Appeal by Airwave on Leeds site with a massive mast cluster

I have just learnt that 02 Airwave have appealed against a refusal for a 9 antenna TETRA mast on a football ground in Leeds, in a densely populated area, where there are already 8 masts, to include one TETRA.

There is already a higher than average death rate in older people for cancer related illness, and also a higher rate of tumours in younger people.

In the wake of the raids on Leeds after the 7/7 bombings in London, I suspect we will have a hard fight on our hands.



From Karen Barratt

I think anyone fighting TETRA masts will be up against from now on. Airwave will only have to mention emergency services and terrorism and applications will go through on the nod.

The Police Federation speaker at the recent Telecom Debate at Westminster confirmed that the police are being bullied into accepting a system, which they are all worried about. He did stress, however, that they have to have a system and at the moment. it's TETRA so they have to use it. They can't be left without a communication system.

The cost of scrapping TETRA was mentioned but it was pointed out that the future escalating cost of the system could justify the govt switching to Tetrapol. We're back to the same problem of convincing blinkered politicians that they are not stuck with TETRA, they could change and justify it on financial grounds.


If it is the case that we need to convince politicians, many more of whom are not blinkered of late, then perhaps the way forward is for people in all areas across the UK to persuade their MPs that we do not have to stick to TETRA at any cost.

I don't see planning issues being carried out merely on a nod. Although planning has become more restricted, and councils could be penalised for too many appeals being granted after planning applications have been rejected by the council, appeals and applications still have to go through the due process of law.

We are not yet a lawless country, so each application or appeal should be decided on its own merit. It will be tougher, but not quite a pushover. Besides, according to Airwave the UK TETRA network is complete, all bar a few hitches here and there!



There is a small but interesting update about Airwave at the top of http://www.tetrawatch.net/national/excuses.php



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