Exposure assessment of ELF magnetic fields in urban environments in Extremadura


Exposure assessment of ELF magnetic fields in urban environments in Extremadura (Spain).

Paniagua JM, Jimenez A, Rufo M, Antolin A.

Departamento de Fisica, Escuela Politecnica, Universidad de Extremadura, Caceres, Spain. paniagua@unex.es

We present the results of a study of the extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields in urban environments of the Extremadura region (Spain). The study included a spectral analysis, an analysis of the temporal variation, and spot measurements in the streets of four cities. The spectral analysis showed that the main source of magnetic field exposure was that corresponding to the principal power frequency (50 Hz) and its third harmonic. The magnetic flux density measured at one point over 24 h presented rapid fluctuations in short time periods. Smoothing the time series eliminated these fluctuations, showing a temporal evolution associated with the differing levels of power consumption over the course of the day. The values of the spot measurements taken in the streets were all below the ICNIRP reference level, although 30% surpassed 0.2 microT, the value that some epidemiological studies take as the threshold above which there exist risks of effects that could be harmful to health. The values found for the magnetic flux density in these urban settings were generally greater than values reported in the literature for residential areas, and similar to, although in some cases less than those in workplace environments.

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Assessment of ELF fields in urban environments in Spain


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