King was shocked, SHOCKED that some pundits would think Bush's sudden move was designed to knock leaky Karl Rove off the front page of the nation's newspapers. "It is ludicrous to think that the president of the United States would rush a decision to simply change the subject," he declared without giggling. He later said that a new member of the Supreme's would be "Bush's legacy."

Personally, I don't think nominating a conservative Republican white guy to the Court is much of a legacy. Besides, Bush has already cemented his legacy.

He's ruined America.

And he's on track to ruining the world. [...] Read the entire analysis at http://smirkingchimp.com/article.php?sid=22072&mode=nested&order=0 or http://tinyurl.com/bbll2

© Virginia Metze

Biden Questions Whether Bolton Testimony Was "True and Accurate"

The following letter was sent today from Sen. Biden to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice:

Dear Madam Secretary:

It has just come to my attention that then-Undersecretary of State John Bolton was interviewed on July 18, 2003 by the State Department Office of the Inspector General in connection with a joint State Department/CIA IG investigation related to the alleged Iraqi attempts to procure uranium from Niger. This information would appear to be inconsistent with information that Mr. Bolton provided to the Committee on Foreign Relations during the Committee’s consideration of his pending nomination to be Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

The Committee on Foreign Relations expects all nominees to provide to it accurate and timely information. Indeed, in submitting the Committee’s questionnaire, all nominees are required to swear out an affidavit stating that the information provided is “true and accurate.” It now appears that Mr. Bolton’s answers may not meet that standard. I write, therefore, to request that you review this matter to determine whether incomplete or inaccurate information was provided by Mr. Bolton. [...] Read the whole story on the thinkprogress web site: http://thinkprogress.org/2005/07/28/breaking-biden/ You may have to scroll down the page.

© Virginia Metze

Senate Republicans Block Progress on Key National Security Priorities

Barry Piatt
Senator Dorgan
Released June 26, 2006

In an Unprecedented Move, Republican Leaders Cut Off Debate on Legislation to Support Troops and Their Families

Read the article at
http://democrats.senate.gov/dpc/dpc.cfm?A=fs&B=109&C=1&D=76 or http://tinyurl.com/8je3m

© Virginia Metze

The Shifter

Bush's change of standard for firing a leaking staffer last week was staggering. He can't be allowed to get away with it.

By Michael Tomasky
Web Exclusive: 07.26.05

E.M. Forster famously said that if he "had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country."

The novelist's quote -- which I believe he delivered apropos the Cambridge spy quartet, two of whom (Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess) had been Cambridge Apostles, as Forster had in an earlier time -- is usually invoked approvingly as the gold standard to which all friendships should aspire.

But Forster didn't have the opportunity to watch George W. Bush and Karl Rove in action. The Cambridge ring did its damage in the service, however abysmally misguided, of an ideology that its members thought would elevate mankind. What they did was worse from a legal perspective, but from a moral point of view, it was at least a matter of principle (as they saw it).

The Bush White House, on the other hand, may not be guilty of treason, but it is acting on no principle other than power -- except maybe the principle of defending a lie that helped launch a disastrous war. [...] Read it all at the American Prospect web site: http://tinyurl.com/a2hzj

© Virginia Metze

The Most Flattering Fraud of All


Stop, Thief! Tom Engelhardt on Roberts and the 2004 election


Bail, Fines, and Cruel and Unusual Punishments


Henry David Thoreau and 'Civil Disobedience'


The War On Tyranny


Chance vertan: verträglicherer Mobilfunk (W-CDMA, ungepulst) wäre möglich gewesen

Dabei lag mit dem sogenannten W-CDMA-Verfahren*4 eine biologisch unverdächtigere Alternative vor, die ohne gepulste Strahlung funktioniert und die vom ETSI in der Vergangenheit - allerdings aus technischen Gründen - favorisiert wurde.


Durch hochfrequente Mobilfunk-Sender ausgestrahlte phasenmodulierte, niederfrequente Signale stellen für biologische Systeme eine Irritation dar

Funkkommunikation macht sich die Eigenschaften der elektromagnetischen Wellen zu Nutze. Diese sind charakterisiert durch ihre Feldstärke, gemessen in Volt pro Meter, und ihre Frequenz, also die Anzahl der Schwingungen innerhalb einer Sekunde, gemessen in Hertz (Hz).

Anhand der Frequenz teilt man die elektromagnetischen Wellen technisch in unterschiedliche Kategorien ein: in hochfrequente und niederfrequente. Sie verhalten sich physikalisch und biologisch unterschiedlich.

Der Niederfrequenzbereich reicht von 0 Hz bis 10.000 Hz. Niederfrequente Felder treten vor allem im Zusammenhang mit Stromleitungen auf. Die Wellen verursachen ein elektromagnetisches Feld. Bei niedrigen Frequenzen sind die elektrischen und magnetischen Komponenten dieses Feldes nicht unzertrennlich miteinander verbunden; man kann sie getrennt voneinander betrachten. Niederfrequente Felder eignen sich nicht zur Übertragung von Informationen über große Strecken. Hierzu sind hochfrequente Wellen notwendig, deren Frequenzbereich von 10.000 Hz bis 300 Gigahertz (ausgeschrieben sind das 300.000.000.000 Hz) reicht. Hier sind das elektrische und das magnetische Feld untrennbar miteinander verbunden. Mit hochfrequenten Wellen kann man Informationen von einem Ort zu einem anderen transportieren.

Genau das nutzt der Mobilfunk aus. In Deutschland verwenden die Mobilfunknetze Frequenzen zwischen 900 MHz (= 900 Megahertz = 900.000.000 Hz) und 2100 MHz.

Mobilfunk ist 217 Hz gepulst, in wiederholten "Informationsblöcken" von 4.61 Millisekunden. 250 Hertz ist die Übertragungsfrequenz der mittleren Nerven! Telefoniert auch nur ein einziger Mensch mit seinem Handy, so wird der nächstgelegene Sender aktiv, und strahlt "fröhlich" über alle Köpfe hinweg, egal ob die anderen Mitmenschen auch ein Natel besitzen oder nicht. Einer telefoniert, und die Anderen müssen dafür mitbüßen.

Hier überwiegen die Effekte der niederfrequenten periodischen Pulsung, die den hochfrequenten Trägersignalen überlagert ist.

Wir beobachteten im Gehirn von Zebrafinken deutliche und reproduzierbare Änderungen der elektrischen Aktivität von Nervenzellen, die dem oben beschriebenen Feld ausgesetzt wurden. (Nervenzellen aller Tiere verständigen sich untereinander durch sogenannte Aktionspotentiale, die durch Kontaktstellen (Synapsen) in ein chemisches Signal umgesetzt werden, das wieder entweder ein hemmendes oder erregendes elektrisches Signal in nachgeschalteten Nerven erzeugt). Mehr als 60 % der Nervenzellen wurden durch das elektromagnetische Feld betroffen und reagierten entweder mit Steigerung (80%) oder Hemmung (20%) ihrer elektrischen Aktivität. Die typische Antwort bestand darin, dass nach einiger zeit von zum Teil mehrer Minuten die Aktivität der Zelle anstieg und dann über die Präsentation des Feldes hinaus auf diesem Aktionsniveau blieb. (Wenn zum Beispiel Nervenzellen aus dem Auge auf Licht reagieren, so geschieht dies im Bereich von Millisekunden, also ein deutlicher Unterschied). Es war klar zu beobachten, dass die 217 Hz Pulsierung der auslösende Faktor war. Die ungepulste Hochfrequenz rief nur kleine Effekte hervor.

Beispielsweise wurde festgestellt, dass bei einer HF-Strahlung mit einer Frequenz von 147 MHz, die mit Frequenzen zwischen 6 und 20 Hertz moduliert war, der Kalziumausstrom aus Zellkulturen bei bestimmten Frequenzen signifikant (um 10 bis 20 %) erhöht war. Insgesamt wurde eine komplexe Abhängigkeit dieser Effekte von Intensität und Frequenz beobachtet, wobei spezielle Frequenzbereiche besonders wirksam sind. Die Membraneffekte wurden vielfach bestätigt, so dass ihre Existenz heute als gesichert gilt. Hervorzuheben ist, dass die SAR-Werte hierbei teilweise kleiner als 0,01 W/kg sind und damit erheblich unterhalb thermisch relevanter Intensitäten liegen.

Die durch hochfrequente Mobilfunk-Sender ausgestrahlten phasenmodulierten, niederfrequenten Signale stellen für biologische Systeme durch ihre strenge Periodizität eine Irritation dar.

Solche Signale kommen in der Natur und biologischen Systemen nicht vor.

DECT-Schnurlostelefone sind mit 100 Hz gepulst.

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