Mobile use in rest of Europe

July 25, 2005

Hi All

I'm receiving increasing evidence that microwave device use in some other nearby countries is far less than here.

Both myself and a few others (eg Ann Furtado) have noticed vastly less mobile use in France (the North too) than here on recent visits. Now two friends having just returned from two weeks in Turkey said they only saw three or four people using mobiles in their entire time there! When I asked them about masts they said they didn't see any (though they could be hidden or they might not be looking out for them anyway - they wouldn't be). However if nobody's using a mobile, networks will make a financial loss for Telecoms cos won't they?

I wonder why and the only reason I can come up with is that microwave devices are so aggressively marketed here in the media. Virtually every day a new use is given for them in some programme or other and on ITV and Channel 4 there's at least one nauseating ad for them in every commercial break.

I raise this as I'm so sick of microwave pollution and the threat of water fluoridation here I'm looking into other places in Europe (or not too far away) to move to.

BW Gary


From Karen Barratt

The telecoms paid far too much money (£23 billion) for 3G licences in UK - a mixture of greed and stupidity and have to try and get some of it back in profits. Hence the aggressive marketing. In addition this Govt. has been brainwashed by industry lobbyists (and probably the elite group of unpaid advisors) into thinking "technology" is the answer to all our ills, will make us a global players etc. That is why our whole culture at the moment is dominated by the policy of making people / education / business etc. dependent on all this stuff.


Hi Karen

I'm aware that the industry are going to great lengths to recoup their losses except they won't be content at recouping just some - they'll want it all back and then a packet. This industry pay off clearly hasn't happened in at least some other countries (eg Turkey and France for starters) or if it has then to nowhere near the same extent or those counties would be microwave hells by now for sure. But who knows where the telecoms industry will target next?



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