Eine Auktion und ihre Folgen: UMTS wartet auf Durchbruch



Eine Auktion und ihre Folgen: UMTS wartet auf Durchbruch

HNA online 26-07-05

Patriot Games

If House Democrats had stuck together in opposition to moves by the Bush administration to reauthorize the worst elements of the Patriot Act, the legislation would have been defeated and a major victory would have been won for civil liberties.


From Information Clearing House

Witness testifies he saw dogs bite Iraqi detainees

Two Iraqis at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison were bitten by dogs as they were being handled by sergeants who were competing to see who could scare more detainees, a witness testified Tuesday.


We must now unshackle our minds and begin acting as independent beings

Are Stupid White Men Really Stupid?

By Dom Stasi

The vast majority of Americans are honorable people. But Americans are people who’ve been lied to by those in positions of trust for so long and so often that they’ve lost their ability or their desire to recognize the truth.



By Wendy Frew SMH July 26, 2005


It could be too late to protect some of Australia's most unique ecosystems, such as the Great Barrier reef and the Daintree Rainforest, from the destructive effects of climate change, according to a report released by the Federal Government today.

Australian ecosystems most vulnerable to greenhouse gas induced climate change include alpine regions, reefs, tropical rainforests and coastal wetlands, according to a report commissioned by the Australian Greenhouse Office.

Allen Consulting, which wrote the report, said particular priority should be given to World Heritage listed systems.

"However, there is a need to face the prospect that, in some cases, there may be little that can be done," said the report.

"Climate change might overwhelm some fragile species and remnant habitats
(such as those in alpine regions) that literally have nowhere else to go, or for which effective options for supplementing their natural adaptive and coping capacities ... are extremely limited," it said.

The 159-page report said there was little doubt Australia faced some degree of climate change over the next 30 to 50 years irrespective of international or Australian efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

"Much of the climate change likely to be observed over the next few decades will be driven by the action of greenhouse gases already accumulated in the atmosphere," it said.

Figures released by the Federal Government earlier this year showed more greenhouse gases were being produced in Australia as people consumed increasing amounts of energy.

Australia, along with the US, has refused to ratify the international climate change agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, which sets limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

The Government has also refused to extend support to the struggling renewable energy industry, which has found it difficult to compete against coal. The coal industry is not penalised for being a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia is the world's biggest exporter of coal, and the country's coal-intensive electricity sector makes Australia among the world's highest per capita emissions producers.

Environment Minister Senator Ian Campbell said Australia needed to look no further than the economic and social impacts of prolonged periods of drought to understand the importance of climate.

"What governments, industry and communities need to do now is think more strategically about how to respond to the changes in climate that are likely over the next 20 to 30 years. This report is an important part of that process," he said.

Senator Campbell said the next step was to begin adaptation planning in key sectors and regions.

Senator Campbell told ABC Radio Australians should not panic about climate change.

"It could be painted as alarming but the reality is that these changes will happen over time," he said.

However, Opposition environment spokesman Anthony Albanese said the Howard Government had been complacent about climate change and said it had to ratify the Kyoto Protocol or risk being responsible for an "environmental tsunami".

"It's one thing to say it's not a cause for alarm, it is another thing to say it's not a cause for action," AAP quoted Mr Albanese as saying.

"Australia needs to be part of the international efforts to combat dangerous climate change, we need to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, we need to increase our mandatory renewable energy targets and we should have a national emissions trading scheme."

Greenpeace said there was little point in the Government publishing a report about the seriousness of climate change but doing nothing to cut emissions.

"We challenge the Federal Government to show us what serious action they are taking to avoid dangerous climate change," said Greenpeace energy campaigner Catherine Fitzpatrick.

"They haven't ratified the Kyoto Protocol, there is virtually no federal funding for research into clean, renewable energy, and there are no signals to industry that we need to constrain greenhouse pollution," she said.

"This is why we see energy and transport sector emissions rising so dramatically."

Informant: NHNE

Grüne Welle gegen schwarzes Gold

Auf der Insel Sachalin wehrt sich die indigene Bevölkerung gegen ein
riesiges Erdölprojekt.


Widerstand gegen Handy-Antennen

sfdrs heute 10vor10

Low: http://tinyurl.com/9lvw5
High: http://tinyurl.com/9regw

Dank neuen UMTS fähigen Handys kann z.B. ein Fussballspiel auf dem Telefon angeschaut werden. Bei manchen Leuten lösen die Strahlung der Antennen Unbehagen aus. In Hedingen ist er so groß, dass die Zürcher Gemeinde kurzerhand beschlossen hat, keine Baugesuche für Antennen zu behandeln, obwohl sie eigentlich müssten.


Defending The Neocon War

by John Brown, TomPaine.com

As the London bombings threaten to undermine popular support for the Iraq war, neocons are forced to eat their own rhetoric.


As Recruiting Suffers, Military Reins in Abuses at Boot Camp

"Sometimes you have to get in their faces, but it's not about making them cry," said one trainer, Sgt. First Class John Jennings.


Democrats Call for Probe of CIA Leak

"Americans deserve a Congress that holds Washington accountable for the truth about our national security," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. "Can anyone argue with a straight face that Congress has time to look at steroid use in baseball but doesn't have the will to provide congressional oversight of the leak of a CIA agent's name?"


The Faith of John Roberts

Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) asked Judge Roberts last week what he would do if the law required a ruling that his church considers immoral. According to law professor Jonathan Turley, the nominee's answer could raise a question of his fitness to serve as the 109th Supreme Court justice.


Kill Them There, or They'll Kill Us Here


The Air War Began before Bush Went to Congress

VIDEO SPECIAL | Tim Goodrich: 'The Air War Began before Bush Went to Congress'

Part III of our Downing Street Memo Teach-In series focuses on the increased bombing campaign that started before Bush went to Congress or the UN for authority. Air Force Veteran Tim Goodrich, co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was deployed in Saudi Arabia in the fall of 2002 to participate in the patrolling of the "no fly zone." Tim describes how and why the rules of engangement changed. Tomorrow, Part IV will feature Fernando Suarez del Solar, whose son was killed in Iraq by a United States weapon of mass destruction ... a cluster bomb.


Library readers’ records seized in Scottsdale

The U.S. Department of Justice used court orders three times in early 2004 to obtain documents from the Scottsdale Public Library containing reader account information, according to records released by the city.


From Information Clearing House

Criticizing Patriot Act Lands Lawyer, in Jail

Having spent almost three decades offering legal service to immigrants, Chinese American immigration attorney Manlin Chee is now getting used to serving time instead.


Investigating a President for High Crimes

"Did the President Lie, and is that not a high crime?"


Bush Met With Judge Roberts One Day Before Crucial Ruling on Guantanamo Military Tribunals

As the Bush administration refuses to hand over documents written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, we talk to Yale University professor Bruce Shapiro about Roberts' crucial ruling on military tribunals for Guantanamo detainees, his views on abortion and much more. [includes rush transcript]


Denunciation doesn't work

Condemning terrorism to the exclusion of everything else will not equip us to deal with the threat we face.


From Information Clearing House

Fantasists who never held a rifle dreamt of leading the nation to war

Mike Whitney: Decoding Tom Friedman :

The source of the problem is not in the heart of Islam but in the sanctuaries of the American plutocracy, where fantasists who never held a rifle dreamt of leading the nation to war. Their muddled vision has now produced the greatest wave of terror the world has ever seen.


Another victim of Blair's war on terror

We must end the view that civil liberties are negotiable: A democratic state has a duty to maintain non-negotiable standards - otherwise, we slip further and further into arbitrary state power.


Grief for British, but none for Iraqis?

I've been stunned these last few days by the juxtaposition of American reactions to the July 7 terrorist attacks in London, where 59 died, and the huge July 17 attack of a single suicide bomber in Musayyib, Iraq, where 71 people died.


From Information Clearing House

West's Policies Must Change: Blair imported Mideast violence to Britain

by Eric Margolis

Murdering civilians in London, New York or Tel Aviv is a heinous crime. But to many people around the globe, so was the trumped-up invasion of Iraq that violated every norm of international law, the ongoing U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, and the agony of Palestine. Deporting or jailing loudmouth radical Muslim clerics and closing madrassas won't stop the dangerous jihadist movement. Neither will blaming Islam or Pakistan. Terrorist violence is the effect, not the cause.


Peasants Pay with Blood to Save Mexico Forest

Reyna Mojica saw her two boys shot to death just weeks ago, an attack she traces to a vendetta she says began in 1998 when her family helped block hundreds of logging trucks in Mexico's Sierra Madre. They call themselves the Peasant Ecologists of the Petatlan Sierra and their fight to save a swath of forest near the Pacific coast is among the world's most important struggles against deforestation.


What Did Bush and Cheney Know?


Melting Greenland Glacier May Hasten Rise in Sea Level


The Guardian profile: Karl Rove


The Police State Act: A Report


A Crude Approach


Not Fighting the Smart Fight


Anti-Libertarian Ethics


Our rights suspended for 10 more years

US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


The tired arguments we're hearing today are that same ones we heard in 2001 when the PATRIOT Act was passed in the emotional aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. If the PATRIOT Act is constitutional and badly needed, as its proponents swear, why were sunset provisions included at all? If it's unconstitutional and pernicious, why not abolish it immediately? All of this nonsense about sunsets and reauthorizations merely distracts us from the real issue, which is personal liberty. America was not founded on a promise of security; it was founded on a promise of personal liberty to pursue happiness...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Wagging the Puppy and Unleashing the Deadly Dogs of War

Common Dreams
by Norman Solomon


In political terms, 9/11 is a gift that keeps on giving to George W. Bush. It's a golden goose that the right wing is determined to keep feeding. The previous few presidents could rely on intermittent warfare to rally their domestic forces around the flag. But today, the 'war on terror' provides the president with a nonstop set of options for drawing attention away from scandalous stories that could undermine his administration...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Who's afraid of freedom?

by Lady Liberty

The Libertarian Enterprise


If Americans really want to be safer from terrorists, they don't need to give up their liberty. Instead, they need to stop cowering behind their government nanny and demand that the most effective possible measures be taken. That means border control. That means armed pilots. That means checking people who match suspect descriptions no matter where they fall in the ticket lines. But most of all, it means refusing to let fear steal our freedom via a government that preys on that fear, and to muster enough courage to appreciate that freedom in and of itself entails some risk...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mast is 'insensitive'

By Jane Wharton

Eping Forest Guardian 25.07.05

RESIDENTS are furious over plans to put a phone mast twice the height of a lamppost within metres of their homes and a school.

Householders around Chigwell Rise, Chigwell, have slammed T-mobile over proposals to install a 14.7m-high aerial, but because it is under 15m it does not require planning permission.

Graham Lancaster, of Chester Road, said: "When I heard about it, I thought it was a joke. It's totally inappropriate to have it so close to a residential area and the school. If you had to think of the most insensitive place to put a mast, you would choose here."

Mr Lancaster claimed residents had not been properly consulted and he was only notified by a letter addressed "to the occupier."

He assumed it was junk mail and almost threw it away. He said only two other neighbours had received a letter.

"I really am furious that something so important in terms of impact is dealt with in that way. I've lived here for 20 years, yet suddenly I'm an unnamed occupier'."

The mast would be sited on the corner of Chigwell Rise and Chester Road, on land which Epping Forest District Council believes is owned by Essex County Council.

Mr Lancaster called the area "the green lung" of Chigwell and added he was fearful for the health of residents and pupils at the nearby Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College.

He questioned why the company could not share a mast with other networks, or why it could not be sited on a building.

He added: "There are two on the M11 about 100m away. If I'd approached the local authority to put a flagpole in my back garden they wouldn't stop laughing. This will be seen for miles around."

The residents have instructed solicitors to represent their interests.

T-Mobile said it understood there were often concerns when locating masts, but a spokesman said: "Without a network of base stations, mobile phones simply do not work."

She added: "We will always try to share masts with other networks, where possible.

"When our agents go to look for sites all considerations are taken into account. When a new mast is needed we try to reduce the impact on the local environment with sensitive siting, innovative design and where appropriate landscaping.

"Based on over 40 years of research, we're confident our base stations do not present a health risk to any member of the public."

Omega this is not true. See under:

Other sites, including Victory Hall, the Metropolitan Police Sports Club and the golf club, were ruled out because the landowner refused permission or there was signal interference.

A district council spokesman said: "As the mast is under 15m it does not require planning permission as T-Mobile is a statutory undertaker.

"What it does require is prior approval from us and this is where we currently are.

"We cannot refuse permission as such, all we can do is object to their siting on aesthetic and street scene grounds."

8:06am Monday 25th July 2005

Phone mast protest is up, up and away!

Jul 25 2005

Evening Telegraph Coventry 25.07.05

By Duncan Gibbons

Campaigners fighting plans to put a mobile phone mast near a school released 500 balloons during a mass demonstration.

The balloons were meant to represent the number of children that, protesters claim, could suffer damage to their health.

Residents are angry after the Coventry Howitzer Club, in Albert Street, Hillfields, agreed to let Hutchison 3G put a mast on the roof of the building in exchange for rent of about £10,000 a year.

It has yet to be put up but will not need planning permission as it is below a specific height.

Pupils from nearby schools joined staff - and animals from Coventry City Farm - and local people, to release the balloons before handing a 1,000-name petition to club bosses.

The club is 500 yards from St Mary's and St Benedict's Primary School, in Leigh Street, and 100 yards from Hillfields Early Years Centre.

Joseph Parrott, aged 11, of St Mary's, said: "I think masts are bad for health because of radiowaves - we might get cancer."

Campaign coordinator Jenny Gregory, aged 34, of Charles Street, Hillfields, denied she was being hypocritical despite owning a mobile phone herself.

"We have all got mobile phones and we already get good coverage here without another mast," she said.

"Nobody is against mobile phone masts but they should not be put up near schools and nurseries, and residential areas."

She claimed the only scientific research that had been done was into the thermal effects of masts on the human body, and not the biological effects.

Later there was a confrontation at the front door as a Hutchison representative claimed committee members were too busy to come down and accept the petition in person. Instead a club member entering the venue agreed to take the paperwork inside.

Former ward councillor Rob Windsor, one of the protesters, said: "Somebody should have had the decency to come down for 30 seconds and accept it. It's an utter disgrace."

Campaigners claim the club allowed the mast without consulting its membership.

No-one from the club was available for comment.


Derbyshire Telegraph


09:30 - 26 July 2005

An action group opposed to plans for a mobile phone mast will parade through the streets of Chellaston and Allenton this weekend to highlight its cause.

The Mast Action Committee, part of Chellaston Residents' Association, is fighting plans for a Vodafone mast at the junction of Parkway and Derby Road, outside the Red Lion pub.

Vodafone has already been given the go-ahead by Derby City Council for the 12-metre mast as it did not need full planning permission because it was less than 15 metres high.

Now protesters have discovered that Vodafone is planning to apply to the city council for prior approval for another 12-metre mast in Merrill Way, Allenton, near the War Memorial Village.

On Saturday they are taking to the streets to protest against the proposed Allenton mast and to try to stop the Chellaston mast.

The protesters are meeting on the green at the War Memorial Village at 10am and will set off from there at 10.30am, travel along Chellaston Road and Derby Road to reach the Red Lion pub at 11.30am.

The protesters are appealing for a marching band and cheerleaders to join in to help them make some noise and marshals to help it run smoothly.

Mast Action Committee member Philip Ingall, of St Peter's Road, Chellaston, said: "We want to show Vodafone that we're growing and we'll fight any application that's made in an unsuitable location.

"The parade will cause some traffic disruption and I am sorry for that. Don't blame us, blame Vodafone for proposing to build masts in unsuitable locations."

Earlier this month the committee held a protest outside Chellaston Junior School, in Maple Drive, to warn parents about the mast in Chellaston. But Vodafone said it would still continue with the plans.

The mast would be about 100m away from the junior school and 200m from Chellaston Infant School, in School Lane. 200 people have signed a petition against the mast.

A Vodafone spokeswoman confirmed that the company was consulting ward councillors about the site in Allenton. The mast would be for both 2G and 3G technology to improve coverage for voice calls as well as new technology such as picture messaging.

She added: "There is a tentative proposal for a mast at that site. Now is the time for people to give us their views."

Cover-up over GM DNA in milk


Greens see red over mast colour

Norwich Evening News

26 July 2005 12:11

A Green Party councillor has expressed his anger over a decision to allow the city council to choose the colour of a mobile phone mast it did not want in the first place.

Last month the Evening News reported how phone mast campaigners were dealt a blow after a planning inspector agreed to allow a mobile phone mast to be installed at the junction of Gipsy Lane and Farrow Road.

Planners at Norwich City Council initially threw out proposals from 3, formerly Hutchinson 3G, to build the 12.5 metre slimline mast because they deemed it an eyesore.

But the communications giant 3 appealed against the decision and had it upheld by a Government planning inspector who visited the earlier this year.

"No development shall take place until after the development has been painted in accordance with a colour scheme to be approved in writing by the local planning authority," said the inspector responsible for the report.

"This decision was an absolute joke," said Rupert Read, a city councillor for Wensum ward who was influential in helping form the campaign against the mast in the first place.

"It adds insult to injury, to throw us the sop of letting us choose the colour of this mast, a mast that we do not want.

"That's why, next Tuesday, we are putting a question to full Council, asking the Lib Dem Executive whether or not they agree with us that the Planning system in Britain needs to be completely overhauled.

"We Greens believe that new legislation is needed to give Councils complete control over the siting of phone masts."

Tom Llewellyn, a Green Party activist, said that the mobile phone mast issue was "vital to our health and the health of our children".

"Other countries, for instance Germany, have instituted a moratorium: Britain doing so too is long overdue, and we would like Norwich to lead the way on this," he said.

"Network coverage in the Norwich area is already perfectly adequate: we don't need, and we don't want, any more masts."

Through the Put Masts on Hold campaign the Evening News has campaigned against the installation of mobile phone masts near homes and schools until it is proved safe.

Last week the Evening News reported how Dr Ian Gibson chaired a meeting of MPs and experts in London which called for an overhaul of the current planning system in relation to masts.

However MORI research carried out over the past five years shows a positive improvement in all areas of consultation and information year on year.

Some of the findings of the research, which was published last week, found that four in five planners agreed there has been an improvement in the quality of information and level of consultation by operators.

"Operators are successfully filling the information gap for planners that was identified five years ago," said Mike Dolan, executive director of the Mobile Operators Association.

"They are meeting planners' expectations and delivering improved information and communication, both with local authorities and local communities."

'We're on red alert over phone mast resurrection'

Jul 26 2005

Birmingham Post

Residents near a giant phone mast toppled by protesters said they were on 'red alert' last night to stop any new erection of the structure.

The 60ft mast was put up a month ago in Walsall Road, Stone Cross, West Bromwich, by telecommunications giant O2.

The first self-employed transport company worker, Ric Keeling, knew of the plan was when the towering structure appeared overnight - 20ft from his home.

He said: "I was horrified.

"It went up at 7am without a word to a single person saying it was coming.

" I had never heard about mast protests until it appeared.

"But I've got a two year old daughter and from what I've heard, we just don't know enough about the effect of these things on people's health." Last Friday, residents woke up to find the controversial mast had been felled in the night.

Omega one knows enough about the effect of these things on people's health. See under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

"Everyone was elated that it had happened," said Mr Keeling, who collected 100 signatures from neighbours for a petition against the mast.

"We just wanted to say 'well done' to whoever did it. We have heard O2 want to re-erect the mast as soon as possible and they will come with a police convoy. "We are all on red alert."

A spokeswoman for O2 said the mast was temporary and erected under emergency powers they had to circumvent planning permission or public consultation.

Yesterday, old mast fittings were removed by 02 engineers in preparation for its re- erection - expected to take place early next week.

"We want the mast back up as soon as possible," said the spokeswoman. "We are, in fact, currently looking for a permanent site in the immediate area and once an agent identifies one there will be consultation with residents.

"I want to stress there is no evidence of any risk to health at all.

Omega there is more than enough evidence of many risks to health. See under:

"Cutting it down was a very irresponsible action by a small group that has left people without mobile phone coverage."


Exeter Express and Echo

12:00 - 26 July 2005

City residents are celebrating after winning a fight to stop a mobile phone mast being built near their homes. Communications firm Hutchison 3G wanted to build a 12-metre mast on the junction of Leypark Road and Hill Barton Road in Whipton.

It would have been near hundreds of homes, the Whipton Community Hospital, the Honeylands Children's Centre and three schools.

But last night councillors on the city's development control committee refused Hutchison permission to build the mast amid massive opposition to the scheme.

Local residents, concerned about the potential health impact of the structure, formed the protest group WAM - Whipton Against Masts.

Last night councillors sided with residents, saying the mast would be too high and would damage the surrounding environment.

Laurence Davey, one of the founders of WAM, was delighted with the decision.

"This is a victory," he said. "It has been very hard because we had to organise ourselves very quickly because Exeter City Council didn't give us a lot of time to object."

Stephanie Browning, a Leypark Road resident and another founder of WAM, said: "This has been hard work but it's worth it.

"We are so worried about the health of the children living nearby." During the meeting Whipton councillor Peter Edwards and Mr Davey spoke against the mast.

Three councillors voted for the application and five against it. There were two abstentions. Cllr Yolonda Henson said: "I think there are other places this mast could be sited rather than a built-up area."

Hutchison 3G had said the mast needed to be close to the built-up area so it would provide good coverage for local users.

Paul Brockway, from Hutchison 3G's agents White and Green, told councillors the mast would not pose any danger to the health of people living nearby.

"The output of energy from the mast will be 3,481 times below the recommended Government guidelines," he said.

Omega see "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk" under:

"It has been proved by Government reports you are more at risk from making calls."

We will fight new mast plan

Jul 26 2005

Alison Anderson
Perthshire Advertiser

AUCHTERARDER residents who live near the proposed site of a 15-metre mobile phone mast are determined to fight the planning application by telecommunications giant Orange.

At the forefront of the campaign against the UK’s largest mobile network is Julia Reid, who was aghast when she discovered Orange were proposing to erect the tower within a stone’s throw of her children’s bedroom in the centre of Auchterarder.

The location of the proposed mast is at the rear of Auchterarder Motors in the High Street – a site which Julia claims will be intrusive to a large area of the burgh.

She explained that she had been informed that her main fears over the safety of siting a mobile phone mast so close to the homes of young children did not constitute reasons for refusing planning permission.

She said: “Although we are concerned about the health risks we understand there is no legal evidence to substantiate this.

“I know nothing has been proven yet but I feel that the jury is still out. My children are aged three, five and seven and I find it scary that this mast could be as little as 10 feet from the bottom of our garden.

Omega this is not true, that nothing has been proven. See under:

“So although the health risk is the main concern, we will be objecting on the grounds the mast will be visually intrusive to the whole of Auchterarder.

“And we’ve been told that anyone living within 300m of the mast will be affected by the noise so we hope this will also be grounds for our objection.”

Julia went on to criticise Orange’s timing of its planning application: “The community council do not have another meeting until September, so they will not be able to discuss it before the period for objections expires and many residents do not know anything about the proposed mast because they are away on holiday,” she said.

“I’ll be talking to as many neighbours as possible to make them aware of this mast and I would urge people who are against it to write to the council with their objections.”

Orange yesterday commented on the status of its planning application at Auchterarder Motors, High Street, Auchterarder.

Martin Grey, the company’s government and community relations officer for Scotland, said: “Orange believes that technology can and will make the world a better place, and is building the largest digital mobile phone network in the UK.

“We aim to provide our customers, including those in Auchterarder, with the best service and value for money.

“Orange began consultation with local stakeholders in 2004, firstly proposing a ‘lamppost’ style streetworks base station. Responding to feedback from local stakeholders, Orange considered a total of six options for siting the installation, including utilising existing Vodafone, 02 or police masts.

“Sadly technical analysis demonstrated the existing masts sites would not have met our coverage requirements. Therefore, following feedback from Perth and Kinross Council planners, a full planning application was submitted on July 1.

“The initial application was delayed by an administrative error relating to the submission of the planning fee. This has now been resolved and Perth and Kinross Council have confirmed the application as registered on July 20.

“Orange looks forward to the application being determined and to providing quality network coverage within Auchterarder.”

White House may sidestep Democrats on Bolton

USA Today


Frustrated by Senate Democrats, the White House hinted Monday that President Bush may act soon to sidestep Congress and install embattled nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations on a temporary basis. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Bush has used his power for temporary appointments when 'he has to get people in place that have waited far too long to get about doing their business.' He said that 'sometimes there's come a point' when Bush has decided he needs to act...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Controversy dogs terror tribunals

Christian Science Monitor


Long-stalled military trials of terror suspects at Guantánamo Bay may soon restart, but debate over their fairness remains as intense as ever. To Pentagon officials, the planned US approach is at least as fair as the international tribunals in Rwanda and Yugoslavia. In those proceedings, prosecutors can appeal not-guilty verdicts, for instance. That won't be possible in the US process. But critics complain that the US tribunals can keep evidence secret from the accused -- something that would never be tolerated in the domestic justice system."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

White House: Roberts nomination can't withstand scrutiny


Müller Milch streicht trotz Subventionen Arbeitsplätze - BUND fordert strenge Umwelt- und Sozialstandards

Pressemitteilung vom 26. Juli 2005

Müller Milch streicht trotz Subventionen Arbeitsplätze - BUND fordert strenge Umwelt- und Sozialstandards

Berlin: Laut einer Studie des Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) hat der Milchverarbeiter Müller Milch trotz Subventionen in Millionenhöhe Arbeitsplätze abgebaut. Die Müller-Gruppe habe aus EU-, Bundes- und sächsischen Landesmitteln über 70 Millionen Euro zugesichert bekommen, um das größte Milchwerk Europas in Sachsen auszubauen. Dennoch seien bei Müller Milch Arbeitsplätze verloren gegangen, weil nach Zusage der Millionenbeihilfe zwei andere Werke in Niedersachsen und Nordrhein-Westfalen stillgelegt wurden. Die Studie kam zu dem Ergebnis, dass Subventionen in der handwerklichen Milchverarbeitung hingegen arbeitsplatzschaffend wirken.

Hubert Weiger, Agrarpolitischer Sprecher des BUND: „Es ist ein Skandal, dass das finanzstärkste Molkereiunternehmen Deutschlands, die Müller-Gruppe, mit dem Segen der EU-Kommission Millionen von Steuergeldern einsteckt und dennoch Arbeitsplätze abschafft. Angesichts von Massenarbeitslosigkeit und Staatsverschuldung liegt hier der Gedanke von Subventionsmissbrauch mehr als nahe.“

Über 90 Prozent der EU-Agrarbeihilfen seien nicht an Umwelt-, Tierschutz- oder sozialen Kriterien ausgerichtet, kritisierte der BUND. Nur knapp zehn Prozent der Agrargelder würden für den Fonds für Ländliche Entwicklung bereitgestellt. Dieser soll unter anderem den Ökolandbau und die Direktvermarktung fördern.

Weiger: „Aus diesem ohnehin kleinen Topf ist die größte Einzelförderung ausgerechnet an den Molkerei-Giganten Müller Milch geflossen. Das ist nichts anderes als Zweckentfremdung und untergräbt die Ziele der ländlichen Entwicklung. Bei der Vergabe für Subventionen müssen die Kriterien radikal erneuert werden: Wir fordern die Länder, den Bund und die EU-Kommission auf, sämtliche Förderungen entweder an Umweltschutz und Beschäftigung zu koppeln oder zu streichen. Anstelle von Großprojekten und Konzernen müssen mehr dezentrale Projekte und Agrarumweltprogramme gefördert werden. Nur diese nutzen regionale Potentiale optimal und schaffen nachhaltig Arbeitsplätze.“

Die Studie des BUND zeige, dass mit weit weniger Subventionen in der handwerklichen Milchverarbeitung bis zu zwölf mal mehr Arbeitsplätze geschaffen würden als zum Beispiel in der Molkerei von Müller. Hochwertige Lebensmittel aus der Region stießen zudem bei den Verbrauchern auf immer mehr Resonanz.

Pressekontakt: Hubert Weiger, Agrarpolitischer Sprecher des BUND, E-Mail: hubert.weiger@bund-naturschutz.de ; Reinhild Benning, BUND-Agrarexpertin, Tel. 030-27586-481, E-Mail: reinhild.benning@bund.net bzw. Almut Gaude, BUND-Pressestelle, Tel. 030-27586-464, Fax: -449, E-Mail: presse@bund.net; www.bund.net

Durch Solidarität und Protest auf der Straße die Würde des Menschen verteidigen

Alternativen denkbar machen - durch Solidarität und Protest auf der Straße die Würde des Menschen verteidigen - ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen durchsetzen

Diskussionspapier aus Berlin für das Treffen der sozialen Bündnisse und Protestinitiativen im Rahmen des Erfurter Sozialforums am 22.7.05 (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet 26. Juli 2005

Beschäftigungsorientiertes Fallmanagement im SGB II - betreutes Privatleben?

Antonin Dick mag polemisieren, die Vergleiche mögen problematisch sein...die seit Jahren und mit immer härteren Diskursbandagen durchgeführte Unterteilung von Menschen in Zahler und Kostgänger, in "marktfähig" und "nicht-marktfähig" ist auch in meinen Augen nichts als Gewalt; man wird hier schon von permanentem Druck und polemisch - siehe meine Postings weiter unten - auch von Krieg sprechen müssen. Kommentar von Hartmut Finkeldey vom 14.07.05 auf der Seite Kunst, Kultur, Politik aus Hamburg


Aus: LabourNet 26. Juli 2005

Neue und alte Armut (trotz Arbeit): ..."Die im Dunkeln sieht man nicht"

Alle Augen schauen auf Hartz IV, doch der eigentliche Angriff auf Sozialstaat und Bürgerrechte findet woanders statt. "Im Osten lärmen, im Westen angreifen" lautet eines der 36 Strategeme der Kriegskunst, die heute zum kleinen Einmaleins der Manager und Unternehmensberater gehört. Deutschland braucht "einen Turnarround, eine grundlegende Reform, die wehtut", wissen die Rationalisierer von McKinsey (2) - und wir wissen schon, wem es regelmäßig wehtut, wenn McKinsey auftaucht. Artikel von Klaus Heck in telepolis vom 26.07.2005


Aus: LabourNet 26. Juli 2005

Grundrechte in Gefahr

Die Angst vor Anschlägen geht in Deutschland um. Genährt wird sie durch den Flugzeugabsturz in Berlin und Terrorattacken in London und Ägypten. Innenminister Schily will die Befugnisse des Bundeskriminalamtes ausdehnen, die Union Bundeswehr-Einsätze im Innern erlauben. Die Grundrechte sind in Gefahr. Die Frankfurter Rundschau fasst ihre Beiträge in einem Special zusammen.


Aus: LabourNet 26. Juli 2005

Jane Fonda to Oppose Iraq War on Bus Tour


Informant: Martin Greenhut and NHNE

Sie wollen das Ding, und wenn’s krank macht, macht’s das halt

Ich sage nur, sie wissen es seit mindestens 30 Jahren, dass weit unter den Grenzwerten schädigende Wirkungen auftreten, schaut die SSK Sache an, schaut den Warnke Artikel an, oder die Studien.

So wie Leukämie und Atomkraftwerke zusammengehören, elektrische Eisenbahnen und Magnetfelder (wer weiß schon dass ein Lokführer vor'nem Riesen Trafo steht (viel Ampere, viel Spannung und 16 2/3 Hz)

Also, der Versuch Einzelne aufzurütteln ist wichtig, bringt zwar was, aber nicht viel.

Einzige echte Chance ist die Welt des Kommerzes anzugehen, das ganze unwirtschaftlich zu machen, wie Jugendschutz bzgl. Rechnung, Verbot in Schule, Bus und Bahn, (Geschäftsfähigkeit), Umsatz abgraben (ja wer hat denn noch ein Handy ?? Ich habe keines und nutze keines, gehe an keine Anrufe von Handys ran, auch wenn’s am Festnetz klingelt!)

Solange die Kids, die Eltern, die Lehrer sogar darauf Wert legen im Unterricht, während der Stunde erreichbar zu bleiben und deshalb das Handy mitführen (ja Lehrer tun dies und Schulleiterin begründete dies sogar... weil sie anders nicht Privat erreichbar ist, in der Schule..), wenn Angler mal schnell ihren Fang paar hundert Meter weiter melden, wenn Fußballer nach dem Spiel mal schnell die Tore durchgeben, obwohl sie 5 min später persönlich da stehen...

Sie wollen das Ding, und wenn’s krank macht, macht’s das halt, .. das Leben endet sowieso tödlich...

Schaut doch in die Politik, wie es gerade eben läuft, erschreckend, und von den Damen und Herren, und ihren Hilfstruppen erwarten wir ernsthaft noch irgendwas?

Nein, wir müssen es machen, selber machen und versuchen, die paar Gewinnprozente trotz der 80% springerhörigen Masse Handyfonierer zu rauben.

Wir müssen kleine lokale Zonen bilden, wo alle, oder die meisten sich positionieren, Naila und der Bamberger Raum sind da Initialzellen, die wachsen müssen, und wachsen, täglich!

Mir kommt es schon oft so vor, als sind die kognitiven Leistungskapazitäten umfassend vermindert, bei der Masse, bei den Medien, bei den Betreibers sowieso (da wurde der Hr. Z von Vodafone genannt.. )

Mann, die denken doch gar nicht, die sehen Zahlen, fordern Zahlen und entwickeln Träume, der Traum der Maut, der Traum des Wachstums, der Traum des unschädlichen Mobilfunks, den Traum den jeder gerne träumt, wenn er sich von der Realität etwas entrückt...nur die machen es in der Realität.

So träumt, Merkel, Schröder, Westerwelle, Lafontaine, ja und alle spielen mit Zahlen und Forderungen, und keiner denkt über echte Lösungen nach.

Was müssen wir tun, wenn wir Krankheitsprobleme feststellen?

Einfach hingehen, schauen, denken und lösen... z.B. aGSM als Zwischending...

Doch heute werden nur Behauptungen und Statements posaunt, und dann noch relative Forderungen, 20% mehr oder weniger, oder nur 10% des Grenzwertes, anstatt sich echte Gedanken zu machen.

Arbeit entsteht durch Tätigkeit und Bedürfnisse und nicht durch Geld und Kürzungen.

Gesundheit entsteht durch Vorbeugung und Heilung nicht durch Ignoranz!

Was benötigen wir 50% höhere Kosten bei den Müllmeistern, und ein neues Roboterfahrzeug, dafür zwei Arbeitsplätze weniger im Land?

Was benötigen wir 10 Mio Euro für Beton und Technik, die Abwasser nur mäßig reinigt, wenn’s für 100.000 Euro auch genauso geht und besser funktioniert?!

So haushaltet man (geht also mit den verfügbaren Mitteln um, verbietet also die Schuldenaufnahme, dann haben sie einen Grund zu haushalten, doch die Banken wollen ja die Schulden, ist ja das gigantische Geschäft...)

Nicht die Forderungen nach besseren Umweltschutz behindern die Wirtschaft, nein, die Versäumnisse dies umzusetzen, anzugehen, und so ist’s auch im Mobilfunk!

(Lasst euch nicht verMerkeln oder verSchrödern! ! !)

Macht was, grabt denen Umsätze ab, Uli Weiner weiß wie's geht!

Das Geld regiert die Welt, und wir haben viel davon, auch wenn’s immer weniger wird.......... sie sind g... drauf, und sind’s nur 20 ct für'ne schlammige SMS!

Viele Grüße aus Westhausen!

Bernd Schreiner

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The Menace of Cell Phone Towers

by Carol Ward, Vice President of DAMS


Informant: Ed - Netherlands


Radiation from Cellular Tower Melts Mercury Fillings in German Woman


Informant: Ed - Netherlands


The Deadly Dangers of Mercury and Electromagnetic Fields Cell phone dangers


Informant: Ed - Netherlands



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